Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 38 -2016 Cosmonuats Claim UFOs Real



September 15, 2016

In special reports, this week’s files cover Russian Cosmonaut General confirms UFOs are real, Mystery of the Black Triangles, UFO Flying Crosses Seen from Michigan, Ohio to Germany, Mysterious Cattle Mutilations by Aliens Are Real, The Super Spies, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Has Not Ruled Out a UFO Causing Explosion, SpaceX Rocket Explosion.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, New York, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington and Washington D.C.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Canada, China, Eire, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

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Special Reports

Russian Cosmonauts and Generals confirm UFOs are real


 During his lecture at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin/NV on Michael Hesemann presented filmed interviews with four Soviet Cosmonauts and four high-ranking Soviet Generals. COSMONAUT MAJOR GENERAL VLADIMIR KOVALYONOK:
Saljut VI Mission 1981

Many cosmonauts have seen phenomena which are far beyond the experiences of earthmen. For ten years I never spoke on such things. “The encounter you asked me about happened on May 5, 1981, at about 6 PM, during the Saljut Mission. At that time we were over the area of South Africa, moving towards the area of the Indian ocean. I just made some gymnastic exercises, when I saw in front of me, through a porthole, an object which I could not explain. It is impossible to determine distances in Space. A small object can appear large and far away and the other way around. Sometimes a cloud of dust appears like a large object. Anyway, I saw this object and then something happened I could not explain, something impossible according to the laws of Physics. The object had this shape, elliptical, and flew with us. From a frontal view it looked like it would rotate in flight direction.

It only flew straight, but then a kind of explosion happened, very beautiful to watch, of golden light. This was the first part. Then, one or two seconds later, a second explosion followed somewhere else and two spheres appeared, golden and very beautiful. After this explosion I just saw white smoke, then a cloud-like sphere. Before we entered the darkness, we flew through the terminator, the twilight-zone between day and night. We flew eastwards, and when we entered the darkness of the Earth shadow, I could not see them any longer. The two spheres never returned.” Thanks to Michael Hesemann

Mystery of the Black Triangles


If there is a UFO reality, then why has no one blown the whistle? Informants in the U.K. have been talking about UFO’s and Flying Triangles because they see them every day. These magazines try to use a more down to earth approach as to which UFO’s are extra terrestrial and which aren’t. In the British UFO Magazines there is no question as to whether or not UFO’s exist. Britain has always been the center of “paranormal” anomalies with strange structures, ghosts, crop circles and numerous UFO reports.


One man in particular is Nick Pope, who joined the British Ministry in 1985 and was appointed to a new post at Whitehall Secretariat Air Staff, Department 2A. I guess you could call it the equivalent of the “X-files.” As with any classic “I don’t belong here” story Pope did not believe in the UFO hysteria, and was very skeptical about the Paranormal. After dealing with the reports from the “UFO” desk Pope was slowly changing his mind on the issue. After 3 years at the “UFO” desk Pope declared that UFO’s were a reality. He concluded that there was plenty of evidence to prove their existence. Pope was officially supposed to investigate whether or not these strange aircraft posed a threat to the UK’s defense. Unofficially he was expected to dismiss their existence. Pope decided it was up to him to tell the truth about UFO’s. Pope claims that his peers and the department labeled him a loose cannon and found him to be very suspicious.

They lost trust in him. But Pope stood by his story, analyzing all the data, and claiming that it all added it up to a case for the existence of UFOs. After all of the ridicule, and after claiming that he felt UFOs posed a major threat to our defense systems, Pope was moved in 1994 from the M.O.D. to the financial department. Since 1990 there have been over 4000 sightings of what is known as the “Flying Triangle” or “Silent Vulcan” Over Britain. In the early 90’s there were a similar number over Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, with fighters being sent up to intercept this unknown craft? With people seeing aircraft “as big as a football field and hovering silently” to “hovering craft that shoot off silently.” Another claim was the sighting of “a huge black triangle rising out of the water” it is one of Europe’s most enduring waves of sightings. Nick Pope wrote a book about many of these sightings including one over several Army bases in one night.


