Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 19, 2020 CIA Director UFOs Are Real


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter CIA Director UFOs Are Real, Navy Acknowledges Tic Tac Films of UFOs Real, Dr. George Adamski Claims to have Talked to Man from Venus, China’s Hidden Pyramids, Stringfield Crash Status Reports Suggest How Mankind Began, Letter from Star Being, Selected by Extraterrestrials Volume 2 and I’ll be Speaking at the Mt. Shasta Conference

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio. and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, India, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter CIA Director UFOs Are Real

Admiral Hillenkoetter served as the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), in which position he also wore the hat of directorship of the CIG (Central Intelligence Group), beginning May 1, 1947, then as the first director of the(Central Intelligence Agency  (CIA), as of September. 18, 1947.. That is when CIG became CIA as a result of the passage of the National Security Act of 1947.

Under that Act the Director served as principal intelligence advisor to the President and the newly created National Security Council (NSC).” Hillenkoetter believed that while the stated role of the CIA was to coordinate intelligence activities, realistically the Agency lacked the bureaucratic muscle to affect such a lofty goal. As a result of this decision Hillenkoetter urged the Agency into the area of current intelligence production.

Later, Major Keyhoe persuaded another former Naval Academy classmate, Rear Admiral. R.H. Hillenkoetter (the first Director of the CIA) to serve on the Board, but his service was overt and totally supportive of NICAP’s goals. Hillenkoetter was willing to speak very publicly and to congress about the goodness of what NICAP was doing and that UFOs seemed to be a real but non-terrestrial mystery. He was far from alone. (Washington Daily News)

Hillenkoetter served on the board of governors of National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP’s) and is on record as stating:

                                       “Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control. It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is.” He resigned from the NICAP Board in Feb 1962, He stated, UFOs seemed to be a real but non-terrestrial mystery. He was far from alone.

The former CIA employees were totally gone at this point and had no further involvement of any kind with NICAP.

On January 16, 1957 – the day after the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP’s) Board of Governors met for the first time – Board Chairman Delmer S. Fahrney called a press conference. News media all over the country quoted his statements identifying him as one of the few “top brass” to speak out in defense of UFOs.We absolutely know that many high ranking Navy officers were interested in the phenomenon.” Roscoe Hillenkoetter himself joined NICAP and was willing to speak very publicly and to congress about the goodness of what NICAP was doing. Hillenkoetter served on the board of governors of NICAP and is on record as stating: “Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control. It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is.” He resigned from the NICAP Board in Feb 1962 and was replaced by Col. Joseph Bryan III.

Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter (Ret.), a committee board member and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in a statement that a copy of the inspector general’s warning had been sent to the Senate Science and Astronautics Committee. “Vice Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter (Ret.), said, “It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” He charged that “to hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel.” New York Times article on a major UFO cover-up published on 2/28/1960

The Air Force confirmed that the document had been issued. A spokesman said it was put out by Maj. Gen. Richard E. O’Keefe, acting inspector general at the time, to call attention to revised Air Force regulations concerning unidentified flying objects.
The statement was included in a pamphlet”

Operations and Training Pamphlet circulated at intervals to bring commands up to date. Pentagon aides said the new regulations covering seven printed pages, made no substantive change in policy but had been rewritten as a matter of course. The Air Force has investigated 6,132 reports of flying objects since 1947, including 183 in the last six months of 1959.

Navy Acknowledges Tic Tac Films of UFOs Real.

On April 27, 2020,after a thorough review, the Department of Navy has determined that the authorized release of three unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems, and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena,” said Pentagon spokesperson.

American people deserve to be informed.”

“DOD is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos,”. “The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified.’”

The 2004 incident occurred 100 miles out into the Pacific Ocean when two Navy pilots on a training mission were dispatched to investigate objects being tracked by a Navy cruiser for two weeks prior. The pilots found one oval-shaped aircraft hovering 50 feet above the water that quickly descended and fled when they moved closer.

“It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,” one pilot told said. They were on their way to their rendezvous point 60 miles away, they were radioed by the ship that the object had been was there and had traveled the distance in less than a minute.

Sir, you won’t believe it,” the radio operator said, “but that thing is at your cap point.”

