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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #1 2017 Your DNA Proves ET Exists

January 1, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Your DNA Proves Extraterrestrials Are Real, Observable Evidence of a Master Designer, Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA, Scientist Forced into a U-turn, Spreading Genetics, Giant Cylinders, and Ken Mortimer’s Letter

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Karaganda, Russia, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Special Projects

Your DNA Proves Extraterrestrials Are Real

Even though it might sound surprising to some, researchers cannot rule out the possibility that humans are genetic descendants of extraterrestrial beings, who passed their DNA on to our species. Many people believe that our ancient Alien ancestors encoded valuable information about their ‘dying species’ in hopes that their legacy and life would go on through a second species.

This, however, is just one of the many theories that are being offered in relation to our DNA and our Alien origins.

Researchers such has Francis Crick discovered numerous peculiarities in our DNA that suggest we are a cosmic species, one that has an incredible and ‘unacceptable’ history behind them. The whole basic idea of the existence of an extraterrestrial DNA embedded into our species originates from two scientific concepts that are anything but explained by scientists.

The first one is the incredible complexity of our species DNA sequence which, according to researchers around the world, evolved out of separate molecules floating around together. The second one, even more surprising is the fact that only one small part of our DNA contains genes that make us living beings. The rest of the DNA is referred to many as ‘Junk or alien DNA’.

The whole idea about Alien DNA and the possibility of humans being a race created by some other more advanced species is fascinating. Nobel Prize winning DNA researcher Francis Crick firmly believed that it was impossible for DNA molecule to be created on earth by accident or evolution. Crick believed that such an intricate and elaborate system could not be the result of the process of evolution and that something ‘else’ was behind it all.

According to mainstream scientists, they suggest that the evolution of DNA is rather simple. They explain that when our planet was created, atoms and molecules moved around until eventually coming together in water where ideal conditions were met for DNA to be created. Crick, however, feels that his explanation is unlikely and compared the likelihood of DNA evolving in this way to the likelihood of a fully functioning jumbo jet being formed from random debris that was left behind by a hurricane. In other words, it’s something that simply put, could not have occurred.

Crick believed life on Earth was seeded by ‘directed Panspermia’. Crick’s revolutionary and controversial theory states that an alien race facing doom wanted to preserve the essence of life and their species and decided to send it to Earth via some sort of spaceship. It is believed that ‘life’ came to Earth via a spaceship and not via a meteor since a ‘space rock’ would be too exposed to radiation for a long period of time, so it is very unlikely that life on Earth began thanks to a space rock crashing into the planet.

 “Francis Crick, the discoverer of DNA, although an atheist published his book, “Life Itself” which subscribed to the theory of intelligent design, that our universe was not simply the result of a series of chemical accidents. Primordial life was shipped to Earth in some sort of spaceships.

He states, “Life did not evolve first on Earth; a highly advanced civilization became threatened so they devised a way to pass on their existence. They genetically-modified their DNA and sent it out from their planet on bacteria or meteorites with the hope that it would collide with another planet. It did, and that’s why we’re here.” Our DNA was encoded with messages from that other civilization. They programmed the molecules so that when we reached a certain level of intelligence, we would be able to access their information, and they could therefore “teach” us about ourselves, and how to progress. It possible aliens traveled from another planet to Earth. For instance, the largest human chromosome, chromosome number 1, is approximately 220 million base pairs long. Mathematically human DNA is too complicated to be an accident.

In my opinion, the history of the human race is built on a series of assumptions that primitive ape like creatures evolved into humans. I suggest there is little real evidence of evolution ignoring the strong evidence for visitors.