 One of the more controversial cases is the Bentwaters -Woodbridge UFO case. The Bentwaters-Woodbridge bases are leased to the United States Air Force under NATO terms. The case is one of the creepiest ones I have ever heard. There were at least 30 witnesses who came forward to tell the story of what happened to USAF personnel and British Military in the Rendlesham Forest between the two bases, in December of 1980.  The incident began when two USAF security personnel spotted unusual lights hovering over Rendlesham forest. The security staff was worried that a small plane was crashing in the heavily wooded area. According to SSgt. Larry Warren, who was stationed at Bentwaters, who was the first to release the story. It looked like the plane hit and a fire was smoldering in the forest. A group of men set out to find the strange red glowing area. What the men came upon was a triangular UFO. Airmen Steve Roberts and James Archer said that the UFO had a red light on top of it and blue and white lights at the middle and bottom. Archer then claimed he saw occupants inside the strange craft. He claimed that they did not appear human. There were also reports of Jeeps and several High-powered “Light all’s” abruptly died. SSgt’s. Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza said that the energy just drained out, the animals were going crazy, and the men mentioned a yellow mist in the air. There was another strange anomaly in the area away from the clearing. It was transparent, elliptical like a see through aspirin tablet. It then filled with a bright pulsating mist and it emitted a rainbow of colored lights. There was film shot of the incident. And audio tapes made. However it was later confiscated and flown to Ramstein Air Force Base in West Germany. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ Website


A report in the magazine Nature, 90-169 a Mr. Charles Smith writes that, at Chisbury, Wiltshire, England, he saw something in the sky. “That was unlike anything I had ever seen before” “Although I have studied the skies for many years, I have never seen anything like it.” He saw two stationary dark patches upon clouds, but the extraordinary part, they were stationary upon clouds that were rapidly moving. They were triangular, and varied in size, but kept the same position upon different clouds as cloud after cloud came along. For more than a half hour Mr. Smith watched these dark triangles on April 8, 191, from The Book of the Dammed by Charles Fort.

In Los Angeles, numerous eyewitnesses report an extremely large triangular object with white lights on the ends; it flew overhead at 200 feet, at a reported 25 mph. This report was from May of 1942.   Triangles are also common in the Bluebook files, according to J. Allen Hynek, they account for 11 percent of the unknowns, up till 1968, when Bluebook stopped keeping records. I did a quick search of the 701 unknowns on file and found a few good sightings of triangles.


 In September 14, 1952; North Atlantic, between Ireland and Iceland military persons from several countries aboard ships in the NATO in the “Operation Mainbrace” exercise saw UFOs. A blue-green triangle was observed while three objects in a triangular formation gave off white light exhaust all flying at 1,500 m.p.h.

On June 24, 1953; over Simiutak, Greenland at 11:30 a.m. a weather observer A/2c R.A. Hill saw a red triangle hovering for 15 seconds, that then climbed for 5 minutes.

On October 14, 1947; north of Cave Creek, Arizona at noon ex-AAF fighter pilot J.L. Clark, and civilian pilot Anderson, with a third man watched a “flying wing”-shaped object, which looked black against the white clouds and red against the blue sky, flew straight southeast at an estimated 380 m.p.h., at 8-10,000 feet.

On August 25, 1951 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at 9:58 p.m. at Sandia Base Security Guard Hugh Young and his wife saw a flying wing-shaped craft pass over their heads at an estimated 800-1,000 feet altitude with no sound. Size was estimated at 1.5 times the wingspan of B-36 bomber, or 350 feet. There were dark, chord wise stripes on its underside, and 6-8 pairs of soft, glowing lights on the trailing edge of the wing. Speed was estimated at 300-400 m.p.h.

On November 24, 1951 in Mankato, Minnesota at 3:53 p.m. an Air National Guard pilots W.H. Fairbrother and D.E. Stewart in their P-51 Mustangs chased a milky white object shaped like Northrop flying wing slightly swept-back wing with no fuselage or tail.


