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Filer’s Files # 15 -2018 Underwater USOs

April 15, 2018

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Close Encounters of the Toledo Kind: Commander Fravor Pursued UFO in 2004, Underwater USOs, Malibu Underwater Alien Base is Unlikely, and Stellar Explosions Cause ET To Find New Planets.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom.

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The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

Close Encounters of the Toledo Kind: Commander Fravor Pursued UFO in 2004

ByTom Henry Toronto Blade Staff Writer

Super Hornet’s ATFLIR Screen showing UFO center

A Toledo-born naval fighter pilot who saw an unidentifiable object that looked like a Tic Tac in the sky over the Pacific Ocean is telling his story now, 14 years later. Super Hornet’s ATFLIR Screen showing UFO center

VIDEO: Declassified military footage of UFO
RELATED: Fravor pursued UFO in 2004

Retired Navy Commander David Fravor’s tale, backed up with some video and his recorded observations, is providing momentum for those who think the government should investigate these sightings more aggressively.

Many people claim to have seen an unidentified flying object. But Commander Fravor, a 1982 Whitmer High School graduate, is one of the few who claim to have been in pursuit of a UFO while flying military aircraft.

A Commander Fravor’s mysterious encounter occurred on Nov. 14, 2004, when he and another pilot were on a training mission 140 miles southwest of San Diego. What he saw from his fighter jet was a white pill-shaped object about the size of a bus hovering and flying with no obvious means of propulsion or lift. When he flew in for a closer look the object sped away like a bullet. Commander Fravor thinks it came from another world.

Left photo Chad Albert, of Toledo, with his cousin, Cmdr. David Fravor, in an October, 2004, file photo when Commander Fravor took command of VFA-41, Strike Fighter Squadron 41 also known as the “Black Aces” in Lemoore, California.

It became a social media phenomenon just before this past Christmas after Commander Fravor went public with his story more than 13 years after it happened. The Pentagon released a video of the 2004 incident, and acknowledged the existence of what the U.S. Department of Defense had called its Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, which tracked UFOs.

Commander Fravor was encouraged to tell his story to The New York Times by Luis Elizondo, a retired intelligence officer who ran that Pentagon program. Mr. Elizondo is now director of global security and special programs of To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a group encouraging more transparency about UFOs. After The Times published its article, The Washington Post, the Boston Globe, ABC News, Fox News, CNN, CBS News, Popular Mechanics, and many other national news outlets followed suit.

David Fravor states, “What was unique with ours is we actually interacted with it. We chased it. I went after it,” Commander Fravor, 53, told The Blade in a telephone interview from his house in Windham, N.H., a city of 14,439 people that’s 37 miles north of Boston.

“There’s enough credible evidence there are things flying around that we didn’t build and we can’t explain,” Commander Fravor said.

At the time of his sighting, he was commander of a 300-member Navy squadron aboard the USS Nimitz known as Strike Fighter Squadron 41.

The pilots were flying the Navy’s newest aircraft, the F/A-18F Super Hornet. He had more than 3,500 flight hours and was a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School known as TOPGUN. He retired in 2006. His 24 years in the military included 18 years as a Navy jet pilot and five deployments in Iraq, beginning with Desert Storm.

He recalls the weather was ideal on the day he’s convinced he saw a UFO: Blue sky and no clouds. The sea was calm. Three others were in the sky with him. In addition to the pilot in the other F/A-18F who accompanied him on that mission, a weapons system officer was in the back of both fighter jets. Their identities have not been disclosed, as they are still active military, Commander Fravor said.

Shortly after the two fighter jets began their training mission, they were redirected by a radio operator from the cruiser USS Princeton to a part of the Pacific Ocean where the Princeton had been tracking as many as a dozen mysterious objects for two weeks. Objects had been seen dropping straight down from above 80,000 feet and stopping at 20,000 feet.

Photo of  similar  craft

In this case, a huge object — approximately 10 feet wide and 40 feet long — hovered as low as 50 feet above the ocean. There was a disturbance in the water directly below it, with waves possibly generated by a second unidentified object much larger than a submarine that may have been submerged beneath the water. (Depiction)

Commander Fravor said he and the trio accompanying him had their eyes glued on the airborne object for about five minutes.

