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Filer’s Files 50 2021 Moon’s City and Towers



Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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 Special reports are: Navy images of blinking triangular object real, Structures on the Moon,  Evict Tornadoes, Deadly Alliance of China and Russia, Strange Craft.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Croatia, , and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

 Special Projects

 US defense department says images of blinking triangular object in the sky and other UFOs were taken by navy personnel in 2019

F-18 and UAP

Furthering the growing interest in unidentified flying objects, or what the US government refers to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the Department of Defense confirmed on Thursday that recently leaked photos and videos of UFOs were legitimate and taken by navy personnel.

Sue Gough, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, confirmed to CNN that images and footage of a blinking triangular object in the sky, along with other UAPs that were categorized as a “sphere”, “acorn” and “metallic blimp”, were taken by navy personnel in 2019.

Gough told CNN that the defense department would not comment further on the nature of the footage or share any examinations into them.

“To maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries, DoD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examinations of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP,” Gough said in the statement.

UFO below plane’s wings

Last April, the Pentagon released three videos of UAPs taken in 2004 and 2015 that included audio of pilots amazed at the speed of the objects they were seeing. “Look at that thing, dude!” one pilot said. “It’s rotating!”

The release of the footage kicked off federal interest in investigating UAPs. In August, the defense department created a UAP taskforce following pressure from congressional lawmakers. In December, Congress passed its government funding bill that included a directive to the national intelligence director and defense secretary to release a report on UAPs in six months’ time.

Last month, Donald Trump’s former intelligence director John Ratcliffe teased the contents of the report, telling Fox News that the document would include unknown sightings from “all over the world”.

“Frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public,” Ratcliffe said.

The Moon’s City and Towers


The average person will be surprised to learn that there are huge structures on the Moon that appear to be quite old. The photographs certainly suggest an ancient, advanced civilization and an attempt to keep it secret by blacking out various photographs.

The Shards are an obvious structures which rises above the Moon’s surface by more than a mile.  Its overall irregular spindly shape (containing a regular geometric pattern) with constricted nodes and swollen internodes, if natural, has got to be a wonder of the Universe.  No known natural process can explain such a structure. Computer enhancement with about 190 feet (60 meters) resolution shows an irregular outline with more reflective and less reflective surfaces.  The amount of sunlight reflecting from parts of the Shard indicate a composition inconsistent with that of most natural substances.


Only crystal facets and glass can reflect that much light (polished metallic surfaces are unnatural).  Single crystals the size of city blocks is currently unknown.  I concur with Hoagland that the Shard may be a highly eroded remnant of some sort of artificial structure made of glass-like material.  Other larger structures and their reflectivity in the area support this theory.

The Lunar Orbiter photograph and the three sequential photographs (AS10-32-4854-56) taken from the Apollo spacecraft all show the “Tower” (and “Shard”) in the southwestern area of Sinus Medii mare from different angles and different perspectives.  The Surveyor 6 photograph shows anomalous geometric structures above the ground, like those associated with the tower extending to the north of the “Tower” for about a hundred miles.  The censored Apollo 10 photograph near Ukert crater shows anomalous geometric structures extending on the ground for tens of miles over an area the size of the Los Angeles.

of compelling evidence of ancient structural artifacts present on the Moon.

Aerial View of Shard

Confirmed through cross comparisons of overwhelming imaging evidence, from several separate NASA missions — with different photographic technologies, different lighting, and different viewing geometries — these studies now leave little doubt that this solar system has been host to some prior habitation by intelligence, and some within NASA have apparently known about and deliberately suppressed this robust evidence for more than fifty years.

Regarding possible motivations for this inexplicable behavior, additional documentary evidence was discovered by NASA Astronomer McDaniel. According to the Astronomer McDaniel, an early NASA study was commissioned from the Brookings Institution in 1959, that anticipates the possible future discovery of intelligently designed artifacts in the solar system by NASA probes. It considers “how might such information, under what circumstances, be presented to or withheld from the public, for what ends?”

