Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #10 – 2018 Planetary Defense

March 11, 2018

In special reports, this week’s files cover: U.S. Releases UFO Files, Pentagon Fails to Capture Data About Alien Orbs, Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus, Asteroid Redirection for Planetary Defense, Abductee Says Aliens Asked Him About Jesus Christ, Manta Ray Ascending and Descending into the Ground, and Grand Teton National Park UFO.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, and Wyoming

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico,, Portugal, Poland, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

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Special Projects

U.S. Releases UFO Files

Washington Post by Christopher Mellon st on March 9, 2018. Christopher Mellon served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. He is an adviser to the To the Stars Academy for Arts and Science.

In December, the Defense Department declassified two videos documenting encounters between U.S. Navy F-18 fighters and unidentified aircraft. The first video captures multiple pilots observing and discussing a strange, hovering, egg-shaped craft, apparently one of a “fleet” of such objects, according to cockpit audio. The second shows a similar incident involving an F-18 attached to the USS Nimitz carrier battle group in 2004.

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies. Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. In another recent case, the Air Force launched F-15 fighters last October in a failed attempt to intercept an unidentified high-speed aircraft looping over the Pacific Northwest

Pentagon Fails to Capture Data About Alien Orbs

Joseph Foster writes, An article was released on the Internet detailing Alien Orbs being observed over a period of time at the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey. As reported on September 29, 1999, scientists at the American Science Foundation were asked by a local computer company executive (ACC – Jack Schulman) to analyze claims contained in a study of the possibility of extraterrestrial life using a “door way” system along with some form of “resonant energy” to covertly study humanity.

Reportedly, after several months of studying gathered data, the scientists were no longer skeptical. Their studies indicated that there was in fact

“evidence” of a “so-called Vortex” located at the reservoir in Wanaque, NJ. Studies performed at the time authenticated that the “doorway system” does in fact exist and that it allows an unknown specie or species to travel without observation to any point in on the face of the earth using some gateway system.

In 1999 at the ‘Global Sciences Congress’ annual convention in Denver, Co. of that year, with 600 Attendees were provided a chance to witness the existence of what “Team Orb” described as a “Alien Observer Orbs”. 15 or so were captured live on Digital Cameras were shown to a “stunned” audience. This conference then supposedly turned into an Orb-fest with the Orbs almost obediently lining up for picture taking. This supposed behavior was indicative of a “human compatible intelligence” with even a sense of humor.

The portal itself was likened to the wormholes as described in the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster. These portals were metamorphic and compared favorably to such interstellar wormholes potentially used by alien intelligence as a inter-galactic transportation system.

The study was documented by a hastily organized study team using captured stereo-optic and infra red images of these “beings” using this “doorway” system to transit to and from our world. They again are here to observe humanity and then to leave.

The technology used by these beings was beyond anything in the Pentagon’s arsenal and as such probably did not escape the Pentagon’s attention for long. The American Science Foundation Study Team (identified in the original article as TEAM ORB) observed the strange Vortex, followed by filming and cataloging Orb-like evidence of the alien species as it visits our planet through this apparent portal. It should also be noted that the Pentagon was now also gaining interest as the mystery deepened.

Not to be outdone, a new study team was organized by the Department of Defense who then installed permanent monitoring equipment and sensors at the Vortex location. These sensors were designed to collect images of the strange comings and goings of the beings using the Orb Doorway System.

After two weeks of monitoring the inner workings of the recording equipment had been “pulverized” by a force not yet identified. At the time, Pentagon “experts” were observing not only the Vortex but also the activities of the American Science Foundations’ “TEAM ORB”. When the equipment stopped working, it was inspected and found to be unopened leaving the Pentagon personnel at a loss to explain how their equipment was damaged, especially being that it was only on the insides with no evidence of entry.

Making light of the situation, Pentagon and FBI personnel had little to say about the actions of the traveling Orb phenomena other than to suggest that the phenomena captured by TEAM ORB (1’ to 5’ orbs as “documented”) was nothing but “pollen” caught by the camera equipment. It was also at this point a member of “Team Orb” reportedly commented: “Sorry, but I left my Electron Microscope home”. Apparently the Government found the situation amusing, because it was essentially powerless to stop the Orb entities from manifesting to private citizens at their homes and/or their offices”.