He said numerous times that UFO had the appearance of a giant “Tic Tac” breath mint. It was an oblong, all-white tubular device with no windows and no wings. It had no exhaust, and its energy source and form of propulsion were unknown. It wasn’t anything he’d seen in his years as a Navy jet pilot.

“In 18 years of flying airplanes, this thing had characteristics I never saw,” Commander Fravor said. “It was almost jaw-dropping. It was very strange.”

He said he told the other pilot to stay up high, that he was going down for a closer look. As soon as he got within 3,000 feet — a little more than a half-mile — the object zoomed away at bullet speed, he said.

“As I  get within about a half-mile of it, it just rapidly accelerates,” Commander Fravor said. “As it crosses my [fighter jet’s] nose, it just disappears. It’s gone.” It was gone within two seconds on a day so clear he had 50 miles of visibility and could easily see large objects 10 miles away.

I believe it was something not from this world,” Commander Fravor said Dec. 20 on Fox News during a nationally televised interview with host Tucker Carlson.

One reason Commander Fravor said he’s going public is he wants to demystify UFOs, in hopes the U.S. government and people in general will take the potential for them more seriously.

He encourages experts to think outside the box and “reverse engineer” what they know about aeronautics. Though he has a commendable sense of humor on this subject, Commander Fravor, a decorated 24-year naval aviator, squadron commander if 300 men is dead serious about what he saw. And his career compels us to treat his observations with respect.

Several retired Pentagon intelligence officers have been calling for the Pentagon to restart the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, which tracked UFOs at a cost of $22 million from 2007 to 2012. Christopher K. Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, is urging the government to analyze reports of unidentified aerial phenomena. He frames it as a national security matter. Thanks to Toledo Blade Contact Tom Henry at th****@th******.com419-724-6079,

Underwater USO’s

I have personally seen a UFO surface in our lake on October 1, 1980 at 2 AM, The object was silver with multiple colored lights around its outer rim. The craft was 25 feet in a diameter and has it rose the water poured off the craft. The first UFO book I read was one written by Ivan Sanderson that contained numerous reports of UFOs emerging and submerging into the ocean. We also had sightings a few years ago off the Palos Verdes Peninsula South of Los Angeles where UFOs were seen traveling under water. “What secrets lurk in ocean depths? Are there alien forms of intelligent life that occupy the vast volumes of water that constitute our oceans, seas, and lakes? The largest of our oceans, the Pacific, covers 64,000,000 square miles and reaches a depth of 36,198 feet, a depth that no ray of sunlight ever reaches. Could these depths hide alien submarine bases?

UFOs and Water: Physical Effects of UFOs on Water Through Accounts by Eyewitnesses

 Carl Feindt has written an excellent book about UFOs and Water.

Underwater UFOs have been sighted on many occasions lifting out of their submerged depths and taking to the air. In an article entitled “UFOs – at 450 Fathoms,” UFO Reporter Ed Hyde told of the sighting made by Dr. R. J. Villela, a Brazilian scientist, who saw a UFO smash through an estimated 40 feet of ice at the South Pole and soar into the sky at amazing speed.

It was author and researcher Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson who suggested that aliens could remain undetected by building their bases beneath the world’s oceans. Dr. Sanderson found that by actual count, over 50 percent of the UFO sightings had occurred plunging into or coming out of water. This includes oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Of the oceanic UFOs (some term them USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects), one was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico in 1963 and frequently since then. On a training maneuver, a sonar operator detected an object traveling at over 150 knots! The technicians tracked this object for four days and it maneuvered down to the incredible depth of 27,000 feet. Submarines of 1963 could not dive further than a fraction over a mile into the ocean deeps. What kind of submersible could withstand the tremendous ocean pressures? And how could it overcome the tremendous resistance of water moving at such incredible speeds? I flew to Puerto Rico and interviewed several people who observed UFOs in a Lake on the Southwest corner of the country.

