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Filer’s Files # 27 – 2014 Craft from Red Dwarf Stars

FF 27

 July 2, 2014

 In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Wilfred de Brouwer, Belgian Air Force Anomalous Phenomena, Craft from Red Dwarf Stars,Religion Will Continue to Change the World, Moon Base, Stopping Demons and Attracting Angels, and Holland Amazing New Crop Circle:

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Canada, Canaries Islands, Greece, Philippines, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director


Special Reports

General Wilfred de Brouwer, Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian Air Force

Anomalous Phenomena


In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena have been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace. The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion.   Major- “Postface” in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.

Craft from Red Dwarf Stars


George LoBuono writes, “On planets that orbit what astronomers call “red dwarf stars,” which are three times more numerous than other stars (our nearest neighbor is actually Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star that’s about one tenth the mass of our sun so it will last for about 4 trillion years (due to lower pressure fusion). We can’t see any of those red dwarf stars with our naked eyes – only an infrared telescope can see them. Recent scientific estimates state that between 50 to 100 percent of red dwarf stars almost certainly have at least 1 to 3 habitable planets in their inner orbits. So, the universe is about populations living on planets surrounding red dwarf stars, in many ways. Data from NASA’s Kepler mission suggests that 6% of nearby red dwarf stars should have at least one Earth-sized world in the zone where life as we know it can sustain life and likely send visitors. Scientists say red dwarf stars emit about 83 percent infrared radiation, meaning that populations living on planets near such stars can actually SEE radiation, i.e. either like infrared energy emissions or as scalar resonance. This is a perfect recipe for an advanced culture of shared consciousness. These stars emit little light, sometimes as little as 1/10,000th as that of our Sun.”  

Aliens with large black eyes likely come from these red dwarf planets. The coverings over the eyes are similar to sun glasses to protect their eyes from the strong lights on Earth. Alien technology and their abilities are ahead of us by thousands of years. They have the ability to time travel, go through walls and manipulate their appearance. They are able to cloak their craft, manipulate people’s thoughts, and heal diseases. Everything on their planet is likely different from Earth. They often use large triangle craft with cloaking devices and smaller discs engaging in abductions. Reports indicate a craft will be seen in a particular location and suddenly start to appear twenty miles away. The plasma, particles or atoms making up the ship will dissolve at one location and appear in another location. One witness told me it was like a bathtub full of water slowly empting and filling the other bathtub.

Religion Will Continue to Change the World

Fall of Jurselem

Fall of Jerusalem, Judah 586 BC

Biblical prophecy seems to indicate we are living in prophetic times. I assume God is real and his laws and guidance is real and God has chosen to bless America but there are indications these blessing may not last. Ancient Israel was warned of impending doom unless they returned to obeying God and following his Ten Commandments. Abandoned by God the northern kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 BC, and the southern kingdom of Judah fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC as shown in the photo and Israel was taken into slavery. It is apparent we’re seeing a convergence and acceleration of changes in society, climate, and the economy unparalleled in human history. Western

Nations and the US are is involved in a religious war with the forces of Jihad.  Christianity is under serious attack and losing in many parts of the world.


The ISUS forces that recently conquered most of Iraq and much of Syria have declared they are the new Islamic State that has great plans to spread the Moslem Jihad to much of Africa, the Middle East and Southern Asia as shown on their map of conquest. President Obama has warned that Al Quida and the Islamic State are plotting to bring down a commercial airliner with the help of European jihadists returning from Syria. Surprisingly, Obama wants to give 500 million dollars to the Muslims fighting against the Syrian Government. The Jihad of the Islamic State is spreading rapidly gaining strength capturing Iraqi missiles, tanks and a million weapons. The US is sending almost a thousand troops and conducting drone air strikes against the Islamic state. Meanwhile both Iran and President Bashar al-Assad have ordered their Air Forces to bomb the Islamic State’s forces. It is hard to keep up with who is fighting and which side we are on.It is my opinion the US and its allies are under serious attack from many directions such as jihad terrorists, weather manipulation, lack of leadership in Washington, radiation from Fukuishima, religious prosecution, biowarfare, and immigrant overflow. Religion is probably the most powerful force in the world because many believers will die for their beliefs. Webster’s states, “In Islam, the central doctrine that calls on believers to combat the enemies of their religion. According to the Qur’an and the Hadith, jihad is a duty that may be fulfilled in four ways: by the heart, the tongue, the hand, or the sword. The first way involves struggling against evil desires. The ways of the tongue and hand call for verbal defense and right actions. The jihad of the sword involves waging war against enemies of Islam. Believers contend that those who die in combat become martyrs and are guaranteed a place in paradise. In the 20th and 21st centuries the concept of jihad has sometimes been used as an ideological weapon in the effort to combat Western influences and secular governments and to establish an ideal Islamic society.

