Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 31 – 2014 — Is ET Colonizing Earth?

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Craft over Hornepayne, Canada on July 23, 2014,

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

July 30, 2014

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Is ET Colonizing Earth?

Wright-Patterson UFO Stories are True, Fukushima Radioactive
Ocean Water is now Arriving, Holland Three Crop Circles, and Alien Seen in Canada.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Texas.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, England in the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Is ET Colonizing Earth?

LAdiscsEarth is one of the finest planets in this part of the universe. Humans are fighting, killing each other, and destroying our environment. Even so the Earth’s population is increasing at an alarming rate that the available food resources cannot support for long.

Radiation from Fukuishima may destroy the Pacific Ocean as a source of safe food for millions. Many look to an outside source such as President Presidents, God or even Extraterrestrials (ET) to save them. Even now thousands of children are being bused from Central American Nations to cross into US for promises of free food, free medical care, and finances to start businesses and the hopes of a better life. It is logical to assume these benefits may appeal to many throughout the world and even to those on other planets.

Older planets may have stars that have exhausted their nuclear fuel and cooling and dying. ET may also have a population explosion or simply a desire to colonize. Our skies are often filled with alien craft from other planets or from other dimensions. These ET apparently have learned that a gradual invasion is the most effective method of colonizing a planet. Even a large space ship could only carry several thousand ETs. There is indication they have infiltrated the seats of power for centuries and have gained influence over the Earth’s population.

SpacshipDyingSunStructures on our moon, Mars, and other planets indicate an advanced civilization has apparently colonized much of our galaxy. ET may have discovered it is easier to colonize by slow infiltration rather than a grand invasion. Humans are likely to fight any group they feel are trying to take over Earth. In 3000 BCE the first dynasties appeared in Egypt and the rulers of these dynasties were equated with the gods and with the duties and obligations due those gods. As supreme ruler of the people, the pharaoh was considered a god on earth, the intermediary between the gods and the people.

Many of the great leaders of the past had exceptionally elongated skulls and wore helmets or crowns different from a normal human. Consider history of the Pharaohs, Emperors, and Divine Right of Kings, who ruled with absolute power over the lives of the people. The doctrine is that they derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects. Most leaders of the past for thousands of years claimed this relation to the gods but often had access to advanced technology.

Pharaohs, ...ET may choose to gradually infiltrate society rather than conducting an open invasion that may scare or enrage the populace. Humans tend to fight any invasion, but seem to accept slow immigration.

Very few people in virtually every country on Earth have any real power. ET may offer key leaders promises of great wealth, long life, and leadership positions once the world is taken over. Leaders could be convinced that ET could help in a smooth transition to a new World Order and a better place. Indeed, ET contacts and abductees have been constantly told the world will be much better with them in control. Serious economic and environmental problems exist on Earth that appears to be arranged, or caused by greed, rather than by accident. As world deteriorates the more likely the populace would accept ET colonialism. People will likely choose to live in a new high tech world that is without war and is much safer for the average person.

There is evidence we are already being colonized. ET has abducted thousands and apparently raised hybrids that are now entering our world. The hybrids are part alien and part human, but do not seem very much different than any immigrant we see shopping. We hope they are an asset to Earth, but the may be detrimental. This subversive infiltration will likely prevent open warfare against their take over. They may come to mine for minerals, feed their people and develop place greater importance in exploration, mining and learning. Comparatively small numbers of ETs would not like to engage in an extended conflict with Earth’s battle tested humans. We may be useful for raising crops and building structures.

Edgar Mitchell indicated the Dead Sea Scrolls explain want is happening. I suggested the Scroll of the War between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness explain what has been happening for thousands of years. Edgar Mitchell Quote [at 15:00 mark] “some of the strongest evidence is that our missile silos … were routinely visited by alien spacecraft and the missiles disarmed.”

DeadSeaScrollsThe Shrine of the Book, a wing of the Israel Museum iThe Shrine of the Book, a wing of the Israel Museum in shape of a UFO houses the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scroll reveals that in the end times all of Darkness is to be destroyed and Light will live in peace for all eternity.