The two other videos captured objects moving swiftly through the air.

“Former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the footage “scratches the surface of research and materials” made available by the Pentagon.”I’m glad the Pentagon is finally releasing this footage, but it only scratches the surface of research and materials available,” Reid tweeted Monday. “The U.S. needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications. The American people deserve to be informed.”

George Adamski Claims to have Talked to Man from Venus

 Dr. George Adamski, formerly an UFO lecturer and author, described what it’s like to talk to a man from another world. The contact, as he called it, was made November 20 1952, somewhere in the wasteland between Blythe and Phoenix and Dr. Adamski had six witnesses with him who viewed the meeting from a distant hill. Dr. Adamski spoke all over the world to important people and to his local Lion’s Club

Following a hunch, the doctor drove with his companions to this spot where he took pictures of the space craft as it landed. Then he saw a man on a hill waving to him. He walked toward him and when they met they shook hands, not in the ordinary fashion of mortals, but by placing the palms of their hands flat against each others. “His skin,” the doctor said, “was soft as that of a five-year-old child.”

In describing him, he said, “The space-man was about 5-feet 6 inches tall and I would judge him to weigh about 135 pounds. He looked just like we do except that he was unusually handsome and that his eyes were somewhat slanted. He had long black hair, very beautiful and wavy. His costume was like a ski suit, loose but gathered tightly at the wrists, ankles, and neck. Around his waist he wore a white belt, about eight inches wide.”

Dr. Adamski spoke all over the world to important people and to his local Lion’s Club that was recorded.

The first question that the Lions asked the doctor was, “Could he speak English?””No,” the doctor replied, “or at least he didn’t choose to. However, he repeated words I said and repeated them in English.

“I asked him where he was from. And pointed to Venus, he nodded, “Adamski called him Orthon who warned of the dangers of nuclear war. Adamski felt Orthon was like the warm embrace of great love and understanding wisdom

“Mainly we conversed by mental pictures and I was with him about 45 minutes. He warned me not to get too close to his space ship and, in my excitement, I forgot and my shoulder was within two inches from the tip of the saucer. Suddenly my arm was caught up by a magnetic force and whipped up against the ship and down again. For three days my arm was paralyzed and even now I still suffer from a peculiar pain and weakness in it. This magnetic force, different from the magnetic force we know which attracts only metal, is the source of their power and the fuel by which space ships are propelled.”

Today’s press-time forbids further reporting on Dr. Adamski’s sensational talk but a more complete report of it will appear in “Ring Around” tomorrow. Orrin Chance was today’s program chairman.

China’s Hidden Pyramids

Nine university scientists gaped upwards at the gigantic, prehistoric pyramid that they determine was built some 10,000 years ago. A team of daring Chinese researchers, digging into the ancient mysteries of the origin of their country, has come to the inescapable conclusion that an interstellar, supreme alien race used much of the northern and western Chinese regions as massive Earth bases. Hundreds of strange pyramids cover parts of China particularly in Quaghai Province and former Tibet.

Quaghai Province

One such base may be the astonishing pyramid structure that sits near the apex of Mount Baigong in the western province of the Xianyang pyramid. The Chinese pyramids look similar to those on Mars. The people of Mars may have recognized mammoth floods were coming to Mars and gathered up their animals and flew to Earth like the story of Noah.  We are told in the Bible that extraterrestrials (the sons of God mated with the daughters of men, they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. Genesis 6.

Three hundred 10,000 year old pyramids were built by 6’6’ blonde, blue eyed gods from space. They look very much like modern Nordics. Danish scientists studying DNA claim there were no blue eyed blondes on Earth until 6000 to 10,000 years ago. The visitors chose to live at fairly high altitude in mountains area that has been lived for centuries by Tibetans. China is the focus of legends, myths and stories of alien visitations and many of them center on the Xianyang pyramid. Local villagers claim their distant ancestors spoke of sky great ships that navigated the heavens and used the pyramid as a landing, refueling and resupply site.

The hypothesis regarding extra-terrestrials is “understandable and worth looking into.” Yang Ji one of the scientists and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences explained to reporters. While the scientific exploration team agrees, all indications are that aliens used the giant structure as one of its primary Earth bases.

