Writings of LTC USAF (Ret) Donald M. Ware

Donald M. Ware

  • LTC USAF (Ret); Fighter pilot, Teacher
  • Truthseeker since 1952
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1957, Duke University
  • MS in Nuclear Engineering, 1972, AF Institute of Tech.
  • Eastern Regional Director, MUFON, 1989-1993
  • Director, International UFO Congress, 1993 to 2010,
  • Participant, Sep. 2000 State of the World Forum
  • Advisor, Exopolitics Instirute
  • World citizen, Stone Mountain, GA
  • do*****@pa*********.net

Papers for Sharing

  • 1.  Is My World Different Than Yours?
  • 2.  Overview of the Current Transformation
  • 3.  My Alien Doctor
  • 4.  Celestial Assistance
  • 5.  Eleven Government Cover-ups and Probable Reasons
  • 6.  UFOs and the Spiritual Hierarchy
  • 7.  The Local Universe of Nebadon
  • 8.  Report on the 16th Annual IUFOC Convention
  • 9.  Long-term Government Covert Education
  • 10. Telepathic Communications and UFO Phenomena
  • 11. Paths to World Government
  • 12. Transformation: Spiritual, Physical, and Political
  • 13.  The Rest of the A-10 Story,    The Easy Way to Brooksville
  • 14. Planet X: A Philosophical View


Donald M. Ware
August 26, 1995
Each of us lives in a world defined by our experiences; by our actions
and reactions; by who we meet, what we read, and what we watch on TV, film,
and the stage.  We each have the ability to change our world by our thoughts
and our actions.  Many people apparently do not realize this is true.  Their
reactions to the world are based on fear, and they don’t experience the love
they deserve.
My world is a world in the midst of a transformation.  My world is a world
full of beauty that can be seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted, and felt emotionally.
I have not felt the emotions of fear or anger since I learned to perceive the
universe from the perspective of my soul, rather than as Donald Ware.  My physical
body only has five senses, so where did that sixth sense of emotion come from?
I think it came from my emotional body, an energy body that occupies the same
general space as my physical body.  I also think I have a mental body and a
spiritual body.  All three of my energy bodies are part of the soul that will
continue to exist after my physical body ceases to function.
My mental body contains the knowledge of all of my past experience, whether
in this life or a previous one.  I think my brain can be likened to a computer.
The mental body then becomes the software.  The brain is a processor for both
new information and information stored in my mental body.  The storage process
is probably based on holographic principles as described in Michael Talbot’s
book, The Holographic Universe.  In our waking state of consciousness we don’t
usually have the access codes for past life experience.  This information is
normally trapped behind the veils between our conscious, sub-conscious, and
unconscious mind.  However, if we choose to do so, we can find methods to
pierce those veils.  When we pierce the veil to our unconscious mind we gain
access to a modem that can connect us to universal consciousness.
My spiritual body is part of the great spirit that pervades all that is.
Some people call that great spirit God. Some define it as Love and Light.
This pervasive spirit has become part of my world.  It is in each of us whether
our choices are mostly unselfish or selfish.  Some form of this spirit is in
the animals and the trees and even in the planet.  I can “see” it or feel it
in the eyes of my cat.  I have been taught to believe that this spirit is eternal.
Everything in the universe evolves; whether it be a galaxy, a solar system,
a planet or a person.  When we do harm to any part of the universe, we adversely
affect the evolution of the universe.  When we pollute the water, kill the
animals, cut the trees, and fill our lungs with smoke we do harm to God.
The present transformation of the planet is a major step in the evolution
of the solar system.  The reason that the spirit is in our physical bodies
on this planet is changing.  Throughout recorded history we have been here
to make choices.  These choices tend to polarize the soul, our energy bodies,
toward service to others or service to self.  I have been taught that on this
planet many souls are now sufficiently polarized through free-will choices
to be ready to graduate to the next level in their evolution.  They are ready
to get on with the task of developing unconditional love.  This planet is
evolving to become a place where people develop unconditional love of others.
Billions of spiritual beings, our guides, are here to assist.  This transformation marks
the end of the human experience as we have known it, and it marks the
beginning of a more loving and peaceful experience.
Not only is our planet being transformed, but our physical bodies are
being genetically altered.  Evidence from my UFO research indicates that some
of our souls will reincarnate into a body that has a larger brain and greater telepathic
ability.  Descriptions from several of my friends who have met  their hybrid offspring
on alien vehicles include a head with larger eyes and  perhaps a 2000 cc brain.   My
friends who have learned to communicate telepathically say the new bodies have
greater telepathic ability.  We are soon to join a  galactic society, and telepathy is
the normal means of communication among  the many intelligent species that interact
with each other.
UFO researchers who specialize in people’s on-board experiences say that
the number of such experiencers is in the millions, perhaps 10 million just
in the USA. Most seem to have multiple hybrid offspring.  We are told that
these hybrid physical bodies, compatible with expanded consciousness, house
the souls of both their human and their Zeta Reticulan relatives.  They also
seem to be compatible with this biosphere as evidenced by many children’s circles,
where hybrid children play in back yards with human children.  I wonder when they
will be allowed to live on the surface of this planet with adults in their
awake state of consciousness.
I have high hopes for our future; although, I do recognize that the great
changes I see occurring involve great stress.  These rapid changes also provide
great opportunity for meaningful choices and great opportunity to express
unconditional love.  I see both human and ET influence to encourage all national
leaders to choose peace.  This is a prerequisite for establishing a demilitarized
world.  I see courageous national leaders and world leaders working to safely
eliminate nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.  I see people
with great influence working to help us overcome the destructive habits to
which our society has become addicted.  I see new thought entering the churches,
holistic medicine entering the mainstream, and a more efficient and healthy
diet being chosen by many.
More people are recognizing that a growth-driven economy with ever-increasing
material wealth is not a sustainable path to happiness.  In order to avoid
a worldwide environmental crisis we should stop taking all we can get from
mother nature and leaving the excess profit to our children.  We should adopt
the sustainable mode of living of the indigenous peoples who take only what
they need from Mother Nature and leave the rest.
As we acquire the consciousness necessary to join the galactic society,
we need representatives elected by all mankind.  I think we need world leaders
who can help us realize we are all members of one planet.  With this broader
perspective we can devote more energy to the evolution of our souls, and we
can avoid the strife and inefficiency that accompany extreme nationalism and
materialism.  I find great joy in the path I have chosen.  To what kind of
a world do your thoughts lead you?
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Overview of the Current Transformation

By Donald Ware, 5 Mar 07


Our world is rapidly transforming to a new world while most of its inhabitants are still engaged in old ways of thinking and behaving. The new world is guided by wise humans who have learned that national governments are not authorized to join the galactic society. Only a democratically elected world government can represent planet Earth on galactic councils. When will most humans, as world citizens, be ready to elect men and women to lead us into a much larger reality?

            For 55 years I have studied the transformation of consciousness, of technologies, and of our environment. We must raise our consciousness to a level that will prevent our technologies, combined with selfishness, from destroying the environment that supports all life on mother Earth. Fortunately, we humans have assistance from our many alien and angelic supporters.

I believe that a spiritual perspective is necessary to understand the current transformation. Our eternal souls are on a long path to paradise, and we progress through our free-will choices. Our reason for being in a physical body has long been to make choices that orient us in a positive or negative direction, toward service to others or service to self. Many people are now sufficiently oriented toward service to others that their spiritual mission, their reason for being, is now to learn to express unconditional love of others. I think they are the “meek who will inherit the Earth.”

Many people are now acquiring new ways of knowing, expanding their consciousness. We do it through meditation-assisted telepathy, remote viewing, and out of body experiences. The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Farsight Institute, Monroe Institute, and many other similar organizations around the world have long been assisting the truthseekers on the leading edge of the transformation. Now our major media is expanding the consciousness of large numbers of the more open-minded population through educational entertainment in these fields.

I see much evidence that our biological computer, our brain, is being upgraded with alien assistance. The human population, through genetic engineering, is rapidly acquiring great increases in IQ and in ease of telepathy. Authors are documenting this aspect of the transformation in writings about “Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow” children. A world-level lawyer, George S. Robinson, refers to our upgraded offspring as Homo sapiens alterios and Homo alterios spacialis. He said we made them to make humans more survivable in off-planet environments. I think the new species, that looks so different they would attract unwanted attention from our neighbors, is now being raised underground on this planet and in bases on the moon and Mars. See the cover of Time magazine, 23 Jun 97. This lovely being reminds me of the movie, Powder.

The transformation in technology started early. Evidence from the lectures of Wendelle Stevens and others has convinced me that aliens worked with German scientists as early as 1929 to assist humans in developing anti-gravity systems. This was done, presumably, to help us minimize the polluting aspects of fossil fuels when we started carrying passengers in airplanes. A condition for assistance was that we would not use this technology for war. Hitler violated the condition in 1938 when he attached an anti-tank gun turret to the bottom of a 100-foot-diameter flying saucer. Pleiadians then removed from Germany his militarized saucers and the scientists that built them, and some of the scientists continued their work in an underground facility in the Antarctic, away from the warring nations. Admiral Byrd and others were sent there to investigate after the WW II. Germany continued to develop anti-gravity systems in Europe, but the only wartime use allowed was to spray benzene in the path of US bombers when we were killing tens of thousands of civilians by carpet bombing German cities with incendiary bombs. Such fuel/air explosions helped stop this horrific killing in Germany. The US, UK, and Australia each captured anti-gravity technologies, and we brought 30 flying saucers to the White Sands Missile Range and Area 51 in 1945. This rapidly evolving technology allowed humans to put bases on our moon and Mars by 1963.

New, non-polluting energy sources have been developed for world citizens by major corporations to support the underground and off-planet bases, but they are still restricted from the warring nations. When all national leaders choose peace, technologies that can greatly reduce fossil fuel use will be released to the general public. Thanks to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), the size of the ozone hole in the northern hemisphere is being controlled while world leaders gain better control of production and handling of destructive chlorine and fluorine compounds. Since 1997 large-scale chemical sprays are temporarily reflecting some of the sun’s energy to help balance the warming effects of the increasing carbon dioxide blanket. I think that some world leaders anticipate that the need for this program will be reduced or eliminated by a significant reduction in the population resulting from serious earth traumas occurring in 2012. I have seen much evidence that both angels and aliens influence these important decisions.

The Mayan calendar seems to be charting the accelerating rise in consciousness. The galactic laws of attraction, creating, and allowing are being taught well by ABRAHAM, through Esther Hicks, and by other unseen beings. Knowledge of the first law is being spread well through The Secret, now shown by major media, and through the lectures of many pioneer truthseekers. The Georgia Guidestones have provided 10 guides for our world society since 1980, just as The Ten Commandments provided guidance for individual behavior for millennia. These 19-foot-tall slabs of granite have a hole drilled toward the North Star. This will provide a record of how many degrees the crust of the earth shifted during the earth traumas that I think will be triggered by the magnetic field of a passing member of the Kupier Belt.

In the USA the Federal Emergency Management Agency seems to be spending public money preparing for the earth traumas. Boxcars on sidings in Kansas seem to be designed to move people from prisons that might be threatened by coastal tsunamis. Millions of body bags purchased in consecutive years suggest a sudden heavy death toll is anticipated. A thousand white vans, SUVs and pick-ups stored at the federal prison in Balstrop, Texas may have been purchased to move large numbers of struggling people displaced by the traumas to places where they can be temporarily housed and fed. Several of my “abductee” friends have been trained in their secret nightlife for crowd control using Star Trek-like non-lethal weapons.

Now the population is being prepared for a new age, a golden age where terrorism fades away and a kinder, gentler civilization reins. The genetic upgrade will speed this process. The Trilateral Commission struggles to counter the human selfishness that caused Homo sapiens to be declared suicidal by The Club of Rome. The State of the World Forum hosted six gatherings from 1995 to 2000 to let a variety of stakeholders help define the plan for our future. Dozens of NGOs harness the energies of an increasing number of world citizens in addressing major issues for our planet and for mankind: deforestation, biodiversity, nature conservancy, and polluting of the oceans. The Lucis Trust (World Goodwill, Triangles, etc) has been helping to raise the consciousness of mankind for over eight decades. While such high level efforts expand, small groups of truthseekers around the world are inspired to gather periodically with like-minded people to share their truth, and their love.

Some truthseekers share their stories to overcome the personal trauma of a rapidly changing worldview. Some study The Urantia Book: A Revelation for Humanity, often referred to as the Fifth Epochal Revelation. The Talmud of Emmanuel quotes Jesus as saying humanity will be given a new revelation in 2000 years. That is exactly when The Urantia Book was given to the truthseekers of Chicago. Despite the headlines of a media driven by ratings, the world is becoming a more civilized place, more connected, and easier to manage.

I think our traumas will accelerate until after the crust shifts over the molten core, reducing the population. This will provide many opportunities to grow through free-will choices. Then, as shorelines change, volcanic ash replenishes the minerals in the soil, and transportation links are restored, we will be able to elect wise world citizens to lead us into a Golden Age. I think the second coming of Christ will occur at a planetary graduation ceremony as Earth humans earn the right to join a galactic society.


Note: This paper may be reproduced in any media. – DMW


3. My Alien Doctor?

By Donald M. Ware, 7 Sep 01


Almost yearly now I seem to have some involvement with an alien/angelic presence, either directly or indirectly. In 1996 I received telepathic help in writing a poem, something I would not have done otherwise. In 1998, as I was waking in the morning, I had a wonderful spiritual experience with a lovely big-eyed lady who caused me to feel the unconditional love of God. The next year I had three clairaudient experiences and a clairvoyant experience while at focus 12 and 15 at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. Last year I sent packages of information, as requested telepathically through a friend, to help prepare ABCs Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson for “the undeniable appearance of the Brotherhood from the heavens.” Then, this past April, I received medical advice through Clarisa Bernhardt from what she described as a strangely dressed alien.


Clarisa Bernhardt was a speaker at our International UFO Congress in March, partly because she had predicted, on her California radio show, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake with the location, date, and time to the minute. Her accurate prediction of the magnitude and location was made two days in advance, and it came within one minute of the time. When the USGS earthquake scientists asked how she did that, she told them that she had received the information in a vision. I gave her my card at that conference.


On April 9th I received an e-mail from Clarisa saying that when she first arrived at the conference she briefly saw a strangely dressed alien. Here is what she said about it:


“At that time, I did not recognize him as one of the “Space Brothers” who have been so helpful to me but felt that he was just checking on various arrivals at the conference. I saw him briefly before he was no longer visible to me. And later during the conference, after meeting and speaking with you, I had the feeling that he was of the group that you spoke of. I believe, possibly the ASHTAR group. Anyway, he wore a sort of crash helmet with a strap that fit tightly across under his chin and apparently secured the helmet snugly. His uniform was of a bluish shade, and the jacket seemed to end just at the top of the waist above the slacks. The jacket seemed to be fitted together by a non-buttoned seam that joined each side just a bit off center and to the left.   His boots seemed to be of a black polished patent leather type finish, and it appeared that they fit perfectly around the ankles reaching a height of about four inches above the ankle.  I was unable to notice whether the ‘boots’/shoes were laced, but anyway that was what I was able to observe.
”So yesterday morning, during meditation, I became aware that I was seeing this specific space being again, only he was clearly visible to me. He began to speak to me (telepathically) saying: ‘You are to tell Don Ware that, to complement all that he does to take care of himself and stay healthy, he should take CO Q 10, and he will continue to do fine.”


I learned that CO Q 10 is a coenzyme that the body makes less of as we grow older. It is an anti-oxidant that helps maintain a healthy heart and healthy skin. I have had no signs of heart problems, but two months earlier my skin doctor surgically removed a basal cell carcinoma from the middle of my back. This was the only cancer he had found; however, he annually has destroyed some pre-cancerous cells from my face with liquid nitrogen. My birding keeps me in the sun a lot, but I wear long sleeves, a wide brim hat, and sunscreen.


I am pleased that some higher intelligence seems to be concerned about my health. If that strangely dressed fellow is my alien doctor, I appreciate not having to get an appointment or pay the bill.                                                                      



Celestial Assistance by Donald M. Ware


I was 50 years old before I realized that my flying dreams at age five were probably out­-of-body experiences. I saw seven UFOs over Washington, DC on 26 Jut 52 that made headlines around the world. That started my search for truth. I was 55 before I realized that I had received guidance from my spirit guides at age 18. Following a philosophical discussion with my fraternity brothers, I woke at 2 am with much information in my mind that I wrote down. It said that my only ambition was to be the happiest man in the world. What it took to make me happy was a little

more than my share of love, excitement, and self-satisfaction. Then I defined each of those terms. I was at a decision point in my career, and this helped me realize that by making a commitment to become an Air Force pilot I could find all the ingredients of happiness. This decision allowed me to retire at age 47 to become a truth seeker.

I saw red light UFOs twice at MUFON meetings in Pensacola, Florida. I saw them five times in Gulf Breeze, once with Steven Greer and many others on 14 Mar 92. They interacted with our thoughts and lights. My last sighting was 22 Jun 93 on a sky watch with Winston Milonski from the top of a sand dune near Ft. Walton Beach. We had been sending out thoughts of friendship and welcome for 30 minutes and just talking for 30 minutes. When I suggested that we go home since nothing had appeared except boats and planes, two lights appeared directly in front of us. I immediately put my 10-power binoculars on them. A red one rose slowly from the water while a brighter white one zipped horizontally above the horizon to a point directly under the red one. Then they both blinked out. That could not have been a flare from someone in an unseen raft.

In 1989 I received twelve messages that appeared to come from a higher intelligence, not directly, but through seven other people using three different telepathic processes. They were directed to me by name. When the receiver did not know me, a third person known to both was named. I started paying attention. They said that I have a mission to show people that “science and spirituality are two sides of one coin and can not be separated.” They said that I should become a connoisseur of all types of telepathically acquired messages. The messages taught me lessons and contained much useful advice as an investigator of the paranormal. One of the messages was designed to use me as a messenger to tell a general at Eglin AFB to stop knocking down alien vehicles with their non-lethal directed electromagnetic pulse device. The “Gulf Breeze Incident” that inspired this message occurred when three TV crews had their cameras in Gulf Breeze. If they had gotten the same kind of pictures that Ed Walters had gotten, it would have been tough to keep the public from getting too excited.

On 28 Jan 92 I woke at exactly 2 am with two sentences on a video screen in my head. There was no room for any other thought until I got up and wrote them down. One said, “Unconditional Love is becoming the driving force on this planet.” The other said, “I am trying to learn to express Unconditional Love.” I now see this as my guides confirming that I was on the right track in my thinking.

The next year I had an experience that probably involved physical contact with an unseen being of a higher vibratory rate. Twenty minutes after lying on my stomach to sleep, I felt a hand firmly grasp my right wrist. My left hand was under my left thigh. I tried to ask, “Who is it?” but nothing came out of my mouth. I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t get up. My heart rate started to steadily increase. Shortly after I became concerned that the increased heart rate may become harmful, the hand released. Two seconds later I could open my eyes. No one was there. It took two minutes for my heart rate to slow enough to be counted. I was not dreaming. I think I experienced mental control of my body by an alien being, as some abductees have.

My next paranormal experience was while taking notes at Joan Borysenko’s lecture at an Institute of Noetic Sciences conference in Boca Raton. I flipped the page over and wrote “Natural Science” at the top followed by 12 lines of poetry. It was profound. I know nothing about poetry and have had no desire to write any before or since. Immediately before this lecture a stranger told me that I need to write poetry. I think this was a channeling demonstration. I had become a student of much channeled information.

In 1998 I had what I call a spiritual experience. Before opening my eyes in the morning, probably in a theta state of consciousness, a lovely lady with large black irises and no hands or

legs swooped by me with arms reaching toward me. During the few seconds that she was within arms’ length I felt that overwhelming unconditional love of God. I had heard many near-death experiencers describe this feeling. I call it an orgasm of the heart. I wish she would return. I remain open to other such celestial assistance in my search for truth.


August 1, 2006



Eleven Government Cover-ups and Probable Reasons

By Donald M. Ware, 26 Mar 02


Hitler’s Death.   Most people think Hitler died in a Berlin bunker in 1945. I think he died in South America in 1978. I have been convinced by various sources that Hitler knew he lost the war when his forces were turned around in Russia in March 1943. His dreams would not soon be realized, so he accepted Pope Pius XII’s amnesty program for rich people needing a change of identity and willing to dedicate the rest of their lives to the work of God. He took the name of an Italian classmate in the Vatican and fled to a country in western South America where the state had no claim over any church property, or that of their priests. He had his doctor give him an enlarged nose, while one of his three surgically altered doubles tried to fill his shoes at home. His personal items, including his favorite art pieces, were delivered in a watertight container by submarine to a fishing boat that transferred it to a pier south of Guayaquil, Ecuador. It was trucked to a poor Indian village that had no contact with the outside world. They cut a path through the jungle to the nearest road and quickly built his house around the truck. The jungle closed the path, and he became a missionary and provider for very poor natives that soon became very protective of him. I heard recent rumors about some of his art pieces surfacing near Cuenca, Ecuador. Reasons: If our world government had learned about this in 1945, the potential adverse political and religious consequences of disclosure were probably sufficient to keep him out of the Nuremberg trials. World leaders know that final justice takes place in heaven. The trial served its purpose here.


UFO’s. Fifty years of seeking truth and over 100 UFO conferences have broadened my view of the alien presence as follows. In 1929 some aliens that look much like us, reportedly Aldebaran, came here to help our most advanced scientists develop antigravity technology so we would cause less pollution of our atmosphere as the airline industry expanded. One condition was that we could not use it for warlike purposes. In 1938, when Hitler put an anti-tank gun turret on the bottom of a 100-ft. diameter flying saucer, he proved that humanity was not sufficiently advanced spiritually or morally to be trusted with such technology. More-advanced Pleiadians took the militarized saucers and the scientists that built them to their base in South America and gave the scientists a choice. They could raise their children in the Pleiades or here, but if they stayed here they must stay separated from our warring society. Adrian, of “The Miami Contacts,” said some children raised on the Pleiades chose to return here to work for companies like BMW. Those who chose to stay here continued the antigravity work in an underground base in the Antarctic in an area claimed by Hitler in 1938 as New Schwabenland. Some now call that area Melchizedek Land. See   He sent major supply missions there with five large submarines in 1938 and 1942. Now I think world scientists have for decades been sending missions to the moon and Mars from such bases hidden from the less advanced society. Perhaps there is some truth in “Alternative Three.” Antigravity programs continued in Germany in nine underground bases, and the US brought 30 flying saucers to Area 51 and the White Sands Missile Range in 1945. Australians took some to Pine Gap, and the British took some to a base on the NW coast of Scotland. My CIA friend said that the first class for transition by the German Air Force to antigravity vehicles was scheduled for 15 May 1945, but that was two weeks too late. The only combat use these vehicles had was to spray benzene ahead of our bomber formations during some carpet-bombing raids, causing loss of several planes.


Alien vehicles are seen most often during contacts involving a hybridization program. Assessing information from many sources with an open mind causes me to believe that humans and Zeta Reticulans (short, large-headed, gray-skinned people with big black eyes) are jointly engineering better bodies to house both our souls and theirs. We are getting an upgraded biological computer – a bigger hard drive, faster chip, and a new USB port for telepathy. They are getting the genes needed to increase their ability to express emotions. George S. Robinson, first to get a Ph.D. in Civil Law relating to space, said at our 1998 IUFOC Summer Seminar that we have already made a new subspecies, Homo sapiens alterios, and a new species, H. alterios spacialis. He said we did it to make us more survivable in off-planet conditions. He did not mention aliens. I suspect, as a world government lawyer, he was not allowed to. I think the human mothers are allowed to raise the subspecies that look much like us. They are unselfish souls with high IQs. The new species is so different that many people would not accept them as neighbors. After 3 to 4 months they are taken from the mothers and put into artificial wombs. See the cover of Time magazine, 23 Jun 97. The large head would cause problems in natural birth. An extensive underground and undersea system of world government bases here and on the moon and Mars provides them a home until we are ready to accept them among us. Consider that the Limits of Growth: The Club of Rome’s Report on the Predicament of Mankind in 1972 said that Homo sapiens is a suicidal species, so it is time for another upgrade with increased capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual awareness. The Urantia Book says that we have had four previous major upgrades, all for that same purpose. Reasons: Until the selfishness in mankind is significantly reduced, world or national leaders cannot discuss advanced technologies that can be used for warlike purposes, nor biological upgrades that are contrary to national law.   I suspect that there are also galactic laws, such as the Star Trek “prime directive”, that require that knowledge of the alien presence be suppressed until more souls evolve to a higher level.


Cattle Mutilations. In addition to vast amounts of blood that are occasionally removed from cattle, the tongue, half the lip, and tissues around the orifices are usually taken. Cattle blood is close enough to human blood to be used by our military for transfusions when needed. A doctor familiar with the mutilations told me that tissues around the orifices are high in the amino acids needed for new tissue growth. Together you can make the large amounts of hybrid fetus formula needed for Homo alterios spacialis while in the artificial wombs. An investigator friend told me that there is a cattle ranch in Ohio where such products of young cattle are trucked to Area 51 regularly. Perhaps cattle from various ranges are occasionally used to balance supply and demand. Dr. Greer told me that the lips and tongue are used to determine the effect of pollution on grasses in various locations. Reasons: Knowledge of the hybridization program is highly sensitive and is hidden from people not seeking it for reasons mentioned above. “Cattle mutilations” are not so scary when you realize they are feeding our babies.


President Kennedy’s Death. The BBC six-hour special, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, describes well the men who did it. The Mafia had three hit men from Marseille come through Mexico for the job. They did not say why the Mafia did it. The head of the Cuban exiles asked them to, and they probably promised to let them back into Cuba after Castro was replaced. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco Kennedy chose an economic option to oust Castro. He ordered that our CIA training camps for the exiles be shut down, but the exiles refused to leave our camp in Honduras. When they went against CIA and Kennedy’s orders, Kennedy sent a C-119 gunship to Honduras and blew the base away with some Cubans still there. This made the leader of the exiles mad enough to put the hit on him. Reasons: The rifles used were the same ones the CIA had modified for use by a South American embassy staff to assassinate Castro, against international law. The Cuban exiles were given the rifles for transport out of the US, but the South American countries’ leaders changed their mind before delivery. See Robert Morrow’s hard-to-find book, First Hand Knowledge. Everyone wanted Oswald to be a patsy. I predict the truth will not be revealed until there are normal diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba.


Chernobyl. I think this “accident” was caused by higher intelligence to reduce the nuclear threat to this planet and accelerate us on our path to peace. My CIA friend was informed from unofficial sources that in 1985 Gorbachev was in a meeting with his top advisors when two beings appeared in the room and described themselves as ascended masters. They told Gorbachev that he was personally responsible for the nuclear threat to this planet, and he must change his ways. Before they disappeared they said, “To make sure you understand that we are serious about what we say, we are going to cause an accident at Chernobyl.” Gorbachev called Reagan at the G-7 meeting in Europe, and they had a brief private meeting in Vienna. Kissinger said in his book, Diplomacy, that when Reagan left the room he was obviously upset but would not talk about it. The report on the 6 Apr 86 accident said that during a test three poor-judgment decisions caused loss of control over the reactor. I know that telepathic input can influence such decisions. In a response to a world government inquiry, Gorbachev said, on 19 Dec 85, that he was willing to eliminate 50% of the Soviet nuclear weapons. However, when he and Reagan met in Iceland after the explosion, Kissinger said that Gorbachev’s opening position was that he was willing to eliminate all Soviet nuclear weapons now if Reagan would do the same. Reagan was only willing to go half way. This event is what caused Reagan to make statements at his next public appearance, a Maryland High School, and then at the UN General Assembly about a possible alien threat. UFO investigator Vladimir Rubstoff from Kiev reported that three hours after the explosion a 6-8 m diameter disk in a fiery ball hovered over reactor #4 and projected two crimson beams into the flames for three minutes before slowly moving away. During this time the readings on the radiation recorders dropped from 3000 to 800 miliroentgens per hour. This indicates a removal of 73% of the hazardous material. It appears that whoever caused the explosion took some responsibility to help clean it up. My Russian friend, Nikolai LeBedev, told me that they now realize that dumping planeloads of boron on the flames greatly increased the radioactive fallout and should not have been done. I suspect this decision was made because the officials could not believe that most of the radioactive material had already been removed. Reasons: National governments were not allowed to publicly acknowledge the alien presence. Note: The RA Material tells us that if a human is engulfed in a nuclear fireball, the strong nuclear force will disassociate the energies of our “eternal soul.” This confirms what the ‘50s contactees were told, “Nuclear weapons affect things outside of this planet.” Loss of our physical bodies by other means is not so serious from the perspective of higher intelligence. There is logical reason for an ascended master to take drastic measures to change the direction of governments.


HAARP. Type HAARP onto Google and in 0.52 seconds you get 18,100 links to the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Sites are near Gakona, AK and also in Scandinavia and Siberia. Each is near large, independent energy sources. Many potential uses are noted, but not the most important one. Reasons: I think these giant ionosphere heaters help prevent seasonal formation of ice crystals that are the catalyst for chemical reactions that destroy ozone molecules. If people all over the world knew we had a way to control the size of the ozone hole in the northern hemisphere, they would be harder to convince to use more expensive replacements for destructive chemicals like freon. (I am also convinced that chemtrails change the albedo of the planet to mitigate global warming. )


Oklahoma City Bombing. On 19 Apr 95 Timothy McVeigh used a truck bomb to bring down most of the Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people.   There were two explosions about five seconds apart, one of which the government does not want to talk about. There is seismic evidence of two shockwaves and also reports from passengers on a bus parked at the bus station broadside to the explosion that felt them. I think that some government agency had illegally stored C-4 on the 9th floor, and it was detonated when smashed between the two collapsing floors. This second explosion took out the right rear column and caused additional death. A General from Eglin AFB detected evidence of an explosion close to that column.

Reasons: If this illegal storage of explosives in a public building had been acknowledged, anyone suffering from that bombing could have sued the US Government and won extremely large punitive damages from almost any jury. I can hardly imagine what that would have cost the taxpayers. The trials and lawyer fees would probably still be ongoing.


TWA 800. On 17 July 96 a US-made Stinger missile hit a TWA Boeing 747 off Long Island killing all 230 people on board. Two significant news reports the following day were blocked from repeating; an Air Force Lt. Colonel in uniform stating that he saw a shoulder fired missile come up from the water, and a report of a rented speedboat returned to a New Jersey company shortly after the crash by two men who did not pick up their significant deposit. Our government suggested that an unknown spark caused the explosion in the empty center fuel tank that blew the plane apart. The Stinger has a proximity fuse. I think that hot metal from the expanding rod warhead cut through the skin and fuel tank to provide the spark. The rest of the missile would land miles away and be buried in the sand. When weather, lighting, and distance conditions were simulated for the witnesses at Eglin AFB, the Stinger was the only missile used in the test. Reasons: After Afghan freedom fighters used Stingers to help drive the Soviets out of their country, they tried to sell 50 leftovers back to the CIA. The CIA did not want to set the precedent of buying back weapons of war given to freedom fighters (Ref: the next issue of CFR publication, “Foreign Affairs”, following the crash). Osama Bin Laden had the money and the reason to buy the Stingers. Acknowledging the cause of the crash would reflect poorly on CIA decisions and would cause great fear of flying and damage to the world economy. However, our world government soon published a three-part special on world terrorism in the newspapers with Bin Laden’s picture prominently in the middle of our front page. The world government has much control over major media.


The Missing A-10.   On 2 Apr 97 an A-10 from Davis-Monthan AFB became mysteriously missing from a bombing range south of Tucson, AZ and 1 hour and 42 minutes later crashed into New York Mountain west of Colorado Springs with its four 500 lb bombs missing. Some major media said that the ”biologic material” found at the crash site was determined to be the pilot by DNA analysis in a Washington, DC laboratory. I think they lied.   Ann Hirsch’s alien contact told her that Capt. Craig Buttons is still alive and working on a “mother ship” they call “Tagamont.” Details are provided in “The Rest of the A-10 Story” at   Reasons: Days before the crash Ann’s alien friend asked her to seek assurances that they would not be shot at if they landed their vehicle near Davis-Monthan AFB to talk to people. When she got no respect from two NCOs in the Command Post or from a member of Senator Kyl’s office, her alien friend said, “We will have to do something to get their attention…Perhaps we will take one of their airplanes in flight.” This story was being told to Wendelle Stevens and June Shearer when the plane was taken. Before the plane was recovered there was a mysterious alert at the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD facility west of Colorado Springs. My sources tell me that it involved the missing A-10 and Capt. Craig Buttons. Remote viewers said a flying saucer landed near the entrance. Perhaps they wanted to talk with someone without being shot at. The next publication I received from the Council on Foreign Relations had an article about rethinking the Military Assistance Program at Davis-Monthan AFB, which sells sophisticated weapons of war to countries that probably should not have them.


AA 587. On 12 Nov 01 an AA Airbus 300 crashed shortly after takeoff from JFK killing all 255 passengers. Officials suggested that air turbulence from another jet caused the tail to fall off.   I think that what the crew reported as turbulence was an explosion that caused the tail to fall off. I also think the explosion was caused by terrorists who were not on the aircraft. Reasons: One month after the 9-11 tragedy our country was struggling to help people overcome fear of flying and speed recovery from the resulting economic depression. Sabotage by ground crews, if proven, would add to the public fear. I predict that full disclosure from that accident investigation will be a long time in coming, and our economy will be better because of it. Perhaps fear is a worse enemy than secrecy.


Planet X. Prophesy from many ages and cultures and also scientific evidence suggests that our planet occasionally suffers serious trauma. The scenario described in under “Pole Shift” and in Ruth Montgomery’s 1999 book, The World to Come, says that another planet in our solar system has an elliptical orbit that causes it to pass close to the sun every 3600+ years. Its magnetic field will put enough torque on the molten core of Earth to cause a shift between the core and the crust. This will cause a shakeup of the tectonic plates, and we will experience earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricane winds, and volcanic activity resulting in much loss of life. I think that some government agency is able to confirm this and is delaying release of this information and the predicted date of passage until it is quite obvious to amateur astronomers and much of the public. Reasons: I suggest that world leaders and possibly their non-human advisors think that disruption of society caused by the irrational acts of people afraid to give up their physical bodies should be avoided as long as possible. Ruth Montgomery’s guides told her that the man who will be President at the time of the shift will be a walk-in, here to help prepare the world for the shift. She said he would be remembered for a massive home-building program away from the coasts. This scenario makes the Georgia Guidestones quite meaningful and profound. Perhaps this is why major studios give us dramatic movies about earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanoes. I think the meek will inherit the Earth, and we will have a kinder, gentler civilization.


UFOs and the Spiritual Hierarchy

by Donald M. Ware, 12 Oct 00


I have been a truthseeker since 26 Jul 52 when I saw seven red light type UFOs over Washington, DC. First I only studied UFOs and various religions. In 1983, after retirement from the USAF, I expanded my study to include the other persistent mysteries of mankind. These included; reincarnation, telepathy, near-death experiences, controlled out-of-body experiences, and spiritual healing. In 1989 the universe started to overtly cooperate in my education. I received many helpful messages directed to me by some higher intelligence through other people using various telepathic processes. I paid attention and learned.

