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Filer’s Files March 1 2022 Wanaque Reservoir UFOs

U05 2022


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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 Special reports are: Wanaque Reservoir UFOs, Alien Civilization on Mars similar to Egypt, Russia attacks Ugraine.

 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan. Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Vermont, Washington D.C. and Wisconsin.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand Space, and England in the United Kingdom, and United Arab Republic.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force and DOD investigated UFOs for more than forty years; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects


PHOTO BY (INSET): Claude Coutant Photo Credit: COURTESY: Anthony Bragalia (

WANAQUE, N.J. – .“On the night of 11 January 1966, hundreds of residents of Wanaque, New Jersey reported observing a strange, large white light which maneuvered over the local Reservoir,” wrote  The APRO Bulletin

A once-anonymous photographer who 65 years ago snapped a shot of what observers called a UFO over the Wanaque Reservoir has been identified.

“Claude Coutant was the name of the individual who took at least five photos of the Wanaque Reservoir craft in late December 1966, including the ‘beam’ shot.”  January 12, 1966 ice covers Reservoir

UFOs ad been seen entering and leaving the Wanaque Reservoir for several months. The reservoir was created with the damming of the Wanaque River and its tributaries in 1928, by Raymond Dam creating 2,310 acres of water surface and capturing 29.6 billion gallons of water. Parts of the reservoir are 90 feet deep where UFOs seemed to hide. In January 1966, a cold snap froze the reservoir and apparently trapped UFOs under the ice.

Anthony Bragalia reports on

Bragalia said he got unreleased images taken by Coutant, along with his identity, from a woman who once worked for the Star-Ledger – who said she got it from a woman who’d been engaged to the 46-year-old factory worker. Coutant, died in 1986,

Police Chief John Casazza was quoted as saying at the time. “It was a bright white light. It was funnel-shaped. It seemed to come out of some object, like a funnel,” Casazza reportedly said. “In other words, it spread out as if it were focused through a telescope. It was narrow at one end in the sky and spread out into a very wide beam at it approached our upper gate house at the Dam.”

Transcript of Police radio calls and beam stopping before hitting the water and a cube-like area beneath the surface.

 Residents of the Passaic County borough about 6:30pm Tuesday night after sunset had darkened the Ramapo Mountain Range. Wanaque Patrolman Joseph Cisco was in his cruiser when a call from the Pompton Lakes dispatcher came over his police radio. It was a report of a “glowing light, possibly a fire.” Then as if right out of a sci-fi movie Cisco heard the words: “People in Oakland, Ringwood, Paterson, Totowa, and Butler claim there’s a flying saucer over the Wanaque.”

“I pulled into the sandpit, an undeveloped area to get my bearings,” Cisco recalls. “There was a light that looked bigger than any of the stars, about the size of a softball or volleyball. It was a pulsating, white, stationary light changing to red. It stayed in the air; there was no noise. I was trying to figure out what it was.”

 Wanaque Mayor Harry T. Wolfe, Councilmen Warren Hagstrom and Arthur Barton, and the Mayor’s 14-year-old son Billy were on their way to oversee the burning of the borough’s Christmas trees, when they heard the reports that something “very white, very bright, and much bigger than a star” was hovering over the Wanaque Reservoir. They decided to pull into a sandpit near the Raymond Dam to meet Officer Cisco and get a better look at the ‘thing.’ The Mayor’s son Billy spotted the object at once, flying low and gliding “oddly” over the vast frozen lake “like a huge star.” “But it didn’t flicker,” Billy told reporters.It was just a continuous light that changed from white to red to green and back to white.”

Mayor Wolfe stated“The phenomenon was terribly strange with the shape of the as oval.” 

 Officer Cisco is in his patrol ca with police calls from all over a 20-mile radius flooding in. Cisco radioed Officer George Dykman, who was on patrol nearby. Just as Dykman received Cisco’s message, two teenagers came running up to his patrol car frantically pointing at the sky and shoutingLook, look!”


Ice on Wanaque Reservoir

At that moment Wanaque Civil Defense Director Bentley Spencer drove up with CD member Richard Vrooman. “The Police radios are all jammed up!” Spencer said excitedly. Dykman and Spencer gaped at the sky along with Michael Sloat, 16, and Peter Melegrae, 15. “What the heck is it?” Dykman wondered aloud. “Never seen anything like it in my life.”

