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Filer’s Files # 26 – 2014 Disturbing UFO Reports

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June 25, 2014


In special reports, this week’s files cover: French Minister of Defense Says UFO Reports Disturbing, NASA UFO Sighting in Space, Russia Humanoid Sighting Report, and Angles & Demons beside You. Chapter4.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, Russia, and England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.


The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director


Your eyes can see the light of a single candle 10 miles away


Special Reports

French Minister of Defense Says UFO Reports Disturbing

M. Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense

M. Robert Galley says, “I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass  of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the  mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are  forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing.”

 I believe that the attitude of spirit that we must vis-a-vis this phenomenon is an open one, that is to say that it doesn’t consist in denying a priori, as our ancestors of previous  centuries did deny many things that seem nowadays perfectly  elementary.   M. Robert Galley, interviewed on radio by Jean-Claude Bourret, February 21, 1974.

Then in March 1974, Robert Galley, went on French National Radio assuring the French people that his ministry took ufos very seriously and was studying them. He reported that there had been radar trackings and French Air Force jets had chased these objects. While many sightings could be accounted for, others could not. He added that, if people were able to see the extent and quality of the data that was coming in to the authorities, they would be properly disturbed. His interview should have provoked headlines, yet oddly did not. Galley held positions as Minister of Research and Space, Minister of Telecommunications, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Defence from 1973 to 1974, and Minister of Cooperation from 1976 to 1980


UFO Sighting Photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center, 100% clear UFO in High Detail


This spaceship was provided by NASA so we can assume it is not a photo-shopped craft and is real. It is either an alien ship or part of the alleged secret space fleet protecting Earth; the top round device may be part of an offensive system

The size of the Space Shuttle (in terms of height) is 184 ft (56.1 m). The diameter is 28.5 ft 

The International Space Station’s length and width is about the size of a 300 foot football field.

 Alert…NASA has deleted all the links to these UFO photos as of January 2013. 🙁 UFO sighting photos leaked out of NASA-Johnson Space Center…

Since the image came from NASA originally we can certain this craft was in space and appears to be large enough to hold a crew of six. Only the Extraterrestrials, Russians, the United States, and  China are capable of launching a spaceship of this size. The circular disc at the top center may hold an advanced EM weapons system.


Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and wargames specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetics which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlie all physical reality. If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. He claims the Russians are most advanced in building scalar weapons. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of.”

“Time-energy, time-currents, and time-structuring play the dominant role in electromagnetics. Time-as-energy eventually becomes engineerable, as easily as is spatial energy now. We are always dealing with spacetime and with spacetime curvature.” The scalar energy discovered in the vacuum of space is sometimes called “zero-point” energy.


The first howitzer mode is called the “exothermic” mode of operation because immense EM energy blasts outward at the target site. The blast of a scalar howitzer can be of near nuclear level in destructiveness, and can be repeated easily, at that place, or nearby, or anywhere. The howitzer can use a lesser exothermic power setting and simply destroy all electronics in the target area. Thus they can render our nuclear missiles inoperable as they sit in their silos by “frying” the electronic circuits that guide them. They can bring down any airplane, anywhere at any time. Any person anywhere, if their exact position is known, can be assassinated. The howitzers can also bring down power grids anywhere in the world, thus they disable all electronics anywhere. :

Russia Humanoid Sighting Report

Aktash, Altay region, West Siberia – Albert Rosales writes, “Many of the witnesses to high-strangeness reports in 1989; in the former Soviet Union were military personnel.”

Major I. A. Samoilenko a soldier of the local frontier guard detachment had disappeared from his night watch. The military immediately organized a search, but it brought no results. But three days later the missing frontier guard was found 5 kilometers from the mountainous settlement of Aktash. The soldier was very frightened, physically exhausted and could not explain what had occurred. After a long rehabilitation period and therapy on him conducted by officers of a special military KGB detachment, the frontier guard remembered that during his night watch a bright flash of light had blinded him and after that he had lost consciousness.