The apparent reason given was the apprehension voiced within this Study that society itself might “disintegrate.” Everything in NASA’s behavior regarding the possibly artificial structures on Mars, and the Moon, indicates that NASA intends to follow for the indefinite future, the policy of withholding information outlined in the Brookings Institution Report.

Close up view of top of Shard

 Orientation of this photograph 45 degrees to south of Apollo 10 photographs and Surveyor 6, November 1967, show Sinus Medii with the Shard.

All of these unnatural structures appear to have sustained varying degrees of damage from meteorite and micrometeorite impact. Small impact craters (1-2 miles), exist within the anomalous area near Ukert, and clearly post-date the anomalies. Recognition of such damage is important in understanding and interpreting the nature and time sequence in the origin of these structures.   Apollo 16, June 1972   NASA photograph AS16-121-19438, looking northwest from above the eastern edge of Mare Crisium and across Mare Tranquilitatus from 70 miles altitude.

THE SHARD on Far Side of Moon

Shard on Far side of Moon

What has lunar scientists most excited by the object is its shape, which stands out from most other rocks on the Moon.

“It seems to have a shard-like shape and is sticking out of the ground,” Dan Moriarty, a NASA postdoctoral program fellow at the Goddard Space Flight Center, told “That’s definitely unusual.”

Ukert Crater

UKERT   Sprawling Structures    

Ukert is a crater-like feature that displays a circumscribed equilateral triangle at full Moon in its center. This triangle is not natural, because the sides of the “crater” are much brighter only opposite the sides of this triangle. The r angles of the triangle intersect the darkest three areas of the “crater” rim, while the brightest three areas of the rim are opposite the sides of the triangle.  In addition, the brightest parts of the rim are midway between the apices of the triangle and are at 120 degrees orientation from one another.  If a line is drawn from the centers of each bright area across the triangle to the opposing angle, the lines will exactly bisect each angle.  Such regular geometry is not a natural feature of any terrain, either on Earth or on the Moon.  Furthermore, the symbolism of an equilateral triangle within a circle is a two-dimensional representation of a tetrahedral pyramid within a sphere. Tetrahedral geometry is hypothesized to be the primary message encoded in the geometry of the Cydonia complex on Mars (Hoagland, 1992; McDaniel, 1993).

THE TOWER       

THE TOWER        The Tower represents an enigma of   the highest magnitude, because it rises more than 2.85 miles above the surface of the Moon, and has been photographed from five different angles and two different altitudes (from 30 miles altitude, and from 70 miles altitude at three different distances).  In all four photographs the same structure is visible and can be viewed from two different sides.  The Tower exists in front of and to the left of the Shard in the Lunar Orbiter III-84M photograph.  The distance from the Tower and the camera is estimated at about 200 miles, while the distance of the Shard beyond the Tower is estimated at about 230 miles.  The top of the Tower has a very ordered cubic geometry and appears to be composed of regular cubes (similar in size) joined together to form a very large cube with an estimated width of over one mile!  There is apparent damage to the outline and surface of this megacube, because many cubic spaces or indentations occur over its surface (these spaces are 50-60 times larger than pixel size, and their shapes are not controlled by the rectangular shape of the pixel). A narrow columnar structure connects this cube with the surface of the Moon.  The columnar support is at least three miles tall, and tapers towards its base.  The taper may be in part due to perspective, if the Tower is oriented at an angle and is leaning towards the camera.  The leaning Tower may be part of a larger more transparent structure, which is also inclined. Surrounding the Tower are faint indications of additional light- reflective material.

The amount of light coming from this material is very small compared with the amount of light reflected off the lunar surface.  In order to make it visible, the surface of the Moon has to be over-exposed on the photograph. The pattern that becomes visible above the Moon’s surface is not caused by the scan lines that make up the Lunar Orbiter photography.