 The scientific study of ancient humans is known as Paleoanthropolgy. Lee R. Burger is Director of Paleoanthropolgy Unit for Research and Exploration at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. In his excellent book, “In the Footsteps of Eve” he states, “The fossil evidence for modern human origins in the critical time period between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago is, like archaics, frustratingly rare. In fact, the entire fossil evidence of anatomically modern-looking humans from around the world, and over 60,000 years, wouldn’t fill a card table. The enduring mystery of human origins is why one member of this primate family evolved into the dominant species on Earth that are humans today? Nevertheless, the fossil evidence that does exist points to an African origin for modern humans.” Page 296

 We are alleged to be related to apes, but ape brains are rarely larger than 600 cc and humans range from 1000 to 2000 cc. So we are to believe apes that still have 600 cc brains through mutations more than doubled their brain size, and started walking upright and developed communication. Paleontologists do not like to mention that in the South African mines strange artifacts indicating ancient technology are frequently found such as the London artifact. A primitive Neanderthal hominid was found with the finest iron object whose pureness has never been matched even today. The missing link has not been found.

Observable Evidence of a Master Designer

 Respected geneticist, Susumo Ono, believes he’s discovered music in genes – particularly human genes, fish genes and rabbit genes. Susumo is a researcher in DNA. He discovered musical patterns of notes that reveal intelligence. This is observable evidence of thoughtful, programmed designing by some Superior Mind with evidence of intelligently organized patterns.

Whichever way you look at it, the PATTERNS of single notes testify to intelligence as the source of DNA. Scientists at Bell Laboratories conducted studies on the mathematical language in the DNA molecule and found a mathematical pattern that is identical to that of conversational language.

Concerning DNA, Charles Thaxton states: “A structural identity has been discovered between
the genetic message on DNA and the written messages of a human language.”

There is an identity of structure between DNA (and protein) and written linguistic messages. “Since we know by experience that intelligence produces written messages, and no other cause is known, the implication, according to the abductive method, is that intelligent life produced DNA and protein”.

“The significance of this result lies in the security of it, for it is much stronger than if the structures
were merely similar. ”We are not dealing with anything like a superficial resemblance between DNA and a written text. Rather, DNA is a message. True design thus returns to biology.” (Hubert P. Yockey, “Journal of Theoretic Biology”)

Since there is no doubt in anyone’s mind it takes intelligence to write a language, it is evident that it took intelligence to write the DNA code.

Are you aware that your body has 100 trillion walled cells? And that each single cell is as
complicated as New York City
, with energy generators, transport systems, waste disposal systems, structural designers, invasion guards, food factories, protective barriers and communication links – all crammed into a space less than a thousandth of an inch long. Thanks to Archaeology Newsflash 549 http://www.beforeus.com/coverup.php

Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA

You are part ET according to a group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicates that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Begun formally in 1990, the U.S. Human Genome Project was a 13-year effort coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. Project goals were to identify all the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA, determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA, and store this information in databases.

The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from molds to fish to humans. In human DNA, they constitute larger part of the total genome, says Prof. Sam Chang, the group leader. Non-coding sequences, originally known as “junk DNA”, were discovered years ago, and their function remained a mystery. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is “Off-worldin origin. The apparent “extraterrestrial junk genes” merely “enjoy the ride” with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation.”

The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from moulds to fish to humans. In human DNA, they constitute larger part of the total genome, says Prof. Sam Chang, the group leader. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is “Off-world” in origin. The apparent “extraterrestrial junk genes” merely “enjoy the ride” with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation.

After comprehensive analysis with the assistance of other scientists, computer programmers, mathematicians, and other learned scholars, Professor Chang had wondered if the apparently “junk Human DNA” was created by some kind of “extraterrestrial programmer”. The alien chunks within Human DNA, Professor Chang further observes, “have its own veins, arteries, and its own immune system that vigorously resists all our anti-cancer drugs.”

Professor Chang further stipulates that “Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. We can’t know their motives – whether it was a scientific experiment, or a way of preparing new planets for colonization, or is it long time ongoing business of seedling life in the universe.”

Professor Chang is only one of many scientists and other researchers who have discovered extraterrestrial origins to Humanity. Human Genome Project Coordinators find absolute proof of Extraterrestrial contact with ‘Earth humans’ via DNA evidence. Professor Chang and his research colleagues show that apparent “extraterrestrial programming” gaps in DNA sequencing precipitated by a hypothesized rush to create human life on Earth presented humankind with illogical growth of mass of cells we know as cancer.”