When he returned to his senses, he found himself in a strange room with walls that emitted an even bluish light with no visible source. Suddenly a female voice greeted him and warned him that he would be taken on a long journey. If he were selected for that honorable mission he would be helping a distant civilization very similar to humans in many aspects and located in the Gemini constellation. After that was said, the soldier lost consciousness again. He vaguely remember that next he saw several humanoid figures “without faces” leaning over him and examining his body. He was then exposed to attacks of sudden unbearable pain during this “medical examination.” After that he fell into a state of powerful euphoria and bliss. After examination at a local military hospital a commission found him mentally unstable or insane. And one and a half month later he died of a fulminating illness similar to exposure to high doses of radiation. Thanks to John Hayes

Angels and Demons beside You

Humans and Other Beings Chapter Four:


Joshua P. Warren writes, With the model I have given you, of a ladder of enlightenment with humans in the middle, let’s now look even deeper at what a human actually is. Suppose I showed you a computer screen displaying a tree, and asked “What do you see?” You might be tempted to tell me you see a tree. However, we both know there is not actually a tree there. All you are looking at is a pattern of information, organized on a machine, projecting photons of light, at various frequencies, at your eyes, perceived as arranged colors. The tree merely exists in your mind. Now I could hit the “print” button and produce a physical representation of this tree, but the tree itself still only exists in your mind. Humans are like this tree. We are patterns of information communicating with each other. If you crack open a skull and cut open a brain looking for the source of the human, you won’t find much. Those parts are simply the machines, like the computer, that delivers the stream of information that is actually you.

This is why you cannot die. Just as we can rip up the paper printout of the tree, your body can and will change and disintegrate, but the information that is you is there, and in fact, will always be there. In the book “Look Homeward, Angel,” one of my favorite authors, Thomas Wolfe, is reflecting on the death of his beloved brother, Ben. He wrote, “We can believe in the nothingness of life, we can believe in the nothingness of death and of life after death—but who can believe in the nothingness of Ben?”Your human identity is at the crux of these issues regarding life, death, and the cosmos. You have been, and will be, in various forms. Note: Jesus warns to fear the one who has the power to “destroy both soul and body in Hell.” Mathew 10-28

But if we have ourselves, and angels and demons, who are all these other characters, like aliens? Firstly, it’s important to consider that the so-called ancient book of worldwide, multi-cultural “imaginary creatures” is never-ending. It’s impossible to address all the sprites and brownies and “you-name-its” that may or may not exist in true form.


The alien phenomenon is too pronounced to ignore, and one we should mention since many have wondered about the connection between aliens, angels and demons. Essentially, aliens fit very nicely into this worldview. Obviously, just as the earthly realm of physical organisms is an explosion of extremely different types of life forms branching in all directions, we can expect the same to have happened on the spiritual (i.e. primarily non-physical realms).So take a guess where most beings people call “aliens “are. Do you think they’re more toward the angelic side, or the demonic? Due to stories about abductions and mutilations, many might think typical aliens, zipping around in flying saucers, are more demonic. However, they are actually on the angelic side, more evolved than humans. We know this because they use technologies that are superior to ours. Even though their craft may look physical, there is plenty of evidence to suggest the craft are actually made of a conscious-sensitive material that is often saucer-like, in its most aerodynamic form, when flying in the earth’s atmosphere, but is capable of morphing into different shapes depending on its environment. Yet, please bear in mind, just because these beings are more advanced than humans on the angelic side that does not mean they are more angelic. Some of them may be, but others have probably begun a downward slide, on a separate branch, lowering back toward the selfish demonic energies.