The regular cubic and/or rectangular nature of this pattern, and indications of radiating structures that connect the Tower with the surface indicate that material of low light reflectivity exists above the Moon’s surface over a large area measured in hundreds of miles.

 The Castle

 This photo of the “castle” tower is absolutely bizarre.

Judging from the lighting in the craters on the lower left corner it is apparent the sun coming from the upper right side of the photo. If you look at the immense unlit area in the right half of the photo, it begs the question, “where is the sunlight on the surface.” The logical conclusion is that something above the surface is blocking the sun. It is in this area we find the “castle” tower. Close scrutiny by legitimate scientists places the “castle” some 9 miles above the surface of the moon.


Part of City Complex may be more like initial city image.

Photograph AS10-32-4822 in NASA catalog SP-232 is blacked out, along with several other photographs.  When it was ordered, the image was of high quality, contrary to what was implied by it being blacked out in the catalog.  Instead of a poor photograph, the image shows features near Ukert crater that defy conventional explanation.  A linear dome-shaped hill runs diagonally across the photograph.  To the north of that hill a large area exists with regularly aligned rows of structure.  Within this anomalous area more than a dozen small craters can be seen that modify the landscape.  From a distance the regular rows appear like benches.

On the Moon there have been no physical processes that can account for such a regular geologic structure.  Upon magnification some of the rectangular structures take on a form like buildings and skyscrapers.  Resolution at high magnification (for the image I saw) is not good enough to resolve more than the outlines of possible buildings.  The whole area resembles what one might expect for a city the size of Los Angeles that had been abandoned and left to decay for centuries.

“Los Angeles”(NASA image AS10-32-4822)

NASA deliberately concealed this picture in the catalog because of its content, and that this area may contain one of several city complexes that were built under an enormous glass dome within Sinus Medii. The sheer implications of such massive structures on the Moon, if verified by an open and honest visit by astronauts to the Moon, would cause Man to rethink many ideas and question many beliefs about other intelligent life in the Universe.

Artists drawing of possible city on the Moon

Clearly, such structures are well beyond our current technologies, and rank with the Pyramids and Sphinx on Earth, and with the Cydonia complex and its humanoid face on Mars, as major mysteries of our Solar System.


Further evidence for such massive constructs on the Moon can be found in Mare Crisium. 

(NASA photograph AS16-121-19438) has a strange set of large, concentric, circular light patterns within the mare. To one side an enormous spire or tower rises from the surface within the perimeter of these light circles. Magnification of the area around this spire shows cubic patterns like those around the Tower in Sinus Medii.  Numerous holes of varying size can be detected within this cubic pattern, probably caused by meteorites. Around the edges of these holes, I can see layers of light-reflecting cubic glass-like material and suggestions of strands of rebar support. Below this cover on the ground there is more structure, which can be detected under some of the holes. There is an unusual interference pattern below the cubic pattern as well.

Huge glass Domes over Mare Crisium

None of these patterns can be explained as normal or natural.  I interpret the major cubic pattern as reflections off rebar and micrometeorite-frosted glass of the dome that covers most of Mare Crisium.  I interpret the pattern below the dome as possibly caused by artificial structures on the surface of the Moon, such as the city-like construct near Ukert, and the concentric circles of light over the surface of Mare Crisium as light reflection and refraction through the remaining portions of the glass dome.

Artists concept of Dome over Mare Crisium

Triangle on Moon

Triangle UFO Found Crashed on Far Side of Earth’s Moon, Jan 6, 2014, NASA Source, UFO Sighting News.