“The Beings trashed the Pentagon’s equipment” said one Team Orb member. At first they were quite annoyed because it looked like we had inadvertently caused the Pentagon and the NSA to bring in heavy equipment to study THEM. Afterwards, it seemed that they had gotten over it. Aliens apparently went up to the Pentagon’s equipment and used some form of technology on it, thus leaving a not too subtle message for the DoD, et al. They (the entities) find our concept of the use of the Military and war very primitive.

It was also reported that TEAM ORB received numerous offers of funding by high tech firms interested in gaining access to benefits coming from these scientific studies of Vortex phenomena as well as the Beings who use the Orb Doorway System to observe and study humanity. The commercialization would be “earth shaking”!

“If TEAM ORB can produce enough information about how the Vortex Doorway System works, imagine the benefits,” stated George

Gemmiel, an AT&T Executive who was one of several parties interviewed and definitely interested in the technology. Mr. Gemmiel expressed his interest to TEAM ORB being that AT&T independently verified that the Orbs were real and appeared to be a form of technology”. But whatever controls it does not appear to like us up there with our equipment, unlike how TEAM ORB is treated: their team members are welcomed by these objects every time they visit. We hope to interest TEAM ORB in a technology exchange agreement.”

Note: Joe Foster writes I have very limited firsthand knowledge of this article. That knowledge comes from the fact that at the time the article was written I was a consultant to AT&T with access to the company’s Global Email system directory. I was able to validate that this AT&T executive did in fact exist and that he was who he reported to be – JRF

Another Executive (David G.), who was an executive at SAIC Bellcore, indicated that his firm was also interested in the technological advantages offered by any remote alien species who might be visiting earth. To paraphrase, He indicated that if space-time could be conquered then we should be able to transcend the limitations of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, therefore advancing to a new understanding of the Universe and how we may explore it. This then could be done in real time, traveling light Years, in the matter of seconds. There was as described by the writer of the original report, TEAM ORB members offering to take the Orbs and the beings associated with them on “field trips” to NASA, The US Government, the Vatican, etc. offers reportedly resulted in interest, yet some trepidation remained. The Government’s offer caused the Pentagon to take up a position near the Wanaque Vortex. NASA indicated that they had in fact hired a director to look into the phenomena as well. The American Science Foundation team to that point had been highly successful in standing off the “debunkers” by providing authentication of their film methodology and artifacts as well as by taking various members of the public to the Vortex where they where they were “encouraged” to take their own photos of this remarkable find. “Humanity may not be ready for this discovery,” stated a TEAM ORB lead investigator, Bryan Williams, who was also one of the original discoverers of the Vortex Doorway System. Apparently these astral alien beings, or whatever they are, were ready for contact and interaction with Humanity. The opportunity was pursued in order to open a relationship with them and to gain insights as to who they are and what they may want from us. It also seemed to the investigators that there might have been some kind of conflict between competing Alien races of one order and that of another.

Accordingly they (the entities) may have been here to try to prepare us for the possibility of being drawn into a vast, political conflict, well beyond our experience and control. The fear being that there may be a time when a race (if not already here) pops into our Solar System through one of these Interstellar, Inter-dimensional “gateways” that allows one to transcend Einstein’s theory regarding “speed of light” limitations. An advanced species very well may have solved this problem and is now transiting the universe in such a manner (as in Carl Sagan’s “Contact”) to affect these visits.


As to the Pentagon’s “reported” interest, the message by the alien entity seems to have been ‘kids should not play with toys they don’t fully understand’. This probably also explains the Pentagon’s attempts to gain evidence of the phenomena by trying to Observe it Scientifically. Based upon the “destruction” of their monitors and sensors, the Pentagon team should have consulted with TEAM ORB directly before setting their equipment up and turning it on. Possible reason being, the entities were already fully aware of what they were doing and just wanted to let the Pentagon know!

