Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 10, 2020 Moon and Mars Structures



Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Dark side of the moon, The Discovery of Water and Life on Mars, The 4000 year old Beauty of Loulan of China, History Channel- UFO Aluminum and before 1890, Israel’s New Laser Weapon, Asteroid, and Carbon 60.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Oregon, Texas and Washington Vermont.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Eire, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

Dark side of the Moon

 Dr. John Brandenburg the Deputy Manager of the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was part of a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and NASA claims there are alien bases on the Moon. The mission discovered water at the Moon’s poles in 1994.

 It was (the Clementine Mission) a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn’t know about or were expanding them?  He then went on to state that:  Of all the pictures I’ve seen from the Moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a miles wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there. As somebody in the space defense community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn’t ours, there’s no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there. 

Fred Steckling offers compelling photos of an entirely different lunar environment and even pictures of UFO’s on the moon. Now, decades after we allegedly visited there, there are NASA photos which partly corroborate what he said. The pictures show green blotchy areas inside meteor craters… hmm, what could that be? And especially interesting are the pictures of “tracks” on the moon, which clearly seem to be artificially produced– possibly some sort of mining operation by the aliens. It has a light atmosphere. It has plenty of water. It has a mild magnetic field. We were told none of this for years. Why? What were they hiding or are they truly incompetent scientists? More such facts revealed about other planets. Many photographs included with fascinating revelations. Further, there are countless photos of domes and other strange complex on the lunar surface. Thus, the evidence is in the photos, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not you believe in them. Every serious UFO researcher should own this book. 

The Discovery of Water and Life on Mars


Mars Engine or Crashed UFO

Dan Travers writes, “After I came to the Discovery of Life on Mars website, I then scrolled down to this landscape photo on Mars.

 As you know, we have a couple of small robots exploring a tiny bit of the Red Planet.  Appropriately enough, these devices are called Mars Rovers and, since they were constructed from off the shelf parts wherever possible, instead of the custom built parts NASA usually wastes tax dollars on, they are still running several months after their projected useful life.


Mermaid Like creature
The below picture was taken by one of them.  Predictably, NASA claims it’s nothing but an unusual rock formation which, of course, it could well be.  However, there is another source of pictures of Mars, that being several satellites NASA and Russia managed to put into orbit.  So, ignoring my own prejudices, it seems reasonable to look at some other unusual features that NASA has also claimed are only strange rock formations or tricks of lighting, before we discuss the apparent Martian in the above picture.

Because of the Creature, I often looked at this photo and I decided to zoom in on the mountain in the distance just out of curiosity.

                                                    Zooming in it appears to be a lake.                                 You can see that it seems to be lower than the surrounding landscape in which is indicative of land around water. I increased the brightness and contrast to bring out any detail. There are ripples in the water as to indicate wind is hitting on its surface.
Nine days later, I found an even “larger resolution” and at closer range, it is more of a “Hill”, than a mountain. Also, it’s more of a “Pond”, rather than a lake. On the website that says “The Discovery of Life on Mars” under the INTRODUCTION area, is written and underlined: photograph by NASA-JPL was PIA10214.
 It takes a while to down load the photo. It is about little over two and a half times larger than the other one. The other one is 5,000 by 1,367 Pixels and this one is 12,756 by 3,487. The photo of the immediate landscape shows the hill, the pond and a small portion of the sky. On this page, because this is the original color and it’s at a distance and therefore, had to zoom in, is a bit dark. In my personal binder book, it is in two sections because; it is a little larger than the enhanced previous one of brightness and contrast change.

Over time, NASA has continued to dismiss that there is liquid water on Mars. I wonder what their excuse will be about this one. There have been apparently other people that have found liquid water on Mars, however to my knowledge, no response for these people from NASA. I just happen to “so far to my knowledge”, be the first one to find it in this area by “ZOOMING IN”.

Face Libya Montes Region of Mars

Thanks to Dan Travers of Montrose, New York, MUFON UFO Researcher and Amateur Astronomer

Was Noah’s Ark a Martian Spaceship?


