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Filer’s Files 43, 2019 Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us


In special reports, this week’s files cover: Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us, Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us, China’s Flying Dragons Path of the Ley Lines and Strange Craft.
Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Argentina, Australia, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Newly Discovered ‘Co-Orbital Objects’ Could Be Extraterrestrial Probes Watching Us

A recently published paper by Physicist Dr James Benford a member of SETI in the Astronomical Journal hypothesizes that newly discovered near-Earth objects (there are many thousands) might be a hub for extraterrestrial ‘probes’ to monitor the human race.

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Given what’s been disclosed, and what’s being disclosed about life on other planets and intelligent life perhaps visiting our planet, and life that has been visiting for a long time, is this theory really “out there?”Are we alone in the universe? It’s one of the most important questions of our time, a question whose answer has huge implications for the human race, and truly leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. The general scientific consensus within the mainstream world is that no, we are clearly not alone and there is definitely, not only life, but intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

On the other hand, we have a great deal of information that has yet to hit the mainstream alluding to the fact that we, or at least some of us, know for a fact that we are not alone, and have been privy to the evidence suggesting that we have been visited in the past, and are being visited now.

This evidence comes in the form of witness testimony from astronauts like Dr. Edgar Mitchell, for example, who has told the world on multiple occasions that deep within the Department of Defense and the Military Industrial Complex, it’s well known that we are being visited and have been visited, and that a massive cover-up has been ongoing for a number of years. Dr. Brian O’Leary is another great example of an astronaut who has spoken out. There have been multiple insider leaks, as well as academicians and hundreds of high ranking military personnel from around the world who have also said the same thing. Editor’s Note: I personally know as well.

It’s Virtually Mainstream

In the mainstream, it’s well known that the militarizes of the world have had encounters with UFOs, objects that travel at tremendous speeds and perform maneuvers that defy our understanding of aerodynamics. Christopher Mellon, who served 30 years in the federal government and was Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for Intelligence from 1997 to 2002 and in security and information operations from 1998 to 1999 published a highly credible Washington post article that detailed a number of UFO encounters with the military. Mr. Mellon asks repeatedly for a report from Congress that covers the UFO topic. In particular, he reveals that we have sensors deep in the oceans all the way to inner and outer space which could all be the target of data to collect for a comprehensive report on the subject. Here’s one particularly interesting paragraph from the article. The good news is that America already possesses vast sensor networks, ranging from the depths of the oceans to the harsh bleakness of space, capable of collecting the requisite information. All that Congress need do at this juncture is require the secretary of Defense and the director of national intelligence to review the UAP issue and deliver a report providing a comprehensive assessment. This report should include not only an estimate of the situation but a description of the structure and processes required to ensure effective collection and analysis going forward.

Chris Mellon opinion article at on 19 May 2019

This has been corroborated by millions of pages of declassified documents, electro-optical data and more for decades. Louis Elizondo, a former high ranking Department of Defense official and part of the TTSA academy that released multiple videos of UFOs from the Navy (which the Navy recently confirmed were real) has said that he believes these objects are extraterrestrial, but officially, they’ve purposefully stayed away from this question because a lot of people have “feelings” towards it.

Many believe the current mainstream UFO disclosure is being used the same way terrorism has been used–as some sort of ulterior motive agenda where they are taking a real phenomenon and manipulating it for their own benefit. That remains to be seen, but many believe they are going to use and perpetuate a threatening type of narrative that doesn’t really exist, in order to justify a more heightened national security state, or to weaponize space.

Are We There Yet? Interstellar asteroid flew near Earth

Having been a researcher in this and other fields for over a decade, it’s quite clear that we can’t really trust any information that comes from establishment media mouthpieces. That being said, I believe that we are and have been visited and that there is ample evidence to come to that conclusion. It’s also known that there has been a long and deliberate campaign of ridicule and denial that has suddenly ended. The current presentation from mainstream media is a complete 180 degree flips from years past, where what we saw mostly was shaming and ridiculing of the subject, despite the fact that “everything” seems to be in a “process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” (General Carlos Castro Cavero, 1979, source) It appears the President has given the OK to release UFO data slowly. Researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics believe that an odd cigar-shaped interstellar object discovered in our solar system last year could be an alien craft intentionally sent close to earth

