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  • Helen

    Thanks very much for adding me. I was on the list before but suddenly your emails stopped! I’ve always been interested in ufo’s but have become a confirmed believer ever since I had a close up sighting of a black triangle. Thanks again for re-adding me:-)

  • Same as Helen.Thanks

  • Gordy

    Thanks for adding me as well. Please check out PAAPSI website for testimonials of abductees with God’s help are no longer being abducted. http://delusionresistance.org/wp7/

  • John Edmond

    Thank you for your note saying my address was added to your mailing list. I had received the Filer’s Files since Dec 2010, but (similar to two previous comments) had them “stop” after getting # 35 on Aug 28. I’ve retained my copies as grandchildren enjoy reading about the worldwide phenomena on their occasional visits. Might you suggest how I can get copies of #36 through #43? delivered? Thanks, again.JORED

  • Tom Waters

    Yup, I was dropped too. Please re-add me to all mailings.

  • planet earth

    Thank you first time landed on your site .Individually we are all special in our own right . How we use it will determine our fate . We are not alone in the cosmos. The true connection to the beyond is understanding the light of truth . Ultimately the shadow of darkness will pale to a new awakening.

  • I just finished downloading some photos from our holiday in Hawaii whilst on the North Shore of Oahu in May this year that I’d forgotten about, from my smartphone. I found 1 that blew me away!! 3 glowing orbs in the sky are visible. 2 are quite large and the 3rd is directly above the one on the right but appears much further away as a speck! I’ve made a report out and sent it to MUFON. This is now my 2nd close encounter with UFO’s. Check my youtube channel, Lu Ruello, for a photo video of the event.

  • Pete

    I haven’t gotten any weekly updates since 10/16, but it still has my name and email registered. How do I continue getting the weekly updates??


    Mrs Fran Mam….you have one hell of an interesting experience. How long after your abduction and missing time did the nose bleeds continue?? Have you ever taken golden seal which is an excellent blood coagulant for such problem?? We need no further convincing that other life forms, be they aliens, angels, extra-terrestrials or space and time travelers are and have been visiting planet earth for thousands, if not millions of years, and are still doing so.The overwhelming global evidence and millions of cases of sightings and abductions confirm there are more than one life form involved, in fact possibly several. Planet Earth is the life filled jewel of the universe so why would they not want to come here for water, gold, food, genetic material and other energy forms??

    I recommend anyone who doubts these ongoing abductions, animal mutilations and constant sightings read the amazing book ‘The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge. It is not a science or medical book per say, but a very informative and easy reading first hand account of how people can learn to use their mind and brain to rewire, restructure and open its amazing capacities for knowledge and healing…

  • kenneth

    i saw 10 round UFOS last night on 1/3/2015 at 10:05 but no one well talk to me a bout it?

  • Frank Camacho Jr.

    Thank you for letting me tell my story, I have told this story for 50years and nobody has ever believed me.