Professor Chang further indicates that “What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a big code and basic code.” Mr. Chang then affirms that the “First fact is, the complete ‘program’ was positively not written on Earth; that is now a verified fact. The second fact is that genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in ‘the game’.” Perhaps God was lonely and wished to spread his image throughout the universe. More information  is on Dr. Michael Salla’s Exopolitics Website v Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA.

Scientist Forced Into a U-Turn

Archaeology Newsflash 549 states, “We’ve made an awful mistake!”Dr Dean Kenyon, Professor of Biology (Emeritus) at San Francisco State University, was one of the leading chemical evolution theorists in the world. He co-authored “Biochemical Predestination“, which claimed that the evolution of life was inevitable…

Kenyon suddenly had serious doubts. It began when one of his students asked, “How could the
first proteins have been assembled without the help of genetic instructions?” (Proteins were the necessary formation to build the first cell.)

Then came DNA into the picture that would prove fatal to Kenyon’s molecular evolution theory. Kenyon confesses, “The more I conducted my own studies, including a period of time at NASA-AMES Research Center, the more it became apparent there were multiple difficulties with the
chemical evolution account. “And further experimental work showed that amino acids do not have the ability to order themselves into any biologically meaningful sequences. “The more I thought about the alternative that was being presented in the criticism, and the enormous problem that all of us who had worked on this field had neglected to address, the problem of the origin of genetic information itself, then I really had to re-assess my whole position regarding origins.”
(Unlocking the Mysteries of Life)

What he now had to address was this: What was the source of the biological information in DNA?“If one could get at the origin of the messages, the encoded messages within the living machinery, then you would really be onto something far more intellectually satisfying than this chemical evolution theory.”

The astonishing fact is that inside every microscopic-sized cell, machines work together to
accomplish specific jobs and are shepherded by other specially shaped machines to precise locations where they are needed. Learning this, Kenyon exclaimed, “This is absolutely
mind-boggling, to perceive at this scale of size, such a finely tuned apparatus, a device, that
bears the marks of intelligent design and manufacture!”

Dean Kenyon says DNA comes in intelligently designed ‘sentences’ that are Masterpieces of immense intricacy and subtlety.” The fantastic complexity and orderliness of the DNA code condensed into an incredibly tiny size – suggests the work of a brilliant intellect rather than chance processes. It suggests that much thought has gone into their design just as human beings use intelligence to design and construct computers, Jumbo jets, space craft and other intricate equipment. If radio signals were to be received from outer space, they would be understood as evidence of an intelligent source. Why then should we not regard the message sequence on the DNA molecule as prima facie evidence of an intelligent source?

But that is not all! Gene code letters have built in error protection! Genes store information in long strings of DNA, in the form of chemical letters, called A, T, C and G. So that genes can be accurately copied, each gene consists of two parallel strands of DNA held together by links between the code letters of one strand and those of the other strand. The two strands are not identical. That is, A’s do not link to A’s, and so on. Instead, they are complimentary. A’s always link to T’s; C’s always link to G’s. Thanks to Archaeology Newsflash 549 http://www.beforeus.com/coverup.php

Spreading Genetics

Over a hundred pyramids have been found in China that the ancient rulers stated were ancient white skinned alien gods who had blonde hair and blue eyes. These visitors apparently came to Europe.

Similar pyramids have been found in Mexico and Peru. The pyramids possess advanced technology that had the ability to move and carve large stones. A similar race can be found in Egypt and Sumaria who were the pharaohs and priests in ancient times. Many ancient writings claim our ancestors came from space.


Danish researchers have concluded that all blue-eyed people share a common ancestor, presumably someone who lived 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Blue eyes are a recessive gene to some extent. The genetics of eye color are complicated, and color is determined by multiple genes. So a mutation is unlikely the cause. There are blue eyed people in Asia and particularly Europe.

Assuming the first blue-eyed humans was among the proto-Indo-Europeans who subsequently spread agriculture into Western Europe and later rode horses into Iran and India.
In humans, dark hair is a dominant trait; if one parent contributes a gene for dark hair and the other contributes a gene for light hair, the child will have dark hair.  



