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UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Crashed Alien UFO Drone In NASA Mars Rover Photo

Enhanced Image Of Alleged Crashed UFO Drone On Mars

Online alien and UFO hunters claim they have sighted a UFO drone in a photo of the Gale Crater region of Mars captured by a NASA Mars rover. According to the YouTube UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible, a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by a Mars rover — presumably Curiosity ...

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Mars: New hypothesis on the origin of the megafloods

Detail of a flood channel in Ares Valles

A study published in Scientific Reports puts forward a new explanation for the Martian megafloods: enormous discharges of subterranean water that dug out the biggest flood channels in the solar system over 3 billion years ago. For many years it was thought that these megafloods were caused by the release ...

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Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater

We have heard the Mars exploration mantra for more than a decade: follow the water. In a new paper published October 9, 2015, in the journal Science, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) team presents recent results of its quest to not just follow the water but to understand where it ...

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Curiosity rover adjusts route up Martian mountain

May 10, 2015, view from Curiosity's Mastcam

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover climbed a hill Thursday to approach an alternative site for investigating a geological boundary, after a comparable site proved hard to reach. The drive of about 72 feet (22 meters) up slopes as steep as 21 degrees brought Curiosity close to a target area where two ...

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Researchers hone technique for finding signs of life on the Red Planet

close-up of the red planet Mars

For centuries, people have imagined the possibility of life on Mars. But long-held dreams that Martians could be invaders of Earth, or little green men, or civilized superbeings, all have been undercut by missions to our neighboring planet that have, so far, uncovered no life at all. Yet visits to ...

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