Another classic “triangle” case would be the Lubbock Lights of 1951. On an August night in 1951, several college professors sitting outside on a porch saw a formation of blue lights fly quickly overhead. Later that evening, they observed the lights again. That same night, a Lubbock woman also spotted the blue lights. The lights framed the tail end of an enormous, “wing like” craft. A few days earlier, an employee of the Atomic Energy Commission saw a wing-shaped” object with blue lights at Albuquerque base, By the end of August, there was another sighting of the object in Matador, Texas, , as well as photographs of the blue lights taken by Texas Tech freshman Carl Hart, Jr. Before the lights disappeared two weeks later, dozens of people in North Texas reported seeing blue lights darting from one end of the horizon to the other.

An investigation into the phenomenon for Project Bluebook–a 1950s and ’60s Air Force study into the possible existence of UFOs–came up with two explanations for the sightings. One theory was that the lights were plovers, West Texas birds with shiny white breasts that could have reflected the city’s glow as they flew overhead; another theory was that the lights were actually a result of Lubbock’s newly installed mercury-vapor street lamps that gave off a bluish haze. However, neither of these explanations accounted for the lights’ immense speed or their sudden disappearance.  The Air Force ultimately categorized the Lubbock Lights sightings under the inconclusive heading of “unidentified,” making it one of the most famous–and widely witnessed–UFO incidents in history.


Another example of triangular aircraft would be the famous Phoenix lights of 1997.   On March 13th 1997, at least 2 huge triangular shaped objects flew over Phoenix, Arizona; the government says it was an F-16 fighter dropping flares. Witnesses agreed that 1. It was enormous. The most conservative estimate describes it as three football fields long. Computer analysis puts it at 6,000 feet, or more than a mile. 2. It made no sound. 3. It moved slowly over Phoenix, cruising at 30 mph. Several times it hovered in place in the sky.   So, as you can see we have been visited by triangles before, now all we need to do is figure out what they are and who they belong to…

 UFO Flying Crosses


The best UFO Sightings were posted on You Tube iufosightings channel.

All four crosses were flying horizontal.

The crosses emit cloudlike vapors and energy auras.  Thanks to

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations by Aliens


Flashing lights and mysterious movies are creating waves and catching attention virtually everywhere as UFOs are becoming the eye candy. However, believers appear to be lesser in number when compared to disbelievers. Every time an apparent alien being observed in the skies, there is always a debate of whether they are indeed UFOs or just birds and ordinary aircraft.  Ben Mezrich latest book “The 37th Parallel” could likely make waves in the UFO community. According to Mezrich, cattle mutilation is one of many pieces of evidence about aliens. He wrote that there had been more than ten thousand horses and cows have been found without life and mutilated over the past seventy years. These mutilated animals usually left lying on their sides with organs being removed through what Mezrich describes as precise, circular wounds.

Most mutilated animals have missing lungs, tongues, eyes, and hearts. And, according to Mezrich, this isn’t even the worst part. Nearly all carcasses have been recovered completely drained of blood, Mezrich wrote.  As a third-generation cattle rancher in Colorado, Tom Miller knows a lot about raising cattle.  What he doesn’t know is what has periodically been mutilating and killing selected animals in his herd since 1999.  “There are so many things I don’t understand about it, and no one seems to be able to explain it either,” Miller says on the Sept. 4 episode of the “The Unexplained Files,” a Science Channel series airing Wednesdays. Thousands of cattle mutilations have been reported in the U.S. since the early 1960s, but Miller was still shocked when it began happening to his herd 14 years ago. “First, I thought the cow had died naturally, and then I got closer to it and I could see it wasn’t natural,” he said. “The eyes were gone, the tongue was gone. The ears were gone. The sex organs were cut out. It was just kind of weird.”  Miller remains perplexed about other aspects of the mutilations as well: The animals are cut with precision, like with a laser, and there has never been a trace of blood around the animals or body parts strung about. Note: Google Alien Cattle Mutilations has tons of info to read,  Ken Pfeifer Mufon NJ Www.Worldufophotos.Org

The Super Spies


  The Super Spies by Andrew Tully reveals some interesting information about the intelligence agencies of the United States. They are much larger than most people realize and literally spend billions of dollars protecting the country. Most of the money goes not to the CIA but to Defense Department and the National Security Agency (NSA), and the intelligence agencies of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. NSA has interception stations around the world

