Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 39 – 2014 – Shoot Them Down


September 24, 2014

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Shoot Them Down, We Have Lost Many Men and Planes Trying to Intercept UFOs, Vietnam Disc, Mars Lake and Object, Is there a cosmic bloodline of the Star Gods on Earth? ISIS Terror Attacks, Coalition Strikes ISIS, and Hangar 1 TV Show.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, and Virginia.

 Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Canada, India, and England in the United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Vietnam

 The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers. Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.



George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director
MUFON Eastern Region Director

Special Reports

Shoot Them Down


During the summer of 1952, Americans reported a record amount of UFOo sightings to Project Blue Book and Frank Feschino, Jr. has written a book about the sightings. He takes the reader on a journey through Blue Book’s “Unknown” cases and other UFO reports. He focuses on the encounters between fighter planes and UFOs with an in-depth historical account of the United States military’s “shoot down” orders.

 On September 12, 1952, a horrific encounter occurred in West Virginia when a 12-foot-tall being, the “Flatwoods Monster,” terrified a group of Flatwoods residents after it’s damaged craft landed in their town.

This is the most accurate documentation of these events in print with 90 photos, maps and illustrations. The book encompasses the summer of 1952, where there was numerous aerial encounters that occurred between US fighter aircraft and UFOs.

On July 28, 1952, an Air Force information officer stated “The jet pilots are and have been under orders to investigate unidentified objects and shoot them down if they can’t talk them down. Air Force pilots are on 24 hour alert against flying saucers to shoot them down if they refuse to land.”


“We Have Lost Many Men and Planes Trying To

Intercept UFOs”  General Benjamin Chidlaw


Timothy Good writes, “The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace.” As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of Air (later Aerospace) Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: “We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them.” Leonard Stringfield, the former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the “Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs.” Stringfield was reliably informed. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows:

            Year  -Air Force – Navy Losses

1952     2,274       2,086

1953     2,075      2,325

1954    1,873       1,911

1955    1,664       1,566

1956    1,530       1,358


Of this astonishing accident total, most involved fast new jets (such as those scrambled in UFO interceptions), of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew or other personnel failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of parts and equipment in the aircraft; 2.8 per cent by various ‘unsafe conditions’, and –9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to ‘unknown factors’. Thanks to Timothy Good’ book, “Need to Know” P.172

 Editor’s Comments: When I chased a UFO we exceeded the red lined aircraft air speed by 20 knots. In the excitement of the chase it is easy to exceed aircraft capabilities and often some part of the aircraft may fail. Many stories are told of firing missiles and making direct hits on the UFOs that were unharmed only to have them return the fire and destroy the interceptor.

Lt. Chidlaw entered the Air Corps Engineering School at Wright Field, Ohio, and later directed the development of the United States’ original jet engine and jet aircraft. He spent most of his career at Wright Field which established Chidlaw as an expert on materiel, especially aircraft. He became chief of the Experimental Engineering Branch, where he monitored the jet engine development. In March 1945, he took command of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces and was promoted to major general.


Wright Field Air Force Museum

Chidlaw returned to Wright Field in July 1945 as deputy commanding general for operations of what became Air Materiel Command. He was flown to Roswell, New Mexico at the time of the UFO crash announcement in July of 1947. On July 26, 1947, while aboard the presidential C-54 aircraft, Sacred Cow, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, officially establishing the United States Air Force as a separate service.

In October 1947, he became deputy commanding general of Air Materiel Command, with rank of lieutenant general, and full commander on September 1, 1949. General Chidlaw was given the task to evaluate UFO sightings and his group agreed the phenomena was real and viable and should be researched. It is likely his team attempted to develop their own flying discs using the Roswell crash debris that were stored here at Wright Field. On July 29, 1951, he received his fourth star and the command of Air Defense Command at Ent Air Force Base, Colorado. Most fighter interceptors were under his command and each Air Force base had a UFO Officer who could launch fighters if UFOs were in the area.

 Vietnam Disc


Mekong River — The main witness and another crewman were on a US Army 65 feet harbor tug on security watch on March 16, 1978, when both saw fireballs crossing over the river. The witness waved his flashlight at the object and it crossed to the center of the river and sat there for about 10 minutes and dissipated. The witness then saw a metallic silver disc appear that was 30 meters in diameter with a dome on top and a smaller dome on the bottom. It had rotating amber and white lights with a small greenish light on the bottom. It hovered for two minutes and then started moving towards their vessel. The silent disc then turned off its lights and stopped only 10 feet from where the witness was standing. The upper dome started to shift revealing a window-like opening which covered 1/4 of the dome. An eerie green light illuminates the inside of the craft.

