Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 14, 2020 Is God or the Aliens Angry


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer Tracked UFOs, Is God Mad? Are These the End Times? Greek Mythology and UFOs, Giants Roaming the Earth across Cultures, New Jersey Aircraft Sounds

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Austria, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer Tracked UFOs

Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer writes “ In any case, the Royal Belgian Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened.  We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace.

The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion.”

Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer, Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian  Air Force, “Postface” in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.

Is God or the Aliens Angry? Are These the End Times?

Godly Forces

 The Bible describes in vivid language the corruption, destruction, and death typifying the end of times. We see the godly forces confronting the evil of Satan, the Antichrist. We learn that the cataclysmic events will take place in the Middle East. But still the picture needs to be completed. Where will Jesus return? Where in the Middle East will Jesus confront the evil military forces? What nation(s) will supply the forces? Where will the ‘Antichrist be slain?

The Prophet Muhammad has prophesied about events that will occur just before the advent of the Day of Judgment. Among these, Muhammad has foretold the return of Jesus, which will materialize the Antichrist, will attempt to misguide humanity into worshipping him. Messiah will descend from the heavens pursue and kill the Antichrist, and destroy the savage and unbelieving armies of Gog and Magog, and bring peace and brotherhood to the world. Christians will recognize the truth and accept him only as a Messenger of God; the religion of God (Islam) will justly rule the world. Every human being will be well-off and no one will accept charity according to Muhammad

ISIS Killing Christians

The Christian Bible frequently explains God becomes upset with human killing and brings judgment often with disease called pestilence . Religious persecution of Christians is on the rise in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, forcing millions of Christians to flee their homes tor overcrowded refugee camps. Out of 50 countries listed by Open Doors, the six where most Christians were killed for directly faith-related reasons were in sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Cameroon, Syria and Iraq. “One Christian is Slaughtered Every Five Minutes “and there is a Christian genocide going on in the Middle East.” Christians now make up approximately 5% of the total Middle Eastern population, down from 20% in the early 20th century. The Guardian

David Alton, campaigner on the issue, described events in Syria and Iraq as “a genocide that dares not speak its name”. In any case God, aliens, supernatural forces or a lab have created a terrible disease.

  One Open Doors worker in northern Iraq told the Guardian that most Christian refugees refused to enter UN-run camps. “Many feel they were betrayed by their Muslim neighbors, and families are very concerned about the safety of their women and girls. They prefer smaller, church-run camps, but these are less well-resourced. Christian refugees are being bypassed by the big UN organizations.”

 India is being ruled by a Hindu Taliban Narendra Modi India is also highlighted in the Open Doors report for the rise in persecution against Muslims, Christians and other minority faiths since the election of Modi as prime minister. Assuming God is upset about the persecution of Christians he could be mad about the killing of so many.

Crash Similar to Mine

I happen to believe in God, basically because on numerous accidents starting at five being run over by a car, I should be dead. I have been in serious aircraft crashes and fires similar to craft shown and as I escaped the burning craft l was nearly run over by the fire trucks as they raced to the scene. I also had serious auto accidents, shelled by rockets our aircraft was nearly missed by anti-aircraft Ack ack, and artillery and I was machine gunner while running along a wall in Vietnam… Not to mention recent surgeries where my artery was punctured and most of my body filled up with blood and my wife was told to not expect me to live. Supernatural forces, my guardian angel or exterrestrials have kept me alive.

During the last operation I was at gates of heaven in my dream and told I was dead and not worth keeping alive, when at the last minute I heard the song Onward Christian Soldiers and strong voice said he can live if George would try to save the unborn babies. God in my dream made it clear he was very unhappy with the murder of over a million unborn babies in the US each year. He had given families these babies to bring up and murdering them was unacceptable. Frankly it felt real, that I was given a mission.