As of this report, no other information is available however, the Computer company mentioned above was supposedly doing some PR for Team Orb group as well as providing limited “sponsorship” for part of its activities. ACC and Jack Schulman (associated with a AT&T Bell Labs reported incident back in the 90’s) seems to add some weight to the mystery surrounding this endeavor. Thanks to Fitzhugh MacCrae and Joe Foster. Orb photos – Credit AmericanComputerScienceAssociation Website

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus’

Raymond A. Keller’s “The Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus is the second exciting book in mythologist, magic realist, and ufologist that received the London Book Festival’s Honorable Mention. This is the second book in Dr. Raymond A. Keller’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning Venus Rising series. Some of the interesting and real individuals you’ll meet in this book of astounding science include: The German “Rocket Man” who saved New York City in early 1945, the wife of a Japanese prime minister who traveled to Venus in another dimension aboard an ethereal beam ship, a California contactee under constant surveillance by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and his public revelations that smashed the Venus Conspiracy.
The team of Russian scientists probing the mysteries of Venusians life being monitored by the Above Top Secret United States Air Force’s “Project White Stork,” the mega-stars who have used various forms of magic to contact Venusians and other entities inhabiting the mysterious phantom zone known as “Dimension X.”

The enigmatic psychic Maria Orsic (shown) and the members of the Vril Social Club that inspired the early German science fiction writers and rocket scientists and countless others also appear in the well documented pages of the Venus Rising series. So take your protein pills and put your helmet on because we are going to momentarily be blasting off for high adventures on Venus with both the Cosmic Ray himself and his long-time friend and associate, the glorious Queen of Outer Space!

In the GISS model’s simulation, Venus’ slow spin exposes its dayside to the sun for 117 days almost two months at a time,” co-author and fellow GISS scientist Anthony Del Genio said. “This warms the surface and produces rain that creates a thick layer of clouds, which acts like an umbrella to shield the surface from much of the solar heating. The result is mean climate temperatures that are actually a few degrees cooler than Earth’s today.” Until recently, it was assumed that a thick atmosphere like that of modern Venus was required for the planet to have today’s slow rotation rate. However, newer research has shown that a thin atmosphere like that of modern Earth could have produced the same result. That means an ancient Venus with an Earth-like atmosphere could have had the same rotation rate it has today.

Manta Ray Ascending and Descending s into the Ground

By Dr. Bruce Cornet

On a number of occasions Bruce Cornet and others have witnessed the Manta Ray UFO rising up from a forest or descending through trees and disappearing into the ground. Dr. Ellen Crystall in her book, “Silent Invasion,” reported seeing the same thing, and believed that there was an underground alien base in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State. As a geologist I tested her theory by performing a three-year magnetic survey over a 24 square mile area to the east of Pine Bush, NY. I discovered numerous areas where anomalous magnetic data or signals were detected, which seemed to support Crystall’s hypothesis.

What was difficult for me at the time was the concept that these craft were defying our concepts of physics, and literally dematerializing or changing their atomic frequencies enough that their structures could pass through matter in our world. Yet there is much evidence from alien abduction research to suggest that our Visitors have the capability of passing themselves and their human captives through doors, walls, and windows without damaging them. Derrel Sims has focused on collecting anomalous imprints in glass windows, doors, and impressions of alien handprints and fingers, which are barriers to us, indicating that some residue of their physical being can be recorded in the objects they passed through. If they have the technology to do this, then why couldn’t they dematerialize an entire ship and pass it through the ground into an underground chamber or base?

There is much speculation that a shadow US government operation has retrieved and copied some types of alien spacecraft, which may account for the significant increase in sightings of Black Triangles over the United States since 1997. See discussions in Filer’s Files #6 and #7. It would appear that humans have achieved antigravity capability, but does this technology also include the capability of passing through material objects in our world?

I present data below to document what witnesses have seen, including myself, that the Manta Ray sightings in New York State do not belong to our government.

Vincent Polise conducted a decade of research on the Pine Bush UFO Phenomenon, beginning in the early 1990s, and wrote a book by that name in 2005. He describes witnessing a large craft in the woods at the end of Heritage Lane. I say “in the woods,” because the craft occupied the same space as the forest trees, and eventually disappeared into the ground. As far as I know, humans have not developed such technology, nor capability of dematerializing all of its structure except its lights, which can still be seen in our dimension. He states in his book (p. 74-75):

“I drove to the end of West Searsville Road and made left onto Heritage Lane. From the top, I was able to see the pulses of light starting to pick up speed. They were now pulsating at a rate of one flash per three seconds. They were becoming extremely rapid and as they pulsed quicker, I drove even faster to find them! I pulled the car over as fast as I could– the strobes were coming from the dense forest at the end of this street! I was in such a hurry to get to the origin of the lights that in my haste, I left all my camera equipment in the front seat. The gentleman I had just met parked right behind me as I ran into a neighbor’s backyard to get a closer look at the flashes. Curious, he cautiously followed and ended up standing next to me.