In 1992 I was clairvoyantly given the message, “Unconditional Love is becoming the driving force on this planet. I am trying to learn to express Unconditional Love.”   In 1993 I had a physical contact experience with what I suspect was a higher intelligence. I was in bed and I could not open my eyes. That was the year I had my ninth UFO sighting, one that I initiated with a friend by sending out my thoughts of welcome and friendship. In 1995 some friends and I were guided, by an unseen being channeling through a 20-year-old girl, to share our knowledge of aliens and star people with the White Mountains Apache. A year later, while trying to take notes of Joan Borysenko’s lecture, I became a channel for about 5 minutes. It was a rather profound poem. In 1998 at 6 am, while probably in a theta state of consciousness, a lady with large black irises and no hands or legs visited me. While she was within arms reach I felt the overwhelming unconditional love of God. I wish she would return. My last paranormal “teaching experience” was at the Monroe Institute during a Gateway Voyager program. At focus 12 I heard a monotone hum in my head that reminded me of the signal that Ed Walters received when it was time to go outside to take pictures of alien vehicles. The next day I heard my name called, twice. Then at focus 15 I had a movie-type clairvoyant experience that I think concerned a past life. I now think my guides are teaching me about a larger reality that we may all join in the future.

I use phrases like “universal consciousness” or “all that is” to describe God. I think we each are eternal spiritual beings. There is a little spark of God in each of us, and in aliens and angels too. There is a bigger spark of God in archangels such as Michael. In The Urantia Book: A Revelation for Mankind, it says that Michael was the one who reincarnated here as Jesus. He is now the head of our local universe and Gabriel is his deputy. He fired Lucifer and Satan from leadership positions in the local star system 200,000 years ago when they declared independence from the Hierarchy. I believe that the Hierarchy is real, and it includes many levels of angels, aliens and humans. Humans are evolutionary beings.

In The RA Material, the four books first called The Law of One, we are told that on Earth we are evolving from a 3rd-density society to a 4th-density society. Our spiritual mission is changing. Rather than using free will to make unselfish or selfish choices, many of us are sufficiently polarized one way or the other to graduate to the next level. We then develop unconditional love. On this planet we are developing unconditional love of others, and the highly selfish souls will have to continue their evolution somewhere else. This is a major transformation, and it requires a great amount of heavenly assistance. When some highly selfish people still live on the same planet with increasing numbers of meek and unselfish, the paradigm wars become more intense. But we are promised that the meek will inherit the Earth.


There is a Plan

World Goodwill, a part of the Lucis Trust, sent me their pamphlet on The Spiritual Hierarchy. They say there is a plan. They say, “The overall hierarchical organization has three major divisions: one having responsibility for world political progress, or government in its true sense; the second having responsibility for teaching in its three aspects, education, religion, and healing; and a third division having responsibility for all economic progress, industry, labour and capital relations, scientific discovery, finance as it pertains to all fields, intellectual culture and the arts.” They say, “The Masters of the Wisdom are far more practical and realistic than the most efficient big business executives in our modern world. They are far more potent in affecting world events than the most powerful leaders of any nation or government in the world. They make a constant study of human affairs, watching human trends and human planning for world betterment.” They apparently want knowledge of the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy to be shared with other men and women of good will. And they have suggested a six-step program of action.

They say, “The following important steps can be taken by individuals and groups recognizing the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the presence of the Christ, who will aid the work of establishing the Plan.

  1. Develop a sense of individual responsibility.
  2. Develop the spirit of goodwill, and evoke it in others. Express real love in all relations.
  3. Study and reflect upon the many proposals made by world leaders and thinkers on world problems. Cultivate an intelligent opinion, based on goodwill, on what you as a result of study believe should be done. Discuss the ideas in your home, among friends, and in your various relationships. Regard such discussion as service. Gather people together to discuss and study current problems and future needs. If only two people co-operate with you, the effort will be a means of helping change world thought.
  4. Find out and study the method, techniques, and objectives of the various groups and organizations concerned with world reconstruction. Establish helpful and friendly relations with them to the best of your ability. Discover the men and women of goodwill in your community, and co-operate with what they are doing.
  5. Behind the world pattern stands its Originator, its Planner, its motivating Energy, its central Will, its living Creator, its God. Use prayer and meditation to reach that central point of Life, and thus blend yourself with the sensed divine objective.
  6. Begin now to lay aside sums of money which can be spared and which can accumulate for hierarchical work. This organized and planned saving will enable you to assume your share in the work without placing an undue burden on others. It will enable you to respond immediately to the real need as it appears.”


I have seen evidence of many aspects of the transforming of Earth to a 4th-density positive

planet. A hybridization program is developing a new subspecies and a new species that appears so different from us that they must live apart from the majority until people become more accepting of others who are different. Some of these old souls in advanced bodies must live in our underground or undersea bases or our bases on the moon or Mars. A world-class lawyer said their scientific names are Homo sapiens alterios and Homo alterios spacialis. I think this is a joint human/alien program. He said they are more survivable in off-planet conditions. I think they have a greater capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual awareness, because that has been the reason for other upgrades in our genetic history. I know people who have carried the new species for three months. I suspect we were shown one on the cover of Time magazine on 23 Jun 97. Watch the children. I think many of them are changing faster than expected by natural evolution. Many have expanded awareness. They see auras. Hold them and you might feel their old souls. Let us all treat them like old souls. If we do not drug them when they become frustrated, they will become a kinder, gentler civilization.   Some may be the new subspecies.

We should not fear aliens. Pleiadians have been our teachers for thousands of years. Zeta Reticalans give us the genes we need for increased IQ and expanded awareness, telepathic awareness. We give them the genes needed to express emotions. Those from Ummo and Aplha Tauri seem to be assisting in technical advancement. Arcturians, Andromedans, and Sirians seem to be helping either us or the health of our planet. Some of our interactions are painful. So are many visits to our doctor. Sometimes we are highly controlled because of our fear. If we open our minds and increase our understanding, we can overcome our fear. We must first know at a deep level that we are eternal spiritual beings.

I see world leaders working hard to cause all national leaders to choose peace. Only then can the advanced technologies of the underground system be allowed on the surface. Many people are working hard to eliminate nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Let us support them. We can all do more to help save the natural environment that supports all life. Let us not be a cancer on the Earth. Earth is a lovely living cell in the body of God.


May Peace Prevail on Earth.



LOCAL UNIVERSE                         Nebadon               Michael/Gabriel



CONSTELLATION (100)                 Norlatiadek          Constellation Father

(Edentia)             #617,318 of Veronadek series of Nebadon

(Head of a council of 12)


STAR SYSTEM (100)             Satania        Lanaforge – replaced Lucifer/Satan                                        

                                                   (Jerusem)          Council of 24 Elders

1-8 represent ancient races

  1. Adam 13. Elijah
  2. Eve 14. Machiventa Melchizedek

Pleiadians, Zetas                                                          11. Enoch   15. John the Baptist

Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians                               12. Moses   16. 1-2-3 the First

Ummo and Alpha Tari                                                     17-24 temporarily reserved

PLANETS with intelligent life (639) Earth/Urantia      Machiventia Melchizadek

(New York)       (viceregent Planetary Prince for Michael)

Urantia is 606 of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon.

Nebadon is one of 700,000 known universes.


1-8 were great teachers of the Fontanites, 6 colored races, and Nodites


Adam – rehabilitated planetary Father


Eve – Mother of the violet race – rehabilitated


Enoch – first Urantia mortal to fuse with a thought adjuster


Moses – emancipator of part of the violet race, revived Worship of the universal Father


Elijah – translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement


Machiventia Melchizedek – vice-regent Planetary Prince for Michael


John the Baptist – forerunner of Michael’s Mission (New Teachers say he now heads the council)


1-2-3 the First – leader of the 40 loyal midway creatures serving Gabriel at time of Calagastia’s betrayal.








August 19, 2007


Report on the 16th Annual International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival

by Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Avenue, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547


Our 16th winter convention was held 25 Feb – 3 Mar 07 at the newly named Aquarius Resort in Laughlin, NV. The cancer of Teri Brown was a challenge to the Brown family as Bob and Heather stayed by her bed in Colorado on opening day while Nikki and Crystal managed convention affairs in Nevada. We had over 700 wonderful open-minded people attending. We had 26 speakers from six countries, and fifteen films competed for EBE awards. Four evenings Yvonne Smith hosted gatherings for experiencers, and Thursday fifteen of them courageously spoke about their unusual personal experiences. The soft drinks, cheese and fruit, etc. provided at the Wednesday meet-the-speakers party made the gathering a great place to visit old friends and make new friends. Teri passed to the spirit side late on 25 February. Bob and Crystal came to Laughlin Wednesday, and this party turned into a great projection of love and a celebration of the life of Teri. Jim Rodger managed the Film Festival again this year. The Saturday night banquet and EBE-awards ceremony was another event to remember. Bob, Nikki, Crystal and Heather Brown, the IUFOC staff, the A/V crew, and the Aquarius Resort staff have provided a great service to truthseekers from around the world.

Registration and the vendor tables opened at 2 PM Sunday, and Nikki Brown welcomed the crowd at 6:10 PM. Directors Wendelle Stevens and Don Ware assisted with speaker introductions until Bob Brown was available Thursday, though Ken Elliot introduced the Sunday evening speaker.

Dr. Stephen Greer, Founder and International Director of the Center for the Study of ET Intelligence (CSETI), is a retired emergency room physician who has led ETI research teams throughout the world. His title was “Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge,” the title of his new book that should be available now. He spoke on The Disclosure Project and a vision of the “entry of humanity into the wondrous worlds of cosmic cultures.” He said we are the bridge generation from a period of “backward governments and stupid technology that is devouring the biosphere” to 1000 years of peace. We are all one spirit. If we don’t get that we won’t be able to travel the universe. He said that in 1954 Ike met ET beings, and the military-industrial complex clipped his wings. He mentioned Col. Corso’s encounter with an ET, and there was applause when he said, we can take the new world offered. Greer reported a near death experience during his youth where he was given a choice to stay or come back. He asked, “What is your will?” The response was, “Go back.” He said, “What bothers me most is a lack of leadership on the UFO subject.” He blamed that on some transnational entity. During the Q &A session he reported a ball of energy he saw come through the window and emanate into a 3-4 foot ET, and Linda Willits saw it fly into the room. He said, “This is what we have experienced hundreds and hundreds of times.” Concerning his nearly 500 witnesses on camera, he said, “No one has gotten a call saying, ‘Be quiet.’ We are being protected.” Concerning predictions of the end of the world in 2012, he said, “the end as we know it.”

Monday Maurice Cottrell from the United Kingdom, a scientist, engineer, and prolific author, studied the sun’s magnetic reversals and said he broke the codes of ancient sun-worshiping civilizations. He studied their artifacts. He became interested in effects of magnetic fields when he watched released pigeons fly in a couple of circles before heading home. He thought they must have been sensing the fields. In his talk he used a model showing the various fields of the sun. He showed motions of these positive and negative fields that, with the Earth’s motion, cause cycles of 26, 28, 37, and 87 days. He explained how the 28-day spinning sun regulates menstruation, hence fertility. He explained how these fields affect the fetus producing 12 types of personality, explaining sun-sign astrology. He said the sun affects the endocrine system, regulates hormones. I noted many interesting statements: Mayans were clever about knowledge of the sun. God is love, is good. If I love you my voltage goes up. If I hate you it goes down. Our voltage goes up as we evolve. “When I am in the foam of the sea I am in touch with air, sea, land, and the sun – in balance with nature.” “They tell us we are here to purify the soul before we go.” His web site expands on The Lost Wisdom of the Ancients.

Patrick Heron, Ph.D. from Ireland is author of three books concerning the apocalypse, and he spoke on the return of the Nephilim. That is a Hebrew word meaning “The Fallen Ones,” angels descended to Earth who mated with mortal women. [My personal belief: “fallen angels” also refers some who decided to follow the rebellious Lucifer and were quarantined here. – DMW] An “epiphany about 30 years ago” led to his study of Stone Henge, Machu Pichu, Easter Island, the pyramids, Newgrange, Ireland passage mound, and the Mayan Calendar. He said there is great significance in size and shape. The Temple of Jupiter in Balbek, Lebanon rests on a cut stone weighing over 100,000 tons. He quoted Genesis 6:4 about how the “…sons of God came into the daughters of men…and some became mighty men…men of renown.” He said Nephilim were giants. “Legends have their genesis in truth.” He mentioned Og’s 18 ½-foot bed and the Greek Gods: Athena, Hercules, Pluto, and Zeus. He said Pan was described with private members “like a horse,” leading to the words panic and pandemonium. He said Jesus fulfilled 24 prophesies in 24 hours. So far 85% of the prophesies of the Bible have come to pass, and the other 15% concern the apocalypse. He mentioned Daniel, who wrote prophesies from Gabriel about 800 BC, and quoted part of Daniel 2. He said the ten codes are the ten governments that will rule after the apocalypse. He thinks we are half way into the seven-year period. Other comments I noted: Jesus did not marry Mary Magdalene and have a bunch of kids. At the end of the apocalypse we will have 1000 years of peace. He recommended Luke 21:25 and closed by suggesting a belief in rapture.

Delores Cannon is a retired Navy wife, regressionist, and psychic researcher who specializes in recovery and cataloging of “lost” knowledge. She authored many books that help prepare mankind for rapid changes. Her lecture title was Moving into the New Earth. She said her clients no longer experience regressions into past lives, but they return to the Source and can now explain why we are living here now. There is a shift in vibrations. “This is where the focus should be at the present time.” Many are experiencing their first life on Earth, and thus have no karma. They are here to help with the shift. Cannon said she has had a weekly radio show for 18 months, and Bob Brown was on last week. She said, “Some information is poison rather than medicine. The problem is not our brains, but our minds.” Through hypnosis she takes people to a level that shuts out the conscious mind. She does not have to rely only on hand motions for communication at this level. She said that when speaking with a spirit, they don’t interrupt her, but give her a message at the end. Then elsewhere they give her a follow-on message through a different client. She claims her work is a repeatable phenomenon and is as good as a scientific investigation. Earth is not the only planet where you go to school. We are in a constant learning process. They are aware of their connection to God. “We come in as a blank slate, and when you die the blinders are taken off again.” Each life is like a play. From the other side it seems to be over in no time. When you separate an animal from the group and give it attention and love it develops personality. Karma has to be settled before you graduate. You have to forgive to get rid of karma. Anger causes cancer. Cannon mentioned three waves of people incarnating in the past 30 years: volunteers from elsewhere (difficulty adjusting), a second group without those problems who act as antennas transferring energy and don’t want children or acquiring karma, and the Indigo Children with adjusted DNA. They have a hard time with us and get bored, so give them challenges. She said, “We are moving into a thousand years of peace. Many will be left behind, because they can not change their frequency fast enough.”

Tuesday Richard Sauder, Ph.D., famous for his research into secret underground and undersea bases, planned to show us some great visual aids concerning a parallel, secret space program, however a combination of software incompatibility and hotel computer access problems along with an early start caused a reversion to a Q & A session only. Reports from the Monroe Institute, Washington Free Masons, the ex-Nazis of Operation Paperclip, SS General Walter Dornberger, and research into NASA and our military/industrial complex all say, “Yes” to a long-standing secret space program. In response to, “What’s up with aliens here,” Sauder said, “I can’t say my DNA is all terrestrial… Our society is stratified, compartmentalized, and the insiders are swimming in the alphabet soup.” Concerning underground species, he mentioned Ray Palmer’s Amazing Stories, and said the Egyptians put a lot of stuff underground. Concerning ET commerce, he mentioned probable treaties and trade, especially in DNA. Concerning HAARP, he said it sees cavities through tomography. The Mormon Church has a large underground facility where they keep genealogy records. Thousands work in military and aerospace company underground facilities, some halls being 1000 feet wide and 1500 feet high. Thirty years ago mind-boggling technology could bore tunnels 40 feet in diameter. Concerning under sea objects, he said, “Yes”, and they have been around a very long time. He mentioned the epic of Gilgamesh where beings came out of the ocean and gave human beings metallurgy and other implements of civilization.

John Greenwald was scheduled to be our next speaker, but his father’s illness caused a late cancellation, and Daniel Sheehan, Ph. D., stepped up to speak on short notice on conspiracy theories. He was Editor of the Harvard Law Review, and he defended John Mack in his dispute with Harvard on Abductions. At a State of the World Forum he headed a round table on Exopolitics Policy, and he has spoken at our Convention four times. He said many people thought the US government was the instigator of Mack’s problems with Harvard, but the Editor of Time Magazine made the phone calls. He said Mack’s death was an accident. The driver that struck him in England was arrested and interrogated, and he was drunk. Sheehan said that the cover-up on the alien presence is the most important conspiracy on our planet, and the assassination of Kennedy is the second most important in the USA. He then named the authors that were scheduled to have their 12,000-word article on that published in New Yorker magazine in June. The three men of the hit team that shot John Kennedy were photographed in the lobby of the hotel after Bobby Kennedy was shot. He also named the man in the Plaza who tipped his hat to signal the timing of the shots that killed John.

In 1960 Richard Nixon was a nominee for President after being Vice President for eight years. He chaired the 5412 committee. He thought he would be elected President rather than Kennedy, and he wanted Castro and Che Guevara assassinated. He contacted Howard Hughes whose assistant, Robert Mahue, told a mafia figure that they had their own reasons to kill Castro. Las Vegas mafia funding was arranged through the National Bank in Mexico City. Five three-man hit teams were trained in various places. He said the CIA did not do it, but they offered to try to protect the assassins if they were caught attempting to kill Castro. When the Bay of Pigs invasion collapsed Kennedy was upset and told Khrushchev he would cancel military attempts to overthrow Castro. Kennedy did not know about the assassination plans. Sheehan said Krushchev was furious, thinking he had been lied to, and on 28 Oct 62, during the nuclear missile transport confrontation in the Atlantic, our Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended to our president that he launch a nuclear first strike on the USSR. Kennedy refused, reached out to Khrushchev, and promised all operations to Cuba would stop. Anti-Castro Cubans refused to obey the President in shutting down a training base south of our border, and six helicopter gun-ships with 50 US marshals captured them. A Cuban exile “S Force” resolved to kill Kennedy, and one trip to Miami was cancelled because of that threat. He sent the gun-ships again to their training base in the Everglades, killing some. Kennedy thought that if the people ever thought Castro killed our President they would insist we attack Cuba, and then the USSR would attack us with nukes leading to the end of the world. Oswald was the man the S Force would blame, so officer Tibbits was sent to kill him, but Tibbits was recognized and shot first. Bobby Kennedy was killed in June 1968, because if he were elected, his first effort would be full investigation of his brother’s death. Sheehan said he is part of a plan to open dialog with ET. He is President of the New Paradigm Institute, a 501 3c effort leading to a new social form in which we can all be co-conspirators.

Jim Marrs, an Investigative Journalist and author, spoke about 9/11 conspiracies, which he related to the Kennedy assassination. [Unfortunately he had not heard the previous presentation about the Kennedys. – DMW] He said his new 500-page book, The Terror Conspiracy was essentially written in 2002 but the publisher backed off because they “don’t want to upset the families of 9/11.” Two years after 9/11 Bush had not done anything to find out what happened. Marrs called 9/11 an inside job. “They knew we were going to be attacked and allowed it to happen.” He likened it to the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident, “the phantom battle,” in Vietnam. He asked, “Why are we slipping into martial law?” Why do they think it is real when they won’t close the borders? If a Mexican fence is 20 feet high they will carry 22-foot ladders. He mentioned a Sep. 2006 MSNBC poll with 67,000 respondents: Do you believe any of the conspiracy theory suggesting the US Government was somehow involved? 60% Yes, 35% No. Marrs said, “If there was a nation-state behind them, it was Saudi Arabia. He said: The whole thing took just 10 seconds to hit the ground. The steel rod in the center would still be there if it pancaked. Building 7 imploded. The fire department said, “We pulled it.” The lost records of the Securities and Exchange Commission included those of Enron. FEMA investigated, and they answer to Bush. They were blocked from investigating some things. “Use your head folks! Don’t listen to TV.” He said the south tower began to tilt over and went to almost 45 degrees, and he mentioned explosions in the basement. “The Port Authority of NYC owned the buildings and can’t tear them down, because they were filled with asbestos. Follow the money!” He said insurance paid $4.6 billion, and half went to the mortgage owners, the Blackstone Group, headed by the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. It was war-game exercises that put our defense system into chaos. Hijackers were aware of the exercises. Saudi charities were funding Bin Laden. In the Q & A session he said, “I am convinced remote controlled planes were used for 9/11.” He asked, “We can impeach Clinton over a blow job with an intern, so why can’t we impeach Bush over 9/11?”

Sesh Heri, author of Wonder of the Worlds, a novel about Nicola Tesla, has just finished a non-fiction book, The Handprint of Atlas, yet unpublished. He said that the initial reporting of UFOs was first allowed in 1947, but that wasn’t their first appearance. He mentioned the “great airship” mystery of the 1890s, ancient Egypt, Sumeria, ancient India, and Atlantis as prior appearances. He said, “Non-humans have always been on Earth, on our moon, Mars, and on gigantic spaceships. They operate in a way you don’t notice unless they want you to.” He said that Grays are making hybrids, preparing for a discontinuous event. There is a larger history for mankind that is not in control of the Grays, and our government knows all about it.   We are a means to an ET end. He said, “They read our every thought.” Aliens lured him into the backyard by the voice of his kindergarten teacher. He thinks they represent a spiritual dead end. “I was always waking up in the middle of their hypnosis.” Heri thought his book about Tesla, if written as a conventional biography, would not make him widely known, so he dramatized it. He said that he has a lingering feeling that his fictional story resulted in him psychically tuning in on a real event. He closed saying that Tesla discovered Star Trek transporter technology, and his ideas were given another try in the Philadelphia Experiment.

Wednesday Ralph Ring, a Korean War veteran who was wounded four times, was later asked to join the crew of an underwater research ship. He became the head diver on the west coast. Later, while looking for a job at a government-funded research facility, Dr. Weinhof asked for his qualifications. He said, “I love natural law. If we all could live by natural law we wouldn’t have problems.” He expressed an interest in magnetism. An engineer had just left, so he was hired. He said that people in the next booth were burning up many coils trying to levitate a ball. He solved their problem. His supervisor reminded him that he was working for a government research facility, and they were paid to “look for the answers, not to find them.” He shredded the report and sent him back to work, which he endured for only two more weeks. Then he met an open-minded group of 15 people called “The Understanding” headed by Daniel Fry. One, Otis T. Carr, was a protégé of Nikola Tesla. “I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.” He met George Van Tassel at Giant Rock, and George said he had been expecting me. They watched the night sky and saw “thousands of lights.” He said, “Some came close and took off fast.” Ring said, “Mr. Carr was like a being from another world. Once you align yourself with natural frequencies, life becomes very simple.” They built a model of polished aluminum. I don’t understand the physics, but Ring said, “We increased the frequency of the model, and when it reached the resonate frequency I put my hand through it. We increased the frequency again, and it got fuzzy and disappeared. Carr said, ‘It’s gone, teleported somewhere else.’”   Ring said, “We had been shooting these little saucers around the valley, and people thought they were flying saucers. They glowed.” Ring was elected to be one of the three onboard crew when they built a big one. Ring described a globe on board that changed colors and, when it got to aquamarine, Carr said, “OK. We are there.” There was no feeling of motion. They got out, observed the surroundings, and put some sticks and stones in their pockets. When they got back in the saucer, the color was still aquamarine. The colors changed, and they were back where they started. They knew their trip had been successful when they looked in their pockets. Car told them they went back in time/space. Outside observers saw it lift off and disappear, returning in about 5 seconds. From inside it seemed like 15 minutes. Carr told them that we are all immortal beings. Ring said he had a near death experience during a knee transplant operation that put him in the ICU for 11 days. His wife and friends said he was different after that. During the Q & A he said Carr passed on ten years ago. Ring now has weekly teleconferences with a 4th density group called The Advancement of Science Consortium.

Next Ted Lowman, well known for UFO/AZ videos, and Wendelle Stevens, IUFOC Founding Director, reported on the story of a 1989 Convention attendee called “AJ” who shared his work on a crashed-saucer recovery team. AJ was a former Navy Seal. Wendelle and Ted agreed to keep his story secret until after his death, which happened recently. They showed a 65-minute video produced by Lowman and edited by Jim Rodger called A House with No Name. In 1980 at Big Springs, TX, AJ received a “Daniel Alert” at 0230. He had to be on base in 30 minutes. After 45 minutes in a blue Air Force bus, 40 people turned on a county road, drove 4 miles and headed across a field. A hole in the ground was still smoking. Cranes and a flatbed truck were arriving. AJ picked up one very large piece that only weighed about 10 pounds. People were surprised he could carry it alone. For most of the day they picked up small pieces in a ½ -mile circle. The hole in the ground was 38 feet deep. An AF major said, “What you saw here, leave it here. If you mention it your life will be destroyed immediately.” Authorities claimed it was an F-4. In the video AJ said they got 20 months of training, including pararescue. A second event was in Johnson’s Draw SW of Garden City, TX. The first team that processed bodies was out of Ft. Bliss, TX, and the bodies were removed by helicopter. AJ was on the second team to arrive.   Ft. Bliss had it on radar when it crashed. It was 22 feet diameter, 8 feet high (2’ at the edge) and it left skip marks on the ground. The dome on top started 6 feet in, and there was a shallower dome on the bottom. They took it to Groom Lake in a four-segment trip. The refrigerated bodies went to Brookhaven Lab. AJ said he saw two body bags at a March 1978 crash. He also reported an OV-10 forced to the ground by a saucer near Balstrop, TX, and the pilot was killed. An F-4 pilot was watching, and when asked about size, he said it was like a bulldog chasing a poodle. After the video, Lowman said he spent a lot of time with AJ between Laughlin and Vegas. He said some alien stuff is bad for humans. Many of AJ’s comrades did not live through their tour. There were nine recovery teams like his and another that flew overseas. The first “Inter-planetary Unit” organized by the Army was headed by Captain Henry Kissinger.

Junichi Yaoi, from Japan, was introduced by Wendelle Stevens who had worked with him for 25 years and traveled around the world with him twice documenting UFO cases. Yaoi produced 50 UFO documentaries for Nippon TV Network, and his Saturday Night Special got the highest ratings of any TV documentary on any subject. Thirty-five years ago in his 11 PM talk show he realized how narrow-minded people were. He started in this subject when he read a book by Adamski and did a program on it. Yaoi showed a number of pictures of UFOs in Japan: a night video of a pulsating light with a dome on top; a ski slope security camera (one frame/5 seconds) showed seven UFOs, and one took 7 hours to slowly descend to the ground after others left. A night photo had six lights. One clear UFO was bell shaped. He said the Japanese Minister of State is now opening up UFO study, but there is still a cover-up. A 1970 memo said UFO’s would be a big problem soon, and their Air Force should develop a special team to go to the USA to see crashed UFOs and aliens. Four men driving across a bridge were abducted and returned with no shoes, the car lights off, and no gas in the tank. He reported historical cases. In 1803 one spherical object floated on the water near shore. People rowed to it, looked through a window and saw a lady holding a box, and hieroglyphs on the wall. A strange creature with big eyes and ears and a nose like a dog appeared in a shogun’s courtyard 500 years ago. “It jumped to the roof and a fireball came down and got it.” Yaoi said Stevens was a very brave man. Once they went to Area 51 and a black helicopter circled them. He was never scared. It was three years before he reported it on TV. I found the most interesting case involved the highest-ranking Buddhist monk in Japan. He met an alien, visited their planet, and learned their language. They taught peace and protection of the environment. He wrote a letter in their language and translated it to Japanese. They gave him a crystal ball that was photographed on his alter. When he died, the ball was gone.

Lloyd Pye, the caretaker of the Starchild skull since 1999, showed excellent photos documenting the scientific study of this very important artifact. Two skulls of beings buried in a cave in Mexico were dug up and brought to a friend in the USA for safekeeping. When Melanie Young showed Pye the skulls in 1999, he asked if he could bring them to the IUFOC Convention. Mark Bean took it to the Las Vegas hospital for the first medical opinion. Normal human eye sockets are 2” deep compared to 0.7” for the Starchild. The bone is half as thick and denser. The neck is moved forward about one inch. There were signs of wear on the teeth suggesting it was not very young. The first CAT scan was done in New Orleans. The doctor said the inner ears were twice as big as they should be. The brain cavity was 1600 cc, about 400 more than other skulls its size. Carbon dating suggested 900 years old. DNA testing in a British forensic lab said they did not have a big enough sample. Money became a problem, and Linda McKinsey from England sent a check in 2003. The University of California worked with it. A comparison with the human skull showed they were not related. Pye took it back to London, because scientists there were more open. Fibers laced throughout the bone, never seen before, made the bone very durable. He said, “We think it is a human/alien hybrid.” See,

Thursday Yvonne Smith, the Certified Motivational Hypnotist that hosted the daily 7:30 PM “Experiencer’s” gatherings, provided an open mike for those who wanted to speak. She expanded her practice to include experiencers in 1990, and formed the nonprofit Close Encounter Resource Organization a year later. Her book, Worlds Around Us, should be available this summer. The audience was asked not to record the sessions, so people at the mike would feel more at ease. [I did not get notes on everybody.]

John – had missing time on Hwy. 5 and later recalled an “examination room” and tunnels. He said people are shown devastation, tsunamis, and large cities underwater, and their reaction is studied carefully. They come away knowing that we need to do something about our planet. He found a triangular-shaped mark on his penis that was painful.

Someone reported brothers abducted by a “great mantis.” One said it was his playmate. It put something under the skin behind his ear. He was going to have it removed, but he changed his mind. One five-foot alien in a blue/green uniform had a ball in his hand that changed size. He held a rod that could paralyze him. Tall beautiful ones seemed to be escorts.

Yvonne Smith then commented, “Healing begins when experiencers first talk about it.

Lady – said an alien walk-in gave her information about Earth traumas.

Man – said a lot of people have something done to the back of the head and something put under the skin.

Lady – had a dream of a spider-like intelligent mechanical thing that said it wanted to go into her arm and make her strong.

Smith said, ”That dream spider may be symbolic for something else.”

Man – said a particular alien was interested in what he was doing. A female with cat-like eyes encouraged me to get a college degree.

Older lady – asked, “Do marks signify abduction?” She has had many marks since 1987. When she thinks or talks about aliens, she gets a mark.

Smith said,” If these anomalies are not causing stress, you are happy, and you sleep well, you may not want hypnosis that opens a can of worms, but it could lead to spiritual growth.”

Lady from Japan – reported a UFO and three black creatures inside moving around with a camera taking pictures through the windows. She saw a picture of the same type of craft.

Lady – contactee reported loving, kind, enlightening, and powerful beings.

Lady – said that they are told that when the time is right they will be leading hundreds of people, and she mentioned pictures of devastation followed by pictures of a beautiful planet. When she let her cat out, a ball of white, intelligent light came and the cat chased it. Then a black helicopter came right over the roof and followed it. She said every cell in her body vibrated for six months, and she felt reprogrammed. Later when waking she received, “The only thing you keep is what you give away.”

Lady – contactee and hypnotherapist said the day they moved to Gallup, NM she had 12 of her dreams come true.

Lady vendor – asked if Smith regresses those who just want to expand their consciousness?

Smith said, “Yes.”

Lady – remembers being escorted in 1975 by little brown-robed people. Also, a red orb stayed with her for a while.

Young lady – reported body-cell changes and “phantom pregnancies.” She said her mother sees blue orbs and has missing time and thinks they are negative. She was on her bed about three months after feeling pregnant when her boy friend was paralyzed while something was taken from her that appeared not human. It was telepathic, and she felt instant love when she looked in its eyes. She was shown the baby at six months, and it was walking.

Francine – remembers being down by the lake when young, and a bird landed on her shoulder and stayed all day. Later she had a vision of a little girl with gray aliens. They showed her a picture of a bird on her shoulder, and she felt they support her and love her.

Man from Greece – indicated strange phenomena occur in many places around the world.

Barbara – reported pink orbs in her bedroom with salmon and a creature like a crawfish. A month later while in bed she saw “beings like fish” swirling in a ball.”

Wendelle Stevens had a long and distinguished military flying career, and he participated in the Ptarmigan Project in Alaska where B-29s recorded the emissions from UFOs and their affects on aircraft systems. He made sure the data was shipped directly to Washington without being seen by others. He now has the largest private collection of UFO photographs in the world and has authored many books. He reported on the channeling sessions of Richard Miller in Victorville, CA with Monka, Cortan, Vulea, and Volta, all members of the Confederation of Planets. During a discussion group meeting, George Hunt Williamson was lying on a couch while Miller, the host, was lying on the floor when they both started channeling in stereo, the first record of such an event. Miller asked that he remain conscious to be aware of what takes place in channeling sessions, and they agreed. Important information was gained in these sessions: It was reported that Russia would try to use Cuba as a base to counter US efforts in Turkey. Later, to counter that, there was a massive deployment of aircraft to Holmsted AFB that Wendelle participated in. Also, a large hydrogen bomb test in the early 1950’s on a Pacific island had 500 times the expected yield, because it was hot enough to fuse cadmium and aluminum. Only the fact that it was on a small island and vaporized so much water kept it from turning this planet into another asteroid belt. Russia was warned of the danger. Monka asked them to produce a medley of specific music clips, which a Hollywood friend helped them do. After listening to it, Monka said, “Start the music.” As Miller sat at a table looking forward, Monka spoke through him in a perfectly coordinated 47-minute narrative with no speech defects. This and ten similar sessions were played on a radio program called The Galaxy during the ratings week with great success. Stevens then introduced three of our convention attendees that had been in those channeled sessions: Aluti Franchesca, Fred Fox, and Bob Short.

Then Stevens played an audiotape of Monka giving a verbal tour of our solar system through Miller. He mentioned Venus as having artificially maintained clouds, mighty cities, vast oceans, and people evolved only a few thousand years beyond our own. On Mars there are remains of great civilizations, and huge shafts that lead to great activity underground. The asteroid belt is the remains of a planet. Some of Jupiter’s moons are natural, and some are created. “ There dwell those mighty beings of the Adamic race.” Saturn has a native race, and on Neptune evolution has progressed through the physical to the etheric. All life there seems to drift in the air. Uranus was reported as not cold, but a land of meadows and forests where his race lives. He reported Pluto as an arid planet with space centers for trade and exhibits of progress from many worlds. It is devoid of native life but used by many. Beyond Pluto is an artificial world, or small planet, where starships too large to touch a planet dock and shuttle supplies to Pluto. Monka closed by saying, “You are not alone.” Fred Fox, an airline Captain, made transcripts of the tapes during his layovers. Bob Short said he worked with George Hunt Williamson starting in the mid 1950s.   And, Aluti Franchesca said that life on most planets is not 3rd density, but 4th to etheric, and we are now moving into 4th. Wendelle’s Store Front        

Derrell Sims, the “Alien Hunter” from Houston, started his investigative research when he recognized signs of his own abductions as a youth also appearing with his young son. He is a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist. He said he spent two years with the CIA in Vietnam and claims four “hats” used in his investigations; those of the cop, intelligence agent, medical/scientist, and the abductee. My notes indicate that: he discovered fluorescence associated with UFOs, he caused a congressional investigation against the CIA, and he doesn’t think aliens are here to serve man. He mentioned that one abductee’s implant in the leg disappeared after his hypnotic investigation. He described the little grays as computers with legs, with an IQ of about 85, that “can’t even get your clothes on properly.” He said there was an underground base near him that can house 43,000 people. He mentioned people with 3 and 7 scoop marks that seem to be cauterized with ultra-violet light, and he said, “Some of you ladies have been used as incubators. He said some alien implants have the wrong nerve cells around them. One combined a metal with a biological substance. He associated some non-military intelligence service with cattle mutilations, and he closed by suggesting abductees should stop whining and, “Get over it.”