Americans and its allies are dying, because we are involved in a jihad or Moslem Holy War against infidels, unbelievers, and enemies of Islam. You ask, what is an infidel? You are likely an infidel, that is an atheist, an agnostic, a Christian, a Catholic, Buddhist, a Jew, Mormon, New Age, or anyone who is not a member of Islam. War has been declared against you and your families who are the enemy in the jihad Moslem Holy War and deserve to die.

However, the news media forgot to mention that the Moors overran all of Spain, and moved into Southern France in 718 A.D.  The French King Charles defeated the advance of Islam into Austria, Hungary and Central Europe in 732 A.D.  For several hundred years Spain was administered by Muslims.  Emperor Charlemagne of France attempted to dislodge the Islam control of Spain but his forces were defeated.  A permanent Islamic warrior camp was established on the coast near Nice in France. From this forward position, the Muslims organized raiding parties crossed the Alps and attacked Switzerland, Italy and Germany capturing slaves and pillaging. The Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella triumphed over the Moors and freed Spain in the 1492. According to the plans of the Islam State we will all be Muslim. Our movies are the main method that the Muslim’s understand and obtain knowledge of the US and seeing our moral decadence that is an affront to Islam. Probably more than any other factor is that we allow women to go to school, become educated, to drive cars and even work outside the home. Additionally, American women are not covered in veils and nudity can be seen. If the Islam State wins in Iraq, the jihad will quickly spread to other nations around the world. Israel will likely be one of the first to fall.

History is starting to repeat itself as the jihad grows stronger. Essentially a religious war continues that’s been going on for more than a thousand years.

I suggest the West needs to pray for help.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  2 Chronicles 7:14

Stopping Demons and Attracting Angels

Chapter Five

Joshua P. Warren Paranormal expert writes, “If you now feel they exist, you are no doubt wondering how to deal with angels and demons in your life. Fortunately, the subject does not have to be extremely complicated. From the strictest biological perspective, your life can be boiled down to binary reactions. Your heart clenches then relaxes. Your breath goes in and out. And so your body’s energy-interface with all around you ultimately makes your bio-frequency raise and your soul expand, or your bio-frequency lower and your soul contract. Use your body as an antenna to feel whether or not something around you is good or bad. Does it make you want to expand or contract? If something is bad for you, your body is weakened. This makes you vulnerable. Stay in environments that make you feel strong and positive, and surround yourself with people that feel the same.”

Demons will hang out around vulnerable people, so if you venture toward the vulnerable, be especially cautious. Aside from your environment, fill your mind with positive content, and keep your body physically healthy and strong, just as you would to avoid getting a cold. If you believe there is a demon attached to you, then change your environment and diet to a positive one.

Next, ask for help. Ask Jesus to send an angel. Angels are there all around, eager to you help you all the time. They will even travel and run errands for you, believe it or not. If you’re having a problem with someone, ask an angel to soar to that person and help you resolve the situation with the most positive possible outcome for everyone involved. You might be surprised how things turn out! Anytime you have a problem, ask an angel to represent you, and send the angel away with all your trust and authority. The angel benefits when you benefit, so send your positive thoughts to the angel often. And if you’re perceptive enough, you might even get a glimpse of the angel working with you; or hear the angel’s voice; or see the Angel’s name and recognize it. The universe is always trying to speak with you. The language of the universe is synchronicity, and the more you pay attention to the connections around you in life, the more clues and insight you will have regarding what is happening around you. Knowledge is power, and this will give you the power to make informed, wise, effective decisions.