Also members of the national intelligence community is the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) its work is considered some of the finest in the intelligence field. The State Department’s INR is often the first intelligence agency to pick up indications of a military buildup in foreign nations. INR discovered that areas were being cleared in Cuba for Soviet missiles, bombers, fighters, and four battle groups of ground forces armed with tactical nuclear weapons. Often most of the personnel in embassies are INR intelligence agents rather than diplomats. The INR analyzed that Khrushchev was likely to try to arm Cuba and set up watch teams at the ports. INR reported that equipment and Soviet personnel were arriving in Cuba on ships with great secrecy and unloaded at night. Large crates were being unloaded and moved inland. U-2 and other reconnaissance aircraft were then alerted to fly over Cuba collecting intelligence on the now opened crates.

INR throughout history has made important discoveries concerning intelligence. They analyze the key leaders in countries around the world noting what is the likely motivation and future actions of various leaders. Foreign intelligence units analyze our leaders, and our likely leaders. Many countries pour millions of dollars to influence the outcome of elections. While I was working in Air Force intelligence we received highly classified daily messages from the State Department indicating the likely threat to our aircraft or terrorist actions.

INR often picks up dissension within various governments such as within China and the Soviet Union that no other spy agency has the resources to pick up. They are often able to get high level personnel in foreign governments to reveal secret operations. For example the Soviet Union and China in the late 60s and early 70s were having serious border fighting between the two countries. The US was not aware of fighting until INR agents in China discovered the border war fighting.

Super Spies states, “America’s spies in the sky, including those “flying saucers” that get lost, provides more intelligence in a single day than any number of secret agents prowling the alleys and boulevards of the world.”

INR warned before the March 2003 of the Iraq invasion about the political and ethnic turmoil that was likely in postwar Iraq. The INR has a vast portfolio, with responsibilities ranging from WMD proliferation and cyber warfare to illegal drugs and human trafficking. Their work covers every inch of the map, and plays a key role in drone strikes. When they’re wrong, terrible things happen—so they make sure they’re never wrong.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Has Not Ruled Out UFO


In illuminating series of tweets from SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company has not ruled out an ‘unknown object’ as the cause of their recent rocket explosion.

In a remarkable display of transparency, the billionaire entrepreneur detailed how the mysterious Falcon 9 disaster constitutes “the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years.”

He explained that there are a number of aspects surrounding the explosion which have left the company baffled.

According to Musk, the incident occurred during a routine operation to supply the rocket with fuel and that “there was no apparent heat source.”

Additionally, he told his Twitter followers that the company was “trying to understand the quieter bang sound a few seconds before the fireball goes off” and that they are not certain what produced the distinct sound.

The event has proven to be so puzzling that Musk actually publicly asked NASA, the FAA, and the Air Force for their help solving the mystery.

He also requested that anyone with additional footage of the explosion to submit the material to SpaceX for further study.

But what may be most eyebrow-raising comment among Musk’s tweets was his response to a query regarding the online videos that claim “something hit the rocket.”

Although the question did not invoke the dreaded ‘UFO’ acronym, it was clearly an allusion to the conspiracy theory which has percolated since the event.

Asked if there was “any reality” to the idea, Musk cryptically replied, “we have not ruled that out.”

Note: See Florida for another UFO over Cape Canaveral Rocket

UFO Sightings in the United States

Alaska Cylinder


Palmer — On August 30, 2016, I was touring the State Fair in Wasilla, Alaska. As an amateur photographer I take photos of interesting events. About 3:00 pm. I took some pictures of unique garden art known as “Bee Happy” which displays flowers/plants in bees and honeycomb shape. The camera I was using was a Canon 40D. The next day while “developing” my RAW image I noticed a dark image in the sky that doesn’t look like any aircraft I have seen. If it isn’t a civilian or military aircraft, then what is it, a UFO? I hope you can enlighten me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Arizona Light


St Johns — My husband saw the light first, and got my daughter and I to look. We all agreed there were two airplanes seen in the east heading north and a strange object.
I took out my iPhone and camera and took a few fuzzy photos and videos (most show the UFO between 5 and 7 seconds into the video).
This was identical to the one reported on August 26, 2016, in a different part of the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Object