  • Back at the sandpit Joseph Cisco’s radio crackled Something’s burning a hole in the ice! Something with a bright light on it, going up and down!” Then another transmission fought its way through the din: “Oh boy! Something just landed in front of the dam!”

Spencer and reservoir employee Fred Steines raced to the top of the 1,500-foot-long Raymond Dam where they described seeinga bolt of light shoot down, as if attracted to the water…like a beam emitted from a porthole.”

Patrolman Cisco, Mayor Wolfe, and Town Councilmen Hagstrom and Barton climbed to the top of the dam to get a better look.

“There was something up there that was awful bright.” Hagstrom recalls. “We don’t know what it was. We thought it was a helicopter, but we didn’t hear a motor. It looked like a helicopter with big landing lights on. We got goose bumps all over when we saw where the hole was.”

According to John Shuttle, another Councilman who witnessed the UFO, there was no doubt about it: He said. “I saw it, a brilliant white object, two to three feet across, and its color – no, not color, shade – it kept changing.”

Curious residents began to congregate around the entrance to the reservoir hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious flying object. Traffic slowed to a crawl and then stopped and watched.

Reservoir Police Lt. George Destito was forced to close the main gate of the reservoir to keep out swarms of onlookers.

Cisco recalls. He and the other town officials stood on top of the dam watching the strange light. Then, without warning, it sped off to the southeast toward Wayne.

Before the sun came up the next day Joseph Cisco would see the bright light once more. At about 4am on the morning of January 12, he saw the object moving south along the horizon over the town of Wyckoff.


He and Wanaque Police Sgt. David Sisco would take turns looking at it through a pair of binoculars.

Depiction of New Jersey Ice Hole

 WANAQUE RESERVOIR — Nick Stefano wrote, I have been a fan of your Files for years and wanted to tell you about a January 1966, Wanaque sighting. I have a police officer friend who was called in as a back-up. He shared with me that he saw with his own eyes, a perfectly round hole in the foot thick ice that was 30 to 35 feet diameter. Now I have read other reports stating it was 30 to 50 feet ice hole. He was also threatened by the military if he took or had any photos of this.

He stated, The hole was like a cookie cutter without any trace of ice in the water and just perfectly round. Thanks to Nick Stefano,

 Both the Chief  of the reservoir police force (John Casazza) and newsman Howard L. Ball denied there was a hole in the ice. They may have been threatened, been in the wrong location or the hole had quickly frozen over. Often leaders fail to acknowledge what the workers see.

Policeman Charles Theodora 20-year-old first spotted an object from the Reservoir Station a few minutes after seven o´clock on January 11, 1966, “the size of a street light…it raced about six miles up and down the dam at supersonic speed. At one point, it flashed a ray or beam of light on the ice. When Patrolman Al Campana and I rushed to investigate, we found a hole in the ice about 40 to 50 feet in diameter.”


The beam image from the UFO had dark and bright patches and streaks are present all over. In spite of the fact that Bragalia repeatedly calls these pictures “originals,” these are not prints from an original negative but photographs from a photograph.

 A most impressive-looking picture with thought to be taken over the Wanaque Reservoir on January 1966.

 These beams of light have been photographed in other situations where abductees along with stones, cattle, grass, and anything not nailed down are vacuumed up into the craft. The beam may also be designed to cut or heat up the ice and eventually vacuum the ice up. No ice was seen outside the hole in the ice.

One abductee described leaving a ship in the beam was similar to parachuting that before hitting the ground the beam stopped the fall and provided a soft landing. He also felt the side of the beam that felt strong like metal. So the beam of light has many uses and could have made the hole. Fishermen claim they have seen fish and water being taken up. Hunters claim large animals such as elk, moose were taken on board and later found with their blood drained. It’s likely the beam was designed to free a UFO caught under the ice.