Suddenly an occupant appears in the window, and then two more appear just looking at the witness. He waves at them and they wave back. The occupants were pointing at his uniform and rifle, so he put the rifle down. He described the humanoids as about 3.5 feet in height, with bluish green skin, large eyes, round with bright green pupils, slender bodies with 4 digits on each hand. They resembled small children, with small ears, nose and mouth which never opened. This went on for 5 minutes as they used hand language to point at different items. The witness was trying to communicate but didn’t know how. So he gestured to them that he was going to get his skipper from below. The skipper came topside and the disk moved to the rear of the vessel, and the skipper was about to “chew him out” when the disc moved forward. At this point the skipper began screaming and began grabbing for the rifle. The witness fought with skipper, preventing him from shooting at the disc and kept yelling at the occupants of the disc to get “out of range”. When the disc moved away the skipper started calming down. The disc then moved up the river and suddenly disappeared at high speed.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

 Mars Lake and Object


NASA’s Curiosity mega rover  has successfully crossed over the ‘Dingo Gap’ sand dune- opening the gateway to the science rich targets in the “Moonlight Valley” and Martian Mountain beyond. Its cameras caught this strange object. Sept 18, 2014 

Location of discovery: Chryse Planitia, Source NASA photo:
Photo ID: PIA14462
I found water on Mars again and this time is large load of it. A whole hot spring lake on Mars. This photo is the original color that NASA put on their site and nothing has been altered, nor did NASA say they changed anything on it. It’s all original. There are a lot of ancient structures all along the edges of the lake. I didn’t see the cones NASA was talking about, and I believe this photo was put up by accident. It may be taken down soon, so copy it to your computer before they delete it from their site. SCW

 “Is there a cosmic bloodline of the Star Gods on Earth?”

Clark C. McClelland former NASA
Spacecraft Operator writes, “Blood factors are exact. Modern man and the Rhesus monkey do appear to have had a past, ancient, common ancestor. Importantly, this does not include people with the Rh negative blood factor. “The Early European race is characterized by a high per cent of Rh-negatives. However, all other earthly primates (Apes, Gorillas, etc.) have this Rh positive blood factor, but not the Rhesus monkey! Why? If we all evolved from the same Cosmic, Godly source, all the human racial groups would have a logical, compatible blood. The fact is blood is not compatible. Do these differences indicate any proof, that some of our descendants were of the ancient astronaut variety? You can bet on it!”


The human genome is about 3,000,000,000 DNA base pairs long. This long stretch of molecular code is responsible for the development—initially over a period of nine months and then decades in totality—of the trillions of the adult cells that make up the human body. Clearly, it is impossible for any scientist or even a worldwide consortium of scientists to have tested, one by one, all of these DNA base pairs in all of these cells at all of these points in time. Science claims human life developed from the primordial soup into a one celled organism and organized itself into 3,000,000,000 DNA base pairs long. There is likely another solution. Thanks to Clark C. McClelland.

ISIS Terror Attacks


Much of the world is going to war to defeat ISIS now called the Islamic State. Their terror campaign of beheadings, rape and crucifixions of Christians, Shia Moslems and people of different beliefs has caused world wide disgust. ISIS has taken over much of Northern Iraq and Syria killing and creating planned terror. CIA estimates suggest that ISIS has grown from 5,000 to over 30,000 members in just a few months. They have an effective propaganda that has brought in thousands of Europeans and hundreds of Americans who have traveled to the Middle East to fight with the group. ISIS has bragged that they will attack European and American assets most likely with people returning to their native Western countries.

 Islamic State fighters backed by tanks have captured 21 Kurdish villages over the past weekend in northern Syria near the Turkish border, prompting two hundred thousand civilians to flee their homes. ISIS has a record of attacking schools and beheading children that they will likely attempt in the West. When police and parents rush to schools in suburban and rural areas they will ambush them for maximum publicity. These attacks will cripple any economy and possibly create a Constitutional crisis as the population demands action against this insurgency within the country.