While in the Air Force I chased huge UFOs that were on ground radar, our airborne radar and visual. Prince Phillip debriefed our crew and assured me aliens were real and a powerful force. The aliens in various ways have also indicated they care about our unborn babies. Now let’s assume you are God or an alien, how do you get the world’s attention. In 1918 the world was in a terrible World War 1 as nine million soldiers lost their lives and suddenly the Spanish Flu came along in January and killed an estimated 40 million helping to end the war on November 11, 1918. .

 The Bible predicts at least a dozen times God will use pestilence a fancy word for disease in judgment when needed. When disease and plagues are mentioned in the Bible it is always in judgmental situation. Coronavisrus is one of the worst viruses like the flue to hit the Earth. Obviously it could simply indicate the virus has mutated to more dangerous disease. But why is it once again when the Supreme Court is debating Roe vs. Wade and thus far refuses to cut the millions of deaths of babies with their hearts beating.

Roe v. Wade was a landmark legal decision issued on January 22, 1973, in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, effectively legalizing the procedure across the United States effectively changing the laws in fifty states to allow the killing of babies in the womb. At the time the decision was handed down all states outlawed abortion except to save a woman’s life or for rape.  It was a turning point in women’s reproductive rights and has remained a hot-button issue within United States politics ever since because it allows a human being with a viable heart beat to be killed. Since 1973 some 50 to 60 million babies have been murdered many after being born. Hitler was only able to kill 6 million in concentration camps ten times less than Planned Parenthood like facilities in the US.

Congress passes $2 trillion coronavirus aide package on voice vote on March 27, 2020.

Roe Wade Video for 9th-12th Grade – Lesson Planet viewed a 100,000 times teaches high school kids that the life of a child is easy to kill and the Right to Privacy is more important than murdering a baby with a functioning heart. The Louisiana state legislature in 2014, measure requires any doctor offering abortion services to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. If the abortion goes badly the Doctors should be able to help save the life of the woman. On February 8, 2019 the Supreme Court blocked the Louisiana law as John Roberts joined the liberal justices in 5-4 ruling. The final ruling is still to come.

New York recently repealed its law requiring basic medical care for abortion survivors.  New York Governor Cuomo signs the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) bill that not only allows an unborn babyto be killed at any time for any reason; it decriminalizes any killing of an unborn baby through abortion or otherwise. Abortion is also removed as a definition of homicide. The law is actually worded to only allow late-term abortions in cases where a mother’s life or health is in danger (but her life isn’t immediately in danger) or the baby isn’t viable. There is no definition given for what is health or danger. Some pro-life advocates are concerned that the danger to a mother’s health might be defined broadly, as it’s not stipulated in the law. Republicans who opposed the bill were concerned this might make it more difficult for pregnant women who lose their baby in an assault to press criminal charges.

It also gets rid of the legal protection afforded a baby and the Mother. The new law allows non-doctors to perform the abortion procedure, and removes any criminal liability if the non physician abortion provider causes the death of the mother. Is it an accident that half the coronavirus disease in the US with 52,318 cases and 229deaths are in New York as of March 29, 2020?

In Virginia, state legislator Kathy Tran has introduced legislation that would, she has explained, make abortion legal even at term and in the middle of birth.

  • Illinois also passed a morally repugnant and the jubilant applause by the Democratic Legislature was grotesque, but 19 other states—including Illinois—allow full-term babies to be killed. Some 1500 people have now died from the disease compared 1,300,000 babies with their hearts beating expected to die this year. Abortions in California represent 15.4% of all abortions in the United States and it too has been hit hard by the Coronavirus.

Abortion and Suicide: the Grim Statistics.

 Apparently the abortion ritual tales a  suicide toll on the Mothers as well ,that is seldom ever discussed in the US news media.

Within 12 months of the abortion women commit suicide six times more often than Mother’s who give birth to a baby.

  • Would God or aliens try to get our attention over this law, and overturn Roe vs. Wade as many more people are now staying home and praying they don’t get the virus?
  • Abortion and suicide: the grim statistics – NRL News Today
  • Post abortion women have a rate of 34.7 suicides. Interestingly enough, women who have given birth have a suicide rate of 5.9 per hundred thousand.

