V-Shaped Black UFO Over Las Vegas, Nevada On April 6, 2014

Date of sighting: April 6, 2014
Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
This is a classic V-shaped UFO. Notice how it moves slowly and even does a loop, much like an alien drone ship scanning for something below. Many such UFOs have been seen all along the Extraterrestrial highway #375 which is just 75 miles north of Vegas.  This sighting is similar to the Phoenix Lights sighting back in March 19, 1997 in that it also was V-shape and black. However the Phoenix Lights UFO was Miles across from wing tip to wing tip…blocking out the stars behind it witnesses said, where this one appears to be about the size of an average size car…which I conclude from the focusing difficulties he has. Vegas is also 250 miles from Phoenix. So, since massive V-shaped UFOs do exist and have had thousands of eyewitnesses including Arizona Gov Fife Symington, then we can conclude that this V-shape object has a high probability of being an alien craft or one of their remote drones. SCW

National UFO Center

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