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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 30 – 2019 Air Marshall Sir Horsley met ET


 In special reports, this week’s files cover: Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley Claims He Met ET, Missile Codes Compromised, Missing Apollo 11 Tapes Found, and Mexican Protesters Invade Aurora, Colorado.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Korea, Puerto Rico, and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Special Projects

 Air Marshall Sir Peter Horsley Claims He Met ET

In Timothy Good’s excellent new book, “Alien Base Earths Encounters with Extraterrestrials” he reports on Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley, former Deputy Commander in Chief of Strike Command, a war hero who flew Mosquitoes against the Germans, who has held one of the highest ranks in the RAF who in 1954, had a two hour meeting with an apparently extraterrestrial man in London.

In his fascinating autobiography, “Sounds From Another Room”, Sir Peter devotes a lengthy chapter to the subject of UFOs, including details of his investigations into sightings reported by pilots; details which he relayed to Prince Phillip, who shared his interest in the phenomenon.   He was equerry (advisor) to Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip for seven years.  Another enthusiast was air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Barratt, who retired from the RAF at the end of the war.  Barrett introduced Sir Peter to a friend of his, a General Martin, who believed that flying saucers were extraterrestrial vehicles from another planet whose inhabitants were trying to warn us of the perils of nuclear war.

One day in 1954, General Martin phoned Sir Peter, inviting him to meet a Mrs. Markham that night at her London flat.  There, he was Sir Peter was introduced to a ‘Mr. Janusr who asked what he knew about UFO? Mr. Janus stated, “I would like to meet the Prince Phillip.” Somewhat taken aback, Sir Peter replied that this would not be easy., Janus replied: ‘Prince Phillip is a man of great vision. . . who believes strongly in the proper relationship between man and nature which will prove of great importance in future galactic harmony ‘Sir Peter devotes 14 pages to the ensuing two hour discourse, of which selected excerpts follow.

Janus began by pointing out that man was ‘now striving to break his earthly bonds and travel to the Moon.

Just as tribes found other tribes and Christopher Columbus discovered on his travels unknown centers of ancient civilizations so Man in his journeys through the universe may find innumerable centers of culture far more ancient than his own. He will discover a wealth of experiences infinitely more startling and beautiful than can be imagined: and infinite variety of agencies and forces as yet unknown: great fields of gravity and anti-gravity where objects are accelerated across space like giant sling shots, even other universes with different space and time formula.

So Man invading space for material gain or personal glorification alone will gain nothing, but Man searching to enrich his own spirituality and nature will come closer to understanding that God is Universal.

Missile Codes Compromised


Jack Sarfatti reports, Bentwater-Rendlesham USAF/RAF base UK with nuke missile launch codes compromised by UFO beam weapon. See History Channel’s UNIDENTIFIED Episode 5

 The Atomic Connection

 An encounter in the American heartland indicates a disturbing twist to the UFO phenomenon. The team follows a trail of explosive evidence connecting UFOs to the most destructive weapons in human history. A former U.S Air Force Colonel discloses an encounter on Christmas Eve 1980 at a base hiding a secret stockpile of nuclear weapons, while where another former Air Force officer describes a UFO-related injury. Was the U.S. military planting UFO misinformation to distract attention from top secret test, or are they hiding an even more ominous threat? The attachment is work in progress this is very preliminary. https://www.academia.edu/s/d8d8ce85b2/explaining-us-navy-close-encounters-with-tic-tac-uav-metric-engineering?show_pending=true

The Physical Meaning of Einstein’s Gravity Field Equation

ja**********@ic****.com July 18, 2019

Einstein’s classical gravity field equation is a local set of partial differential equations in which the stress-energy tensor  of both the real and virtual particles of quantum field theory induces a curvature (aka warp field) tensor  , with a coupling coefficient, where  the source point  denotes an objectively real localized space-time region (aka “local coincidence”)1 approximated as a point.

(1.1) Tensor calculus requires that the space-time dependent coupling coefficient be a zero rank tensor local frame invariant scalar field coupling the two symmetric second rank tensors.