“Saudi Arabia is the only authority in the region with the power and legitimacy to bring ISIS down. Having effectively eradicated Al Qaeda in the kingdom, the Saudi government, with its experience of fighting terrorism, is uniquely positioned to deal with ISIS, which is, after all, an Al Qaeda-aligned organization. The kingdom has built up an impressive counterterrorism program and its counterterrorism strategies are considered some of the most sophisticated and effective in the world.


The group also posted a video showing Islamic State fighters forcing the barefoot men to march through the desert. Another video later showed dozens of bodies piled in the desert, alongside others lying motionless — apparently dead — in a row in the sand. The videos illustrate the claims made online by the Islamic State group and Syrian opposition activists about the mass killing.

 ISIS has performed remarkable geopolitical ju-jitsu in uniting the United States, Bashar Assad in Syria, Iran, Putin, Hezbollah, and Israel. With the US airpower supporting Iraqi ground forces, and nobody supporting ISIS, the end should come eventually. ISIS has gained strength in the modern world and in the United States by storm, utilized mock-up video footage of Grand Theft Auto  to appeal to the younger generations to join their cause.


Most people wouldn’t have thought there would be a connection with video games and terrorism, but with all the realistic military shooters available on the market today, it would have been inevitable. It probably did not help out that certain games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Medal of Honor: War fighter gave players the chance to play as named terrorist groups, something that makes Pakistan ban the game in their country.

According to a news special conducted by Sky News, they were interviewing a man by the name of Shahid Butt, a convicted terrorist. He explained in an interview how violent exciting video games, especially military shooters, are assisting ISIS in gaining more followers. Thanks to

Coalition Strikes ISIS


Obama has formed a global coalition of fifty countries to confront the Islamic State group, which controls large parts of Syria and Iraq. The U.S. meanwhile has been conducting airstrikes against Islamic State fighters in Iraq since August.

On Monday, September 22, 2014, the United States and five Arab countries launched air strikes in Syria in the region controlled by the Islamic State and the al-Qaida-aligned Khorasan.

The heavy concentration of bombs, launched from the air and sea, centered on the defacto ISIS headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, as well as bases, checkpoints and training centers of the militant Islamic group in at least four Syrian provinces, U.S. military officials said.

Read more:

 U.S. officials have ruled out direct coordination with Assad’s government, a move which has infuriated Syrian officials who say any airstrikes without their consent would be a breach of the country’s sovereignty.

The F-22s, stationed at a base in the U.A.E., were used Monday night for the first time in a coalition strike against extremist fighters carried out by the U.S. and five Middle Eastern allies against ISIS and an al Qaeda base in northwestern Syria. At least one of the pilots was a female pilot that struck the Islamic State targets.


The Pentagon on Tuesday released an image of the Syrian-based ISIS command center targeted by the first F-22 Raptors ever used in actual combat, along with a video of the successful strike. The image shows the ISIS command and control center located in Raqqa, being hit by ordinance dropped by the fifth-generation, multi-role stealth fighters hitting their target and detonating.

 Airstrikes in Syria by the United States and five Arab countries in the region targeted the Islamic State and the al-Qaida-aligned Khorasan. The heavy concentration of bombs, launched from the air and sea, centered on the defacto ISIS headquarters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, as well as bases, checkpoints and training centers of the militant Islamic group in at least four Syrian provinces, U.S. military officials said. According to AP, a wave of fighter planes, cruise missiles and bombers struck 14 targets. Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, joined the United States in the action. Their presence is regarded as an indication the United States is not unilaterally waging war against a Muslim population.


Oil installations were bombed on Wednesday to stop the Islamic State from selling oil and funding their operations. The United Nations has also voted to stop all nations from funding the Islamic State. Modular oil refineries were struck by United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian aircraft. These refineries bring in $2,000,000 a day.

Prominent religious leaders have said ISIS (the Islamic State) is not representative of Islam, and now you have Moslem countries that are coming to attack it.

The Obama administration notified the Syrian government that the strikes were coming on Monday, likely to reduce the risk of a U.S. fighter jet being shot down, and five Arab governments supported the offensive. There was reason to worry about risks from surface-to-air missiles, as the Air Force Times reported: “The Syrian defense system has been cast by Pentagon leadership as highly advanced, and was cited as a reason U.S. forces could not launch raids on the Assad regime in the early days of the Syrian civil war.