Oct 14, 2012 · In the early 60s Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s wrote The Sky People, a book that suggested (among other things) that Noah’s Ark was a spaceship – “that instead of Noah being an ancient Israelite, he was a great leader on Mars and the Ark was a giant spaceship intended to carry a surviving remnant to Earth”. The gravity on Mars is less than half of Earth’s and a is relatively easy to launch a space ship to Earth. Insiders at NASA told me there is life on Mars.

The Five Human Colonies

Susan Signal writes There are 5 or more areas on planet with holes and stones in them in a very regular pattern, suggesting that they are some type of map or algorithms indicating a genome or genetic layout of a given race. I’m thinking-based on my own experiences-that they’re markers of at least five human colonies that were supplanted here by aliens. They’re too regular and archaeologists can’t find any known uses for them, ranging from tombs, treasure hunting/burial, mining and food storage to name a few. They even proposed insect or animal activities which were also ruled out. But no one that I know of has come up with my idea.

 The experiences that I refer to deal a lot with various colony ships and other planets. One such scene was who was in my 20’s of a planet similar to earth in the fifth dimension that had humans on it along with wild life. The wild life was average size of lions, tigers and smaller animals. There were animals the same size but totally different-like a cross between an opossum and a peacock (in color) another was a house cat. The animals were extremely aggressive and the humans were extremely docile and peaceful. A lot of the humans were constantly attacked. So, ‘we’ along with our alien alliances took a large group of these humans and actually placed them here on this planet-to see how their planetary identity or nature would adapt with this planets identity. Every being has both a planetary and universal identity matrix. The end result is a bio matrix that has to be compatible way soul matrix in order for that incarnation reanimation to take place. The planetary identity dictates the nature of a given race of sentient intelligent beings and the universal identity determines its spirituality-which includes its multi-D interface (perception) if itself with creation.  Well it worked except apparently not a lot of them are left.

 Hope this sheds light on the mystery-from an alien vantage point. We do incarnate here to do missions work

 The 4000 year old Beauty of Loulan of China

Loulan was discovered in 1980, but it was 3800 years ago that she died in China on the trade route known as the Silk Road.  The natural dryness and salty soil preserved her and over two hundred other mummies, who had lived in settlements along the trade route. The mummy has been called the Loulan Beauty because of her amazingly preserved stately facial features that have remained quite beautiful even in death.

The Chinese government has been reluctant to allow full access to the mummies because of their Caucasian identity. The Tarim mummies look more European than Asian and may be descendants of the original inhabitants of the area, possibly alien, and not later arrivals, as Chinese history claims.

Victor Mair, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, was instrumental in getting access to these mummies’ genetic samples in 1993. Their findings revealed that the mummies are indeed European but they probably migrated from the Siberian region. Mainstream historians have always had the concept that early people were not world travelers when in fact most evidence points to just the opposite. Loulan’s people are clearly of Caucasian descent and their grave goods suggest that they were probably merchants of textiles.

The settlements along the Silk Road might very well have been meeting points where merchants from the west traded their goods for goods from the east. Pliny the Elder described the traders from this area as tall with flaxen hair and blue eyes.  Loulan herself lived to be about 40 to 45. One of the mummies, the Yingpan Man, was six feet six inches tall and wore a red tunic with gold embroidery. He also wore a gold foil burial mask.

She probably died from lung disease and was buried in well-made woven clothing. Some of the mummies are actually wearing plaid patterned loomed cloth. Many of the mummies are tattooed like modern tattooing and one female has crescent moons and ovals tattooed on her face. A male mummy known as the Chrechen Man has sun tattoos on his temples, although the tattoos could represent UFOs.  It is known that the ancient people rode horses, used chariots and had at least some medical knowledge.

The Chinese government did allow further testing in 2007 and 2009 and the findings supported the Siberian connection as well as suggesting the mixing of people from Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, Europe and other unknown sources.  Thanks to Moose. Note: I suggest the unknown sources were extraterrestrial.


Almost 200 pyramids ten thousand years old are found in China near other Caucasian blonds and red heads.