Crockett — My girl friend saw it directly as we were driving along Carquinez Scenic Drive towards Port Costa on September 9, 2016. It was clear sky and I heard the sound of jets over the bay. Gemma exclaimed as we looked towards the sound that was slightly above eye level. A black jet like object silently zoomed by. I saw the rear that had two v shaped large black wings with no lights. It travelled so fast and flew east low out of sight in two seconds. I saw very large wings from the rear. Within a few seconds, a black helicopter was apparently chasing after it. I have seen the jets fly over me such as the Blue Angels, and this object was five times faster. I drew this picture Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Lights


Silt — I was forced to leave my hunting camp near Buzzard Creek where my friends and I had been archery hunting for elk. I have an old back injury from my time in the U.S. Army and it had become very painful because of riding an ATV in search of an elk. I awoke at 11 PM on August 27, 2016, sweating profusely thinking I had a gall stone.

I’m a registered nurse and told my friends I had to go to the hospital. I drove north on the Silt Cutoff towards I-70, a remote mud road that drops into a valley with steep canyons. Near tall oaks, I saw a hovering object about 350 yards away with multiple lights with colored windows, It slowly tilted as I stepped out of my truck and filmed it for 23 seconds of good footage. This is the second time I’ve seen a UFO, so I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and decided to continue to get help. I could see it was a solid structure surrounded by flashing and changing lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light


Loxahatchee — My friend is the one that saw the UFO; I just wanted you guys to see the video and tell me if you know what it is.

He captured the moving object on July 1, 2016.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


 Cape Canaveral — I videotaped, using my Samsung Note 4 phone at full zoom, 50 miles from launch site at 1810 hours on September 8, 2016.

I did not notice object until I viewed the video. At first I thought it was a booster coming off rocket, but it is clearly well above the rocket when it first appears so it can’t be a booster falling.

When viewing video the object appears above rocket traveling from north to south until object is out of frame of my video. I emailed some still shots to a NASA rep who told me he didn’t kmow what object is either.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii Plane and UFO Below


Nanakuli — My son took a picture of an airplane with his IPhone while I was taking him to school on September 19, 2016.

He only saw a plane in the sky but when he looked at the picture, there appears to be an object some distance below it. I looked at his camera lens and there is was no dust on it.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maine Orb


I was outside on my porch swing smoking a cigarette and noticed a shiny object on September 13, 2016. I immediately focused on it, as there was no vapor trail, nor sound. I watched it slowly descending without wings, so I zoomed in with my camera to confirm it was not a plane. I lost sight of it going down into the trees. A minute later, a second one appeared with the same exact qualities and path as the first.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Michigan Flying Objects


Tri-City Area — The entire area surrounding my house in Bay City,  in all directions are UFOs. My security cameras started acting up and would detect motion in the front of my home and then sense back yard motion afterwards. It took me a couple days to realize spot lights were scanning my neighborhood. That’s when I noticed the the objects in the sky that I thought were drones. The second night, the later it got, the more UFOs appeared with spot lights. Each light was at a different level of brightness. A friend and I noticed that they would scan the neighborhood, and stop directly by my windows.

We watched until they disappeared. The following night, my security camera caught many orb figures repeatedly all night long. I’m extremely freighted and feel invaded for five days. I have video recordings of these object both inside and outside my home. I opened my door to literally thousands of microscopic pieces of the UFOs. It looked as if dust particals were falling from all around. I was able to notice them due to the color change to blue, red, green and clear. I discovered them throughout my entire bedroom and took footacge of them each day. Last night, I was  home alone and saw a definable body figure. I’ve seen the attacks they have had on family’s including children. Last nights live stream took place on September 9, 2016 at 11 pm. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Cigar


Webster — My girlfriend and I were walking out of the grocery store when I decided to take a scenic picture of the American flag and the open sky on September 1, 2016.