Council chairman Professor Michael Humphrey said that “the number of suicides was a key concern,” according to a report in the Queensland Courier-Mail:

  1. “It’s pretty scary,” Prof. Humphrey said. “But this is not just happening in Queensland or Australia. The incidence of suicide in relation to maternal deaths is also seen very clearly in reports coming out of New Zealand and the UK. It’s a major phenomenon. ‘Major British Medical study claims 81% of woman who have an abortion have metal problems. A 2011 study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry reported that there were dramatic changes in mental health in women who had an abortion. The study examined medical information from 877,000 women, of which 164,000 had an abortion; the women who had an abortion were 81 percent more likely to experience mental health struggles.

He said many women had taken their own lives within a year of having an abortion.

“There’s a lot of evidence that a significant proportion of women who have termination of pregnancies do have mental health issues subsequently,’’ Prof. Humphrey said. “

Marriage involves an acknowledgment of the right of life that is to come into being, a right which is not subject to disposal by the married couple. Unless this right is acknowledged as a matter of principle, marriage ceases to be marriage and becomes a mere liaison.”

The Bible tells us that man and wife become “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). This mysterious union is an act of God. It is God’s plan to bring forth children through this united entity of God, husband, and wife. The fabric of the marriage is woven into this design. Humans have the choice of honoring God’s design for marriage or destroying the marriage. There is no moderate alternative way involving a compromise between human’s way and God’s way. They are effectively choosing to destroy the marriage rather than to honor God’s design. A person in a marriage devastated by abortion is more likely to have a divorce or to commit adultery – because he or she might feel like a lawless single person. The fetus has a beating heart at about six weeks indicating a working circulatory system and life, when a heart stops a person dies. Women can go on the internet and obtain abortion pills that are very effective. Mesoporusd and mifepristopne abortion pills are used by many women to self medicate. Methods To Prevent Pregnancy – Methods To Prevent Pregnancy –are becoming quite effective.

Looking at Biblical Prophecy emerging new diseases seem to have a Biblical ring to them.

I think the Bible is referring to target a particular area or group of people, are very difficult to control by man and most importantly in a bizarre and Biblical way so far there is no cure for these diseases.

Pestilence is the word for a disease pandemic in the Bible Prophecy. Here are just a few of the many warnings:

 I will send the pestilence among you; and ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy. Leviticus 26:25

If, when evil cometh upon us, as the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we stand before this house, and in thy presence, and cry unto thee in our affliction, then thou wilt hear and help. 2 Chronicles 20:9

And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, till they are consumed from off the land that I gave unto them and to their fathers. Jeremiah 24:10

And I will persecute them with the sword, with the famine, and with the pestilence, and will deliver them to be removed to all the kingdoms of the earth, Jeremiah 29:18

A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee: Ezekiel 5:12

 In the New Testament
For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. Matthew 24:7

The opening of the Fourth Seal which is the fourth of Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Rev 6:8

                                                      Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and Pestilence and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:8

I personally think the first three seals have been opened and probably the fourth as mentioned above but the events they represent are creeping judgments that infiltrate into our system and are precursors to the later judgments which are actual events. The fourth seal has not yet been fulfilled but looks possibly to be starting as demonstrated by the emergence of these new Biblical type diseases that have no cure but at present have not spread to pandemic levels. A fourth part of the earth as of yet has not been affected by the Sword (war), Famine or Death (possibly Pestilence). This would need to be fulfilled before the Fifth Seal could be opened which would herald the mass slaughtering of Christians which has happed in the Middle East and by groups supported by Iran.

Christians are going through hell in the Middle East. The last several years, approximately 100,000 Christians were killed each year in this region as a result of their beliefs, according to the Center for the Study of World Christianity. Bad times may be ahead to make us aware that life is precious.

Greek Mythology and UFOs

 Greek mythology is replete with tales of fantastic creatures, including flying monsters that presented serious challenges to the heroes of Greek mythology. Three of the best-known flying monsters in Greek mythology are griffins, harpies and Stymphalian birds.