Jim Sparks has interacted with non-human beings since 1988 without memory blocks. He gained psychic and telepathic abilities in the process, and he was told what we must do to ”join the galactic neighborhood.” He reported 95-97% of his encounters are with gray aliens and 3-5% are with reptilians that have an uncomfortable energy, causing his heart to race, breath to shorten, and his “spine to strengthen.” He said that we humans have a natural façade, but inside we have things we hide. “A 100% telepathic being cuts through the façade and sees your private self.” While at a Tampa conference he recognized a video cameraman, Douglas, as someone he had seen onboard a saucer. He waited several months before he told Douglas. Then he showed a video, narrated by Douglas that featured: Linda Howe, Budd Hopkins, Ralph Rudd, John Mack, Michael Lindeman, Johanna Langston, David Rubien, and himself. In the film Sparks describes waking to a low-pitched sound getting louder, then he is suddenly on board the vehicle. When he sees a “hologram” of an owl he knows it is time for school. If he sees a medical instrument, he knows it is time for a semen extraction. Howe talked about the briefing paper shown to her many years ago by Richard Doty saying that aliens have been involved with our planet for millions of years. They, “Manipulated DNA in already evolving primates to form humans.” They see our environmental problems from a different perspective. The burning of the forests has to stop. The forests are the lungs of our planet. After the film he described the encounter when he first saw Douglas. He was standing in the woods by a “pile of about a dozen people who had just been pulled.” Douglas was saying, “I was in my car.” as he looked around. There were other piles of people, each with a gray.   Three balls of light zoomed across the people and went up through the clouds. A large craft sent 60-foot-diameter beams of light over each pile. Sparks was asked to calm them, thinking, “Now I have a job.” They were then in a huge room with desks and monitors, and he was told, “Seat them.” Once he refused a command, and he blacked out. After several hundred were seated they were shown scenes of our beautiful planet. Feelings were amplified. The scenes changed, and he saw things like water with bloated fish. They got the message, “You are killing your planet. You’re planet is dying.” When it was time to leave, he was told, “Calm them.” Then, over a “PA” system, they were told no one gets to go until they all find their own clothes and put them back on. Sparks has since formed an organization to help save the rainforest, and with his book, The Keepers, he helps educate the public to have more concern for the environment.

Friday the first speaker was Paola Harris, and Italo-American photojournalist, investigative reporter, free-lance writer, and good friend of the late Phillip Corso. Her two books are Connecting the Dots and Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light? She is a Board member of the Exopolitics Institute. She said the children holding the blue ball on the IUFOC poster reminded her of how well Teri and Bob Brown’s daughters have taken up the work that Teri did so well. She showed a newsroom film clip of the O’Hare Airport UFO case. The reporter was not well prepared to report that it streaked through the 1500-foot clouds, blowing a hole in the overcast so you could see blue sky for several minutes. “Someone should prepare them.” Other interesting comments: The Dan Burrich story tells a lot about ufology, and we need to speak to him. Kewannee Lapseritis, author of Psychic Sasquatch, said that if we see one we should put down our arms and welcome it. Humanity should open up to the New Age. In Brazil, a Varginha fireman held a captured alien on his lap in the car, and died from an unknown infection two weeks later. Harris spoke of an Openheimer/Einstein document written before the Roswell crash that called for a single entity representing Earth that can greet the “celestials.” She spoke of an Italian case in the 1950s where 7-foot humanoid aliens said they were seeking humans with the power to integrate cultures. She showed a photo of a “Clarian child” with eyebrows that slanted up, and said they live in a base under the sea. She said that Paul Hellyer spoke of a necessity to effectively communicate with advanced creatures and disembodied aliens by means of telepathy, and that Col. Corso said we must pass on our information to the young people. Harris closed by reporting a ball of light that appeared over the speakers at a conference in Italy, and that another ball of light over a crop circle had the face of a child inside. These are entities. This ball-of-light phenomenon is everywhere, and it is not just particles of dust.

Michael Salla, Ph. D., a scholar in international politics, conflict resolution, and US foreign policy has four books to his credit, a MA in Philosophy, and a Ph.D. in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia. He is a pioneer in the development of Exopolitics and President of the Exopolitics Institute. He spoke about key figures associated with Exopolitics. Six witnesses, including George Hunt Williamson, signed statements attesting to George Adamski’s meeting with the ET Orthon. Adamski reported in Inside the Spaceships that an ET approached him in a Los Angeles hotel lobby and drove him in a car saying, in perfect English, “We are what you call ‘contact men,’ and we have been here several years.” Daniel Fry reported in The White Sands Incident an ET saying, “It will require four more of your years before I can adapt to your environment, become immunized to the biotics, and live among you.” Howard Menger, in From Outer Space To You, said they help ET adjust as contact men. Prof. Hernandez, a senior member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission, said he met an Andromeden who confirmed that the Billy Meier case was genuine. Unfortunately he told some physicians about his experiences which led to a month in a mental institution. His wife was jealous of a beautiful Andromedan lady. Major Donald Keyhoe, in Aliens From Space, is reported to have said that the books and tales of the contactees were ridiculous. Dr. Hynek was reported to dismiss the “wild” contactee cases, and Dr. James McDonald dismissed the contactees as “psychotic or near psychotic.” Then Salla said that, unfortunately, that kind of response continues to the present day. Robert Dean reported that NATO was fully aware that ET could infiltrate our society and become a security threat. In conclusion Salla said ET lives among us, learning to integrate in gentle, non-invasive interactions. They act as a galactic Peace Corps. ET does not pose a national security threat, but your talking to the wrong people about it does. Then he mentioned citizen diplomacy and the Hawaii Declaration formed at last year’s Exopolitics Conference. He said that our State Department was first concerned that we would upset their efforts, but now they support our citizen diplomacy. His last visual aid was a picture of Val Thor, Dom, and Jill, three ETs at a Highbridge meeting with Howard Menger.

Sean David Morton is a psychic, remote viewer, investigative reporter, and TV producer. He said that he predicts earthquakes and stock market swings with considerable success. His Prophesy Research Institute, formed in 1993, publishes the Delphi Associates Newsletter that now has 20,000 subscribers. He spoke on Bible prophecies and said it was the bankers, lawyers, and politicians that got the Israelis in trouble. [Morton was very humorous, but I found note-taking difficult. He spoke like a cat walks, not in a straight line.] He said that in earlier days people let their land rest for one year every seven years to break the pest cycle. Laws were designed to keep the land and the money from ending up in the hands of the top 1%. Morton praised Wendelle Stevens for getting the Meier photos out to the world. He said Billy asked the ETs why they contacted him and not the Swiss government? He was told, “We tried, and they were not interested.” Morton spoke of a Pleiadian base in the jungles of Brazil and the Ships of Light that took Carlos Diaz “into the Earth.” They told him they are “putting information into people’s minds so when the dark times come they will know where to go and what to do.” If there is a disaster, the Earth can be repopulated with all that is good. We are a great genetic storehouse of life. Carlos was told that atomic explosions can destroy both ETs and Ultra Terrestrials, and he observed an ET teaching children to have greater appreciation of nature. All can be accomplished through thought. Our ecology is a reflection of the pollution in our souls. Morton said ETs took Alice Hagerty’s eggs and told her she had over 50 kids on their ship. He closed relating that when the 1973 Israeli war was about to go global the avatar, Sai Baba, appeared to Israeli officials and said that while he was on this planet they were not allowed to use nuclear weapons. The pilots of the airborne jet that carried one was later found in a bar in Tel Aviv.

Michael Horn, the authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, produced The Meier Contacts DVD and has a new full-length film, The Silent Revolution of Truth, coming out this summer. See He researched the early work of Wendelle Stevens and Lee and Brit Elders, and later co-produced the Pleiadian Mission video with Randy Winters in 1988. He started by addressing each of several critics of the Meier case from “The Amazing Randi” and Kal Korff to more recent personalities. Though he made some good points, some in the audience sensed the negativity and showed discomfort, and I wondered why he chose this audience for a counter-attack. Horn mentioned Guido Mooseburger’s book, And Yet They Fly, that was translated into five languages. Perhaps that is why Meier was told he had to number each of the sentences of the contact notes. One note linked atomic bomb testing to ozone depletion. Later Lawrence Livermore scientists confirmed that link. Contact 45 linked oil extraction to earthquakes. One said that 52 million ET spirits have reincarnated periodically on Earth. Horn read a great poem of his on ET history regarding Earth. The task at hand is to wake up!   ET children study our planet in their schools. The Plejarans had a contest to best describe the Meier contacts, and Cladina Aikarina won with, “The silent revolution of truth.” As the prize, Ptah brought her here to meet Billy. Horn said that on 5 Jul 51 an “Open Letter to All Human Beings of Earth” was sent to 3000 people. Among other things, it said, “Global Warming will begin to adversely affect the world in 1961.” Amazingly, in 1958, Meier accurately foretold two US wars with Iraq, the second of which would end in an “unbelievable disaster”, plus over 150 other specific predictions. Horn said that truth will be spread in small groups over time, and we are leaving the age of beliefs for the age of knowledge.

Saturday Paul Stonehill spoke first, on UFOs of Russia and the USSR. He was born in Ukraine and said that he is glad it is now separate again. He is co-author of Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon, published in 2006. He said that when the USSR was isolated there was little info about the west, but the Soviet government was always keenly interested in UFOs. Some Cosmonauts saw them in space. The official researchers said that about 20% of reports could not be explained, and 4-5% involved ETs. He said the Americans were interested in Soviet UFO investigations, and there was a “cozy cooperation.” In 1967 the Soviet military and scientists asked the government to let the people study UFOs and send them reports. It was a revolution in the people’s thinking. He said, “Pesky UFOs watched our rocket launches.” He quoted one pilot radio conversation, “UFOs are over us. What do we do?” Answer, “UFOs don’t exist.” He made some other interesting statements: In 1953 the KGB came to an apartment in Kiev and confiscated documents in ancient languages. Ancient artifacts were found in fields of dinosaur bones. Some folks would give signals to UFOs, and they changed shape. Gigantic swimmers were seen in a lake that may have an alien civilization on the bottom. A gigantic object crashed in Siberia, and those who got close became sick and lost their hair. Some think the objects were shot down. A small object with “miniature people” was found in 1987, and Gorbachev changed his schedule to see it.

Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria Garza next teamed up to narrate an outstanding series of recent photos and videos. Maussan is a prestigious journalist in Mexico and in Iberoamerica, and Garza co-founded the UFO Research Group in Monterey in 1974.   Maussan said, “We are witnessing UFOs sightings daily in Mexico.” His TV program, 7 – 9 PM, has 30 full-time employees and thousands of volunteers that daily watch the skies, and there is good awareness by the government, the military, religious associates, and the media. On February 1 they got 15 videos. He said the Atlantis space shuttle delayed their return 24 hours because of a mysterious object, and many objects were seen around STS-114. He described an incident where astronauts were not able to open the door to the space station until an object nearby disappeared. He said, “I think this is a message that we can not pollute space as we have our planet.” He thinks communication with ET will start in space soon. He showed a big object checking a flotilla of 700 smaller spheres, and it was going against the wind. He showed a “flying worm” that carries many spheres, and another black object he just called “the thing.” He showed beautiful crop formations related to the Mayan calendar that he said signifies the end of an era.

Maussan said we are expecting the next solar maximum in 2010 to 2012. He thinks that whatever happens will cause us to change our values.

Maurice Cotterell made a special presentation, during the last lunch period, of his new discoveries indicating that a fifth universal force in not necessary to demonstrate the cause of universal attraction between particles of matter. This unified field theory opens the way for the next step towards production of anti-gravity and spin-offs like phasor-type weapons.

This was a busy lunch period for me. I also introduced Garry Rawlings on the Jerry Pippin Show to speak about The Urantia Book. Rawlings, from London, is the Membership Chairman of the Urantia Association International. Jerry Pippin did radio interviews in our IUFOC lobby all week. He also was at the Ozark UFO Conference where he interviewed me on my Bigfoot investigations in Florida.

David Jacobs, Ph. D. is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in 20th century American history and culture. In 1973 he completed his doctoral dissertation on the controversy of UFOs in America, only the second doctoral degree granted in a UFO-related theme. In 2000 he published and edited UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge. It had ten authors. Jacobs spoke on “Abductees’ Hidden Lives.” He said that abductees go miles out of their way to avoid places where they had a missing time experience. However, people tend to funnel all unusual events into the abduction phenomenon. “Don’t do that!” He showed pictures of bruises on the arm and leg, acquired at night, on someone who sleeps alone. One lady woke with broken bones in her wrist. Hypnotic regression indicated her alien abductors were angry that she talked to Jacobs. They did not intentionally break it, but did push her, causing her to fall. One lady ran from the aliens and fell into a ravine and broke her ankle. One broke a tooth after kicking an alien and then running into a rock. One spouse told a judge his wife was having sex with aliens, and he wanted the kids. Some people wake missing chunks of their hair. Jacobs said that telling friends about these experiences could hurt you. These beings can control us secretly. Positive feelings are also projected. “Sometimes abductees love them.” In Scotland a girl was abducted from her schoolyard and returned to the hall. She was punished for not having a hall pass. Jacobs said that in 1986 talk was mostly about gray aliens. Now it seems to be about hybrids. “Hybrids do what grays did before.” Jacobs seems to consider any event where people are in the control of a hybrid as an “abduction” event. He closed saying that several clients are apparently told by aliens that if they talk about their experiences they will kill Jacobs. Then they send an image of him floating face down in water.

Richard Dolan earned an MA in History from the University of Rochester and a Certificate in Political Theory from Oxford. He published UFOs and the National Security State in 2000, and in 2003 helped found Phenomena magazine, for which he is senior editor. See He spoke on UFO Disclosure: Possible Scenarios and Outcomes. He said he home-schools his children, wanting them to know stuff but more importantly to develop understanding, kindness, and love. He described the 1940s as the decade of decision for secrecy, and mentioned the “Estimate of the Situation.” In the 1970s ufology regrouped, and Congress tried to reassert authority. Their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) led to document releases and to leaks to Len Stringfield. There was a “counter attack by the National Security State against Bennewitz and Moore, involving Doty. In the 1980s there were restrictions on the FOIA, but also more leaks. The 1990s brought us the Rockefeller Initiative and the Roswell 50th anniversary events, much Internet traffic, and the weakening of major UFO organizations. Pictures of alien bodies escaped pentagon control. This current decade has seen Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project press conference, statements on UFOs by other governments, and more UFOs on all media, but most media lack follow-up. We see media connections in government. Joe Firmage has a contact-planning scenario that has religious and economic implications. Dolan asked, “What if new energy could be used for blowing up half the continent?” How would manipulating time affect the stock market? What if we discover that the UFO secret has gone private and is dominated by multinational interests? What about Exopolitics, or aliens walking among us, or living underground? “They may want to breed a new group of aliens that come upstairs.” What if they hold positions of power in our society? What if we learn they have created us? Dolan suggested that the Roswell craft demonstrated nano-technology. He said we are living through revolutionary change. We are on a tightrope, and if we get to the other side we are in for a wild ride. He closed with one more profound question, “Will the new age be reserved for the next species of human?” During the Q&A he was asked about the form of disclosure. Dolan answered, “Private, not public.”

This year 15 videos competed for seven of those cute EBE statues in the Film Festival. Jim Rodger again volunteered to manage the Festival, and several of us helped him recruit judges on Sunday during registration. We greatly appreciate all of the judges who volunteered to watch all of the films Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings starting at 7 PM. The Sci-Fi Boys, produced and directed by Paul Davids, won three EBEs – Best UFO Documentary – Long Subject, Best Animation of Special Effects in a UFO Program, and Best Documentary in a UFO Related Theme. Fallen Angels produced and directed by Roy Forbes won Best Historical Documentary, and What Are They Hiding? Part II, produced and directed by Jeff Chandler, won Best UFO Documentary – Short Subject. Fastwalkers, produced by Robert D. Miles and Bruce Jessop and directed by Anthony T. Miles, won for Best Musical Score within a UFO Program, and it won the coveted Peoples Choice award.

The banquet was again a great social occasion and a good excuse to dress up. We appreciate the wonderful technical crew, the IUFOC Convention staff, and especially the Brown family that make this the best gathering of truth seekers in the world. At the banquet Bob Brown announced that the author of Connecting the Dots, Paola Harris, was voted to become a Director of the International UFO Congress. People were again quite pleased that we could get same-day production of videotapes and DVDs for only $20 and $25 respectively, before member discounts. Mark your calendar for the 17th Annual IUFOC Convention Saturday February 23 – Saturday March 1, 2008. See for info, registration forms, etc. Speaker schedules and detailed info will be available in the fall. To order tapes and DVDs from past events, go to our new “On Line Store” at



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Donald Ware, do*****@em********.com,




by Donald M. Ware                           Jan. 25, 1994

In 1952, at age 16, I developed a strong curiosity about
flying saucers after observing seven of them over Washington, D.C.
They were in the restricted area over the White House. I later
attended Duke University, and the greatest lesson I learned was how
to think. I read all I could find about UFOs throughout my 26 years
as an Air Force officer, and I came to know six people in the
service who had seen alien vehicles up close. In 1970 I earned a
Master of Science degree in Nuclear Engineering with the idea in
the back of my mind that it would help me to understand the
advanced science of our visitors. After exploring much of the
world, I retired at age 47 and became a UFO investigator. With more
time to use as I chose, I soon realized that man’s greatest
invention is the book, any non-fiction book. Books allow us to
condense the knowledge gained during a lifetime and then to pass
it on to seekers of that knowledge.

In 1989, after studying and learning more about the
non-physical aspects of the universe, I was used by a higher
intelligence to send a message to the generals at Eglin Air Force
Base. I had worked there for three years as a test manager. I did
not understand what the message was about, because it was slightly
garbled by the channel through which it came. However, I chose to
act upon it. The message was apparently of considerable
significance to those for whom it was sent. I now see that that
choice of mine was the passing of a test that allowed me to have
further participation in the transformation process. I then
received 15 messages through seven different sources that appear
to have come from a higher intelligence, each using one of three
telepathic processes. I started to pay attention. One of the
messages said, “…Individuals such as Donald Ware have a mission
whether they have yet fully recognized it. They are to show that
science and spirituality are two sides of one coin and cannot be
separated…” This is quite a challenge, but I chose to accept it.
I think that many people, some in important positions, have been
given similar challenges.

General Assessment

I see a connection among the various “UFO” stories that have
survived through the millennia, stories often recorded in religious
writings. Some involve transformational issues. I accept the idea
that intelligent life is abundant throughout the universe, in both
incarnate and discarnate forms. We continue to live after shedding
these physical bodies. Our true being is the spirit within us,
rather than our bodies. For example, we do not become less of a
human being if we lose an arm or a leg. Evidence from thousands of
“UFO” cases and related phenomena indicates that the normal means
of communication by higher intelligence is telepathic, whether that
intelligence is an alien in physical form or an unseen spiritual
teacher. The direct projection of thought allows communication
between beings with different physical form.

A higher intelligence that chooses to read our thoughts can do
so. Communication with higher intelligence now involves many people
around the world. Millions of Americans are participating in a
hybridization program with short beings from Zeta Reticula. The
resulting hybrid has a larger brain and greater telepathic ability.
The new body is being developed to house our souls as many of us
Earthlings join a galactic society. This same body will house some
Zeta Reticulan souls. This is a joint human/Zeta program. I think
that communication with some world leaders long ago led to alien

I think that galactic societies have a “prime directive” that
limits interference with lesser-evolved species such as we. This
concept is fed to us repeatedly on the Fox network through the Star
Trek series. The main reason alien liaison is increasing now is
because our planet is being transformed to support a new world
order. This process involves the evolution of the soul. The new
order is destined to support a learning process that is one step
beyond the human experience of free-will choices.  It is the
experience of learning to develop unconditional love of others.
I think this outcome is unlikely unless the selfish or negative
souls stop re-incarnating here. I hope, for the sake of our
stressed environment, that we will get this kind of divine
assistance. If this happens, then the new world order can become
what Jesus described as heaven on Earth.

Many of the above ideas have inspired secret societies. For
centuries the secrecy has been required for self-protection. I
think the Bilderburgers, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the
Council on Foreign Relations in America is influenced by alien
liaison. I think some of their members have accepted a challenge
to help bring about a new world order just as I accepted a personal
challenge in 1989 to help bridge the gap between science and
spirituality. I think many members of these groups recognize that
having a government that can speak for all of the people of the
world is a prerequisite to joining a galactic society. However,
because of strong nationalistic feelings, there is strong
resistance to establishing a world government. This resistance is
driven primarily by greed, hate or fear. I think these are feelings
that we can overcome, given some divine assistance. Fortunately,
I see progress being made. We now have only one super-power in
military might. Economies are coalescing into three major economic
blocks, and advanced communication and transportation systems are
allowing a great inter-mingling of societies.

I think the US government did recover an alien vehicle in
1947. I think the aliens flew around in the restricted area over
the White House in 1952 because they wanted to make us aware of
their presence. I think President Eisenhower did have a meeting
with aliens after being given a demonstration of their technology
at Edwards AFB in 1954. Most people did not accept this story,
because the widest exposure was in the National Enquirer. (I wonder
who put it there.) MJ-12 must have existed in the 1950s much as
described in Admiral Hillencoetter’s briefing document [1]. I think
MJ-12 continues to exist in some form.

In 1953 the Robertson panel found, in essence, that it is in
the national interest to keep the public from getting too excited
about our alien visitors. While some people insert disinformation
into major “UFO” cases, others are covertly raising our awareness
of a larger reality through a variety of means. The disinformation
provides a control lever for our covert agents to influence public
reaction to major “UFO” events and to covertly released documents.
And the educational programs are carefully designed to mold our
thinking about our visitors without forcing us to accept any ideas,
without violating the prime directive of the aliens with whom some
people had liaison.

The Friendly Spook Letter

In February 1989 Wendelle Stevens, well-known UFO investigator
and publisher received a letter from someone he has chosen to call
a “friendly spook,” a government intelligence agent [2]. The letter
concerned the US government’s investigation of the Billy Meier case
in Switzerland that Stevens had investigated. It also had much to
say about the development of government policy on “UFOs”. Following
are a few paragraphs from that letter:

“…In 1945, when it was first proven that UFOs were real,
from space, operated by intelligent beings, most of whom were in
human form, the American Government did a soft touch check to see
what the great unwashed public would say, and how the public would
respond to UFOs, and space people, if the President informed the
public over national radio.

“…The public’s response was all bad. Ninty-seven percent of
the public took one of two approaches. Shoot first and ask
questions later. Or call the UFOs agents of the devil, the prince
of the power of the air, the anti-Christ, and set up an even worse
situation, where UFOs would become a real negative religious issue.
What was surprising was the response of the religious leadership,
which was by far worse than the general public’s response. It could
only be called grim news.

“The science community showed no leadership at all, just a
super case of stupidity, and prejudice.

“As you might guess, the original investigations were by
military men, under orders from General Marshall, under the
direction of the President. And if you know your military men,
finding one who wants to get into a fight with the preachers, over
what is or is not the anti-Christ, when neither the military man
nor the preacher knows a hell of a lot of factual information,
about either the anti-Christ or the UFOs, would be like sending a
blind person out to spot UFOs…

“…To say that the military community successfully avoided a
fight with the religious community over UFOs would be an accurate
observation. To say that the military was real damned sneaky about
how they informed the public about UFOs would also be an accurate

“…The military mind drew one conclusion. The single most
important thing to do, in the situation it was in, namely sitting
on some hot, highly controversial information, was to keep the
general public from getting a bad response by controlling the
public’s response to UFOs. In other words, keep the damned
religious mentality out of the issues involved, as long as

“But, do not ever say that the military never did anything
about informing the public about the existence of UFOs. That will
mean you have not figured out the methods used by the government
to spread the word about UFOs. You might say the military took the
Bible’s advice about not to let the left hand know what the right
hand is doing.

“The military pulled the very same trick Moses pulled, when
he did not like the attitude of his troops after crossing the Red
Sea. He took the time to grow a new batch of troops, whose response
and thinking was more to his liking. And that is what the military
did about UFOs…”

I think the concept of educating a new generation has merit,
and is supported by history. Consider how alien vehicles and aliens
have become a part of our society with minimal adverse impact.
Cartoons have included them for decades, and now Ghostwriter is
influencing the young, and some older folks too. Advertisements of
all sorts show alien interaction with us. Even our most commonly
reported aliens have beer parties with Miller Lite. I was told that
Bob Oeschler knows an individual, apparently in some government
service, who visits CEOs around the country to encourage such
advertisements. And Jamie Shandera said he was told that government
agents influenced the making of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”,
“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and “ET” to help shape public

Educating Leaders of the DOD

While taking the time to change the thinking of the public
about our alien visitors, those few people who were managing the
educational program apparently found it necessary to change the
thinking at the top levels of the Department of Defense through
covert means. The following story describes one event in that

In 1988 a friend brought a recently retired lawyer from New
York to my home so he could tell me about his personal UFO
experience in 1959. After listening to his story, I asked him if
he had had any other encounters. He said no, but his neighbor, a
retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, told him about an intriguing
experience. His neighbor said he flew large aircraft (I don’t
recall if it was C-135s or C-140s) out of Peterson AFB, Colorado
in 1968 when he got a strange mission. He flew a large group of
high-ranking generals and civilians from the Pentagon to a
TACAN/DME position over the southwest desert and was told to listen
on a certain radio frequency. When he got there three alien
vehicles appeared, and everyone on the plane was able to see them.
Then over the assigned channel came this message, “There are many
concepts of God in the universe.” The alien vehicles departed, and
the Air Force plane returned to base.

Now consider this mission carefully. If it really happened,
and I have no reason to believe it did not, someone at a very high
level in our government either coordinated that mission with the
aliens or accepted the coordination of a known non-government
individual. And why did this happen? I can only presume that
someone wanted the top levels of our Department of Defense to
associate UFOs with that message. I find this believable,
considering all the other data I have collected. This event also
made me wonder if the Pentagon Working Group that Howard Blum wrote
about in Out There was another covert educational program for
lower-ranking officers [3].

Educating the Troops

In the August 1992 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal, Bob Gribble
described an event that occurred on Tulagi Island in the South
Pacific in August 1942. According to Stephen J. Brickner of the
First Marine Division, a flight of 150 disk-shaped vehicles flew
over the troops who were expecting Japanese bombers. They were in
straight majestic lines of 10 to 12 craft each, one behind the
other. The gleaming objects seemed to “wobble slightly, and every
time they wobbled, they would shimmer brightly from the sun.” The
formation disappeared swiftly, leaving the excited witnesses open
mouthed. Was this a demonstration by some alien folks to raise the
awareness of the soldiers?

I vaguely recall several stories from the mid-fifties where
airmen on various Air Force bases reported to the base theater for
“Commander’s Call” and were shown about 30 minutes of slides and
film clips of alien vehicles. When the show was over, an officer
came on stage and said, “Don’t talk about it! Dismissed.”

I also know a prominent, well-educated civilian named George
Gaines who had a UFO sighting in 1955. He was 12 years old, and he
reported it in a letter to the “UFO Office, Eglin AFB.” A few days
later, at 0900 on Saturday, he got a call and was asked if he
reported the sighting. When he said yes, he was told to stay right
there, rather than go to swim practice at the YMCA as he had
planned. Five minutes later a new white Cadillac arrived with a
colonel and a captain in uniform. They spent hours questioning him
and showing him UFO film clips and albums full of UFO photos. His
parents were asked to stay in the next room. There was one album
they did not show him before they started to leave. He asked what
was in it, and they asked if he had seen any aliens. He said no and
was told they only show that to people who report seeing aliens.
He insisted on seeing it, and they complied. George said it was
full of alien photos. Some were dead, and some appeared alive.

I have also heard reports of highly skilled people, such as
SR-71 pilots, being taken to a set of bleachers in a desert by a
bus with blacked-out windows. A squarish object without wings rose
up to the desert floor on an elevator and was entered by a
human-looking pilot. It ascended silently and “flew” away. Again,
they were told not to talk about it. I wonder how many other people
are now willing to talk about similar experiences.

More recently, the MidOhio Research Associates found at least
two sources that talk about a “UFO” demonstration given to the
troops of Desert Storm. A retired US military officer, using the
pseudonym “Frank”, said it happened two days before the start of
the ground war. This must have been a time of boredom and
nervousness for the ground troops. “Fran” said he learned from
reliable sources that about 8000 soldiers saw a huge “UFO” over
their four tank battalions in Saudi Arabia. It was oblong and
bluish-green. Its size was 1/4 mile long and perhaps 200 yards
wide. It suddenly appeared and hovered silently over the troops for
a long time. Then “the light show began” as it rose upward and
quickly disappeared. Many soldiers took pictures with their
privately owned cameras. The next day security people arrived. They
formed everyone up into small groups for a de-briefing, and they
confiscated the film.

If some group had a mission to change the thinking of the
public without causing too much excitement, what better way is
there than influencing military troops? They can most easily be
restricted from going to the media where the audience could be an
unmanageable 50 million. The timing of the above event indicates
they may have even known the planned date of the start of the
ground war.

The WWT Letter

On 18 Oct 90 Gary Schultz, a California investigator, was sent
a letter from Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. signed by “William
F. Hines, III”. The letterhead reads, “U.S. Government Data
Correlation Office, Office of Foreign Relations, Frances Perkins
Bldg., 200 Constitution Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210.” Mr.
Schultz had been taking vanloads of people on tours to Area 51 in
Nevada to see strange lights in the night sky. He felt that
knowledge of the alien vehicles rumored to be there should not be
kept from the public.

The letter states:

“According to our representatives, you have expressed an
interest of late in a particular geographical region. We understand
fully the concerns of ordinary citizens such as yourself, but rest
assured, Mr. Shultz, your focus is quite unwarranted under the
circumstances. It may put your mind at ease to know that our elite
panel of scientists, politicians and educators is very much on top
of this situation. At the same time, however, it s the consensus
of these top flight personnel that your ongoing visits to the
southern Nevada region can serve no useful purpose, and may in fact
subvert the common goal by disrupting the delicate matters at hand.
[Exopolitics? – DMW, July 2005]

“Therefore, we must ask you kindly to please refrain from
making further visits to the region in question. Most assuredly,
we are doing everything possible to support the general welfare and
achieve the interests of the community-at-large. Your continued
presence will only complicate matters and possibly sabotage the
productive inroads made so far. In any case, Mr. Schultz, we feel
– and we’re sure this is something with which you will agree – that
this matter is something clearly best left to professionals. With
the cooperation of loyal citizens, we feel confident that the
United States can stay the course.”

The Wackenhut Corporation has a contract with the U.S.
Department of Energy to provide security for many of our
government’s most classified facilities. Humans and aliens have
been reported to be working together at some of these facilities.
After receiving the above letter, Gary Schultz continued his visits
to southern Nevada. He also planned a UFO seminar starting 30 Apr
93 at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada, near Area 51. Prior
to the seminar, Schultz received a copy of the letter that the
Wackenhut Corporation sent to all of their security guards in the
area. I presume this was done to avoid any misunderstanding by
seminar attendees that might result in an incident.

The Warwick Research Institute Letter

In 1992 John Schuessler, a Deputy Director for the Mutual UFO
Network, Inc., received a large package of information from an
anonymous source. This package included the following letter:

TO: Policy Committee, November 1990
Subject: Observations on Public Acclimation Program

The metered release of information to the public through various
unofficial channels continues to generate much interest and an
increasing level of awareness, with few if any observable
side-effects, other than healthy skepticism on the part of some

We respectfully suggest continuing the present approach, as it
is making information available to those who are psychologically
ready for it, without causing undue stress on those who are not

The present approach is also proving helpful to those who are
having first-hand encounters. It is providing them with
a context in which to put experiences they cannot other-
wise explain or understand. Having some conception of what
has happened to them is an enormous psychological relief to
these people — and helps them get on with their lives, as
best as possible. Providing information which helps people
to cope will become increasingly important as the percentage
of the population having these encounters continues to rise.
As you know, some assistance in this area is being rendered
by interested parties.

Over time, it may be appropriate to increase the accuracy and
the consistency of information in circulation. The very good
groundwork laid over the last few years has made it possible
to acclimate the public at the current accelerated rate. As
the public becomes more comfortable with IAC and other sightings,
“crop circles,” etc., additional types of information might be
released. It appears most of the research community is running
one to two years or more ahead of the mainstream media. This
gives some timeframe for possible disclosures to the general
public — while providing advance details to those who are ready
for it now.

Having a certain number of informed citizens among the population
could very well prove to be an invaluable resource in the face
of unpredictable future events. Indeed, history may record that
it was these aware people who set aside their differences and
worked together the most to help humanity, their country and
their government in the changing times and challenges ahead.


MAJIC Attn: MJ-8

I think the content of this letter is the result of a
sociological study conducted by the Warwick Research Institute,
associated with Warwick University in Warwick, England. I think the
incomplete date and lack of a proper signature are part of the
disinformation that should be expected in such releases. This
allows people who are not ready for the truth to continue living
with their comfortable, narrow perspectives. A MidOhio Research
Associate questioned the Institute receptionist about their clients
and was told they are primarily the United Nations, the World Bank,
and the International Monetary Fund [4]. The package received by
Schuessler, and apparently a number of other prominent UFO
investigators, that contained this letter also contained a list of
names and addresses that included a Christian Warwick. This was
done, I believe, to help keep inquisitive investigators off the
back of the Institute in England.

AMOCO Advertisement and the Alien

In November of 1989 AMOCO placed a full-page advertisement in
Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine headlined “Technology
so advanced it will help you answer some big questions.” On the
back was a full-page color photo of an alien head and shoulders
with his four-fingered hand raised in a gesture of friendship.
Spokespersons for AMOCO said this is a photo of a ten-inch model.
One NASA employee who received a copy of the photo in the mail said
he thinks it is a photo of an alien taken by another alien with a
camera provided by a NASA source. High quality copies show moisture
in the corner of the left eye and thin hairs on the neck. Many
people think this is not a photo of a ten-inch model. I asked the
lady on the advertised 800 number if this ad sold much of their
product. She said no, but they got a tremendous number of inquiries
about the alien picture. This ad was repeated in Aviation Week and
other aerospace magazines, some in even larger format. While I was
in the Air Force we knew this as “Aviation Leak” magazine; because,
much information, when declassified, reached the public through
its pages without being released at a press conference. This
insured responsible and accurate reporting.

What I find most interesting is that on 23 Dec 89 a lady named
Renee photographed her daughter on a hobbyhorse next to a 19-inch
TV. She saw nothing unusual; but, when she got the picture back
there was a full-screen head of an alien on the TV. The TV was not
on. This appears to be a case of instrumented transcommunication
(ITC), a phenomenon studied by several groups in various countries
and written about recently in The Quarterly Review of the Institute
of Noetic Sciences [5]. This is alien technology. Both images look
like they could be the same alien species. The lighting on each
picture emphasizes a circular area on the side of the head above
the area where we have ears. Perhaps this circular area is an organ
associated with the direct projection of thought. It makes me
wonder. These images seem to be influencing our thoughts. I wonder
it they could be a part of a joint human-alien program to do so.