The most advanced, angelic beings have no need of human-like technology. They have reached such a state of enlightenment, that their consciousness and imagination is not hampered by our perceived limitations. They are able to travel wherever they need, and appear in whatever form, driven by pure intention alone. This is the freedom afforded by harmony with the universe. Altogether, it is important for you to consider the popular alien phenomenon, since it’s a good example of just how complex the subject of spiritual evolution can become, especially regarding beings that skirt in and out of the boundaries we consider physical and non-physical. This subject has spun off thousands of books, and a whole lineup of weird characters that may, or may not exist, depending on the glimpse you may or may not get. Always remember, most of the fish in the oceans have no idea that humans exist. Statistically, a human-fish encounter is a rare thing, indeed. Angles & Demons Beside You / Joshua P. Warren5


 Sightings in the United States

Arizona Two Discs


Tucson — On May 1, 1952, two discs approached and paced a B-36 bomber in the vicinity of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Major Rudy Pestalozzi, a base intelligence officer, along with an airman, looked up as a B-36 flew overhead and saw two shiny discs overtake the bomber, slow to its speed and position themselves alongside.  The bomber crew, startled by the experience, made an unscheduled landing at the base and was interrogated at length by Major Pestalozzi, who happened to be the base UFO officer. Members of the flight crew had crowded into the starboard blister aft of the wing and looked down at a slight angle to see the closest disc, which was lens or double-disc-shaped and about 20-25 feet in diameter. After about 20 seconds, the objects peeled off from the flight path of the B-36 and sped away. Major Pestalozzi sent a comprehensive report of the incident to Project Blue Book. Within the next two months the UFO sighting wave reached a crescendo, generating national headlines and stirring up major Government interest, as radar repeatedly detected UFOs, and jet interceptors engaged in cat-and-mouse pursuits. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

Note: Each base had a UFO officer that was able to order aircraft to chase the UFOs.

California Lights

CalifSanta Margarita 18Jun14

Rancho Santa Margarita — I was driving with my girlfriend to her house on June 18, 2014, when I saw a big glowing bright light over a hilltop in the distance ahead of us.  We drove around the hill and pulled off the road where we saw five people watching the same thing. Other cars also stopped. There was a little green light coming of the top of it. It seemed to be saucer shaped with antenna or something coming off the top to emit the green light. When we pulled up a second one appeared a little higher just to the left of it. The UFOs were glowing extremely bright and slowly pulsating in brightness. We watched for about 20 minutes as both would randomly go dark and reappear, pulsate and finally were no longer visible. As we got to my house atop a big hill we could see two extremely large mother ships with very bright rows of white lights on their side above the Cleveland National Forest. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Patterson — My mom came to visit and we went outside to check on my animals because they were acting strange on June 19, 2014. The dogs were barking and my sheep were huddled in the corner of their pen. The light from the object was so bright I couldn’t help but notice it as it hovered above us. A helicopter flew directly over it and it remained stationary. The light was bright yellow, grew brighter, then dimmed as climbed higher and flew northwest and a fairly fast speed. When it was directly overhead I could make out a black oval shaped.

There were two more lights visible by this time and they were a bluish green color. They were stationary and silent. Once it was out of sight the air smelled like lit matches or sulfur. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Orb


Denver — My significant other and I were outside doing landscaping work on June 18, 2014, and I looked up to the sky and wondered how well I could see a UFO from the vantage point I had. I searched the sky for a second and instantly saw a blinking light.

Mostly white and sometimes blue. It seemed transparent. My other half witnessed this as well. I started to film this event and have watched the film in awe to find I captured not one UFO but possibly three!  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light


(Small light at bottom of picture.)

Key West – I . (was out walking my dog at 7:15 AM, on June 21, 2014, and saw the moon at 75 degrees off the horizon. Just below it was a very bright orb that I assumed was a star or planet. I opened my Google Sky App and pointed it toward the moon. It identified the moon and showed that Uranus was in the same area, but not in the same location as the object. As I kept looking at the object, I noticed it gradually moving north. The object was extremely high in the sky and silent, but definitely had the shape of an orb. I took a photo with my phone’s camera and went home to grab my digital camera. Over the next 45 minutes or so I took a couple dozen more photos. It didn’t feel like a “typical”, disc shaped UFO sighting, but I don’t know how else to describe it It just gradually moved across the sky
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Note: Ten miles east of Key West the Navy has a radar balloon that can be mistaken for a UFO.