What Kind of Flying Monsters Were in Greek Mythology …  One of the most beloved myths of classical antiquity, the tale of Daedalus and Icarus soaring aloft on wings made of feathers and wax has been recounted by storytellers and illustrated by artists over the centuries. Daedalus and Icarus managed to escape the Labyrinth and flew to the sky free for the first time that man managed to fight the laws of nature and beat gravity. Icarus death was warned, Icarus was too young and too enthusiastic about flying and came too close to the sun melting the wax.

Who were the Nephilim? The word Nephilim appears twice in the Old Testament of the Bible. They are first mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis and then again in Number 13:33. But their brief mention in the Bible has led to an ongoing debate as to who or what the Nephilim were. Much of this debate stems from the passage in the Bible that states:

 When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose.
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went in to the daughters of man, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.
  – Genesis 6: 1-4

The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair (1923) by Daniel Chester French. Corcoran Gallery of Art. ( CC0)

What Does ‘Nephilim’ Mean?

The traditional definition of Nephilim is giant probably from space. Some dictionaries describe the nephilim as being giants who also possess super human strength. It is believed that the word Nephilim comes from the root word “Naphal” which means to fall. In biblical circles this definition has quickly put the Nephilim into the role of the children of the fallen angels.. The word Naphal, however, is never directly associated with the concept of fallen angels. Its meaning in context is more closely associated with the idea of lying prostrate or of prostrating oneself. There are also ties in this word to the concept of falling short, or being cast down.

‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’ (1685) by Charles Le Brun. ( Public Domain )

Mythos of the Nephilim

Over the years a mythos has developed around the concept of the Nephilim. It alleges that these giants were the offspring of the “Sons of God” and the “Daughters of Man”. Are the Nephilim the children of the untoward relationship?

The connection between the biblical text and this claim, although commonly pointed to as the basis of this belief, is unfounded. The document in which we find statements that support this claim actually comes from the apocryphal Book of Jubilees :

And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them, that the angels of God saw them on a certain year of this jubilee, that they were beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they chose, and they bare unto them sons and they were giants. The Book of Jubilees – Chapter V: 1

Is the claim that the Nephilim were the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of men supported by sources outside the Judeo-Christian tradition?  In other words, mythology worldwide seems to support this belief?

The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair, by Maurice Greiffenhagen. (Public Domain )

Giants Roaming the Earth across Cultures

Vase depicting Zeus fighting against the giant Porphyrion. (Egisto Sani/ CC BY NC SA 2.0 )

The notion of giants roaming the earth can be found in cultures worldwide. Greek mythology tells us that the Titan Cronus was the god of time, and had a destructive, all-devouring strength. He ruled the cosmos during the Golden Age after castrating and deposing of his father Uranus. It is from the blood of the castrated Uranus that fell from space upon the earth that the giants, the “earth-born”, were created.

They were no longer prostrating themselves to the will of the gods. Their lack of complete servitude and their failure to comply with the god’s demands incited the “children of god” into a full blown rebellion against the heavenly gods. Heavy losses were taken on both sides, but their revolution was finally suppressed by the gods.

A truce was declared. As part of their reparations to the giants it was decided to create a new race to handle the burdens that were cast upon the giants – man.

Padraic Column in his book entitled Orpheus, Myths of the World, relates this tale about the creation of man: Aztec legend recounts how the Earth-mother, Citlalicue, gave birth to a flint knife. When the knife was flung down onto the Earth, it was transformed into sixteen hundred “earth-gods.”

These newly formed earth-gods lived as men and women and labored in search of food. After some time, the Earth-gods began to think that this work was below them.

They were, after all, the children of the Exterrestrial Sky-father and Earth-mother. They asked their mother Citlalicue to make a race that would serve them and do the work. With the help of Citlalicue, humans were created.

