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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #6 – 2013 Remote Viewer Ingo Swann Dies

Photo from Charlottesville, Virginia on January 27th, 2013.

“ feel the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation.”

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Remote Viewer Ingo Swann Dies,
UFO Series on Discovery Canada TV, Phobos Probably Not Artificial, and Graves of Bodies with Elongated Skulls Found In Mexico.

Engineer Claims We Have Antigravity Technology, Egyptian Archaeologist Admits Pyramids Contain Alien Technology, and Antarctica Meteorite Supports Extraterrestrial Origins for Life, Exempt from Disclosure, and Crop Circles and Light Beings.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Slovenia, England in the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.
Filer’s Files are now being emailed to 13,500 addresses each week plus 500 copies are forwarded to more thousands. Consider forwarding them to your friends and neighbors.
Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

We Are Not Alone

Special Reports

Remote Viewer Ingo Swann Dies

NEW YORK – Ingo Swann an artist and author, best known for his work as a co-creator of Remote Viewing specifically the Stargate Project died on February 1, 2013, at the age of 79.. He wrote several books on Remote Viewing and alien visitation. Swann told me while staying at my house that he does not identify himself as a psychic, He calls himself, “A consciousness researcher and that most people can be taught to be Remote Viewers, although some people have more innate ability than others.. Swann has stated, “I don’t get tested, and I only work with researchers on well-designed experiments.” He was pleasant gentleman with a great smile and intuitive abilities that provided the US government with significant intelligence information on the Soviet Union and Extraterrestrials.

Swann, who was instrumental in creating the US government’s remote viewing program in the 1970s, and is one of the most respected Remote Viewers in the world. According to Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, there were “Swann-inspired innovations” that have led to impressive results in parapsychology. Swann helped develop the process of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in experiments that caught the attention of US intelligence. He is commonly credited with proposing the idea of Coordinate Remote Viewing, a process in which viewers would view a location given nothing but its geographical coordinates, which was developed and tested by Puthoff and Targ with CIA funding.

Ingo Swann’s paranormal claims were often overlooked by skeptics and historians  Geller says, “If you were blind and a man appeared who could teach you to see with mind power, you would revere him as a guru. So why is Ingo Swann ignored by publishers and forced to publish his astounding life story on the Internet?”] Both Geller and Swann were tested by two experimenters, Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, who concluded that Geller and Swann did indeed have unique skills.[3]

He had abilities that he developed that were far greater than the average person. He would choose a set of coordinates and focus on what was occurring and could visualize a mental picture.  He would make a sketch of what he was visualizing. In his home he had huge murals of extraterrestrial scenes complete with UFOs. He personally had viewed huge UFOs and aliens. He told me they were here within our society. He also predicted the demise of the Soviet Union. According to Swann and Stanford Research International, his Remote Viewing has been correct probably 95% of the time. His personally trained Remote Viewing students who were correct about 85% of the time within the US Government Stargate Project. In 1973, while remote viewing Jupiter, Swann reported that the giant gas planet had rings. This fact was unknown to astronomers at the time, but was confirmed by Voyager 1 in 1979.
Ingo Swann who stayed at my home during a weekend research meeting with several other researchers revealed alien presence on the moon and our Earth. Our submarines were frequently followed by UFOs or USOs underwater.
When I was stationed at Langley Air Force Base, the NASA people claimed an alien base was found on the far side of the Moon. We discussed the situation on the moon and he indicated the he felt the aliens were mining the moon.

During the writing of his book I gave him some information about transient lights on the Moon as reported by astronomers for hundreds of years. Swann remote viewed key locations on the Moon and found about ten different locations that indicated an unearthly extraterrestrial presence. “Swann ‘saw’ with his mind’s eye craters in darkness, and trails of tractor-tread marks. Confusion set in until Swann realized that he was ‘seeing’ intelligent activity and structures on the moon”. He reported in his own 1998 self-published work, “Penetration” that he Remote Viewed the moon and aliens were there. “In the depths of a crater he viewed a green, dusty haze lit by banks of artificial lights mounted on very large, tall towers. He was apparently observing extraterrestrial’s building a base on the moon. Ingo sensed that he had been psychically ‘spotted’ by two of the humanoid-looking inhabitants of the moon base. The aliens appeared to be conducting mining operations.”
Ingo Swan provided a great service to the United States government and the people of the world and will be greatly missed. He told Joe Stefula that he will attempt to make contact from the other side. If anyone can do it, Ingo may have the power to do so.

