A Meteorologist Believes UFOs Are Flying Around The Sun

A UFO was noticed from SOHO project’s photos released by NASA. It was discovered and posted by YouTube user Myunhauzen74. The video seems to show an object making an intelligent movement, ruling out a comet or other space bodies. Its size would appear to be the same as the Earth based on the Sun’s perspective in the photos.  The SOHO is a joint project of the European Space Agency and NASA. The orbital solar telescope has been taking photos of the Sun, solar flares and any activity around the Sun. It is placed 1.5 million kilometres from Earth.

The data sent from the telescope is loaded in the website of NASA without editing, giving UFO researchers a chance to examine the raw images.  Report about a UFO around the Sun is not new. In fact, there are hundreds of reports about the anomaly around the Sun involving an unidentified flying object. American meteorologist Scott Stevens has even made a theory about it saying that solar flares are results of space aliens’ experimentation. He said in an interview that he believes UFOs are flying around the Sun.

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