(Note: We now know that may use a process called supercavitation)

 Many witnesses have reported huge cigar-shaped vehicles emerging from the oceanic hydrospaces of earth to take to the sky. In 1965, such an event was logged in the records of the Norwegian ship T.T. Jawesta on the 6th of July and in the log of an Argentinean ship, the Naviero off the coast of Brazil on July 20, 1967. The officers and crew could see a shining object in the sea no more than 50 feet away. It was cigar-shaped and about 110 feet in length and emitted a powerful blue and white glow. It ran silently and without wake through the water.  It paced the Naviero for 15 minutes, then suddenly dived and passed beneath the ship and vanished rapidly into the great depths.

Taking on Water
They pulled their sail down to slow their boat to avoid a collision, but when the ship approached their boat they realized it wasn’t a ship. It was a UFO with a lot of lights on it. It was sucking water up into it and passed slowly within twenty meters of the boat, but the fishermen don’t think the UFO saw them. It just went by them about six meters above the water, sucking up a column of water almost as wide as the UFO. The water didn’t fall back into the ocean. The UFO went past them and disappeared in the distance.”

08-04-1971 -Three vortexes came out from the sea and from inside them an object appeared.”

07-??-1977 – Could see the water of the lake surging upward as if being sucked into the machine.”

10-23-1978a -Column of water “hovered 100 feet high by 15 feet wide before falling fanlike into the sea”

07-17-1992 – Same as 10-23-1978a “sucking up a column of water almost as wide as the UFO”

04-26-1994– A center plume of water shot up to the bottom of the UFO.


Below the UFO the water began to chum. Mist swirled into the air. A center plume of water shot up to the bottom of the UFO. It was a waterspout. The UFO moved slowly to the left and I aimed the camera and took Photo 49. (See case 04-26-1994 –CF-) Ten to fifteen seconds passed while I stared at this amazing scene. Suddenly the waterspout collapsed. The UFO angled off to the left, climbed at a sharp angle, and disappeared into the hazy sky. This reference: UFOs Are Real And Here’s The Proof by Edward Walters and Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., pp 56-57, 100-105 © 1997.

 For years witnesses have seen many types of UFOs cruising off the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. UFOs have actually been seen to come out of the water in the San Pedro Channel. In the early seventies, my friend Jim was on the boat returning from Santa Catalina Island to San Pedro Harbor when he spotted a low, flying disk cruise silently over the channel boat. The craft was so close he could make out every detail of its structure including the four hemispherical pods on its underside.

Strange blue-green lights have been seen in the water since 1989. In 1989, and again in 1990, witnesses have seen as many as 20 events an hour. One large light appeared to be as much as 100 feet in diameter. This large light spawned babies no larger than 10 to 12 feet in length. These lights were seen to move swiftly under the ocean’s surface some 500 to 1,000 feet from the coastline in Abalone Cove. The hypothesis that these may be luminescent fish is discounted by a local marine biologist. These lights were too large and too swift to be fish. One of the lights was reported to have emerged from the water.

Large numbers of dead fish are often noticed after the UFO is seen diving into or emerging from the water causing speculation that the propulsion system using high energy electrical systems kills the fish. On one occasion on February 19, 1982, on Lake Lacar, Argentina a UFO had plunged into the lake and shortly thereafter a large number of dead fish were observed. The dead fish were sent to a laboratory and the fish’s air bladder systems had been compressed by a shock wave. The rapid movement of the UFO may have been to blame.


In 1992 a sea kayaker viewed an amazing sight off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. He was four or five miles south of Los Angeles when a waterspout suddenly formed some hundreds of yards ahead of his kayak. As he observed this spout, the forward motion of the funnel stopped, the curtain of light mist surrounding the waterspout disappeared and a rotating column of what seemed to be solid ice appeared. As the sun reflected off the rotating mass of ice crystals, it appeared to be a sight of extraordinary beauty. The height of the ice column was estimated at 100 to 150 feet. When the ice column collapsed back into the ocean, it created a whirlpool. After this amazing event, the kayaker paddled over to examine floating fragments of ice and found specimens of fish embedded in the frozen pieces. Thanks to Bill Hamilton &

Navy is Likely Primary on UFOs

There is indication that the Office of Naval Intelligence is primary in the UFO subject. The Navy and the U.S. Government has been aware of the ‘marine aspect’ of the phenomenon all along. It is much more likely UFOs come from the oceans rather than from planets millions miles away. If they make the trip from a planet they hide in bases on Earth that are often underwater.