UFO Series on Discovery Canada TV

TORONTO — Discovery TV Canada and its award-winning international production house, EPI (Exploration Production Inc.) announced today that it has completed production on the all-new breakthrough CGI series, “ALIEN MYSTERIES.”

Premiering with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, March 3, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET/PT – and backed by a robust multi-platform promotional campaign. The shockingly imaginative original Canadian series candidly chronicles first-person accounts of UFO sightings, alien encounters and abductions. In each episode, dramatic reenactments recount stunning real-life unexplained alien experiences, taking viewers on a thrilling – and sometimes terrifying – journey. Their bizarre, life-altering encounters are vividly depicted using new state-of-the-art CGI and green screen techniques and created by Toronto-based Acme Digital Pictures. As well, each story features scientists and researchers who probe the question – how is this possible?

Discovery’s ALIEN MYSTERIES is a fantastically creative and imaginative new take on some of the most enduring UFO mysteries from the last 50 years. Each story is backed up by credible witnesses, investigative reports, and tangible evidence such as physical markings, photographs, radar reports, and videos.

“It’s without doubt the most challenging factual production we’ve ever undertaken and we are tremendously thrilled and excited by the result,” said Paul Lewis, President and General Manager, Discovery Networks. “This spring, Canadian audiences will be awe-struck by ALIEN MYSTERIES – a truly impressive production featuring unexplained stories, and the real science behind it. This is the kind of thing Discovery does best.”

“The purpose of the show is not to de-bunk,” said Executive Producer Karen McCairley. “With the help of recognized science experts, ALIEN MYSTERIES pulls back the curtain pushing us to open our minds in search of answers.”

Discovery’s ALIEN MYSTERIES is a fantastically creative and imaginative new take on some of the most enduring UFO mysteries from the last 50 years. Each story is backed up by credible witnesses, investigative reports, and tangible evidence such as physical markings, photographs, radar reports, and videos.

Highlights from the two-hour World Premiere of ALIEN MYSTERIES include:

ALIEN MYSTERIES: “Stephenville Lights” Examination of the Texas lights and descriptions of low flying craft near President Bush’s ranch. In January 2008, residents from Stephenville witness a series of extraordinary, unexplained sightings. Steve Allen, a business owner and long-time private pilot, along with two close friends, suddenly notice strange lights moving quickly across the sky. A huge craft is chased by F-16s. Meanwhile, in another part of town, three Erath County police officers witness the same event.

ALIEN MYSTERIES: “The Reed Family”
Sunday, March 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT

BROWNSBURG, INDIANA An ordinary night turns terrifying when Matthew Reed follows a strange light while driving home from work in March 2009. The last thing Reed remembers is his car stalling… he regains consciousness hours later, parked in a field miles away with blood on his face and his SUV seriously damaged. Reed – like previous family members before him – fears he was taken aboard an alien spacecraft. But was he? Experts launch an investigation with stunning results. Photography Is Available At Bellmediapr.Ca/Discovery

Phobos Probably Not Artificial

In an alleged European Space Agency release, Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky first calculated the orbital motion of the Martian
Satellite Phobos. He came to the inescapable conclusion that the moon is artificial and hollow–basically a titanic spaceship.


The Russian astronomer, Dr. Cherman Struve, spent months calculating the two Martian moons’ orbits with extreme accuracy during the early 20th Century. Studying the astronomer’s notes, Shklovsky realized as the years progressed into decades Phobos’s orbital velocity and position no longer matched Struve’s mathematically predicted position. (Before It’s News)   Facebook page

Amos Elroy writes, “After reading the news about the ESA release that Phobos was artificial, I attempted to search the internet to confirm this. Nothing came up except a questionable news site. Neither ESA website nor the peer reviewed magazine quoted had any mention of this astonishing finding.” Further, I contacted a fellow astronomer who is an avid reader of the publication and he has not seen anything remotely like that published. He told me he would surely have noticed if that appeared in the publication. I urge you to do your own search, and if you see it is not substantiated, please retract it in your next newsletter.