The top is flattened – to accommodate landing ships in China and Mexico.

The anomalous pyramid rises almost 200 feet above the countryside—the surrounding area littered with mystifying pipes, bizarre artifacts and unworldly odds and ends. China’s state-run Xinhua agency sent a nine man team to investigate the pyramid and report back on their findings. The team discovered pipes running from the caves and deep into the ground slanting down into the earth probably to capture energy, possibly electricity.

The agency tersely says: “The pyramid has three caves with openings shaped like triangles on its façade and is filled with red-hued pipes leading into the mountain and nearby salt water lake.”

Above the caves are dozens of pipes—all of various diameters—that mysteriously run into the mountainside beneath the towering pyramid. All the pipes match the color of the surrounding rocks, a murky reddish-brown. Elsewhere, more pipes, many lying shattered are scattered littering the ground in every direction. Some of the pipes follow the bank of a salty lake while others dip into the water and plunge beneath the lake bed.   Broken pipe goes deep into ground to pick up energy?

Although the pipes’ purpose is officially classified as unknown, some of the Chinese scientists are leaning towards the idea that the structure truly is the remains of some advanced outpost or star base. The pyramid complex stretches out much farther than what is visible.

One of the ‘alien’ artifact pipe fragments. This a cut pipe at ground level.

The evidence suggests a highly technological network of pressurized Pipes supplying water and possibly fuels.

Since the ancient site dates from at least 10,000 BCE—and is perhaps twice as old as that—no humans could have engineered it as no serious human culture existed that long ago.

 Qin Jianwen, the head of the Publicity Department of the Delingha government, says fragments of some of the pipe material were taken for analysis.

        One of the ‘alien’ artifact pipe fragments.

The pieces were found to be mostly silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, although more than eight percent of the metal could not be identified.

“The large content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is a result of long interaction between iron and sandstone, which means the pipes, must be very old,” Liu Shaolin an engineer who did the analysis explained. How old? Some are guessing 12,000 years…maybe much, much older.

\Parts of pipes and structures Uncovered

Tales of China’s ancient days are crammed with stories about the “sky people” and the “god-men” who came from the stars using the Earth as a base for exploration. Along the way these beings taught some of the primitive peoples they met the basics of technology, engineering, farming, and the complex structure of the universe. Strange artifacts litter the pyramid sites.

Other younger pyramids date to the reigns of the oldest emperors who often spoke of extraterrestrials and civilizations on other planets. Some of the emperors even wrote that they were the progeny “of the sons of the sky, who had landed upon Earth in iron dragons.” Thanks to

Stringfield Crash Status Reports Suggest How Mankind Began

 Evidence collected by UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield and published in his monograph, The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, Status Report II if true, is far beyond the compelling, as it boggles the mind. I spoke on the phone with Leonard for hours and visited him in his home in Ohio.

He wrote, Status Report III, which tells of a pathologist who allegedly performed an autopsy of an alien body, and who was ultimately silenced. Stringfield writes, “His last message reiterated through his colleague, concerned a hypothesis which postulated that early man, possibly Cro-Magnon or before, had been genetically altered, or hybridized, with an alien or angels of superior intelligence to form homo-sapiens.

  • According to his rationale, atrophied human-like organs such as evidenced in the alien’s genitals, suggest Earth-related evolutionary ties that are beyond coincidence. Suggest atrophied humans coming back from the future to collect our apparently better DNA.
  • In essence, according to the pathologist, primeval Earth had become an experimental test tube for a new race whose development required periodic watching. Provocatively, the hypothesis, which was presented at a secret high-level medical conference (with Russian attendance), does answer a lot of basic questions about the UFO, i.e., their cyclic visitation, some biblical events, the lack of open communication, the lack of overt hostility, and a plausible explanation for abductions of random subjects for what seems to be physical examinations. In this status report, Stringfield offers a collective summary of comments by various anonymous medical examiners, who supposedly examined deceased alien bodies retrieved from crashes between 1947 and 1980. The following tentative morphology refers to an alleged alien humanoid measuring 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 feet tall and weighing 40 pounds. These are some of the notes directly from medical examiners: Two round eyes without pupils. Under heavy brow ridge, eyes described variously as large, almond shaped elongated, sunken or deep set, far apart, slightly slanted, appearing “Oriental” or “Mongoloid.”

