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Comet ISON, if it survives trip around the sun, could bring spectacular sky show

Comet ISON

As Comet ISON hurtles toward the sun, its million-year-long journey through our solar system may end with its violent death — or a spectacular sky show. On Thanksgiving, when the comet rounds the sun, professional and amateur astronomers alike will await ISON’s fate with bated breath. Its tail may get ...

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Filer’s Files # 38 – 2013 – Strange Ison Comet, Orbs and Mutilations

UFO Picture taken over Coventry, England on September 1, 2013

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Something strange about Ison Comet, STS – 88 UFO, Fukushima Is Leaking Radiation, Strange Small Orbs; Mainstream archaeological community has suppressed America’s true history, Antarctica Hangar? Cattle Mutilations, Chinese Fighters copy the best Manufacture’s Data, Syria Agreement, and Mars Arch Unidentified Aerial Phenomena ...

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