This triangle ship was found in Ryder Crater, on the far side of the moon. It was found by Streetcap1 of YouTube who is on a constant watch for new evidence of aliens. Its detail and shape are clear indication that this was a triangular shaped craft. At the ends of the corners, the ends are turned upward which shows that this was a craft that flew both in space and in atmospheres of planets. Also, the top center is raised up. I wonder who will get to this alien tech first. The tech inside must be the stuff of dreams. SCW.
NASA Source photo: is colored

L Shaped Structure

L Structure on Far Side of Moon

Tame Tornadoes

Lucas Aulbach, Louisville Courier Journal

Sat, December 11, 2021

  • Arkansas Nursing Home Disaster hit by Tornado

The storm originated in Arkansas destroying a Nursing Home, according to Kentucky Division of Emergency Management director Michael Dossett, and touched down in Missouri and Tennessee before making its way into the Bluegrass State, where it ripped through the western half of the state before finally weakening in central Kentucky.

At least several people were killed in the Monette Manor Nursing Home in Arkansas. A swarm of tornadoes tore a 200-mile path through the U.S. Midwest and South, demolishing homes, levelling Mayfield, Kentucky Candle Factory  when its roof clasped.

Mayfield Candle Factory

A swarm of tornadoes tore a 200-mile path through the U.S. Midwest and South, demolishing homes, leveling  buildings. The death toll from tornadoes and severe storms that hit several states Friday and early Saturday was at least 70, with Kentucky the hardest hit. 

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said earlier Saturday the death toll “could end up exceeding 100 before the day is done.”A candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, collapsed with 110 people inside. Only 40 people had been rescued from the rubble as of Saturday afternoon, the governor said. 


that number could climb higher to between 70 and 100 casualties.

Wintertime weather is driven largely by the parade of upper-level weather systems carried rapidly eastward by the high level winds known as the jet stream. The jet stream is a ribbon of high-speed wind (located at nearly 6 miles above the surface) that is related to the strength, and location, of the pole-to-equator temperature contrast. There is evidence that China may be controlling the Jet stream, that brought the worst tornadoes to the Mid-west.This apparently was the largest reaching 155 mph for 120 to 200 miles on the ground.

 It is my opinion that many of these tornadoes can be decreased or stopped by airborne aircraft or rockets seeding the clouds. Hurricanes and tornados are both dependent on super cell cloud formation although hurricanes and waterspouts develop over the ocean and tornadoes develop over the land.
Tornadoes and severe weather were blamed for several deaths and injuries across parts of the Midwest and the South as a storm system caused significant damage at a candle factory in Kentucky, an Amazon facility in Illinois, a nursing home in Arkansas, and numerous homes and buildings.

Many people were feared dead at the factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, where Gov. Andy Beshear called the situation “tragic” at a news conference Saturday morning.

Stop Tornadoes with Weather Modification


The National Weather Service indicates there has been 1336 tornadoes as of October 11, 2021, so far this year, killing seventy people and causing twenty-five billion dollars destroying thousands of homes and schools. More than 18,000 people died in tornadoes in the U.S. from 1875 to 2000. It is my opinion that the government has the aircraft and facilities to curtail this slaughter.

A United Nations Treaty exists which pledges all member states to refrain from using Weather Control as a lethal weapon upon other states! The existence of this recorded law — this U.N. Treaty — proves the existence of the reality of Weather Warfare or weather modification! We now believe that American and Chinese, Russian scientists can and do control our weather. The lack of rain on the West Coast appears to be created by Chinese weather Control with their six HARP Facilities.

China launched the world’s largest weather-control machine, with the ability to modify the weather in an area similar to the size of Alaska in 2018 and nuclear capable hypersonic world circling missile ahead of US capability to defeat.

In tests, Surplus Harvard T-6 aircraft

were fitted with racks under each wing containing thirty-two railroad fuses that were impregnated with silver iodide were ignited individually or all at once, depending upon the threat. In coordination with ground units, the aircraft would lay a plume of silver iodide in front of CBs) with noticeable effect. Large, active CBs were reduced to nothing. Heavy hailstorms were reduced in intensity. This effect can be repeated in reducing the threat of tornados and floods in approaching cumulonimbus clouds.