I just wish people would do just a little bit of critical investigation of anything they publish and relay further, because that kind of nonsense, which is verifiable discredited, is the reason the public at large is still suspicious of extraterrestrial visitations. This is not serving the goal of transparency and exposure. Sincerely, Amos Elroy

Graves of Bodies with Elongated Skulls Found In Mexico

SONORA — Mexican experts found a cemetery a few thousand years old in the state of Sonora that has features never seen before in that region and extending the zone of influence of the Mesoamerican peoples, said archaeologists from the Institute National Anthropology and History (INAH). A mere 300 meters from the village of Onavas, southern Sonora, was an outdoor grave site, the first pre-Hispanic cemetery, of that state found with  burials composed of 25 individuals, 13 of whom have intentional skull deformation, INAH said in a statement.

For archaeologists, the discovery is relevant evidence of practices that were not recorded in the old Sonora cultural groups: cranial deformation (frontal occipital) was applied to 13 individuals and modification by the wear of the side of teeth to give them a “V”.

Garcia, director of the research project, which is conducted by Arizona State University, USA, with approval of the INAH Archaeology Council, said: “With this discovery extends the limit of influence of Mesoamerican peoples farther north: than had been recorded archeology” by previous archaeological finds.  According to historical sources, the site must have belonged to the old Pima Indians, the region’s cultural group whose descendants moved to what is now the Sonora-Chihuahua state line, and could be part of a settlement located in the area of traffic that followed the western coastal towns in the southwest U.S. which traded in turquoise.“And in that transition, the Pimas adopted new traditions from Mesoamerica,” he explained, adding that the dating performed on human remains Epiclassic match the Mesoamerican period (900-1200 AD).

There is speculation that the elongated skulls were created to match the elongated skulls of aliens who came to Earth in the past. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ www.worldufophotos.org

  • UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Sightings

PHOENIX – I’ve been seeing white orb UFOs in this area for about two years at least. I’ve seen white orbs at lower altitudes on a couple of occasions. In one case it was like looking at the ball from the top of a large flagpole, sitting stationary above me.
Most often I would see these things parked in the sky at a very high altitude, where they would resemble Venus in the morning or early evening sky, yet I was seeing them at midday or during the afternoon. Well I have now seen something new at the same sort of high altitude as the white orbs, on two occasions. The first was sometime during the holiday stretch, when we had lacey like cloud cover, and I noticed what looked like a stubby grain of rice among the clouds that maintained its unique shape apart from the rest of the clouds. This thing was solid.

My second sighting of this category happened on January 21, 2013, in a clear blue sky with another stubby little grain of rice nearby at 12:35 PM. It was like an underhand toss of rice onto the asphalt parking lot about 6 feet ahead of you. Now imagine trying to zero in on the rice grain and getting a visual lock on it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

TUCSON — I was out in my front yard at about 8 PM, on January 29, 2013, riding my new motor bike SW of town an object caught my eye flying NE just above the homes pretty fast. They seemed like they were in a formation one behind the other almost gliding as if flying in space. I pedaled back home, they were going so fast they flew a couple miles in under 30 seconds so it really freaked me out. They flew directly in front of me over my street as I was going back home. They also seemed as if they were reflecting the light from the streets and home porch lights they were flying over silently. They were two fighter jet sized UFOs shaped like a rounded edge Diamond. They were very aerodynamic looking and metallic look to the surface with a goldish copper red tone. It seemed as if they were flying low intentionally thru my valley to avoid detection from our air radar systems. They flew near Ryan’s Air Field. It was the first time I have seen a real UFO or anything not of this earth. They were traveling g parallel to Highway 86 flying N.E. I’m freaked out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BLACK CANYON CITY — We noticed an odd light in the eastern sky

moving fast. We had just stepped out of the house and my husband picked up his Nikon Cool Pix P7000 camera and shot a few seconds of video on December 23, 2012. We realized clouds passing over a star created the illusion of movement.