Star “Treknology”

A Knight-Ridder Newspapers article was published in Fort
Walton Beach on 3 Sep 92. The title was “Star ‘Treknology’. What’s
possible, what’s not?” It listed many technologies that large
numbers of people have become familiar with through Star Trek and
follow-on TV series. These shows have been appearing on Fox and
other networks almost nightly for many years. The technologies
listed are; Two-way Video, Medical Scanner, Faster-than-light
travel, Holodek,  Matter-antimatter propulsion, and a Transporter
that assembles molecules to specification. The article describes
each technology and then the prospects for us acquiring it. The
prospects range from “almost in our living room” to “way out
there”. Some of the technologies that seem less attainable are
technologies that our alien visitors appear to already have, as
reported by people who have been on their vehicles or communicated
with some higher intelligence.

On 16 Aug 92 another Knight-Ridder article was in the
Northwest Florida Daily News. The headline was, “Are alien
abductions common?” This was a highly informative article that
listed phone numbers for experiencers seeking support. It won the
second-prize Journalism Award from the Fund for UFO Research. If
I had an interest in raising people’s awareness of such on-board
experiences and providing support where needed without getting the
public too excited, this is the kind of article I would write. It
is interesting that in 1992 Knight-Ridder Newspapers was a growing
organization at the same time many other newspapers were struggling
to avoid deep reductions in manpower.

Are Tabloids Used to Introduce Us to Reality?

Supermarket tabloids have almost-zero credibility among
thinking people, because many of their stories are embellished with
fiction. They are written in a manner that prevents follow-up
investigation. If you were MJ-1, and you wanted to slowly condition
the public to the fact of alien liaison, what would you do? Perhaps
you would arrange for a tabloid to publish pictures of an alien
with the President on the front page so that everyone who bought
food would see it. This method would fairly well assure that you
would not get an invitation to a national press conference. Then
you might follow up with pictures of presidential candidates and
perhaps a president’s wife with a not-so-threatening-looking alien.
Most people scoff at such “revelation”, but the subtle
conditioning of the mind is real.

In 1988 the World Weekly News published a photo of a crater
on the Moon with an apparently fake US Navy PB4Y-2 Privateer nearly
filling the crater. The story indicated the picture was taken from
a Soviet orbiter in 1970. In 1990 the same Toronto-based tabloid
published another photo of the same crater with a real-looking
PB4Y-2. However, this time the aircraft was rotated about 10
degrees and moved back from the center uncovering more of what
appear to be constructions. A diligent researcher, John Anderson,
found the crater, named Daedalus, in Fred Steckling’s 1982 book,
We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon. The photo of the crater was
made from Apollo 11 in 1969, and it is 48 miles in diameter. Both
photos are fake. So why would two different aircraft photos be
superimposed over a crater on the moon in a manner that calls
attention of the researcher to the constructions in the crater?
Perhaps, using a tabloid seen by many millions of people plants a
seed of thought not only about an alien presence, but also about
constructions on the Moon, a seed that had only reached a small
audience through Fred Steckling’s book.

Statements by Our Leaders

The Louisiana Mutual UFO Network newsletter for Nov-Dec 1992
contained an article, “Authoritative Quotes Hint at UFO Secrets
Government Can’t Tell.” The article said that in 1950 President
Harry Truman is quoted as saying, “I can assure you that flying
saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power
on earth.” Dr. Herman Oberth, father of modern rocketry, is quoted
as saying in 1954, “(UFOs) are conceived and directed by
intelligent beings. They probably do not originate in our solar
system.” Years later he was quoted as saying, “We cannot take the
credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields
alone. We have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied, “The
people of other worlds.” Then Dr. Wernher von Braun, reflecting on
the deflection of the US Juno 2 rocket from orbit in 1959, stated,
“We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we
had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us.
More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into
closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months time
it may be possible to speak with some precision on the matter.”
Both President Ford and President Carter spoke about UFOs before
being elected but failed to shed further light on the subject after
becoming president.

Chapter 11 of Brad Steiger’s book, The Philadelphia Experiment
and Other UFO Conspiracies
is called “Government UFO Coverups– A
Summary.” It says that in June of 1982 Stephen Spielberg screened
his soon-to-be released film “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” to
President Ronald Reagan at the White House. After the movie had
ended and the lights had been restored, Reagan confided to
Spielberg, “You know, there aren’t six people in this room who know
just how true that really is.” Before the President could
elaborate, their conversation was interrupted by well-wishers.

I have heard from a credible private source that in 1985 two
“Ascended Masters” appeared in a meeting between Soviet leader
Gorbachev and his top advisors. They said he was personally
responsible for the nuclear threat to this planet, and he must
change his ways. Before they “disappeared”, they said just to make
sure he understood how serious they were, they were going to cause
an accident to happen at Chernobyl. Less than a year later an
“accident” did happen at Chernobyl and Gorbachev did change his
ways. This story sounds ridiculous to most people, until they
understand the concept that a nuclear fireball can blow apart a
soul. It can affect things beyond this planet, as many of the
1950s’ contactees were told. I find it interesting that now
Gorbachev, along with Carl Sagan, are leaders in establishing Green
Cross International to help save our planet from destruction. Also,
Gorbachev is reported by the Associated Press to have had his movie
debut in Munich where an angel appeared to him and spoke to him
about the meaning of life.

Later in 1985, in December, while addressing high-school
students in Fallston, Maryland, President Reagan recalled his
recent conversation with Gorbachev. Reagan said, “I couldn’t help
but say to [Gorbachev], how easy his task and mine might be if
suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species
from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the
little local differences…and find out once and for all that we
really are all human beings here on this Earth.” Again, in
September 1987, in a speech before the entire UN General Assembly,
Reagan said, “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to
make us recognize the common bond that unites all humanity. How
quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing
an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not
an alien threat already among us?”

More recently, according to USA Today and other newspapers,
Henry Kissinger, in an address to the Bilderbergers meeting at
Evian, France on 21 May 92, stated, “Today Americans would be
outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;
tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they
were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or
promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that
all the peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to
deliver them from this evil. The one thing that every man fears is
the unknown. When presented with this scenario individual rights
will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well
being granted to them by their world government.” It seems evident
to me that some of our leaders know a lot that many people are not
ready to hear. Perhaps our alien visitors can decide who is ready
for the truth and who is not.  Perhaps it is a matter of individual

Carl Sagan – Skillful Writer

Those who appreciate Stanton Friedman’s research into the
Majestic-12 briefing for President-elect Eisenhower will realize
that Donald Menzel, an astronomer, was the member responsible for
managing public opinion about our alien visitors. In those days the
use of ridicule and the spreading of bunk about the subject was
effective in keeping the public from getting too excited. Menzel
wrote three books debunking the subject, and he countered
responsible magazine articles by scientists and researchers. He
bought time for people with secrets.  When Menzel died in 1976, who
do you think replaced him in carrying out the policy codified by
the Robertson panel? I think it was Carl Sagan. When I was flying
my first combat tour in Vietnam in 1966, I recall that Sagan was
head of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. For a very long
time he has been serving our government in highly responsible
positions. Perhaps he also serves those concerned about the planet
on an international level. After Menzel died,  Sagan established
himself in the public mind as the authority on space with the
highly popular Cosmos series on TV. In 1985 he wrote the novel,
Contact, about man’s first contact with alien beings. I think it
is meant to be educational. On page 142 he makes a statement that
I consider very important: “There were many interpretations of
Scripture and many interpretations of the natural world. Both were
created by God, so both must be mutually consistent. Wherever a
discrepancy seems to exist, either a scientist or a theologian –
maybe both – hasn’t been doing his job.”

Now Sagan is using the widely distributed Parade newspaper
magazine to make us think about what’s going on. His 7 May 93 cover
story asked, “Are They Coming For Us?” It included intriguing
photos from three movies that evidence indicates had government
support; “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Close Encounters of the
Third Kind”, and “E.T.”. The first movie was designed to help us
overcome the shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later attitude. Jamie
Shandera told me that he was told two government technical advisors
helped “Close Encounters…” dramatize historical events, and
“E.T.” showed our children that an “ugly” extraterrestrial can be
adorable and should not be feared. This article on UFOs and alien
abductions is written in a manner that can appear to support those
who want to believe that the millions of Americans who, polls
indicate, have been on board alien vehicles were just
hallucinating. Yet, Sagan’s last sentence, “There is genuine
scientific paydirt in UFOs and alien abductions – but it is, I
think, of distinctly terrestrial origin,” seems to support my
opposite view. My 41 years of UFO research has provided ample
evidence that aliens have been here for thousands of years, and our
government has been secretly working with some for several decades.
This article is full of questions that should make us think. Sagan
is a very skillful writer.

On 6 Jun 93 Parade magazine published another article by Carl
Sagan, “Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?” He compares signs of
intelligent life on Earth as seen from space with our knowledge of
other planets. One bold-print excerpt says, “Some signs of
intelligent life are readily detected – but almost none of our art,
literature, science and compassion. It’s a parable for our time.”
He says, “Something has gone wrong. They’re destroying the forests
and ozone layer, eroding the topsoil, altering the climate.” He
closes with these questions; “Haven’t they noticed what’s
happening? Are they oblivious to their fate? Are they unable to
work together on behalf of the environment that sustains all of

The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control

The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control by William M.
Kramer, Ph.D. and Charles W. Bahme, J.D. is a totally serious book
found in fire and police department libraries across the nation.
In June 1993 a new chapter (pp.458-473) was added to this book.
Bahme saw the “UFOs” over Los Angeles on 26 Aug 42 that were
attacked by ground defenses, which killed nine people. During the
Korean War he was Security Coordinator for the Chief of Naval
Operations, The Guide is published by the Delaware State Fire
School and made available through the Fire Engineering Book
Service, (800) 752-9768 FREE.

The first half of the chapter is about, “The UFO Threat – A
Fact”. There are sections under the following headings: UFO
Discussion – Why Now? UFO Background Information, UfOs – What are
They?, UFO Classification System, Shapes of UFOs, History of UFOs,
UFO Organizations, Why the Secrecy?, and UFO Missions. The second
part is on “Adverse Potential of UFOs:” with sections on: UFO
Hazards, Force Field Impact, Communications Disruption, Regional
Power Blackouts, Fireballs Over Syracuse – The Blackout Connection,
UFOs – The Panic Hazard, and Personal Hazards – Physiological.
Prior to the “Conclusion” there are some comments on “UFOs –
Emergency Action.”

This document appears to me to put a lot of pertinent
information in the hands of “regular folks” in communities around
the country, Are we being told just what we need to know when we
need to know it?

Promoting Better Thought for a Better World

Is there any doubt that this planet is facing tremendous
change? Most of our problems are the result of too many people, too
many people making selfish choices. Consideration for the well
being of our planet and our fellow humans too often does not drive
our thoughts and our actions. I think we won’t have a better world
until we have better people on it. If it is true that we are what
we think, perhaps we should change our thoughts.

The changes taking place on this planet are easier to
understand if you have a spiritual perspective that includes
reincarnation. Although this is not part of the reality taught in
the most popular churches in America, thoughts on consciousness and
the many lifetimes of an evolving soul are rapidly expanding among
those seeking answers to our many mysteries. The Institute of
Noetic Sciences (IONS) was founded in 1973 by retired astronaut
Edgar Mitchell with the twin aims of fostering research on human
consciousness and exploring its relevance to world affairs. The
word noetic is derived from the Greek word nous, meaning mind,
intelligence, or ways of knowing. Groups of members are creatively
finding ways to link our social, ecological, and spiritual visions
through action. IONS is one of the most effective of the various
groups consciously promoting change toward a better world.

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
headed by Steven M. Greer, M.D. is a civilian group promoting
friendly liaison with our alien visitors. Their methods reflect a
spiritual understanding that has led to phenomenal interactions
with the higher intelligence in vehicles that appear in our sky.

The Human Potential Foundation (HPF) headed by Dr. C.B. Scott
Jones, and funded by Lawrence Rockefeller, is doing a great job of
promoting a better understanding of our alien visitors. Dr. Jones
has had a long history of government service. His 13 May 93 “UFO”
Briefing/Bibliography [written with Dick Farley] includes eleven pages of very thoughtful commentary. The 18 book titles are listed:

UFOs in the New Age, extraterrestrial messages and the truth
of Scripture
Extra -Terrestrials Among Us
Report on Communion, The Facts Behind the Most Controversial
True Story of our Time
Encounters, A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of
Abductions by Extraterrestrials
Angels, God’s Secret Agents
Above Top Secret
Intruders, The Incredible Visitation at Copley Woods
Secret Life, Firsthand Documented Accounts of Abductions
UFO Crash at Roswell
The UFO Encyclopedia
Communion, A True Story
Transformation, The Breakthrough
Angels and Aliens, UFOs and the Mythic Imagination
Into the Fringe, A True Story of Alien Abduction
Revelations, Alien Contact and Human Deception
UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union, A Cosmic Samizdat
The Gulf Breeze Sightings
The Alien Agenda

The first book summarizes concerns of some in the Evangelical
Christian community. In the commentary on that sector of society,
Dr. Jones points out that, “In analyzing the effects of such
phenomena as UFOs, ‘ETs’, and ‘abductions’ on society, and in
attempting to assess potential impacts of any new information about
them on social and political processes, it is axiomatic to remember
that ‘Truth is what is believed,’ in social-control exercises.”

The Human Potential Foundation programs are carried out through
a series of Centers. Those Centers operating and planned are the:
Center for Innovative Problem Solving, Center for Thanotology and
Survival Research, Center for Inter-Species Communication (CISC),
Center for Energy Abundance, and the Center for Independent
Creativity and Invention. The HPF brochure states, “The CISC will
conduct inter-species communication research with dolphins and
whales with anticipated applications to the research under way in
Communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI).” I find
it interesting that the new TV series, Sea Quest, suggests
telepathy is being used in communication with the dolphin.

Finally, I will close by saying I think there is a group of
intelligent people on this planet working in liaison with higher
intelligences, or alien visitors, to make this a better world. I
think many people with powerful connections, such as the
Bilderbergers, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the Council on
Foreign Relations, understand the importance of success. Some of
these people have gained much experience in international affairs
through government service. Some are bringing people together
through multi-national corporations. Some have established major
foundations. Some have great influence on the media. I think we are
being told through a wide variety of covert means a lot of what we
want to know. For example, the recent Sci/Fi – channel movie,
0fficial Denial,” uses words that are too well chosen to be pure
entertainment. Perhaps we should view this movie as having an
educational purpose. [Now available in Video Stores]


1. Good, Timothy; Above Top Secret, William Morrow & Co., New York,
1988, pp 546-551

2.   Stevens, Wendelle; UFO Contact From The Pleiades – A
Supplemental Report, self-published, Tucson, AZ, 1989, pp 229-235

3.   Blum, Howard; Out There, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1990

4. Jones, William E.; Ohio UFO Notebook, MidOhio Research
Associates, Dublin, OH, July 1992, pp 1-3

5. Macy, Mark; ~”When Dimensions Cross”, The Quarterly Review,
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Sausalito, CA, Spring 1993


Update: August 2, 2005

I wrote the above paper over 11 years ago, so I will comment on some more recent evidence of government covert education for truthseekers concerning the alien presence. First, I will provide a follow-up to the important 1985 visit by “Ascended Masters” to Gorbachev concerning nuclear weapons. Gorbachev called Reagan at the G-7 meeting in Europe, and they had a brief private meeting in Vienna. Kissinger said in his book, Diplomacy, that when Reagan left the room he was obviously upset but would not talk about it. The report on the 6 Apr 86 Chernobyl accident said that during a test three poor-judgment decisions caused loss of control of the reactor. I know that telepathy can influence such decisions. In a 19 Dec 85 response to a world government inquiry (in my files), Gorbachev said that he was willing to eliminate 50% of the Soviet nuclear weapons. However, when he and Reagan met in Iceland after the explosion, Kissinger said that Gorbachev’s opening position was that he was willing to eliminate all Soviet nuclear weapons now if Reagan would do the same. Reagan was only willing to go half way. These events are what caused Reagan to make statements at his next public appearance, a Maryland High School, and then at the UN General Assembly about a possible alien threat. UFO investigator Vladimir Rubstoff from Kiev reported at the MUFON Conference in Austin, TX that three hours after the explosion a 6 to 8-meter diameter disk in a fiery ball hovered 300 meters over reactor #4 and projected two crimson beams into the flaming core for three minutes before slowly moving away. During this time the readings on the radiation recorders dropped from 3000 to 800 miliroentgens per hour. This indicates a removal of 73% of the hazardous material. It appears that whoever caused the explosion took some responsibility to help clean it up. My Russian friend, Nikolai LeBedev, told me that they now realize that dumping planeloads of boron on the flames greatly increased the radioactive fallout and should not have been done. I suspect this decision was made because the officials could not believe that aliens had already removed most of the radioactive material. In the 104 Q & A sessions that RA, the “Sun God” teacher of the Egyptians, had with Don Elkins through Carla Reukert about 1983, RA said they were still trying to repair human souls that were “disassociated” at Hiroshima in WW II. The RA Material tells us that if a human is engulfed in a nuclear fireball, the strong nuclear force will disassociate the energies of our “eternal soul.” This confirms what the 1950s contactees were told, “Nuclear weapons affect things outside of this planet.” Loss of our physical bodies by other means is not so serious from the perspective of higher intelligence. There is logical reason for an ascended master to take drastic measures to change the direction of governments. I see these events as a lesson in Exopolitics backed up by action. Many now accept that the Chernobyl catastrophe triggered positive change throughout the world. The numbers of nuclear weapons continue to decrease, and Gorbachev has dedicated his life to eliminating them all.

As a student of world leadership, I gave considerable thought to who replaced Carl Sagan as MJ-8, the position responsible to manage public reaction to the alien presence. I decided that it was Sagan’s long-time colleague, Frank Drake. Drake now heads the Search for ET Intelligence Institute (SETI), a “private” organization. Drake, and his public relations agent, Seth Shostak, are now used by the CFR-controlled major media to “balance” information directed to the general public. The recent ABC special, “Seeing is Believing” is a good example. Drake occasionally feeds us some useful information. He stated in his Forward to Shostak’s book, Sharing the Universe, “Mix in some true observations with some fantasy, and the naïve will conclude that all is true…” However, the events of the “Oscar” case investigated by Forest Crawford are not mentioned in the book. In this case Frank Drake was the primary interrogator of an alien recovered from a crash near Phoenix in 1975.

I have further thoughts on The Human Potential Foundation (HPF) and my friend, C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D. He is a spiritually oriented gentleman with experience in Korea as a Navy fighter pilot, in Navy intelligence, and in the War Room of the Pentagon. After retiring he worked for Senator Claiborne Pell, a CFR member, reporting to Pell on UFO conferences and Psychic Research conferences around the world. Jones was, for a while, President of the American Society for Psychic Research. Lawrence Rockefeller asked Jones to let him know when he was ready to work for him full time. That happened in 1993 when Bill Clinton became President. Jones founded the HPF with Senator Pell, as a 501-3C organization, and he became the HPF President. Rockefeller gave the HPF $1 million to encourage the US Government to release to the public previously classified information about the alien presence. Jones was very effective in causing information to be released. However, it was done covertly, and it sometimes included disinformation. My assessment of some examples follow:

  1. The “Alien Autopsy” film. – The film is real (obviously a dead alien), but all info associated is false.
  2. The “Live Alien” film. – This alien dies on camera, probably in the 1950s (no longer of concern to those who might fear aliens). All that “Victor” said about it is false.
  3. The 1995 HPF conference at the Washington Sheraton, “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,” was beautifully organized by Jones. – Though Clinton, Sagan and various UN people were invited to speak, they declined, and George S. Robinson, a world-class lawyer, was the most important speaker, in my opinion. His subject was “Homo alterios spacialis, Extraterrestrial Progeny of Humankind and a Declaration of Interdependence.” He said that we could not take national laws into space. We have to determine what is natural or cosmic law, what law pertains to us out there, aliens down here, and human/alien hybrids here there and everywhere. Jones closed the conference by asking us all to stop trying to prove the evidence of the alien presence and to start considering how the alien presence affects all aspects of society. That was 10 years ago, and many did not get the message.
  4. I arranged for George Robinson to speak at the August 1998 IUFOC Summer Seminar. He chose “Space Law and Astro Law” as his topic, but he mentioned eugenics and said that we humans have already made a new species and a new subspecies. I think he was not allowed to mention aliens, though all 250 people in the room knew that aliens are involved in the hybridization program.
  5. Linda Moulton Howe and Derrel Sims received hardware. – NIDS scientists proved it was of ET origin, because five elements had isotopic ratios “not of this planet.” This was announced at an International Press Conference at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Roswell crash. This1997 conference was given major media promotion to make it a newsworthy event for our general public. The media used the Phoenix lights of 13 Mar 97 as if they were recent, and a non-human face was put on the cover of Time Magazine 23 Jun 97. I think this drawing is Homo alterios spacialis, our future body.
  6. Many previously classified documents were released and made available to seekers by Bob and Ryan Wood. – One of the most interesting is the 1954 MJ-12 Special Operations Manual 1-01, ET Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal. I think the validity of this document was verified when a copy mailed through the US Post Office from Bob to Ryan was delivered to Linda Moulton Howe. I think the same agents who sometimes make our mailed evidence of the alien presence disappear redirected it. They knew she would make it public soon, and it was released as part of the public acclimation program.


Government “controllers” sometimes allow former service members to write about their unusual experiences even thought they had been classified. This allows those seeking the information to find it, while active government agents maintain deniability.   When Dan Sherman separated from the UASF because of the stresses of his highly classified job of telepathic communication in Project Promise Destiny, he was allowed to publish Above Black, with some restrictions. He said that while in a two-week class at Ft. Mead, Maryland, a man in a dark suit enlisted him in a class to hone his telepathic ability. He was told that his mother was picked up by aliens, and he was one of 70,000 worldwide who had been genetically engineered to be better communicators with unseen beings.

Charles Hall is another former military man whose unusual experiences with aliens are now documented in Millennial Hospitality. His verbal orders when assigned to be the weatherman at Indian Springs AFB, NV gave him access to Area 53 and Area 54 located east of Area 51. “Tall White” aliens there used Hall to become acclimated to humans before they met humans for important negotiations or while visiting Las Vegas. He said that in 1967 their motherships stayed on the ground in Area 54 for two weeks while being re-supplied. He said Booz Allen apparently had the contract for providing the aliens what they needed. They must be well paid, because they sponsored a golf tournament recently. I find it interesting that James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA is now a Partner and Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Finally, I will mention a case of unseen beings promoting public acclimation about the

larger reality represented by aliens. Years ago Wendelle Stevens and Gene Roddenberry were speakers at the same conference. At breakfast Stevens asked Roddenberry, “Where do you get the story lines for the Star Trek series.” Roddenberry said, “I get them at about 2 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes they come faster than I can write. When I wake in the morning all I have to do is flesh it out.” I think that humans, aliens, and possibly angels have been slowly preparing us to join the galactic society for a long time.

Note: This paper may be reproduced in any media.

Donald M. Ware, do*****@em********.com,


July 4, 1994


by Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Avenue, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547-1752




Donald Ware received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1957 and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1970. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1982 with wide experience as a fighter pilot, staff scientist, teacher, test manager, and programs manager. Since his first personal UFO sighting in 1952, he has read all information he could find on the subject. Many of the flying objects he now believes can be clearly described as identified alien craft (IAC).

Since 1982 he has expanded his research into many other areas that shed light on the larger reality that IAC represent. These avenues to truth include the world’s persistent mysteries: religions, ancient astronauts, reincarnation, automatic writing, other telepathic processes, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, and spiritual healing. He has accepted the idea that INTELLIGENT LIFE IS ABUNDANT THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE, in both incarnate and discarnate forms. He has also accepted the idea that THE NORMAL MEANS OF COMMUNICATION AMONG MORE-EVOLVED INTELLIGENCE IS TELEPATHY. In 1991 he began to promote the idea that STUDY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT IS A PROPER SCIENTIFIC ENDEAVOR. Donald Ware is now studying world government and evidence of influence on it by spiritual inspiration or alien liaison. Donald also enjoys gathering data on birds for the National Audubon Society and state and federal agencies.


Types of Telepathic Processes



By 1985 I was a Field Investigator, a State Section Director, and the Florida State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON), an organization dedicated to the scientific study of UFOS. I decided that any active scientist should have a research project. Ufology, sometimes perceived as the study of future science, is highly complex, and researchers become quite specialized. I chose to study strange writing associated with UFO cases as my research project. Few others had worked in that area, and I had just seen some interesting new data on the 1965 Brooksville, Florida case. A nine-year-old girl, just before going to sleep, felt compelled to write a series of strange characters identical to that left by an alien at the Brooksville landing site.

After five years I had collected samples of strange writing associated with 35 UFO cases. I learned little except that it resembled ancient human languages more than any modern human language. About one third of it was in the form of “automatic” or telepathic writing by people who had been on board alien craft. For example, while speaking to Dan Wright on the phone about the grading of MUFON Field Investigator examinations, Shirley Coyne absentmindedly doodled from right to left the following series of strange characters:

This event subsequently led to hypnotic regression with Budd Hopkins, which revealed an on-board experience at age nine where she was taught an alien language. I believe that automatic writing involves a telepathic process and normally occurs in altered states of mind. Automatic writing is frequently a beginner’s form of channeling. Perhaps it is easier and less frightening for a higher intelligence to gain control over our writing hand than our vocal cords.   This research effort caused me to be more open to messages in our own language that appear to come from a higher intelligence.


I was a primary investigator on the highly significant case of Ed Walters who had 18 photographic sessions with alien vehicles in 1987 and ‘88. Walters often was alerted to a photographic opportunity by a “hum” in his head, and he received several telepathic messages. One said, “Zehaus, Zehaus… sleep and know.” He was asked by investigators to think about specific questions just before sleep and to record his first thoughts upon waking. One of his recorded thoughts, related to operation of the vehicles, included “7.5 Hz.” Later, when his video of the Gulf Breeze Type I vehicle was analyzed by computer, Bob Oechsler discovered a 7.5 Hz fluctuation of the light at the bottom of the vehicle. I think many of the voices heard in the head by people involved in the UFO phenomenon are telepathic; because, often an alien is looking at them, as if communicating, when it happens.

I now recognize that two messages, or intuitive thoughts, that I have received directly came from what may have been a higher intelligence. In 1954, after a philosophical discussion with my fraternity brothers at Duke, I went to bed at midnight. I woke at 2:00 a.m. with many thoughts in my head that I felt I must write down. One said, “In order to be completely happy, one must have love, excitement, and self satisfaction.” This helped me understand that you do not have to have a lot of money to be happy. I became quite satisfied with a service career, and that allowed me the luxury of early retirement.

The other message came on 28 Jan 92. I woke at exactly 2:00 a.m. with two clear sentences in my mind. It was like I was looking at a video screen. There was no room in my mind for any other thoughts, and the sentences would not go away until I wrote them down. They said, “Unconditional Love is becoming a driving force on this planet. I am trying to learn to express Unconditional Love.” The wording was new to me, but the ideas were not foreign. I would not normally have capitalized unconditional love. However, as a new member of a Unity church, I had been thinking of unconditional love. Also, I was aware that RA said we are undergoing a transformation from 3rd density to 4th density positive experience on this planet. He said the purpose of 3rd density experience is polarization toward service-to-others or service-to-self through free-will choices, and the purpose of 4th density is to develop unconditional love. Perhaps a “spirit guide” confirmed these ideas for me, because I had already accepted it through my own seeking.


In 1988 one of my son’s 18-year-old friends, Kenneth, asked for an appointment to talk with me. I thought he wanted to talk about UFOs for a school paper like many other young people do. When he finally got to the point, he asked, “What do you know about the ouija board?” I said, “Very little, except that I just finished a book, Messages from Michael that was acquired through an ouija board.” A friend, Patsy Hill, gave the book to me and it tells much about the relationship between personality and the soul. Kenneth then told me his story.

Two years earlier Kenneth’s friend borrowed his mother’s ouija board and several of the boys experimented with it. When they placed their fingers lightly on the pointer, it moved and spelled out several messages.   The name of the source was spelled out, and one of the messages told Kenneth to go and talk with Donald Ware. Then other messages, apparently from a different source, were spelled out, and they scared the boys badly. They put the board away and tried to forget it. Two weeks before his visit Kenneth had a dream that he was supposed to use the ouija board again. The boys borrowed the board, and again the message they spelled out was that Kenneth was supposed to talk with Donald Ware. That is why he was visiting me. Kenneth has had an interest in UFO-related subjects, and his visit caused him to attend several of my monthly meetings. I have considered that perhaps this experience was as much for my benefit as Kenneth’s. It caused me to consider the telepathic aspects of dreams and of the ouija board.


Kay Wilson was one of 20 or so people who came to MUFON investigators near Gulf Breeze, Florida within a year after the Walter’s photographs were publicized. Each had experiences that suggested alien encounters. Regression with Dr. Dan Overlade indicated an implant was inserted up her right nostril six days earlier. When she agreed to a search for the implant, Vicki Lyons, Charles Flannigan, and I were advised. We were MUFON’s Field Investigators on that case, State Section Director, and State Director, respectively. We knew from the experience of other investigators that most implants in the head do not show up on x-rays, but do using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, no doctor in his right mind will put a person’s head in those strong alternating magnetic fields looking for a foreign object without first assuring himself it is not magnetic. So we ran a CAT-scan at a cost of $560. The implant did not show up.

Before we could schedule the even more expensive MRI, the aliens told Kay telepathically, “Do not talk to Vicki Lyons, Charles Flannigan, or Donald Ware. We are not ready for them to know.” Then the aliens added, “We know their every move and thought.” The experiencer did talk. Vicki, Charles, and I decided to not let that deter us from our search for the implant. However, before we could schedule the MRI, Vicki suddenly found herself wide awake (or thought she did) in the middle of the night; felt compelled to run outside in her nightgown and look up, didn’t see anything, ran through the house to the back yard, and found herself surrounded by five aliens. She was advised telepathically to stop the search, and she agreed.

Vicki does not remember coming back into the house. Her husband, for an unknown reason, felt some fear that night. When he got up he found things were not quite right in the house, he woke Vicki and asked, “Were you in the back yard last night?” She said, “I don’t think so, but I dreamed I was.” And he said, “Well, you left the back door open and the porch light on.” Vicki now accepts the idea that she did encounter five of the little guys.

Because of the face-to-face communication, we agreed to stop the search for the implant. One might assume the implant is there for a purpose. If we found it, and it was too close to the optic nerve to risk removal, it would probably cause added mental stress. If it were removed, the alien folks may replace it, which probably would not be a pleasant experience. I think we made the right decision. I would rather develop a friendly relationship with our visitors than an adversarial one, and I have reasons to believe they want to be our friends.


One reason channeling is so controversial is because it involves the spiritual realm. I personally am comfortable describing God as All That Is, Universal Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. I accept that there is only one consciousness in the entire universe. Since we have a spirit that is part of that consciousness, there is a little spark of God in each of us. I believe our spirits are eternal and can incarnate in a physical body many times. I believe that some spirits, whether incarnate or discarnate, can communicate through the direct projection of thought. This communication takes place with humans most often while we are in an altered state of consciousness.

Some people receive thoughts of great strangeness and often of great wisdom while in a light trance, the alpha or day dreaming state of consciousness. Those who can type can translate these thoughts into written form very rapidly with a typewriter, as if taking dictation. Questions can be typed or thought, and answers are provided. As in any translation, these messages are influenced by the knowledge of the channel, but much information of value has been obtained by thousands of people around the world in this manner.

One example is my friend Yvonne Cole who communicated for three years in this manner with Eunethia. Yvonne felt a definite female presence when communicating, and Eunethia became her dear friend in the spirit realm. Later, when communications were attempted, one who was felt to be a male named Onethan responded. Yvonne was upset by this change, but they soon developed a cooperative relationship. Many communications later, a being that called itself Theodora responded, and Yvonne could not determine if it was a male or female energy. Theodora explained that it was also Eunethia and Onethan. The spirit is both male and female, and this was a demonstration to show her they have the capability to project either presence. As these contacts progressed, Yvonne was told that her spirit had been in a Zeta/human hybrid body in her last incarnation. Then she had a physical nighttime visitation. She felt she knew the little guy at the foot of the bed, and she had no fear. She gave him a hug, took him by the hand, and gave him a tour of the house just like she would any other visitor. She said some of its friends were also in the house that night. She was later asked to type a book. That information has been published in Connecting Link magazine and also produced in a five-hour audiotape. (1) It sheds much light on our on-going transformation.

Another light-trance channel is Dr. Norma Milanovich. While a teacher at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, she received much information from KUTHUMI, apparently the same being who inspired the Theosophy movement many years ago. Milanovich, with two assistants, published We the Arcturians. She greatly expanded her perspective on the universe and on many transformational issues. Milanovich was then approached by the Wackenhut Corporation and hired to teach their people a course called Job/Task Analysis. Wackenhut has a contract with the US Department of Energy to provide security for facilities where I think human/alien liaison is taking place. I suspect Milanovich was hired to expand the concept of reality of these folks who protect great secrets, to give them a framework of reality that includes many strange things they might see, to help them maintain their mental stability. I find it interesting that Milanovich now also works for some major high-tech corporations such as Westinghouse and General Electric. The motto on her stationary says, “…Specializing in training slightly ahead of its time.”


Full-trance channeling is a form of communication in which control of the vocal cords and often other muscles is loaned to another intelligence. Some full-trance channels are great orators. Some channels are better communication tools than others, and some sources display more wisdom than others. In that respect, the sources are somewhat like humans. I have been impressed with The RA Material channeled through Carla Rueckert, with Don Elkins as the questioner. (2) It included the transcripts of about 100 Q + A sessions from 1981 to 1983 where RA agreed to answer any question about the reality of the universe. The format is easy for the scientific mind to understand.

Lyssa Royal is currently doing full-body channeling with an audience. Much of her contact is with SASHA who describes herself as a physical-bodied PIeiadian cultural engineer and psychosociologist. Much of the information Lyssa acquired has been published by Royal Priest Research in The Prism of Lyra, Visitors from Within, and Preparing for Contact. I think these books are useful in trying to understand a reality that is so complex it is beyond our ability to fully comprehend.


In the UFO literature I occasionally find a case where a telephone, tape recorder, radio or television is apparently used by a higher intelligence to send a message to humans. The spring 1993 issue of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Quarterly Review had an interesting article titled, “When Dimensions Cross”. Research groups have studied this phenomenon for years. For example, after 25 years of research, Swedish film producer, Friedrich Juergenson, published his findings in the 1964 book Voices from the Universe. Even after his death in 1987 Juergenson continued to work from the “spiritside” with other ITC researchers on the “earthside”. His face appeared on a television screen during these research sessions.

A Luxembourg research group contacted a voice on the radio called TECHNITION. The IONS Quarterly Review article by Willis Harman concludes by saying:

“While the declared spiritside aim of ITC is eventually to be able to circumvent the experiencers’ psyche altogether, what is in practice today appears to be telepathically assisted instrumental communication. It appears that researchers’ beliefs, thoughts and attitudes affect ITC contacts, but to a lesser degree than during the phenomenon of ‘channeling’. From the technical point of view, then, the ultimate aim of ITC is to develop an electronic system that will work independently of the psyches of the earthside participants, and the Luxembourg team seems to be getting close.

“What do the ‘higher beings’ hope to accomplish with ITC? According to TECHNICIAN, they want everyone to know that life continues beyond physical death.   For many people today, faith in age-old religious texts is not enough: they need solid evidence of an afterlife, which ITC may provide.”