The best thing you can do you’ve heard this a million times in your life; and there’s a reason for it. But this time, let it sink in . . . The way you help yourself is by giving to others. It is not something you should be forced to do, but something you should do because it works. It doesn’t even matter if you give begrudgingly. All that matters is that you give. In fact, you should do so without accepting or expecting anything at all return. That is what makes it work. Once you give, you will start to see miracles happen in your life that will get you through tight pinches, whatever they may be. This is a weird principle of the universe that must be experienced to truly believe. Since we possess animal instincts, it seems unnatural to do this, and that is why all the spiritual teachers have stressed the need for faith. It’s not because you do believe in something that doesn’t exist, it’s because you must be advanced enough to imagine your reward. This is what makes you special. This is what makes your mind and spirit evolve. This is the smart thing to do. This is how you rise above and become free. This is how you become an angel. Please visit to open your mind and see more amazing stuff.


 Note: Billy Graham – Sept. 14, 2001 , for the first time in history, one man (Billy Graham) spoke the Gospel to the entire world at the same time. He gave the sermon at the National Memorial Service and was broadcast on every major television station in the U.S. and by satellite to the world.  Every country in the world received this broadcast and because it was a Geo Political event, every leader watched and heard it translated into his/her language.  Angels give Love forever true.

Dr. Graham who was the spiritual leader to numerous Presidents states,

Some have speculated that UFOs could very well be a part of God’s Angelic host who preside over the physical affairs of universal creation.  While we cannot assert such a view with certainty nothing can hide the fact that these unexplained events are occurring with greater frequency around the entire world.  Some take the detailed descriptions of a highly credible airline crew and lay them alongside Ezekiel and put forth a strong case —- such theories are now being given serious attention even by people who make no claim to believe in the God of the Bible.  UFOs are astonishingly Angel-like in some of their reported appearances.”

One interesting fact is that the Bible often mentions the Angels in Glowing Metal craft.  The Hebrew word ‘hashmal’ refers to glowing metal in the description of the divine glory and brightness and the appearance of fire from the craft.  The descriptions of Ezekiel in the Bible (1:4, 8:2) clearly indicate brilliant highly polished glowing brass or electrum an alloy of silver and gold.

Holland Amazing New Crop Circle


Standdaarbuiten —  Nancy Talbott writes, “All this past week Robbert van den Broeke felt something very big was coming, but because he has recently been doing several lectures and “healings” in his area he hadn’t had time to focus on this intuition.  On the evening of June 25th he had a night off and his friend Roy was visiting, and Robbert told him about his feelings.  An hour or so later Robbert felt a very strong, very “big presence” around him and knew something extraordinary was getting ready to happen.   Suddenly he had a “vision” and saw first a flash of light over a field in Standdaarbuiten and then an image of what the new crop circle would look like—and because I (Nancy) always ask him to make a drawing quickly before going out to the fields (if he has a feeling about what the new circle will look like) he grabbed some paper and drew a kind of “eye” with a cross going through it”.  Above and below the “eye” he added some circles on both sides, and then added the date & time as I’ve requested.

Immediately after completing the sketch he and Roy got in the car and headed toward Standdaarbuiten and, as they drove, Robbert remembered the field where the huge triangle had appeared last summer—and knew this was where they were to drive. It was very dark when they reached the right place and the formation was not visible from the road, so Robbert let the “energies” lead him, and they took the 2nd tram-line into the wheat field. After a few meters they could both see a formation with a very special design and looked eerily similar to the drawing Robbert had made. He felt “an almost magnetic” tingling all over his body.