The incident was unremarkable until we down loaded the video. When we watched the short clip, we noticed an object become visible between the star and the moon, which was nearly full at the time. The object appears to be three pyramids that form a triangle. It comes into view, and then fades just before the camera goes off.

We have viewed the video several times and have no idea what the object might be. We did not notice anything that evening. The date and time appears to be about 1 day off, so the date is an estimate. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Blue Lights

LONG BEACH– I have these pictures and would like to know if it is a star or not. It was moving a lot on a couple of the pictures taken tonight January 28, 2013 around 7:30 PM. I have one from a few weeks ago that is more stationary which I am including.
2nd Report from Witness in Response to Investigator Questions: Thanks for looking at the pictures. I did see the object moving. I don’t have a tripod, just a small digital camera. I do stand still and hold the camera still when I take pictures, but I guess anything can happen. I am not a professional or anything.
Note: The blue color makes this photo hard to explain. No bright satellites were visible over the area at the time. The light could be meteor, but not enough information is available to make that conclusion. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com

Connecticut Bright Green

MILFORD — It was about 8:15 PM on February 2, 2013, and I was on my way to the gas station when I saw a really bright star in the distance. It was moving west to south very irregularly. When I got closer the whitish looking star was actually bright green. I go out of my car at the gas station and two other guys saw it as well. We watched it sit there 200 feet in the air in disbelief. It then very quickly descended into the tree line and its colors changed to blue and red and were very bright. I saw it quickly ascend back up and lost it in space quickly. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Orbs

WINTER SPRINGS — Pulling into my parking spot at the apartments on February 2, 2013, I noticed in the corner of my eye an odd colored constellation. I thought it was weird that the stars were that bright from that angle so close to the glow on the horizon. I got the car parked and had to jog over to the building next to mine for a view through the trees. I tried to get a picture or video from my phone but I couldn’t get anything to show up or come into focus. I started to call my friend and focus on the objects. The lowest object was maybe at 15 degrees above the horizon and the highest object was about 30 degrees or so. There were about eight objects that were in a zigzag stacked pattern, but the individual objects were moving slowly one way and then would slowly move the other way. They were a bright orange yellowish color, nothing like any stars in the sky.

They seemed like they may have been circling each other but they were moving slow and disappeared in less than a minute. I work in the aviation industry and have a good idea of how aircraft traffic patterns and flight paths work. I kept looking for strobes or beacon lights but saw none. There is a flight path near this area but nothing to the north, any commercial aircraft always come from the east, and this was directly north. After maybe forty seconds the moving lights started to fade out. The last objects to fade out were the top and the second from the bottom object. It was interesting to see them move, very graceful and pretty bright. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iowa Orb

The enclosed image is from a couple of weeks ago when I arrived at my workplace on January 19, 2013, and noticed that the only clouds in the sky were a relatively short line in front of the sun. They had very unique curls on top similar to Japanese wave paintings.
I took a quick photo and later pulled it up to show someone the cloud shapes I had seen. I realized that none of the curls showed up at all, which was odd. In zooming in to get a better look, I noticed something right in front of the sun. It is obviously not a cloud. I am also very aware of where the lens flare is when taking shots as to keep it “out of the shot.” I have personally witnessed multiple sightings over my 54 years. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas Circular Lighted Object in Bedroom

MISSION — In the middle of the night about 3”30 AM, I was awakened by the dog growling. Without moving, I opened my eyes to see a brightly glowing round object at the south window in the mid to upper west corner. The dinner plate sized object was illuminated by red and green rows of lights that appeared to resemble light bulbs two to three inches in diameter. There were at least three rows and all were bright red and green like Christmas lights. Surprised, I wondered what could cause a Christmas light display to appear or reflect in my bedroom.