 Everything you can imagine we already know how to do, but these technologies are so locked up in black projects it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity – Ben Rich, Former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

We are on the trail of a mystery here. And while we may never hope to fathom the plans of the Creator we should be able to

Star Trek Shuttle Craft

 Transmutation of any element or molecule was tried by the Alchemists of old. Star Trek has taken this idea and extended the vision into the future. Replicator technology would be nice, but how does one manufacture in quantity and especially without emissions that cannot be detected by triangulation, a magnetometer or other methods.

Artificial atomic conversion may not be enough; artificial elementary particle conversion would be required. Theoretically, replicators can convert energy-to-matter and matter-to-energy working down to the subatomic level aka elementary particle table. If one knew what is inside the electron, proton and neutron in detail, then supplementary particles would be of use.

Energy to Matter conversion – Requires a continuous source of energy with low power conversion. Source to converter.

Matter Conversion

Matter to Energy conversion – Energy for disassembly to the atomic level. Transmutation to get the right isotopes for storage.

On a road trip, pack the Station Wagon or SUV to bring all the food, materials and fuel to get you to the next gas station; oxygen is free and carbon dioxide is dispersed. On a space trip, a tremendous amount of supplies is required to be onboard including oxygen and CO2 recycler. Now, NASA has for over 50 years figured out how to recycle a number of gases and liquids, but not solids. CO2 is recycled. Water is recycled after most uses. So NASA has reached the first level 3D printing technology is a precursor to Replicator tech. So here is draft summary of how the technology will progress

  1. Recycle – Air, water; NASA and others already do this.
  2. 3D print technology (material addition)
  3. Jelly Cube production on demand – edible but barely presentable; think gummy bears.
  4. Partial Protein resequencer – food and medical supplies. Note: There are over 2,000 proteins in human bodies
  5. Bio-matter resequencer – Recycles food for fertilizer in the hydroponic greenhouse. Some sequences are tough, inefficient or expensive to perform.6. Food Synthesizer – Looks, smells, tastes.
  6. Objects such as an empty cup
  7. Complex Objects –
  8. Replicator of tools
  9. Exocomp – AI repair drone; problem solver, investigator and tool replication for repair; portable and floats in air

Note in 2016 NASA held a competition to make replicators real


References: Star Trek Next Generation: Technical Manual

 Steve Tobias is  Collecting NASA photos from the Shuttle Missions.

He writes, “Almost every photo in the NASA archives has UFOs in it, almost everyone but not all…. A close up example is from STS 47 mission flown by Endeavor with a photo taken September 12, 1992. I am working on the analysis based on the evidence I uncovered from viewing NASA video feeds that were recorded and released through the thoughtful, generous people who used to share freely what they had on video. UFO formations regularly follow the NASA expeditions in space it seems.

One of the world’s leading experts in UFO’s Jaime Maussan in Mexico who provided this disc on November 25, 2016

Jaime Maussan brought unbelievable UFO videos from Mexico indicating the aliens have a serious interest in volcanoes.  Some craft appear to enter and exit the volcanoes suggesting they are repairing or attempting to help in some way such as avoiding a major explosion.

I was told they are preventing the Earth form cracking open like an egg. I have no evidence this is truer but volcanoes are the most powerful objects on Earth. It is apparent alien craft care about the continuation of Earth and have technology to heal the inner Earth.

Israel’s New Laser Weapon

Lifting the Veil of Israel’s Classified Laser Weapon Program

Israel’s Ministry of Defense revealed a major achievement in a high energy laser program undergoing with the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D). Investments in laser technology made by the department have led to the ability to precisely focus laser beams on long-range targets, overcoming atmospheric disturbances. The distance the laser beam can travel was not revealed, but one could assume it is in multiple miles through clouds making it an effective weapon for destroying enemy planes. Tamir Eshel – Jan 8, 2020

Interstellar Asteroid

The first known interstellar object to visit our solar system, 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua, was discovered Oct. 19, 2017 by the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS1 telescope, funded by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations (NEOO) Program, which finds and tracks asteroids and comets in Earth’s neighborhood.