 U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida, announced Tuesday action was also taken in the Aleppo region of Syria to “disrupt the imminent attack plotting against the United States and Western interests. These strikes were undertaken only by U.S. assets,” a reference to Khorasan, a new militant group in Syria. Read more:

 “Saudi Arabia is probably the only authority in the region with the power and legitimacy to bring ISIS down. Having effectively eradicated Al Qaeda in the kingdom, the Saudi government, with its experience fighting terrorism, is uniquely positioned to deal with ISIS, which is, after all, an Al Qaeda-aligned organization,” they wrote. “The kingdom has built up an impressive counterterrorism program and its counter terrorism strategies are considered some of the most sophisticated and effective in the world. 

President Barack Obama gave a speech at the United Nations to pass a sweeping new resolution that would impose global travel bans on fighter’s intent on enlisting in overseas wars, and could lead to sanctions on countries that fail or refuse to implement the new regime.  US officials say the UN resolution, which was personally pushed by Obama when he chaired a meeting of the Security Council on Wednesday was supported by China, Russia, and other Security Council nations to pass the vote.


The Guardian reports, “Tony Blair warns Britain must be prepared to join a wide coalition of countries in deploying ground troops, including Special Forces, to combat Isis.” In an essay on his website, the former prime minister said he was not calling for a repeat of the lengthy military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, but warned: “Airpower is a major component of this to be sure, especially with the new weapons available to us. But – and this is the hard truth – airpower alone will not suffice. They can be hemmed in, harried and to a degree contained by airpower. But they can’t be defeated by it.”

 In his article the former prime minister also warned that western governments are in danger of making a “fateful error” in assuming that they should only challenge Islamist extremists who advocate violence. Echoing the warnings by the Conservative chief whip Michael Gove, who has called for a “draining of the swamp”, Blair called for action against the “fringe” of extremists who advocate violence as well as the wider “spectrum” that believes in “religious exclusivity”.

Blair wrote: “This Islamism – a politicisation of religion to an intense and all-encompassing degree – is not confined to a fringe. It is an ideology (and a theology derived from Salafist thinking) taught and preached every day to millions, actually to tens of millions, in some mosques, certain madrassas, and in formal and informal education systems the world over … The truth is that Islamism, unless fundamentally reformed, is incompatible with modern economies and open-minded, religiously pluralistic societies.”

 Hangar 1 TV Show


Over the weekend I flew to Los Angeles to participate in the filming of Hangar 1 TV show on History 2 channe1 with their team. I’m at far left, next MUFON’s International Director Jan Harzan, Underwater USOs Expert Carl Feindt, Producer Paul Villadolid, and Star Team’s Chief Investigator Fletcher Gray.

Craig Campobasso upper left is the Director of the upcoming Valiant Thor film “Stranger at the Pentagon.” Supervising Producer Melissa Tittl, and cameramen at top right.

Sightings in the United States

Arkansas Light


 Eagle River — I was walking home, from my friend’s house at 1:15 AM on September 21, 2014, when I saw a bright ball of light. I though the object was a meteor but it never picked up speed. I decided to snap a few pictures on my phone. Although to estimate size due to the distance I believe it was the size of a car tire. It came toward my direction slowly, hovered, adjusted course and left gracefully within 10 seconds. I was worried because I wasn’t sure what it was. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Arizona Objects

 AZLake Havasu17Sep14

Lake Havasu — A friend of mine was flying on a commercial airliner from New York to California when he saw another airplane that appeared to be leaving a chemtrail behind on September 17, 2014. He knows that I am interested in chemtrails so he took a few iPhone pictures that he sent to me. I noticed that there was something else in the picture. When I zoomed in on the object it appeared to have structure. He took three pictures and in two of them had the object, so I don’t think it’s a smudge. I think he might have accidentally captured a craft of some kind. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 California Orb

 CalifLos Banos19Sep14

 At 7 PM, in early September I was visiting with family when suddenly my mother noticed what looked like 8 white balls floating perfectly still. The sun was setting and the objects were in yellowish sunset, on the western horizon.

 I immediate began to take pictures and film the objects. There were a total of 5 of us who saw these objects. This is the photo of the largest white ball. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Flying Object

 FLFort Lauderdale15Sep14

 Fort Lauderdale — I was driving on I-95 south on September 15, 2014, at around 10:30 AM, when I noticed a double rainbow in the sky. I got out my smart phone to photograph the rainbow, and took four pictures in succession.