  •     By human standards, the head is large in relation to the limbs and torso. It has been compared with a 5-month old human fetus.
  • No ear lobes or protrusive flesh extending beyond apertures on each side of the. Nose is vague. Mouth indicated as a small “slit” without lips opening into a small cavity, and appears not   to function as a means of communication or as an orifice for food ingestion. Neck is described as being thin and in some instances not visible because of the garment on that section of the body.
  • Most observers describe the head of the humanoid alien as hairless. One source said the pate showed slight fuzz. Bodies are described as hairless. The torso is generally described as small and thin.   In most instances, the body was observed wearing a flexible, metallic garment. Arms are described as long, thin and reaching down to the knee section. One type of hand consists of four fingers and no thumb; two of the fingers appear longer than the others.  Some observers have seen fingernails; others none.  A slight webbing effect between fingers was noted by three authoritative observers. Other reports indicate types of hands with both less and more than four fingers. Legs are reported as short and thin. Feet of one type are described as toe-less. Most observers describe feet as covered. One said alien foot looked like an orangutan’s. Skin is not described as Some claim beige, tan, brown or gray with a tan or pinkish cast. One said it looked “almost bluish-gray under the deep freeze light,” In two instances, the bodies were charred a dark brown in the wake of an alleged crash. Some suggest these are part robotic and part humanoid.
  • Skin texture is described as scaly or reptilian, and as stretchable, elastic or mobile over smooth muscle or skeletal tissue. No striated muscle, no perspiration, no body odor or teeth. No apparent reproductive organs. No genitalia. An absence of sexual organs suggests that they were perhaps atrophied by evolutionary degeneration, or the possibilities that some aliens, and perhaps all, do not reproduce like human beings, or that cadavers studied may have originated through cloning, robotic, or other artificial means. To most observers, the humanoids appear to be “formed out of a mold,” sharing identical facial characteristics rather than individuality displayed by humans. Brain and its capacity unknown.
  • Colorless liquid present in body, without red cells; alien circulation not oxygen carrying. No lymphocytes. No food or water intake known; in one known retrieval, witness noted that no food was aboard. Absence of digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, alimentary canal and rectal area. More than one humanoid type. Life span unknown. Descriptive types of alien anatomy may be no more diverse than those known among Earth’s Homo Sapiens. Other recovered alien types or other grotesque configurations, or human, are unknown at this time. Origins also unknown.
  • Stringfield also came in contact with a physician who in the early 1950’s allegedly performed an autopsy on an EBE. The witness described the body as follows:


  • SIZE: “The specimen observed was 4 feet, three and three-eighths inches tall. I cannot remember the weight. It has been so long, and my files do not indicate the weight. I recall the length well, because we had a disagreement and everyone took their turn measuring.” Some lead EBEs are reported taller.
  • HEAD: “The head was pear-shaped in appearance and over-sized by human standards for the body.  The eyes were Mongoloid in appearance.  The ends of the eyes furthest from the nasal cavity slated upwards at about a ten-degree angle.  There seemed to be no visible eyelids, only what seemed like a fold. The nose consisted of a small, fold-like protrusion above the nasal orifices. The mouth seemed to be a wrinkle-like fold.  There were no human lips as such—-just a slit that opened into an oral cavity about two inches deep.  A membrane along the rear of the cavity separated it from what would be the digestive tract.

“The tongue seemed to be atrophied into almost a membrane.  No teeth were observed.  X-rays revealed a maxilla and mandible as well as a cranial bone structure.  The outer ‘ear lobes’ didn’t exist.  The auditory orifices present were similar to our middle ear and inner ear canals.  The head contained no hair follicles. The skin seemed grayish in color and seemed mobile when stretched,”                                                    Chameleon Skin

  • In November 1979, additional word was received from the medical authority concerning the nature of alien skin. Under magnification, the tissue structure appears mesh-like, or like a grid network of horizontal and perpendicular lines. Clarifying an earlier reference that describes the skin of the entity as “reptilian,” this new information suggests that the texture of the granular-skinned lizards, such as the