The next thing is the asteroid Oumuamua that at first it appears to all humans as a solid rock ship or an asteroid deliberately hollowed out to be used as a ship. But, as I was undecided what it was, I waited it out to see if any new evidence of its features would come forward. My intuition told me that it could have been used as a ship or recon probe at one point. Well, last night (1-21-18) I came across YouTube video that validated my suspicion along with ‘their ‘input. Here it is: In its beginning it was a ship made of a metal-organic material that had Morgellons (self repair fibers) fibers running through it. It most likely came from Taurus-where the Crab Nebula-is now or a similar supernova system. The interior of the ‘asteroid’ has panels and flooring very similar to ‘our ships’ now. The technology-mostly bioneurokenetic energy interfaces was stripped out by other alien races who discovered it along its journeys. Another possibility the race who built it deliberately removed its technology so it wouldn’t fall into evil hands. The symbols on some of the panels look like a cross between cuneiforme texts and Arkaron. The discovery of a glass like some like structure in center of it indicates it’s most likely Cygnusian or from Taurus. The symbols are most likely a part of a message recorded by the race for postergándome memorium to the crew on board and describes their race, l lineage and true benevolent nature-history. It’s also possible it could have recorded events of the supernova it experienced and possible instructing how to redirect the deadly beams by restructuring the subayfield patterns w/n the Star before it explodes. This redirects the beam away from all life w/n its path. According to the UMMO this is done with anti-neutrino and neutrino radiations that are manipulated into different field configurations around the main nuclear processes w/n the star to modulate the radiation ejections. •

Another curious idea, is it possible that these asteroids that humans think are used as ships, were at one time actual ships as stated above with the metal organic fabric that calcifies when exposed to extreme radiation? Better yet, since Morgellons fibers are used up there for self repair and even life saving procedures (I know firsthand), and are made or composed of silicone, is it possible they ‘vitrify’ when exposed to extreme nuclear radiation bursts like-trinitite of nuclear bomb tests? This would not only explain the appearance of these ‘asteroid ships’ which they’re not but instead ships that calcified, and the solid rock ‘Star Trek’ shaped saucer ship at bottom of ocean. It’s been featured on Unexplained UFO Files; the Increase in speed of light stiffens space-time and makes low energy warp drive impossible.

We need to reduce effective speed of light for effective warp drive. We are not interested in far-field radiation propagating inside the material. That is a nuisance like oil leaking from the engine.

Underwater UFOs.  This makes perfect sense. It also indicates that there was a horrific war-nuclear event-on earth around that era-as described in the Vedas?

Then again maybe this floating memorial has a coded message for ‘us’ and ‘our alien alliances’ to use to divert the radiation beam that’s going to hit earth from a supernova that’s supposed to occur in Cygnus in 2022. It might just be meant for ‘us’ to use to save the earth and anything else in the supernova path.

A similar cigar-shaped UFO or asteroid exists on the backside of the Moon.

Observations with European Southern Observatory (ESO) Very Large Telescope and others have shown that the object is a rocky cigar-shaped asteroid and it has been confirmed as the first ever interstellar object to enter our solar system. The object has been dubbed ‘Oumuamua’ by the International Astronomical Union. The name means “a messenger from a far arriving first” in the language of the Central Pacific Island. According to a (ESO) Oumuamua is like nothing seen before. It is red, made of dense rock or metal, and is shaped roughly like a giant cigar measuring up to 400 meters long and around 40 meters wide.

Oumuamua varies dramatically in brightness by a factor of ten as it spins on its axis every 7.3 hours. This unusually large variation in brightness means that the object with its complex, convolute shape, is highly elongated and may well have been wandering through the Milky Way, unattached to any star system, for hundreds of millions of years before its chance encounter with the Solar System. It seems to come from the direction of the star Vega.