  • Francis Richards

    Someone once asked me, not long ago, if I believed in UFOs. I said that I didn’t ‘believe’, I know, because I have had two very up close personal sightings and two very good sightings through binoculars. Each time there were independent witnesses to the sightings.
    The ‘up close’ sightings were UFOs hovering a few feet off the ground.
    The first when I was sixteen years old (I am now 69 yrs old) when I was out night fishing with three buddies. It was a brightly glowing disc that came rapidly straight down through low cloud, executed a 90 degree turn and hovered a few feet over the lake where we were fishing, illuminating all the surface of the water. It hovered there for around four or five minutes and then shot up through the clouds at a fantastic speed, freaking out my three friends. Funnily enough, it just made me very curious and awed.
    The second one was eight years ago, about 1am at night. My son was with me as a passenger in my car when we saw an extremely bright white light some distance in front of us. It suddenly blinked out and within seconds of blinking out it appeared alongside us, a huge black triangle, with a bright, white light in the centre of the under-body. I screeched to a halt and we both sat in the car watching this huge object. I would estimate it to have been around 100 feet from tip to tail, hovering about 75 yards from us, about ten feet off the ground, over the field at the side of the road. It made no noise whatsoever (we had wound the windows down to better view the UFO). It hovered for approximately ten minutes then slowly moved off towards the east, gaining height as it did, then zoomed away extremely fast and disappeared through some high, broken clouds. There were no other cars on that road, it was late and the road is very isolated.
    May I also mention that it was the secong time that my son had seen a BT, again both times with independent witnesses.
    The binocular sightings were of discs hovering over Frogatt Edge, a rock face in the Derbyshire Peak District. I was spending a weekend at a friend’s home, on both occasions, in a village named Stoney Middleton. Both times it had gone dark. Once in the evening, in winter, and the other – the first sighting – at 10.00pm in summer time. With the binoculars the viewings were very good and clear. Both of the discs were hovering and had red, blue, white, and yellow lights rotating around the crafts’ bodies. Myself, my friend and his wife, all viewed the discs on each occasion. In fact it was my friend’s wife who first mentioned that there was a bright light with flashing colours in it, over Frogatt Edge. I was chatting with my friend and I casually dismissed it as an aircraft but his wife insisted that it wasn’t a plane so we got out the binoculars, and WOW!, what a sight. On both occasions we watched the objects for 45 minutes or more before they flew off at great speed.
    A few weeks ago, just before Christmas Eve, I again saw a very bright light over Frogatt Edge. This time it didn’t remain static but flew from left to right (north to south) along the Edge. Then, about two thirds of the distance along the Edge that I was able to view, it stopped and split into lights. Very big and very bright. After a couple of minutes stationary both the light flew upwards and away very quickly. Again there was another witness to the sighting. This time it was a sceptic friend of mine. Who now is no longer a sceptic. A positive result, if I may crow a little.
    My brother has also had a sighting of a BT, along with a buddy of his. There were other wirnesses and it was actually mentioned in a local newspaper. He has also, in the company of the same buddy, seen a disc fly over his home, very low, heading towards the very lake where I was fishing all those years ago.
    This is the first time I have ever mentioned these sightings to anyone, apart from immediate family. I decided that it was time to tell someone and I figured that that someone should be you. I am getting old now and my health is not so good any more, so it needs going on the record before I head for the exit door.
    Ever since I was a small child I have been interested in the UFO subject and more so after reading UFO reports and books by people such as George Adamski, Gray Barker, Albert Bender and Jessop, whose books were stocked by my local library when I was at school (no longer I regret). Then, along came Erich Von Daniken and put a whole new paradigm into the field.
    I was lucky enough many years later to become a personal friend of Tony Dodd and during one of our chats I happened to mention that as a child, until I was around thirteen years of age, I used to get daily, heavy nose bleeds and a terror of going to bed at night. He then told me about abductions and the signs of it, which I had never heard of at that time. That put me on the back foot and when he suggested that I should perhaps have regression done by a qualified psychiatrist that he knew I declined. I think it scared me too much. That is the only time I have ever been scared of anything in the UFO field. Maybe I should have cast my fears off and had the regression. Too late now!
    Tony’s tragic passing was a sad loss to his family, as well as to the field of UFO investigation. I was priviledged, and honoured, to be shown lots of the evidence that he had accrued in his years as a police officer and as one of the world’s top UFO investigators. Much of that evidence was mind boggling. Tony was an honorable man and he had promised many of the sources of the personal interviews, audio, video, photographic and written, mind blowing proof of what is flying around in our skies, that he would not publish that evidence as long as they were alive. Sadly he died so prematurely of a brain tumour and the world lost evidence from many notable people.
    I have always thought that when we die we go on a fantastic adventure and discover who, and what, we really are. I am at a point where with my health is so bad now that the adventure is not long in the future. I don’t fear it, it holds no dread for me. The prospect of the freedom from the shackles of this earthly plane and the gaining of the knowledge of the truth of existence, our real existence, seems to me to be worth looking forward to. Maybe then I also will know the truth behind the UFO enigma.
    ‘Make it so’, as Jean Luc Picard always says on the start of a journey.
    Thanks for all the hard work you put in in the field. Without you, and other people like you, the truth would never get out.
    Please forgive the very long mail.