“We watched the lights from that close distance for a few minutes before the pulsing got more rapid and more intense. They were now flashing at a speed of one flash per second – it was like a laser light show! Suddenly the treetops were enveloped in a white mist through which we could still see the strobes. This mist was chalky white and highly unusual! We saw an enormous half-moon-shaped object rise above the trees.

We could see only half of the craft over the tree line but we could tell that the object was huge! When the craft rose above the trees it was very bright, but not so bright that we couldn’t peer into it. It was brilliant and full of colors much like a Ferris wheel on fire! The outer edges had balls of sparks rotating in a clockwise direction. These little balls were composed of beautiful colors: blue, yellow, red and some green. The craft’s center was lit up in a brilliant bright orange with shooting sparks all around the outer edges. I couldn’t see any metallic structure within the craft but such a light display had to be supported by one. The craft floated above the tree line for a full five seconds before it descended back into the ground.” (Polise, The Pine Bush Phenomenon, 2005)

The phenomenon witnessed by Polise and another witness is similar to what I and other sky watchers on West Searsville Road. observed and photographed on 24 October 1994.

Across a field at the north end of West Searsville and Hill Ave. we saw the Manta Ray turn on its paired plasma lights surrounded by an ionized orange-red glow and slowly move forward just above the ground behind a row of trees. It then ascended high into the air, reversed direction, and flew south towards the Wilde farm, where it descended in a spiral loop before plunging into a dense forest at the eastern side of a farm field. Major George Filer was there with the Skywatch Group on West Searsville Road. that evening of 24 October 1994 when this performance took place, and witnessed this takeoff and disappearance into the forest.

Cliff Larson obtained a sunburned face during the sighting and George Filer

The picture below shows the lights of this craft seemingly oblivious to trees in its path, supporting what Polise describes in his book.

The Manta Ray can passes through matter in our dimension as if it didn’t exist, and disappear into the ground.

Eight (8) is ground level. Black line unrecorded path.

Another sighting by Tommy Sinisi and myself on 10 August 1996 occurred when we were camping on the eastern side of a low ridge next to the Wilde farm. We first heard a noise coming from the same forest where the above picture of the Manta Ray passing through the forest was taken. We looked across the fields surrounding the Wilde farm, and saw a blinking red light rising up from that very forest. When it got to about 500 feet altitude, a set of white plasma lights were turned on, and the Manta Ray began flying south. Soon thereafter it began turning west towards us and flew directly over us on the ridge. I have several recorded sounds of the Manta Ray that night fling over us, then going back to that forest, and descending into it, presumably into an underground hanger or cavity.The picture was taken from where I had parked my van on the east side of the low ridge overlooking the valley. The path of the Manta Ray, which was captured on time exposures, is shown as an inverted B&W image overlying the daytime picture. Conclusions: The Manta Ray is a specialized diamond-shaped antigravity platform capable of projecting different images to different skywatchers on the ground, and is capable of contracting its tail so that it becomes a flying triangle. It can pass into a parallel dimension, rendering itself invisible, and pass through the ground, presumably into an underground chamber or hanger. Dr. Ellen Crystall observed what I observed in the field, and hypothesized that there is an alien base underground. A 24 square mile magnetic survey which I conducted between 1992 and 1995 documented underground magnetic anomalies and signals coming out of the ground, supporting Crystall’s hypothesis. It is highly unlikely that this technology belongs to a covert Secret Space Program, although we can be reasonably certain that the US military is fully appraised of its existence and capability., Manta Ray Performs Tricks for Skywatch Group

Asteroid Redirection Planetary Defense

Every few days asteroids pass close to Earth. An Asteroid named 2017 YZ4, the size of a bus that Nasa only spotted on Christmas Day made a ‘near miss’ with Earth on Dec 28, 2017. It passed by Earth at a distance of just 139,433 miles.

