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Did a UFO cause this plane to crash in Argentina?

A mysterious crop duster crash in Argentina has yielded bizarre evidence of a UFO! See it there, in the upper right corner of the picture? An unidentified flying object – presumably a “flying saucer” – was photographed by a journalist from Santa Lucia while taking pictures of the crop duster ...

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Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO

Analysis of the Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO Videos

The following report was written by photo analyst Mario Valdes from Chile. GRAPHIC ANALYSIS ON THE VIDEOS REGARDING UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS FILMED OVER KUMBURGAZ, TURKEY BETWEEN 2007 AND 2009 (SUMMARY) ANALYZED BY MARIO VALDES SANTIAGO – CHILE Related Videos 2007-2009 Original Videos Case Background More Information SUMMARY OF THE CASE ...

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Close up UFO over Kansas

UFO Stops to Allow Another UFO to Pass By

UFO Stops to Allow Another UFO to Pass By. Darin Crapo who uploaded the below video claims “Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine the following UFO sightings: UFO stops to allow another to pass by over Kansas City in the USA” Above mentioned report is ...

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Silent UFO flies over Canterbury, England

Silent UFO flies over Canterbury, England (VIDEO)

A witness captured video of a silent UFO flying over the South East England city of Canterbury at approximately 11:00 p.m. on June 29, 2013. Sasha Shaker and his wife Carly were driving home when Carly noticed the peculiar aerial object. When they arrived home, the couple watched the UFO ...

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