Google Earth Map Spots Alien-Like Figure on Moon

Google Earth map spotted a strange image on the moon in July 2014 that appeared to be a shadow of a very large tower or an alien.

The rare image was captured in a one minute 28 seconds video, which was later posted on video sharing website, YouTube by a user named wowforreeel. The images on the lunar surface from Google Earth were submitted to UFO Sightings Daily.

“An irregularly shaped dark spot he noticed on Google Moon looks like it could be a cast shadow from a massive standing object, or figure. At first I thought maybe it was something drawn into the picture but after going to G. Moon, whatever it is or isn’t.. uh, is there. You get the idea. Go check it out and of course decide for yourself. Debunk it, shred it, figure it out,” Wowforreeel told UFO Sighting daily.

As the trend of using Google Earth to find UFOs and making videos of UFO sightings is becoming popular than ever, some people have believed the sighting to be true, while others disagree claiming it to be fake.

Check out the video of the alien on Moon:

imilar sightings have been made in our solar system in the past. Few months back, a video of a UFO approaching the International Space Station (ISS) was uploaded on YouTube.

The video footage showed a strange, circular rotating object coming close to the space station in March 2014. The three-minute 40-second video was uploaded by a user named ‘secureteam10’ and it went viral on the internet.

“Amazing capture on this footage!! Most certainly a curious UFO coming to check out the ISS… Anybody who disagrees is foolish!!” one of the comments read. However, some viewers disagreed and felt the video was fake.

In a similar sighting, a person reportedly spotted a UFO and an alien controlling it. The UFO was found on Google Earth in the Trout Creek, Montana area. The object is believed to have been sighted over 20 times on Google Earth, according to Scott Waring, UFO expert from UFO Sighting Daily.

In yet another strange sighting, a rock in space appeared to have a black pyramid on it. The pyramid on asteroid 1999 RQ36 was identified by scientists at the ISRO labs. The alien object was discovered in our solar system on 29 June.

The video on the black pyramid was uploaded on YouTube, by an user UFOexposed. The asteroid appears like a normal rock in space but when observed carefully, it seemed to be inhabited.

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