Choose a field point in the vacuum outside the domain of support of the stress-energy source tensor. We then need the gravitational field Green’s function parallel propagator2 along geodesics connecting the source points to the field point in the convolution integral .

(1.2  Where defines the domain of the integrand.

The coupling is      (1.3)

The numerator in (1.3) is assumed to be a true universal constant, although Dirac questioned that. The speed of light to the fourth power in the denominator is uncritically assumed to be the speed of light in vacuum. However, that cannot be true because of quantum field theory, specifically the Hawking-Unruh effect in which boundary between virtual and real electric charges in not invariant but moves with the off-geodesic proper first-rank tensor proper acceleration of the detector. Therefore, a fraction of the virtual electron-positron pairs that

                1 Rovelli, “Quantum Gravity” Ch. 2 “Hole Problem” 2 Carroll, https://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/March01/Carroll3/Carroll3.html Eqs. 3.35 – 3.45 for first rank tensors

T α β, x( ),G α β, x( ), κ x( ), x,  G α β,  x( )=, κ x( )T α β, x( ), κ x( ),  G α ‘,

     β ‘ x’ ( )= Γ α ‘,  β ‘ α β ∫ x’ − geodesicx( )G α β, x( )d4x, T α β, x( )≠0,

κ x( )= 8 π G x ( ) c x ( )4, g,

determine the speed of light in vacuum become real electron-positron pairs corresponding to a “black body” temperature.


Although this temperature is normally very small compared to due to fluctuations a tiny fraction of virtual electron positron pairs will be elevated to real ones in a plasma seen only by the properly accelerating detector.3

The US military released a study on warp drives and faster-than-light travel. Here’s what a theoretical physicist thinks of it.

 Dave Mosher


Les Bossinas/NASAA 1998 illustration of a spacecraft using negative energy to warp space-time and travel faster than light.

The US Department of Defense funded a series of studies on advanced aerospace technologies, including warp drives. The studies came out of a program that also funded research into UFO sightings.One report describes the possibility of using dark energy to warp space and effectively travel faster than light.

Jack replies: I suggested that years ago. We would need to amplify it of course. However, I now have a better way using meta-materials.

However, a theoretical physicist says there’s “zero chance that anyone within our lifetimes or the next 1,000 years” will see it happen.

Jack replies: “Sean when he wrote the above was not aware of my breakthrough on the warp drive energy barrier that is in fact broken as seen in the flight of the Tic Tac.  Sean does not take the Tic Tac fact into account. His remark is like that of was it Lord Kelvin that heavier than air flight was impossible.”

Sometime after August 2008, the US Department of Defense contracted dozens of researchers to look into some very, very out-there aerospace technologies, including never-before-seen methods of propulsion, lift, and stealth.

Two researchers came back with a 34-page report for the propulsion category,

titled “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions.”

The document is dated April 2, 2010, though it was only recently released by the Defense Intelligence Agency. (Business Insider first learned about in a post by Paul Szoldra at Task & Purpose.)

The authors suggest we may not be too far away from cracking the mysteries of higher, unseen dimensions and negative or “dark energy,” a repulsive force that physicists believe is pushing the universe apart at ever-faster speeds.

“Control of this higher dimensional space may bе а source of technological control оvеr the dark energy density and could ultimately play а role in the development of exotic propulsion technologies; specifically, а warp drive,” the report says, adding: “Trips to the planets within our own solar system would take hours rather than years, and journeys to local star system would be measured in weeks rather than hundreds of thousands of years.”

However, Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech who studies and follows the topics covered by the report, had a lot of cold water to pour on the report’s optimism.

Jack replies: Sean is correct about that particular scheme that has nothing to do with my proposal.

It’s bits and pieces of theoretical physics dressed up as if it has something to do with potentially real-world applications, which it doesn’t,” Carroll said. “This is not crackpot. This is not the Maharishi saying we’re going to use spirit energy to fly off the ground – this is real physics. But this is not something that’s going to connect with engineering anytime soon, probably anytime ever.”