Air Intelligence Division Study No. 203 with the help of the Office of Naval Intelligence presents the first important clue that the Pentagon was well aware of the phenomenon’s marine nature. This document is one of the rarest documents in the national archives linking the Office of Naval Intelligence to any association with the investigation of the phenomenon and offers an early clue that the study of the UFO phenomenon did not fall totally within the realm of the Air Force. The Navy could be more involved than the Air Force..?

Recent reports by UFO researchers suggest there is an ongoing Navy effort to destroy any evidence linking the Navy to the UFO phenomenon. The reports of UFO sightings being edited out of ship’s logs, by UFO researchers, confirms a considerable naval sensitivity to the phenomenon. Researchers have also reported the naval archives in Seacaus, New Jersey appear to have been purposely sabotaged. Documents are missing and files have purposely been mixed chronologically thwarting researchers attempts to do meaningful research at this facility relating to the UFO phenomenon.

Missing Naval Log Books containing UFO/USO reports, Brand New Log Books / Do not Discuss:

Feb 1963, Royal Navy North Atlantic Fleet:

 After Tom witnessed the senior officer enter the UFO observations in the radar log book, their shift ended. Radar room personnel on the early morning watch ate breakfast and then turned in. Tom said he was awakened at 12:30 AM and ordered to report to the ward room, along with the five radar and sonar operators on his shift that morning.

The senior officer proceeded to go over the events of that morning, asking questions about the radar-sonar observations. He told the six men that their conversations were being taped and explained that until more was known about the unknown target, they were to remain silent about what they had seen. “Gentlemen,” the officer said, “We will remember that we have all signed the Official Secrets Act.” Although there were no threats, the implication was clear that to divulge anything to anyone concerning the tracking of the UFO would be considered a breach of security.

When Preston came on duty once again at 2400 hours, he said he was surprised to discover that a “spanking new book” had replaced the radar log used the previous morning

USS Reeves:

All of a sudden I lost Sonar Contact like it was never there, but CIC still had it at last bearing with an abrupt positive altitude change. The chatter was look at the size of that thing. I went outside through the sonar door on the Port Side and visually saw a large moonlike shape that flew upward over the ship at a 60 degree angle and disappeared into the sky in seconds. I heard no noise from the object when it went over us. I saw a full moon that night on the other side of the ship, but it remained fairly constant give or take a few ship rolls.

When we pulled into port a few weeks later, all records in the Bridge, CIC, and Sonar logs about that time were torn out. Whoever tore them out made one error, the pen imprint on the next page was still there. No one spoke of the incident again.

USS Reclaimer:

The F-14 went to full afterburner right off the deck, pulling a rooster-tail7 behind it. It rattled the ship severely as it went by. This USO thing pulled easily ahead of the jet, crossed the horizon in seconds while underwater… no visible wake. It just… I mean this thing was FAST. Well, we just stood there. Wow, you know… what do ya say. We speculated about what it was. Guam told us it was a classified matter not to be reported or discussed.

Carrier USS Kearsarge:

The cameraman was able to get some photos, not sure how many, before they all took off almost straight up and out of sight.

The cameraman turned the film into to his superior officer and was told to not ever mention it. My dad said he and his friend were asked about the incident by their NCO and also told not to ever talk about it.

Sonar operator Account -British Destroyer Warship:

One of Sanderson’s sources stated that no less than 13 craft recorded in their logs that their sonars had tracked this object. Allegedly, the unknown target continued to be tracked for four days as it maneuvered down to depths of 27,000 feet! (This must have been in the vicinity of the Atlantic’s deepest point — 28,374 feet below sea level — in the Puerto Rico Trench.)

If the above story is true, nothing of known earthly origin can travel underwater at such speeds or maneuver at such depths. The fastest nuclear subs can attain 45 knots (52 miles per hour) and dive to around 3,000 feet. The bathyscaphe Trieste, with a specially constructed pressure-resistant hull, descended to a record 35,820 feet in 1960. However, it was incapable of maneuvering about.

It is unfortunate that more than 21 years elapsed before the Preston case reached the attention of a UFO investigator. We have here yet another example of government UFO secrecy at work–this time a foreign nation, Great Britain. Largely due to his apprehension over potential repercussions if he revealed his experience, Tom felt compelled to keep his knowledge of the event to himself. Since it hadn’t occurred to him at the time that the radar log notes would be removed, he had only his memory to rely upon during our interviews.