Jan 3, 2018 – An asteroid the size of a truck shot past Earth, It’s not going to hit us, but it’ll come within one fifth of the distance to the moon on. Feb 9, 2018. Known as 2018 CB, the asteroid will get as close as 44,000 miles from our planet around 5 p.m. EST.

A newly discovered asteroid flew safely past Earth on Feb 9, 2018 – may be larger than a celestial object that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, five years ago. Called 2018 CB, it’s estimated to be from 50 to 130 feet in diameter, An asteroid VR -12 the size of a sports stadium zoomed close by Earth at 898.000 miles on Wednesday March 7, 2018. 
NASA is designing a spacecraft that could nudge asteroids out of Earth’s way. With its new Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, NASA is hoping to do just that: The refrigerator-sized missile is now in a preliminary design. “Our current objective is to find those down to 140 meters [wide], and we think the population of those is somewhere around 25,000 asteroids” Johnson says.

The threat of an asteroid hurtling towards Earth is a real-life concern. In 2013, for instance, a roughly 20-meter-wide meteor exploded over Russia, injuring about 1,500 people with its shock wave. “The hazard of asteroids crossing Earth’s orbit and being a potential for collision and impact with the Earth is a real thing,” says NASA planetary defense officer Lindley Johnson. He leads the Planetary Defense Coordination Office, which finds, tracks and characterizes potentially hazardous asteroids and comets.

But what if we could nudge an asteroid out of our way by shooting a missile at it, changing the asteroid’s orbit just enough to avoid a collision with Earth? With its new Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, NASA is hoping to do just that: The refrigerator-sized missile is now in a preliminary design phase. If built, DART would take aim at an asteroid called Didymos B, which will (non-threateningly) approach Earth in 2022, and again in 2024.

“The DART mission is a technology demonstration,” DART co-investigator Andy Cheng says. “It will demonstrate the method of deflecting an asteroid by running a spacecraft into it and changing its orbit.” Cheng explains that after leaving Earth’s orbit, the spacecraft would use a long-range telescope to home in on Didymos. The craft would ultimately ram into the asteroid at a speed of roughly six kilometers per second, “which is about nine times the speed of the bullet from an AK-47.”

Didymos was chosen as a target because it’s actually a binary asteroid system — the 160-meter Didymos B orbits the 780-meter Didymos A. Striking Didymos B with DART would change its orbit around the larger body, which Cheng says could help scientists measure the effect of the deflection.

” Cheng says. “We’re not going to knock it into a dangerous orbit and show that we deflected the asteroid. Scientists are discovering more near-Earth asteroids all the time probably in the millions,” Johnson says. Of those, he estimates that about 93 percent of asteroids 1 km wide and larger have already been found. But medium-sized asteroids — the kind that DART could potentially deflect — are abundant, and based on current estimates, somewhere around 25,000,” Johnson says. So far, his program has only found about 7,700 — less than a third of the estimated total. INASA’s catalog includes more than 16,000 near-Earth asteroids of all sizes.

Detecting, tracking and characterizing near-Earth asteroids costs $35 to $40 million a year, Johnson says. “The total amount of our program this fiscal year 2017 was $60 million.” DART is a modest investment, compared to the scale of disaster it could potentially avert. If you hit a city, you’re talking many billions of dollars of damage and potentially millions of casualties,” that could be averted.” Thanks to NASA

Grand Teton National Park UFO

Robert Stiles writes, “Hello Major Filer. The craft on the current file looks remarkably like the photo I took last summer in Grand Teton National Park. They both have a round pod on bottom.”

I think my photo provides a little more detail. The craft is very small next to the insert which I enlarged.

It looks like these things are real whatever they are. I love your posts. Thank you Robert M Stiles

Evangelist Billy Graham has gone on with the Angels and UFOs

Billy Graham, the charismatic pastor who took his evangelizing crusades around the country and the globe, died on Wednesday morning at 99 years of age. Graham achieved a reach unlike any other evangelist, serving as a counselor or minister to presidents. He was buried next to his wife. The grave marker reads: “Preacher of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Billy Graham has had a ministry for 50 years to a dozen presidents since Truman. In his bestselling book, “Angels God’s Secret Agents” Graham states, “Some reputable scientists deny and others assert that UFOs do appear to people from time to time. Some scientists have reached the place where they think they can prove that these are possibly visitors from outer space.