It seems possible that some ETs are selfish colonists or have evil intent and dwell on the dark side. These evil ones appear to have capabilities far beyond our understanding or technology. Thus far they have not chosen to destroy us, but there are indications they find particularly human females attractive and are trying to create half human and half ET hybrids.

Dr. Lier removed rice sized implants from a dozen people indicating tracking and communicating devices have been inserted into some humans by ET. Crematoriums have noticed small rice sized remains among the ashes of the deceased. The nanotechnology devices may also control people to vote or accomplish tasks helpful to ET.  Abductees often claim ET is worried about the environment. The implants have Carbon nanotubes within that have outstanding properties for electrical and thermal conductivity and nanoelectronic components with high strength and acceptance by the body.

The Light side appears concerned and genuinely tries to help humans. For example they may bring advanced technology with great benefits to humans. And some ETs may have Earth’s human interests in mind, with love and compassion. It may be one heck of a complicated game going on since humanity began.

Perhaps the Bible is right when it states, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.”Revelation 21:4 (KJ21) 


Wright-Patterson UFO Stories are True

Wright Pat8Dayton —  Roger Marsh reports onJuly 24, 2014, Tales of crashed UFO parts and alien bodies have been told about Wright-Patterson Air Force Base since the 1947.

The witness was told in 1960 that the stories of crashed UFO parts from Roswell were true. Air Force National Museum Wilbur Wright Field  Wikimedia

The report was filed by the grandchild of the woman who received the information firsthand in about 1960. “A close high ranking friend retired from Wright Patterson Air Force Base,” stated. “. My grandmother, who was the wittiest,
honest and candid person I’ve ever met, asked him if it were true about the alien craft and possibly the alien bodies being stored at the base.”

“He said, ‘If the public knew what was at the base from the Roswell incident, there would be a general panic amongst the public.’”

Thanks to MUFON CMSF

Fukushima Radioactive
Ocean Water is now arriving on the West Coast

I was on the Jeff Rense Radio Program last night who told me, “Radioactive materials detected off California, levels spike to 400% normal — Fisherman have discovered an ‘island’ of tsunami debris- Never seen so much garbage in ocean before/

Fukushima nuclear pollutants in the North Pacific are moving eastward and are carried by the Kuroshio and Kuroshio-extension currents and now have reached the California Coast.


The radiation plume from Fukushima is now smashing the entire Sea life for decades to come. This is hard science and every rain coming out of the North Pacific is carrying varying amounts of radiation in the rainwater. This calamity is unprecedented. Thanks to Jeff Rense.


Holland Three Crop Circles

Nancy Talbot writes, “On Saturday night, July 12th, Robbert and I were on Skype and Robbert said he felt that three formations were coming all in one night in different villages—one in corn (maize) and two in “grain.”  He told me he “saw” (in his mind’s eye) that one would come in Roosendaal, one in Etten Leur and the other near Zevenbergen in the next few days, and he also “saw” that when their locations were plotted on a Google map they would make a “perfect” triangle”.Holland16July14 #1

Location:  Etten Leur, Holland

Crop:  Maize (corn)

Found by: Robbert van den Broeke (

Photos:  Roy Boschman

Around midnight on July 15-16, Roy happened to be with Robbert when Robbert’s familiar “restlessness” forced him to ask his friend to once again drive him out to find what he was certain would be the three new formations.  As they prepared to leave the house Robbert had a clear “vision” of a circle in a corn (maize) field near Etten Leur, and got the street name of “Ettense baan.”  As they neared this area Robbert suddenly knew they musts turn left onto a narrow sandy road; when they turned both men started to feel very dizzy and Roy noticed that his mobile phone began acting “weird.”  Robbert felt a “UFO was directly over Roy’s car,” almost immediately after which they found a maize field.

As they parked the car Robbert became aware of a “massive” presence of what he felt was a “master-society race” and got the impression that these were the “Yahyels” (an “intergalactic” group of beings he has felt were involved with previous circles in his area)—and felt an additional presence he describes as being “loving and divine guardian angels.” As the men began walking through the 2.5m-tall corn they both became so dizzy they thought they might lose consciousness.

Because the maize circle was deep inside the field and the stalks were high above both men’s heads Robbert says he was guided as if he “were a robot…go here…turn here…stop here,” and they did eventually find the new circle, with all of the corn stalks gently bent over and swirled around, with none broken.