  • Its not such a bad thing that the people of the world today do not have what one would call a Space craft that moves at incredible speeds and that can travel long distances through space in the matter of seconds, or disappear in a flash… Think of how much crime would take place if humanity ever got a hold of such technology! There certainly wouldn’t be an easy way to control them or capture them… Robbery/murder/kidnapping/lethal wars! there is no need for humanity to get to far ahead of itself we are not ready for such technology and i think we should all just be grateful for each day were given and keep your eyes open to see something out of this world or your comprehension… these beings are very much real that’s my belief and opinion on this subject of why the government or intelligent agencies don’t want this kind of technology getting into the wrong hands that could potentially harm people of the world or themselves with this kind of space craft. Even if they already had the technology they probably already know that humanity ain’t ready for such upgrades in society…its rough as it is as if we need to worry about people driving around with ships that can easily cause someone harm in the blink of an eye, quite frankly i am perfectly happy knowing only a those who already have this technology have not already wiped us out already they are clearly not in that agenda at this moment… My deeper opinions ill keep to myself on other subjects.

  • Thank you!

  • john

    H I was looking at this star that was blinking red an blue so I decided to take a few pictures then I thought I would zoom to the max and looked all around star an in sky and I couldn’t believe it there were hundreds of UFOs going and coming from stat .there was red blue an white triangles a lot of then were two white lights and there were red blue and white lights that were three in a row an a lot of red an blue orbs I took the pic on 3/17 15 ts 8 pm I’ve been taking pictures almost every night an getting some great picture I’m beganing to think its a mother ship stationed in that spot in the sky

  • fiamma

    Thank you so much for adding me to your list. Love II!!! I seen many things in my life, including a close view of a dark colored, almost black, craft(no wings) that was moving extremely slow and low in 1993. It was early morning, I was on my way to work. Red Stone Arsonal was part of my territory, ~ where I was driving when I saw it. My impression at the time was that it was ours. Thanks again.

  • Thanks

  • frankie

    Thank you for all your hard work. Peace & Love

  • Jorge “A.J.” Garcia

    Wow, how cool it is to know others have similar happenings in their life and I am not crazy but just mindful of what is around us.. I liked the note of one who said how we need to appreciate what we have and thankful real crazies do not have awesome technology.. I do not believe these beings mean us harm.. but I do believe they also have a higher power that keeps them in check.
    As we have many scientists that experiment they too experiment… to learn, and study from us.. and so we have this huge gape between us.. to make it so..

  • Hi Mr. Filer I’m glad to be back to read your accounts of people seeing ufo’s worldwide. I’ve never seen a ufo, but have been studying the subject for years. They are for real. Nice to see you on the recent Hanger one tv show on History ch. 2. It was very informative seeing ufo’s interacting w/ us humans during wartime. Thank You.

  • William Howard

    I just want to know what happened to me in April of 1987. There has to be more to the story from what I was witness to that night. And to be missing three hours of my life is why I turned to MUFON to help me figure out. I need answers to all my questions.

  • john

    Here’s something you know won’t get reported by anyone that I know of…..I have seen a… ET… up close and personal…and they are among us….they appear human…but its the only way they can walk among us…without being noticed….It appeared to me…as human at first….but after gaining its trust….it revealed itself to me….for those who know what one looks like……you will know it when I describe it…they communicate using telepathy….anyway…as I spoke with it…it they started to change its appearance slowly….first was its hands…for those who know..they have a skeleton appearance….as I watched…..its whole facial features started to change…..and then I saw them….those big dark almond shaped eyes….you hear about..in so many cases….and there were 2 other ones…of small stature…they were looking for somewhere to hide….don’t know why…unless they escaped a gov….facilty…..and were being hunted…..I was going to bring them to my house…..but they were gone….just as soon as they appeared…..by the way…is anyone else from Montgomery co. IL…if so I would like to meet with you…and talk about our sightings…

  • Hey MUFON , just want to say Thank You for what you do. I truly believe that many things will come to light very soon. I just feel like a change is coming.