The cross Robbert had drawn at home was, in the field, surrounded by a more than 30m-long flattened oval area which looked as if it had been “combed” away on either side from the wide straight path that runs through the center.  In the center of the flattened oval there was a wide ring of standing wheat, inside of which was a large flattened center circle with a lovely standing tuft.  The long straight center path was laid from each end of the oval in toward the center ringed circle, and the small paths to the left and right were both laid away from the center circle, right into the circles just outside the oval’s perimeter.


Outside the oval there were 8 circles, 3 on either side with just one outside both of the long ends of the oval, the sizes of which ranged in size from 6.5m to 1.5m in diameter. Robbert hopes that visitors will give generously to this farmer, as he is a wonderful example and by supporting him other farmers in the area are more likely to open their fields, too.

Robbert told me tonight that he thinks this formation has appeared as a deliberate preparation of its visitors for something “bigger” which he feels is coming. For more information of incredible events which have been occurring around Robbert see Photos: by Roy Boschman and Ronald Sikking (aerial) Thanks to Nancy Talbott

Moon Base

I just noticed on the Filer’s Files that one of my moon discoveries is on the site and ufo sightings daily indicated it was found a long time ago and seems to be taking credit for the find. Enclosed are the originals and a couple more of my findings on the moon. Strange cave and mist near Langmuier

Crater discovered by Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ



Sightings in the United States

Arizona Disc


Phoenix — I’ve been unsure what to do with the photo I’m submitting today. It was taken on June 17th 2014, just a little before 6 PM. It certainly doesn’t look like a bird, nor is it a plane, but assuming it’s a UFO then it sure is an odd one. After finding similar looking objects in an old historical UFO photo, I finally decided to send along my photo with the historical one. A similar photo was taken over the Cockaponset State Forest, Connecticut, on July 20 2005. As with almost all of my other UFO photos, I saw nothing other than the background elements when taking the shot.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Disc


Irvine –On June 18, 2014, I took my dog out at 10:45 pm as I do every night and happened to see a bright whitish orange-yellow light ascending up over the trees. It seemed to come toward me like a plane’s head light (which is what I assumed it was), but then it just stopped and hovered. It was possibly 3-5 miles away, maybe less.

 I watched for a moment and grabbed my iPhone and headed back out and snapped several pictures as hovered for another 10 minutes. Several helicopters flew towards it with a search light swirling around the sky. I watched in amazement as if someone just turned out the light. Upon examining my pictures, I noticed the light seemed to have a distinctive circular shape with almost a separate round spot in the center. A gentleman southeast of me in Temecula videotaped the very same thing last night, Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ


San Rafael — I was sitting outside on June 26, 2014, and above me were two clouds, shape-shifting, instantly! From one thing to the next, with ease, each second it would break apart and come together creating diverse shapes, which grabbed my attention. So I began to shoot this wild cloud display and it became obvious that despite the windy day, these clouds were not moving at all. They were not floating by like the others when I saw something sitting there against the blue sky. I took the shot, and then just stared; trying to refocus my eyes, then it was gone! This picture is all I managed to snap of it. It is completely overwhelming. This isn’t my first capture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Shimmering


Boulder — I didn’t know what to make of it. It was too distant for me to feel any connection with it but it was definitely there, performing a kind of dance that no manmade object could perform on May 2, 2014. Also, the shimmering shade of green was unlike any I had ever seen. The iPhone photo is not clear but if you can see the object. My feelings are ambivalent- this is the second UFO. I have observed. The first, encountered in the mid-sixties in Salem, Oregon was very close, just hovering motionless above the trees surrounding our house. It was metallic and I felt immediately that wanted me to come with it. I was horrified. Then it rose abruptly and joined another UFO and the two of flew off at a terrific rate of speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Lights


 Glenn Pennington writes, “Here in Northern Kentucky, sending you a few interesting pictures from June 18, 2014.I’m sending about four UFO pictures that I took early this morning. I have documented at least four types of saucer type craft, a triangular type craft, a cylinder type craft, a batwing type craft, orbs, and a rounded nose winged type craft.” Thanks to Glenn