Chameleon Skin

  • iguana and the chameleon, may be similar to at least one type of alien humanoid.
  • I do not believe it is a coincidence that the bulk of reported encounters with EBEs or alien humanoids, such as the ones allegedly ejected from the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash and as described as aliens doing abductions as described in Budd Hopkins’ Intruders, Witnessed and David Jacobs’ Secret Life. I frequently attended David Jacobs meeting in his home and visited Budd Hopkins with numerous abductees all that made sketches of the typical gray alien. Many had also seen much larger 5 foot Grays as well as Nordics who appear human. Thanks to Dr. Barry Taff and Leonard Stringfield


Letter from Star Being

  • This is David P. Calabro; I’m an investigator of UFO.’s from a different perspective! I investigate beings from other worlds whenever they take me out of body at night to show me different things and agenda’s. I am a Star child/ Star being, em-path healer, intuitive, walk in spirit from origins of the Pleiades Star System. My ambassador is Christine Day of Minnesota we are the beings with the cigar shaped UFO.’s we do have other types but this is the norm. My info is given to me when my reps take me out of body to show me things like the past Thurs. I was taken out of body and placed inside a replica home in Philadelphia where I was in the living room and I heard a lot of people out front of my house yelling and talking loud so I went to the door and asked this lady what is going on out here! I saw everyone in the street down the street up at the high school down to the Jefferson hospital. The lady said look up! I saw UFO craft everywhere!  The night sky was so crystal clear and all the planets and stars were much closer than the usual. I can even see nebula people were a little concerned but happy at the same time. Then one lady said look here comes one now. This craft was about 6 stories high and moving very slow. I said wow! And then the masters took me back into my body and I woke up slowly. I have many more experiences to tell all of you but this is the latest on April 23rd. 2020. This is something that is coming in the near future! They have been telling and showing me things similar to this for about 8 to 10 years. now. David P. Calabro retired medical investigator for 30 yrs. and 61 yrs old. I have lived many lifetimes.  They told me my last four.   da********@gm***.com   All my info that I am about to release is for any and everybody to know. The world must know that we are in a calculated matrix with an alien /spiritual team watching every one of us on earth.  Stay strong and be positive above all enjoy earth’s drama……

Selected by Extraterrestrials Volume 2

  • Volume 2 of Selected by Extraterrestrials in his is ground-breaking memoirs of Bill Tompkins covers his aerospace career at companies including TRW. Here is a record of everything that he wrote on his computer about his life until his death in 2017. Of special interest is his detailed access to work being done by TRW that is largely still unknown, such as aggressive remote viewing projects with Admiral Bobby Ray Inman involvement, extensive underground alien and U.S. tunneling systems, and the interesting role TRW played in the content of movies.
  • Bill was in charge of the famous Joe Papp engine development that was one of many non-petroleum energy systems studied by TRW. Bill was entered the world of secrecy as a teenager, when the Navy took his personal ship models out of a Hollywood department store display window because they showed the classified locations of radars and gun emplacements. He claims one of the Nordic craft selected him to be their rep in the evolving aerospace race.
  • He attended super-secret briefings with Navy spies reporting what was going on with UFOs in Nazi Germany from 1942-1945.After working at North American Aviation and Northrop he was hired by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950, and assigned to work in a “think tank” He sketched six UFO space craft on the Moon when the Apollo 11 astronauts landed. Bill Tompkins was one of the few survivors of the “big war”, married to the same woman Mary, and told his story about what he really did during his aerospace life from the 1940s through 2017 and confirmed the existence of a secret space program


I’ll be Speaking at the Mount Shasta Conference


Mount Shasta is one of the most spectacular Volcanoes in the World with numerous UFO reports

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UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Arizona white Cylindrical Object

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Prescott — High winds around. Object moved from east to west in the vicinity of the local Prescott airport. I took about 90 minutes to move about 25 miles and was moving very slow.