Speed of Light

Jack Sarfatti wrote another possibility involves the propagation of light in nonlinear materials, where electric field fluctuations could lead to fluctuations in the speed of light [19–21], and a negative mean squared electric field could increase the average speed of light in a material [22]. Increase in speed of light stiffens space-time and makes low energy warp drive impossible. We need to reduce effective speed of light for off-mass shell (w,k) where  w ~ 0 k independent of w NEAR EM&GRAVITY FIELDS inside meta-material with all 2S + 1 spin states. We are not interested in far-field radiation propagating inside the material . That is a nuisance like oil leaking from the engine.

Note: The speed of light in vacuum, commonly denoted c is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. Its exact value is defined as 299 792 458 meters per second (approximately 300 000 km/s (186 000 miles per second)).

NEW Dear Sarfatti, J; Shimansky, A 2600   Warmest greetings!

We get to know your precious paper with the title SOLUTION TO DAVID CHALMERS’S “HARD PROBLEM” which has been published in COSMOS AND HISTORY-THE JOURNAL OF NATURAL AND SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY, and the topic of the paper has impressed us a lot.

It has drawn widespread attention and interest from researchers and scholars in related fields.

  2. Keywords: Postquantum mechanics; Consciousness; David Bohm; Herbert Frohlich; Retrocausality

  1.  Abstract: A completely non-statistical non-linear non-unitary framework in which “God does not play dice.” (Einstein) that describes the physical foundations of consciousness is presented for the first time. At its core is the insight that the missing link between current physical descriptions of reality and a credible physical framework for consciousness is provided by post-quantum mechanics (PQM): the extension of statistical linear unitary quantum mechanics for closed systems to a locally-retrocausal1 non-statistical non-linear non-unitary theory for open systems through the introduction of a back-reaction potential and its implications. PQM is to orthodox QM as General Relativity (GR) is to Special Relativity (SR). PQM and GR both share the same metaphysical organizing principle that one-way actions without a compensating reaction or back-reaction means incompleteness in the theoretical model leaving out important physical phenomena. We gleaned the final piece in the puzzle of how consciousness arises from the material world from a result relating to long range collective excitations in microtubules described by Stuart Hameroff in a recent Fetzer Foundation conference in London. Herbert Frohlich suggested that almost any many-particle system when properly pumped far off thermodynamic equilibrium can be put into a robust macro-quantum coherent state immune from environmental decoherence. Indeed, we suggest that all life forms are an example of Frohlich coherence that is intimately connected with locally-retrocausal PQM back-reaction’s violation of the de Broglie guidance equation that was assumed by Bohm in his 1952 pilot wave theory. Using nature as a guide combined with nano-technology points the way to the construction of naturally conscious artificial intelligence machines capable of hacking into current-day quantum cryptographic networks. Furthermore, one can imagine attaining the transhumanist agenda. For example, the consciousness of a genius like Stephen Hawking could be uploaded to the post-quantum Cloud and then downloaded to a healthy body or android .Thanks to, Art Wagner

Editors Note: Newton’s mechanics in the 17th century increased the lethality of artillery. Thermodynamics in the 19th led to the steam-powered industrial revolution. Maxwell’s unification of electricity, magnetism and light gave us electrical power, the telegraph, radio and television. The discovery of quantum mechanics in the 20th century by Planck, Bohr, Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg led to the creation of the atomic and hydrogen bombs as well as computer chips, the world-wide-web and Silicon Valley’s multibillion dollar corporations. The lesson is that breakthroughs in fundamental physics, both theoretical and experimental, have always led to profound technological wealth-creating industries, and will do it again.

 The Transfiguration

After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.”

While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

  • When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground, terrified. But Jesus came and touched them. “Get up,” he said. “Don’t be afraid.” When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus. Matthew 17 1-9