The minute I tried to focus my thoughts on what I was seeing and knew it could not be a reflection because it was hovering, it shifted phase and disappeared behind the window where I could only see a bit of green light behind the slats of the window blind. I sensed it knew my thoughts and apparently didn’t want to be seen. I tried to focus my eyes better but the light was gone after a few more seconds. I figured trying to go outside wouldn’t give me any more information. The dog was quiet so I went back to sleep. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota Orbs

ST PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS AIRPORT – I was at the driving back to the Freight house when I observed what I thought was a very low exhaust cloud from an aircraft, until it moved on January 30, 2013. It had an end trail as wide as the orb that came to a point that when it stopped the end trail was absorbed back in the round dark grey cloud. I thought to myself it was because I was moving so I used a point of reference by using the smoke stack that was on the left of the cloudy looking orb.

It continued to move left and right in short distances. It started to move left with a slight descent. It started to change shape while passing the smoke stack. This thing looked like it was trying to blend with the cloud cover we had today. These photos are similar to what I saw, but I was not able to get my own photos. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Montana Green SSS

I started filming just moments after it had risen up from the ground. This was taken on January 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM. In these clips you can clearly hear when I zoom in or out so you can tell when it approaches or moves away from my zoom of its own accord.

You can also hear the clock ticking, my dog walking around, etc. I have only sent you a small amount of film. There are so many other things it does. I have long clips where you can actually see it changing. I have no objections if you wish to bring your equipment and see it for yourself. I will try to be filming it just before dawn so you can see the speed at which it moves. We are anxious to hear back from you and get your take on this. We have tried everything we know to figure it out ourselves. The footage was taken with a Canon “Powers hot” camera. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com

New York Bright Disc

BROOKLYN — We saw this UFO in Brooklyn NYC on January27, 2013.

I was driving my car from Manhattan toward Brooklyn next to the Verrazano Bridge where you will never see helicopters or planes.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

 North Carolina Long Spaceship

ASHVILLE — There is a very pretty gibbous moon out this morning on January 31, 2013, and apparently my son was looking at it on the way to school. At about 7:53 AM, while at the stop light for the I-40 West entrance ramp, going south on Brevard Road, my seven year old son, asked “What was that? I just saw a white thing that was moving around the moon and then shot down. It was long and thin and white, and I think it may have been a rocket ship. I asked if it went all the way around the moon, and he said, “It went about halfway around it, but it surprised me when it just shot down and disappeared behind a cloud.”

I don’t know if he meant that it passed around from back to front, or moved around the visible circumference. I also don’t know if white means luminous, or just white. I didn’t have a lot of time to ask questions as I had to drop him off at school, and I also didn’t want to make a big thing out of it. It could have been a reflection on the window, or a meteor, but he’s a pretty serious-minded boy, and I’ve never known him to invent a story, he has shown no interest in UFOs, so I’m convinced he believes he saw what he described. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Orbs

FRISCO — At 7:30PM, I went out to my backyard to talk on the phone. When I looked to south, toward Dallas, I saw a bright orange light just above the treeline. As we are on the flight paths for both DFW and Dallas Love airports, I thought it was a plane taking off from Love. Over the next 30 minutes, it would periodically brighten, and then dim. It would also ascend, then descend below the rooflines, then ascend again. At its brightest, it was about a half inch in diameter, from my point of view.

After 10 minutes, I got my binoculars, and that’s when I noticed two other orange orbs that weren’t as bright and large as the first. They were also ascending and descending periodically, along with slow lateral movements. I asked my husband to look at them through the binoculars, and confirm that they weren’t helicopters. There was no sound.

After 20 minutes, I got my camera, a Sony Nex-5, and set the shutter speed for 1/25sec. After taking a series of photos, the two dimmer orbs faded out, and the larger orb dimmed significantly, then headed east until it disappeared at 8 PM. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Disc

CHARLOTTESVILLE — On January 27th, 2013, around 4 PM, I was taking pictures of the sky when I saw moving up from behind house across the street a Silver UFO spinning left to right.

I turned on the Cam to Video and I taped 1:10 seconds before the UFO vanished from view.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Wyoming Photo

LANDER — I have a picture that my game camera took on
January 23, 2013, at 9:41 AM, that has an object in the sky that is very strange.