  • Karsten Lauridsen

    Thanks for adding me to your list.

  • Dorothy

    i am looking forward to receiving the newsletter…I have never seen or experienced here in Washington State but i know UFO’s are sighted around my area

  • Chris Stevenson

    I’ve had three close encounters, but I added the most significant one.

  • Tom

    Thank you for adding me.

  • Linda

    Thank you for maintaining such a site. I no longer feel alone. I keep quiet about my encounter. It quickly becomes a joke otherwise.

  • Yalia

    Thanks to include me on this site. Next I´ll be sending another reports about ufo sightings from me like witness. I have had many sightings for long time of my life but I have to save silence about it often, because many people don´t believe, then you can be seen like a crazy person. I am glad to count on people to believe about these experiences and we can share them. A greeting from Medellín Colombia.

  • el fenómeno ovni es una incógnita ni la religión ni los gobiernos reconocen la vida de otros mundos
    pero para muchas personas no tenemos una explicación de que podría estar pasando con esos casos de abducciones o secuestrados
    no se conoce quien son los que mueven los hilos y quedamos con la incógnita de que esta pasando realmente estamos solos realmente sino por que los ovnis no se muestran realmente y así dejamos deber los vídeos con los puntos borrosos que todos muestran tan grande el universo y solo el paleta tierra con vida en semejante universo si existen realmente por que no se muestran como debe ser que quiten el telón que tapa la verdad no es agradable ver los títeres mientras los que mueven los hilos están de tras del telon


    the UFO phenomenon is a mystery neither religion nor governments recognize the life of other worlds
    but for many people we do not have an explanation that could be happening with these cases of abductions or kidnapped
    It is not known who are the movers and shakers and left with the mystery of this actually happening are really alone but by that UFOs are not actually show and so we must videos with fuzzy points all show big the universe and only the palette earth alive in such a universe if they really exist that are not displayed as it should be to remove the curtain that hides the truth is not pleasant to see the puppets while the movers and shakers are behind the curtain

  • Charles Slavis

    Watching the sun set the other night I observed a red square in the sky………I got out of my car and snapped it with my cell phone…….then I noticed a more transparent red square above the first….It looked like a two pained window in the sky……..no movement then it faded out with the sun set……I sent the enlarged pic to mufon after my sister sent me an enlarged photo……you can see the square reflected below on my car top……….I also sent it to ch 5 weather for an explanation

  • Jonathan

    Hi my name is Jonathan vance and I am very interested in working for mufon as a investigated I have experienced first hand UFO activity me my wife and a friend all 3 witnessed four aircrafts flying in formation at first we seen nly one over top of us at about 100 fr above us and we followed it for about a mile to a big open area in between 2 mountains as we followed we seen 3 more aircrafts come from each side of the mountain over top at the same height the formed a sphere like formation and it was like they was forming something inside the sphere they made it had to be a worm hole if some sorts because we witnessed a huge aircraft come from like out of the sphefe they made it had to be hundreds of feet in diameter, it was moving over top of us at a slow speed , we was all in shock and started back toward where we came from and the first craft we had seen started following us again and it was over us til we made it back to the mouth of the hollow and it was like it accelerated so fast , it was there one second and then it was gone , since that experience I have had alot of change in my life I don’t know how to explain it but I know what we seen was not of this world and I think they done something to me, can you please contact me back, I want to become and investigated and explore all the unkowns and extraterrestrials , I think they may be contacting me somehow even today please mshg or call me (502)219-4562