Mississippi Oval


Ocean Springs — A few months ago I was reminiscing looking at Hurricane Katrina pictures I took on east beach, the day after Katrina on August 29, 2005. While looking at those pictures, I began to remember what I thought was one of the most eerie things about the aftermath of the storm was the absolute dead silence! It was truly deafening! No birds singing, because they were gone! No insects such as the sound of the cicadas we were so used to hearing at that time of year. About the only sound of life that day was the sound of a generator running, but not at East Beach, because there was nothing left……fine, beautiful homes had vanished. I mean even the bricks were gone; the same scene over and over as I snapped pictures was concrete steps leading to a foundation. Talking to other people, the overwhelming feeling we shared was that time had stopped the day after Katrina.
As I was looking through those pictures I saw this dark object that I put inside the red box. It’s not a glitch or dust on the lens; it is an object in the sky……but what? Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Orb

Bayonne — Dropped my sister off at light rail walked home going west suddenly a fire appeared west in the sky heading toward me then it veered left toward the Newark Airport. A car pulled up next to me and asked, “If I saw that crazy fire in the sky?” I told him, “Yes.” He said, “He and his wife were watching it and thought it was a ufo.” When I got home another orb appeared outside my window toward the water again. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Boomerang


Socorro We were driving from Albuquerque towards Elephant Butte Lake. I was taking photographs of a train from the inside of the car on June 8, 2014.

 I did not see the object as I did not pay attention to the sky at the time. Recently I was reviewing the photos and happened to notice the object.

 Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Disc


Plattsburgh — I had just stepped out the house to have a smoke and noticed the bright object followed by a jet aircraft on June 19, 2014, whose elevation was unknown. I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera to see if I could get a photo.

Both the craft and the aircraft continued in a straight line to the SE. Feelings? Curious but I lost both behind the trees in the back yard. With the two photos’ I hope you can either tell me it was a normal aircraft, or another UFO.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Lights


Topsail Island – On June 19th 2014, at 8:47 PM, this report should be viewed as an extension of the previous night’s events. We observed increased military plane activity the following day, which included AWACS planes and three Ospreys, which all flew directly toward the area we saw the objects the previous night. At 8:02 PM, a military helicopter made a large circular sweep in the area of the objects.

One split into two, and one ejecting another object. At 9:19 PM, less than ten minutes after the objects had ‘stopped’ for the night, four military helicopters flew over our house directly toward the ocean in the direction of the objects. The group split, two turning north, and two turning south, simultaneously shutting off all of their lights. Military aircraft activity stopped around 10:30 P.M. It’s worth noting that each night of the occurrence, all military aircraft that flew to the area of the objects returned inland. In other words, no military craft were in the area when the objects appeared.

Note: This area off the coast is often used for military exercises. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma Anomalies


Oklahoma City — About 9:30 AM, heading north on Country Club toward 89th Street when I noticed a bunch of chemtrails in the sky took picture on June 23, 2014. After a couple pictures my phone all of sudden froze and simultaneously my truck made a weird clunking sound which I have never heard before. This only lasted a brief second and I took one last picture and continued on to my destination. It was until about an hour later I was looking over my pictures when I noticed a white object streaking through the sky not too far from the chemtrails. I did not see this object with my own eyes but it only appeared in the picture that occurred right after the weird behavior of my cell phone and truck. My camera flash was not on, and there were no cars behind me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Lights Two Years


Aransas Pass — I was living in the Marble Falls area when it all started in 2012. Several ufos nightly were making a circle formation around my home. I kept moving and they do as well. On June 5, 2014, I am use to it but I finally got photos.

I have many people who have witnessed them around me. The government is always around as well. If you really want a ufo story contact me.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Rectangle


Vinton – I was at a car show in, on 27 April, 2014, at 13:45, at the Vinton War Memorial and took some photos. When I was editing the photographs that I had taken I saw this rectangular black object.