 Coutant would not have faked the photographs, explains Bragalia, because, in the opinion of M.E his girlfriend., he was “not a very bright who displayed a lack of ‘intelligence. He was morally straight, and insisted on anonymity. “

Second Beam darker photo showing more of wrinkled ice

 With regard to the quasi-horizontal lines crossing the lower part of the beam. The lines are wrinkles that are due to a glossy photograph having been folded. Segments of the lines continue as darker lines inside the beam.

This proves that the prints that Bragalia obtained are actually photos from other prints, not originals. One will also notice that in this print one of the wrinkles goes past the photographed frame but stops where the actual frame begins.

According to Mary E., Coutant’s girlfriend told her “He had shown people his photo right after he took it. He wanted people to know it was photographed, but he was a simple man and did not want to get too involved either. Therefore, he showed it to some folks in the County right after it was developed. Roberts made prints of the originals. “He used them for various publications, as we know. Roberts died April 1994. “Coutant did not want his name associated with the pictures as he was a very private man. Thanks V. Ballester Olmos. (


Alien Civilization on Mars similar to Egypt


 Note similarity between Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses statue left and Mars statue right.

There is convincing evidence on Mars that any similar structures exist on Mars. Ramses the Great became Pharaoh Ramses II from (1304 B.C – 1214 B.C), in his twenties and ruled for 66 years being one of the most powerful Pharaohs. Later he proclaimed himself god and is the pharaoh that ruled during the time of the Biblical Exodus of the Israelites.

Rameses and Moses

 The Israelites were slaves that are forced to work for the Pharaoh. The Hebrew God Yahweh helps them by imposing the Ten Plagues upon ancient Egypt, after which the Israelites manage to escape the Egyptian army by the Crossing of the Red Sea. Any object that flies in the sky is called a cloud, but the cloud at the Red Sea held an intelligent being.

Exodus 13-19 Then the angel of God who was going before the host of Israel moved and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them, 20 coming between the host of Egypt and the host of Israel. And there was the cloud and the darkness. And it lit up the night[b] without one coming near the other all night.

Depiction of Red Sea parting by pillar or cylinder

It is thought the Exodus of the Israelites took place with the help of a cylinder or pillar shaped UFO when Ramses was Pharaoh. Known as the departure of the Israelites from Egypt, this event is considered to have happened under the reign of Ramses II.

Scientists found evidence for the existence of the notorious ten plagues of Egypt and chariots under the sea at that time. The Ramses like statue, pyramids, a sphinx, on Mars suggests travel occurred between the two planets.


King Solomon the greatest and wisest King of Israel had two columns erected to honor the UFO on both coasts 400 years after the miracle crossing from Egypt.

Two columns’ were built by  King Solomon over 3,000 years ago that are still standing that resemble the UFO Cylinders we see today.

The King reigned from 970 BCE to 931 B

Mars statue was a relative of Ramses with the same head shape. There is also convincing evidence of time travel from the future or past, which allows an alien to travel from Mars in less than an hour.


Cydonia area of Mars with face and pyramids

A sufficiently advanced alien culture could live anywhere in our solar system with almost no restrictions from climate.  Simply by parking a well-equipped ship with advanced life support systems, it would be possible to survive in almost any planet in space or under the sea. Evidence for alien life is bountiful in our space images of certain areas as I have demonstrated many times in recent years.
I am absolutely sure that the powers that be are aware of a certain presence, but pretend to ignore it. So as to not reveal our inability to respond to what is likely to be vastly superior technology. Joe White 2020. ArtAlienTV



 Sphinx like structure on Mars

Some of the structures on Mars, predominantly in the Cydonia region, such as the sphinx -like “face”, the octagonal, “pyramids”, oddly shaped craters and “obelisks” may indicate that Mars was once home to a thriving civilization/ There are sphinxes, pyramids and other structures on Mars that corroborate the idea of an ancient civilization that once called the home.

Ancient gods Advanced Scientific Knowledge

Valerie Lesley PhD, writes, “Sobek was the name of the reptilian Egyptian crocodile god. Most often he is shown as a crocodile with a man’s body and the sun disc of Re.

Dr. David Hawkins writes, Of all the planets in our solar system, Mars has arguably had the biggest impact on, and most persistent hold over, the human imagination. Cairo means Mars.

