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UFO Sighting Video Captures Dark Void Above Ocean

A recent UFO sighting video has captured the imagination of enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

First uploaded by Streetcap1, the UFO sighting video captures what appears to be a dark object hovering amidst the clouds above the ocean.

Some enthusiasts, like UFO Sightings Daily founder Scott Waring, believes this dark UFO to be incognito amidst the atmosphere.

Here we see a dark circle UFO that seems to be hiding above the clouds cover, but from orbit it is visible,” writes Waring on his website.

“Why didn’t NASA see this and edit it out you ask? Because the original photo is very dark and to see the dark circle you must first add brightness or light to the photo. Notice how the blue ocean is visible below the clouds leading me to believe that this UFO was heading to or from an alien base on the ocean floor.”

The source of the photo comes from a NASA image capture, which can be seen here. In this, you can still make out the object clearly against the white clouds.

“No wonder we have trouble seeing them from earth, that thing is flat black not shiny like most videos,” adds crazycloud2.

But while some believe it to be a UFO sighting, others are more skeptical.

“Top view of a weather balloon. Next,” writes Jim Smith on YouTube.

Judging from the UFO sighting video, what do you think is the cause of this object being captured by NASA?

Check out the UFO sighting video below:

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