Boston — About 8:15 PM the Sunday after the Marathon bomber was caught in Boston, I went outside to take in the USA flag as I looked up on May 21, 2013, I saw something strange in the sky. I live not far from Logan Airport, and see numerous aircraft every day. They are about a mile away from me as they fly over the Neponset River to Logan. This flying object I saw was a brownish V shape with a flat front, with three large red domed lights at each end. It flew slowly dropped down a little three times and made a sharp 90 degree turn to its right and vanished

Commercial aircraft were landing but this craft was bigger than the planes and was higher and a good deal further away. I feel it was likely a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Scary Close Encounter

 LONG LANE — My husband was driving and I was in passenger seat, and daughter was in backseatonJune 17, 2014 when I saw a light ahead flashing about quarter of a mile. All I could think was “Oh my God; this is wrong.”  Within a few seconds we were directly under it and we stopped for 10 – 15 seconds as it flew about 25 feet above us. I saw things on the bottom of it as we drove off. It was triangular shape in dull grey, with darker long shapes on the bottom and hovering ten feet above the trees. It had a strange brighter light in middle, two smaller lights on both sides of front point, and two small lights on both sides of a large light, then three lights across wider backend. The light was not normal light. The bottom was flat and had some sort of bars or legs that the lights kind of reflected off of. I was scared and wanted to get the hell out of there. He started to drive away and I grabbed for my phone to take a picture but I was too shook up to work my phone. It sat in same spot after we drove away. My husband acted happy and my daughter and I were scared.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

Nevada Flying Objects

Walker Lake — My two daughters, grandson and I were driving up to Idaho to visit my Mom, and as we got to Walker Lake, I spotted white flying objects in the sky. We pulled over got out of the car, and I was filming them, because there was so many of them. They were not birds and all were boomerang or a triangle shaped. They were in control or something was controlling them. They approached closer to us and we were the only ones out there, so we got frightened and left and never saw where they went. The video shows them off in the distance of the picture that I will send. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Bright Light

NJBerkeley Heights30Jun14

Caldwell – I was walking through my kitchen when an object caught my eye out the window on June 26, 2014. I am used to seeing airplanes and helicopters since there is an airport nearby but this object was bright teal blue, purple, white, and red. The object would hover from left to right in about a range of 200 feet then it would hover back at its original position then drop down behind treetop out of my view very quickly and then gain altitude to hover again at the original position it started at. The object would continuously perform this odd maneuver for twenty minutes. The last sighting I had of the object was when it quickly descended behind the treetop and never reappeared. The colors seemed to mix to create a new solid very bright pulsating color. Like dropping food coloring into a small glass of water and seeing it mix. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Lights


Myrtle Beach — My fiancé and I were vacationing on a balcony on June 23, 2014,when we saw five lights, light up one after another, in a circular pattern. These round orange lights continued to show up in the sky over the ocean. They would appear for about 5 seconds and then vanish in the middle of the cloud line. On the 25th we saw it again, and I took this photo. They did not show up on video. On the 26th we saw 20 lights that flew in a circular pattern. One over top of each other, and lighting up two at a time for a longer time. Three more appear just left of the 20 and they floated toward each other before they disappeared. Again they would show up periodically for about an hour and it was over.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Myrtle Beach — I was shooting at the thunderstorms and turned my camera south to the buildings to focus my lens. I took a few frames and turned the camera back out over the sea to shoot the thunderstorms.

 The next morning going over my pictures I found one with five white objects on it. I could not figure out what they were except UFOs, I didn’t know how I did not see them but the camera captured it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Lights


Weslaco – I was walking out of the Ultimate Fitness Center on June 24, 2014, after my workout and decided to stop and take a picture. I noticed two lights in the picture and wondered what they were.