No discussion regarding NASA attempt to blur images or space missions in general, would be complete without at least mentioning Richard Hoagland’s work exposing the occultic agenda behind the early US space program. Hoagland reminds us that one of the key rocket scientists of the time and the founder of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) at Caltech was Jack Parsons, a devout disciple of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion with an intense interest in the occult and black magic.

Parsons was also friends with L. Ron Hubbard. Allegedly, the two of them engaged in magical rituals aimed at conjuring spirits and other supernatural beings. Hubbard went on to found the Scientology cult, which, incidentally, at its upper levels, teaches about ancient space wars and malevolent extraterrestrials.

Jack Parsons is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the history of the US space program and was a big advocate of manned space flight and exploration. But his interests in the occult were intertwined with the work he did at JPL? Caltech itself has a fascinating and deeply occult history with one of its early scientists being the renowned astronomer, George Ellery Hale, who had a fascination with ancient Egypt, sun worship and the mysterious pharaoh, Akhenaten.


Defying centuries of traditional worship of numerous Egyptian gods, Pharaoh Akhenaten decreed during his reign in the mid-14th century B.C.E. that his subjects were to worship only one god: the sun-disk .He also claimed to receive messages from interdimensional beings.

Hoagland’s book, Dark Mission, details many more occult connections surrounding the early space race and the eventual moon landing, including the astrological significance of the launch days and the odd rituals performed by astronaut and freemason, Buzz Aldrin. he brought a flag from the Supreme Council Scottish Rite to the moon, and there are rumors he brought several Masonic scarfs as well, which now sit in Masonic lodges

It’s also worth mentioning that Werner Von Braun, the rocket scientist authored a novel in 1953 about a young man who leads a manned mission to colonize Mars. The name of that young man was “Elon.” SpaceX founder, Elon Musk has asserted himself as the front man who will reach Mars by 2026). The name Elon means God loves the individual.

There are further curious connections that indicate there may be more than meets the eye behind the rise of Elon Musk and SpaceX.


.Let’s return to Mars, for there are other geological features on its surface, besides the face and seemingly man-made structures, that seem to defy any possibility of a natural formation. For example, there is the presence of rectangular craters, objects that look like monoliths, and the strangest of them all, the colossal canyon known as the “Valles Marineris”.


The Valles Marineris canyon on the surface of Mars. No attribution required.

In his illuminating book, The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Dr. Joseph Farrell describes the Valles Marineris as a “gashing wound that is over 3,000km long and 300km wide, with parts of it reaching 8km deep. Valles Merineris is a geological mystery, it’s the largest canyon in the entire solar system –Dr. Farrell claims it also constitutes evidence of a cosmic war in our ancient past, fought with weapons of mass destruction, a tale relayed to us in worldwide ancient texts.

Some of the structures on Mars, predominantly in the Cydonia region, such as the sphinxlike “face,” the octagonal “pyramids”, oddly shaped craters and “obelisks” indicate that Mars was once home to a thriving civilization. Furthermore, the presence on Mars’ surface of “war wounds” may indicate that this civilization wielded weapons of mass destruction, and, therefore, was incredibly technologically advanced and had the ability to reach Earth.

This, combined with the strangeness surrounding the early space race, the occult aspects of NASA, and the revelations of ancient texts and astrological lore, leads one to conclude that there is likely more to the Mars agenda than a billionaire who wants to save the world (you know, because “climate change” is going to kill us all).

Could the push to get to Mars show a desire to recover some remnants of this ancient civilization, conduct mining, and more importantly, the advanced technology that it wielded? Thanks to

Dr. David Hawkins


Putin Attacks Ukraine

 Surprise and shock by Soviet tanks with maximum lethal force

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, 2022 as predicted, hitting cities and bases with airstrikes or shelling, as civilians piled into trains and cars to flee. Ukraine’s government said Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border in a “full-scale war” that could rewrite the geopolitical order and whose fallout already reverberated around the world.

In unleashing Moscow’s most aggressive action since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, President Vladimir Putin deflected global condemnation and cascading new sanctions — and chillingly referred to his country’s nuclear arsenal. He threatened any foreign country attempting to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.”