  • Scott

    Einstein was right. Nice to friend people who get it. I witnessed not only the orbs but two magnificent starships. One was folding space up by the moon with what looked like the “Star of Bethlehem” while the other starship was doing the same using wormholes to travel in from their home planets on three nights at 3am of a fourth quarter moon also known as a slack tide moon because of the lack of waves it produces. Funny thing each time this happened huge waves appeared on the SW shore of a Pacific Island on the end of a right triangle which moved north on about the same longitude each time the first of which was at 3Am on 9/17/14 and the third was on 11/14/14. These unexplained, for the unknowing, waves occurring during a slack tide moon and captured on video and posted on social media with no earthquakes or weather to create them have no natural earthly explanation for their occurrence. I am a federally trained investigator with seven degrees in areas of math, science, computers, business, MBA/MIS, History, and Law. This is why I understood the cause and effect relationship not to mention when they fold the fabric of space while your watching you get it. We lived in the country outside Potsdam, NY and the coyotes also got it because they demonstrated that they were very confused by whining not howling as if they asking each other what was going on. When one of the cops stated, What in the fuck is the matter with the coyotes they don’t talk like that.” That is when I looked up at the moon and stated, ” It’s is not even a full moon but what is that planet doing next to the moon.” The so called planet was a very large round ship with the Star of Bethlehem sticking out of it’s 8 o’clock position. Logical because you do not create the gravity capable of folding space inside your own ship without projecting the force outside the ship as the ship would otherwise implode. The waves created on 9/17/14 and filmed were used in a scene in the 2015 movie, Point Break 2. You can check this out on line in information about where the scenes were filmed and used in the movie. This happened to be at Tuhopo’o Beach, Tahiti at the same exact time given the time zone differences between the two locations. Amazing that after running the computer program of Deluxe moon and running all the astronomical data it all works out. The wave appears at the 30* angel of a right triangle occurrence and moved north to Oahu Beach, Hawaii as we approached the winter Equinox. The math works out perfectly to the degree. I talked to the people who filmed these waves and blew their minds when I told them the date and time that they had filmed them. I also know for a fact that the LIGO gravity wave detectors and NASA also witnessed these events.

  • Joe Wettlaufer

    UFO ( ball of fire) most people have heard of it.. it looked like a glowing ball. like a ball of fire. This is it. my wife and I saw it a few times within a couple minutes. We didn’t see any windows, or the rings.. just the glowing ball with our naked eye. The speed and direction, how fast it stopped.. was incredible. Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada.

  • Joe Wettlaufer

    UFO of the Glowing ball. Mount Forest, Ontario. Canada

  • Joe Wettlaufer

    Glowing ball. Got a really cool shot on camera. Although this pic has been re-saved after trying a few techniques to see it better..i do have the original on the cell phone it was taken with. Mount Forest, Ontario. Canada

  • Joe Wettlaufer

    This shot shows the rings touching the ground, after it came to a hault by the hydro lines. in the distance, a second craft can be seen. Mount Forest, Ontario. Canada

  • Martin Estrella

    This image was taken on May 19 at 6:28 2016 and it’s actually a video and outpost the URL so you can look for yourself but I just can’t figure out what that black object is to the right of the sun it is taken and infrared and I was lucky to catch this because I was just setting up my surveillance camera that had infrared capabilities and within 10 minutes I witnesses for about two minutes and it seemed like it moved towards the sun and actually blocked the suns rays then it transformed into three black circles and once they disappeared the sun came back I have two videos one of which is the original and the other is a video with the filter a negative filter. The negative filter footage is a little bit more defined and you can see more details I’m sorry that it’s not in the best quality however you can see something that I have never seen myself and if you have any comments please contact me At [email protected] and in the subject feild just put Ufo so I don’t accidentally delted because i’m really interested in finding out what this is and what your thoughts are on this I will now post the URLs the first one again will be the original video and the second will be the one with the negative filter which gives it a little more detail thank you
    Martin D.E

    Original video

    Filtered video

    Please excuse the background noise the tv was on and I realized that it can be used to show that this happened in real time I did not speed or slow down and this is what amazes me at how fast this happened! Thanks you for viewing

  • Doug McNeill

    I am posting two pics of over 100 of an object I videoed on May 26th. To me it’s the best evidence to date

  • Anthony
  • Douglas Carpenter

    Hi Anthony, this is exactly what I’ve been seeing evry time I take photos of planes leaving vapour trails above my house. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/843ddc51e26f8130ec74943f06a994000ec41ff91422c339bc452cca45b2d299.jpg

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