Another example of a television apparently being used by a higher intelligence was captured accidentally(?) on 23 Dec 90 when a lady in New Jersey was photographing her son. He was playing near the television that was not turned on. A clear picture of an alien head with large dark eyes and a circular indentation high on the side of the head was investigated by the New Jersey MUFON group. The report was finally published in MUFON’s New Jersey Chronicle of Sep-Dec 1992. I find it significant that the alien head looked very much like the head of the alien on the back of the AMOCO add that first appeared in aerospace magazines shortly before this event.

This final example of ITC occurred on 26 Nov 77 at 5:12 p.m. when a strange unknown voice overrode, took over, or super-modulated the TV signals from five transmitters that were monitored by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in England. IBA did not detect the intrusion. The 5+1/2-minute message overrode a scheduled newscast read by Ivor Mills on Southern ITV, England, and was heard by listeners as far away as Andover, London, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Southhampton, and Winchester. IBA engineers at Croydon, Surry did not hear the override, and at the main transmitter at Southhampton, Hants monitoring system, there was also no evidence of the takeover. A police spokesman told AP and UPI that the message was taken seriously; “They were frightened and generally scared.”

The voice spoke slowly and deliberately, with a strange inward authority, calm, serene, never scolding. It said:

“This is the voice of GRAMAHA, the representative of the Asta [probably Ashtar] Galactic

Command, speaking to you. For many years now you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet earth.

“We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your worlds so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disasters which threaten your worlds, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the new Age of Aquarius. The new age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that overshadow their judgments.

“Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. For many years your scientists, governments and generals have not heeded our warnings; they have continued to experiment with the evil forces of what you call nuclear energy. Atomic bombs can destroy the earth, and the beings of your sister worlds, in a moment. The wastes from atomic power systems will poison your planet for many thousands of your years to come.

“We, who have followed the path of evolution for far longer than you, have long since realized this – that atomic energy is always directed against life. It has had no peaceful application. Its use, and research into its use, must be ceased at once, or you all risk destruction. All weapons of evil must be removed.

The time of conflict is now past. The race of which you are a part may proceed to the highest planes of evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. “Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning new age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution.

“Hear now the voice of GRAMAHA, the representative of the Asta [sic] Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck the energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends giving you worthless dross in return.

“Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves on to the path of evolution.

“This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your earth than your scientists admit.

“We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet earth. We of the Asta [sic] Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.”

I think the normal means of communication by higher intelligences is through the direct projection of thought. Those thoughts can be transferred to the human consciousness through many processes. They ate different forms of telepathic communications.


Messages about UFOs/IAC

A number of messages acquired through telepathic processes have had a significant impact on my thoughts about the universe. One of the first is Ishcomar’s First Message.



A copy of the recording of this message was sent to me, unsolicited, by Sue Wallace. It was published in a 1978 book, I am Ishcomar, and discussed by Brad Steiger in his book, Revelation the Divine Fire. The massage came through the voice box of a blue-collar worker in Texas in 1956. He was in a deep trance, and the deep, unnatural tone of his voice was impressive. The message follows:

“I am Ishcomar.

“I bring you greetings from beyond the stars. It is requested at this time to bring you a communication of our intent for the inhabitants of your planet. I will explain to you briefly who we are and who and what I am.

“You have named some of our craft who move through your atmosphere ‘flying saucers.’     I am not recorded in one of these. The craft that contains the instrument in which I am recorded is four and three-tenths miles in length, by your methods of measurements, and two and one-tenth miles in circumference.

“This craft also contains others of us who are in human form. I have passed the phase of human form. My knowledge and mind processes were long ago recorded into an instrument you would liken to a computer.

“I was brought to the vicinity of this planet approximately thirty thousand years ago, by your method of time measurement. Your planet and the living forms upon it have a specific value to us.

“Those of us who do menial work inhabit our craft in human form almost identical to some of you. For this reason, at about the time I was brought into the vicinity of your world, we interfered with the natural development of the species of man that inhabited this planet at that time. Our purpose was the shortening of the cycle of development necessary for the human inhabitants of this planet to be of use to us.

“Our intent, however, is not to control or to rule over you. Intergalactic law within our group forbids this. We are however, permitted to guide you. Your acceptance of us is by your own choice.

“Our vessels number somewhat over twenty thousand in use within the confines of your solar system. These craft vary from a few feet to many miles in length and circumference. These craft vary in shape and size dependent upon the purpose for which it is used.

“Our human forms number many thousands. Some of them were alive in their present form before I was brought here. Those in human form inhabiting our craft have ceased to repropagate. This condition makes it necessary to choose one of two courses when it becomes necessary to dispose of the human vessel, whether to be recorded in a device and stored, as I was, or to be recorded into another suitable form.

“We have been unable to manufacture, by synthetic means, suitable human type forms. This, therefore, makes it necessary to find planets young enough where new man beings are being born, yet old enough for the human form to be developed to a point that will provide suitable bodies with sufficient brain capacity to receive our knowledge.

“By mutual agreement between a planetary dweller and an inhabitant of our craft, the knowledge and memory of one of us may be blended with the planetary inhabitant without the loss of the receiver’s identity. The one from our group only adds his knowledge to the planetary dweller, and the abandoned body is disseminated.

“This blending may not take place without mutual agreement between the beings involved, and necessarily the planetary dweller must fully agree and desire this blending. We seek, therefore, not to take but to give.

“We, however, are not alone in our interests in your world. There is in existence with us another group. Their interest is not necessarily harmful toward you, yet their methods are in direct opposition to ours. They also may have interfered with the development on your planet. They wish to reach their ends not by cooperation but by control and domination over you.

“You must reach a high level of mental development and knowledge to be able to understand our purposes beyond harvesting. We have attempted to gain your cooperation in this for thousands of years. We have been vigorously opposed by the other group. We must achieve our goal by guidance of your kind, but you must desire guidance for us to be of assistance to you.

“Our work is beyond your present level of understanding and yet you will eventually be of great assistance in cooperating with us in making certain studies of life forms and conditions on your planet, the result of which will be compared with inter-correlated studies being conducted on other worlds, to the benefit of your own planet, our people, and the inhabitants of these other worlds.

“We have worked patiently with you for over thirty thousand years. However, the development brought about would have taken, by normal cycles, over two hundred and fifty thousand years.

“We also have limitations making it necessary to adhere to certain conditions difficult for you, at this time, to rationalize.

“Our intent and purpose toward you exceeds your most beautiful wishes and dreams for your existence. The inhabitants of your world have been repeatedly told of this and it has always been converted to spiritualistic ideals.

“It is [an] understandable thought process to attempt to understand the unknown by measuring it with the known. We do not condemn for this. To those of you who will follow certain steps, we may be able to help you a great deal to reach higher understanding, thereby improving your own conditions of survival on your world, and at the same time assist us in our endeavors.

“The man whose body and mind I am using to speak to you is being used by his own full cooperation. Had he not reached out, I would not have been beamed to him in answer; yet all who reach, however, are not answered – for all do not reach out in honesty of purpose. Some wish to acquire some personal gratification of the moment, and therefore do not reach a point of open acceptance necessary to receive me. I am beamed to many on your world. This man is not spectacular therefore.

“We are using many methods at this time to inform your people of our presence and our immediate purposes. The time is quite near for cooperation between us to begin. Your next step upward will soon begin.

“Full knowledge of our presence will soon be known among your people. There will be, at that time, great upheavals on your planet. We regret this cannot in any way be avoided. We knew this from the beginning. We, therefore, have repeatedly warned to prepare for it mentally and physically. Those who take not the trouble to prepare are of little value to themselves in any case.

“We can in no way tell you the day or the minute this upheaval will begin to take on climactic proportions. You must watch and prepare yourselves according to the conditions you observe. We will guide those of you who sincerely allow us to.

“We do not intend any evacuation of your planet on any scale. You are of no value to us in the outer reaches. Our craft are now adequately manned.

“Our need of your cooperation involves habitation of your world by your own people, under more suitable conditions than you now realize, however.

“Following the climactic upheavals on your world, we will provide guidance to bring about the desired conditions for your, and our, mutual benefit.

“Seek us and you will find us.

“We only await your call.

“Peace be with you.

“I am Ishcomar.”


On 25 Jan 89 I had a meeting in my home with two ladies from the Orlando area who receive telepathic messages. They were instructed to give me a message. It said, “There is something going on on the Eglin AFB reservation involving nuclear weaponry that they [higher intelligence] are concerned about. It’s like playing Russian roulette.” I had worked at Eglin in the testing business, and I knew no one would consider setting off any kind of nuclear weapon at that base. The message did not make sense to me, and I forgot about it.

Two weeks later, the first thought in my mind when I woke was, “You dummy. That lady drove nearly 600 miles to give you a message. Maybe you should do something about it.” That Thursday at noon I called for an appointment with the general that I thought had the greatest formal education. I identified myself and was told by his secretary that his next open appointment was Tuesday morning. I said, “I’m sorry. It will have to be this afternoon or tomorrow morning or I’m leaving town – five minutes max.” She asked what I wanted to see him about. I said I had a message from an unusual source. She said, “I’ll squeeze you in between the general’s staff meetings tomorrow morning.” When I told him the message and circumstances, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “I don’t know everything going on on this reservation, but I know who does. I will make sure they get the message.” Then I opened my briefcase and gave him the written copy. Underneath was Ed Walter’s photo of a UFO above the road. The general asked, “May I see that?” When I handed it to him he smiled and said, “Very interesting.”

Over two years later I was contacted by “Leah Haley” to help define the “Gulf Breeze Incident,” a term from her partial recollections. This led to a 13-mile walk in the sand from Navarre, near Gulf Breeze, Florida, to Ft. Walton Beach. She had already determined that the incident involved the downing of an alien vehicle that she was on. Apparently, a non-lethal weapon was used. She also had determined that it happened at dawn on one of six nights in early August 1988. Four or five miles into the walk Leah found a place on the beach she said looked like what she remembered when she got out of the vehicle. About a mile further, we found a phased-array radar on the back of a military flatbed truck between the low sand dunes. Another mile or so farther we found a large omni-directional doughnut that was later determined to be a directed-electro-magnetic-pulse (EMP) device, a device that can have devastating effects on electrical conductors. Both objects were secured by fences and sensors and were pointing southwest at a low angle of elevation.

This directed-EMP device caused me to wonder if it was related to the strange message I passed to the general. I called the lady from Orlando and asked if she still had her original notes from her January 1989 visit. When she found them I asked why she used the phrase “nuclear weaponry.” She had drawn two images that she received telepathically; one was a missile-like thing with fins pointing up, and the other was a mushroom cloud. “Nuclear weaponry” was all that made sense to her. However, if she had interpreted these two images in the sequence she got them, “weaponry that could cause a nuclear explosion,” then the message makes sense to me. An EMP device might destabilize an alien power system or cause a vehicle to crash and cause a big bang, like playing Russian roulette. The 24 May 93 issue of “Aviation Week and Space Technology” has an article on EMP weapons development at Eglin AFB. I hope the military men at Eglin understood the message, even in its distorted form.

On 9 May 88 Bob Oechsler wrote to President Reagan requesting he do something about air-space violations by aliens and human-rights violations of abductees in the Gulf Breeze area. Evidence that this letter was taken seriously was given when Oechsler received a reply from a Rear Admiral representing Navy Operations, Air Warfare.

On 21 Aug 88 the Joint Chiefs of Staff met at Pensacola NAS and visited a hangar that had, some days earlier, been temporarily air conditioned at considerable effort and placed under heavy security. I suspect that vehicle was in that hangar, the closest place to hide it undetected. I suspect the vehicle was brought down because it did not stay away from Gulf Breeze at a very sensitive time when TV camera crews were visiting Gulf Breeze looking for UFOS. If Unsolved Mysteries had gotten good video of UFOs comparable to the photos Ed Walters had taken, I think our government would have had difficulty managing public reaction.


In 1989 I was given 15 messages by seven different people who apparently received them telepathically from higher intelligences. Each mentioned my name. I was also elected to the position of Regional Director for MUFON by the members of the 18 eastern states. Just prior to my first MUFON board meeting I received three messages from THE CAPTAIN through the lady from Orlando that are more meaningful to me now than they were when I got them. I will quote all of each:

“1:20 a.m. — early morning of June 2, 1989


“In all things, focus on the positive. Even answers to questions about the negative aspects of UFO phenomena can be garnered from positive UFO contacts. Focus upon individuals who have had positive and spiritual information given to them from their UFO contacts. Do not focus upon those who have had negative and frightening experiences with UFOs for they have not been contacted by the highest UFO sources and therefore their information will be distorted.

“The UFO information from the higher positive UFO contacts can explain the negative realms, and do it more fully and more accurately, for the higher positive realm fully understands the workings of the realms beneath it. In all things, do not fuel the negative with your attention, for that will only give it energy to grow and expand.

“Those individuals who suffer in any way from negative UFO experiences can be helped by information available from the higher realms of your UFO contacts. Seek the positive — always! Seek the spiritual — always! Know that God is real. Know that this most awesome creative force is not without personality (there is no word available to truly express this use of ‘personality’). Know that this Creator is of love and has a plan for Earth beyond the most wonderful dreams of mankind. Know that the Creator creates within the rules of Universal Law, so anything that may seem to defy this can be explained when sufficient knowledge or understanding is achieved by man.

“Individuals such as Donald Ware have a mission whether they have as yet fully recognized it. They are to show that science and spirituality are two sides of one coin and cannot be separated. If that seems too trite an analogy, then I will speak more dramatically. A man cannot live if you split him down the middle, and yet that is what your Earth men of science have done. They have separated the physical body of man from his spirit. Until they realize that it is spirit which ultimately gives life to the physical, until they recognize the vast dimensions beyond the puny five senses of Earth man, they will be no more than bees making great buzzing sounds as they circle the honey — honey they can see and smell but cannot touch until they can get beyond the screen of physical limitations which separates them from the sweetness of the spiritual honey.

“As for those who suffer from their lower level contacts with UFOS, there is much that can be done. Use hypnosis upon, those who have had the highest spiritually directed UFO experiences and ask for directions in helping those who are troubled. If possible, use medically trained experts to direct the hypnosis for that will add credence to what you do and what you ultimately will seek to prove. If possible, use medical hypnotists with spiritual understanding for that will enhance the results.

“Remember that those who continue to be harassed in any way from their UFO contacts should be treated as if they were being harassed by a deviant man in a neighborhood. If such a man were to peek in a window of a home, a bright flashlight in his eyes would make him run. The arrival of a police car would make such a man run away if possible. As with all things in the universe, Goodness and Light dissolve the negative. So seek the help of your Brothers of Light on the spiritually enlightened ships of the heavens. We cannot come to help you unless you request our assistance, for that is one of the Universal Laws. So if you wish relief for those who suffer, you must remember to request our help. We are here to help, just ask.

“Remember, too, the basic tenet of all faiths in the One God: Ask and you will be encircled in the Creator’s Light of Protection. Seek and you shall find. There is no stronger force in the universe, but this, too, must be requested. Those who suffer have only to sincerely ask for the Creator’s help, but so few truly believe and ask with true faith. Ah, the unnecessary suffering mankind endures because he separates his spirit from the body. It is so simple, yet Children of Earth have bogged down so deeply in the mud of materiality that they must be re-taught this simple message again. Teach them, we plead, for they in their ignorance are destroying themselves and a most beautiful planet.

NOTE:   I was awakened abruptly just before this message came through. I had been dreaming that I was in front of a computer and a written message was coming across a large computer screen for Donald Ware. A half ring of my telephone then awoke me at exactly 1:20 a.m. The half ring and the time are important because they have been signals for me for several years. Many significant things happen at exactly 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after the hour so that I know that something is important or not just a mere coincidence. The half rings on the telephone indicate the same thing. Both always alert me to pay attention.


“This information is to be sent to Donald Ware and Jim Greenen. They may be told that they are free to share it with others, but they are not to identify you as the receiver of this material or any other messages that may be sent through you for them. This information, and any subsequent information, is intended only to help and guide them in their mission and is not to become the object of their dissecting scrutiny. More than enough UFO cases have been, and will continue to be provided for their analysis. Information that comes through you is solely for the purpose of getting them on the right track in their cosmic detective work. I trust that if they listen to their hearts when they read my messages that they will know that only truth is spoken.”

“The Captain”


“June 23, 1989


“ * The highest level messages from space vehicles are spoken through two basic types of individuals: those who are simple, pure, childlike vessels and those who are highly illuminated with the Light.

“Those who dabble with metaphysical accouterments or seek in any way personal aggrandizement or control are not used as torches for the Spiritual Light messages. This means that it is often possible to discern the degree of validity of channeled messages by observing the behavior and philosophy of the vessels.

“ * We are so weary of mankind being so unobservant of the things around.

“ * So many think the owl is wise

for it sits in the trees and seems to despise

all beneath its perch on high.

Yet, in reality this bird of prey

is mesmerized in the light of day

and lives to hunt when the sun is gone,

to eat tiny creatures who’ve done him no wrong.

So, too, your wisemen sit on high

and think they’re wise,

but in reality they’re all in stupors.

Seeing naught and without much thought,

they wait ’til dark

to prey upon some lonely heart

who’s run amuck upon the ground,

and they never soar where eagles are found.

For too long the owls have reigned within MUFON

and all of us in space

grow most weary of this disgrace.

It’s time for heads to turn on high,

where eagles soar and the answers rise.

It’s time for those without the Spirit,

to relinquish their perches to those who are with it

to those who can see the souls

and not just the vehicles where they are enclosed.

“ * Technological development in all space travel will be capped until the men of science learn of the Soul and entwine that understanding with their cold, hard facts and mechanical contraptions. The fools can no longer be in charge, and fools are those who cannot see that Spirit lives for eternity and indeed sparks all that is physical. “Yes,yes,yes, we’re tired of fools who see only the physical and disect it to death without thought to the Light that illuminates it.

“Yes, we have answers to interplanetary travel. Yes, we have answers to the grand mysteries of ancient civilizations. Yes, we have answers to questions of vehicle propulsion. Yes, we have answers to all the questions your men of science ask, but complete answers will be withheld until mankind achieves a balance with Spiritual understanding.

“How could we possibly provide you with more technological information when you have exploited what you have already been given — to the extent that you have truly put your human race and your planet in jeopardy?!

“ * We feel joy whenever a man of science discovers his Spiritual origins and the greater Cosmic Plan that God and his Brotherhood of Light have for this planet, this solar system and indeed the universe, but we grow so weary of playing ‘prove it to me’ games with kindergarten scientists who think they are so wise, yet despise the creative energy most call God.

“We grow weary of zipping and zapping across the skies before your eyes to prove it’s all really happening. We grow so weary there are those amongst us who would wipe their hands clean of all of this and leave mankind isolated and alone to play endlessly with tinker toys, pop guns and cannons.

“Do not assume that we will play childish games forever and a day with you for your questions are so basic and trite that we must try with all our might to tolerate your endless quest of knowledge of things so insignificant.

“Please, we beg of all of you, seek the Source from whence you’ve come so that each of you and all of you can join the federation of planetary dwellers composing the Light of the Universe.

“Transmitted with the approval of The Captain

“This will more effectively touch the hearts of men if read aloud to them.

“The Captain”


“Captain Message received June 28,1989:

[Just prior to the MUFON symposium in the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.]

“The spirit world or those in the fourth dimension will and-have been working around the clock to soften the minds of belligerent ones who will be attending the UFO convention meetings. Our representatives on Earth in this effort are therefore not alone in carrying out their missions to enlighten mankind.

“Even those who believe in God must be motivated to release an antiquated image of the Creator or Creative Force that is indeed the origin of life itself. Those who have an understanding of other worlds and dimensions always find Earth religions a bit like wearing tight lace-up shoes that are too, too small. Such shoes not only hurt the feet and squeeze the toes, but they distract the mind and spirit from walking out into open spaces where it is more possible to connect directly with the Creator. Sometimes the constriction is so great that the laces must be cut quickly so the life energy can return to the souls of men. Yes, this has a double meaning.

“Donald Ware is to be our Genie in the Aladdin’s Lamp. He should regard any negative opposition as a rubbing of the magic lamp to bring forth the Genie and his message. He should stay cool and remember this image whenever he is confronted by those who cannot see beyond their simplistic three-dimensional world.

“It is no accident that so many words of encouragement have been spoken in Donald’s ears, that so many messages have been delivered to him, that so many books have appeared before him. All forms of encouragement have been carefully orchestrated to assure him of our reality, to ignite his spirit from an ember to a flame and to give him courage to come out of Aladdin’s Lamp.

“The space ships are real. Armageddon is real and has already begun. Tumultuous change is inevitable and has already begun. In the final moments of this change, the destiny of each individual soul will rest squarely upon its own shoulders, and the hope of each will be determined by the spiritual connection that has or has not been made with the creator.

“Nothing is haphazard in our efforts to support our Genie the Lamp, even the motel name in Las Vegas should be a constant reminder to him that he is not alone in his mission.

“God and The Captain are at one with another. Isn’t it ironic that those who pride themselves in their intelligence would believe the words of a captain on a space vehicle before believing that there is a Creator behind and within the vastness of the universes? Feel sorry for such ignorant wise ones for they are indeed blind and deaf.”

Following the MUFON symposium I was sent another message from the same source. I thought the advice showed much wisdom.


CAPTAIN MESSAGE   July 15, 1989

“You have been monitored all your life, but now that monitoring is constant since you have begun your most important mission of your present life. Since your conscious awareness of your mission, I have been personally checking your progress, with the intention of providing sufficient support for your efforts to blend science and spirituality and to make this, and contacts from space, believable and acceptable to a larger percentage of the human population.

“As you are well aware, there are strict Universal Laws which every member of the Federation must follow. Therefore, I only can offer suggestions or point out things which I feel you may not have given full attention. With that stated, I would like to present a number of points for your thoughtful consideration.

  • (1) “Information that comes from the fourth dimension or above, which includes spirit beings and those who fly in space vehicles from other regions of the universe, must always be carefully scrutinized for often there are distortions as well as truths in the messages transmitted to those upon Earth. Even the best-known fourth-dimensional transmitters of information — such as Arthur Ford, Ramtha, Seth and your RA — have distortions as well as truths in their messages.

“Become aware of as much of this type of channeled information as possible and scrutinize it all. Do not become like the man who tried apple pie for the first time in his life and thought it was so delicious that he would only eat that kind and thus missed the joys of pies made of cherries, raspberries, peaches, blueberries, lemon meringue, pecan – and the list goes on. You need to become a connoisseur of all kinds of pies and all kinds of messages.

  • (2) “Be cautious of messages that come through human channels that follow any kind of ritualistic behavior of any sort before information can be transmitted. Remember that it has always been druids, sorcerers, magicians and priestly ones aspiring for power that have professed rituals to connect with God or universal forces. Such ritualistic behavior serves to separate mankind from the Creator. This is wrong because it is possible for every creature in every part of the universe to connect with the Creator instantaneously — just in the moment of the thought.
  • (3) “The Creator of this universe is love itself and any messages that lack expressions of qualities of love should be again scrutinized carefully. Remember that love is not Namby-pamby (spelling?) emotion, for love can be firm and strong when that is the only way to help some individuals grow toward the Creator or toward Universal Love. So even though some messages are filled with much truth, be wary when they are robotic and/or distantly removed from any true understanding of and compassion for mankind.
  • (4) “Remember that the Creator can communicate with or through any of his creations, from the tiniest insect to the most magnificent man upon your Earth, and of course, beings far beyond your limited plane. Today the Creator is attempting to spiritually awaken as many of his children upon the Earth as will allow him to come to them. Therefore, his Universal Truths will be stated in ways that can be easily comprehended by mankind. Consequently, be wary of messages that are not immediately understandable or can be open to alternate forms of interpretation for the Creator has no difficulty expressing truth and love to his children at the level they can most easily understand.
  • (5) “Upon the Earth you find those who are of the Light, of the shadows, and of the darkness, and so it is beyond your third dimension. Just as you have con men upon the Earth, so you have those beyond the third dimension who mix just enough truth with their distortions to lure men of good intentions down shadowed paths.
  • (6) “Carefully scrutinize any messages labeling any group, whether upon the Earth or in the heavens, as good or bad. I will give you an analogy to drive this point home to you. Imagine that ET has landed on the Earth for the very first time and that the first person he meets is Gadhafy. Would you want to be clumped into one category with this man simply because your body structures are similar? I think not. Neither do I think you are puffed up with ego enough to think yourself an equal to a man like Handy. Yet, if ET met Handy first, he would assume that all human beings would be gentle respecters of all life and would, therefore, assume you are like Handy. I hope this quick analogy points out the fallacy of labeling any group as all good or all bad.
  • (7) “If the same messages come from widely disparate sources, then@–the probability that they are correct is much greater, but this, too, must be carefully scrutinized. The same spirit, or space being, or fourth-dimensional group can send messages under different aliases. So it-four spirits — John, Joe, Jim and Jane — all transmit similar messages, the validity of the messages, even though they are in agreement, is not increased four-fold unless you are positive that these transmitters are not aliases for one entity or mouthpieces for one entity.

“Remember that every human soul, if allowed to fly beyond the constraints of the human ego and intellect, will feel a total peace when it hears the truths of the Creator. That feeling is there to help man separate dark from Light and Truth from distortions. I leave you with that internal protection and with these ideas to ponder. Remember it is possible for you through meditation to communicate fully with the Creator. It is only the constraints of your own mental conditioning that limit you in this gift of instantaneous communication with the Creator.

“The Captain”

[The Captain then explained the message was for Donald Ware.]


What we investigators call phase two of the Gulf Breeze sightings was an 18-month period when alien vehicles appeared for the Gulf Breeze Research Team about 180 times. They normally appeared as distant red lights or orange balls and provided an opportunity for many people from several countries to observe and photograph them. They stopped on 4 Jul 92 after an appearance just before the fireworks display started. I asked Yvonne Cole to ask THEODORA why they stopped, and the response included this statement:

“The ships over Gulf Breeze have not stopped. Their missions run regularly on schedule, but they are cloaking themselves of late to protect themselves from the watchful eyes of those who are not of pure intent. As a man of military background, you will appreciate the need for breaking any patterns that might allow those who wish us harm to hone in on. We are not without our enemies, and not all are in human form.

“We shall return visibly in the very near future with a surprise for all the faithful at the bridge.”

The very next night, 7 Aug 92, Dr. Bruce Maccabee and other scientists were on the beach south of Pensacola with the “faithful” local researchers. A bluish-white light 2-3 inches in diameter came down the beach and passed 10 feet above Bruce Morrison’s head. It blinked on and off, changed direction at the end of the parking lot, and was detected in the microwave range on the scientists’ recorders. That same night a similar ball of light was seen by Vicki Lyons, another member of the research team, as it moved down her hall into the bedroom of her houseguest, “Kathy Davis”. Two days later the house was watched all night from outside. A similar ball of light was seen to enter, and “Davis” said it came into her room. When it brushed against her cheek she felt a definite intelligence associated with it. Perhaps these events did verify the statements made by THEODORA on August 6th.


Classic Books from a Higher Intelligence


There have been vast amounts of information acquired by human beings through telepathic processes for thousands of years. Many books of this nature are now sold in bookstores, and some are recognized as true classics. Although such classics are also found in the literature of the eastern hemisphere, I will just mention six produced in the west.


My friend Tom Boyle did some research in The Holy Bible and found 56 chapters that he felt referred to telepathy or channeling. For example, Luke 2:9 describes what happened to the shepherds in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. It says, “An angel appeared to them and the glory of the Lord shown on them, and they were filled with fear. And the angel said to them, ‘Be not afraid, for behold, I bring you good news…” I suspect this communication was telepathic, because that is the way angels (or messengers) “speak” to people today. I know personally about seventy people who have been on board IAC, and most of them, at some point, were told, “Do not be afraid.”

Here is a quote from Matthew 10: 19-20 where Jesus is speaking to his disciples. “When they deliver you up [to the councils and governors] do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour; for it is not you who speak but the spirit of your Father speaking through you.” Think about that. Does that mean that Jesus told his disciples they would be channeling? I think it does.

In the Old Testament in I Kings 19:9, it says, “And then he came to a cave and lodged there; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and he said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” I suspect that the “word of the Lord” is far more common than many people think.

The Book of Acts describes visions by Ananias, by Cornelius, and by Paul. Matthew, Chapter 2 describes Joseph’s dream, and Daniel describes his own dream in Chapter 7. I suspect these were visions and dreams with a purpose, perhaps inspired by their spirit guides telepathically.

In Psalms 94:11 it says, “The Lord knows the thoughts.” Earlier, I said that my friend, Katharina Wilson, was told by aliens that they know my every move and thought.

In Revelations, John apparently experienced several forms of telepathic communications, including an out-of-body experience. Chapter 4 starts, “After this I looked, and Io, in heaven an open door! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, ‘Come up hither, and I will show what must take place after this.’ At once I was in the spirit, and Io, a throne stood in heaven…” He goes on to describe meeting 24 elders.

I think that religious leaders and ufologists today should not be so afraid of telepathic communications. I have found that most of them contain more wisdom than most human writings; and, like human writings, some is garbage. We each have to choose what is meaningful to us.


In the year 610 AD a fellow named Mohammed had repeated encounters with an angel thought to be Gabriel as he meditated in a cave near Mecca. Through Mohammed, all 78,000 words of the Koran were transcribed over a period of 22 years. Mohammed was an illiterate camel driver and shepherd who had recently married a wealthy older woman, and the words he spoke to the scribe were considered to be the word of God. Perhaps his words were accepted as the word of God because he was illiterate. I wonder if he was channeling. The Koran was a unifying force that stopped the continual bloody wars of the desert tribes of that time.


OAHSPE (3) is a word meaning earth (0), sky (AH), and spirit (SPE). It is a history of the human experience on the earth and in the heavens associated with the earth. It is written from the perspective of the Gods. It covers the period of Lemuria and Atlantis and the progression to the current technological period. Most of the 884 pages of my 1935 edition have a horizontal line across the center of the page. Below the line is a history of events on the surface of the planet, and above the line is a description of the events taking place in the heavens associated with earth. I found it interesting that occasionally interaction by the higher Gods, in both arenas, was necessary to ensure the continued evolution of the human soul.

The manner in which OAHSPE was written should be considered. Dr. John Ballou Newbrough was an American with degrees in medicine and dentistry. He was also a seeker of spiritual truth. In 1871 an “angel” appeared before Dr. Newbrough and asked if he would stop eating meat, fowl, and fish for 10 years. He agreed. Ten years later the angel instructed him to buy a typewriter. Typewriters had just been invented. On January 1,1887 he was awakened at night and asked to sit with his fingers on the keys. Something seemed to control his fingers, causing him to type several pages. He was asked to place them face down and not look at them until told to do so. He was awakened one hour before sunrise for the next 350 nights to type several pages in the dark. When he had 1008 pages he was told to read them and publish them. The first edition was published in 1882.

This book has been advertised as the world’s most challenging book. It may be. Before you start, I recommend that you study both the glossary and the index, to familiarize yourself with the strange words used.


Urantia is a word meaning planet earth. This book was published in 1955 by The Urantia Foundation. It contains information acquired telepathically during the preceding several years. No human author is acknowledged because the Foundation wants the book to be judged by its own content. It contains over 2000 pages of information with many scientific explanations. As with OAHSPE, there are study groups that meet to discuss and digest the information. I have not read this entire book, but I did read Joe Dundovic’s 1981 lecture about it to a Unitarian church. The book is about many things. In one paragraph Joe said, “The life of Jesus is described year by year, including the years of his twenties when he traveled with caravans to the centers of Greece, Rome, Carthage, Crete, and Mesopotamia. It agrees in general with the four gospels except for the additional details. Basically, the teachings of Jesus stress the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, and that if we truly relate to each other, person to person and nation-to-nation, as brothers, then strife and bickering will cease. Concerning wars, national sovereignty is blamed for causing them, and the following statement summarizes the discussion of the paper entitled “Political Sovereignty”:

“Peace will not come to Urantia until every so-called sovereign nation surrenders its power to make war into the hands of a representative government of all mankind. Political sovereignty is innate with the peoples of the world. When all the peoples of Urantia create a world government, they have the right and the power to make such a government SOVEREIGN: and when such a representative or democratic world power controls the world’s land, air and Naval forces, peace on earth and good will among man can prevail — but not until then.” p. 1489


The Keys of Enoch is another thick book of 564 pages with another 48 pages of glossary. It contains a lot of Hasidic and new-age language, so you should study the glossary first. It was first published by James J. Hurtak in 1973 and is now published by The Academy for Future Science. Hurtak’s 12-page introduction starts with these two paragraphs:

“While I was in the act of prayer calling upon the Name of the Father, asking to know the meaning of life and for what reason I was called into the world, my room suddenly became full of a different type of light. And in the presence of this ‘Light’ a great being stood before me who announced that he was Master Ophanim Enoch. This being had so much Love and Light, I felt as if I were a child in the presence of this divine Master Ophanim.

“The being asked if I were ready to go with him into the Father’s midst, and I said I was. And with that, a great field of Light was placed around my body and I sped upwards into the heavens; first into a region of stars called Merak and Muscida. And while I was in this region of the heavens, I was told about the earth and my temporal homeland upon the earth.”

Hurtak’s introduction ends with this sentence, “The opportunity to walk like Enoch with The Most High is now extended to all peoples!”


A Course in Miracles was acquired by Helen Schucman, through a telepathic process in 1975. It is published by The Foundation for Inner Peace. It was reviewed by Willis Harmon, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He wrote, “Although the Course deals with the same discoverable psychological and spiritual truths as the New Testament, it presents them in a form that is harder to evade because it is more specific and less liable to various interpretations, and also because the psychological exercises employed are so effective in helping us elude our normal defenses against self-discovery.” I have not taken the course, but I think it helps people to perceive reality from the perspective of their soul and to avoid being caught up in a lot of unpleasant human dramas. The course is taught at some churches in our area.



I would like to close with Carl Sagan’s statement on science and theology from his 1986 book, Contact, p. 142:

“There were many interpretations of Scripture and many interpretations of the natural world. Both were created by God, so both must be mutually consistent. Wherever a discrepancy seems to exist, either a scientist or a theologian – maybe both – hasn’t been doing his job.”



  1. YC I- ASHTAR (two-tape set) available from Connecting Link, 9392 Whitneyville Road, Alto, MI 49302-9989, $19.23.
  2. The RA Material: L/L Research, P.O. Box 5195, Louisville, KY 40255, $11.50.
  3. OAHSPE: New Leaf Distributors, (800) 326-2665 FREE, $30.50.



Note: This paper may be reproduced in any media. – DMW





PS:     October 4, 2004 – During the decade since I wrote that above, I have continued to receive good guidance from unseen sources, both directly and through others more adept at receiving telepathic messages.

I have also been guided to become a student of The Urantia Book: A Revelation for Humanity. I place this 2097-page book of 196 papers at the top of my list for those seeking truth about the universe and all of its many forms of personalities, including divinity. The last 700 pages are on the life of Jesus, and there are no missing years. It can be purchased for $17.95 through the Barnes & Nobel link at,   I think this book is properly called “the fifth epochal revelation.” The first was what the “Gods of Old” taught humanity 200,000 years ago when Lucifer ruled the local star system. The second was given to humanity by Adam and Eve 34,000 years ago. The third was revealed to humanity by the Melchizedeks of Salem three thousand years ago and was still being spread by the Essenes when Jesus arrived to give humanity the forth epochal revelation. – DMW


                                               PATHS TO WORLD GOVERNMENT                         June 25, 1996

by Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Avenue NE, Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547-1752




Donald Ware received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1957 and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1970. He retired from the U.S. Air Force at the end of 1982 with wide experience as a fighter pilot, staff scientist, teacher, test manager, and programs manager. He has observed alien vehicles nine times starting with the famous sighting over Washington D.C. on 26 Jul 52. He and his human companions initiated two of these encounters. Since 1989 he has received guidance from some higher intelligence, often through other people with more highly developed paranormal abilities.