I honestly posted picture on Face Book as a blessing from God to have such beautiful, colorful scenery that morning. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Utah Mountain Marks


I was driving on a route through eastern Utah down to Arizona on June 2, 2014, and was taking pictures of the different rock formations. I came up to the “The Mexican Hat” formation and took a picture of the mountain because it looked kind of weird to me, like if a big machine had dug up the whole side of the mountain. When I got home, I put the pictures on my computer and above the mountain there is the orb. I did not notice it when I took the picture but it is there now.

Note: The orb did not show in my photos, but mountain markings are unusual. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Orb


Richmond– I was heading back from night shift when I actually saw a weird ripple in the sky kind of like a jet stream. I took several pictures. Then today I noticed a clear almost see through orb in the background with 6 lights. The lights were inside a beige colored perfect circle.

Then they changed in another picture still in the perfect circle but the lights were a square instead. I made the picture larger to see more clearly what it was, that’s when I discovered the lights/orbs. I rolled my window down and it wasn’t a reflection.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wisconsin Cigar-shaped UFO


 Appleton — A strange cigar-shaped object was recorded on video hovering over the mid-eastern Wisconsin city. The UFO video was uploaded to YouTube by user UFO book. The description with the video simply reads: This video of a cigar shaped aircraft in the rain was recorded north of Appleton WI. It hovers on one spot and turns slowly on its axis and disappears into the clouds. The author of this video discovered it when he was looking out of his window. He got his camera with (Credit: UFO book/YouTube) video function to capture it.


Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Lights

Perth — Ihave been seeing the same ufo for ten years from my backyard in January of 2014. It always comes from the east over the horizon and disappears when it’s directly above me. It looks like a pulsating star that moves like a jerky praying mantis is the best way to describe it. The events last anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of hours. I bought a hd video camera and captured hours of footage most commonly seen at 12:10 until 1 aM. I have spent many years observing the sky. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything logical and it is well disguised. I would love to know what I am looking at. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Evanston/Gawler – I noticed an object hovering with red and green lights that were brighter than any planeonJune 16th 2014 at 9:10 pm. I estimate it was 1 to 3 kilometers from my location. It flew up and down, left and right with sharp erratic turns. It started alternating between red, green, and blue before turning red and blue and descending out of view behind trees. I found a video posted on YouTube yesterday with the same lights over the town.

UFOINFO comment: Possible LED remote control craft landing behind trees? I have asked the witness for their view on this but not had a reply yet.

Brazil Glowing Balls and Disk

Tapes – I was riding a motorcycle back home and I was passing a forest path it was so dark and I could see those lights hovering on top of the Big Laguna like 1 mile away from me. I saw three glowing blue and red balls hovering in high speed around each other for 15 minutes on April 3, 2014, and disappeared. Then orange-red lights stayed for two minutes before disappearing. I made two pictures, but pictures are not that good. Anyway I never saw something like that. The last glowing light disappeared on the horizon and left a light trail like sort of star wars hyper jump thing, it was just amazing.

Manhumirim — A flying disc showing yellow and blue colors in the night sky was observed on June 17, 2013, at 8 PM.
A disc was changing from yellow to blue colors in the night sky and hovering over a famous hill in the small town of Manhumirim. We filmed the unknown object Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Canada Sightings


Calgary — This intriguing UFO was seen on June 20, 2014, as it partly cloaks several times in the video. Do not assume that it’s changing shape that is a misconception. It’s just the cloak activates when there is a blue background.

When the UFO is in a white cloud, the top 20% of the UFO is missing and there is a partial blue background on that part. Cloud orbs cloak like this when seen up close. Cool sighting.

Thanks to

Mississauga, Ontario — Looking west towards Milton near the Winston Churchill Intersection a large boomerang shaped object, with one red light on each endwas observedon June 12th 2014, at 9:25 PM. The object had white lights along the bottom between the red lights. It was suspended in air for 10 minutes and then flew west.

Beaconsfield, Quebec — At first we were confused and then thought it might be a bird or a parachute on June 19th 2014. It was clear/white/metallic/translucent in color at 6:15 PM, flying like a waving flag but not in a recognizable pattern such as flapping bird wings.  It had 3D structure and shimmered in the light.