  Natives in highlands of Mexico, capturing and putting to death a giant.’ ( CC0)

Based upon these mythological traditions it seems clear that the earth-born giants, the Nephilim, existed long before man first inhabited the earth. Thus when you read the line “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward” it seems clear from this perspective that the authors were not being vague. Instead they were just making a statement of fact – that the Nephilim, the earth-born, were on the earth at that time.Genesis 6

The Offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Man

So who were the offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of man? The Hebrew Bible refers to them as gibborim. The inferred meaning of this word is men of great stature, heroes, men who are valiant or brave.

The Greek Septuagint identifies them as the renominati or men of renown. In Greek mythology the gods have a long history of having relations with humans. The names of some of these “demi-gods”, or semi-human individuals, whose names have withstood the tests of time include were Hercules, Perseus, and Achilles. In India they are called Hanuman and Garuda and in Sumer Gilgamesh and Adapa.


The Creation of Adam (Italian: Creazione di Adamo) is a fresco painting by Italian artist Michelangelo, which forms part of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, Vatican painted c. 1508–1512. It illustrates the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis in which God gives life to Adam, the first man. Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam is one of the most replicated religious paintings of all time. God is depicted as an elderly white-bearded Caucasian man wrapped in a swirling cloak while Adam, on the lower left, is completely nude. God’s right arm is outstretched to impart the spark of life from his own finger into that of Adam, Thanks to

New Jersey Aircraft Sounds

Aurora Aircraft

Southampton –: As an early member of the USAF’s “Ground Observer’s Corps” (1953-1956) we were instructed about UFOs and reporting them. I never saw one, but a fellow observer reported seeing two at high altitude over Newark NJ. Our GOC station was atop the Kreuger Brewery in Newark.
OK, forward to the present: I sat through the episodes of “Unidentified” and listened carefully. Some of what was said sparked a recent memory of at least two experiences I had while living in Southampton NJ several miles from Joint Base McGuire-Ft Dix-Lakehurst NAS. My home was in a direct line with the SW landing approach runway to McGuire, and an occasional aircraft flight to the east at Lakehurst.
At least three times while living in Southampton I was outside and heard a barely audible, quiet “swishing” sound in the air overhead…not going fast…clear skies, unobstructed view all three times, going in the direction of McGuire AFB, but looking up I saw absolutely nothing! I was able to somewhat follow the sound for maybe less than half a minute.
What reminded me of the incidents was the sound of an electric golf cart swishing past my house here in Ocala, which produced a similar but louder noise.
I remember at the time thinking, “Has the USAF or Navy perfected invisibility stealth?”
Lakehurst NAS is only 15 miles to the east, and as part of the Joint Base, they are doing research over there, carrier technology and the like, and who knows what else? Maybe it’s the East Coast version of Area 51? But there wasn’t any “rippling” or atmospheric anomaly where one such craft should’ve been (think Star Trek Klingon “cloaking” device). Alex B, Jr, Ocala FL.”

Editor’s Note: Regarding the joint base where I was the 21 Air Force Intelligence Officer, there has always been a desire for invisibility. Regarding the joint base where I was the 21 Air Force Intelligence Officer and there has always been a desire for aircraft invisibility. This has been partially accomplished by camouflage and large TV like screens facing down mounted on the craft. The sky above the craft is scanned and shown on the TV screens.

Mc Guire and Lakehusrst often had experimental aircraft stopping there for refueling and maintenance and parked in a hangar. You may have heard some sort of experimental aircraft. This has been partially accomplished by camouflage and large TV like screens facing down mounted on the craft. The sky above the craft is scanned and shown on the TV screens hiding the aircraft. The fairly flat surface under the Aurora could handle this modification. Also their engines are not normal jet engines and may make the sounds you were referring to while on approach to landing. You may have heard some sort of experimental aircraft.