Since he had never been to this field before he began to feel real anxiety as he and Roy stood for awhile on the edge of the circle—fearing that the farmer might come and be angry with them. Robbert also experienced an “electric-like energy” so intensely that his whole body began to shake—and “knew” he was being “once again told” to stay calm…that everything was OK.  While still in the maize field Robbert got another “vision” and knew they had to now drive to Roosendaal. For more photos of this Etten Leur circle (#12 Dutch circles of 2014), see Robbert’s website, “graancirkelarchief”:

HollandCicle#216Jul14Here’s the 2nd Dutch cc the night of July 16th: Nancy Talbott

The 2nd of the three new formations discovered the night of July 16th was in Roosendaal, not too far from where Roy & Robbert found the one in Rapeseed/Canola on March l7th, 2014.  As the men were leaving the maize circle at Etten-Leur Robbert again had a “vision” (he apparently literally sees, in his mind’s eye, not only what the new circle will look like, but the area—and often the exact field—where it will be), this time of a ring with 3 circles placed around it.

Once in the right area the men found a field of ripe barley and almost immediately found this 2nd formation, which indeed was made up of a ring with three circles placed around it—just as Robbert  had “seen” in Etten Leur. Robbert also clearly saw an “aura” hanging over this circle as they approached it and felt a “welcome” sort of energy and an intense tingling on his arms, as if he had entered an electrostatic field of some sort, and got the impression that this formation was a “preparation” for something bigger.

He also “saw” an area near Roosendaal where there was a “rotating energy” over this grain field. He told Roy he felt that this circle had just formed only minutes before. As they Holland#3approached this formation both men became very dizzy again; his phone was also again acting strangely,


When they then came to a grain field Robbert saw an “energy UFO” in this case one of a “classic” UFO shape sitting directly over this field, and then told Roy to stop. This circle has an incredible feature—the very thin inner ring is only 10 cm. wide–so thin that no adult human foot could possibly have created it.

They could both feel the intense energy which Robbert described as being both “strong” and “gentle,” and he felt he must goHollandTriangle and stand in the center (being very careful not to squash the center standing tuft) for a few minutes. His sense was that he was supposed to function as an “acupuncture point” in this circle also.


When they returned home just before 3 am Roy did plot the location of the three new formations on a Google map, and it does look as if the connecting lines form an isosceles triangle….just as Robbert had “seen” they would.

Thanks to Nancy Talbot, see:



Alien Seen in Canada


St-Zenon, Quebec – Albert Rosales writes, “Two people reported seeing a reddish disc shaped object above their garage On January 14, 2014, at 5:30 PM. They were standing in their backyard ten days later and one witness encountered a strange humanoid creature in his garage. Incredibly the tall figure pushed the control button to the garage door and ran into the nearby wooded area taking long running strides and apparently floated above the snow.” The humanoid appeared to be wearing some kind of a mask and tight fitting clothes. Several other anomalies have been reported. Thanks to and Albert Rosales


Sightings in the United States

Alabama Disc


Albertville — I was at a friend’s house when she noticed a light in the sky on July 27, 2014. When I looked at the light it was bigger than a star and was emanating white, red, amber, and green lights. The white, green, and red lights were bright and the Amber light was dim. At first, I thought it was a helicopter hovering and using a spot light but did not hear anything. I have worked on helicopters and know the sounds they make and from the distance the object was I should have heard the engines and blades. After realizing it wasn’t a helicopter I started to record the object. I recorded the object for 4 minutes 31 seconds. I was distracted by my friend and when I looked back it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Wings

CalifDiscovery Bay 24Jun14

 Discovery Bay – Two objects appeared in a picture I was taking of a blue star on June 24, 2014. While reviewing the picture I noticed these two objects. I cropped the picture in order to get a better look. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Flying Object


Gunnison – I was bow hunting at 1,800 feet elevation in very remote country with an approaching storm and lightning when I noticed the object on September 1, 2013. This strange object hovered and changed directions while emanating some kind of plume under it. Through binoculars it appeared to be a disc shape, and tried to stay in the cloud formation. The object was very large in size and hovered within and around the cloud formation. After a few minutes it left a plume trail and caused the cloud area it passed through to have a trailing effect. It was over a mile away and was a very weird and strange UFO, but I will never know. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Lights