I also noticed in this picture there is something down on the ground that disappears just as the unidentified object does in the next photo.

I did not see the object in person.

Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Craft

CAIRNS — The craft in the photos were taken at Hollows Beach and Captain Cook Highway on February 2, 2013, just outside of town. I was taking pictures of an amazing sunset, and took a series of shots. When I viewed these on the computer, I then became aware of the craft in the photos. I also have three other shots showing the craft stationary over Glacier Rock, though at present I am having trouble locating them. I’m using an editing technique which washes out color and any solid background and leaves only metallic objects. I was able to scan all the shots and find craft in most of the photos.

GILES CORNER — I would like to report a definite confirmed sighting of a UFO on Thursday in March 2001, in South Australia between Giles Corner and Riverton.  It was around 8:45 PM, on the Giles Corner turnoff in the field running parallel to the road. It was a large brilliant white ball of light it was hovering 7-10 feet off the ground and was stationary at 300 to 400 feet wide and was just hovering on the spot. My window was open and there was no noise. I was extremely frightened and swerved to the other side of the road and drove off at high speed watching in the rear mirror to make sure it was not pursuing me.

There were three cars in front of me and one behind that witnessed the event. We all swerved violently to the opposite side of the road and drove off at high speed. I told my husband and he was most upset that he hadn’t seen it. Regards Ken + Margaret Higgins

Canada Triangle and Underwater UFO

ONTARIO – I was sleeping in my room when my mother came in and woke me up saying ‘Haley, come check out this UFO, there’s a UFO outside and we can see it’, so I rubbed my eyes got up and went into my Mother’s room, looked out the window and there it was. My Mother said ‘I believe it is because it was just on Fox 2 News’. It was really bright at first, then I went downstairs and woke my brother up and said ‘Jord wake up, come check out this UFO.’

We went back into my Mother’s room and the light had dimmed, but was still there and visible, and then disappeared, but two minutes later it reappeared. After that it disappeared for good. It looked like there were six orbs flashing colors, and the dots were in a triangular shape, and looked like a star.

LISE CHICOUTIMI, QUEBEC — I live in a co-op building near the Saguenay River and Rivière Langevin – the intersection of those two bodies of water. In November of 2012, I was on the hill behind our co-op with a neighbor. We had a full view of the river and the cliffs across from us. It was 6.30 PM, when we saw an underwater light coming from the east. It was quite near the surface but the object did not generate any waves or wakes.

The lights stopped right below the cliff where the water’s are quite deep at high tide. Once stationary, it swiveled two beams of light around its top, these two beams then formed a dome that we could easily see. It was really weird. This done, the UFO/USO seemed to come maybe 6 to8 feet from the surface and we saw its marquee lights. After lights started to flicker one after the other – faster and faster– until the image of what we were seeing started to mimic the cliff behind it, and disappeared. I have seen their strobe lights in the evenings on top of the hill coming out of the darkness, flying parallel to the hill and turning north towards the river.
NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ www.worldufophotos.org

Mexico Hovering Entity

MEXICO CITY — UFO Sightings Daily reports that in early morning hours on January 5, 2013 that an alien object or entity hovered over a Mexican neighborhood at 5:51 AM. This activity occurred on the outskirts of Mexico City just two days ago. A video was taken of the strange entity. Canadian National Newspaper

Russian Roswell

DALNEGORSK — The Travel Channel’s show “Mysteries at the Museum” will explore strange debris recovered in Dalnegorsk, a small mining town in Russia’s Far East.
According to the Travel Channel, their show Mysteries at the Museum will examine this “collection of debris that may have been from an alien space ship.
See all stories on this topic »Open Minds UFO News

Slovenia UFO Buzzes Nuclear Plant

KRŠKO — An unidentified flying object was caught on video hovering above a nuclear plant in a Slovenia report on January 28, 2013. The object is unique because of its unusual shape and the length of time it floated above the facility. The video, posted to YouTube, shows the object flying over what looks like an industrial area.