Strange Airborne Sounds Florida

 Miami –Here is the Doppler sound experience I had. On February 28, 2020 at 4:30AM I was in my room writing in my log when I heard-what I thought was car racing up and down 87 Ave. and US-1. So, I walked outside to see exactly where they were racing. When I did the sound changed to a droning idling engine noise that permeated the whole sky. There was a ‘passenger airliner’ flying very slow, too slow for most commercial airliners, from SW. to NE. At one point it seemed to hover 15• to directly overhead. Just as it started moving again, this time at normal speed, the sound suddenly stopped. Right away, Dr. Bruce Cornet’s description of the Doppler sound waves he experienced at Pine Bush, New York came to mind. I think the hidden military is renting out commercial jets and using them for sound and other nefarious technology/weapons (for crowd control and distraction of enemy) testing and or surveillance. The fact it came from the direction of Tamiami municipal or a small plane airport in the S.W. area is suspicious as all commercial airlines use Miami International Airport for their flights. I’m up all hours of the night and notice the flight paths of commercial jets. They go to/from the SE in direction of the Bahamas and some go to/from NE. So this was odd.  Thanks to Susan Signal

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Strange Craft

The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II. These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at air fields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings. Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer and flyer.

From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to an UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book. Several readers have stated this is the best UFO book they have ever read. By John L. Guerra.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

California Object

Photo courtesy of

Vacaville — Several times we observed bright star like lights traveling from sw to nw in straight flight path. Following closely one another about 1 mile to2-3 miles apart as they were very high 60 thousand feet possibly. We have seen minimum of 40 during this sighting. They travel in paths and then when each vanished as a bright flash appeared. The same happened with the ones following the first lights. After about 10 minutes the path changed and they were going from NE to SW. Pictures were taken on March 25, 2020. Photo courtesy of

Florida Lights


I saw a bright orange light moving faster than an air force jet. It was about 1/2 centimeter long. It flew from the west to the east. After about 2 minutes it appeared to turn upward until it vanished into the clear sky. It was not too far from the brightest star. The picture I am sending is not the actual image, but just what I found that looks like a replica of what I had seen. Four of us watched on March 21, 2020 –Thanks to Will Pucket/

Hawaii lights

Honolulu Pearl City — One night, my son and I went to see my husband at work. I saw something oddly shaped something that didn’t look like it belonged in the sky. So I tried to capture photos of it with the little time I had. The aircraft was silent but moving fast. I took two photos of the aircraft before it disappeared. In both photos, all that can be seen is 3 white lights in the shape of a triangle. The lights and shape of the aircraft were visible to me. The aircraft made no sounds, no beams of light; only the exterior lights could be seen. This aircraft flew over Hawaii on May 23, 2019 at 8:06 pm.

Illinois Lights

Photo courtesy of

Mt Prospect — I was barbecuing in the backyard about 8 pm when I looked up at the night sky I noticed what I thought were satellites. Then I noticed a continual stream of lights. I lost count after 50. It could have been a military operation but I heard no plane noise. That maybe because they were high altitude.

Pictures were taken on March 20, 2020.

Indiana Object


Terre Haute — Description: I saw the” Tic Tac ” UFO thing. I took six photos of it at 10; 30 AM during Daylight hours. I hope somebody else saw it too. Pictures were taken on October 19, 2019 – Thanks to Will Pucket/

Massachusetts Light

Worcester — It looked like a bar of lights, but possibly a triangle. I could almost see lights at a point at the top. It did not move and was probably there in one place for about an hour. The picture and the video only should up like if you took a picture of the moon. It looked nothing like what we were looking at.

Note: I suspect that the witnesses were viewing the planet Venus. Pictures were taken on October 19, 8:30 PM EDT. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Minnesota Lights on Ground

Photo courtesy of

Scandia — I’ve been watching for 6 months of UFO activity using a telescope. Each night lights change and whenever I take a picture or video, more evidence is captured of alien craft and anomalies that science would enjoy gathering. Entities are not only advanced, they can communicate using telepathy. I have 2 ships. 3 drones, 3 cloudy slow-moving translucent lights, dozens of beacons, orbs, 1 aura, countless particles and one bolt of lightning.  They use the Moon and satellites orbiting around.  I believe the ships are occupied with living things and I can hear clicking noises. .. Tangible evidence is needed. Pictures were taken on March 21, 2020.