C-130s Rain Makers

 The National Severe Storms Laboratory NSSL Site Information –   NOAA’s reports, “The most destructive and deadly tornadoes occur from super cells, which are rotating thunderstorms with a well-defined radar circulation called a mesocyclone. (Super cells can also produce damaging hail, severe non-tornadic winds, unusually frequent lightning, and flash floods.)

Radar readout of the May 20, tornado

The actual tornado early in its track is located in the southern reddest hook near the bottom of the image.

Recent theories and results from the VORTEX 2 program suggest that once a mesocyclone is underway, tornado development is related to the temperature differences across the edge of downdraft air wrapping around the mesocyclone.

Storm spotters look for low bands of ragged bands of low cumulus clouds extending from the main storm tower usually to the southeast or south. The presence of inflow bands suggests that the storm is gathering low-level air from several miles away. If the inflow bands have a spiraling nature to them, it suggests the presence of rotation.

The beaver’s tail is a smooth, flat cloud band extending from the eastern edge of the rain-free base to the east or northeast. It usually skirts around the southern edge of the precipitation area. It also suggests the presence of rotation. (Possible attack point)
A wall cloud is an isolated cloud lowering attached to the rain-free base of the thunderstorm. The wall cloud is usually to the rear of the visible precipitation area. A wall cloud that may produce a tornado usually exists for 10–20 minutes before a tornado appears. A wall cloud may also persistently rotate (often visibly), have strong surface winds flowing into it, and may have rapid vertical motion indicated by small cloud elements quickly rising into the rain-free base. (Possible attack point)

As the storm intensifies, the updraft draws in low-level air from several miles around. Some low-level air is pulled into the updraft from the rain area. This rain-cooled air is very humid; the moisture in the rain-cooled air quickly condenses below the rain-free base to form the wall cloud. (Possible attack point)

The rear flank downdraft (RFD) is a downward rush of air on the backside of the storm that descends along with the tornado. The RFD looks like a “clear slot” or “bright slot” just to the rear (southwest) of the wall cloud. It can also look like curtains of rain wrapping around the cloud base circulation. The RFD causes gusty surface winds that occasionally have embedded downbursts. The rear flank downdraft is the motion in the storm that causes the hook echo feature on radar. (Possible attack point)


Shows upward flow of hot air that should be cooled to stop tornado

A condensation funnel is made up of water droplets and extends downward from the base of the thunderstorm. If it is in contact with the ground it is a tornado; otherwise, it is a funnel cloud. Dust and debris beneath the condensation funnel confirm a tornado’s presence. (Possible attack point)
Coordination between radar, ground observers, and airborne aircraft equipped with suitable chemicals such as dry ice have the potential to disrupt the tornados, excellent comprehensive list of questions and answers about tornadoes can be found here: Website

NSSL is working to simulate storms that produce tornadoes in computer models to better understand how they form and behave. The Air Force could gain tremendous support from the American people if they could calm Tornadoes and flooding.

C-5 Aircraft

A C-5 Galaxy aircraft can carry a standard: payload of 240,000 pounds of dry ice or chemicals that could seriously affect a mesocyclone. Maximum payload capacity of the C-17 is 170,900 pounds with a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. Active or National Guard or Reserve aircraft could be fitted to drop the chemicals.

Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard fly 243 KC-135 tanker aircraft in support of AMC’s mission. Maximum Transfer Fuel Load: 200,000 pounds (90,719 kilograms) Maximum Cargo Capability: 83,000 pounds (37,648 kilograms), 37 passengers.

UAV or Remote piloted aircraft may be ideal stationed at Eglin Air Force Base Florida and Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Dyess Air Force Base, Texas would also be a good location. By cross-referencing desired attack times with wind and thunderstorm forecasts from weather satellites, we can predict tornadoes and tame them before they cause major damage. A central weather control would generate mission profiles for each aircraft. Using near-real-time information from a networked sensor array, and spraying the key clouds, much of the damage and loss of life could be prevented. Thanks to NSSL.