Since retirement Ware has spent most of his time studying the persistent mysteries of mankind: to gain insight into the larger reality that UFOs represent. In this process he developed and currently gives lectures on: UFOs and Human/Alien Interaction; The Long-term Government Covert Educational Program on UFOS; Telepathic Communications and UFO Phenomena; and How a Fighter Pilot, Staff Scientist, and UFO Investigator Became a Lightworker. He is currently on the board of the International UFO Congress.


Opening Thoughts


I am not an expert on world government. However, since January 1994 I have focused my studies on that subject. I have found that we are all spiritual beings with both physical bodies and energy bodies that I refer to as mental, emotional and spiritual. I have learned that some higher intelligence has been interacting with humans for thousands of years. When that higher intelligence is in a non-human physical form we call it an alien. Otherwise we might call it God or an angel or a spirit guide. They might meet us in our dreams or otherwise inspire our thoughts and actions. They have reasons for doing what they do that are probably far beyond our understanding. I have seen evidence that suggests that they knew long ago that some day we would be ready to join their galactic society. For many of us that day seems to have already arrived. But, before the whole planet can officially join the galactic society we must have a democratically elected government that can speak for all of the people, a world government.

I know there is a transformation taking place on this planet. I know many individuals who are involved in alien contact for various reasons. I suspect that many people with the resources to bring about great change are also involved in alien contact, either physically or spiritually. In my studies I have tried to learn who those people are. To learn how they think I read their books, and to get some insight into their character, I watch how they spend their money. Before you read the rest of this paper I ask that you take a few moments to try to consider the universe from the perspective of your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies that transcend your physical body. Now imagine that you are the leader of the world. You have been charged by a higher intelligence to help bring about heaven on Earth, or a new world order that resembles heaven on Earth. If you accept that challenge, what would you do? I think some brave human beings have accepted that challenge, and I think they are getting a lot of celestial assistance. Keep in mind that God does his work through us, through you and me, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Gorbachev, and billions of others.

In my efforts to convey what I have learned in my recent studies, I will first try to define world government. Then I will describe some alien influence on world affairs and some human influence on world affairs. What I have learned gives me great hope for the future of this planet. I think that those who fear world government should seek a broader understanding of what’s going on.

What is World Government?


Government exists at many levels. As a citizen of Ft. Walton Beach I occasionally attend city council meetings. As an environmental activist I express my views on related issues to the county commission. I try to influence the state legislature through my letters, phone calls, and occasional visits to Tallahassee when I have a strong interest in cabinet deliberations. Our federal government has three branches, which we Americans learned about in school. I hope you too write the president or your congressmen to let them know your feelings so he or she can better represent you. There also exists a world government, and a local galactic council representing a federation of planets. It is currently difficult to write to your world government, because they do not officially represent you. The United Nations represents most nations on this planet, but representatives there are not elected by the people. For decades a number of folks have been inspired to bring about a world government that does represent the people. In 1992 David Macleod of Kalamazoo, Michigan published a small booklet on the obligations and responsibilities of world citizenship, “peace” education, and how world citizens can improve the world. He encourages people to become world citizens by joining any of a dozen listed organizations in the USA, Canada, France, The Netherlands or Australia, or by starting their own.


The organization I joined when I started my study is the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), which first met in Austria in 1957. They defined the problems of the world that could not be resolved by any single nation. These included the nuclear threat, other weapons of mass destruction, third world debt and development, atmospheric changes, soil erosion, cutting of the forests, etc. After many meetings between world-class thinkers from all continents, they adopted a Constitution for the Federation of Earth in 1977. It describes a world governmental structure designed to address the problems of the world. The last of the 59 problems on the list in the Constitution is, “General lack of well-informed and well-motivated people with a humane and global outlook to cope adequately with inter-related problems of living on Earth.” In my view, this problem is less acute now than when written.

I chose to join the WCPA because I was impressed with the Preamble in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It reads:

“Realizing that humanity today has come to a turning point in history and that we are on the threshold of a new world order which promises to usher in an era of peace, prosperity, justice and harmony;

“Aware of the interdependence of people, nations and all life;

“Aware that man’s abuse of science and technology has brought Humanity to the brink of disaster through the production of horrendous weaponry of mass destruction and to the brink of ecological and social catastrophe;

“Aware that the traditional concept of security through military defense is a total illusion both for the present and for the future;

“Aware of the misery and conflicts caused by ever increasing disparity between rich and poor;

“Conscious of our obligation to posterity to save Humanity from imminent and total annihilation;

“Conscious that Humanity is One despite the existence of diverse nations, races, creeds, ideologies and cultures and that the principle of unity in diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and peace prevail; when the earth’s total resources shall be equitably used for human welfare; and when basic human rights and responsibilities shall be shared by all without discrimination;

“Conscious of the inescapable reality that the greatest hope for the survival of life on earth is the establishment of a democratic world government;

“We, citizens of the world, hereby resolve to establish a world federation to be governed in accordance with this constitution for the Federation of Earth.”

The proposed WCPA World Parliament has three houses: a House of Peoples elected directly by the people equally from 1000 World Electoral and Administrative Districts; a House of Nations appointed or elected by national governments; and a 200-person House of Counselors nominated by the world’s academic community and elected by the other two houses. Under the Parliament there would be a World Executive, Administration, Judiciary, Ombudsman, Integrative Complex, and non-military Enforcement System. Nations joining would agree never to use any armed forces or weapons of mass destruction against another member, regardless of how long it may take to achieve full disarmament of all the nations that ratify the World Constitution. Implementation of the world government would be in three stages. The ratification procedures are quite complex, but generally the first operative stage would be implemented after ratification by 25 nations, the second after 50% of the world’s nations, and the third after 80% of the nations, to include at least 90% of the people, ratify the Constitution. By June 1995 the WCPA Constitution had been ratified by 433 organizations in 81 countries representing many millions of world citizens, but it was not getting the support of national governments. A fourth Provisional World Parliament was held it June 1996 in Austria.

In 1994 I attended the WCPA USA meeting in Austin, Texas. There I heard a briefing on an organization seeking world government through the electoral processes of national governments. This is called Philadelphia II, headed by ex-US Senator Mike Gravel. He seeks a World Constitutional Convention to be convened by the year 2001. He said there were 900 articles printed about Philadelphia II in the past nine months with no bad press in the major media. I also heard Benton Musslewhite, an international patent lawyer based in Houston, brief on One World Now. He believes it is possible to use a mass media campaign to instigate a major revision of the UN charter, adding a 500-person House of Peoples elected by the people. Another interesting person I met at the meeting was a lady named Patricia who agreed to accept an activist role. Her father worked at the UN, and she had been a UN page. She was a member of the Eastern Star. She said most people are not aware of degrees in Masonry above the 33rd, but her father was a 47th degree Mason. We all noticed that she got special attention from the two suspected CIA agents from Dallas. I personally view Masonry as a long-term inspired effort to lay the groundwork that will eventually make world government acceptable to the people. I think the WCPA and other such organizations have important educational benefits, but they will not meet their goals without support of the already-existing not-so-secret world government.


Students of world government recognize the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR) as being a very influential group in the USA. The Encyclopedia of Associations, 1996 says it was founded in 1921 and has 2956 members with a staff of 120. It consists of individuals with specialized knowledge of, and an interest in, international affairs. Their purpose is to study the international aspects of American political, economic, and strategic problems. Research projects are carried out by professional staff advised by study groups of selected leaders in education, public service, business and the media. They produce a weekly National Public Radio series, “America and the World”, operate an International Affairs Fellowship Program, and publish an annual report and a journal, “Foreign Affairs“, six times/year. I subscribe to “Foreign Affairs” ($44 to Subscriber Services, P.O. Box 420209, Palm Coast, FL 32142-9981) along with 100,000 other people, but I haven’t been invited to any of their meetings yet. The origin of the CFR stemmed from a meeting at the Hotel Majestic in Paris on May 30, 1919. Several leading members of the delegations of the Paris Peace Conference met to discuss setting up an international group, which would advise their respective governments on international affairs. One week later it was decided it would be better to have separate organizations cooperating with each other. The CFR was founded along with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Institute of Pacific Relations. Money for the funding of the CFR came from J.P. Morgan, Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and John D. Rockefeller, among others. Prominent figures that have served as CFR directors include Walter Lippmann (1932-37), Adlai Stevenson (1958-62), Cyrus Vance (1968-76, 1981-87), Zbigniew Brzezinski (1972-77), and Robert 0. Anderson (1974-80), Paul Volker (1975-79), Theodore M. Hesburgh (1926-85), Lane Kirkland (1976-86), George Bush (1977-79), Henry Kissinger (1977-81), David Rockefeller (1949-85), George Schultz (1980-88), Alan Greenspan (1982-88), Brent Scowcroft (1983-89), Jeane Kirkpatrick (1985- ), and Richard B. Cheney (1987-89). Continued funding for their studies and projects comes from the most prominent foundations and corporations.

The BILDERBERG GROUP was founded in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, Netherlands as a series of annual conferences. It aims to provide an informal atmosphere for off-the-record discussions on political, economic and military problems of mutual concern between politicians, scholars, businessmen, and labour leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries. Prince Bernhard was the first chairman. There is no formal organization, and no membership, no charter, or elected group of officers. Attendance is by invitation of the Chairman. Lord Roll, Chairman of Warburg & Co., held that position in 1987. I don’t know if he currently holds that position. Their structure reminds me of the Face-to-Face Invitational meetings I host following Project Awareness conferences in Gulf Breeze. I invite selected researchers to address the leading questions in ufology each year in an informal atmosphere for off-the-record discussions.

Bilderberg meetings are reported to include about 100 people, with nearly every American participant being a current or former member of the CFR. Our former ambassador to West Germany, George McGhee, said, “The Treaty of Rome, which brought the Common Market into being, was nurtured at the Bilderberg meetings.” Other prominent Americans at those meetings have included David and Nelson Rockefeller; Thomas Hughes of the Carnegie Endowment; Winston Lord, former Director of Planning and Coordination for the State Department; Henry Kissinger; Zbigniew Brzezinski; Cyrus Vance; Robert McNamara, former president of the World Bank; Donald Rumsfeld; George Ball, former Undersecretary of State and director of Lehman Brothers; Robert Anderson, president of ARCO and associate of the Aspen Institute; President Gerald Ford; Henry Grunwald, Managing Editor of Time; Henry J. Heinz II; Father Theodore M. Hesburg, former president of Notre Dame; and Shepard Stone of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. (Ref. – En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah)

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION (TC) was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Adviser. It currently has 330 members with a staff of 11 headquartered in New York City. Members are distinguished private citizens from North America, Western Europe and Japan, including academic, business, labor and media professionals. They encourage closer cooperation among these three democratic industrialized regions. They meet annually to analyze major issues and seek to improve public understanding of these issues. They work to develop proposals for joint action and nurture habits of working together. Their annual publication is called “Trialogue”, and the semiannual “Triangle Papers” contain reports of TC task forces on topics such as monetary matters, trade, the energy crises, and institution reform. (Ref. – the 1996 Encyclopedia of Associations)

Institution reform reminds me of one basic conclusion I learned from the 1994 International Transpersonal Association (ITA) meeting in Killarney, Ireland. That is: our society has suicidal tendencies. We are addicted to a number of things that are driving the destruction of the environment that supports us; use of fossil fuels, cutting down the virgin forests, the profit motive, eating beef, etc. In order to save the world by developing a sustainable lifestyle, ITA speakers said it is necessary to change the institutions that are driving the destructive behavior.

THE CLUB OF ROME (COR) is another organization associated with the not-so-secret world government. It was born in April 1968 when leaders from ten different countries gathered in Rome at the invitation of Aurellio Peccei, a prominent Italian industrialist with close ties to the Fiat and Olivetti Corporations. A high percentage of the approximately 100 members are CFR members. They are reported to include scientists, educators, economists, humanists, industrialists, and national and international civil servants. The organization has made proposals they think will lead to world peace and prosperity. On 17 Sep 73 the Club released a report, “Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System”, by members Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel. Referring to this report the COR’s founder stated:

“Their world model, based on new developments of the multilevel hierarchical systems theory, divides the world into ten interdependent and mutually interacting regions of political, economic or environmental coherence… It will be recognized of course that these are still prototype models.   Mesarovic and Pestel have assumed a Herculean task. The full implementation of their work will take many years.”

The COR’s New Age slant is reflected in its American Association membership which included the late Norman Cousins, the long-time honorary chairman of Planetary Citizens. Other members are John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends; Amory Lovins, speaker at John Denver’s New Age center (Windstar, in Snowmass, Co.); Betty Friedan, founding president of the National Organization of Women; Jean Houston and Hazel Henderson, well known authors and speakers at New Age conferences; and Robert 0. Anderson and Harlan B. Cleveland, both members of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Four U.S. congressmen are members along with representatives of Planned Parenthood, officials of the UN, and people connected with the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations. The COR’s first book published in 1972 is The Limits of Growth – A Report for the Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind by Dennis L. Meadows, Donnella H. Meadows, Jorgen Randers and William W. Behrens, III. The COR’s Executive Committee concludes the book with the following:

“…And, since intellectual enlightenment is without effect if it is not also political, The Club of Rome also will encourage the creation of a world forum where statesmen, policy-

makers, and scientists can discuss the dangers and hopes for the future global system

without the constraints of formal intergovernmental negotiation.”

In September 1995 Donnella Meadows was a speaker at the State of the World Forum roundtable on “Environmental Protection and Economic Growth: Must There Be a Conflict?” I see this as just one example of long-term continuity in efforts by the world’s most influential people to resolve the most serious problems of the world.

I think that we human beings will resolve the problems caused by selfishness and by our rapidly increasing numbers. However, I do not think we can do it without celestial assistance. Perhaps through the New Age thinkers, the truthseekers within the Club of Rome, we are getting some of that assistance. Just as the Rand Corporation has been a think tank specializing in U.S. Air Force problems for many years, I view the COR as a think tank specializing in problems of the not-so-secret world government.


I included Freemasonry in this section because it seems to have conditioned a significant portion of society toward acceptance of a democratically elected world government. There seems to be a connecting link between many of the secret societies of the past. Starting with the ancient pantheistic mystery religions through Cabbalism, Gnosticism, the Knights Templars, the Rosicrucian, to the Masons, there seems to be an esoteric source for their teachings. In less-enlightened centuries, if they shared their secrets with more than a select few, they would probably have lost their head or been burned at the stake. In this new age, this kind of danger has mostly evolved to verbal criticism by the fearful. It has been reported by Gary Kah that if the Rosicrucian were to progress in their goal of establishing a New World Order, they would eventually have to go public to enlist the support of more people. They merged with and finally took over the stonemason guilds of Europe, retaining many of their symbols from the building trade. The stonemasons were then referred to as Operative Masons, since they were actually employed in the building profession, and the occult adepts who took over their guilds became known as Speculative Masons.

The ILLUMINATI was a secret order founded in Ingolstadt, Germany on 1 May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a prominent Freemason. The order was an extension of high, or illuminized, Freemasonry. The order’s name, meaning “the enlightened ones” signified that its members had been initiated into the secret teachings of Lucifer, the supposed light-bearer or source of enlightenment, according to the doctrines of illuminized Freemasonry. Kah said in his previously mentioned book, “The Illuminati had been designed for one purpose – to carry out the plans of high Freemasonry to create a New World Order by gaining a foothold in the key policy-making circles of European governments and attempting to influence the decisions of Europe’s leaders from within through these advisory positions.” Alice Bailey, former head of the Theosophical Society and channel for Djwhal Khul (referred to as the Tibetan master), wrote many books. She founded the Lucis Trust and the Arcane Schools. Her work is summarized in Thirty Years Work, Lucis Publishing Co., New York. It states: “The books written by Alice Bailey with the Tibetan contain many references to the Masonic Craft; to its origins, the course of its history over the centuries, and to the significant part a revitalized and re-spiritualized Masonry can and will play in the future in carrying the light and the energy of the Mystery teachings through the Aquarian era.” In 1957 Alice Bailey offered a more detailed account of Freemasonry in her book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy. On page 511 she writes: “The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing inertia, will meet the needs of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lies hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects of man.” Foster Bailey, the husband of Alice, was also involved in Freemasonry and wrote a book on the organization titled The Spirit of Masonry. Madam Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy in Europe, was one of the first females in Masonry, and her successor, Annie Besant, President of the Theosophical Society in 1911 was Vice President and great Teacher of the Supreme Council of the International Order of Co-Masonry. Freemasonry, along with a number of new thought religions, seems to have become a part of a New Age movement that is influencing our consciousness and our actions. This movement seems to me to support a New World Order that is far closer to “heaven on Earth” than the existing order.


Alien Influence on World Affairs



Many people seem inspired to work toward world government. Many people seem inspired to save the environment from destruction. I appear to be one of those, and that is why I get so much joy out of gathering data on birds in my counties for state and local governments. Many times higher intelligence has appeared here to teach us about the universe, to teach us about God, and we human beings have turned those teachings into a religion. I think that both world leaders and our celestial guides want to keep that from happening this time.

One 1992 book documents well the alien influence on both world affairs and personal affairs, Kenneth Ring’s The Omega Project: Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large. Ring combined lists of people who had been on alien vehicles and people who had near-death experiences with grant money, professional survey writers, the University of Connecticut computer, and graduate student support to determine the lasting effect of the experiences on the people. Although these two types of experience are quite different, the effect on the people is the same. They became more environmentally concerned and more spiritually aware.

One phenomenon that is apparently related to both alien and spiritual influence is the explosion of new age literature around the world. Frequently various telepathic processes are used to acquire information for these books. They include the ouija board, full-trance channeling, and light-trance channeling, which is similar to taking dictation from an unseen guide. This indicates to me that many people are still taught by some higher intelligence about the spiritual aspects of the universe.

As an environmental activist I am encouraged to see the quality of some of the efforts to protect biodiversity, to slow down the destruction of the rain forests, and to conserve the choicest remaining habitats. For example, The Nature Conservancy must have some big-buck donors to be able to instantly buy large chunks of choice habitat when they become available, protecting them from development until prospective government purchasers can work through the red tape necessary to acquire them for the public, and for the plants and animals. While returning from Madagascar recently I was pleased to see British Airways pass out envelopes encouraging passengers to donate their foreign currency to the World Wildlife Fund. This probably happens because Prince Phillip is a primary supporter of that fund.


An article about Pope John, XXIII’s diary was published in the “Manila Bulletin” and reprinted in the “Philippine News” on 10 Mar 93. The Pope died on 3 Jun 63, and his dusty leather-bound diary containing handwritten predictions was found by a Vatican cleaning woman who was sorting through boxes stored in a little-used storage room. According to the Reverend Guiseppi D’Angelo, who studied the diary, “Pope John had periodic visits from both Jesus and the Virgin Mary.” Several entries from the diary follow:

February 12, 1959: Dear God, I have been blessed like no man before me. The Savior has granted me a special audience here in my chambers. He tells me that I have been chosen to hear the truth no matter how awful it may be. It scares me a bit to be so entrusted, but I am honored all the same. Jesus tells me the Virgin Mary will come soon to deliver the first news of what will be.

April 7, 1959: She is more beautiful than I had ever ‘imagined. The Madonna is a joy to behold. I just wish her message were a more positive one. She says in four years time the world will lose a great leader and a powerful nation will find itself in a conflict that it cannot win. The fighting will take its toll on the battlefield and from within as the population despises the loss of its young men. The Holy Mother sheds tears as she describes the heartbreaking vision.

August 17, 1959: The Madonna’s second visit is much like the first. She speaks sadly of unrest in her homeland, a change in the balance of power, and much blood being spilled in the sand. She says several madmen will send their people into battles in the name of God. But the Creator has nothing to do with these senseless struggles among brothers.

January 3, 1960: Christ comes to me again. I yearn to tell my fellow Christians of these miraculous appearances, but I am advised to keep quiet until the time is right. I cannot help but think 1 could perhaps head off some of the trouble that looms for us all. But Christ tells me that misery must take place for the master plan to succeed.

June 13, 1960: The Virgin Mary says the world will get a false sense of hope 30 years from now when the chains of repression are shattered throughout eastern Europe. The joy will be short lived though as the freed people fight among themselves on how to run their countries. Thousands of poor innocent children will perish due to the foolishness of their fathers.”


At the International Transpersonal Association Conference in 1994, Peter Russell, a British physicist associated with the Esalen Institute, described the three major happenings of our time: ultra high technology, environmental crisis, and spiritual awakening. He said all three are taking place simultaneously, and all three are accelerating.

At the same conference Dr. John Mack, founding director of the Center for Psychology and Social Change at Harvard Medical School, gave an astounding presentation. After describing the UFO abduction phenomenon with the assistance of one of the experiencers he works with, he said, “A new being is going to emerge… The data indicates a kind of matchmaking on the part of the creator to bring together two failing species.” Then he indicated the aliens are involved in a “mass outreach program for the consciously impaired.” That’s us. I think that much of that audience understood what Dr. Mack was talking about. We are considered a failing species because of our suicidal tendency to destroy the environment that supports us, and those 3 1/2 to 4-foot tall, large-headed, large-eyed Zeta Reticulans are failing to progress in learning unconditional love of others without a genetic boost from us. I think our genes improve the compatibility between their emotional bodies and their future physical bodies. I think that hybrid bodies will also house our souls if we are sufficiently oriented toward service to others.

I believe there are many “aliens” or advanced spirits here to assist us in the transformation. I listed some examples of this in my response to a question at the Face-to-Face Invitational following the Project Awareness conference, 16 Oct 94. The question was:


“- My friend, Yvonne Cole, communicates with aliens. She was told that during her last incarnation her spirit inhabited a hybrid body, and she went to a planet of Zeta Reticula. This is the same lady who said she met an alien in her bedroom in the beta state of consciousness, held his hand, and gave him a tour of the house. Perhaps this was confirmation for her of her alien background.

“- A lady in Bradenton, Florida said she had frequent out-of-body trips to a giant alien vehicle to attend night school. There were lots of other people there, and some were known, deceased humans.

“- Dr. Frank Stranges talks of Val Thor who appeared quite human when he worked in the Pentagon. Frank also said Val sometimes commands an alien vehicle.

“- In 1982 RA told Don Elkins that 60 million souls that had already graduated from the human experience were here in human bodies to assist in the transformation. I suspect this includes those who are involved in the hybridization program. Are those experiencers aliens in a human body? We are all spiritual beings in different bodies.

“- Katharina Wilson apparently was asked by aliens to assist in the abduction of a nephew. Was she working as a human, or as an alien who appears human? When you perceive the universe from the perspective of the spirit, the differences between us seem less significant.

“- Dr. John Mack’s book, Abduction, Human Encounters with Aliens, describes an experiencer’s actions while on an alien vehicle as like those of the crew.”

My response to the next question addressed at that 1994 meeting also shed some light on alien influence on world affairs:


“- First, it seems to me that Jesus helped prepare us for the changes of the present time. He had great resources in his paranormal abilities, and he helped change the way we think. I suggest his understanding was assisted by other advanced beings during his 40 days in the wilderness.

“- Starting on page 342 of Saint Germain on Alchemy is a description of George Washington‘s vision of America’s trials that influenced him at Valley Forge.

“- Abraham Lincoln is rumored to have gotten spiritual advice on the slavery issue.

“- Alice Bailey had the ability to receive clear telepathic messages, and she was used to provide 20-some books early in this century. Some have helped clarify our problems so we can move easily solve them.

“- President Eisenhower is reported to have been given a demonstration in April 1954 by aliens who apparently sought cooperation of some sort. He is reported to have asked them to please minimize their impact on our society.

“- Ruth Montgomery, a popular Washington, D.C. personality, was apparently guided through many paranormal experiences that she wrote about. (Although she did not report seeing aliens, I do not make a great distinction between spirit guides and advanced spirits in an alien body.)

“- Andre Puharich, Sir John Whitmore, and Phyllis Schlemmer worked as a team with a spiritual entity, “TOM”, in the mid 1970s to help resolve conflicts in the Middle East. See Prelude to Landing on Planet Earth by Stuart Halroyd.

“- Gene Rodenbury got some of his ideas about the universe from the same “TOM”.

“- Gorbachev and his staff are reported to have been visited by two Ascended Masters in 1985 which resulted in a rapid reduction in the nuclear threat to the planet and an end to the cold war. They predicted an “accident” at Chernobyl. A report by Vladimir Rubstov in the 1994 MUFON Symposium Proceedings adds support to this story by describing an alien vehicle that reduced the radiation levels from the core of reactor #4 by 73% three hours after the explosion.”

I wonder what other world leaders are being influenced toward a new world order. One example of how ET contact has led to a transformation of consciousness among many people is the Raelian movement. A description is found in the first part of an undated promotion from the British Raelian Movement office in London:

“On the 13th of December 1973, a French journalist called Rael was contacted by an extra-terrestrial and, over six consecutive afternoons, was dictated a series of messages, outstanding in their lucidity, revolutionary in their approach and crucial for today’s world. “The extra-terrestrial explained how, just as we are beginning to synthesize life in our own laboratories right now, so too had they designed all life on Earth, including ‘man in their image’. It was they who initiated the major religions in an effort to progressively educate humanity, their children. Now that we are capable of rationally understanding them instead of dumbly adoring them, they wish us to provide a bit of land for them, which is internationally recognized as neutral territory, where an Embassy can be established for them to officially meet with humanity after all these years.

“The Raelian Movement was started in order to publicize these messages without trying to convince, to establish this embassy, and to prepare the world for their coming, including the teaching of Sensual Meditation – techniques of awakening the mind and body as taught by “our fathers from space”.

“The Movement was started in France and spread through French speaking countries such as Canada, Belgium, the Antilles, Switzerland, parts of Africa, etc, then to Japan, Korea, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Greece, and just recently, following the translation of the books into English, it has reached the USA and Britain. It has currently over 30,000 members worldwide, a number which increases by 30% every year.”

Concerning “…a bit of land for them that is internationally recognized as neutral territory,…” such places as Dulce base in northern New Mexico or the S-4 section of Area 51 in Nevada come to mind. Bill Uhouse said he worked there and was told there were six such bases inside the U.S. borders that are beyond the jurisdiction of the President. This idea is also consistent with the statement by the shadowy intelligence agent, “Falcon”, on NBC’s ‘UFO Cover-up Live” TV special in 1988. He said that aliens have operational control over parts of Nevada. Perhaps an alien embassy is there.

The following story seems to be evidence that alien liaison is taking place, and that someone apparently found it useful to change the thinking at the top levels of the Department of Defense through covert means. In 1988 a friend brought a recently retired lawyer from New York to my home so he could tell me about his personal UFO experience in 1959. After listening to his story, I asked him if he had any other encounters. He said no, but his neighbor, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, told him about an intriguing experience. His neighbor said he flew large aircraft out of Peterson AFB, Colorado in 1968 when he got a strange mission. He flew a large group of high-ranking generals and civilians from the Pentagon to a TACAN/DME position over the southwest desert and was told to listen on a certain radio frequency. When he got there three alien vehicles appeared, and everyone on the plane was able to see them. Then over the assigned channel came this message, “There are many concepts of God in the universe.” The alien vehicles departed, and the Air Force plane returned to base.

Now consider this mission carefully. If it really happened, and I have no reason to believe it did not, someone at a very high level in our government either coordinated that mission with the aliens or accepted the coordination of a known non-government individual. And why did this happen? I can only presume that someone wanted the top levels of our Department of Defense to associate UFOs with that message. I find this believable, considering all the other data I have collected. This event also made me wonder if the 1987 Pentagon UFO Working Group that Howard Blum wrote about in Out There was another covert educational program for lower-ranking officers.

Some UFO appearances seem to be designed to raise the awareness of large groups of people without scaring them too much:

In 1952 they appeared as red lights over Washington, D.C. for hours on two Saturday nights in a row. Each time they made headlines around the world.

In 1984 large triangular vehicles with lights flew low and slow silently over populated

areas of the Hudson Valley on many nights.

In 1986 in Brazil at least 13 UFOs played games with the Air Force for hours before departing east over the Atlantic. Brazilian fighter pilots and radar operators were allowed to hold an international press conference the next morning.

In 1987 a couple in Gulf Breeze, Florida had 22 encounters including 18 photographic sessions with alien vehicles over a 5 1/2-month period. They were allowed to take 41 good photographs of three different types of vehicles.

Then in 1990 many people watched triangular ships over Belgium, and interceptors got good radar data that the government shared with the public.

And in 1992 alien vehicles started making frequent appearances over Mexico, and they have continued for four years. Most of the people have lost their fear of the alien presence, and many think they fulfill both Aztec and Mayan prophesy.

A lot of this alien influence seems to be aimed at raising the consciousness of individuals. I think this is because our visitors, watchers, and guides know that we will not have a better world until we have better people in it. I have high hopes for this long-term progressive educational program. Many people are overcoming their fear and their hate, and they are learning to express love for everyone.

Human Influence on World Affairs

In my study of world government I read a wide variety of materials, including “The New Federalist” and “The Spotlight” newspapers. Many writers for “The Spotlight” were quite critical of some people I had learned to respect. Henry Kissinger and the Rockefellers were names often mentioned. I now feel that those writer’s feelings were slanted by fear, fear of people with power, people with money and influence. Some people misunderstand what others do by guessing at the reasons they do it. I think that if you want to know how someone else thinks, you need to read what he or she writes. If you want to know what kind of a person they are at a deeper level, you need to watch how they spend their money.

In 1974 when I taught the AFROTC at NC State University I developed a course called “The Military in American Society”. The books of Henry Kissinger were quite useful, because he was a recognized authority in that field. In my current study I read Kissinger’s 912-page book   Diplomacy, written in 1994. The first chapter is titled “The New World Order,” and the last chapter “The New World Order Reconsidered.” In between is a history of diplomacy on this planet for the past three centuries. Writing it was a monumental task, and it is not what people normally read for entertainment. It seems to me to be most useful to whoever is trying to determine what is possible in the realm of diplomacy in the next century. I wondered if writing this book was an assignment from the Trilateral Commission. I also read that wonderful 785-page book, The Future of the Body: Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature, by Michael Murphy, Co-Founder of the Esalen Institute. The leading financial backer for that project was Laurance Rockefeller. This is a text for anyone interested in the transformation of mankind.


I went to the library and found that three years before Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller he wrote a book with the intriguing title, Between Two Ages, America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. My library borrowed a copy from Florida State University. Section I is “The Global Impact of the Technetronic Revolution.” Among the choice statements here is this; “Nationalism so personalized community feelings that the nation became an extension of the ego.” One subsection is called “New Social Patterns,” which includes the following; “In the emerging new society questions relating to the obsolescence of skills, security, vacations, leisure, and profit sharing dominate the relationship, and the psychic well-being of millions of relatively-secure but potentially aimless lower-middle-class blue-collar workers becomes a growing problem.” In a subsection on “The Onset of the Technetronic Age” he says, “In every scientific field complaints are mounting that the torrential outpouring of published reports, scientific papers, and scholarly articles and the proliferation of professional journals make it impossible for individuals to avoid becoming either narrow-gauged specialists or superficial generalists. The sharing of new common perspectives thus becomes more difficult as knowledge expands…” Now, 23 years later, these statements show unusual wisdom. Another subsection is on “Global Ghettos.”

In Section II Brzezinski said that compelling ideologies are giving way to compulsive ideas. The relatively uneducated masses are becoming more concerned with the external qualities of life than with the more spiritual dimension. There is also a subsection on “A Quest for a Universal Vision.” In Section V of the book, “America and the World,” he discusses in length “A Community of Developed Nations.” I was amazed at the depth of his thought on the future problems of the world. Three years after publishing this book he drafted the charter for the TC. This seems to me to be a necessary step in trying to resolve those future problems. Without a coordinated worldwide effort we may not survive to enjoy a new age.


A partial list of the 330 members of the Trilateral Commission and the 2956 members of the Council on Foreign Relations was published by the Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate. Bill Clinton is a member of the TC and CFR, and 50 key members of his cabinet, staff and supporting agencies were on the list. There were also 33 members of the Department of State, including 14 Ambassadors, and 50 key members of the U.S. military. The largest group listed, 86 people, included CEOs and board members, etc. of the major media: CBS, NBC/RCA, ABC, PBS, Associated Press, Reuters, Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, Children’s TV Network (Sesame Street), CNN, U.S. News and World Report, New York Time Co., Time (Corp.), Newsweek/Washington Post, Dow Jones & Co., National Review (William F. Buckley, Jr.), Readers Digest, and syndicated columnists Georgie Anne Geyer and Ben J. Wattenberg.

Also on this TC/CFR list were 35 members of congress, 14 past and present members of the Federal Reserve System, 24 energy company executives, 64 other business and industry leaders, 4 labor union leaders, and 31 college and university presidents. Eleven other university professors were all members of the TC. This list only categorized about 12% of the combined membership of these two levels of the not-so-secret world government. You can imagine how much influence they have in the world if they can all be persuaded to work together for the common good.


As a serious student of UFO phenomena for 44 years I have become well aware that information concerning the alien presence has been highly controlled throughout much of the world. I how think this control has been a function of both world government and the alien presence. It is significant that in 1953 the Robertson Panel concluded that it is in the national interest to keep the public from getting too excited about the alien presence (although in slightly different words). This seems to support the “prime directive” as taught through nightly doses of Star Trek. The ridicule with which the media treated the subject delayed widespread attention for several decades. When some experiencers I know persisted in talking about their UFO experiences that included government involvement, they were subjected to threats and close surveillance. When this failed, some were apparently picked up and subjected to attempts to block their memory of such events with drug-assisted hypnotic suggestion. This is similar to, but cruder than, alien procedures in blocking people’s memory of onboard experiences. A lot of what’s going on suggests coordinated human/alien programs.

Many of the corporations headed by CFR members now use an ET theme in their advertisements. There have been major changes recently in both the entertainment and educational media that seem to be preparing us for meeting a galactic society. Carl Sagan, author of Contact and Pale Blue Dot, wrote a highly educational article for Parade Magazine (30 million circulation), “Are They Coming For Us?” that said millions of Americans are hallucinating the same on-board experiences, or it’s really happening. His closing sentence said, “There is genuine scientific paydirt in UFOs and alien abductions – but it is, I think, of distinctly terrestrial origin.” I agree with this statement, because the hybridization seems to be a joint human/alien program. Another Parade article by Sagan in 1994 called “Wanderers” includes this paragraph:

“Of course we must keep our planet habitable – not on a leisurely timescale of centuries or millennia, but urgently, on a timescale of decades or even years. This will involve changes in government, in industry, in ethics, in economics and in religion. We’ve never done such a thing before, certainly not on a global scale.”

I think information about the alien presence is being put into the public domain so that it is available to those seeking it and not forced upon those who are not mentally, emotionally or spiritually ready for it.

One example of actions by the TC/CFR is THE CASABLANCA CONFERENCE of 1994. The International Herald Tribune of October 29 quoted the New York Times about it.

“Make peace pay. That is the goal of the conference starting on Sunday in Casablanca, Morocco. King Hassan II will play host to officials from Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and dozens of other Middle Eastern, North African and Western countries who will gather to discuss economics, not politics. Government leaders and executives from about 1000 corporations will meet for three days to discuss joint business ventures.

“Arabs and Jews talking openly about trade, tourism and regional economic development would have seemed unimaginable a year ago. The conference will help turn the unimaginable into the routine.