Nevada Lights

Photo courtesy of

Las Vegas –I live in Las Vegas and face Luxor Hotel and casino, on March 21, 2020.when I went outside to take the dogs out, at 1:45 its now 2:11 and they’re still there, twinkling lights all inside and possibly around the light of the Luxor light beam. Never seen anything like that before, I’ve taken tons of video and picture’s with my cell phone. I’m just over a mile away; someone else has got to be closer taking video of it. Clear night, quite, no clouds. Lights are above hotel for maybe 500 feet then nothing then some more higher up. It’s now 2:39 and its still there and helicopter is right by it now. Photo courtesy of

Washington Lights

Photo courtesy of

Shelton — I saw a bright yellow light over the trees but when I zoomed in it was a vertical disk shaped object that was flashing and rotating like a tire. It than moved a lot and eventually heard me and moved to my commands and then changed. . Please watch the whole video. It’s worth it!!! Pictures were taken on March 19, 2020.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Austria Lights

 Linz — 7 star like lights evenly spaced travelling in straight line from N to S, then after gap another 2 lights follow, like stars, don’t blink or flash, no sound, disappear after a while…….very strange this is now 3rd sighting of this kind over Europe

Pictures were taken on March 27, 2020.

Brazil Light

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Paranaiguara, Goias — The object was oval shape as viewed in the video that appeared to expand suddenly and contract, It appeared to spin and to change colors in flashes and appeared to be flying as it dropped into our field of vision.

My daughter Joanna went outside to film what she thought was the planet Venus when she suddenly realized that she was filming something else. Something that moved quickly.

Pictures were taken on March 27, 2020.

Canada Lights

Calgary — Seen well over 50, maybe even as many as 80, star like objects all coming from the SW skies, in a straight line, at the same speed and distance apart, approx 5-7 seconds apart, where they would eventually fade out to the East. From the time each “star” came into view to where it would fade out in the East, was approx. 40-45 seconds maybe. There were always 3 to 4 in view at any given time. As the lead star would fade in the East, more just kept coming from the West. There were a few that travelled closely side by side and a few very close together in line. They just kept coming and coming for at least 10 minutes. Called some friends (3 calls) to go outside and watch them too, they all witnessed from their homes as well. Sighting was on March 27, 2020.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Flash

 Description: I saw flashes of different colors on the sky changing every second. The same kind of color was seen on March 4, 2020.

Note: It is difficult to say what exactly caused the phenomenon and photos taken by the witness. Perhaps there ground laser lights changing colors that may have illuminated high clouds (Cirrus Clouds)? Pictures were taken on March 22, 2020 –

Thanks to Will Pucket/

 Mexico Object

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Puebla, Pue. –I was driving along and in a stop light a saw a rare objet that at first time a thought it was a helicopter. A took my cell phone and begin to film. It was a round, white, UFO that crossed in from of me at 200 miles. Pictures were taken on January 15, 2020.

UK/England Light

Newton-Abbot-Devon — On March 8, 2020, it was dark and I had a real urge to go out and do some sky watching. I grabbed my Nikon P900 camera and binoculars and went out to the garden and sat for 15 minutes before I spotted bright star that wasn’t present previously. I could now see that it was moving, but suddenly stopped and hovered. I knew that satellites couldn’t stop. I zoomed in and looked through my binoculars at a rounded object. The center was a dark black where a light suddenly appeared and then started to move around inside it.  I was very perplexed as the object faded away and was gone. The photograph was taken on the 8th of March at 6:15 pm. All the best John.

Note: This witness has taken several photos of UFO’s and submitted to this sight. Most of his photos and sightings are quite compelling. Thanks to Will Pucket/

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 London — I went outside for a cigarette and saw a really bright star. But then it looked unnaturally bright. So I took a video and on the video it looked completely different. It looked more circular like something spinning really quickly. It looked like it went further up into the sky for a bit as it went smaller but then a few minutes later it was back. Pictures were taken on March 21, 2020 Photo courtesy of

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