Some Christian writers have speculated that UFOs could very well be a part of God’s angelic host who preside over the physical affairs of universal creation. While we cannot assert such a view with certainty, many people are now seeking some type of supernatural explanation for these phenomena. Nothing can hide the fact, however, that these unexplained events are occurring with greater frequency. (Page 21)

The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels.”“His chariots of conveyance, which he sends for his friends, as he did for Elijah …his chariots of state, in the midst of which he shows his glory and power.“For he will give his angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 68 & 91.

MUFON CMS Reports 548 February UFO Sightings

Santa Anna, California on Sunday, October 22, 2017Santa Anna, California on Sunday, October 22, 2017

CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In February 2018 there were 548 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries; United States 362, Canada 43, United Kingdom 42, France 18, Australia,11, Germany 7, Brazil and Ireland 5.

Peter Davenport at his National UFO Reporting Center had 212 sighting reports in February 2018

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Light

Phoenix — In the recent Filer’s Files #9 under “Nevada Lights” you have a picture (attached) of three lights similar to the photo that I took in Phoenix, AR in April of 2015. The object below in my photo of the three lights, in the center of the photo, I believe, is an airplane because it moved to the right towards the airport in subsequent frames while the three lights stayed relatively in the same position all of the time. My picture was taken from a distance of about three miles from this object in Gold Canyon, so I wasn’t able to judge it’s size, but I think that it was rather large judging from the ground lights around Phoenix. Also, the three lights, I saw at times, turned into four as a light would appear and then it would soon disappear. Then there were three lights again. All of these photos are similar to the Phoenix lights, are they not? Thanks to Dan Johnson

California Object

Long Beach — My wife and I went for a bike ride to the park in the Golden East Regional Park on March 10, 2017, and stopped for a while. We turned to look at the sky and there were the objects. I took my camera and started recording. At the beginning you see how one red object passes under the other that appear to be two spheres together, after a while it changes color and the two appear white. They changed color and changed to a white sphere. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

Naples — Taking photos of sunset on November 10, 2016, I didn’t notice a white disc until I was reviewing them a year later. It didn’t move that I know, but there were black spots when I zoomed in on the picture. I’m just looking for an explanation. It looked unnatural to me, and I’m always watching the sky as I live on the beach. When the sunset completely, it wasn’t visible. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Triangle

Orlando — I was at work photographing some flowering trees on February 23, 2018. I noticed a very fast moving Concord like jet with sleeker wings and no tail. I saw it for 10 seconds and turned my camera on but missed it since it was so fast. I heard no noise and saw no contrails. It was traveling northwest and disappeared in the clouds. I’m 10 miles from Orlando International Airport and this white aircraft was flying higher than commercial jets. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Object

Lexington — On March 3, 2018, a friend and I were heading back to Louisville from the Red Mile Gaming facility at about 5:30 PM. We were heading west on Highway 64w.

The sun was starting to set, being a sky watcher I noticed this elongated looking object that appeared to be hovering (not moving), and then we saw several fast moving objects moving from South to North at almost horizon level. I was able to snap a few photos but I was unable get better shots. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nebraska Light

North Platte — Got home and got out of my truck and saw this light hovering in the sky on March 3. 2018. It had four lights on it blinking red and to Green. It then moved around making impossible maneuvers. I recorded it on my cell phone and it flew away quickly and disappeared. A minute later it came back for two more minutes and I recorded it again. I’m hoping to get an answer to what I saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Objects

Mt. Laurel — After I uploaded my pictures on March 8, 2018, I noticed that one of them had round objects in it, I did not see anything while I was taking the picture…I had enlarged the picture trying to figure out what these could be, this happened between 1:15-1:30:pm. I did notice that these objects in the picture seem to be above the power lines that were down due to a snow storm that we had the day before.

New York Orb

Lake George — I found pictures of this UFO on Google Earth street view on March 3, 2018.