“It is time for the truth to be brought out… Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense… I urge immediate Congressional action to reduce the dangers from secrecy about Unidentified Flying Objects…” (Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (First Director, CIA, 1947-1950) (source) Editor’s Note: This includes me/

Apart from all of the information above, you can go into indigenous lore, ancient Greek lore and much more that detail stories of beings from other worlds visiting ours. For example, Richard Wagamese, one of Canada’s foremost authors and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, writes:

My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star people brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was loneliness like no other.” (Source)

There are many such stories. The truth at the end of the day is that “there is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, from other civilizations.(Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (source))

Again, is any of this proof of an extraterrestrial presence? No. We have proof of a strong UFO presence via radar tracking’s, videos, and public disclosure. As Astronaut Dr. Brian O’Leary says, “there is a lot of evidence to suggest that “we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time.

Are Newly Discovered “Co-Orbital Objects” Extraterrestrial Probes?

If you’re willing to entertain the idea that we are being visited, and have been visited for a very long time, this begs the question, where are they? Based on my research, it’s not farfetched to hypothesize that these intelligent beings, and there might be many, are not quite interested in contact with the human race at the present moment and prefer their presence to remain unknown to us, or at least disclosed discretely.

Disclosure of this type of reality, in my opinion, is happening and will happen to each individual in a different way. One day, we will all come to know we are not alone, and when we do we will perhaps manifest a ‘contact’ situation. But right now, it’s happening in several ways, be it individual contact, whistleblowers, or information about UFOs etc. It’s a process.

There are many who share this belief, including former Senator Mike Gravel, who said in an interview that ‘Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously.’ I personally believe that our race has been known about for a very long time and we are indeed being monitored by an extraterrestrial presence. Why? Well, perhaps the planet is more important than we are. Perhaps we are a threat to others and the planet? There are a number of different scenarios one could hypothesize.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, a scientist and engineer who was part of NASA’s voyager program and worked at NASA for decades at the Ames Research Centre,

made it a clear point in his book, “Ringmakers of Saturn” to emphasize that these objects (which are intelligently controlled, according to him, by extraterrestrials) have probably been around much longer than we have. He also states that if there was any ill intent towards our planet, something probably would have happened by now .He also worked at Lockheed Martin where he managed the Polaris missile tests. Unfortunately, he recently passed. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of his book from one of his family members.

I share the belief that if there was any ill intent or that the ET presence represented some sort of threat, something would have already happened by now. Obviously, there is a lot that we don’t know. Benford’s abstract from his paper reads as follows:

A recently discovered group of nearby co-orbital objects is an attractive location for extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) to locate for observing Earth. Near-Earth objects provide an ideal way to watching our world from a secure natural object that provides resources an ETI might need: materials, a firm anchor, concealment. These co-orbital objects have been little studied by astronomy and not at all by SETI or planetary radar observations. I describe the objects found thus far and propose both passive and active observations of them by optical and radio listening, radar imaging and launching probes. We might also broadcast to them.

There are tens of thousands of near Earth objects of unknown origin and composition that are constantly being discovered. This is nothing new, and if Benford is right, sending some type of probe or monitoring device would be a great way to keep an eye on our civilization.


                                         When astronaut Story Musgrave was talking about intelligent extraterrestrial races, he said that if they got their ‘stuff’ together, with regards to morals, cooperation and the collective advancement of their species, they would be capable of great things. He said that there were “trillions” of them that are doing “star travel.” (Source). What would happen if we mastered star travel? It wouldn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibility that we would insert probes to monitor different worlds we came across for curiosity reasons? Scientific purposes? Who knows?

As far as we know there could be guardians of the Earth!

We are truly in a tiny box, perhaps in our infancy and having the same perception of what’s happening around us as an ant crossing the street that does about planet Earth.

With regards to these “Co-orbital’s,” as discussed in the paper. They are objects that orbit the sun at about the same distance that Earth does. They’re basically going around the sun at the same rate the Earth is, and they’re very close by. Benford stated that extraterrestrials may have ‘bugged’ these co-orbital’s while he was at a conference in Houston last year. He makes some very interesting points and observations in the paper, and ends off explaining how these objects should be subjected to more study and observation.

