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  • My Uncle said that General Douglas McArthur was also at Andrews AFB for viewing with MJ-12 Team. Apparently prior to his last speech at West Point. He and Truman did not see eye to eye on this matter either I was told. But He was called in for his military expertise and analysis.

  • I have also analyzed the end of the Ray Santilli film of Alien Autopsy. I firmly believe however that the last part of the film involving the fragments with WF tags are possibly legit. This viewing of the wooden tables and tents set up on tarmac is what my uncle described to me in his recollection prior to his death. This was set up for viewing by the Majority Intelligence Committee with Truman and MacArthur at Andrews AFB. Having a cryptographic background myself I believe these symbols stand for numbers in alien language and are a frequency for contact in case of a crash and recovery by other intelligent races. You will notice that some of the symbols are repeating which helped me in decoding them. This would explain the later Holloman AFB landing for them to retrieve their comrades in a trade of some sort. This could also have led to Eisenhower’s visit to Edwards AFB later in this bizarre series of events. I believe Roswell is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • I have been studying these reports on craft for over 35 years; I feel like now I can truthfully say I have a PHD in Ufology. These vehicles are not man-made they are alien in origin. I believe we have a situation where the government is withholding vital information from the American public. They are creating more panic by their inaction and remember Reagan talking about an alien threat. The government needs to level with the people about what it knows and what type of hostile alien race we may be facing in the future. Even Douglas McArthur stated that the next major war will be an inter-galactic war. He knew; so did Truman and Eisenhower and all the rest. There is no absence of evidence only evidence of absence of our government. The American people need to demand these files be released on all UFO information ever obtained by our intelligence channels. For the Good of the Nation and Domestic Tranquility.

  • The government should make public the diary of Secretary James Forrestal and stop classification process in this field of study. By now we have gleened all the technology that was available from the crash sites of these disks. I believe Col Phillp Corso just wanted to be acknowledged for all the hard work he did on this Project. He spent his life in government service just to be shut out like Major Marcel was at Roswell. The Need To Know is now the Need of all real Americans. We want the Truth; and we can handle It.

  • Carl Hollis

    This site is good and important.

  • Help me find out what this object is. I have the video

  • No one???

  • Nolan Aljaddou

    Subject: Proof of Extraterrestrial Encounters – In Earth’s History

    Supremely genius feats of arithmetic:

    The most sophisticated time measuring instruments are present in the ancient world; in accordance with the first law of forensics (if a conspiracy can exist in a circumstance, it must necessarily), they preclude any other conclusion save that of extraterrestrial intervention in history.

    They are time measurements, referenced by a precise center (here, that of revolution, the sun), and form sundials. They all measure precise biorhythms. In the case of the zodiac, that of energy (organic characteristics). In the case of the great pyramids, space (orbital recurrence, or “reincarnation”). In the case of the Mayan calendar, time (statistical history). I have provided the literal linguistic Rosetta Stone by which these phenomena may be precisely measured and charted. The final pieces of the puzzle are in Kabbalah’s so-called “tree of knowledge”, which is the precise structure of the theory of measurement in space, and the principle of phaseology of numeric progression, the historic number, “666”.

    They have all been proven to be irremovably precise, and cannot approach an arbitrary limit of greater precision, dictating supreme high technology responsible.

    I am the theoretical physicist who completed “The Philosopher’s Trilogy”, consisting of Schopenhauer’s “The World As Will and Representation”, Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, and “The Satanic Bible”, expounding the philosophy of the Ubermensch – to pristine mathematical completion.

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