There’s no way to tell if the complex is a nuclear site, except for the commentary made by the witness on this article: “I was at my friend’s house and we caught these bright UFOs or some kind of lights. They were just hovering at one spot, right above nuclear power plant in Krško (Slovenija – Central Europe), which is the only nuclear plant in ex-Yugoslavia. It was very strange.
The city is in what is now the former republic of Yugoslavia. Thanks to Tom Rose http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981844082

UK/England Abductions

 HD34SD — I have been seeing UFOs, spirits, or whatever we are going to call them, from a child, but as I got older things seemed to step up a gear.  Since 2010, I have been abducted, seen these wonderful lights and mist beings, aliens, and orbs nearly every day. It does’nt matter how far I travel they always seem to be near me. I have started videoing some of the sightings and put them on U tube. My first encounter was in 2010, of the small iguana looking alien it gave me a bit of a shock too.

Then came the abduction by these very small thin arms and legs faceless alien beings. They had a sort of black shinny suit or skin, and they put on some form of mask over my face. Next I am looking at the earth from this craft that was not large, but it was like being inside of a bubble, with iridescent colors. I could see more of these little creatures standing behind me, but I was facing the front, yet I had all round vision. They showed me earth and I was blown away at the beauty of the planet. Then they showed me some sort of impact of a huge explosion. My heart sank, as one of the little beings put its hand up to my shoulder and said by telepathy that, “I would be alright, somehow.”

I knew it could pick up my feelings and I noticed his was three fingers with one being larger than the other two. Their face was like liquid material. Suddenly I am on my bed in the morning. I sat on the bed and not got into bed or undressed. I was stone cold and everything looked like time had stood still. I was very weak and confused and felt like I had a case of really bad jet lag. I tried to go to work, but my manageress sent me home. I was just too weak and my brain felt foggy. I told my husband what had happened and he said, “I am glad they want you and not me.”

Three days later a friend of ours who lives across from us called in and was having a cup of tea and chatting to my hubby when I heard him say, “The night my abduction, at midnight he came out of his gate and above my roof was a bright glowing light hovering above my roof, he got on his bike and rode has fast has he could frightened .after questing people from my village via Facebook 2, others had seen the same UFO thing above the house tops. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Zimbabwe, Africa Alien Encounter

HARARE — The Ariel School, a small elementary school outside Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, listening to Elsa describes her encounter with an “alien” being on September 16 1994. In all, sixty children, ages six through twelve, reported seeing one large and several smaller spaceships land or hover over the scrubby bush land adjoining their playground. The twelve children interviewed over the course of two days all described the same event with a steady consistency of detail. In addition to the spaceships, the children had seen two “strange beings,” one sitting on one of the spaceships and the other running back and forth in the grass, “bouncing as if he were on the moon, but not quite so much.  The beings were described as black with long heads, “eyes as big as rugby balls,” with thin arms and legs.

The event took place during the children’s morning recess while teachers were in a staff meeting. Many of the younger children were very scared and cried. “At first I thought it was a gardener,” one fourth-grader told us. “Then I realized it was an alien.” The event lasted about fifteen minutes, the children said, before the spaceships faded from view. But even in their state of fear, many of the children reported also being curious and fascinated by the strange beings they saw, whose eyes in particular commanded an intense attention. Elsa told us that she thought the beings wanted to tell us something about our future, about how “the world is going to end, maybe because we don’t look after our planet or the air.”

She said she felt horrible inside when she got home that day. “Like all the trees will go down and there will be no air. People will be dying. Those thoughts came from the man – the man’s eyes.”  Isabelle, a composed and articulate ten-year-old, echoed Elsa’s feelings. “He was just staring. He was scary. We were trying not to look at him ’cause he was scary. My eyes and feelings went with him.” What came through her “conscience” as she looked at the being was, “We are doing harm to the Earth.”  The Ariel School sighting is one of the most significant in recent UFO history. It is the first time such a large group of people have reported witnessing the simultaneous appearance of spaceships and alien beings. After receiving a call in September from a BBC reporter telling us that a flight of strange objects and ships had glided across Zimbabwean skies for two nights prior to September 16 culminating in the dramatic sighting at the Ariel School, we decided to investigate firsthand.
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