Again, this kind of stuff isn’t new. Dr. Norman Bergrun, mentioned above, shared evidence of strange objects that are present in our Solar System that, according to him, are undoubtedly intelligently controlled or even intelligent themselves. He shared pictures from NASA and the Voyager mission to Saturn (which he was a big part of) of very large UFOs seen hovering nearing Saturn.

Regular shortwave radio signals are received from the Jupiter area that may indicate extraterrestrial intelligence. Most space physicists claim that ionized gas in the upper atmosphere above Jupiter’s magnetic poles sometimes behaves like a powerful radio transmitter.  NASA knows there are spaceships in the rings of Saturn.

When it comes to Benford’s paper, he ends off with a general discussion in the form of points made below:

An overall reason to look closer to Earth is that we haven’t seen anything in the rest of the solar system. And we haven’t seen anything communicating from the nearby stars out to about 100 light years. The basic fact is we do not know alien logic, alien instinct, alien intention or anything else about them. The civilization that sent the probe may be very long-lived, meaning that individuals may live much longer than we do or that they are in fact AI’s. If properly powered, and capable of self-repair (von Neumann probes), they could report science and intelligence back to their origin over very long timescales. Therefore, looking locally near Earth not only explores a new space, but also Deep Time.

To study these nearby objects changes the means of inspection from listening to the stars to astronomical diagnostics such as imaging and spectroscopy. This approach involves techniques well developed for the study of asteroids and planets. That means using other technologies and other institutions to pursue this search.

This possibility allows a local test of messaging (METI) prospects. We can construct messages and try them against nearby objects, thus circumventing arguments that we might be noticed by or encourage hostile forces in the 12 stars. The SETI and METI landscape is thus transformed into a local experiment. Many of the arguments against interstellar METI (e.g. drawing attention to ourselves) seem less compelling when it comes to attempted messaging of potential Lurker sites that are so close by.

NASA Photo of Unknown Object Thanks to Nexus

New Digital Cameras Capturing Images of UFOs

If you wish to capture images of UFOs we suggest you monitor the sky with the new photographic equipment that has additional wavelength capabilities that include Infrared and/or Ultra-Violet Sensitivity. Shooting infrared has the power to transform mundane subject matter into unforgettable images. Everyday scenes that you might walk by and never think of photographing take on a more dramatic look when seen in infrared. Many people are taking images of UFOs that are apparently picked up by the infrared wavelength capabilities of many cameras.

Light with wavelengths from approximately 700 and 900 nm (nanometers) is called infrared light. Interestingly, this band of infrared light is a thousand times wider than that of visible light, but is invisible to our eyes. Back in the bad old days of IR film, you needed to use special film stock and load and unload your camera in total darkness to reduce the damage of infrared fogging. Digital IR images can be made in the new digital cameras and you’ll immediately see the results on the LCD screen. If you decide to buy a new digital camera, give it the “remote control” test by pointing a TV remote control at the lens, pressing the on/off switch or changing channels and seeing the image on the LCD panel of your camera. If you see a point of light, you’re ready to make IR digital images and likely capture a UFO. Some filters can also help your camera take better infrared. If your digital camera passes the TV remote control test and has a Black and White mode, you’ll be able see the infrared effect and possible UFOs right before your eyes. Squinting seems to help picking up UFOs visually. The following link is a resource for you regarding Invisible Light Photography.

China’s Flying Dragons Path of the Ley Lines

With the increasing strength people are opening their eyes to the wonders of China that include Dragon Paths sometimes called Ley Lines or energy lines that connect sacred places and seem to be the ancient flight paths of UFOs. Stone Age man throughout the world built stone monoliths, pyramids, and giant mounds along the Dragon Paths or Ley Lines.

The Chinese apparently saw the maneuvering UFOs in ancient times over certain places and called them the Paths of the Dragons or Lung Mei. In China pyramids and mounds like that at Silbury Hill, in England were erected upon the Paths of the Dragons.

There are numerous pyramids and mausoleums around the city of Xi’an, in Northern China. The largest pyramid in the region is that of Empress Wu, of the tang dynasty. Empress Wu was the first female leader of China and her tomb is exceedingly large, almost a full kilometer (3000 ft) tall.