New Haven — I was outside talking with a friend when we noticed two small pulsating orbs with organic characteristics in the sky on July 26, 2014. Upon further inspection, these two were followed by a grouping of three more orbs, then four more, with an estimated 4-8 more of varying groupings following behind the original ‘convoy’. The silent orbs were flying over a regional airport from the Long Island Sound, flying northeast, then finally up out of the atmosphere. They showed an organic quality much like a distant flame. The shapes were spherical having a very organic flame-like nature. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light


Jacksonville – I saw three small star-like moving lights in the sky and observed them from my kitchen window from about 5:45 to 6:15 am. I went outside expecting to see a bright ufo object, because I have seen it before. The unusual thing is that I played a game with the ufo. I positioned my line of sight so that a tree was near. I stared at the Ufo for about 10 seconds and then I blocked my view ufo with the tree. The ufo moved into my field of vision, and then moved up, left and right. It is crazy to think that the ufo was observing me but that is my only conclusion. I call this game “peek a boo” and I have played it hundreds of times with various moving light sources. The most interesting light is the bright light that follows me from 11 pm to 2 am. Skip Thanks to MUFON CMS

Idaho Ripper

Filer – I was up early sitting on my porch on July 27,2014, when an amazingly fast satellite moved south across the Pleiades at 4:50 AM with low brightness. The sun was just below the Eastern Horizon and the dull surface filtered out most of the reflections. The orbit was lower than most and the speed far greater than the original plodding space shots. I dubbed this one “Jack the Ripper.” Could this be a special droppable hardware package info gathering space shot? It could be taking pictures across the world? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maine Disc


Limestone – I was a student at Loring Job Corps Center during the event I eye-witnessed in July 17, 1998. I vividly remember it was about 9:30 PM, when I saw three objects with blinking lights hovering on top of the pine trees. Two of the three objects ascended and disappeared, while one approached and descended lower hovering no more than 10 feet over me. I felt scared and confused because I have never seen a UFO this close. It was shaped like an oval silent black craft with multicolored lights around and underneath the craft. There was a colored sphere underneath its center. I was just amazed that this kind of technology exists. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota Donut

MNStPaul 29Juo14

ST. Paul — I was looking up into the sky, and saw what at first I thought was a plane. I went inside and grabbed my Nikon D3100 with a 55-200 MM zoom lens to get a better look.

It was silent moving at cruising speed and high up with decent size. It was moving fast in a straight line and was not a drifting like a balloon.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Disc


Union — On July 18, 2014, in morning I climbed to top of a 6th floor building under construction in my area to capture photos. When I zoomed to check the camera quality, I noticed an object in the picture was very high.

I was prepping for a golf tournament (NJ, USA), so I recorded my swing.  I saw something zip by. Then, I slowed and zoomed the images only to discover that the UFO was heading south to north at supersonic speed and then made a 45* turn heading east.

I am a firm believer in ET Intelligence and as soon as I saw the footage I knew exactly what it was. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico ‘V’ Formation

Las Cruces — On Saturday night my husband, nephew and I were on our deck stargazing when my husband noticed a flurry of dim objects that turned into a V formation. They were moving beyond the parameters of any known human aerial craft. We also spotted a very large, dimly lit formation flying very high and very fast without any sound. The V formation flew towards El Paso. It only took a few seconds for it to fly over our heads. My husband is the only witness to the flurry of the objects before they formed up into for an 8-12 light V, but we all clearly witnessed the flying V. The lights were faint but visible, if I had to guess how many made up the V I would say between total. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Lights

TXHouston26Jul14 Houston– I was star gazing and noticed this strange ufo asit hovered with a mostly blinking white/blue light on July 26, 2014. There were a total of three, and two sped off very quickly. I then noticed two red/orange dots leave the one that hovered. The two orange ufos flew erratically away.