James Т. Lacatski, a DIA official listed as a contact on the report, did not immediately to respond a query from Business Insider.

Where the warp-drive study came from

Mariordo Camila Ferreira and Mario Duran/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)The

Pentagon building in 2010.

The nature of this study is still making its way to the public.

What is known is that it’s an “acquisition threat support” reference document, which helps the US military anticipate or describe new enemy technologies – apparently including (very, very) notional ones. It was also one work in “а series of advanced technology reports” for something called the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program.

That was a larger program that included the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program – an effort to sightings by military personnel, according to a recent story by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

The New York Times and Politico revealed AATIP’s existence in December. The outlets said Harry Reid, the former US senator from Nevada, helped organize it and secure millions in secret government funding – sometimes called “black money” – for the effort.

A large share of this money reportedly went to Robert Bigelow, a real-estate mogul who’s working to build private space stations through Bigelow Aerospace. Bigelow, a friend of Reid’s, has for years funded his own UFO research.

The billionaire formed a separate entity, called Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, to secure the government funding and hired 46 researchers and “dozens of other support personnel,” KLAS-TV said.

An anonymous senior intelligence official told Politico that AATIP began mostly to root out the existence of unknown Chinese and Russian military technologies. But after a couple of years, “the consensus was we really couldn’t find anything of substance,” the official said.

“They produced reams of paperwork,” he added. “After all of that, there was really nothing there that we could find.”

Scientists are also skeptical of UFOs, even after viewing spooky videos obtained by AATIP, one of which shows an undated encounter with “an aircraft surrounded by some kind of glowing aura traveling at high speed and rotating as it moves,” The Times wrote.

Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, previously told Business Insider that after 50 years of reported alien visits, “the really good evidence that we’re being visited still has failed to surface.”

“It is a little odd that aliens would come hundreds and hundreds of light-years to do nothing,” Shostak added.

The larger program that looked into the feasibility of warp drives, wormholes, and stargates is meeting similar scrutiny from established experts.

The physics of warp drives .  AllenMcC/Wikipedia (CC BY-A 3.0)

An illustration of a warp field generated by a theoretical device called an Alcubierre drive. A spaceship inside might be able to move faster than light by contracting the fabric of space ahead of it and expanding the fabric of space behind it with negative energy.

In the warp-drive study, the authors laid out several well-established ideas in physics.

Those concepts include dark energy; general relativity, pioneered by Albert Einstein, that predicted some bizarre yet real phenomena in the universe, like the warping of space-time and gravitational waves; the Casimir effect, which describes the existence of a quantum “vacuum energy”; and M-theory, the idea that perhaps seven extra dimensions – which a warp drive could exploit – may be wrapped up in the four we’re familiar with, including time.

It then mashes this work together to lay out a potential use of these properties that’d circumvent Einstein’s cardinal rule: Nothing can travel faster than light in a vacuum.

“If one is to realistically entertain the notion of interstellar exploration in timeframes of а human lifespan, а dramatic shift in the traditional approach to spacecraft propulsion is necessary,” said the report, which goes on to suggest that a warp drive might be feasible.

Department of Defense via Public Intelligence

The study includes a table of various destinations and how quickly they might be reached by bending space-time to travel 100 times the speed of light. The way this might work, the report says, is by using a lot of dark energy to expand an extra dimension into a “bubble.” Such a bubble would be made large enough to fit a spaceship of perhaps 100 cubic meters, roughly the size of a semitrailer truck.

A contracting region of space-time in front of the ship, plus an expanding region behind it, would then propel the bubble and ship down a sort of space-time tube without technically exceeding the speed of light. Carroll also says the concept of a warp drive “is not crackpot” – Miguel Alcubierre, a Mexican theoretical physicist, invented the concept in 1994.