The UFOs apparently used these lines of energy for navigation or as a source of energy. In China the male energy is called Yang of the White Tiger who rules over sharp rocks, steep mountains and high ridges. The Yin or female energy of the Blue Dragon rules lower hills and the gently rolling countryside. The ancient Chinese believed that these Dragon paths covered the entire Earth. Mounds and standing stones were erected to mark the Path of the Dragon. These straight lines seem to follow the UFO flight paths over lakes, mountains, oceans, above stone circles, standing stones, and pyramids or hills. From our research, it was discovered that most of the pyramids were structures that created energy or were chosen because of their inherent power. The ancient aliens may have known how to capture this energy to overcome gravity.

Over the centuries Chinese engineers built their roads along the Dragon paths, while the Romans built their own roads on top of the old straight tracks of the Ley Lines they found in Europe and the Middle East. Some 40,000 stone monoliths mark the Ley Lines in Europe. That is one reason that so many of the old Roman roadways link together ancient stone monuments. These old pathways are dated from 10,000 to 4,000 BC. In China hundreds of burial mounds, pyramids, and stone monuments were erected to mark the Dragon Paths and men were given the job of mapping out the lines of the Dragon Paths. Even buildings and people’s homes were designed to take advantage of the favorable Dragon energy, and to dissipate the bad energies

Flat Pyramid near the City Xian, at 34.22 North and 108.41 east

capable of landing a UFO.

. This practice is referred to as Feng Shui. The influence of these Dragon Paths was considered so serious, that any landscape that was found to be inharmonious with the path of the Dragon was respectfully altered. This sometimes meant that mountaintops were flattened or sharpened. Most pyramids or hills had the tops flattened so that UFOs could have landed.

Several of these Paths of the Dragon converge in Shensi Province in northern China where hundred pyramids and mounds have been discovered that date back thousands of years.
The inner chambers of pyramids and megaliths are thought to act as accumulators of the Dragon energy and stimulate healing of the mind and body, and create spiritual awareness.

China’s Hidden Pyramids

Nine university scientists gaped upwards at the gigantic, prehistoric pyramid that they determine was built some 10,000 years ago. A team of daring Chinese researchers, digging into the ancient mysteries of the origin of their country, has come to the inescapable conclusion that an interstellar, supreme alien race used much of the northern and western Chinese regions as massive Earth bases. Hundreds of strange pyramids cover parts of China and former Tibet. A series of blonde bodies thousands of years old have been discovered in area of the pyramids.


One such base may be the astonishing pyramid structure that sits near the apex of Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai, the Xianyang pyramid. The Chinese pyramids look similar to those on Mars. The people of Mars may have recognized mammoth floods or asteroids were coming to Mars and gathered up their animals and flew to Earth like the story of Noah.  We are told in the Bible that extraterrestrials (the sons of God mated with the daughters of men, they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose. Genesis 6.

Three hundred 10,000 year old pyramids were built by 6’6’ blonde, blue eyed gods from space. They look very much like modern Nordics. Danish scientists studying DNA claim there were no blue eyed blondes on Earth until 6000 to 10,000 years ago. The visitors chose to live at fairly high altitude in mountains area that has been lived for centuries by Tibetans. China is the focus of legends, myths and stories of alien visitations and many of them center on the Xianyang pyramid. Local villagers claim their distant ancestors spoke of great sky ships that navigated the heavens and used the pyramid as a landing, refueling and resupply site. The hypothesis regarding extra-terrestrials is “understandable and worth looking into.” Yang Ji, one of the scientists and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences explained to reporters. While the scientific exploration team agrees, all indications are that aliens used the giant structure as one of its    primary Earth bases.

Top is flattened – to accommodate landing ships in China and Mexico.

The anomalous pyramid rises almost 200 feet above the countryside—the surrounding area littered with mystifying pipes, bizarre artifacts and unworldly odds and ends. China’s state-run Xinhua agency sent a nine man team to investigate the pyramid and report back on their findings. The team discovered pipes running from the caves and deep into the ground slanting down into the earth probably to capture energy.