Photos were taken on, July 17, 2019

California Object

Rancho Cordova – On April 15, 24 & 25, 2020 occurring three nights around 12:30 AM it looks like balls of light dancing around the ring camera by the garage. It looks like a light bulb in shape and was definitely not bugs! Sometimes I hear a sound like rumbling or a robot like sound. I will take a screenshot of it, but I am not sure how to upload the ring video. Also there were actually two together on the early morning video on April 25.Note: The balls of light could be some sort of reflection, but I don’t know the source of the reflection. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Lemmon Grove – On April 25, 2020, I saw this at the gas station it would get brighter and dimmer and would move up and down, with no sound. Another popped up and disappeared. People all gathered around looking at it! It was a weird thing to see, not saying this is a UFO but it sure was a flying and it’s yet to be identified. Someone’s told me it’s a satellite. It looks to me like there’s a crease open in the sky with light coming through.

I’m still mesmerized by it…. It also looks like it’s attached to some sort of string but if it was there’s nothing to attach itself to.

Florida Lights

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

 Tampa Bay –Unusual Night Activity in just off MacDill Air Force Base on Friday
I also have a video that I will send. I think this is a drone of sorts as I was dead silent. This comes from my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. I looked at this thing with military grade binoculars that I have and it looked like nothing but light. To the North West is an airport, and there are aircraft in the videos. I know what the helicopters sound like.

Photos were taken on, January 13, 2020 at 12:45 AM ‘Frank Chille Jr.

Georgia Maneuvering Orb

Marietta — I used the CE5 protocols and asked any cosmic beings to come and join me if it was safe for them on April 26, 2020. I looked up into the sky and saw 3 lights in a perfect triangle. They weren’t moving so I looked at another light below that was blinking and moving side to side. I noticed 8 other lights doing the same thing. I turned on the video recorder, but the lights were too far away.

However, when I gazed back down through the phone’s lens I saw 2 blue lights. I proceeded to tape for 30 minutes as it zigzagged around, spun in circles, and seemed to be helping me by staying in my camera’s frame.

Minnesota Light

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Scandia — An iriridicent light hovered in the sky on April 25 2020 as the light drifted to the south. The shape of the light changes and at times expands/ the light is closer than stars and is seen through a telescope magnified 80 times that can pick up objects 5 miles away. These lights have been viewed 6 times in the last 4 months. It appears translucent with the exception of a straight beam of light in its core. This light behaved in a methodical way, other times moved erratically and changes colors. Recorded Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Montana Orbs

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Billings — I was outside the hangar at 10:00 at night on April 27, 2020, when I saw a yellow/orange light approaching from the west. Initially, I thought it was the hospital helicopter but as it approached I did not see a landing light or any anti collision lights. As it passed in front of me at 2000 AGL, it had a very slight jet engine sound. It appeared to ascend and disappeared toward the NE. It reminded me off an incoming meter with no trail or emissions. Five minutes later, two more came by climbing heading NE, with same yellow/orange color but with no sound, flying in formation. Hey were under intelligent control, about the size of a penny at arm’s length. Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Nevada Cylinder

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Las Vegas — Today Wow! UFOs: Roof Tops in Las Vegas: 017a-ufos-on March 24,2020- at 2.05pmpdt

Steve Baron: Hi Tech Optics: UFOs over Las Vega

New York Disc

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Look very closely the ufo can be seen moving very slowly to the left above the tree line.  Video UFO disk moving very slowly above school look closely Pictures were taken about April 24, 2020.

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

 Illian — Captured UFO Disk video it looked like the UFO was captured & being moved by military or Secret Service.  added a slow motion video along with the original Please do not add music or edit this video in any way PLEASE leave it as is.
To the trolls out there it’s not a bird it’s not a plane nor swamp gas or drone or anything above this video is 100% real!! Pictures were taken about April 24, 2020.

Ohio Disc

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Perrysburg — I was working at the Calphalon Corporation doing preventive maintenance work on the HVAC units. I went to my van and heard the telephone pole wires hum coming from the wires.  While looking up I saw a shimmering object hovering in the sky. I was just staring at it and snapped a picture as it flew off to the east very fast,

Two fighter planes from the south came roaring over my head. I blew the picture up as much as I could and took a picture with my personal phone. I called MUFON that day and came across the picture I took on October 11 of 2018.

Washington String of Lights

Spanaway –It looked like a string of lights lit up flying through the sky.

Note: The string of lights is Space X Star-Linked Satellites.