Toronto, Ontario – OnJune 19th 2014, I was hanging out with a friend in the park about 10 PM, where I’ve seen ufos previously:
I had just finished telling my friend about the strange stillness when we saw a bright blue light with two bright white lights on either side of the larger blue orb. The object moved south at a fairly slow speed and dropped out of view behind the tree line.
I also noticed that air traffic was diverting away from the object and later found out there was a domestic flight delay from Pearson International Airport around the same time as the sighting.

Toronto, Ontario – On June 21st 2014, I was standing by my window at 7:40 pm, and saw some birds and planes flying when I saw a formation of three lights that had sunlight bouncing off of them. That is when I saw three lights moving together, and then I saw a faint 4th light and then a 5th light that was higher than the 4 lights. The 5th light seemed apart from the 4 other lights.
The lights were stationary and definitely not stars, just 5 bright lights.
The following day I was looking up at 11:45 am, andsaw five Jellyfish-like objects in formation in the southwest sky. Thanks to John Hayes

Canaries Islands Light


San Pedro — These photos were taken within a few seconds on the left side of the moon in June.

The curious thing is that we have no air traffic in San Pedro, a small village on the island of La Palma, Canaries. I noticed when viewing the photos on the computer, that the light at the left of the moon may be a reflection in the camera lens of my mobile phone a Samsung S 4. I saw similar lights of an aircraft last year,

Thanks to MUFON CMS


Greece Sphere


Rodos — A friend of mine took several photos at the Rodos Airport and in one of the photos we saw this sphere like object above one stationed airplane on June 25, 2014.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


Philippines Sphere

Philippines Manila27Jun14

Manila — On June 27, 2012, I was looking east off my 12 floor balcony facing the downtown Mall of Asia (MOA), and saw a round metallic sphere. The sphere stopped about a mile north of Manila’s International Airport at 1,200 feet in the air. The object hovered for about 40 minutes then slowly retreated back to the east in a slow yet deliberate manner without changing altitude. The object continued moving east without making any sounds or leaving exhaust until I could not see it any longer. My wife saw the object as well. Thanks to MUFON CMS

United Kingdom/England Fireballs

UKSilver-stone Circuit June 23, 2014
 Silver-stone Circuit — As these planes were passing over the Silver-stone Formula 1 Race, a camera caught a white UFO onJune 23, 2014. The white UFO comes from the upper right side of the screen and descends toward the planes as if it were observing and recording the event.

From the close up we can see it is a triangle-like disk craft and does not resemble any known aircraft currently known, however it could be the classified TR3B or one of its new updated versions. TR3B a triangle craft that uses alien tech. Thanks to

Faversham, Kent, England — I was walking along the pathway at Faversham Creek at 11:10 PM, and observed over the Swale, two, large, very bright, shimmering orange coloured fireballs on June 14th 2014. Both the UFOs were hovering silently at 400 feet altitude. They seemed to radiate sparks of light, almost as if the UFOs were generating electromagnetic fields. The initial fireball appearance of the UFOs changed, as they began flying slowing along the Swale.

Then both the UFOs began pulsating and flared in brightness until from each UFO, a smaller, reddish or scarlet coloured spherical object appeared. Both these spherical UFOs then flew at high speed away from the orange UFOs in the direction of Oare. The original UFOs carried on flying along the Swale, and coming to a stop over Whitstable.
UFOINFO comment: I asked this witness if they could be Chinese lanterns?

The witness responded that a Chinese Lantern burns for only around 7 minutes and 30 seconds. They rarely go above an altitude of 500 feet because they fly on wind currents. Studying the UFO Phenomena has been a passion of mine for decades; therefore, I have a very accurate level of awareness of UFOs. UFOs often teleport out of nowhere in a flash of light and then fly off.


Newton, Abbot, Devon — I took this photo at 4:50 PM, on 13 June 2014. I have seen and photographed more UFOs this week than ever before


Note: This is the most recent of several photos received from this photographer. The authenticity of these photos cannot be completely validated.

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