The agency tersely says: “The pyramid has three caves with openings shaped like triangles on its façade and is filled with red-hued pipes leading into the mountain and nearby salt water lake.”

Above the caves are dozens of pipes—all of various diameters—that mysteriously run into the mountainside beneath the towering pyramid. All the pipes match the color of the surrounding rocks, a murky reddish-brown.

Elsewhere, more pipes, many lying shattered are scattered littering the ground in every direction. Some of the pipes follow the bank of a salty lake while others dip into the water and plunge beneath the lake bed.

 Broken pipe goes deep into ground to pick up energy?

Although the pipes’ purpose is officially classified as unknown, some of the Chinese scientists are leaning towards the idea that the structure truly is the remains of some advanced outpost or star base. The pyramid complex stretches out much farther than what is visible and evidence suggests a highly technological network of pressurized pipes supplying water, energy and possibly fuels.

Since the ancient site dates from at least 10,000 BCE—and is perhaps twice as old as that—no humans could have engineered it as no serious human culture existed that long ago. Qin Jianwen, the head of the Publicity Department of the Delingha government, says fragments of some of the pipe material were taken for analysis.

One of the ‘alien’ artifact pipe fragments.

The pieces were found to be mostly silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, although more than eight percent of the metal could not be identified. “The large content of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide is a result of long interaction between iron and sandstone, which means the pipes, must be very old,” Liu Shaolin an engineer who did the analysis explained. How old? Some are guessing 12,000 years…maybe much, much older.

Strange Rocks and Materials Around Pyramids

Tales of China’s ancient days are crammed with stories about the “sky people” and the “god-men” who came from the stars using the Earth as a base for exploration. Along the way these beings taught some of the primitive peoples they met the basics of technology, engineering, farming, and the complex structure of the universe.

Other younger pyramids date to the reigns of the oldest emperors who often spoke of      strange artifacts litter the pyramid site

In China the Dragon paths practice of Feng Shui by which the location and orientation of houses and tombs was determined by experts in the science of Feng Shui, that recognized that certain powerful currents and lines of magnetism or Dragon Paths run invisible through the landscape and over the whole surface of the earth. It is thought UFOs may use the paths. The Feng Shui master employed a circular magnetic compass, which was marked off in rings containing data relating to directions and how a building should be erected, the harmony of Dragon energies ensured good fortune.

The layout of a typical Feng Shui compass

The compass itself appears to be a copy of the discs flying in the sky. UFOs are known to give off magnetic energy that can be picked up by a compass. A compass points north unless a UFO is nearby and causes deflection of the pointer. Getting too close to the propulsion system of a UFO can be harmful to humans. These factors plus the Earth’s natural magnetism likely led to the development of Feng-Shui compass

Some of the Dragon Paths run under the water from China to Japan and an underwater city was discovered in 1997 near Okinawa complete with roads and a pyramid. It has been dated by researchers at Ryukyu University to have been a thriving city around 10,000 BC. When you see the flying Red Dragons of China remember most Chinese believe that extraterrestrial civilizations exist and flying dragons once roamed the skies.

Strange Craft

The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II. 

, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.  Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book.

For some unknown reason the book is a big seller in Japan.

By John L. Guerra.

Sightings of UFOs in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Arizona Light

Gold Canyon – The craft we saw was triangular in shape with 3 lights shining out of each tip and one large flashing red light on the center bottom on October 1, 2016. Main body is black reflective, picture two 3 sided pyramids squashed together to the height of a standard jet maybe a little thicker that are like small tr3 model ships. So you have 6 triangles meeting seamlessly and those triangles fractal into smaller triangles, and smaller triangles. It looks like a million little triangular plasma screens that maybe a simple cloaking device? They fly in whatever direction and orientation they desire like they are already in space, unaffected by gravity, wind, pressure. I thought you would like to know exactly what they look like.