I watched the primary ufo ascend out of atmosphere, in a straight path and with a slight white trail. As it left atmosphere it turned blue. I also witnessed exact same thing following night.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Saucer and Lights

Lake Haven, New South Wales — When driving north on Pacific Highway just past Lake Haven roundabout at 12:20 PM, we saw a shiny silver upside down saucer hovering in the skyonJuly 6th 2014. I was analyzing that it had no flashing lights, not a kite nor an Aeroplane, or weather balloon. We kept an eye on it for about ten minutes until we had to move on.

Castle Hill, New South Wales — I was laying in my bed looking out my window at 2:35 am, on July 7th 2014, when I saw a round bright object in the sky. It flared up to an extremely bright light and in a single second it disappeared. The light hurt my eyes as it felt like looking into the sun except a lot brighter.

Brogo, New South Wales — I was standing on the back lawn in our rural property when I suddenly noticed in the western sky a bright comet like object moving from south to northon July 10th 2014 at 9:41 AM.
I called out and three other people rushed out and saw the intense fireball with a bright long tail almost like a massive skyrocket. It was visible for at least 12 seconds before disappearing to the north. The tail was as long as your fist. It had amazing brightness and intense colours as it slowly traveled through the sky.

Deniliquin, New South Wales – On July 10th 2014, at 9:50 PM, it could be space debris entering the atmosphere, but I have never seen such a vivid colorful entry before. The tail was long, constantly changing colours around the main body if the object. It was very slow moving and my neighbor’s house limited my view after about a minute and a half. It was truly beautiful but eerie.

Meandarra, Queensland — Six witnesses report a slight red burning flame that ended up stretching 2 km in the sky on July 10th 2014, at 9:30 PM.

Narara, New South Wales — Driving home Dad in car said, “What’s that thing?” We kept looking at the light thinking it may have been the moon, but noticed object was moving and very low to groundonJuly 10th 2014, at 9:35 PM. It was like a helicopter with its spot lights on, but much bigger and brighter and then it suddenly disappeared. Thanks to John Hayes

Brazil Light

BRAbadiania – GO 7Jun14

Abadiania – GO — This picture was taken at the rear of the Hotel San Raphael and we were outside having a general discussion about the day’s events. As a semi-retired member of the national media, I always carry a camera. I noticed something up in the sky, shot the UFO and then it quickly disappeared.

This picture is one of many UFO pictures that were taken in the two weeks while in Abadiania, Brazil.

The other pictures I have are flying saucers. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Sightings

Can8ReginaNov13 figure8

Regina Saskatchewan — I was working outside and noticed a red-copper object in noon sky on November 20, 2013. I focused on the object that had lights and a surface that reflected light off as metal does. It was also black at times and hovered for a while and then flew slowly away. It was directly over the airport where nothing can fly without clearance. My company is building condos beside our cities airport and it is closed airspace. “Why would it be and who allowed it to fly directly over the airport with a chance of an accident?” It took about three hours to fly over my head and saw it looked like a metal upside down bell. It had a constant bright light on it and I snapped 7 clear pictures, but the object would not show up on the video. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ Note: Object had an 8 or infinity sign on its side.

Echo Lake, Saskatchewan — On July 5th 2014 at11:30 AM, while camping at Lakeview Campground, four of us saw a dull orange ball moving east quite fast over Pasqua Lake then Echo Lake. It was 500 feet above our location atop the hill overlooking the lake. The light flew straight and did not change speed. It took about 40 seconds before it disappeared. It was silent and the size of a basketball about 100 feet away. Thanks to John Hayes

Scarborough, Ontario — On July 4th 2014, I took a break at work and went outside with my new camera in hand. I got a bite very high in the sky. I could see a white object moving very slowly and tried to photograph on zoom but had difficulty capturing it. The camera would not focus on the target so. So at 3:07 PM,

I began to photograph with a slight zoom to capture the image. I alerted a co worker who could also see it! The eleventh co worker I’ve pointed these objects out to. As I photographed the object went into cloud cover. Thanks to Paul Shishis, Photos at

Burlington, Ontario – Four witnesses saw four orange circle shaped objects with a balloon shaped dome above travelling at a great rate of speed to the southeast on July 5th 2014at11:45 AM. The silent objects flew at about 15,000 feet high, followed by another identical object 20 minutes later.

Hornepayne, Ontario
— My brother and my grandson and I went out fishing and were taking photos and did not see anything.