\USS John F. Kennedy:

So we exited the Communications Center and went to the catwalk on the port side of the ship on the edge of the flight deck and we observed a large glowing sphere over the ship. It was hard to decide what size this thing was because there was no perspective. It was late in the evening. The sun had gone down, it was twilight, but it looked huge.

After that, I talked to a few shipmate friends that I had on the ship. One in particular worked in the radar department and he was on watch during the incident. He told me that all the radar screens were glowing- and then nothing. They couldn’t detect anything on radar. We stayed up most of the night talking about it.

We heard that the compasses were not working on the bridge and that the radar navigational system had gone offline.

A few days later the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer came on the closed circuit television system that we had on board. It was the only way that they could address the crew of 5,000. He [the Commanding Officer] looked at the camera – and I will never forget this – and he said, “I would like to remind the crew that certain events that take place on board a major naval combative vessel are considered classified and should not be discussed with anyone without a need to know.” And that was all he said.

USS Edenton:

During one of my scans of the night sky, out of know where, four red circular lights appeared. The lights where hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square.

After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.

Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound. At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.

The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened.

Submarine repair ship ‘The Volga’ ,October 7, 1977:

“Were such reports made public?”

Azhazha shook his head no. “At the time, naturally, they were classified top secret. Now we have a more open attitude in this country. We are able to talk about such things. On a few rare occasions I did publish some UFO information, but I paid for it under Leonid Brezhnev. The official reaction was very harsh, very negative. My career suffered as a result, and the directorship of a scientific group was taken away from me.”

Captain of Navy R5D aircraft, February 8, 1951:

Crew members and passengers witnessed UFO emerging from the Atlantic Ocean:

When we landed at Argentia (Newfoundland), we were met by intelligence officers. The types of questions they asked us were like Henry Ford asking about the Model T.

You got the feeling that they were putting words in your mouth. It was obvious that there had been many sightings in the same area, and most of the observers did not let the cat out of the bag openly. When we arrived in the United States, we had to make a full report to Navy Intelligence.

I found out a few months later that Gander radar did track the object in excess of 1800 mph”.

USS Curtiss (AV-4) Operation Castle, 1954

From Table 60, operational activities during the Castle test series, DNA 6035F, 1 April 1982. Page 341 is from the logbook of the USS Curtiss, Shot Koon 7 Apr 1954.

Steamed independently in operating area BG 28-36-1. At 1138 anchored berth N-6, Bikini; at 1948 left berth enroute to Eniwetok; at 2305 an unidentified luminous object passed over ship from bow to stern, yellowish-orange in color, traveling at a high rate of speed and a low altitude.

The Curtiss was carrying components of six thermonuclear bombs assembled aboard by the scientific laboratory and detonated in the Marshall Islands at Eniwetok and Bikini.

In August 1965, a crew of the Soviet steamship Raduga, while navigating in the Red Sea, observed an unusual phenomenon. At about two miles away, a fiery sphere dashed out from under the water and hovered over the surface of the sea, illuminating it.


The sphere was sixty meters in diameter, and it hovered above the sea at an altitude of 150 meters. A gigantic pillar of water rose as the sphere emerged from the sea and collapsed some moments later.

In December 1977, not far from the Novy Georgy Island, the crew of the fishing trawler VASILY KISELEV also observed a doughnut-shaped object rising vertically from under the water. Its diameter was between 300 and 500 meters.  It hovered at the altitude of four to five kilometers.  The trawler’s radar station was immediately rendered inoperative. The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then disappeared instantly.

The testimony of Alexander G. Globa, a seaman from GORI, a Soviet tanker, in June 1984, was in the Mediterranean, twenty nautical miles from the Straight of Gibraltar. At 16:00, Globa was on duty. With him was Second-in-Command S. Bolotov. They were standing watch at the left bridge extension wing when both men observed a strange polychromatic object.


When the object was astern, it stopped suddenly. S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his binoculars and shouting: “It is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my God, hurry, hurry, look!” Globa looked through his own binoculars and saw, at a distance over the stern, a flattened out looking object. The UFO was gleaming with a grayish metallic shine. The lower portion of the craft had a precise round shape, its diameter no more than twenty meters. Around the lower portion of it Globa also observed “waves” of protuberances on the outside plating.