California Object

Sacramento — On July 4, 2017, I observed what I thought was a bright glowing drone. The object had dipped and ascended several times and I told the people I was with- my son took video at that point which is attached. At least 4 people saw the object but, because of 4th of July, everyone disregarded it. Watching the video, I think we observed a UFO. The video gets a change in direction, but the object had changed elevations rapidly several times before the video.Top of Form

Colorado Light

I was in my boat at sunset in Lake Pueblo Reservoir when I took a selfies of myself with the sunset in the background. I did use a flash. I did not hear or see anything unusual until I looked at the photo and saw a strange object appeared in the background. I zoomed in on it and noticed that there was a trail following it, that it was moving at an incredible speed and was blurry like it was moving very fast. It appears to be a very long distance from me in the background and you can notice that there is a trail behind it.

I do not know if it was an asteroid or a UFO but was caught in the short time of when the shutter on my camera opened and closed

Florida Lights

Clermont – On October 12, 2019, at first I thought it was a star or planet, due to it disappeared with the clouds, but then it appeared in another location, contrary to normal star path. It went from a SWW to NWW direction in 5 hours.
All stars path are from East to West (Earth Rotation). First digital are at SWW at 2115 then NWW at 0115. This route went up north along SR 33 starting at SR 474 and past Lake Louisa Park in direction to HWY 50, Lake County. It may have been over Dixie Lake one of the 2 Lakes in Lake Louisa Park.
This is part 1 of 2 reports. Second will be what appeared to be the US Drone.

Georgia Disc

Louisville — My husband was driving home from work tonight on Route1 in Louisville, Georgia when he thought there was a forest fire the sky that was so bright and orange. When he rounded the corner he saw the object in the sky.  Not sure what’s going on out here but he was definitely freaking out when he called me. Pictures were taken on October 15, 2019.

Hawaii Cylinder

I did not see these objects with my own eye. I do recall thinking I saw a plane coming in, but the way it was reflecting the sun was odd. I am only now getting around to processing my photos. As I was zooming in to clean the dirt spots off the images, I noticed these flat shapes scattered throughout. They were in multiple photographs in different locations each time. The images were shot on a Leica M10 and with a shutter speed of 1/60th – 1/125 of a second with the aperture being f22. I have pointed out the dirt spots and circled the unknown objects. This photo was taken in Kauai in June at a pull off on the way to Waimea Canyon.

Maryland Object

Baltimore — Crossing the Key Bridge in the early morning on October 13, 2019, I noticed several cylinders with what looked like spheres looping around each one. They went up and down, in and out of the clouds. Sometimes disappearing and returning. After watching for about 5 minutes they all went into the clouds. Several seconds later one dropped back out of the clouds, came down a couple hundred feet and stopped. At this point I started recording on my phone camera. The object hovers for about 1-2 minuets and then slowly moves off the right (NE). With the naked eye, I could see the white sphere going beside and around the crate but the video doesn’t show it. After watching it for a couple minuets I left to pick up my mother who was visiting from New Hampshire. .

Michigan Object

Dowagiac — After leaving a restaurant late on September 28th, 2019, my dad was just getting off the highway to return to his house, with my boyfriend and me and we saw an object. It was a large UFO, it was close around the car, and it had red lights and blinking sequentially. It was dark out, I couldn’t tell what shape it is in the drawing.

Nevada Triangle

Pahrump—Objects were seen in the exact same location 2 weeks apart exactly. Both shots were taken around the same time on a Saturday. Each time the objects suddenly appeared and stayed visible for about 45 to 60 seconds and then slowly started to get fuzzy around the edges and disappeared. Both objects were completely stationary in the sky.

Both objects appeared to be hovering somewhere over Death Valley junction near Armargosa which is about exactly 27 miles away from my location. My estimation is that they were each of considerable size.

These were preceded by the appearance of a group of hovering lights on the night of April 4th 2019 at 8:24 pm. When I first saw them I was driving north on highway 160. I realized the lights weren’t moving. I decided to pull over and shot a poor quality picture. I saw the profile of the mountain range and clouds lit up completely. They went out and reappeared very brightly 5 miles behind the same mountain. I grabbed my night vision scope and for 10 minutes spotted a light blue blinking light rising slowly above the mountain.

New Jersey Shot of Moon

Bayonne — While taking pictures of the moon I caught a few different types of flying objects. I’ve been in contact with Chief Investigator Glenn Green who has told me that my pictures and videos have merit. I’ve taken videos that show objects zooming in and out of the picture at breakneck speeds. I also have still shots of huge Chevron shaped objects in the lunar orbit. I look forward to talking more with Glenn and the MUFON family.