Russia and China together are much stronger than the US.


Russia and China have hailed a growing strategic partnership they say exceeds even those forged by competing powers during the Cold War. Apparently, there is even closer ties between Moscow and Beijing then the U.S.-led NATO Western military alliance.

In August, Moscow and Beijing took part in joint war games and signed a so-called “brotherhood” pact “establishing twinning relations.”

On the implications for Europe and Britain, “It’s terrifying for the UK because they are significantly closer to the Russian border.

 Putin publicly confirmed that Russia was assisting China in creating an advanced early warning system that should alert the Beijing leadership to missile launches that might be directed at China.

The two countries agreed during a video call to increase the cooperation between their armed forces when it came to strategic exercises and joint patrols, according to Russia’s defense ministry.

“If Russia and China end up working together – they will want to put America down a few pegs.

The Biden administration reputation has been severely tarnished by what happened in Afghanistan and this has led to a lot of people questioning the credibility and reliability of the US when it comes to military interventions and activities abroad.

  • Aug 19, 2021 · British members of Parliament railed against President Joe Biden on Wednesday, lamenting his chaotic and dishonorable withdrawal from Afghanistan. Unpresented UK Parliament holds Biden in contempt.

    America would have difficulty fighting Russia and China by itself.  It would need help from other countries like the UK who is disgusted with Biden.


Red areas show Russian and Chinese control of much of the world.

 Due to the surprising weakness in Washington D.C., Russia and China apparently will now support each other in times of war and with their economies. Putin seeing Biden’s weakness has massed forces around the Ukraine Border while China daily patrolling with ships and planes in the seas around Taiwan. The chance for a serious shooting war has grown greatly since the US defeat in Afghanistan. Russia and China joining forces could “potentially  be catastrophic” for Western powers.

China is growing stronger daily and is conducting bio-warfare, fires and various forms of weather manipulation against the U.S.  Two million  illegal immigrants have entered the country bringing in large amounts of drugs killing a 100,000 Americans

 Russia’s defense ministry said. “Europe is going to get caught up in the mess and they feel Biden can’t be trusted to stay in any fight.

 Strategic analyst General Jack Keane (Ret.) discusses the Biden phone call with Putin as a failure as tension between Russia and Ukraine escalate and China seeks to build a military base on Africa in Atlantic Ocean port, on the coast of the small African nation of Equatorial Guinea.

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin

On June 16, 2021 · Putin arrived in Geneva first, accompanied by foreign ministers and a translator while Biden had a large contingent. Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged stronger and likely felt he had the upper hand in the news conferences.

Putin denied responsibility for any cyber-attacks on the U.S. or for anything else. Thanks to ABC News

 Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin during a video call Tuesday – on December 8, 2021, that Russia will face sanctions if it invades neighboring Ukraine.

  Biden seeks a diplomatic solution to deal with the hundreds of thousands of Russian troops massed near the Ukraine border is unlikely to work. Biden’s message did not impress Putin who ordered 28,000 Russian troops to move closer to the border. Putin remembers Obama/Biden did nothing to stop Putin from taking over Crimea. It will likely take a combined strong NATO response to deter the attack. 

Putin has numerous important reasons to invade Ukraine such as he wants a clear southern route to reach his important Sevastopol Naval Base on the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.


Russia set to invade Ukraine on ten fronts

Putin may open the attack any day before NATO’s Parliaments can discuss what they might do. Daily shooting between both sides is already going on.  It’s important to mention that even with 175,000 -200,000 Russian troops in the latest estimate, invading Ukraine it won’t be an easy affair for the Russians,” “Ukraine has 250,000 troops, most battle-hardened by 7 years of conflict in eastern Ukraine. U.S. and NATO training and supplies of arms by Trump has made the Ukrainian military more effective and lethal.” Obama/Biden gave no weapons to Ukraine, but Trump provided some advanced

” China is on its way up in the world while the Biden gave up its lead on oil and gas production and must beg the Middle East to send more at double the cost. Numerous American companies are dependent on China to provide most of their goods, phones, TVs and medicine. It’s not only a massive economy – but they also have great economic power.