 On the fourth photograph I captured what appears to be a UFO, flying really fast next to the rainbow. As quickly as it appeared, it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Hawaii Disc

 Honolulu, Hawaii11 –Jul14

Honolulu -– I was on vacation in Hawaii from July 10th thru 20th. 2014. I was just taking lots of pictures. When I got home and had time to really look at them I found this picture taken on July 11th on Waikiki Beach at about 1 PM.

 Note: This is an interesting photo and the object appears to be a flying disk. Ok, some will say that it was a drone spying on the sun bathers! Thanks to William Puckett, Director

 Illinois Disc


Chicago — My uncle took the picture around 3:30 PM, on September 5, 2014. There were no other witnesses we know of.

 Note: The object in this photo is likely a reflection. Other similar shaped lights can be seen to the left. The photo was likely taken through a window in an office building. A few rain drops can be seen on the window. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


Plainfield – I have 20 photos and one photo with up to 10 UFOs flying in formation over Google Street. I have scattered UFO photos starting in January 1. 2013. I noticed objects about 70 yards over my car moving forward. I spent time panning the sky and kept finding more objects that are very strange. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Louisiana Orb


 Covington — I was on my way to a restaurant for lunch, when I looked up at the beautiful, blue sky on September 23, 2014, and saw the object. It was right above the tree line and not moving. It did not have any wings. The object was white/silver in color and cylinder in shape and about the size of an aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Nevada Lights


Henderson — On September 18, 2014, about 9 PM over the Stratosphere in North Las Vegas we saw lights with a slight amber tint to them. An aircraft with much dimmer lights in the video passes to the right of the lights. The first sighting is in the northwest recorded three lights. They slowly disappeared one at a time. Then in less than 30 seconds they reappeared in the north.

We over look the Vegas Strip and mountains12 miles from our home. Both my wife and I use to work for the airlines at McCarran and know this would be an odd approach for landing aircraft. We were amazed and felt we were witnessing UFOs. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 New Mexico Orb


 Santa Fe — Going out to my car I noticed a bright white light in the western sky on September 13, 2014. I had no idea what it was since it was too small to be the moon.

 It was too large for a planet and stationary for about an hour. My dad who was 300 miles away thought it was probably a weather balloon. It was still there before 8 PM and gone by 8:20 PM.  Thanks to MUFON CMS


New York Orb


 Newburgh — Every night I have four cameras set up outside being recorded using a Security DVR. On the evening of September 16, 2014, at 9:08 PM, a Round Circular Object was seen on Camera 4 moving from the East to West directly overhead…This lasted approximately 11 seconds. The object was near or at cloud level, left no visible trail and had no navigation lights. The object was quite large and when it passed through or close to clouds, it created a round tight ring around it. It seemed to be rotating due to the tight ring of clouds that surrounded it. It also seemed to be emitting some type of energy or particles as it traveled to the west. It made no sound and Camera lost object after it moved out of view. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Lights

OHSalemSalem 8. Sept14

 Salem — On September 8, 2014, I have been observing these objects two months. These objects can be seen most nights using binoculars. On this night they moved lower and close enough that I was able to photograph them with my cell phone. They hover for long periods of time moving in a pendulum, zigzag, and sort of figure 8 patterns. Then they will move closer or further away periodically and emit balls of light. They emit a flashes of light similar to a flash grenade. They scare the cows who sound like they are screaming. On the 6th of September at about 3:30 am, there were about 18 in a circle several miles in diameter flashing their strobe lights. One dropped straight down to behind the neighbor’s trees where I think it landed. It rattled me a bit to see it that close. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Virginia Red Orb


Roanoke — Four of us saw this round ball off our deck on August 22, 2014. It changed colors from red to purple as you will see in the video. It was moving in all directions, up and down and side to side. The above image was extracted from the video. The image clearly shows a well defined red object as described by witness. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Worldwide UFO Sightings

 Australia Mysterious Plane and UFO Disappear

 KINGS ISLAND — Investigators have shed new light on one of Australia’s greatest aviation mysteries that occurred in October 1978. Almost 36 years ago pilot Fred Valentich vanished without a trace, and an independent researcher says there is new evidence suggesting the 20-year-old’s Cessna was spotted attached to a UFO. The Victorian UFO Action group wants help to identify a farmer near Adelaide who reportedly witnessed a 30 meter craft hovering over his property the morning after Valentich went missing. It is claimed the Cessna was stuck to the side of the craft, leaking oil. The farmer even scratched the plane’s registration number on to his tractor but never came forward with the information because he was ridiculed by the few friends he told. Lead investigator George Simpson, one of the last people to see the plane in the sky, says the farmer, if still alive, might have information to solve the mystery.