The base of the object’s body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions. At the circumference of the lower smooth disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright, bead-like lights. a yolk color nucleus-like stain in the middle of it,. The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower disc, but at a much slower pace. Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible wave. Many lights illuminated its bottom portion. The UFO’s attention was distracted by an Arab dry cargo ship, on its way to Greece. The Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship.  Zagadki Sfinksa magazine (Issue # 3, 1992) Odessa,

Malibu Underwater Alien Base is Unlikely

 Final Conclusion – Was it an Alien Base? The final conclusion of the MUFON Special Assignment Team Investigator, Chase Kloetzke, is that the Google satellite image of the alleged Malibu underwater alien/military base located at 33.999754, -119.028777 is a natural thrust fault that features all of the expected characteristics of a geological formation in an appropriate area such as the Dume and Santa Monica Faults. The “columns” that present in the images, but that do not actually exist, are an artifact of the Google Earth satellite image construction process. Large numbers of underwater lights have been reported in the area. Other areas may hold an underwater alien base. Thanks to MUFON

Stellar Explosions Cause Et to Find New Planets

Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage team (STScI/AURA)

 When astronomers peered into the constellation Tucana (the toucan), they found the small-but-powerful remnant of a stellar explosion hidden amid the colorful clouds of a nearby galaxy. The stellar remnant is the first of its kind found outside the Milky Way.

The strands of gas and dust left behind from a 2,000-year-old supernova shine in vibrant colors in new imagery created by space- and ground-based telescopes,

Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage team (STScI/AURA)

including the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope, in Chile. Astronomers searched these clouds, located in a neighboring galaxy 200,000 light-years away, and found a well-hidden neutron star they’d suspected was inside.

This image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows wisps of gas forming the supernova remnant 1E 0102.2-7219, seen in blue at the center. Part of the massive star-forming region N76 is seen at the lower right of the image in green and pink.

Frédéric Vogt, an ESO fellow, led a team of researchers to locate the hard-to-find stellar corpse that might explain “p1.” Scientists have known about this source of X-ray waves for years but had yet to pinpoint its location.

The team studied the shapes of gas in a nearby dwarf galaxy known as the Small Magellanic Cloud, according to the ESO image description. The Small Magellanic Cloud’s name comes from its smudge-like appearance in the southern skies. However, rather than a cloud, it’s actually a collection of millions of stars.

The Small Magellanic Cloud, seen in the constellation Tucana (the toucan). A slowly expanding ring of gas inside the clouds of this system was an early clue to where the neutron star might be, researchers said in the image description.

Living stars create fusion and produce energy, and some stars are larger than others. But when death approaches, stars larger than 1.4 times the mass of the sun explode (leaving behind formations like rings) and can also collapse and leave behind an ultra dense Credit: Davide De Martin/ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2.     core known as a neutron star

.In these cases, protons and electrons are put under tremendous gravitational pressure and form densely packed neutrons, hence the name.

UFO Sightings in the United States

California Object

Pismo Beach — At 4:30 one morning I woke up on the couch to a bright glowing light moving East from over the ocean towards the shoreline. The object flew silently and had a heat emulsion emitted from behind. As it reached the shore, it hovered, then moved in a northerly direction. As it passed near the nuclear power plant in Avila Beach, a radish glowing orb separated from the craft in an arcing fashion towards the plant. After which the craft accelerated rapidly in a NW direction until it disappeared in the distance. I lived in an ocean facing condo in the Shell Beach portion of Pismo Beach at the time of the occurrence. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

Jacksonville — I was watching some bird flying when I noticed a silent large rectangle craft overhead. It was silver and the sun was glistening off it. On the eastern side, there was what appeared to be a black area going across the end shaped like a ruler. Here is my drawing of what I saw. It was larger than an airliner, silver and very shiny with the 2 circles appearing to move. The craft moved straight up and disappeared.