White Skin Developed in Europe Only As Recently as 8,000 Years Ago Say Anthropologists

Humans in Europe 8,000 Years Ago had dark skin Say Anthropologists dramatic evidence suggests modern Europeans do not appear as their long ancient ancestors did.

The myriad of skin tones and eye colors that humans express around the world are interesting and wonderful in their variety. Research continues on how humans acquired the traits they now have and when, in order to complete the puzzle that is our ancient human history. Now, a recent analysis by anthropologists suggests that the light skin color and the tallness associated with European genetics are relatively recent traits to the continent. The samples are derived from a wide range of ancient populations, rather than a few individuals, and they supplied researchers with five specific genes associated with skin color and diet. AAAS reports that the “modern humans who came out of Africa to originally settle Europe about 40,000 years are presumed to have had dark skin, which is advantageous in sunny latitudes. And the new data confirm that about 8500 years ago, early hunter-gatherers in Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary also had darker skin: They lacked versions of two genes—SLC24A5 and SLC45A2—that lead to depigmentation and, therefore, pale skin in Europeans today. This dramatic evidence suggests modern Europeans do not appear as their long ancient ancestors did.

Then, the first farmers from the Near East arrived in Europe; they carried both genes for light skin. As they interbred with the indigenous hunter-gatherers, one of their light-skin genes swept through Europe, so that central and southern Europeans also began to have lighter skin. The other gene variant, SLC45A2, was at low levels until about 5800 years ago when it swept up to high frequency.”

An international team of researchers as headed by Harvard University’s Dr. Iain Mathieson put forth a study at the 84th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists recently stated.

Based on 83 human samples from Holocene Europe as analyzed under the 1000 Genomes Project, it is now found that for the majority of the time that humans have lived in Europe, the people had dark skin, and the genes signifying light skin only appear within the past 8,000 years. This recent and relatively quick process of natural selection suggests to researchers that the traits which spread rapidly were advantageous within that environment, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Giant Cylinders

Frequently shown in nasa photos taken by astronauts are the cylinder- shaped white UFOs shown below that are likely of alien origin. They are thousands of feet long and much larger than any known craft produced on Earth. My radar estimated the one we were chasing was a mile long. In one aurora photo an object like a long cylindrical vapor creating object was seen in the center of a huge contrail and in the next photo it was leaving that contrail cloud.

NASA title: International Space Station ISS-009 E11846 Low Cloud Formations, over Atlantic Ocean. nasa has a list of photos called unknowns in the photo listings area that appear to be UFOs. Steve Tobias writes”, The straight line of clouds are all the same size and in straight vertical lines at right suggests shadow of object may have been airbrushed out in this NASA photo near Greenland.” Thanks to NASA

Ken Mortimer’s Letter

Ken writes: “Hello Major Filer I was most interested in your latest newsletter, particularly the findings of Dr. Richard Hoover, with regard to Carbonaceous Chondrite meteorites. I have read about these before about 30 years ago in Sir Fred Hoyle’s book, ‘The Intelligent Universe.’ Three scientists are mentioned in the book who studied these meteorites and they too found fossilised remains inside them.” But they did not mention the nitrogen factor, i.e. the non presence of the element in fossils. The scientists concerned are: George Claus, Bart Nagy and Hans Pflug. Claus and Nagy published their findings in the early 1960s and Pflug published his findings in 1981. The first two scientists were howled down and derided, having made very positive assertions. Pflug was more cautious. He remarked, “Either there is fossil biomaterial in the meteorite or previous criteria used to identify microfossils in ancient terrestrial rocks are cast into doubt.” That is a direct quote from the book. The noisy negativists had moved the goalposts, so to speak.

The same book also includes a careful analysis of what NASA’s two Viking spacecraft discovered on the planet Mars in 1976. There is little doubt that they discovered life, but for some reason only known to them, NASA scientists will not confirm it to this day. And that is despite the fact that the organic compounds that Viking could not detect has been detected since, by the Curiosity spacecraft, which landed on Mars a few years ago. By the way, the reason why Viking found organic compounds on Mars, including molds as shown on the mars rock.