It was not till we flew back to my brother’s camp on July 23, 2014, and uploaded the pictures from my camera that I noticed the object in the photo.

It is the only picture that I have and maybe it can be explained. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Chile Ball

Calama II Region — Observation area moves from south to north on Calama to Chuquicamata trajectory with constant speed. It was like a tennis ball, white and red phenomenon observed at 22:00 hours duration of phenomenon ten minutes, without noise. Three persons observed by passes near an aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Germany Lights


My girlfriend and I were exiting the autobahn around 12 am, when we noticed a sequence of flashing lights. They were bright blue, white, and orange lights off in the distance on the ground and one in the sky as if they were communicating. As we drove closer we noticed in front of our eyes a UFO hovering in one spot not touching the ground, but just right on top of it.

When we saw this thing up close we speeded off so not all the pictures are great. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Greece Disc

Island of Poros — A
UFO was photographed by UFO researcher Harris Koutsiaftis on the southwest side of the city on July 22, 2014, at 8:45 PM. Two objects were flying at high altitude shining probably from the reflection of the sun. They were visible for 35 seconds with the unknown object moving parallel to the plane.  It began to overtake the plane and fly in front of it until both were lost in the skyline.

Dozens of people observed them and Harris said, “There is no known conventional military aircraft that flies with such speed and reflects sunlight! So we discussed an alien flying saucer, or a secret human aircraft. The photo will be in the next issues of “ET” and “Phenomena” Greek UFO magazines. Thanks to MUFON CMS

India Orbs

Delhi — This is amazing that according to the direction of the pilot I switched off my mobile on June 17, 2013. Suddenly something happened to me and I felt I had to take a video.

So I switched on the mobile and I started to record out the aircraft window and suddenly saw these lights.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


Hyderabad — I was in the train, which stopped at the Railway Station and took pictures of the Falaknuma Palace on the hill from the train window in a span of 5 seconds using my Samsung Mobile Phone. I did not notice the UFO in the pictures for a month. I observed a UFO the first picture taken at 6:09 pm, but it was gone 5 seconds later. I feel no airplane can move so fast to disappear in 5 seconds.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ireland Green

Donegal — Patrick Mannering wrote: “I and one other friend drove from Glenties to Letterkenny and we were heading to our friend’s house for some pre-drinks and banter on 27 Jul 2014, at 11:10 PM. The lane to my friend’s house is steep climb so we had a good view of the sky over Letterkenny as we neared the top. My friend said, “What’s that green light?” I spotted a glinting green light hovering, and then the light travelled faster than anything I have seen across the sky towards the hills. It stopped still again and then took a sharper downward angle behind the hills. Then it was gone. We were gobsmacked. I had stopped the car on a steep angle of the hill without realizing it, that’s how much it captured my attention. It is the smoothest, slickest, fastest looking thing I have ever seen. It took less than a few seconds to cross the whole sky. It was the size of the North Star and a bright electric green. This is one if the strangest things of my life. Thanks to John Hayes

Peru Disc


Lamas – San Martin — This sighting occurred on Friday, July 25, 2014 in the town of Lamas – San Martin, 22 km (30 minutes) from the city of Tarapoto. We were walking with my mother, daughter, and her friend.

The friend of my daughter was the one who took the photos from the camera phone of his mother around noon, taking several photos, including capturing images attached to this report. The next day when they went to check out the photos that were taken during the ride got this surprise.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


Switzerland – MUFON Takes another Look at Meier’s UFOs

In 1980, Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, took 63, clear 35mm film photographs and a five-minute video of an object dubbed the Wedding Cake UFO, or WCUFO. Skeptics immediately pounced on the photos claiming they showed a model made from a garbage can lid and Christmas tree ornaments. With MUFON, lacking the technology to determine the authenticity of his UFO photos, and Meier himself not saying anything, the matter was perceived as a hoax.