Sirens wailed in Ukraine’s capital, large explosions were heard there and in other cities, and people massed in train stations and took to roads, as the government said the former Soviet republic was seeing a long-anticipated invasion from the east, north and south. Within hours of the first word of the attack, Ukraine said it was fighting Russian troops just miles from the capital for control of a strategic airport.

Satellite images taken on Monday March 1st, show a Russian military convoy north of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv that stretches for about 40 miles (64 km), longer than the 17 miles (27 km).

A major attack is developing on Kyiv that will include shelling and bombing. Additional ground forces deployments and ground attack helicopter units were seen in northern Ukraine, less than 20 miles from Kyiv.


Michaels Cathedral Kyiv

 The beautiful buildings in Kyiv are going to be destroyed with the Russian bombardment. Peter Rough writes, Russian President Vladimir Putin, believes that Russia should command a sphere of influence in which his European neighbors aren’t entirely sovereign. This sets up a clash in those front-line states bordering Russia, which are also partners, or even allies, of the United States. Regarding Ukraine, President Biden now faces a choice: Is he committed to the decades-long U S vision of a free Europe, or is he willing to accept a Russian sphere of influence?

Putin published a widely read essay, dubbed by some an invasion manifesto, which described the “harsh and artificial division of Russians and Ukrainians” as “the use of weapons of mass destruction against us (Russia).,”


Red areas controlled Russian Forces

Putin’s aggression is predicated on Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan and with Russia and China as Communist Chinese planes threaten Taiwan. Biden drastically cutting U.S. drilling in all government lands and oceans created a situation where we must import billions of barrels of oil and gas from Russia. Stopping the sale of gas to Europe would severely hurt Russians funds. The United States buys “206,000 barrels of oil a day” from Russia but “Biden shut down domestic oil production a year ago.” and many feel this essentially supports Russia’s invasion and started the 10% inflation spiral.

For all the wind farms and solar panels, we’ve built, the world – and especially the United States – still runs on oil and gas.

That is why the onset of a Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens not only a human rights catastrophe in Europe but economic turmoil for American consumers, as well as a giant headache for US president Joe Biden.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has emerged as a hero to his nation’s citizens and far beyond as the former actor and comedian first elected in 2019 remains in his country at great personal risk during its bombardment by Russia.

Zelensky, who agreed on Sunday to talks at the Belarus border with Russia to end the military conflict, has been his country’s man in the capital city of Kyiv, where he has issued a series of videos urging Ukrainians to resist the invasion.

“I am here. We will not lay down any weapons. We will defend our state, because our weapons are our truth,” he said in one clip filmed outside his office in Kyiv.

Chechnya National Guard tanks destroyed by Ukrainians 

Chechen hit regiment sent to murder Zelenskyy ‘eliminated according to , Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Oleksiy Danilov on TV. Putin’s move to send Chechen Commando fighters to join the invasion has backfired. Ukrainian military forces were successful in destroying a Chechen special forces column of 56 tanks near the capital of Kyiv on Saturday, Ukrainian news agency The Kyiv Independent reported.

According to the report, which the outlet said was confirmed by the Ukrainian President’s Office, the attack killed top Chechen general Magomed Tushayev, head of the 141 motorized regiment of the Chechnya National Guard.

The convoy of 56 tanks was targeted by Ukrainian missile fire near the town of Hostomel, just northeast of Kyiv, and obliterated killing hundreds.

“The special operation that was to be carried out directly to eliminate our president is fully known to us today, and I can say that we received information from representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, formerly (1994–95) Federal Counterintelligence Service, Russian internal security and counterintelligence service created in 1994 as one of the successor agencies of the Soviet-era KGB. who today have no desire to take part in this bloody war,” he said.  Apparently some Russians are helping Ukraine.

Russia is one of the world’s biggest fossil fuel producers, yielding about 12 per cent of the global economy’s oil and 17 per cent of its natural gas. Much of the latter is carried to Europe via pipelines that run through Ukraine, potentially freezing the whole continent’s supply. Creating an embargo on Russian energy would severely hurt their economy.

Meanwhile, China is flying over some of the islands of Taiwan with military aircraft.