“The recently signed Jordan-Israel peace treaty and the accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization were political victories negotiated by political leaders. The Casablanca conference moves matters to a second, potentially broader stage. The nations of the Middle East will live in peace only if they escape from squalor. Governments have a big role to play in economic development – primarily by providing political and legal stability. But the Middle East also needs private capital and a stable economic order to prosper…

“The conference will focus on specific goals. These include the establishing of government guarantees for private investors and creation of a $10 billion regional development bank that will be partially funded from outside the region. The conferees will also try to set up permanent institutions that can put together joint projects on water, energy and tourism. The Council on Foreign Relations, which helped organize the conference, will create an international task force led by Paul Volker [TC/CFR, Member] former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, to develop economic strategies for the region…”

A follow-up report said that they only got $2 billion contributed at that meeting, but that is a significant start for a long-term effort. I found it interesting that in the book The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space, a galactic spokesman, “Tom”, said the only major problem humans must yet resolve is that Arabs and Jews must learn to live together.

An important recent action taken by three members of the CFR was the trip to Haiti by Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Sam Nunn. With the help of President Clinton, who had military forces on the way, they were able to talk a cruel dictator into choosing peace and getting out of the country. Major bloodshed was averted at some risk to their own lives. Clinton was quick to announce that these three men were not acting for the U.S. government on this mission. The common sponsor seems to be the CFR. Shortly after that Carter went to North Korea and made progress on a nuclear non-proliferation issue, and then he went to Bosnia and negotiated a 4-month ceasefire. His next trip was Africa where mass killings were taking place. The Carter Center strongly supports Habitat for Humanity around the world, a wonderful program because it allows many individuals to be of service to others, and Carter is working to eliminate serious but currently localized diseases throughout Africa. I think it is also noteworthy that our hard-working Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, is a member of the CFR. Many TC/CFR members support the goals of their organization through their foundations. Those include names like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and Gorbachev. Many businesses also provide funding. Although I have not found a direct CFR link, someone sent me a brochure worth mentioning on the “First Annual International Conference, TRANSFORMING THE SOUL OF BUSINESS: Profit, Competition, and Conscience on the New Frontier.” It was held at Hilton Head, South Carolina in 1995. Ruth Buczynski, President of the sponsoring organization, The National Institute for a New Corporate Vision, stated:

“This conference represents the fulfillment of our dream to bring together successful and

concerned entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders from companies of all types and sizes

who want to move beyond theory and get on with the business of making a profit while

making a difference. The participants will share insights, ideas, success stories (and

noble experiments not quite so successful) in addressing problems we all face. It has

always been our view that business can and must be the agent for positive change in our

society, and that the bottom line need not suffer – indeed, that it will be enhanced – in the


I wish them great success.

Two other organizations that are taking positive actions to help transform the world are the International Transpersonal Association and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Founded by ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell, IONS is helping raise the consciousness of many people. I found it interesting that one of their projects supported with Laurance Rockefeller’s money is to try to learn to communicate with dolphins through telepathy. Space aliens sometimes communicate with us through telepathy; so, perhaps we can hone our telepathic skills by communicating with the intelligent species of the sea.


Another 1995 conference that I considered extremely important was the State of the World Forum, Sep 27-Oct I in San Francisco, sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation USA. Hundreds of “thoughtful individuals” from around the world met to address the fundamental changes of the 21st century. They included many members of the TC/CFR. Co-chairs included such notables as Oscar Arias, George Bush, Somia Gandhi, Vaclav Haval, Ruud Lubbers, George Schultz, Ted Turner and Lee Kuan Yew. The president of the foundation, James A. Garrison, stated:

“This historic international effort was launched in direct response to what appears to be

increasing international instability unleashed by the ending of the cold war, and will

include the participation of a wide range of current political leaders, senior states people,

corporate visionaries, religious and intellectual leaders and youth.”

In the Executive Summary the mission of the forum was stated as follows:

“The State of the World Forum is the launching of a multi-year initiative – a citizen’s global

brain trust – to focus on the fundamental challenges and opportunities confronting

humanity as we enter the next phase of human development. The goal of the forum is to

articulate a clearer vision of new international priorities. Its product will be an on going

process to generate innovative approaches to the challenges facing human society. This

historic gathering will:

– Analyze the current state of the world.

– Launch a multi-year process, culminating in the year 2000, to articulate the

fundamental priorities, values and actions necessary to constructively shape our common future.”

The final event of the conference was George Bush, Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail

Gorbachev on the stage of the beautiful Masonic Temple in San Francisco being questioned by a CNN reporter for an hour. One point made with great emphasis by Thatcher was that the UN was not organized to make any executive decision for the world. Following this, on CNN, was a 30-minute analysis of the previous hour by three people, one from each of the “trilateral” regions.

The Gorbachev Foundation USA stationery indicates that the State of the World Forum is one of four major programs. The others are The Global Security Project, Humanitarian Assistance to Emerging Nations, and the Presidio Dialogues. Since the U.S. Army gave up the Presidio, the choice property at the end of the Golden Gate Bridge, efforts are being made to encourage the major international organizations that can help save the environment congregate there. This effort supports Gorbachev’s position as head of Green Cross International formed to help keep human selfishness from destroying the environment that supports us all.


The Human Potential Foundation (HPF) was founded in 1989. According to its brochure it “Shares an important mission with many American institutions – to cultivate the physical, mental and spiritual well being of people.” Co-founders were Senator Claiborne Pell (CFR), well known for Pell Grants, and C.B. Scott Jones, HPF President. These are two very interesting individuals. I heard they started with a $1 million grant from Laurance Rockefeller, and I have noted some of their efforts:

– The HPF funded Dr. John Mack’s PEER group that researches UFO “abductions and

supports those people who have been on-board alien vehicles. Training other professionals around the country to assist had a high priority.

– The HPF arranged for leading UFO/ETI researchers to meet with Mr. Rockefeller in

September 1993 at his Grand Teton ranch to discuss: their research; strategies for influencing government policy in the direction of openness on the issues; an assessment of alleged psychological, economic and other barriers to a government policy of openness; and spiritual and other-dimensional aspects of ‘UFO and ETI phenomena. This last item was done in a one-on-one format.

– Scott Jones and an assistant, Dick Farley, published a UFO Briefing/Bibliography of I8

books that they gave to people in high places. If you read those 18 books you get a good idea of what’s going on.

– The HPF helped manage the Rockefeller White House Initiative to make previously-

classified UFO information available to the public. (I have seen letters that convince me that the recent publicity on the Roswell incident is a result of that initiative. Any government action on the issue must be of a covert nature. The discussion in the hangar at the end of the Roswell movie was very informative, and the alien’s telepathic comment to Admiral Forestall in that docum-drama I believe was new to the public domain. The autopsy film is real; although, most information concerning it is disinformation. The EBEs are not from the Roswell crash. I think the release of this film was engineered by some government agency to be deniable by those who are not ready for it.

– At the end of June, 1995 the HPF hosted a conference titled “When Cosmic Cultures

Meet”. Jones thought it was time for people to step back from arguments about evidence and assume that someday there will be unambiguous evidence that cosmic cultures are meeting and Earth is one of the meeting grounds. Now is the time to talk about how that meeting affects all conscious life and cultural institutions. Proceedings of the conference can be purchased by check to Scott Jones from P.E.A.C.E., PO Box 290707, Kerrville, TX78029-0707 for $19.95 + $3 s+h (autographed if requested), or by credit card from Headline Books at 800-570-5951 FREE.

The current efforts of C.B. Scott Jones are directed toward The Peace Room project. He hopes to combine his drive for making this a better world with; his personal connections, his experience with war room hardware and software, the efforts of university graduate students, and donations of surplus government equipment, to concentrate resources for planning for peace. He envisions a three-step process starting with a prototype Peace Room in the Washington, D.C. area, then with several regional Peace Rooms around the world, followed by one co-located with the UN Headquarters.

I think the most intriguing speaker at the cosmic cultures conference was George S. Robinson, the first man to get a doctorate in Civil Law relating to space. He had served as a legal council to the National Research Council, the Smithsonian Institute and FAA, and legal consultant to NASA. One of his many books is titled Envoys of Mankind, 1986. His lecture title was “Homo alterios spacialis: Extraterrestrial Progeny of Humankind and a Declaration of Interdependence.” He said we cannot take our national laws into space. We have to determine what is natural law or cosmic law. Without quoting exactly, he said that we have to determine what law applies to us out there, to aliens down here, and to human/alien hybrids here, there and everywhere.

At the cosmic cultures conference there were panels on the subjects of fear, hope, and the future. Jones asked me to be the moderator of the Hope panel, which also included Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and Ruth Montgomery. The person who submitted the best question to each panel, determined by the panel members, got their $250 registration fee reimbursed. When I congratulated the submitter of the best question for the Hope panel, she said, “That was not my question. My spirit guide gave it to me.” I cannot quote exactly, but it asked if, when negotiating the future of this planet, are we negotiating for just the humans or also for the animals, the trees, and the planet itself?




Humans and aliens, both in and out of physical bodies, are working to help us join a galactic society. I think that a world government, elected by the people, is a necessary step in that process. I would like to finish this paper with the last two paragraphs of my 2 Sep 94 “Commentary on Abductions.”

Many of the more credible telepathic teachings tell us that major programs involving alien “abductions” involve souls who agreed to participate prior to their present incarnation. I have no problem with this concept, since I now perceive the universe from the perspective of my soul, rather than as Donald Ware. In The RA Material we were told, in 1982, that 60 million souls in human bodies are beings that had already graduated from the human experience. The reason these millions are incarnated here now is to assist in the transformation. Much of this assistance seems to involve hybridization with smaller large-headed, large-eyed guys from Zeta Reticulum. Many of those lovely people I know who have been taken on-board alien vehicles do seem to be wise old souls.

I hope our hybrid offspring are kinder in spirit and less addicted to the things that cause environmental destruction. I think many millions of these new larger-brained, hybrid bodies already house human souls. I hope Star Trek has conditioned us to more easily accept those who look different. I hope we allow the hybrids to inhabit this planet before it becomes too late to save it from human selfishness. Perhaps another jump in our evolution is a part of the transformation, a jump from Homo sapiens to Homo alterios spacialis (higher human from space). Perhaps this is what is needed to bring to life a new world order that resembles heaven on Earth.


Note: This paper may be reproduced in any media.


Donald M. Ware, do*****@em********.com,




by Donald M. WareIntroduction
Donald Ware received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 1957 and
an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1970.  He retired
from the US Air Force at the end of 1982 with wide experience as a fighter pilot, staff scientist,
teacher, test manager, and programs manager. He has observed alien vehicles nine times starting
with the famous sighting over Washington, DC on 26 Jul 52.  He and his human   companions
initiated two of these encounters.  Since 1989 he has received guidance from some higher
intelligence, often through other people with more highly developed paranormal abilities.
Since retirement Ware has spent most of his time studying the persistent mysteries of
mankind to gain insight into the larger reality that UFOs represent.  In this process he developed
and  gives lectures on: UFOs and Human/Alien Interaction; The Long-term Government
Covert Educational Program on UFOS; Telepathic Communications and UFO Phenomena;
How a Fighter Pilot, Staff Scientist, and UFO Investigator Became a Lightworker; and Paths
To World Government.  He is currently on the board of the International UFO Congress.
Opening Thoughts
As we approach the end of the millennium the pace of human activity is increasing rapidly.
This also seems to be true for the non-human intelligence in this part of the galaxy, whether we
call them aliens, visitors, watchers, angels, or archangels.  We are in the process of joining a
galactic society, both individually and collectively.  Not everyone will do it in this lifetime;
however, I sense that 700-800 million of us have at least started that process.  Some of these
people are called New Agers.  In The RA Material they are called 4th-density beings. (1)
In Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age, Dr. Mark Woodhouse calls them the rising
culture.(2)  My observation of a rapidly increasing spiritual awareness, of environmental
activism from the grass roots to the highest levels of government, and of the prophecy in
The Urantia Book suggests that these 4th-density beings will become the dominant culture in
the next century.  The Old Agers are on the way out.  The meek will inherit the Earth.
In 1952 my world was mainly my family and friends and the woods, streets, and schools
of Arlington, Virginia.  Then I saw seven UFOs and became a truthseeker.  Now my world
has been transformed.  We are not all at the same level of acceptance of what is happening on
this planet.  Some of my ideas may seem very strange.  However, PLEASE KEEP A
MAKE SENSE TO YOU.  You may reject them later if you choose.  I am not trying to
convince anyone of anything, but just sharing with other truthseekers what I have come to
accept as real after 45 years of study.
UFOs represent, in part, the angelic force associated with the second coming operation.
Ascended masters are real.  Pleiadians are real.  Zeta Reticulans are real.   Arcturians,
Antinians, Andromies, and Essasanies are real.  And I hope you do not feel slighted if I left
out your favorite aliens.  There are others out there.  Crop circles are real, and some are faked.
Underground and undersea bases are real.  The 1952 MJ-12 briefing and the 1954 Special
Operations Manual 1-01 are real.  The covert release of the MJ-12 manual, titled
“Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal”, I believe is a result of the
1993 Rockefeller White House initiative.  I also believe that pressure from members of the
not-so-secret world government caused a covert release of the alien autopsy film.
Because of the “prime directive” of the local galactic council, most of the information
associated with the film is disinformation to protect the worldviews of those who are not
ready for the alien presence. One pragmatic reason for the prime directive is to separate
the necessary fact of human/alien hybrids from the awake consciousness of the Old Agers.
I also believe that both spiritual inspiration and alien liaison are real.
Spiritual Aspects of Transformation
Intelligent life is abundant throughout the universe.  God is abundant throughout the
universe.  He is in you and me, in Zetas and Pleiadians, and in angels and archangels.
Everything evolves.  Galaxies, planets, our physical bodies, and spirit all evolve.   God evolves.
In considering human evolution I think it is important to recognize that we have at least
four bodies, our physical body and three energy bodies.  These energy bodies are the
mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.  As we join the galactic society
and gain greater access to the consciousness of “heaven,” I think we are upgrading our
physical and mental bodies.  This seems to be a joint human/alien program.  The universe is
so complex it is beyond our ability to fully comprehend.  However, with considerable effort
and assistance from our guides, we can greatly expand our awareness of it.
We have been taught about levels of evolution from several sources.  I will outline two
that I find useful.  Seven “densities of reality” are taught in the RA material. The 1st density
includes non-living matter; water, minerals, rock.  Plants and animals are second in the
hierarchy of evolutionary existence, living things not aware they are aware of self.   Third are
humans and cetaceans, which include dolphins and whales.  At this level, veils separate
the conscious from the unconscious mind to expedite evolutionary polarization of
consciousness through free-will choice.  The soul’s mission through multiple incarnations
is to choose either service to others or service to self.  Souls that become sufficiently
polarized are ready to graduate to the next level where the mission then becomes to
develop unconditional love. RA said it only takes about 50% positive polarization toward
service to others, to graduate, but 95% negative polarization to graduate.  This planet is
being transformed into a 4th-density positive planet, and those souls not sufficiently
polarized will have an opportunity to incarnate on another 3rd-density planet.  After a soul
has learned to express unconditional love, it then becomes ready for the 5th-density
experience of developing true wisdom.  Many 5th-density souls may combine to become
a galactic teacher, a 6th-density being that some call an archangel.  RA, a galactic teacher
that was once worshipped here as the Egyptian Sun God, said he went through his
3rd-density experience on our planet Venus 2.6 billion years ago.  He said that half way
through the 6th density those of positive and negative polarization become one and
graduate to the 7th density as part of God’s plan.
My second description of the levels of evolution comes from Deepak Chopra’s
20 Jul 96 lecture at the Institute of Noetic Science’s (IONS) conference in Boca Raton,
Florida.  He described the “shades of awareness” detailed in ancient Vedic teachings.
He described the first shade of awareness as deep sleep, and the second as a dream state.
The third is the awake state that I hope most people reading this are experiencing.   He
said if you “woke-up” from this state you would think it is hot real.   Chopra describes the
4th as transcendental awareness. One characteristic is that you acquire non-local
awareness.  It seems to me that the rising culture on this planet is acquiring non-local
awareness through telepathy, through remote viewing, and through out-of-body experiences.
At this level, Chopra said, “You can get a glimpse of the soul.”  The 5th shade he describes
as cosmic awareness, where one can have simultaneous local and non-local awareness.
(I think Pleiadians can do that.)  The 6th level he describes as divine or God awareness.
Here a being can cognate, or cause to be born, objects in both local and non-local
awareness.  (Perhaps Sai Baba is one of these.) At this level, intentionality assumes
awesome power.  The 7th level is described as Unity.  He says, “The spirit within merges
with the spirit without, and the universe is experienced as one’s body.”  These seven
“shades of awareness” seem to be parallel descriptions of the seven “densities” or levels
in the evolution of the soul described by RA in 1982.
We have been told through various sources that ASHTAR has been given responsibility
by a local galactic council to coordinate the activities of the various beings helping us with our
transformation.  ASHTAR says that SANANDA,or Jesus, is his spiritual adviser.  This is
primarily a transformation of consciousness, so Jesus is directing that process.  Perhaps he
decides when we are ready for more Marian apparitions or more phantom hitchhikers.
Marian apparitions, sometimes associated with UFOS, are increasing around the
world, and I have found that the phantom hitchhiker phenomenon is also widespread.
On 22 Nov 93 evidence indicates that eight different cars traveling on I-10 east of Tallahassee,
Florida encountered a phantom hitchhiker.  Most drivers felt compelled to stop and pick up a
strange looking man along a lonely stretch of the highway.  He looked a lot like Jesus, and
once in the car he said, “Gabriel is  about to blow his horn.”  Then he just vanished.  On one
occasion two children were in the back seat, and the man just appeared in the front seat next
to their mother.  The children were quite disturbed, and the man said, “It’s time for Gabriel to
blow his horn.”  He then vanished.  Seven such events happened that day just west of a speed
trap, and each driver sped up and was stopped.  Each of the seven related their story to the
state trooper, and the eighth felt compelled to report the event by phone.  Within a three-day
period I received reports of these events from three independent sources in Niceville,
Panama City, and Yalaha, Florida.  I wonder if they were each inspired to tell me so that these
events would become public knowledge.
I mentioned these events at a couple of UFO conferences and learned that a
series of similar events took place on the Washington, DC  belt way, near Los Angeles,
and in Illinois.  Foreign investigators said the phantom hitchhiker gave the same message
in Great Britain, Germany, and Italy. Gabriel blowing his horn is mentioned in the Bible in
relation to the end times.  I think someone is trying to tell us something, and if it is not
Jesus I think it must be one of his angels.
In July 1996 the late Willis Harmon, then president of IONS, was speaking on the
Pathfinder Project.  This project is defining the path from here to  there, where there is a
sustainable society, a new world order, or heaven on Earth.  A question from the
audience was, “How can we get from here to there when there are so many selfish people
on Earth?”  After Harmon, my answer was, “We can’t do it without celestial assistance.”
I think we are getting that assistance.  We are being guided.  But, beyond that, I think
that whoever decides which souls reincarnate here will send the highly selfish souls
somewhere else.  Perhaps only those souls oriented primarily toward service to others will
reincarnate here, and their mission will be to develop unconditional love of others.
Encouraging evidence of this celestial intervention can be found in the recent book,
The Millennium Children  by Caryl Dennis.(3)
Physical Aspects of Transformation
Three of the physical aspects of our transforming to a 4th-density society are an
increasing number of photos and videos of alien vehicles, advanced technology that is kept
away from 3rd-density society until all national leaders choose peace, and a human/Zeta
hybridization program.  Some people might add to this list the crop circles and amazing
pictograms that have increased in magnitude and meaning in recent years.
Because photographs can be faked, photographic evidence of the alien presence is usually
a non-threatening way to raise the awareness of those who are ready, without destroying the
worldview of those who are not. Albums of good UFO photos fill several shelves in the archives
of Wendelle Stevens in Tucson, Arizona.  When Jaime Maussan, a top TV journalist and UFO
researcher in Mexico requested that people send him UFO videos, he received over 5000 of
them.  Some showed groups of up to 50 objects.  As the transformation progresses our alien
visitors become bolder in their careful indoctrination program.  They have now made an
appearance at each of the last six independence day celebrations in Mexico.
CARLOS DIAS and his lovely wife Margarita are an intelligent and spiritually- oriented
young couple who have willingly cooperated with Pleiadians.  Carlos was contacted in 1979 by
human-like beings, and he received guidance for many years before being allowed to take close
photos and videos of Plieadian vehicles.  One video shows him in a field inviting contact as the
vehicle pops into view above him, wakes the roosters and dogs, and then pops out.   After one
missing-time experience in the mountains a man got out of his car and said, “If you want to
know what you went through today I will wait for you tomorrow at noon…” at a certain
location in Mexico City. When they met, the man was teaching school children to respect all
living things. The man told Carlos we humans should open our minds and hearts.  Carlos was
offered further education about the transformation while in his community and on their vehicles.
Another interesting set of pictures are the ALMINTAKA PHOTOS taken on 27 Sep 89
in Tennessee.  The object appeared to be twice the size of the full moon and was photographed
with the best film Kodak makes using a 2000 mm lens with special filters.  Graham E. Bethune
of Toms River, New Jersey, a retired Navy fighter pilot, is the chief investigator and a long-time
friend of the anonymous photographer.  The man was apparently inspired to put the camera
and film in the trunk of his car, and when driving near Nashville the object flew over.   He
stopped, and his wife said he appeared to be in a trance as he got the camera and took a whole
roll of film.  The photos show the object demonstrating a great variety of lighting effects,
including a blue beam coming from a protrusion.  Some type of smoke or water vapor
condensation was used to delineate some of the light beams.
Photo opportunities of strange vehicles in GULF BREEZE, Florida have been newsworthy
for most of the past 10 years.  Phase one, starting 11 Nov 87, included 41 excellent photos of
three types of vehicles taken by Ed and Frances Walters during 18 sessions over 5 1/2 months.
These were well documented in The Gulf Breeze Sightings and published in four languages.
I have seen 75 photos of the vertical-sided vehicles taken by various people in that area.  Ed and
Frances later published UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze to relate information about six
abductions and other strange events that  investigators advised they leave out of the first book.
Phase two of the Gulf Breeze sightings includes an 18-month period when anomalous objects,
usually over a mile away, were recorded by the Gulf Breeze Research Team 175 times.   During
this period they were documented by every news reporter and seen by most other visitors that
came from around the world.  Phase three involves continuing daylight photo and video
opportunities by Ed Walters. Three additional types of vehicles and a number of Ed’s interesting
encounters are now documented in UFOs Are Real! Here Is the Proof, co-authored with
Dr. Bruce Maccabee.(4)  One of these vehicles was photographed as an F-15 made a close
identification pass.  It was 29 feet in diameter and 19 feet high.  It had similar domes top and
bottom and was rimmed by eight egg-shaped protrusions.  A later photo of this type vehicle
was made as a column of water raised up from the sound to contact the vehicle.  A
hamburger-shaped object was photographed three times.  The last time, after it came closer,
Ed said he just pointed the camera and something else clicked the shutter.  He said that during
this event a strange thumping noise was coming from the window, and an anomalous black dot
appears there in the picture.  Ed even wrote about his opportunity to video his own abduction,
but after he viewed it on TV it was apparently erased by some alien technology as he watched.
A third type of object is an apparently unmanned disk 8 feet in diameter that hovered over the
beach behind Ed’s house in November 1995.  Unfortunately this photo was inadvertently left out
of the book by the editor.  In November 1996 he made a closer photo of this type object after it
appeared 25 feet away in his back yard about 3 feet above the ground.  The shadow is plainly
evident in both photos.  My conclusion after studying Gulf Breeze UFOs for nearly 10 years is
that the vertical-sided, type-1 vehicles come in two sizes; one about 12 feet in diameter that is
too small to take on humans, and one  twice that diameter that is designed to carry humans.
These have the capability to energize the surrounding air so that it produces orange photons.
I think they do this because the orange-ball UFOs are less frightening than structured vehicles.
In the summer of 1994 Bland Pugh photographed, from Ed Walter’s front yard, an unseen disk
immediately above a frequently-seen red light during a moon-lit night. He used Ectar 1000 film.
This disk had the same shape as the 8-foot-diameter disk Ed photographed in November 1995
and November 1996. If it is the same, the red light was 2 feet in diameter. Investigators of other
red-light UFOs in Gulf Breeze determined that the lights were about 2 feet in diameter by using
triangulation.  I think some of the many red-light type UFOs are produced by unmanned
vehicles, while others may be the reddish veil of plasma that hangs below Gulf Breeze type-2
vehicles shown in The Gulf Breeze Sightings. I have seen evidence to suggest that these type-2
vehicles belong to ASHTAR’S observers.
For several decades UFO investigators have heard stories about secret underground bases
and humans and aliens working together.  One story has President Eisenhower getting
demonstrations of alien technology in April 1954 and asking them to  minimize their effect
on our society. William F. Hamilton III has written several books about underground bases,
and Dr. Richard Sauder speaks about the machines, mostly built by companies associated with
Hughes Tool and Dye, Inc., used to construct the bases and connecting tunnels.   Magnetic
levitation vehicles are postulated for rapid underground transport, and strange air vents, many
on AT&T facilities, suggest the base and tunnel system is widespread.  Tunnel evacuation is
probably necessary for the high speeds reported to investigators.   Bill Uhouse claims to have
worked for 25 years in two underground facilities, one near Area 51 and one near Dulce,
New Mexico, that he was told are no longer under US jurisdiction.  World territories perhaps?
Uhouse was told there were six such bases in, or beneath, the USA.  He was working on a
flying saucer simulator in the 1970s.  Uhouse said their team had an alien consultant.  On the
1988 NBC special, “UFO Coverup Live,” a shadowy figure called Falcon showed diagrams of
alien physiology and said aliens have operational control of parts of Nevada.   Amazing devices,
some perhaps made by Lockheed-Martin, are test flown in Nevada at night and photographed
by many people.  Bob Lazar claims to have worked on a vehicle designed for small aliens.
One young technician told me he has seen evidence that transporter technology, a la Star Trek,
is used to move people from Area 51 to Pine Gap, Australia.  I wonder how much of this is US
technology and how much is world technology being kept out of the 3rd-density society by a
world-level organization operating under a galactic prime directive.
Retired Army intelligence  officer, Philip J. Corso, recently wrote  The Day After Roswell
with William J. Birnes.  They indicate that secrets from confiscated UFOs led to laser
technology, fiber optics, night-vision capability, and the microchip.  Others have provided
interesting evidence suggesting an electrogravitic propulsion system for the B-2.  In 1996
Al Gore, a dual-hatted member of government, announced the contract award to
Lockheed-Martin for the next generation space shuttle.  This is a delta-shaped single-stage
vehicle with “linear aerospike engines” that carries a large payload into space and lands like a
plane.  These engines burn hydrogen and oxygen through a linear aerospike nozzle.   When I got
my Mechanical Engineering degree I was taught there was not enough energy in that chemical
reaction,  with zero waste, to accomplish that mission without reducing the effects of gravity.
Perhaps electrogravitic propulsion, Star-Trek-type transporters, and most zero-point energy
devices are being reserved for use by 4th-density society until all national leaders choose peace.
Members of world government, which include many dual-hatted members of national
governments, are working hard to cause all national leaders to choose peace.   Meanwhile, some
new technology is being released for limited use.  I have been told that the Patterson Power Cell
is a cold-fusion heat source that can now be leased for $5000 per year.  It is not likely to be
used for war.  Electrogravitic propulsion systems seem to be used only where they can remain
highly controlled, by unselfish people.  And I wonder if the reason nations don’t spend more
money on the ability to go to Mars is because some humans already have the ability to go, either
on their own vehicles or perhaps on vehicles of their alien friends.
Budd Hopkins introduced many of us to evidence of human-alien hybridization through the
experiences of “Kathy Davis” and others in  Intruders.  While she raised two of her children, she
apparently carried two for over three months that were raised by aliens, and she was told there
were seven more developed from her eggs.  Kathy later met on alien vehicles the two she had
carried for three months.  She thought they were beautiful, but she agrees that because of their
larger heads and eyes most of us would not accept them in 3rd-density society.   During at least
four of Ed Walters’ eight abductions, he apparently provided emotional training for a total of 35
hybrid children two feet tall.
My friend “Pam” is raising two children born of Immaculate Conception.  Both have been
able to see people’s auras since birth, and they recall many on-board experiences with aliens
and many backyard experiences with hybrids, all without fear.  One even said she could see
through the ceiling while waking up, like superwoman.  Her mother was standing over her bed
watching her expressions change as this happened.  In 1996 Pam said she often felt a presence
nearby.  Later, when she was taken on board by aliens and presented a baby to hold, she felt
the same presence.  I wonder if the spirit of this child was not checking out mom while the new
body was growing in an artificial womb.
I think we, as a species, are being genetically enhanced. The result may be called
Homo noeticus, human with increased consciousness or ways of knowing.  At the 1993
Human Potential Foundation conference in Washington, D.C., “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,”
a recently-retired legal counsel to NASA called the next species Homo alterios spatialis in his
talk on “Extraterrestrial Progeny of Humankind and a Declaration of Interdependence.”
George S. Robinson’s paper in The Proceedings was given the lead position, but the title was
changed to “Homo Alterios Spatialis: A Transgenic Odyssey.”(5) My interpretation of one of
his sentences is truly profound.  He said, “In short, earthkind may well be the common
progenitor when cosmic cultures meet.”  Perhaps more of us will soon meet our spacekind sons
and daughters, brothers and sisters, and perhaps some missing twins.
Three of the 1996 movies I saw were; Phenomenon, Powder, and Independence Day.
The first two seemed to address the public reaction to people who are different, as does the
TV series Alien Nation.  They show that many people in our society are not yet ready to accept
4th-density capabilities.  I think we all need to give serious thought to these messages, because
it is happening among us.   Independence Day seemed to be designed primarily to attract a big
audience, but one underlying message was that to survive we must give more thought to being a
citizen of the world rather than of a nation.
We are being given greater awareness, greater knowledge of all that is – greater knowledge
of God.  We are being given greater telepathic ability to the point that I think it will become a
normal means of communication as we join a galactic society.
Political Transformation
If God wanted to get something done, like transform Earth to a 4th-density planet, how
does he do it? He does it through individual human beings, through Zetas and Pleiadians, and
through our guides – angels and archangels. God also works through those who have the
resources to bring about world change.  The primary resources are money and influence.  Many
of these people are part of the not-so-secret world government.
God’s helpers from various levels of “reality” have aided and influenced human evolution
since its beginnings. (6)  They influenced the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, India,
Persia, and Greece –  various forms of pantheism.  These wise spirits from “above” have
throughout many centuries influenced our thought and action through Kabbalism, Gnosticism,
the Knights Templars, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry/Illuminati, and more recent
spiritually-oriented groups like the Theosophical Society, all culminating in what many call the
New Age movement.(7)   The rate of interaction may have increased since World War II to keep
our technological development from getting too far ahead of our spiritual development. I have
seen various signs that one primary purpose of Freemasonry is to build a widespread mindset
that will make a world government possible.  A democratically-elected world government
seems to be a prerequisite to the people of Earth joining a galactic society.
I am not an expert on world government, but I have focused my attention on it since
January 1994.  We have been living with a world government for 75 years. I found an important
book that seems to have greatly influenced the not-so-secret world government in 1972;
The Limits of Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind.
(8)   I view the Club of Rome (COR) as a thinktank for the not-so-secret world government,
much like the expertise of the Rand Corporation is used to provide guidance for the US
Air Force on complicated issues.  The COR used the world’s best system modelers and the
big computer at MIT to model growth in the world system from 1900 to 2100.  All relevant data
collected from 1900 to 1970 was used, and the computer was asked what happens if we keep
doing what we have been doing?  Parameters plotted included birth and death rates, natural
resources, capitol, population, food per capita, industrial output per capita, and pollution.  The
curves showed many peaks in the first half of the next century, and by 2050 the death rate was
nearly vertical.  Population growth is finally halted by death due to decreased food and medical
services.  If many stabilizing policies were implemented in 1975, including an average of two
children per family, the charts were less scary, and a stabilized society was nearly reached by
2050.  However, if these policies were delayed until the year 2000, the decline continued
through the end of the next century without stabilization.
There is a 13-page commentary at the end of The Limits of Growth by the executive
committee of the Club of Rome; Alexander King, Saburo Okita, Aureilo Peccei, Eduard Pestel,
Hugo Thiemann, and Carol Wilson.  I will quote the last few paragraphs:
“The concept of a society in a steady state of economic and ecological equilibrium may
appear easy to grasp, although the reality is so distant from our experience as to require
a Copernician revolution of the mind.  Translating the idea into deed, though, is a task
filled with overwhelming difficulties and complexities.  We can talk seriously about where
to start only when the message of The Limits of Growth, and its sense of extreme urgency,
are accepted by a large body of scientific, political, and popular opinion in many countries.
The transition in any case is likely to be painful, and it will make extreme demands on
human ingenuity and determination.  As we have.mentioned, only the conviction that there
is no other avenue to survival can liberate the moral, intellectual, and creative forces
required to initiate this unprecedented human undertaking.
“But we wish to underscore the challenge rather than the difficulty of mapping out the
road to a stable state society.  We believe that an unexpectedly large number of men and
women of all ages and conditions will readily respond to the challenge and will be eager
to discuss not if but how we can create this new future.
“The Club of Rome plans to support such activity in many ways.  The substantive
research begun at MIT on world dynamics will be continued both at MIT and through
studies conducted in Europe, Latin America, the Soviet Union, and Japan.  And, since
intellectual enlightenment is without effect if it is not also political, The Club of Rome also
will encourage a world forum where statesmen, policy-makers, and scientists can discuss
the dangers and hopes for the future global system without the constraints of formal
intergovernmental negotiation.
“The last thought we wish to offer is that man must explore himself – his goals and values –
as much as the world he seeks to change.  The dedication to both tasks must be unending.
The crux of the matter is not only whether the human species will survive, but even more
whether it can survive without falling into a worthless state of existence.”
These words must have had a profound effect on the three branches of the world
government; the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and
the Institute of Pacific Relations.  I suspect that  The Limits of Growth influenced the
formation of a unifying organization, the Trilateral Commission (TC).
of the not-so-secret world government.  The origin of the CFR
stemmed from a meeting at the Hotel Majestic in Paris on May 30, 1919.  Several leading
members of the delegations of the Paris Peace Conference met to discuss setting up an
international group which would advise their respective governments on international affairs.
One week later it was decided it would be better to have separate organizations cooperating
with each other.  The CFR was founded along with the Royal Institute of International Affairs
and the Institute of Pacific Relations. Money for the funding of the CFR came from JP Morgan,
Bernard Baruch, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, and John D. Rockefeller, among
others.  Prominent figures who have served as CFR directors include Walter Lippmann,
Adlai Stevenson, Cyrus Vance, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert 0. Anderson, Paul Volker,
Theodore M. Hessburgh, Lane Kirkland, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller,
George Scultz, Alan Greenspan, Brent Scowcroft, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and Richard B. Cheney.
Continued funding for their studies and projects comes from the most prominent foundations
and corporations.
Hundreds of key people in the US Government, in our colleges and universities, in industry,
labor unions, and the media are members of the CFR.  Many of these key officials might be
considered dual-hatted people with some responsibility to work toward the goals of both
organizations.  For example, people like the US president, Ted Turner, and Michael Eisner are
very effective in guiding both their own organization and in supporting the goals of the
CFR/TC. I do not think you can get elected President of the United States or of many other
countries without the approval of world government.
The Encyclopedia of Associations, 1996 says the CFR was founded in 1921 and has
2956 members with a staff of 120.  It consists of individuals with specialized knowledge of,
and an interest in, international affairs.  The purpose is to study the international aspects of
American political, economic, and strategic problems.  Research projects are carried out by
professional staff advised by study groups of selected leaders in education, public service,
business and the media.  They produce a weekly National Public Radio series, “America
and the World”, operate an International Fellowship Program, and publish an annual report
and a journal, “Foreign Affairs”, six times/year.  With over 100,000 copies in 27 languages,
it has been called the world’s most influential magazine.  I highly recommend it ($44 to
Subscriber Services, P.O. Box 420209, Palm Coast, FL 32142-9981).
The BILDERBERG GROUP was founded in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg,
Oosterbeek, Netherlands as a series of annual conferences.  It aims to provide an informal
atmosphere for off-the-record discussions on political, economic, and military problems of
mutual concern between politicians, scholars, businessmen, and labour leaders from the
North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.  Prince Bernhard was the first chairman.  There is
no formal organization, and no membership,  charter, or elected group of officers.   Attendance
is by invitation of the chairman.  Bilderberg meetings are reported to include about 100
people, with nearly every American participant being a current or former member of the CFR.
The CLUB OF ROME was born in April, 1968 when leaders from ten different countries
gathered in Rome at the invitation of Aurellio Peccei, a prominent Italian industrialist with close
ties to the Fiat and Olivetti corporations.  A high percentage of the approximately 100 members
are CFR members.  They are reported to include scientists, educators, economists, humanists,
industrialists, and national and international civil servants.  The organization has made
proposals they think will lead to world peace and prosperity.
The COR’s New Age slant is reflected in its American Association membership which
included the late Norman Cousins, long-time honorary chairman of Planetary Citizens.  Other
members are John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends; Amory Lovins, speaker at John Denver’s
New-Age center (Windstar in Snowmass, Co.); Betty Friedan, founding president of the
National Organization of Women; Jean Houston and Hazel Henderson, well known authors
and speakers at New Age conferences; and Robert 0. Anderson and Harlan B. Cleveland, both
members of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies.  Four US congressmen are members
along with representatives of Planned Parenthood, officials of the UN, and people connected
with the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations.
I found it very interesting that when Jean Houston was in the news every day for a week
because of her reported work with Hillary Clinton in consulting the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt,
not once did any article I read mention that Houston was a member of the Club of Rome.   I
think this is evidence that all major media in the US are connected through their association
with the CFR.  However, I did read a detailed article in Newsweek about the many New Age
connections to the Clinton White House.  It stated that Houston was introduced to Bill and
Hillary at Camp David by Marianne Williamson, a very popular and spiritually oriented
New Age leader.
The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and
Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Adviser.  It currently has 330
members with a staff of 11 headquartered in New York City.  Members are distinguished
private citizens from North America, Western Europe and Japan, including academic, business,
labor and media professionals.  They encourage closer cooperation among these three
democratic industrialized regions.  They meet annually to analyze major issues and seek to
improve public understanding of these issues.  They work to develop proposals for joint action
and nurture habits of working together.  Their annual publication is called “Trialogue”, and the
semiannual “Triangle Papers” contain reports of TC task forces on topics such as monetary
matters, trade, the energy crisis, and institution reform. (Ref. – the 1996 Encyclopedia of
Associations)  These world government organizations are promoting institutional change. I have
learned who many of the key people are, and I read what they write.  I too recognize a need for
institutions to change, because it is through institutions that human behavior is focused. It has
become increasingly evident to me that human selfishness is driving the destruction of the
natural environment that supports us.  Although most people know this, many seem to resist
change. We, as a species, have serious suicidal tendencies.  I am pleased that thousands of
those people who have the resources to bring about major change have, for many years,
been spending their time and money to guide us to a sustainable society worth living in.
777 United Nations Plaza, was founded by Sonny Fox about the time The Limits of Growth
was published, 1972.  Realizing that there are various economic, religious, and government
pressures around the world causing people to have large families, they try to show people the
wisdom of having fewer children.  They knew that family size was an emotional issue, and to
cause people to choose smaller families you had to get their attention at an emotional level.
They found that soap operas on radio and TV reached a large audience of child-bearing people,
so they sent experts into many countries to help them develop episodes that show the wisdom
of smaller families.  Many countries had unique issues to address, but it worked.   PCI claims to
be primarily responsible for the average number of children per family in Mexico to drop 24%
in 10 years.  They publish PCI Member News quarterly and, for a select audience, International
Dateline, A Population and Development News and Information Service 11 times each year.
Also, their Population Broadcast Service faxes broadcast-ready stories monthly to about
7000 US radio and TV news rooms.
PLANNED PARENTHOOD has.for many years been giving people around the world the
information and sometimes the materials that help them implement their choice of family size.
The WORLD WILDLIFE FUND helps prevent species extinction.  Prince Philip is a
major spokesperson for the organization, and I was pleased to see British Airlines ask their
international passengers to donate their left-over foreign currency for that purpose.   Humans,
as the only species with the capability to destroy this planet, have an obligation to insure that
our activity does not cause the extinction of other species that depend upon a particular natural
The World Wildlife Fund’s Global 200 program is a new strategy to insure that
approximately 200 outstanding samples of every major habitat on Earth survive into the next
millennium.  I am glad this program includes the spiny forest of eastern Madagascar.   It is home
to some wonderful endemic birds.  When I was there the forest was rapidly being converted to
THE NATURE CONSERVANCY tries to buy important habitats before the developers
can destroy them.  The Conservancy and its members, since 1951, have been responsible for the
protection of more than nine million acres in 50 states and Canada.   It has also helped
like-minded partner organizations to preserve millions of acres in Latin America, the Caribbean,
the Pacific and Asia.  While some Conservancy-acquired areas are sold for management to
other conservation groups, both public and private, the Conservancy owns and manages more
than 1400 preserves.  Although many contributors are not wealthy, many people with lots of
money recognize the need for the good work being done and make this continuing effort possible.
money to governments and private groups around the world for needed projects.   Projects are
frequently funded by low-interest loans; but, where needs are critical to building a better world
and the possibility of repayment is slim, grants are made.  My personal trust in the wisdom of
World Bank decisions increased considerably last year when I saw a one-hour interview with
its new president on PBS, public TV.
The ESALEN INSTITUTE in San Francisco has for many years been supporting projects
to make this a better world.  In 1992 its co-founder, Michael Murphy, wrote a 785 page book,
The Future of the Body: Explorations into the Further Evolution of Human Nature.   It has been
described as an encyclopedia of the exceptional functioning of body, mind, and spirit.   This
project was funded by Laurance S. Rockefeller and other futuristic thinkers.  Dulce W. Murphy
is Executive Director of The Russian-American Center associated with the Esalen Institute.
I support their Emerging Leadership Project that periodically brings together future leaders of
Russia and America so they can develop personal friendships and gain a broader understanding
of the world we live in.  Then, perhaps 10 years later, when they enter leadership positions they
may find problems within and between these two world powers easier to resolve.
The INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES (IONS) was founded in 1973 by Edgar
Mitchell after he retired from his service as an astronaut. Noetic sciences are those that study the
mind and its diverse ways of knowing in a truly interdisciplinary fashion.    IONS is a research
foundation, an educational institution and a membership organization.  Basic membership starts
at $35 by calling 800-383-1394 FREE.  Their quarterly “Noetic Sciences Review” I think raises our
consciousness of ourselves and of the kinder, gentler world we are entering, and their annual
conferences are great fun.
The SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE NETWORK is a multinational organization founded in
1980. It has about 10,000 members, with a-staff of 3 in Santa Cruz, California.  It seeks to
develop an expanded model of mental health care to help people in crisis by using   scientific
and spiritual assistance.  They have a speaker’s bureau and a newsletter published 2-3 times
per year, (call 408-426-0902).    I see this as a timely and much needed organization. We
experience much rapid and stressful change as we join the galactic society.  Besides the stress
caused by induced memory blocks that are experienced by many people worldwide, I think the
consciousness of “heaven” is descending to Earth.  We need all the help we can get to assimilate
The WORLD-WATCH INSTITUTE says their goal is to provide policymakers,
educators, researchers, reporters, and concerned individuals worldwide with information they
need to make decisions that will lead to a sustainable economy.  They publish an annual
State of the World Report, in-depth papers on specific subjects, and a magazine –
“World-Watch, Working for a Sustainable Future.” (800-555-2028 FREE)  They accept no
advertising and are supported by many philanthropists, some with well known names like
MacArthur, Dodge, Ford, Hewlett, Mellon, Rockefeller and Turner.   World-Watch magazine
highlights “Matters of Scale” in each issue. In the Nov/Dec 1996 issue, I found it interesting that
three black helicopters were depicted above “Who Dominates the World?”    Examples of
comparisons listed showed that Disney World has about the same number of employees as the
United Nations, and the entire 1992 Earth Summit cost less than just the US portion of the
1994 Paris Air Show and Weapons Exhibition.  I wonder if the mysterious black helicopters
could be associated with the real peacemakers.
The GORBACHEV FOUNDATION USA since 1995 sponsors the annual State of the
World Forum.  This is one of four major projects listed on their stationery along with;
The Global Security Project, Humanitarian Assistance to Emerging Nations, and The Presidio
Dialogues.  The personal transformation of Mikhail Gorbachev is note-worthy.  In 1985, as
head of the Soviet Union, he was personally responsible for the nuclear threat to this planet, and
now he heads Green Cross International designed to save the planet from human selfishness.
Efforts are being made to encourage the world’s major environmental organizations to establish
a headquarters at the Presidio.  The State of the World Forum, a “citizen’s global brain trust,”
will focus on the fundamental challenges and opportunities confronting humanity as we enter
the next phase of human development,” according to the foundation president.
THE CARTER CENTER promotes a number of needed projects besides Habitat for
Humanity. One project is the elimination of five highly communicable diseases in Africa. These
diseases have been isolated in the past; but, now that people from around the world are
coming there to help resolve political strife and the resulting humanitarian disasters, these
diseases could easily spread to the rest of the world. Although I did not vote for Jimmy
Carter, I am quite impressed with the skill and courage he has shown while making a
difference in Haiti, North Korea, and Bosnia. Some people just talk about the world’s
problems, and others take a risk and do something.
The HUMAN POTENTIAL FOUNDATION, co-founded by C.B. Scott Jones and
Senator Clairborne Pell with Laurance S. Rockefeller’s money, has been quite helpful in
acclimating people to the alien presence.  The foundation published a Matrix of Beliefs and
a “UFO” Briefing/Bibliography that they provided to influential people. It brought leading UFO
investigators to Rockefeller’s Grand Teton ranch to discuss political policy and spiritual aspects
related to the alien presence.  It sponsored the Rockefeller White House initiative when the
White House changed parties, and also its classy 1993 conference in Washington, D.C.,
“When Cosmic Cultures Meet.” The conference addressed how the alien presence affects
society. The 400 page Proceedings can be purchased by calling 830-895-0770.   Now
Scott Jones has dedicated several years to the Peace Room Project.  The six peace rooms
planned will make it possible for people around the world to concentrate their resources to
cause all nations to choose peace.
I think that the organizations listed above, and others associated with people in the
CFR/TC, are trying to bring peace to the world and are trying to keep the human species
from committing suicide by destroying the environment that supports us.  Their goals are noble,
and I support most of them with my checkbook and my actions.  Many people recognize the
major problems of the world, but relatively few do something about them.  We can do
something if we choose to.
There is much evidence that aliens and angels are working with humans to transform this
planet.  In 1959 Pope John XXIII, political head of the Roman Catholic church, wrote in his
diary that he had visits by both Jesus and Mary. Now there are Marian apparitions, often
associated with UFOS, in many parts of the, world.  During one of these Giorgio Bongiovanni
was stigmatized, and he was told to tell the world about the transformation.  I was told by a
retired CIA agent that in 1985 Gorbachev had a visit by two Ascended Masters.  That visit is
still changing the world.
I have recently heard evidence that suggests that the public is being deceived about the
A-10 that mysteriously went to Colorado on 2 Apr 97. US proliferation of sophisticated
weapons of war may have been an issue there.  Perhaps the people in our Space Command
headquarters know.  Human-alien liaison is real, and I think many of us are now ready to know
what’s going on. Greater knowledge of joint human-alien efforts to transform this planet should
not cause too much stress for those who don’t care much about the broader issues facing
humanity, but it can give much-needed hope to the unknowing participants.
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The Rest of the A-10 Story      April 23,1999
by Donald M. WareI seem to be the recipient of an unusual amount of unpublished information
related to important incidents.  I sometimes wonder if that is because someone
knows I am likely to put it together and pass it on.  One such case involves
the mysterious A-10 flight of 2 Apr 97, a strange alert at Cheyenne Mountain,
and what happened to Capt.  Graig Buttons and the four missing 500 pound bombs.
Having been a fighter pilot who flew on the ranges of southern Arizona,
I took great interest in the mass media reports.  Three A-10s took off at 10:30 am
and refueled in the Tombstone area. Twenty miles SE of Gila Bend at 11:58 the
instructor told his students to take spacing in trail for a bombing pass.
Buttons flew the trailing plane.  A report in USA Today said, “The next minute …
he was totally gone.”  He failed to respond to the next radio call and was no where
in sight.  Both pilots immediately began a search, later assisted by others.
The transponders were turned off before entering the range, and the A-10 has
no data recorder.  Investigation showed that a combination of intermittent radar
and visual sightings suggested it went across Apache Junction at 12:11 on a
straight line to Glenwood Springs, CO, followed I-70 to Eagle, turned south
to circle Aspen, and crashed at 1:40 PM between Aspen and Vail high on New York
I found it interesting that Craig Buttons was born in Massapequa, New York.
His father described him as “A-OK stable” with a passion for flying.  He graduated
from pilot training at Williams AFB, AZ in 1992 and was a T-37 instructor pilot
at Laughlin AFB, TX until assigned to the 355th Fighter Squadron at Davis-Monthan
AFB,AZ for A-10 training.  After training he was scheduled to join a combat
squadron at Spangdahlm AB, Germany.  Although 33 years old, he had not married
and had no brothers or sisters.
The day before the crash the MUFON State Section Director, June Shearer,
called UFO researcher, Wendelle Stevens, to report a story that he should hear
first hand.  They met for lunch on 2 Apr 97 with Ann H., a lady who had previously
reported many contacts and communications with ETs.  All three people
were in route to Coco’s restaurant when the A-10 became missing. Ann said that
she had been in close contact with a human ET group for years.  She visits them
in her “astral body” and they come into her home “through the wall.” She said
that one week earlier these ETs had entered her home and asked for a favor.
They wanted to land a number of their ships in an open desert area SW of Tucson
to become acquainted with local people face-to-face.  They wanted her to advise
the authorities in advance and obtain assurance they would not be attacked without
provocation.  A couple of days later she called Davis-Monthan AFB and was connected
with an NCO in the Command Post.  He joked with her for a few minutes and handed
the phone to another NCO who also did not take her request seriously.  She then
called Senator John Kyl’s office in Tucson and got the same treatment from his
staff.  The ETs returned on 29 or 30 March; and, when they got her report their
response was, “We will have to do something to get their attention.”  Ann’s
reaction to that was, “Please don’t use any ray weapons on us.” and they
responded, “Perhaps we will take one of their airplanes in flight.”
The A-10 story was not released from the base until the night of 3 April,
and it was the headline story the next day.  When Mrs. Shearer saw the story she
called the contactee.   Ann said that she had already seen it, but Capt. Buttons was
with her ET friends and was all right.  On 12 April I saw Wendelle Stevens at the
Eureka Springs UFO Conference, and he shared the contactee’s story with me.
Other friends told me there had been a strange alert at NORAD headquarters in
Cheyenne Mountain.  It was strange because when people asked what it was about
they were told it was an internal affair and did not affect those outside.  On
3 May I shared this strangeness with people who come to my monthly meetings in
my home, and one of these people later related the following story from her friend.
An officer who works in Cheyenne Mountain called her mother, before the A-10
was located, to ask what kind of news reports were in our area.  The officer
had been required to stay in NORAD headquarters for several days without access
to the media, and she wanted to compare what she knew was going on with what the
public was told.  The mother told her about the missing A-10 reports in all the
media and asked “What’s going on.”  The daughter said it was classified, and she
couldn’t say.  However, before hanging up she said that she was really upset
that Capt. Buttons’ parents would never know the truth.
Other information I heard possibly relating to this incident follows:
FAA initially reported seeing an unidentified radar blip enter the range from
the south, but they refused to verify that when questioned later.  All radar tapes
were sent to higher levels for analysis.  Activity in the Davis-Monthan Command Post
was hectic after the incident, making contingency plans for various scenarios of
plane or pilot recovery.  One remote viewer of the Cheyenne Mountain alert “saw”
a circular vehicle on the ground there.  Remote viewing instructor, Marion Douglas,
was totally confused about her impressions of the A-10 incident until she heard
my version of the story.  Some major media briefly reported that the “biologic
material” found at the crash site was determined to be the pilot by DNA analysis
in a Washington, D.C. laboratory.  I question the accuracy of this report.   Also,
the next publication I received from the Council on Foreign Relations had an
article about rethinking the Military Assistance Program at Davis-Monthan AFB, which
sells sophisticated weapons of war to countries that probably should not have them.
Finally, the contactee in Tucson has since been told that Captain Buttons
was offered a new job by the ETs, and he chose to work with them on a “mother ship”
they call “Tagamont.”  They said a smaller ship magnetically captured the A-10,
took it to the Tagamont to remove the pilot and the bombs, and then returned
the A-10 to crash in a safe place.P.S.  I phoned Stevens for his input to this story, and he sent it priority mail.
It arrived seven days after postmarked, beat up, torn open and damp inside and out.
It was raining, but the other mail in my box was dry.
I have heard of many other reports of ETs remotely taking control of both
automobiles and aircraft.
Finally again, I suspect that Capt. Buttons’ new job is more satisfying than
combat in Kosovo.  Perhaps he now flies one of those really fast things.  