Two other books I have that analyses the Viking controversy are, ‘13 Things that don’t Make Sense, by Michael Brooks. In the list of chapters there is a comment on Viking 6. It reads; ‘NASA scientists found life on Mars, and then changed their minds.’ But life I am convinced they did find life.


 The 2nd book of the two is; ‘We Are Not Alone.’ By Dirk Schulze-Makuch & David Darling. This book also covers the Viking missions to Mars and what was found there. In fact the authors are convinced that life of some kind will be found in the clouds of Venus, on Mars, Europa, Titan and Enceladus. They base their reasoning on how life has adapted to conditions on the Earth. Life on the Earth exists over a temperature range of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, from the boiling sulphur beds of Yellow Stone Park etc, to the freezing Arctic/Antarctic regions and the deep volcanic vents of the ocean depths.


Life might also be found on the Moon, under its surface. What was found on the camera of the Surveyor 3 Spacecraft makes for very interesting reading. It was brought back to Earth by

the Apollo 12 astronauts, and shook a few people as one research group found a small amount of the bacteria Streptococcus mitis alive in a piece of foam from inside the Surveyor TV camera.. Did you know that life exists on the fuel rods of nuclear power stations? I will leave it at that and I hope that you have found the contents of this e-mail, of some small interest. Thanks to Ken Mortimer

Note: The Surveyor 3 spacecraft was launched in April 1967 and was exposed on the lunar surface for 31 months before the Apollo 12 mission brought it back to Earth with living bacteria.


Glowing Alien

Shimmering against a deep-black background, a rarely seen larval cusk-eel looks more “alien with a Mohawk” than bony fish. Photographer Jeff Milisen earned the top prize in the Underwater Photography Guide’s Ocean Art Contest this year for the dazzling shot.

During the fish’s larval stage (shown in the photo), it sports a gracefully trailing blue-hued appendage holding its gut. Illuminated by the camera’s light, this digestive system takes the form of tube-like structures under the head, and extending the length of its external digestive sack.


UFO Sightings in the United States

California Objects

Solvang — I was in my car headed to Solvang and was looking at four chemtrails on November 28, 2016. It caught my eye because three of them crossed over each other at the same spot. I took a couple pictures and a three second video and spotted the orbs the next day I seen the orbs in the pictures. I’ve some a lot of crazy things in the skies over Havasu since I was a kid. I never reported anything until now. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Light

 Prospect and Waterbury — I was called into the living room to see one bright red object out the window on December 23, 2016 that I dismissed. I was called back 20 seconds later and observed several objects. They are very bright with defined edges with light primarily emitted from the top and bottom of the objects. They were precision maneuvering in formation hovering for 30-40 seconds and began to disappear through cloud layer.

Sighting 1 – The red object looked and acted similar to a hovering aircraft and slowly disappeared east towards New Haven.
Sighting 2 – Initially one appeared moving out of the southeast over Prospect with red and white light that reminded me of large LED’s. A total of 6-7 objects confirmed with four objects hovering near each other while the others were more spread out over either New Haven or Prospect. All objects began to disappear as they were moving up through the cloud layer.

Objects appeared out of the southeast of East Mountain Reservoir. Initially one object was spotted but more followed in a straight line path. Objects flew in straight line formation and stopped. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Lights


Porter — I was leaving my home, walking across the parking lot to my car to get something to eat with my girlfriend on December 21, 2016. I noticed an extremely bright light in the sky to the southwest. I confirmed with my girlfriend that she had also seen the moving object. I thought the object may have been a helicopter monitoring traffic over the express way just south of my home. I realized it could not be, as the light emitted wasn’t produced from standard navigation lights. There was also no sound and the light was pulsating. It would become very dim and then brighter changing to reddish orange color. It flew over for 1.5 hours. Temperatures on the ground were 8 degrees F. While following the object it seemed as if it was slowing down and possible hovering at times. I called two local airports (KVPZ 12 miles south of initial location and KRZL 42 miles south to see if they could see any lights in the sky. Both claimed they could not see any objects. After following the object we realized it was traveling much faster than when we first sighted it. I found that it traveled for at least 9.5 miles to the southwest from the initial sighing area. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Light

 I was driving down Route 627 on December 26, 2016, and saw chemtrails in the sky.