“It’s easy for some to dismiss, but there are corroborating stories confirming that there was a UFO near Adelaide at the time,” Mr. Simpson said.  Mr. Valentich had been on a routine cargo flight to King Island in October 1978 when he disappeared. In his last conversation with air traffic control, he reported an object hovering in front of him and said it was “not an aircraft’’. This was just before a strange metallic clicking sound was heard and the transmission stopped. Extensive searches failed to find any trace of the plane or the pilot. “He was an experienced pilot who should have been able to identify another aircraft but was clearly unable to,” Mr. Simpson said. “Adding to the mystery, an amateur photo taken in the area that evening shows a dark unidentifiable shape in the sky.” Investigators are also trying to find a copy of Valentich’s final transmission that was originally aired on Melbourne radio station 3XY.  NOTE: The above colored photo was taken off Cape Otway just 20 minutes before his plane disappeared. For the rest of the story go to the UFO Casebook case file Australian Pilot Frederick Valentich Disappears. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

Canada Lights


Abbotsford, British Columbia – On September 10, 2014, I sent this photo because this is the third time I have gotten this little pink or reddish blip on a photograph. Each time I was photographing a bird with my telephoto lens and from what I can tell it is at a very high altitude. I am not saying it is a UFO, but I am curious if you have these seen these before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

India Lights

 Boduppal, Hyderabad — I had just finished dinner on September 19, 2014, and came to the front porch to check the dogs. It is drizzling outside when suddenly I notice some strange lights under the clouds. I was surprised to see these lights because there are no aircraft nor flight paths in this area. I took my iPhone and caught a video when it again suddenly appeared the second time. I would like to find out what it is as this is the first time that I have seen such lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

United Kingdom Sightings


 Lynbrook, Gloucestershire – The event took place in my village where I sat with two of my friends on June 14, 2014. We were taking a video of a homeless guy and did not notice the flying object until today (23/09/14). I noticed something fly by in the background that went so fast if you blinked you would miss it. I slowed the video down and found it was triangular shaped with a black centre moving way to fast to be a bird. It flew silently. I felt shocked as this is my first sighting captured of an unidentified flying object.  Thanks to MUFON CMS


Newton Abbot Devon — I took these photos on the 7 ‎August ‎2014, ‏‎at 12:19 PM with a Sony DSC-hx300 Camera.  

The square shaped UFO was moving in a straight line and it appeared to be rotating clockwise. In the first photo the UFO is clearly square and in the second photo it has a more rounded look to it. This is very strange.

Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://


 Portsmouth –The silver-grey object, which looks like a flying saucer, was photographed in early September 2014. Lewis Rogers, 26, saw it when he was visiting a friend in the city. The animation director said: “My initial thought was it was an airplane but it was just moving too quickly. “I was the only one who saw it who was quick enough to take the picture. I definitely believe in UFOs. I often look up at the sky in the evening wondering if there is anyone else out there.” Student Johnny Blackwell, 23, of nearby Southsea, said: “It didn’t look like a cloud and it was moving very fast. “It was a grey, disc-like shape. I don’t know much about military craft, but this was very fast-moving.”


Venezuela Flying ObjectVenezuelaMerida18Sep14

 Merida, Estado Merida — I was at our homecoming and decided to take several pictures of the Bolívar Peak covered with snow on September 18, 2014, during lunch. 

The object was moving at high velocity falling to 180 then changing to 275 degrees staying for a short period. I have two additional photos of the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS




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Have been digging through the giant DVD you sent recently. As a relatively recent joiner, I was unaware of the years’ worth of consistent reports of the same types of objects all over. This has been very educational. Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done.
Bruce W. Freeman
Attorney at Law

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I have put together a DVD of the last seventeen years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address. Please use this link to receive this offer.


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George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director Chief Editor National UFO Center Major USAF ret. Graduated BS from Bradley U and Masters's Degree from Central Michigan University

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