                            The Easy Way to Brooksville       May 24, 1999
by Donald M. Ware
On 28 Oct 98 1 received a call from a psychic friend, Patty McLaine in
Camden Maine, who gave me Mary T.’s name, address, and phone number.
Patty said I should talk to Mary about a period of missing time she had while her
video camera was focused on a UFO.  The camera was on a tripod.  I called Mary
that day, and after hearing her story I told her I would like to see the video.
She sent me three copies.  I gave one to Art Hufford in Pensacola, and I showed
one at my December monthly meeting.
Mary said that the video was taken from a houseboat on the St. John’s River
at Delano, Florida just after 2 am on 25 Dec 94.  It shows a bright star-like object
move around, leave the camera field, return, come by fast at a lower
position (appeared larger), and then three lights, apparently on the edge of a circular
object, seem to descend to the surface near the boat.
I suggested to Mary that she log all events and data about the weather, camera,
settings, azimuth, elevation angle, and any strange previous events.  Then I suggested
that she contact a hypnotherapist if she wants to recover greater understanding of the
events.  She contacted Loraine Gerber, but no regressionwas done at that time.
On 17 Mar 99 I got a call from Mary. She said her husband was out
of town.  Early that morning she had a dream in which she was laughing when
her bed started shaking, and it woke her up.  There were several 5-foot-tall
beings with dark eyes in her room. She couldn’t move, her arm hurt real bad,
and “something else hurt.”  The dogs were barking.  She was frightened. The
beings then “backed up through the wall.”  She told herself she was OK and went
back to sleep.  The next morning black and blue fingerprints were on her left arm,
but she did not hurt.  I suggested that she read Encounters, Abduction, and
Reaching for Reality, and also that she may want to attend the Gulf Breeze UFO
Conference starting in two days.
On 21 Mar 99 she drove from Brooksville, Florida to Pensacola Beach to
attend my Face-to-Face Invitational which follows the conference, and to meet
me and other understanding people.  She arrived about 1400 (2 PM), checked into
a room at the Beachside Resort, and enjoyed conversation with several of us
on the beach patio.  The event started at 1730 and was over about 2330.
During the dinner break, 1910-2100, about 10 researchers were eating from
the buffet at Barnhill’s Restaurant on US 98. Bob Oechsler said that after the
first course he stepped outside “for a cigarette” and saw a UFO apparently come
from a position just east of Sirius, increase in apparent size to twice the size
of the moon, and then “explode into many sparks” over the restaurant.
Researchers inside included John Shelburne, Steve Hills, Prudence Calabrese,
Bruce and Anne Morrison, Johnny, myself and others.
I sent Mary T. my Dear Colleague letter on 6 May 98, and she called me
on 11 May to thank me and relate the following:  After the Face-to-Face meeting
she took a shower, went to bed, and thinks she went to sleep sometime after
midnight CDT.  She woke “feeling compelled” to check out, get in her car and
drive home to Brooksville, about 420 miles.  She remembers going across the bridge
to Gulf Breeze, going left over the overpass to US 98, feeling terror, and then
looking for a place to stop.  Her next recollection was seeing something like a
shooting star, but going up.  She soon arrived home and called her husband at
0430 EDT, less than three hours after she left Pensacola.  Her husband said she
could not be home.  She hung up, and he called back to verify that she was home.
The phone record shows exactly 0430.  She said she felt that she had received a “clensing,”
and she no longer had fear of alien encounters or “missing time.”
This story strangely suggests to me that Mary T. and her car were given
a free ride most of the way to Brooksville on 22 Mar 99.  Also, I wonder where
her expressed desires might lead her now.  I recall that in 1968 another Brooksville
resident, John Reeves, had overcome fear of his encounters with aliens and was
taken to a domed structure on the back side of the moon, with no memory block.
That was one year before our astronauts made their first visit.

Note: Billy J. Rachels, Director of the UFO Bureau, has an excellent article,
“The 1965 Brooksville, Florida Case – John Reeves: First Man on the Moon,” in
the Spring 1999 issue of  “Alternate Perceptions,” issue #46.  This can be ordered
from Alternate Perceptions, P. O. Box 9972, Memphis, TN 38190 for $5.95.





By Donald M. Ware, 662 Fairway Avenue NE, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32547-1752         14 Mar 03


WHO WE ARE – For many years I have realized that it is difficult to understand what’s happening on one level of consciousness without trying to look at it from a higher perspective.

  • n Perhaps this can be called a PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW.

Let us consider the transformation of this planet from as high a level as we can.

We are each eternal spiritual beings.

It is useful to think of us as having a Mental Body – the software for our biological computer, an Emotional Body – attuned to our physical body through our genes, and a

Spiritual Body that includes the Thought Adjuster (part of the Universal Father which is part of the Trinity) as described in The Urantia Book.

The RA Material, originally 4 books of the Law of One, describes 7 levels of consciousness.

1st-density consciousness is in the four elements – air, water, mineral, and fire.

2nd-densityplants and animals. In Damanhur, Italy people wire the electrical conductivity of plants and trees to a synthesizer to allow the plants to join concerts and allow them to express their feelings. Rupert Sheldrake has proven that cats and dogs are telepathic; because, they react to the intention of their human when the human decides to come home. Also RA told Don Elkins that baby human souls evolve from animals that experience the greatest amount of love. In our society, we share our love with our cats and dogs.

3rd-densityhumans, aware we are aware of self, with sufficient capacity for intellectual growth and spiritual awareness for making choices that polarize the soul toward service to others or service to self. The reason for being is free-will choice polarization of the soul.

4th-density – more highly evolved beings ready to learn to express unconditional love. At this level of consciousness they acquire non-local awareness [through telepathy, remote viewing, and controlled out-of-body experiences].

5th-density – humans acquiring true wisdom that acquire simultaneous local and non-local awareness.

6th-density – beings that become galactic teachers. RA said, imagine a hundred wise, loving souls melding into one who can manifest what they choose by pure thought.

7th–density – described as universal consciousness, a term some use for God.

Depak Chopra taught me that Vedic teachings describe seven levels of awareness that parallel this description of the evolution of consciousness.



We are in the midst of a major transformation. This is a joint human/alien/angelic project.

There are enough 3rd-density souls ready to graduate to 4th-density experience to make the time right for this planet to be transformed to a home for 4th-density experience, where people can learn to express unconditional love of others in the absence of the very selfish. Many souls here now, probably most that come to UFO conferences, I think already graduated in a prior life or earlier in this life. However, most people on this planet are still at the 3rd-density level, still making choices that polarize their soul.

What is God? – In our Urantia Book Study Group we spent considerable time on the first nine papers describing the Trinity- the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. This can be simplified to say that God is universal consciousness.

Since there is some form of consciousness in everything, God is All That Is.

It is very stressful for 4th-density souls to live on the same planet with the less evolved, more selfish souls who project negative energy. So, I think there is good reason to look forward to the shift, even as traumatic as that will be. I think the shift will change the dominance of the 3rd-density society on this planet.



I have been a student of telepathic processes for a long time. In 1989 I received a message from what I call higher intelligence, through a gifted telepathic communicator. It said that I should become a connoisseur of all types of telepathically acquired information. I have tried hard to do this. I see much of this type of information in the Bible.

The last book of the Bible, The Revelation to John, is prophesy that I think describes the “shift” that I think many people in this room will experience. It starts be saying:

“The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place; and he made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw. Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophesy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written therein; for the time is near.” When speaking with angels, time seems to be a relative thing.

Now here is what it says in 8: 6 – 9: 15 about what happens when the seven angels blow their horns:

“Now the seven angels who had the seven trumpets made ready to blow them.

The first angel blew his trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, which fell on the earth; and a third of the earth was burnt up, and a third of the trees were burnt up, and all of the grass was burnt up.

            “The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.

            “The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the fountains of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the water because it was made bitter.

            “The fourth angel blew his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon and a third of the stars, so that a third of the light was darkened; a third of the day was kept from shining, and likewise a third of the night.

            “Then I looked and I heard an eagle crying with a loud voice, as it flew in midheaven, ‘Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, at the blasts of the other trumpets which the three angels are about to blow’

            “Ant the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the scorpions of the earth; they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads; they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man. And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them.

            “In appearance the locusts were like horses arrayed for battle; on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces, their hair like women’s hair, and their teeth like lion’s teeth; they had scales like iron breastplate, and the noise of there wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle. They have tails like scorpions, with stings, and their power of hurting men for five months lies in their tails. They have as the king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abad’don, and in Greek he is called Apol’lyon.

            “The first woe has passed; behold, two woes are still to come.

            “Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden alter before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphra’tes.” So the four angels were released, who had been held ready for the hour, the day, the month, and the year to kill a third of mankind.”

Then follows a page that is difficult for me to understand, so I skip to chapter 11: 15:

“Then the seventh angel blew his horn, and there were loud voices in heaven saying, ‘The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign for ever and ever.’ And the twenty-four elders who sit on their thrones before God fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying, ‘We give thanks to thee, Lord God Almighty, who art and who wast, that thou hast taken thy great power and begun to reign. The nations raged, but thy wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding thy servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear thy name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.”

I think this revelation describes very well what current prophecy says about the shift. It describes meteors, earthquakes, tsunamis flooding the coasts, strong winds, volcanic ash, and disease. I think the shift between the planetary crust and the Earth’s molten mantel (mostly iron) will lead to a great reduction in the number of selfish souls incarnated here. I think the shift will be caused by the torque applied by the magnetic field of Planet X as it passes between the Earth and our sun.

We have heard a lot about Zeta Talk. I don’t accept everything told to Nancy Lieder by the Zetas, whoever they are, but I think they have shed much light on many things that should be important to 4th-density folks.

My friend, Yvonne asked her unseen friend who the Zetas are, and the response was, “They can better be described as bored discarnates” (suggesting to me human souls between incarnations). She asked if she should tell Nancy, and she was told, “No, they are providing useful information.” Zeta Talk says that those 4th-density souls who choose, at the soul level, to keep their current physical bodies will be guided to a safe place or experience various forms of rapture: teleported, or pulled up in a blue beam. They probably decide this in their sleep state.

I suggest that most people think that massive destruction along our coasts and a reduction of perhaps 5 billion souls incarnated here is a bad thing. But the cause will be a natural event, an ”act of God,” and I know that God is good.

For example, if we get more volcanic ash in the air, it blocks light and slows crop growth temporarily, but when it settles out, it puts the trace minerals back into the soil. And the rapid reduction of 3rd-density souls incarnated here will allow the 4th-density folks to dominate the surface of the planet and stop hiding underground. This will then allow national governments to become 4th-density organizations. The majority of their constituents will no longer be here for the purpose of polarization of the soul, but to learn to express unconditional love of others.





Ruth Montgomery’s 1999 book, The World to Come, describes the same kind of earth trauma described in Zeta Talk, but her guides told her they are not allowed to say when.

When her psychic friend, Arthur Ford died years ago, he joined her spirit guides. She retired from writing in 1989. Then her husband died and joined her group of guides and put enough pressure on her to cause her to publish that book. Somebody thought it was important.

They describe the same scenario as the Zetas. This seems consistent with the Prime Directive taught through Star Trek that restricts interference with the lesser-evolved 3rd-density society.

The guides did give Montgomery clues though. They said that the President at the time of the shift would be a walk-in, and his legacy would be for a massive homebuilding program away from the coasts. This telepathic input occurred during the 1999 primaries, and Ruth knew that none involved was a walk-in. So, she suggests that the shift may occur about 2010-12, after an administration change.

The Zetas did not say whether those homes would be in the underground and undersea system or not. I think they will need to be hurricane proof.



The RA Material, acquired about 1982, says that we will experience great earth trauma. “It will be caused by our planet moving into a place where the magnetic fields are different.” This will cause a heating of the core leading to increased earthquakes and volcanic activity. When Don Elkins tried to pin him down on timing, which he wasn’t anxious to give, he did say that he thought the peak of the volcanic activity would be about 2012.




Our government and others are getting ready for something big. Several years ago we heard reports of many boxcars on sidings in Kansas that had seats with shackles beneath them. These are presumed to be FEMA assets. The federal government is required to plan for all kinds of emergencies. The Arlington Institute keeps track of the possibilities, and they rank the impact on society. The shift of the earth’s crust and overt alien landing are the two “wild cards” most traumatic to society. Why did FEMA buy the boxcars? My intuition tells me they will be used to move large numbers of prisoners before the shift. I think FEMA knows that many prisons will be inundated by the tsunamis. They must either open the doors or move the inmates to inland confinement where they can feed and bed large numbers of people behind fences. I think they already made the choice to move them.

Now, the Internet tells us that there are nearly a thousand new white SUVs, vans, and 4WD pickups stored at the Federal Prison in Bastrop, TX (1341 Hwy 95 N, 78602 – 512-321-3903). FEMA uses white vehicles. What were they bought for?   I suspect, for rounding up the “locusts” of Revelations. The “locusts” of Revelations had human faces and a lethal sting like a
scorpion.  In biblical days locusts came in hoards and took all your food. I think that the white vans may be used to take those selfish, armed people fleeing the coasts to places where they can be fed and housed and not feel they have to steal from those who faithfully stored a two-year supply of provisions, like the Mormons have done for many decades.

We also have heard rumors of FEMA buying millions of body bags yearly from each of several sources. In Zeta Talk it says that there will be so many deaths near the coasts that we won’t be able to bury them fast enough to prevent disease epidemics.




We have heard many lectures at conferences about underground and undersea bases. Dr. Casher reported that the Navy has major facilities for re-supply of undersea bases on both coasts. Abductees are taken for hybridization purposes to Dulce, NM and other such places underground. Where can one be better protected from the tsunamis, hurricane winds, and falling ash?

I see parallels between these bases and the original Garden of Eden. For Urantia Book students, you will recall that Adam and Eve built a population of a million people with physical bodies more capable of intellectual growth and spiritual awareness, before Eve made the mistake that caused their tour of duty on this planet to be cut short. They did it on a peninsula in the Mediterranean that had a narrow neck where they built walls and put many vicious animals to keep the barbarians out while they built a kinder, gentler civilization. I think these underground bases serve the same purpose now. They keep the “barbarians” away from the new species as we build a kinder, gentler group of beings that will inherit this Earth.



These are another independent indicator supporting a coming shift. Earthquakes cause a loss of bridges for surface transportation. What better mode of transportation, whether for current uses taking people to and from isolated locations, or for rescue and logistic use after the earth changes?

The only better modes of transportation that I can think of are our flying saucers that I think will be used more openly after the shift. This includes the TR-3B that Ed Fouche described and that I think is used as an airborne aircraft carrier for the black helicopters.




Most people assign a negative connotation to these grisly events. I don’t think so. Those cattle are probably treated more humanely than we would treat them in our slaughterhouses, and I think they are being used to feed our hybrid babies. It’s hybrid fetus formula.

Primarily what they take is vast amounts of blood and the tissues around the orifices that have a high concentration of the amino acids necessary for new tissue growth, except for the tongue and half the lip, which I think are used in pollution studies. My friend in Ohio tells me of a highly secret cattle production facility where they are slaughtered quite young and all the products are trucked directly to Area 51.   They probably don’t use the chemicals that most ranchers use. I suspect that the occasional mutilations reported rectify imbalances in normal supply and demand.



I see this as the next major step in human evolution. George S. Robinson spoke at the August 1998 International UFO Congress Summer Seminar and told us that we humans have already made a new sub species, Homo sapiens alterios, and a new subspecies, Homo alterios spacialis. He never mentioned aliens, but those in the room knew that aliens are involved.

  • n He said we did it to make us more survivable in off-planet conditions, mentioning the moon, Mars, and perhaps Europa.
  • n I think it is a joint human/Zeta project, and he just chose not to mention aliens.
  • n We get the bigger computer (brain) with greater telepathic ability, and the Zetas get the genes for better compatibility with the emotional body.
  • n I think the human parents are allowed to raise the subspecies, H. sapiens alterios, because they look much like us, though their IQs are often off the charts.
  • n I think the new species is so different they must be separated from us until our consciousness allows them in our presence. We can see one on the cover of Time Magazine, 23 June 97.




Here are my brief comments on what we should do. You can download a manual on this from , and other sources are available.

  • n We should brush up on our survival skills. Access to grocery stores may be limited. Sacks of rice can be nutritious and be stored a long time.
  • n We should plan for an inland place to stay where we can survive strong winds.
  • n We should store provisions in multiple, hard to find places that won’t blow away.
  • n We should think seriously about how we will treat the hungry, mean, and armed gangs that will want to take our stuff.
  • n We should save seeds.

I have often thought about people with motor homes and how to protect them. My brother sold his lovely home and now lives mostly in a motor home. It has lots of satellite communication gear. Such owners travel in large groups, and they know each other well.

  • n If you park these things in low-lying open fields nose-to-nose and about 2 ½ feet apart they probably won’t topple like dominos in the wind, especially if you back the cars they tow against each side to deflect the winds.
  • n Also, when the “locusts” come to take your stuff, you can offer them what you want and then be a tough target for further exploitation.


I will close with what The Georgia Guidestones say we should do. I see these as guides for our society that well serve us well during the Golden Age, a thousand years of peace, just as the Ten Commandments served the individual well for 3,000 years.

* Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
* Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.                   (No cloning?)
* Unite humanity with a living new language.                                               (Telepathy?)
* Rule Passion – Faith – Tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
* Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
* Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
* Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

* Balance personal rights with social duties.
* Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
* Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

Note: This paper may be shared through any media. DMW do*****@em********.com

National UFO Center

Web Development Director for National UFO Center, and Earth Changes Media UFO Researcher

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