Upon taking office, Biden chilled relations with both Eastern Europe’s most important country, Poland, and its most obvious Russian target Ukraine. Instead, he embraced Germany and sought to repair ties with Berlin by waiving sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (shown below), which snakes across the Baltic Sea directly from Russia to Germany, bypassing Ukraine’s’ pipeline in the process.


U.S. State Department Vows to disrupt the Nord pipeline

Biden is now doubling down on this posture His team is coordinating a response with our Western European allies, chief among them Germany, and issued economic sanctions.

Germany is now led by the Social Democratic Party, that surprisingly is sending a thousand Javelin missiles to Ukraine. They also cut the connection to the Nord pipeline. German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, called for “constructive dialogue” with Russia.

Biden has dismissed a military option, declaring that he will not deploy U S troops to Ukraine, and slow-rolled the provision of military equipment to Kyiv. Biden signed $300 million dollar aid to Ukraine on Saturday.

Putin views himself in an advanced stage of conflict with the West. He will not be deterred by the threat of economic sanctions, especially given Europe’s addiction to Russian natural gas. Once Ukraine is destabilized, the pipeline will lose its importance.



Putin has probed Biden’s commitment to Ukraine and discovered its hollow. For all of Biden’s emphasis on democracy, the world is awaking to the realization that his commitment to a Europe whole and free may end where Russia says its sphere of influence begins Far from deterring Putin, Biden has emboldening him. Thanks to The Hill in Hudson Institute

 Strange Craft

 The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs


U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and aviators who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at airfields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings. Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer.

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

 Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book. As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.

 Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book, by John L. Guerra.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Arizona Light

Phoenix– on January 17, 2022, the witness sent the above video that shows a bright illuminated object that was significantly brightened. The video was taken at 10:22 PM

with a cheap $30 Wyse security camera. The camera was,  set to auto night vision mode. Any brightness of photo would have been done by the camera.

Note: I believe that the object in the video could be a regular aircraft. I have four security cameras and aircraft can look much different on a video screen.. Thanks to Will Pucket/

 California Object

Pacific Ocean on February 14, 2022, I always take pictures on my flight and I was flying from LAX to EUG on Allegiant Airlines. I had noticed at take off what looked like a military container vessel and a white object under the water moving fast keeping the exact distance from the center glowing white boomerang? Caught object in one of three pictures.

Colorado Object

Colorado Springs on February 9, 2022, thought it might be a cloud but there was no other clouds in the sky at the time. Looking back a little bit later it was completely gone. I also saw an orb of light being followed by a helicopter coming from NORAD headed towards an Air Force Base.

Iowa Object

Ralston on February 9, 2022, the dark object was shaped like the end of a sharpened pencil, and distant, and remained in same position. I was driving west for 15 minutes and pulled over at sunset took 10 photos using a Canon 80 D with a 100-400mm lens at ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/90 sec. I watched until it was too dark to see.

Maine Light

Bridgton on February 22, 2022, I woke up abruptly and went outside to have a cigarette. Looked up and saw a bright light moving across the sky changing direction multiple times. Was not a satellite, sky was clear and stars were bright. It took a path from the west, headed east then turned north

Massachusetts Lights

Peabody on February 23, 2022, while driving I saw two bright wobbling lights in the sky. We pulled into the driveway and the lights were still there, My girlfriend agreed that they were moving towards the other two. A couple started moving up and down a substantial amount as. one flew in from the horizon. As the fourth light showed up one of the original two flew away. Another flew in from the horizon and three formed a horizontal single file line.

My girlfriend and her parents came outside and a third one appeared in the same spot. There were again three lights in a single file line,

 Michigan  Lights

Adrian on December 31st 2020, my wife and I were put up our Christmas gift security cameras. Our motion activated were set off by a 3 foot bar of light hovering in our backyard.

Five minutes later we got r notified something with a animal face was on our back deck that didn’t approach and disappears. Later, I looked at where the shadow of the face was in the center of my deck. There’s no way it was some kind of animal standing on a railing. It had be hovering or standing directly in the middle of the deck. This means the being was around 5 feet tall or was hovering. The shadow proves the whole thing. There’s no animal that stands upright 5 feet tall and vanishes without moving.

Missouri Light

Lake St Louis – on December 3, 2021, I was sitting in my living room and looked out SW window at dark sky with one bright light. A bar shaped light extended from circular light. I took a picture.