I did not see this when I took the picture and does not look like a bug, or anything stuck to the lens. It only showed up in this one photograph that I have enlarged.

The object was rectangular with what looks like a protrusion from one side. The object was west of my position. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Sighting


Richland — On June 15, 2014, I sent you several photos. You have to enlarge these. They are bird like UFOs, flowing together in one direction in formation. They aren’t riding thermals and no wings flapped.

I saw a very clear sighting with blue lights today.

 Note: Analysis has showed that the above photos were of birds. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Lynden — I was sitting on my front porch when I noticed a large hawk at 6 PM on June 22, 2014. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed what looked like a star. When I actually observed the object, I noticed it was just hovering. The object remained there for twenty minutes until around 6:20 PM, when it disappeared.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Sightings Increase

Great Dividing Range, South of Licola, Victoria — I walked outside the kitchen and heard a noise above. I looked up and saw an aircraft on May 11th 2014, 9:50 pm, with blue and red lights. It was flying very low just above the mountain range behind our house. The noise was similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner that you would hear from a distance. It sounded a bit like an engine that was idling. As it reached the mountain range strong white lights appeared that lit up the mountain. This light was so powerful and strong that I initially thought that it was returning to land about 100 meters behind our house.

I ran inside to tell my partner to come outside to look. We ran outside and we could see the blue and red lights slowly disappearing into the distance. It flew away and it appeared like a star, but it was still blue and red.

We watched it for at least 10 minutes more and it appeared to be stationary but it was the brightest star in the sky. Then it slowly began to move and disappeared over the horizon. When the white lights appeared I was nervous and I was relieved when it continued flying on over the mountain range.

Wingham, New South Wales —
We were confronted with a flashing burnt orange light then another one about four degrees below and to the left of it on May 28th 2014, at 10:15 PM… This continued seven to eight times with each object. I called out my partner to come outside and have a look. Lights stopped then reappeared further south flashing several more times before disappearing.

They were moon size, about a kilometer above the ground, dead silence not even the crickets made a sound. Lights were very bright but didn’t harm the eyes. Once they disappeared we could hear dogs barking all over. We rang the RAAF Base in Newcastle and were informed that there were no exercises in our area.

Wingham, New South Wales — I was getting the cows as usual and noticed a light behind the trees on June 11th 2014, at 7:00 PM.

I could see the outline as the lights were beside each other in a diagonal line and were glowing reddish orange and dimming then glowing bright again. I went to get my camera on my phone open but they dimmed down and just disappeared.

Old Bar, New South Wales —
We were walking north along Old Bar Beach when roughly a kilometer further up we noticed two possibly three objects climbing at great speed on June 12th 2014, at 10 am. Whenthey reached the clouds they simply disappeared. We didn’t see them re emerge.

Avoca Beach, New South Wales — I went outside and was looking toward the ocean when I noticed 3 orange spheres in a triangular formation moving across the sky on June 13th 2014, at 11 pm. There were two objects at the front and one behind. They were at about 25 degrees above the horizon. They were moving quickly, in tandem and made no noise. I watched them for about 1 minute and then the rear object blinked out. The other two continued moving at the same trajectory out of sight.

Planes and helicopters regularly fly past at even at 15 000 feet the noise from the planes can be heard. These objects also had none of the familiar running lights regular aircraft have. The objects seemed quite large.

Nundah, Brisbane, Queensland – On June 14th 2014, at 7:23 pm a big orange light appeared from South to North over the Brisbane airport area, it came in and at first I thought it was a plane – however it was unusual in its shape and colour and size and travelling much faster. Also it did not land like all other planes do; in fact it very quickly went to a higher altitude and looked to be getting further and further away very quickly. The colour of this object was not like planes which we see come in and land all the time at this location. I have never seen anything like this before and I cannot explain it.