NATO countries may not respond to Biden after the U.S. pulled out of Afghanistan without warning leaving their forces unprotected. America would not be able to fight Russia and China by itself and NATO doesn’t trust Biden to stay in any fight.

Earlier this month, Russia warned relations with the West are “almost at boiling point”.

With NATO and Russian forces playing cat and mouse games, Putin said he would “simply destroy” any country that encroached on his country’s territory. Russia has sent nuclear bombers over Belarus and Poland whose troops are massed along their joint border over illegal immigrants.

 NATO is having tensions surge over migrants between the Poland-Belarus border.

Satellites show ‘Russia massing tanks, armored vehicles and troops’ on Ukraine border as Putin ‘readies to invade’.

President Joe Biden

 Thanks to Biden quick Afghanistan pull out leaving hundreds of Americans , Putin holds all the leverage since Biden approved the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline while stopping the Canadian Pipeline into the U.S. and cutting off drilling in Government lands.

 Russia could invade Ukraine at any time y with a massive assault across ten fronts, intelligence chiefs have warned. Since Russia already captured Crimea n 2014., under the Obama/Biden Administration and nothing was done to stop it, Putin  assumes he can get away with continuing his land grab without the U.S. doing anything significant.

President Biden needs to use leadership in getting NATO to declare they’ll fight for Ukraine if they expect to persuade Putin not to attack.

 President Biden said Wednesday December 8, 2021, that putting additional U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine is “not on the table” a day after warning Russian President Vladimir Putin in a video call that he will face severe economic sanctions if he mounts an invasion. The problem is that Russia has various sanctions for years, and this threat from the US is not very convincing and shows weakness.


Vladimir Putin

Unless NATO provides a strong response, we can expect a Russian invasion or at least strong attacks along the border at any time. Obama sent blankets and medical supplies when Russia took Crimea.

 The decline in American prestige worldwide during the last year is alarming and Parliaments of several countries strongly creolized the Biden Administration for pulling out U.S. airpower to support the Afghan Arm and surrendering so quickly without notifying the NATO allies. I’ll be surprised if they agree to fight for Ukraine, because our weakness will only embolden Putin.


Javelin anti-tank missiles

 Trump sent Ukraine Javelin anti-tank missiles sniper rifles, and rocket launchers to Ukraine, which could  strongly help Ukraine defend itself. Kiev. The Russians have used tanks effectively to take large Eastern sections of Ukrainian territory and kill Ukrainians and will likely launch massive tank attacks supported by air power.

Russian President is openly mocking the Biden for his own amusement, and he feels God is on his side”.” Putin challenged President Biden to an on-air conversation to discuss Biden’s latest warning but apparently Biden refused.

“Why would Vladimir Putin immediately call for a debate with Joe Biden with no time to prepare? Biden looks extremely weak, frail, often confused, and he is struggling cognitively. “Our world has many evil actors, many hostile regimes like Putin’s Russia, mullahs in Iran, President Xi in China, and North Korea and Kim Jong Un.  They study Joe Biden and watch him closely every day. Biden is struggling to answer simple questions and is often cut off by his staff, that’s not good for the U.S. and probably the free world?

The maneuvers have stoked fear that Russia could attempt a takeover like its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Russian troops have backed separatist forces on Ukraine’s border for years, though the Kremlin has long denied direct involvement in that conflict.

  • Putin said last week that Russia would consider any effort by the U.S. or its allies to place weapons systems in Ukraine as a “red line” that would result in retaliation. 