Note: It is doubtful that the object was a drone given that the witness heard no sound. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Kansas Circular UFO

Hutchinson  — I was passing a large open field when I saw a grey circular UFO with a large oval circular window in front.  It also had red, white, and blue lights that rotated individually different directions below the window.  It was huge. I guess the size of two football fields.  Coming out of the middle of the underside and the back side of the craft were separate sets of stairs.  They seemed to be suspended in air.  The stairs were white, but nothing between them.  I saw what looked like the picture people draw of aliens on the stairs in back, but the face was hidden.  There was a second one, gathering samples that ran up the stairs as I drove by.

Being extremely scared, I checked the clock with a blue van traveling toward me.  I looked behind me when the van was behind me.  The object was gone. The next day it was in the Hutchinson News, but now that edition is missing. Thanks to UFOINFO

Maine Disc

Stark — Obtained old black and white pictures from a friend who asked me to scan them, he gave permission to submit to MUFON for examination, originals came from an old hermit who lived in the area. Pictures probably from the 1950’s or so but seem very detailed.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nebraska Object

Omaha —  I was at the VA Hospital Omaha on 42nd and Woolworth taking a picture of the Passover moon on the 30th of March at about 8:25pm. I took the pictures and clicked as fast as I could 4 times. I did not see it. When I looked at the pictures I seen a speck like something was on my screen. All other 3 pictures had the anomaly flying across the pictures from left to right. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Sphere

Marlton — After I uploaded my pictures, I noticed that one of them had round objects in it, I did not see anything while I was taking the picture…I had enlarged the picture trying to figure out what these could be, this happened between 1:15-1:30:pm. March 8th, 2018. I did notice that these objects in the picture seem to be above the power lines that were down due to a snow storm that we had the day before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Orb/Star

Greenpoint – On April 8, 2018, I just had this knowing (feeling) again that I knew I’d see something in the sky. After 10 minutes outside my balcony there it popped up and instinctively I knew that this was the object I was looking for. This was my first ever video caught on the Nikon P900 so I’m sorry for the shaky footage. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wisconsin Object

Milwaukee — I am a lover of the skies and have known we are not alone in this universe. I was outside in my backyard looking up. I live near Mitchell International Airport (5.7 miles) and Lake Michigan (7 miles) and have watched planes for years. I noticed a couple of blinking hovering objects in the western sky on July 17, 2017, . It was a round with, flashing lights,

, I pulled out my phone and started recording the growing number of objects. I ran to grab my husband and told him to look up and he saw the flashing lights. At the end of the video, a solid black craft zooms in from the north. It has shape and mass and even spits out a jet stream. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Austria Disc

Salzburg — Went for a walk between Palace Hellbrunn and the Zoo of Salzburg on April 7, 2018, with my girlfriend and took a picture of the mountains in the distance.
At home I looked at all the pictures from that day and saw that there was an UFO in one of them. I couldn’t see or hear it while taking the picture. The surface of the object is reflective and covered in shadow on the below.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Lights

New Westminster  — On April 10, 2018, the witness photographed a thunderstorm .Doing pictures of the storm after checking on the computer pictures. The lights were not visible in the sky.

Note: The lights in the sky may be camera lens reflecting the lights on the ground.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Costa Rica Orb

Heredia – On April 4, 2017, my sister was taking photos of the sunset.

When she watched the images an object could be seen clearly in the clouds.

It was a dark object flying swiftly.

Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

France Object

Cannes — Taking a few morning Photos at the Port in Cannes FR did not notice the flying object till I downloaded the image to my computer, :Photo taken June 7, 2017

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Object

Quebradillas – I found the object following a sequence of photos taken when pointing the camera at north of, Puerto Rico toward the sea. Photo was taken on April 7, 2018 of a dark object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Spain Disc

 Cadiz — My sister in law took picture off the ship she was on off coast of Spain.

Photo was taken on April 8, 2018.

Disc object with a series of lights was photographed.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Cylinder

 Ipswich — My son and his Fiancée were on their way home from shopping on December 8, 2017, when they saw lights in sky hovering over the trees. They pulled off the road to try to film the object and tried to get a video. It did not save on mobile phone, so the attached photo is all we have. I’m not sure what happened to video, but as you can see the photo is pulsating, so it seems like the video and photograph merged?.
The place they saw object is not far from Rendlesham!  Thanks to MUFON CMS

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

ngland in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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