“And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory. Matthew 24:30

Editor’s Note: In one of the most important events in the Bible that is described eight times God or his messengers were in a flying vehicle 2000 years ago  Moses and Elijah who had died were also brought to the mountain likely in the cloud…the word cloud means anything that flies except birds and insects.  People cannot be lifted up in a cloud. So assuming the Bible is correct a flying vehicle likely a UFO brought God, Moses and Elijah to witness the transformation of Jesus who will also be coming in the clouds. His body took on a different appearance and Moses and Elijah who had died appeared..Moses was the great lawgiver God’s great prophets in Israelite history, and Elijah was a great prophet too.
Then there was the heavenly voice speaking the same words that were heard at Jesus’ baptism (Matt. 3:17). The voice from heaven singled out Jesus as the new and sole source of authority.
The Meaning
First, it was a lesson for the disciples about who Jesus was.  It showed Peter, James, and John that Jesus was no ordinary man nor even a great prophet, but that he was indeed no less than the Son of God, the Messiah of Israel. God was confirming the disciples’ confession. Second this scene demanded that men hear Jesus as one who had authority to speak to them and had been .blessed and changed giving Jesus authority over men.

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 UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Alaska Light

Anchorage — My wife and I saw several orange orbs in the sky in Anchorage on December 16th, 2019 at about 7:00 PM by 9th Avenue. I filed a report with MUFON. The video wasn’t held still so it looks like they are jumping around, but they weren’t I have been around planes all my life. I’m 62 and a retired adjunct professor from University of Alaska, Anchorage. This was something I have never seen and being a scientist I’m a skeptic. Note: A copy of the video has been requested. Updates will be posted. Update Feb 20, 2020: The witness sent some still images. Thanks to Will Pucket/

California Object

Photo courtesy of

Santa Clara — White missile like object was caught

shooting past over the sunroof,

Pictures were taken on February 16, 2020. 2020.

Colorado Spinning Light

Photo courtesy of

Changed direction some and shape for sure. No sound, and stayed in same position after it came into my view. Light was spinning counter clockwise.

Pictures were taken on February 21. 2020.

Florida Lights


Photo courtesy of

Ormond Beach – I observed something very strange on evening of June 10, 2016 at 9:10pm I observed what appeared to be a fireball entering from high in the South. It traveled North 3 times brighter than Jupiter (which was up), but much larger, and very bright white yellow orange red and initially had a slight tail pointing South. I instantly thought fireball, but the object was slowing down, so instantly thought this object was space junk. This object was “–ejecting material two times on its trajectory before the object slowed to a complete stop. The flight time was far too long for any fireball or space junk, and hovered for two minutes and disappeared. Here’s link to what I saw.

Michigan Lights

HABCOCK — On Saturday February 22, 2020 from 16:00-18:00, I used my iPhone11 to take pictures & videos of my friend snowboarding Mont Ripley. That same night around 22:00, I saw an exceptionally “big bright star”. I work at the VA to develop, manage, & implement their Military Sexual Trauma Program.

This picture was (shot on Wednesday February 19, 2020) shows 2 different shape UFO’s splitting into 2 identical shapes… The night of February 23, I felt particularly moved to research any activity or possible sighting reports and found a report had been submitted from MN around the time and day I shot my photos.

Missouri Streak of Light

Photo courtesy of

Valles Mines — Driving home from a St. Louis round trip of 136 miles on January 7, 2020 at 9:17 PM  I  saw a neon-green meteor in my direct field of vision. It appeared upper right, streaking towards the earth directly in front of me. It clearly disappeared (did not burn out) clearly before hitting the earth or crossing the horizon. That part looked more like a fireball. Having interest in the sky since a child, at 59 I’ve seen many meteors over the years. This meteor’s tail stayed lit until it burned out, as in a photograph. The same happened with the second streak, until the ball disappeared. The constant neon-green color was stunningly obvious. A gas station had a neon-green sign.
. It was not like any meteor I’ve ever seen before. The image was taken from Google Maps with green added to depict I saw.

New York Lights

Photo courtesy of

At the end of the video 3 UFOs merge into one then the camera stopped working.

The UFOs made the camera get out of focus also but it’s still is viewable. Six UFOs were shot at Statute of Liberty and three UFOs merge into one,

Pictures were taken on February 21, 2020.

Rhode Island Light

Photo courtesy of

Chepachet — I’ve only seen two questionable ‘UFO’s’ in my life, this being one of them. I question it enough to send it in.
So, on February 22, at 2:33 am, I went to my front door to let the dogs out something caught my vision. It seemed much brighter than everything else in the sky that was flickering and that’s when I noticed, it freaking moved!! THAT, got my attention, I took out my phone and taped a little figuring, when I check the next evening, it’ll just be a really bright star.