I snapped two different photographs and in the second photograph there was a bluish-green sphere. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nevada Glowing Objects


Beatty — My husband is a Long-Haul Truck Driver and we were on a run from Washington State to New Mexico. I left the town of Beatty, heading south on SR 95 when I spotted three glowing objects to the west over the hills. My husband pulled over and we observed the objects just hover above the hills. They stayed in one spot for about 15-20 minutes. My husband thought they were Military Flairs. I say that they are UFO’s. We took pictures and watched them just hover there the whole time. Then they disappeared without any noise at all.
The next day outside Boulder City, NV, at 6 am we videoed 15 black helicopters flying in the direction of where we saw the objects the night before? Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Wing

Woodbury Heights – At 6:50 pm, I was in my car, when I saw what I thought was a helicopter on approach to Philadelphia Airport (PHL) on November 23, 2016, at about 500-1000 feet AGL. A second aircraft came zipping up from behind and I thought they were going to crash a few hundred yards away. The second aircraft, quickly decelerating, dove to the left under the first one, back to the right, back to the left again, like a fighter jet, and then made a sharp right bank under it and quickly disappeared towards Woodbury. I suppose a helicopter pilot might be able to make those sweeping movements, but I don’t think it could bug out and disappear that quickly. I do not believe that a plane could fly that slowly and do that. Thirdly, you’d have to be an idiot to perform that maneuver so close together over such a populated area.

It was fairly dark, all I could see was the large white light (ACFT #1) and a wing-shaped line of lights, about the length of a commuter planes wings (ACFT #2). This line of bright lights was on the rear of the craft, larger than your normal navigation lights and in the wrong configuration for any registered aircraft that I am aware of. There were five evenly spaced lights of similar size: white – green – white – red – white. I have not seen lights like that shinning from the back of any plane or helicopter I know.

I got into the house less than a minute later and ran to an upper window. I could not see the ACFT #2, trees blocked the view. ACFT #1 was still visible a mile or so away and appeared to have stopped. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any aircraft like I described or if a near miss was reported. I live about 5 miles from PHL, on approach to runway 35; we see a lot of planes and helicopters. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mount Laurel — I was sitting in one of our trucks warming it up for a test run on December 22, 2016. I was smoking looking at my father and what he’s doing, in the corner of my eye I caught a small blue object in the sky, it appeared and disappeared within in seconds, shooting across the whole sky going east, it sent chills down my spine when I first saw it.

I jumped out of the truck freaking out to my father about what I just saw; it was very chilling and exciting, my first ever sighting. I lost sight of the UFO from it disappearing from going too fast, I know it wasn’t a shooting star, no trail and it didn’t diagonal across the sky, just straight like an arrow. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Lights


Milville — It was foggy out my wife and I stopped at the Sweethollow Diner and then looking west spotted this stationary object very high in the sky on December 27, 2016. We observed it for four minutes and I took a video and picture of it. When we came out of the diner 30 minutes later it was gone. It had two narrow vertical red lights at either end and the center had two roundish red lights that emitted more red lights. I am not sure if this is a drone but it was a drizzling so I wasn’t sure if someone would fly one in that weather. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Light


Between Austin & Troy — My sighting occurred on December 21, 2016, between 7 and 8:45 PM. We watched it go down and to each side. It would fizzle away and then fizzle back. It was west of I-35, north of Austin, and south of Troy. It would get brighter, then dimmer and it looked like there was spot lights coming from it every once in a while. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://www.UFOsnw.com

Washington Lights

Port Angeles – At 25 seconds into the video a UFO appears in the center of the screen. It travels left and then disappears into a cloud. The video was shot with a Smartphone camera by Adam Gross at 4:30 PM on December 9, 2016. I was standing on First Street and the UFO is south of the observer over Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National park). The event lasts about 30 seconds from 24 seconds to 1 minute.

