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Best Documented UFO Cases

Filer’s Files # 27 – 2014 Craft from Red Dwarf Stars

Craft over San Rafael, California on June 26, 2014

 July 2, 2014  In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Wilfred de Brouwer, Belgian Air Force Anomalous Phenomena, Craft from Red Dwarf Stars,Religion Will Continue to Change the World, Moon Base, Stopping Demons and Attracting Angels, and Holland Amazing New Crop Circle: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: ...

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Russia UFO crash and recovery, 1968

Russian Crash 1968

Date: March, 1968 Location: Berezovsky , Russian Federation The details of a Russian UFO crash on or about 1969 are sketchy and somewhat suspect. This case comes from the so-called “Secret KGB Files,” which were reportedly smuggled out of the former Soviet Union. Reportedly, $10,000 was paid for the information. ...

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1980-Cash / Landrum UFO Encounter

diamond Cash

By Billy Booth A landmark case in the history of UFOs is the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident which occurred in the Piney Woods of Texas. This case marked the only time that any American citizen has sued the United States of America for damages received from a UFO. This extraordinary case ...

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1997-The Phoenix Lights

1997-The Phoenix Lights

By Billy Booth Summary: UFO cases with multiple witnesses, photographic and video evidence are always the most sought after by researchers. One of the best of these is the Phoenix, Arizona lights case of 1997. Supported by many photographs and videos, this fantastic event is still discussed and analyzed today. ...

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2006-O’Hare Airport UFO Sighting

UFO Photo over Ohare Nov 7 2006

By Billy Booth Summary: The UFO Reporting Center received an eyewitness report from an employee of the O’Hare Airport in Chicago as early as the middle of November, 2006, stating that an unknown object had hovered over the major airport for several minutes on November 7. The object then shot ...

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