The Biden administration is said to be considering several options, including blocking Russia from the SWIFT international banking system. Russia and China would likely form their own banking system r that could cause the collapse of the US. Dollar that as inflated at a real t 15% so far this year.

 I think Biden is going to need to have a military component in there, to change Putin’s mind.”

On December 11. 2021, the Group of Seven (G7)  governments consisting of Canada, France,  Germany, Italy Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States issued a warning to Russia not to attack the Ukraine.

Strange Craft

 The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs


U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at airfields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings.  Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer.

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

 Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book.  As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.

 Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book, by John L. Guerra.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Arizona Light

Phoenix– on November 30, 2021, was outside when I saw a zig zag star at 5:01 AM near Aurigas and Taurus. I saw at quick flash downward. This was strange e and looking up on the south sky at the stars and I saw an airplane. moving pretty fast turning west. I was following the plane, but mainly focused beyond looking at the stars.

The light flew down and maneuvered. The light was a bit brighter than the stars and bigger than the biggest star. Thanks to Will Pucket/

California Object

Ranch Mirage – on December 2, 2021, seemed to be composed of 4-5several lights and moved fairly slowly, north to “dissolve.” It was 30,000 feet four times bigger than airliner.

Florida Lights

Big Coppitt – on November 25, 2021, my friend and I were on stairs to her house and noticed a roundish orange/yellow object with no tail. I live on the space coast and have seen hundreds of rocket launches.

Kentucky Lights

Jackson – on December 7, 2021, could see the craft was triangular, but the video doesn’t pick that up and the front light doesn’t show up. Have seen this before, but never captured video until now

Maine Light

Augusta – on November 10, 2021, upon looking up at 4:10PM, in parking lot, saw dark needle-like large object headed north emitting a light contrail. Observed for5 minutes and took two photos at 4:19PM, for 15 minutes then lost it.

Nevada Light

Las Vegas – on December 7, 2021, I was starting my work when I noticed a small dark object hovering in the western sky and videoed with my iPhone 8S. It had no wings, didn’t look like any known aircraft. My job is across the street from Nellis AFB.

New Jersey Lights

Beachwood – on December 4, 2021, saw two objects flying next to each other over the Parkway. We got off the exit and one disappeared. We followed one to the Beachwood School where it made a 180 turn. White light changed to a flashing red light and then disappeared. Later, I videoed four flashing red lights on each corner of a rectangular object.

Pennsylvania Object

Philadelphia – on November 14, 2021, my husband and I observed two segment vertically stacked object hover in the sky. It moves forward, hovered, then forward for ten minutes at 3:34pm, lost it.

Texas Object

San Angelo on October 16, 2021, f fishing at Lake Newsworthy, 5 transport planes heading north from airport. Took pictures and C-130 made 180-degree evasive move with Tic-tac with halo around center. Note: May be another plane at higher altitude.

 Wisconsin Lights


Green Bay – December 3, 2021, A woman was driving in downtown Green Bay, WI. It was a very foggy night and visibility was poor. She saw five blue-purple lights moving in different directions that merged into one light. She then saw 3 oval lights and green lights swirling rapidly for 45 minutes.

Note: The three above photos have been sequenced in ascending chronological order from top to bottom. The third photo was taken over 40 minutes after the first photo. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Wyoming Light

Green River – on December 1, 2021, I was taking several photos of the sunset. Later, looking at one photo upon zooming in, it was 3 lights around a circular shaped craft.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

 Australia Light

Adelaide – on December 1, 2021, photographed Qantas jet and an unknown object.

Croatia Light

Podravske Sesvete — on February 10, 202, glowing orb that would appear and hover a bit then change direction and disappear and then appear again few times in a row. Seen it few times this year at the same time of day. Every time it would hover, then quickly change direction disappear and appear few times in a row.

UK/England  Object

Manchester – on November 27, 2021, triangle craft no sound 3 lights. not a plane.

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