Frankston South, Victoria — Spherical ball of blue lightwas seenJune 9th 2014, at1:26 pm. The spherical ball of vibrant blue light shot down noiselessly from the sky a couple of stories above neighbor’s house and disappeared from sight. Thanks to John Hayes

Belgium Glowing Orbs

Sint Gillis — My boyfriend finished the football TV just after Belgium won 1- 0 in soccer against Russia and came outside and pointed out two reflective/glowing orbs going from Sint Gillis towards Brussels. This was and lots of positive energy was being heard with car horns and people yelling. The two orbs were travelling in synch towards the Brussels stadium. They couldn’t be seen anymore after about 10 minutes. But then, from the east side I saw a red orb, tiny and very high, traveling toward the west. The orbs were closer flying in unison. The amount of positive energy with the football was immense. My boyfriend couldn’t see the red one but I could see it with my perfect vision go into a cloud. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Lights

 Bradford, Ontario — I was helping my parents finish up gardening and a BRIGHT light from far away was just radiating/pulsing in the Southern sky on June 4th 2014, at 9:45 PM. I have seen similar things in the past couple of months and knew I needed a witness. I got my parents to stare at hovering object for at least half a minute. I had enough time to explain to them that it would eventually get much smaller and less bright, and then would fly away. They saw the whole thing happen and chalked it up as weird but me over-reacting. I was arguing with my mom when it was happening again, but higher!-

Green Lake, Saskatchewan — I saw an object brighter then the moon, yet smaller that was moving faster than we were travelling, then it switched directions on June 7th 2014, at 12:15 am. It was an opaque figure that was behind the cloud that was three big black dots that all align into a triangle shape. The light was bright and the black dots looked as if there was something solid blocking the lights.

CanadaOntarioI 19Jun14

Sarnia, Ontario — I went on an afternoon drive by the government docks in Sarnia and noticed a Chinese freighter on June 19, 2014. I took two photos of the ship when I got home and noticed an object in the photos above the ship

I don’t know if this is phone artifacts or an actual UFO; you be the judge. There are two photos facing west on the St. Clair River.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

St. Catharines, Ontario — The lights were a dull orange/yellow colour and just floating in the wind. We were driving and it was to the right us very visible on May 28th 201410 pm: Two lights on opposite ends were connected by an illuminated bar. The bar in the middle connecting the lights was either illuminated by city lights or the lights on both ends glowed. Three of us saw a cigar-like object with two dull orange/yellow lights on both ends of an illuminated tube of the same colour. There were no indications this was a plane or helicopter because it had no blinking lights hovering over Lake Ontario.

Moose Factory, Ontario — Playing some video games with my window openon June 2nd 2014, at 11 pm, the lights caught my eye. I put my head out and watched it moving east for 12 seconds before it disappeared into the clouds. Twenty 20 minutes later I step outside for a smoke my neighbor said he saw strange lights. I told him I saw it too. I strongly believe Moose Factory is a hot-spot. Thanks to John Hayes


Ireland Orb

Belfast — Was sitting in my back garden taking a sequence of photographs of a nest of Starlings on June 16, 2014, did not notice anything untoward until reviewing photographs later in the house and spotted object in background.

Possibly a balloon but showed up very fast as previous photograph was one second earlier with nothing showing, then object appears and is gone in sequential photographs. I am sending photograph attached in the hope that you can identify it.

Note May be ISS passing over.

Edenderry, County Offaly – We saw a bright Triangle formation lights in the distant sky moving into shapes in the sky on June 16th 2014, at 11 PM. They moved fast then stopping. The three lights are apart now getting bigger across sky. Two lights appeared with a third light appeared passing by two lights then the lights formed a hovering triangle miles apart. A fourth light appeared and took off across sky. This is my third sighting of the triangle this year and there were many for two months last year Thanks to John Hayes

Jamaica Light


Nigril — The night the picture was taken was absolutely clear and we were 1 night away from a complete Full Moon on May 12, 2014. The Moon itself would be at the 1 o’clock position to the direction the picture was taken. (Almost straight above but to the right)
I planned on a shot of the Home Sweet Home Resort with my Panasonic “Lumix” Digital Camera set on “Stars” setting, 30 seconds exposure.