The picture was taken on the east side of Lake George by the radio tower near Shelvin rock . Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Object

Nashvillle — On a road trip from Louisiana with two girlfriends in the front seats while I was lying down in the back seat watching the sky pass by on October 29, 2017.

I noticed a massive object of dull, metallic grey descend slowly from the bottom of the cloud cover. I watched it for 45seconds before asking my two friends if they could see what I was seeing. They both looked out and one said, “Oh wow…that’s a UFO
I then took out my LG phone and took the pictures of it as it was ascending back into the clouds. Strangely the pictures don’t show that it was a huge rectangular object but instead show a circular disk on its side. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wyoming Cylinder

Lander — I noticed a very interesting looking cloud bank on July 17, 2017. i was standing on a sidewalk in front of my girlfriends house. I took several zoom and regular photos my iPhone 6s plus. I did not see the object. Several weeks later I realized there was a cigar shaped UFO in the last picture. The very best part is when I was taking photos of this cloud bank It looked like a UFO disguised as a cloud. To me it appears as if this craft is docking with a mothership of sorts. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Cigar

Melbourne — I got home from work on March 5, 2018, and I looked up and was stunned to see a large dark cigar object. I was shocked and ran inside to get my iPhone to film it. When I came back out it had darted to high altitude very rapidly. With my eyes I could still see the dark color and the elongated shape but in video it only shows as blinking lights. It was there for about 15 minutes. The flashing lights were random I took video of a plane to show the normal height for comparative reasons. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Brazil Lights

Santo Antônio Da Platin — I was filming several UFOs on February 3, 2018, that appear to me almost every day. That day many came and this one was the last that flew over my house. My father and I were watching the UFOs. I later realized I saw a triangular ship. (I’ve seen 5 triangular ships) who shone in front of a plane last year. I filmed this object quietly because my family and I are use to them. Thanks to MUFON CMS

India Triangle

Eattumannor Kerala — I am a Software Engineer working in Infopark Kochi which is about 95 kilometers away from my home town. I commute every day between Kochi and Tiruvalla either by bus, train or by my bike.. The incident happened on 23rd February 2018 at around 5:35 AM. I was biking to work starting at 4:15 AM and reached Eattumanoor at 5:10 AM. I met a friend near by the Ezhara Ponnana Shiva Temple and we saw a glowing light moving with a constant speed. I took a video using my HTC Phone camera and as it flew over its shape changed to a triangle. Suddenly light started dimming and it shot west.

Note: The video is grainy and doesn’t reveal much detail. The witnesses disagree on the shape that the light changed to (triangular or round). The video doesn’t reveal any shape and probably doesn’t depict what the witnesses saw. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Mexico Light

I was shooting the night stars with my Nikon d3200 on a tripod. 1600 iso 2.5 seconds exposures.

I shot 4 frames one right after the other and when I reviewed I noticed the strange anomaly on the final frame. Photos were taken on November28, 2017. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Poland Object

Ełk — We entered a wood pulpit, as my friend took pictures. We felt strange vibrations and sounds at the same time. Suddenly, we all noticed a strange light and vibrations with the whole pulpit moving as it might blow down. My Friend said he saw the object for 10 seconds,. When the lights appeared, a friend recorded a movie. After playing it after the whole situation, the sound seemed to be very distorted. We all felt very weak while seeing this light. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Portugal Objects

Azores — I noticed a strange hole in the clouds and took some pictures since the hole in the clouds was really unusual. At the time of the photo on February 24, 2018, I didn’t see any object. Some days after, I was checking the photos and realized it had a strange dark object where the hole in the cloud is. I took several photographs, one after another, in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds, and the object only appears in one photo. I did some contrast analysis in the photo and it doesn’t resemble any normal object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Lights

Three objects were observed on 29 January 2018 at 14:51 hours passing overhead in the direction E to W. There was an 12 mph west wind gusting at 23 mph. The objects were filmed with a full spectrum converted SLR camera fitted with a 760 mm infrared filter.
No sound was noticed and the objects appeared to fly in strict formation for the four minutes I was able to observe them. They appeared to be dumbbell shaped. All three objects appeared to be identical in shape, size and did not rotate. I was able to follow until they went behind. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

ngland in the United Kingdom.

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