I took several pictures seconds apart but didn’t notice anything. After reviewing the photos the object was discovered in one of the photos indicating it was not an airplane. The object seemed to warp into its position, since it was not in any other pictures. It is cigar-shaped solid object in the picture with no stabilizers, fins or wings. I was shocked when discovering the object since it was not in any other photos. I truly believe this is a genuine unidentified flying object spotted in this photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Dakota Orb



Litchville — Visiting for a wedding I was staying on a farm taking pictures of the farm and took a picture of the Sun.

I did not see anything in the sky other than clouds and the sun when I took the picture.

There is a white orb above the trees.with three lights in it beneath the sun. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Object


Toledo — I was driving to work at around 7:20 am on September 11, 2016, and saw an object that I thought was a satellite or a missile. I was driving east and the cigar shaped object was flying straight up with red markings. Other people also observed the object. The airport was west of my car and the object was east so I’m not really sure where it was launched from. When I arrived at work about 1/2 mile from where I saw the object I looked back to look for it again and it was gone. I did film the object for about 10 seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Lights


I put my video camera on a tripod in my front yard at a 45 degree angle and programmed it to record 15 seconds every 15 minutes on September 10, 2016. The enclosed video has the objects at actual speed, at slow motion, a still shot and a close up of the still. I schedule recordings 3 to 4 times a week. I believe these objects are in flying rod and orb categories. The objects seem to ascend in evening, fly level in the middle night and descend in the early mornings.

Note: Possible insects flying near camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Lights


Olalla –- I live on the water. and see quite a bit of military aircraft that fly between Bremerton and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. I saw several big helicopters and a fighter jet fly over at 5 PM on September 8, 2016. At 8:21, I saw two sets of three lights blinking together over where the fighter jet flew earlier today. I grabbed my cell phone and got some pictures and video.

Note: It is difficult to determine the background of the video. I don’t believe that the lights were ground lights as they were blinking. The photo above clearly shows airborne lights. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Website

Washington DC Disc


On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, I was house sitting for a friend and I stepped outside at 7:35 pm and I noticed a very bright star but realized it was too bright.
At this point, it blinked off and on twice and a secondary orb came out of the primary orb. The two orbs began to gyrate and move around each other. Once they ‘found’ their positions both orbs proceeded to emit to each other plasma energy. The secondary orb sprays plasma at a slightly upward angle toward the primary orb forming a perfect circle of red lights.

I saw a disc shaped craft (UFO) where the orbs had been with blinking colored lights around the edges. It began to ascend slowly and then hovered with lights blinking. I found barely useful binoculars and could see very random patterns and colors. I saw airplanes that flew lower than the UFO and a jet preparing to land at the National Airport. At 10 pm, before I went to bed, the craft had been there for 2 hours and 15 minutes hovering over the Washington National Cathedral. The next morning I went out on to the patio to see a formation of three helicopters flying towards the area where the craft had been hovering. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Portal


Central Ave, Ontario — I was sitting in the car in the local mall on September 9, 2016, waiting for my husband to come out of the store. When I noticed a large storm cloud approaching and felt we were going to be in for a thunder storm.

Then I noticed a small cloud moving in the opposite direction. This was odd, so I pick up my husband’s camera and took a photo. As I did a blue UFO came out of what looked like a portal. It then disappeared as if turning on a cloaking device.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

China Orb


Fangchenggang, Guangxi — We were walking along the bay and noticed two objects together, then one, and finally the last. A photo and two videos taken on September 6, 2016.
Orbs were caught at the top and bottom of the photo..

The orbs disappeared very fast into dark clouds in the sky.

This is the 2nd of the same submission. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Eire Bright Light


Galway — I was looking out the window, on a grey dull overcast wet evening, which is often the case here in the West of Ireland on May 27, 2016. I’ve lived here for 18 years and always enjoy watching the sunset over the lake, but with these weather conditions I knew there’d be no visible sunset. So you can imagine my surprise when this sun like object appeared in front of the clouds. I was confused, as it was a strange sight; and the sky was completely covered in a blanket of cloud. So how could I see a sunset happening? I grabbed my phone and took some photos and video, I thought it was very strange and my husband witnessed it as well, Thanks to MUFON CMS