Well, next night? Nothing! But, in my defense, its after 2 am, no one thinks they’re going to see anything or ‘think’ about how to document when they’re half asleep and rationalizing it’s a star?

Texas Triangle of Lights

Photo courtesy of

Lewisville — It looked like a star at first but changed intensities as if on a dimmer light switch. I zoom in as far as possible on my phone and it appears to disintegrate and reform nearby then shoots off out of sight.

Pictures were taken on February 13. 2020.

Washington Lights

Photo courtesy of

Ocean Shores — Pink round donut with circles on it that looked like lights

Pictures were taken on February 19, 2020.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Disc

Photo courtesy of

Sydney, Bondi beach — Brought a nice girl I met on a walk to a grassy park at the very tip of the eastern shoreline on February 27, 2020. We shagged and then we got dressed and looked up at the night sky I noticed an object directly above us. It was probably at 750-1000 feet, but could have been higher and massive. It looked like it was spinning with dual arm galaxies and its flight was steady. It hovered for a few moments and then headed south 5 times the speed of a normal plane. I watched for 8 or 9 seconds as it sped away and disappeared. My friend thought it was a balloon. It was a UFO for damn sure a perfectly circular overall shape.

Canada Lights

Photo courtesy of

Burnaby — While driving in BC, at 3:04 pm, February 19, 2020, something caught my eye in the sky that was clearly visible. It looked like a silver orb that just manifested out of nothing.
I even blurted out “What the… “As I was driving home I thought well maybe my dash cam caught it? I did get it on video. While looking through the one minute clips leading up to it, I think I caught another similar object minutes earlier?
Ironically this is not the 1st time I caught a strange sighting.

Eire Object

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Dublin — I was out photographing the moon in the park and was almost pitch black when I saw several white lights all flying in different directions and altitudes. They were flying very fast and would change direction in a strange way. I was able to take two videos (you can hear me zoom in and out sometimes and so the brightness varies but they stayed the same to me until they just disappeared  Pictures were taken on January 31, 2020.


Salzkotten – I was on kãferstrasse between houses and watched what I thought at first was balloon or reflection of light, but it had unusual movements. The object was green and round with a green glow and made short choppy movements. Pictures were taken on June 17, 2017

New Zealand Boomerang

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Greymouth — I am a chef so I finish work quite late and I like to go for a walk with my dog when what I thought was a dim shooting star caught my attention. As I started to watch the “shooting star” it suddenly changed directions by 90 degrees without slowing at all. As it continued to instantly change directions every 5 to 10 seconds never slowing down once. I could faintly make out it was either boomerang shaped or Delta shaped but it was dark/dim to the eye it almost looked as if it were cloaked and made ripples in the air similar to a boats wake in water. I did see dim lights on the underside. The craft was high up so it must have been of significant size! I watched this thing dart back and forth across the eastern sky for about a minute. Depiction of the sighting

Spain Light

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Denia  — My wife, my son (7 years old) and I were on the beach on August 3, 2018, relaxing when at 17:30, my wife noticed, a bright object cruising slowly above the Castle of Denia towards our position, at (38°53’53.9″N 0°03’54.0″E). The object seemed too big and too bright to be a drone. It was pulsating so I decided to get my phone and record it. The object was travelling on a steady speed and steady path 100-200 miles/h and an altitude of around 3000 feet.
The object seemed to be pulsating, but none of the other people on the beach seemed to notice. The object was disappearing in the distance towards Valencia. Photo courtesy of

UK/England Orb

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 United Kingdom Strange White Triangular Object Photographed. ––
Abergavenny –Triangular craft photographed by witness.

Description: These are just two of the pictures that I took. I got loads more.

Note: The witness did not include any information regarding what he saw and why he took the photos. It is not known if the object was actually seen or whether it was later found in a photo.  Pictures were taken on – January 20, 2020

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