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Air Force Academy Space Sciences Textbook

AIR FORCE ACADEMY SPACE SCIENCES TEXTBOOK by Colonel Donald G. Carpenter ENVIRONMENTAL SPACE SCIENCES was a book taught at the Air Force Academy and written by Professor and Colonel who was the Commander of the SPACETRACK Radar Site at Shemya, Alaska. He was the originator of the Space Science Course ...

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Leaked UFO video captured by Homeland Security analyzed

Leaked UFO video captured by Homeland Security analyzed

By: Alejandro Rojas A group of UFO researchers with backgrounds in science have come together to analyze an alleged UFO video they have confirmed comes from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The object in the video was captured by a thermal imaging camera on a DHS aircraft, and according ...

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The moment a ‘UFO overtakes’ Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet during take-off from New York JFK Airport

'UFO overtakes' Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet

By Dailymail.com Reporter This is the moment a plane enthusiast captured a UFO overtaking a flight during take-off from New York JFK airport. The footage, from July 7, appears to show the object flying past the Virgin Atlantic plane at high speed. The peculiar object has led to speculation that ...

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Alien swarm? 10 UFO-like objects filmed flying over Japan (VIDEO)

10 UFO-like objects filmed flying over Japan

http://www.rt.com/news/311016-ufo-sighting-japan-video/ A video shot in Japan’s port city of Osaka has been making the rounds online, displaying a swarm of white spherical objects of unknown origin flying across the sky. The low-quality footage has triggered speculation over extra-terrestrial life and UFOs.The two-minute clip shows the mysterious round objects moving quickly ...

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Navy Arctic UFO photos allegedly leaked by anonymous source

Alleged UFO photo taken from the USS Trepang in March 1971.

Alejandro Rojas July 15, 2015 Several impressive photos of alleged UFOs over the arctic captured on camera by the Navy in 1971 have been leaked to UFO researchers, and their discovery has been getting worldwide media attention. UFO researcher Alex Mistretta claims that the images were originally given to him ...

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