New Jersey Lights


Springfield Township on August 10, 2021, blinking red and white lights movement was amazingly fast. No drone or anything that we’ve ever seen moved that fast and humming when it moved. \

New Mexico Disc

Rio Rancho on February 17, 2022, I was driving on a desert road and saw this object. As I approached it. It rapidly shot to the west a short bit and stopped. I stopped the car and took a few pictures, and watched it for a few minutes. It made me a bit nervous since no one was around.

New York Lights

Albion on January  23, 2022, there were over 20 in total of these crafts. You can see if watched in slow motion at beginning, they are disk shaped and turn or tip. Once crafts reach a certain elevation they become a lit orb appearance , and follow the same path and move quickly without sound.

Texas Disc


Katy– on January 12, 2022, the witness sent several videos and still images of interesting objects. One of the most interesting images was the disk shaped object shown in the still image above. The Sun is reflecting off of a portion of the object. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Vermont Disk

St. Albans – on December 18, 2021, I was simply watching television with my wife when I walked out to the back porch to smoke. I instantly noticed some bright low flying green lights to my west over Lake Champlain. lights. It was silent and skirted the tops of the trees. Then the bight green lights were blinding a hundred feet away. It was a huge flying saucer type craft a third of the size of a football stadium. A glowing green ring underneath opened and turned a deep pink with two bars going across an open circle. Then it shot straight into space jumping in time.

Washington DC Lights


Washington D.C. on February 16, 2022, it’s a UFO sphere on live camera near to the White House. Aliens clearly were trying to observe and record the US presidents emotions and thought using telepathic abilities. President Biden is under a lot of stress right now from Russia going to war with Ukraine and China with Taiwan. Nuclear war is a possibility. And Aliens want keep their planet safe. Yes, this planet belonged to aliens long before humanity even existed. It’s like a kid saying the house belongs to him but it’s really his fathers. This video is 100% proof that aliens are watching Biden. Thanks to Scott C. Waring- Taiwan

Wisconsin Light

Stoughton – on November 9, 2021, I was running late for work and noticed big bright lights just above the tree line. As I got closer I realized, that it was a UAP/UFO. My fiancé and I saw them frequently, but never one so close. I noticed big an bright lights just above the tree line I was alone on the Highway. I came around the next bend and there it was it was sitting in a field! It was a disc shaped craft with lights bright I had a tough time seeing. I work for USPS and they don’t take kindly to tardiness. So while driving shot pictures with one hand while going 60 mph. At work a retired USAF guy told me he saw it also.


Worldwide UFO Sightings

 Canada Lights

Saskatoon on February 22, 2022, I was driving to work just before 6am, west of Saskatoon, and notice a hovering bright light.. Watched for.5 minutes and took 30 second video and picture. I had to keep driving to get to work and when I looked back it was gone.

Mexico Moon shot

Chihuahua on January 19, 2022, I was at my parents’ house shooting the moon with camera on a tripod and I understood something clearly at last that was on the dark surface of the moon (in an area where the sun does not hit.) In the video understand something clearly at last turn off at:

New Zealand Objects

Space Orbital on February 20, 2022, I noticed these odd lights in this space video orbiting earth. There appears to be several UAPs and glowing lights. One looks like a Tic Tac, several others appear circular in formation heading down towards Earth and start to become translucent or appear to cloak. There also seems to be two additional circular translucent objects in the lower right area around the middle of the video.

UK/England Light


Swansea on February 26, 2022, took a photo at night, dark but street lights around. Viewing the photo I seen an unusual object and light. This could not be seen with the naked eye.

Bristol on January  , 2022,  my wife noticed plane then Tic Tac shape craft moving east to west in straight line no sound, bright clear day

United Arab Emirates Light

Abu Dhabi on February 20, 2022, my friends was having a classic cars tour at the seaside road at afternoon time, when we stopped and I get out of my car immediately in front above me. I see this thing either reflecting the sun which was setting to my left or pulsating, it was moving very slow to be anything can fly and big to be a drone. I tried to zoom in try to find any details but nothing only this slow silver moving thing. And It was very low maybe about 1000 meters high.


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