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Flowing water on Mars appears likely but hard to prove

Flowing water on Mars

Martian experts have known since 2011 that mysterious, possibly water-related streaks appear and disappear on the planet’s surface. Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. candidate Lujendra Ojha discovered them while an undergraduate at the University of Arizona. These features were given the descriptive name of recurring slope lineae (RSL) because of ...

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Mars could have supported life: Ten years on Mars leads to livable mud

NASA Mars Exploration Rover

Some of the oldest minerals ever analysed by NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover show that around four billion years ago Mars had liquid water so fresh it could have supported life. The findings were announced in a special ‘Exploring Mars Habitability’ edition of the journal Science released today to coincide with ...

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Potential Martians: Mars One selects 1,058 hopefuls among 200,000 applicants

mars one astronaut base

The Mars One project has announced the selection of 1,058 hopefuls from over 200,000 applicants to become potential “human ambassadors” on the Red Planet. Eventually, no more than 40 people will be selected to go Mars to never return. “We’re extremely appreciative and impressed with the sheer number of people ...

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First Radiation Measurements from the Surface of Mars

First Radiation Measurements from the Surface of Mars

In the first 300 days of the Mars Science Laboratory surface mission, the Curiosity rover cruised around the planet’s Gale Crater, collecting soil samples and investigating rock structures while the onboard Radiation Assessment Detector made detailed measurements of the radiation environment on the surface of Mars. SwRI scientists published radiation ...

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Pyramid At The West Candor Chasma On Mars

mars pyramid

Date of discovery: November 2013? Location of discovery: West Candor Chasma, Mars I like this guys video. He takes his time with it and explains every aspect of the pyramid and location. There are pyramids on Mars and thats just a fact. Several exist in the Cydonia region. Why they covered them ...

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