The “object” appears high above the horizon.  I was suddenly looking at an object that while not bright enough to be seen by my eyes, was captured by a long exposure. I duplicated the shot and nothing appeared. The object or anomaly was in no other pictures. The stars appear as small vertical streaks but the object does not move. I took over 300 pictures and no other “anomaly” showed up. My friend with Canadian National Defense ran the shot thru various filters. Each time the “object” appears to be something solid, motionless. He convinced me it was worth forwarding for further study. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Disc


Barranquias — On March 27, 2013 the niece of a friend of took a night picture of the full moon in central Puerto Rico. She did not know she had taken a picture of a UFO. It was only upon looking at the photo later that she realized she had inadvertently also captured the image of a UFO (“OVNI” in the upper left hand frame of the photo. The object was stationary.

As you can see, the UFO is of a type seen all over the world since the 1950’s: a typical UFO saucer with three semi-hemispheres protruding on the underside that are spaced equilaterally. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Russia TV


This UFO was seen on Russia TV this week and has some incredible detail. However the buildings below have been covered up and this concerns me a lot. There should not be any reason to cover up the buildings and I am seeking more info on this sightings.

I will let you know as soon as I hear something. It looks like it was covered up to hide the faces of the people, but that makes it look fake. Hopefully they will release a better unedited version soon to convince us 100%.

Thanks to


United Kingdom/England Lights

Maresfield, East Sussex –A friend and I were stargazing and noticed a bright white light moving slowly towards uson June 7th 2014 at 12:45 am. It was a white triangular light, brighter that the stars flying high changing its speed and sometimes stopping. We watched it for around 7 minutes until we could no longer see it.

I always can’t sleep due to massive intense pain. So I always look out the window to look at the sky. I have always observed quick flashes of lights from UFO’s. Not all the time, but often enough. At 11.30 I saw in the westerly direction flashing lights emanating from a cloud. It was there too long to be an aircraft. I tried to grab my camera and put the telephoto lens on and by the time I got back to the window it had gone. I stayed looking for a while and observed several lights across the sky. In total (including the lights in the cloud) it was five. I clicked away with my zoom full open and to its fullest magnification (75mm-300mm). I clicked away, not knowing I had caught anything. In the morning I went through them to see if I had caught anything and I had. But only one.


Lincoln — I as always can’t sleep due to massive intense pain. So I always look out the window to look at the sky. I have always observed quick flashes of lights from UFO’s. Not all the time, but often enough. At 11.30 on June 20, 2014, I saw in the westerly direction flashing lights emanating from a cloud. It was there too long to be an aircraft. I tried to grab my camera and put the telephoto lens on and by the time I got back to the window it had gone. I stayed looking for a while and observed several lights across the sky. In total (including the lights in the cloud) it was five. I clicked away with my zoom full open and to its fullest magnification (75mm-300mm). I clicked away, not knowing I had caught anything. In the morning I went through them to see if I had caught anything and I had. But only one. See attached. One picture is without crop and the second with crop. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Scotland Triangle

Dalry, Ayrshire — Over the past maybe three months I’ve seen helicopters practically landing, fast moving lights, planes I can only assume are military, planes that interfere with my internet and phone signal. They scare away every bird in the sky. I am surrounded by fields and it’s very rarely everything goes deathly silent!
On June 18th 2014 at 1 and 2:30 am, I was sitting outside and saw a white light moving leisurely and horizontally across sky. I have seen loads of these here but any time I try to report them my phone signal disappears. Later, I was upstairs in bed when I heard a vibrating, humming engine noise? I looked out window and thought I saw a helicopter, blue and red lights at front and at the back. Higher up was a bright white light that I realized the lights were separate colored lights in ‘triangle’ shape. I thought a ‘helicopter’ was towing something across sky? But to me that fast bright white light was chasing the ‘helicopter’. Thanks to John Hayes

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