The lights are difficult to capture on camera as they are somewhat dim.

Recorded April 24 2020 at10 PM PDT
Thanks to Will Pucket/

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Brazil Light

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Port Alegre – White Lights were seen blinking suggesting a triangular shape of the object.

Pictures were taken on April 10, 2020.

Canada Disc

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Toronto — I snapped this picture Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 10:33pm facing downtown Toronto. It was large, silent and triangular shaped briefly then progressed into the shape you see in the attached images. I had a tough time identifying the object as it passed by fast all within under 10 seconds. There were reported military drills over Toronto a few days later?

Fighter jets to conduct training exercise over Toronto

NORAD said the Royal Canadian Air Force fighters will be working at high altitude with the Canadian Air Defense Sector in North Bay.”

Cyprus Disc

Photos were taken courtesy of MUFON.

Paphos — I’m photographer who ‘a couple months ago grove to a water dam and took pictures for 25 minutes. It was super silent and we didn’t see anything but when I checked film in my computer the disc showed up.

I was taking photos in burst mode where I took 5 photos in one second using super fast shutter. And this thing appeared only in one photo of the 5. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s real UFO,  Pictures were taken February 19, 2020.

India Cylinder

Description: Dyer — I have a video taken this morning by one of my friends. She didn’t notice the UFO, but saw that it got captured on the video.

She’s now confused whether it’s a bird. But the things passed with supersonic speed.

I sent a screen shot from the video and a photo. Note: The object could be an out-of-focus bird or insect Thanks to Will Pucket/

Italy Lights

Cassano Irpino, Avellino — On April 26, 2020, the witness took 2 photos of three lights in triangular formation.

Note: The witness did not say anything about the photos. One of the objects is likely Venus and the other the moon.

However, the third object appears to be moving relative to the moon and Venus and is therefore not explained.

Thanks to Will Pucket/

Mexico Lights

Photos are courtesy of MUFON.

La Paz — Driving with my girlfriend, we both saw it and took some minutes to talk to each other with lots of questions!! Hovering over the ocean while we drove along Highway 1 from Cabo to La Paz, before Todos Santos, Baja California Sur. Pictures were taken on April 10, 2020.

Peru Light

Photos are courtesy of MUFON.

Lima — On Saturday April 18 2020, an interesting case came to my attention. The same occurred on the Las Casuarinas urbanization in Surco at sunset. The incident was recorded on video while a family was at home. Initially, a light was seen in Lima, and moved quickly from Cerro San Francisco. Subsequently, the object moves linearly and increases its brightness when one of the witnesses records it. The object continued to move, finally getting lost in the distance, at an incredible speed,
Number of witnesses: 4 family members.

Turkey Lights


Description: It was morning when I got home. I was totally sober, when I went out to my balcony to have some fresh air I saw it. It was still for a while then it disappeared in just a second. I couldn’t shoot a video because my battery was dead. I could tell that it was out of the ozone layers. It was huge object taken on December 3, 2013 –.Note: The witness didn’t say much about the object only that it was large. The photo shows a strange shaped object. Thanks to Will Pucket/

UK/England Objects

Newton Abbot Deven — I sat in the garden sky watching on April 23, 2020. The sky was clear with no planes. I sat there looking around the sky with my Nikon P900 camera when a Royal Navy helicopter flew over the area I took some photographs as the helicopter flew over the horizon where I spotted a saucer shaped object that was moving at speed across the sky. When I zoomed in I could see its violet color. I quickly took a photograph at 1:36 PM as it accelerated away at great speed before I lost sight of it. I feel that it is very compelling evidence of alien craft in our skies. I regularly see UFO’s around this area and I strongly believe the aliens have underwater bases. All the best John.

Note: This same witness has taken several compelling photos of UFO’s. Perhaps his statement that UFO’s may be coming out of the water is correct? Thanks to Will Pucket/

Photos are courtesy of MUFON.

Bridgend — Hearing the roar of a military plane I grabbed my phone to take a photo. The plane was not travelling at high speed however was high in the sky.

My attention was concentrated on the plane.

It was not until I viewed the photo after that I saw the odd object alongside the plane

Pictures were taken on April 24, 2020.

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