New York Orbs

Manhattan — I was taking pictures of the moon with Live Photo on my iPhone that showed 1.5 seconds before and after pictures. I looked at it later and saw a bright light that moved from above moon to below in 2 seconds. I would love to send it you. I did not even see it until I looked at the photos and video later. Are you able to see it move?

Note: There was another report on Oct 13 of a similar blue object seen and videotaped near the moon. The witness has not responded to questions. The location and time of the sighting are not known. The witness’s account follows: My husband and I both witnessed a blue orb bouncing around the full moon last night. We saw it with our naked eye. Both of us filmed it on 2 different phones. We got the same exact result. Please explain that? Thanks to Will Pucket/

North Carolina Light

Asheville — I was sitting on my car on October 3, 2019, when I looked through the corner of my eye and saw a red object fly over a building. At first I thought it was a drone, but after it vanished 2 more came out the sky. It was scary as hell. It was like that it was meant for me to see and then they vanished. Lucky me I got a picture of it. I wish I could have videotaped it, but I was so nervous I couldn’t get to my camera video in time. But I got the picture and I know this stuff is not normal. It was extraterrestrial. Note: The red objects could be Chinese lanterns. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Oklahoma Disc

Broken Arrow — My daughter my grandson and I were at the local Wal-Mart when we saw World War II type planes flying in the area due to some air show in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We thought it was pretty cool and started taking pictures, did not notice the object in the picture until I viewed the pictures moments later. Disc is at extreme left. Pictures were taken on October 18, 2019.

Pennsylvania Orb

Irwin – On October 16, 2019, this one right here up sitting is probably the most best saving that there has ever been because factual information means everything. It’s saved directly from the security system and this orb moves and turns. You can see the collars and even have sound. I’m going to submit to you some pictures

I’m going to hope someone get in touch with me because I probably have the best UFO whatever you might want to call it video that has ever struck the world today so please get in contact with me.

Texas Orb

Crosbyton — I watched clear balloon looking orb hover for about 5 minutes in which I videoed and took pictures with phone.

I went inside to get another witness and it was gone when we returned.

Pictures were taken on October 15, 2019

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Argentina Object

Villa Del Dique – We were watching the late summer sunset, with some scattered clouds, good weather, when a reflective metallic object of immense size was seen.

I compared it as the base of the mountain behind where it landed, in the place there is a lake, The disc descended very slowly, with an angle of approximately 50-60 degrees. Pictures were taken on March 15, 1989.

Australia Object

Bellmere — I was videoing the moon at 1080/60fps with an 83x times Zoom Nikon P900 when the autofocus kick in and Zooming too close to the moon caught an object. At first I dismissed it as a bug or bat until I slowed the footage down which spans about a second or less. Pictures are frame by frame and changed to infrared view to highlight details. Pictures were taken on October 13, 2019

Spain Orbs

Cubelles — I was walking with a friend along the beach when we stopped for a rest.

I looked up the skies and saw hundreds if not thousands of diamond shape objects emitting a flickering blight lights hovering from inland towards the sea. They were from different sizes some bigger than others. Pictures were taken on April 2, 2017.

UK/England Lights

Peterborough – On October 13, 2019, on Park Farm with my mate when I noticed a yellow pulsating light coming from the direction of Peterborough. At first we thought it could be a police helicopter as we see and hear them regularly above the estate, but when it got near us it was noiseless. It was triangle shaped craft completely yellow going very slowly and was no more than 500 feet above us. I got my camera from my phone and took three pictures which are very strange although I was taking them as it passed by there are strange streaks and god knows what on the pictures. Both of us were really shaken up as it was so strange and it was completely prominent and very slow moving and very large. We both agreed we never seen anything like it no wings, fuselage or rotors and it was perfectly triangular.

Runcorn — We witnessed flashes of light similar to a camera flash that was moving in the sky. At closer scrutiny they appeared to look like car headlights, when pausing the video on an exact flash point it looked like a vortex or portal.

Pictures were taken on October 10. 2019

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-inceasing numbers.

I will be in Mt Shasta this summer and wish to encourage people to come and see this conference.

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