Mr. Gross is a member of MUFON and is currently researching/documenting nightly UFO activity in the Port Angeles that has been continuous for over a year and a half. His photos have been published on several online websites.

Note: There is a possibility that the witness took a video of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter was visible in the southern sky. The apparent movement could be due to cloud movement and not the object. Jupiter was quite low in the sky so this explanation may not be valid. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://www.UFOsnw.com

Seattle — We were flying to Seattle when my bud saw his black thing appear in the sky on December 26, 2016.  Object at lower left.

I was able to snap the picture right before it disappeared about 10 seconds later.Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Lights

Jandakot Airport – I was checking a weather cam in Australia picture with the date time and location is in the bottom left corner of each picture on November 4, 2016.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Light


Burlington — Looking out in the distance over Lake Ontario from our back yard deck I could see a strange bright light that seemed to glow and pulsate and had a yellow orange color on December 20, 2016. It was hovering or seemed that way from a distance. Then slowly it went diagonally up and eventually just disappeared. When looking binoculars I could not see any flashing or blinking lights as it moved slowly up. I brought down my 6D Camera with 100mm IS lens and the object was fuzzy. At 10x using the rear LCD and the object seemed unship and very bright. I am attaching one of the better photos. I had my 18 year old daughter confirm that this seemed like a very odd star or airplane without blinking lights. The UFO stalker website had two similar reports during the same night nearby. Thanks to MUFON CMS

China Object

 Guangzhou City – On December2, 2016 around 4 pm. when I got on the balcony at 13th floor, I saw triangle shaped object. It might be one or two objects following one another very closely. Each was like with 3 or 4 light bulbs heading fast towards south at a higher altitude then a plane flies and very clearly visible and seemed relatively big object while it passed over my apartment at 80 degree. It took my 5 seconds to understand what it is. I rushed in the living room to take my phone. When I was back to balcony I started recording video but it was already at the far distance. At 3rd second in the video it can be seen in vague. But probably when I upload the file the resolution will decrease So, I screen shot the video and zoomed on the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Cuba Light

Holguin — My wife and I were on vacation on December 13, 2016, we were heading towards our hotel around 6:30 pm, and took two pictures of the Moon. When I reviewed all my photos and I noticed those strange things. I didn’t see that with my eyes. But the lens of the camera caught a very bright banana shaped form or object. Two objects seemed to be leaving from the big banana and they left very bright tails.

The second picture shows the two objects already distant from the big banana form that could be a space mother ship. You can see very precisely the form and the top of the objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Cyprus Objects

Picture was taken for the purpose of mountain and moon combination scenery. The object could only be realized right after shot in LCD display.

Several shootings made before this photo but no other objects were found in previous shots on April 19, 2009.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Karaganda, KZ Light

 Karaganda — I was roaming around Akhimat Building on December 26, 2016, and observed a bright light spot in sky. It was sharply viewable and was boomerang shaped and a flight crossed above and from the side of it and also it was rotating.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Russia Object

 Perm Kizel – An object was photographed rising quickly.

Someone left our planet on June 20, 2015,

 Thanks to MUFON CMS

 UK/England Possible Abduction

Southend on the Sea — We were night fishing on a small 18 foot cabin boat when we first noticed the object on September 9, 1992. We thought it must be a helicopter, but as it drew nearer we noticed it moving in a zigzag pattern with sharp movements and most noticeable no real sound, just a slight hum. As it got closer we panicked and hid in the cabin which lit up brighter than the sun, but there was no heat and no pain in our eyes. The night passed very quickly and all our bait was still wrapped. This was unusual as normally we run out of bait.

People think you’re crazy or just making it up, so we told very few. l only spoke about this to my wife, and even she thought we are mad and should keep it quiet. But l saw your program and l think we are right to let you know our story. l know it was caught on radar. It found us anyway. I would never tell any military personnel as they make you feel stupid, even though my father-in-law was detective chief inspector of the m.O.D. Police. Thanks to MUFON CMS


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