Fast forward to today where independent researcher Professor Rhal Zahi revives the Meier cold case by taking a took a close look at the “DNA” in the WCUFO photos using PhotoShop, professional 3-D computer modeling software and actual scale models. His 74-page report, including his reproducible protocols, conclusively authenticates the photos as large, unknown objects and rules out small models or special effects. Prof. Zahi then discovered never before seen details in a nighttime WCUFO photo that have been hidden – for 34 years – revealing that the craft is hovering over a gravel road and that Meier somehow actually took the photo from… above the object.Switzerlandmeier

Armed with Prof. Zahi’s authentication of the WCUFO, American representative, Michael Horn, contacted Jan Harzan, the Executive Director of MUFON, who has known about the Meier case for 25 years and struggled with it being simply “too good.”  Harzan and Horn formed a precedent setting alliance and for the first time in 34 years, MUFON opened the Meier case to its 3,000 members worldwide. According to Horn, “Prof. Zahi’s work vindicates Meier of charges that he hoaxed his evidence. It also makes the SETI program unnecessary because it conclusively shows that the UFOs photographed and filmed by Billy Meier are extraterrestrial in origin. With Meier’s well-documented contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials still ongoing for over 72 years – and so rich in scientific information- the implications are truly staggering. “Now along with NASA aerospace engineers recognizing its significance, modern technology makes it easy to prove the most important discovery in all of science and human history for themselves. We are not alone, we’ve been contacted.” Meier’s UFO pictures were shown at the MUFON Conference. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ


Spain Circular Object

Malaga, Andalusia — A thick nearly circular object A thick nearly circular metallic slate grey object with a indented line splitting the top dome half from the bottom halfon July 6th 2014, at 10:30 PM. The bottom half had a round opening that exposed a deep yellow light source. The object stayed in place in the distance near the adjacent buildings from where I was standing on a balcony at Apartment Merced’s Penthouse overlooking Plaza de la Merced after which it flew sideways.

At this point buildings obstructed it from my view. I am the only witness due to the shortness of its visibility and the general business of the plaza. I watched the skies for two more hours but did not see it or any other suspicious shapes for the remainder of my visit to the city.

United Kingdom/England Sightings

UKblackpool7Jul14Blackpool –The event started as I was sipping coffee in my garden on July 6, 2014, when I received a message from my friend saying, “I’ am almost at yours now, and just seen those strange orbs again”. I looked up to see a small circular object coming from the northeast moving south at a steady speed. I attempted to video this object a couple of times however it would not appear on the screen so I decided to take some pictures instead. I managed to snap a few pictures as it passed. Six minutes later the second larger orb came into view travelling the same flight path. I ran inside and grabbed a monocular to watch an object that lacked a rigid outline and was fuzzy as I captured 30 seconds of footage. The craft passed by at 6:25 PM. A third craft flew by on the same flight path that was flatter and more streamlined. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Plymouth — Last night about 11.30 PM, on July 17, 2014, I saw three fast moving flying objects, they were glowing orange and shaped like a wide triangle. I realized they were too big and changing direction too fast to be birds. They moved around the sky about my house for about 10-15 seconds then as they were getting further away they just disappeared. Thanks to John Hayes

CylinderGreenNorwich As my son and I were walking our dog by the River Yare near Bland Road with fighter jets roaring above our heads at great height on 2:20 PM on May 23, 2014. They looked very small and they were not playing war games, but chasing a UFO radar contact for I knew from previous experiences how to tell the difference. We watched a fighter plane go into a great fluffy white cloud that was unlike the other clouds. I said to my son to, “Watch for a UFO to come out of the other end of it.” There was a short gap between clouds and as we watched, a huge craft materialized within the gap. It waslong like a cigar and light metallic green with two bars or rails running along ether side underneath that shone a brighter metallic green. After around ten seconds it dematerialized and a jet fighter came out of the cloud, which was tiny like a fly in comparison to the UFO. We could hear the jets searching for the craft. I got the impression that the UFO was kind of playing games with them. I have watched UFOs three times in my life.  NOTE: The above the image of a craft was taken in RI in July 1967. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

Venezuela Lights


San Cristobala – We saw a fire ball suspended in the first view appear and disappear, to the west of the Tachira State viewed from a zone called Zumbador in the Andean Mountains. It flew over the sea for three minutes on a clear night without moon light. We recorded a HD video with a Samsung S4 cell phone.

It was viewed a second time when the UFO appeared in the north part of the state for four minutes.  It was bright with changes of color and size and then disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS





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