Israel Cloud


Tel Aviv — While working in the office, I saw a huge symmetric object in the sky on April 24, 2004.
Looks like a cloud but was so symmetric and stable that its just can’t be a cloud.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico: UFOs Cause Accidents on Yucatán Roads


Calotmul — There are UFOs whose powerful lights have caused highway accidents in the Yucatan. One of them occurred five years ago on the Tizimín-Calotmul highway. Strange as it may seem, a driver from the Yucatan claims having been driven off the Tizimin-Calotmul highway after seeing a UFO with a powerful beam of light in front of him. He was blinded and forced to skid off the road. It was only a few days ago that he was able to bring himself to tell the uncanny situation to Mr. Héctor Garrido Poot, a native of Merida. This is what he said: “At the time I traveled once a week to the eastern part of the state to sell cleaning products. I remember well that it was a Tuesday, around nine o’clock at night. I was on my way to Calotmul when I suddenly saw a powerful light coming toward me in the distance. I thought it was a trailer. However, it was on me in a minute. It was so bright that I made a hard turn off the road. All I remember is that it rose into the air as it approached, making no noise whatsoever,” he said. “Fortunately, I didn’t fall into a ditch and nothing happened to my car, since I was driving slowly. It took me weeks to say anything about it because I know that no one would believe me. It didn’t occur to me, in fact. Neither my wife nor relatives believed me. It’s only been now that I decided to go public, although perhaps no one will believe me now.” Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ Website


Cancun — My friend was visiting the pyramids in Mexico and taking photographs and discovered a strange object in one of the photos hovering above the site.

(The object was not seen in person at time of pictures were taken on August 21, 2016.

Object is at the top of the image. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Netherlands Orb


Tilburg — My Brother was smoking near the opened window with his neighbor and noticed two small green light objects on July 25, 2016. They were hovering and flying in the circle pattern above the ground right under the nearest trees. He thought they might be small drones, but these two objects were flying slowly above the grass for over 25 minutes then ascended up at terrifying speed to about 200 feet and hovered. He realized what these objects were and managed to take a few pictures. One light split into two light balls and one flew away with amazing speed. The two remaining balls exploded turning into a green mist-cloud that started to “regenerate” and turned into a bigger green light which released many smaller lights that formed a huge triangle which flew away. Whole situation was completely noiseless. The picture shows the moment of turning into that “mist”, releasing the lights starting to form a triangle. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand Triangle


I was looking west out our dining room window quite high up on Cashmere Hill and saw a quarter moon shape glowing about eye level. After viewing this object for about 20 minutes I asked my wife to get the video camera and filmed for ten minutes. It somehow turned to a circular light ‘jumping all over.  with an object below it. I said to my wife, “It’s getting bigger and coming our way.” We have a rock face that this craft passed over. It was huge triangular shaped with a light blue discs on rear and a blue discs in front; because of the angle this is all I could see. There was no noise. The craft was about 120 feet long and I could see the struts quite clearly passing over on November 12, 1990.

I got in touch with a local UFO club here and visited by three men in suits who interviewed me. One guy pushed a book with an alien head and asked me to lie on a bed and said. “I was burnt?” I have not seen or heard from them since then. I am now 71 years old of very sound mind but my health has been a problem. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Spain Disc


Cieza — As I notice the disc, I tried to take some more photos on April 9, 2016, and nothing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Lights

Newcastle upon Tyne — I was sat in my hot tub in my back garden and at 8:15 PM I heard fighter jets nearby, fifteen minutes later some lights appeared, they could swallow each other up and then spit them out. They stayed for about 45 minutes from 8.30-9.15 pm, on September 13, 2016. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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Our research is uncovering amazing truths by solving challenging projects deemed too difficult by other firms. We have had some success in finding missing persons. We could use your help in getting more results from our research. I have put together a DVD of the last seventeen years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings. Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

Have been digging through the giant DVD you sent recently. As a relatively recent joiner, I was unaware of the years’ worth of consistent reports of the same types of objects all over. This has been very educational. Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done.
Bruce W. Freeman
Attorney at Law

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I have put together a DVD of the last seventeen years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.
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George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director Chief Editor National UFO Center Major USAF ret. Graduated BS from Bradley U and Masters's Degree from Central Michigan University

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