You can’t go faster than the speed of light, but what you can imagine doing is effectively twisting space-time so that it looks like you’re moving faster than the speed of light,” Carroll said. “If you want to go to Alpha Centauri, for example, you can ask yourself: ‘Well, could I bend space-time so that Alpha Centauri is next to me, so that it takes a day to go there, rather than tens of [thousands of] years? Can I make the warping of space-time do that?’ And the answer is sure, you can do that.”

But Carroll says the DIA report goes too far in its analysis.

“There is something called a warp drive, there are extra dimensions, there is a Casimir effect, and there’s dark energy – all of these things are true,” he said. “But there’s zero chance that anyone within our lifetimes or the next 1,000 years are going to build anything that makes use of any of these ideas, for defense purposes or anything like that.”

The problems and perils of faster-than-light travel.

 Shutterstock An illustration of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, or wormhole in the fabric of space.

Carrol said warp drives were so removed from plausible reality because no one knows what negative energy is, how to make it, or how to store it, let alone put it to use.

What’s more, the amount of negative energy you’d need to reach a place like Alpha Centauri – the nearest star system to Earth, at 4.367 light-years away – in a couple of years with a 100-cubic-meter ship is truly astronomical.

If you took the entire Earth and annihilated it into energy, that’s how much energy you’d need, Einstein-Rosen Bridge or Wormhole Except you’d need a negative amount of that, which no one has any clue how to make,” Carroll said. “We’re not taking the atoms of the Earth and dispersing them like the Death Star would do – we’re making them cease to exist.”

Jack says: Sean is correct given his premise. However, I have found a way to leapfrog over the space-time stiffness barrier he assumes cannot be overcome.

Then this energy has to be captured, stored, and used with 100% efficiency.

It’s completely crazy talk,” Carroll said. “It’s not something like, ‘Oh, we need better transistors.’ This is something that is not anywhere within the realm of feasibility.”

The study says its conclusions are speculative, acknowledges the negative-energy figure “is, indeed, an incredible number,” and adds that “a full understanding of the true nature of dark energy may be many years away.”

However, it suggests that “experimental breakthroughs at the Large Hadron Collider оr developments in the field of M-theory could lead to а quantum leap in our understanding of this unusual form of energy and perhaps help to direct technological innovations.”

Nearly a decade on, none of these developments have panned out. The LHC has yet to find any evidence of particles that’d crack the mysteries of dark energy, and experiments have not really advanced M-theory. But assuming negative energy could somehow be extracted, a planet’s worth of exotic matter could be fed into a spaceship’s warp-drive engines, and a suitable destination could be picked, the crew might encounter numerous show-stopping problems.

Spaceship attempting Warp-drive

Interstellar travelers may lose control of their ship the moment they start it because of the warping of space itself. Hawking radiation, theoretically found at the edges of black holes and other highly warped regions of space, might roast passengers while shutting down their warp field. And slowing down may be deadly – several light-years’ worth of cosmic dust and gas between the origin and destination might turn into a dangerous shockwave of high-energy particles and radiation upon arrival.

“It’s possible in the sense that I can’t actually rule it out, but I don’t think it’s actually possible,” SEE ALSO: A bizarre new form of astronomy could unlock these 4 cosmic secrets

DON’T MISS: Stephen Hawking was my real-life Time Lord

Missing Apollo 11 Tapes Found

Notice possible UFOs lights on left side of photo.

A former NASA intern who bought a truckload of videotapes to resell them may end up a millionaire next month when Sotheby’s auctions what it says is the only surviving original recording of man’s first steps on the moon 50 years ago. In the years after the July 20, 1969, moon landing during the Apollo 11 mission, NASA was recording over its tapes or selling them to cut costs, said Gary George, who was a college student when he bought more than 1,100 reels of NASA videotape for about $218 US at a government surplus auction in 1976.

I had no idea there was anything of value on them,” George, 65, a retired mechanical engineer from Las Vegas, told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I was selling them to TV stations just to record over.” But three of the tapes turned out to be invaluable. One of them captures the images of the first steps on the moon by astronaut Neil Armstrong, along with his famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


 Typical Disc UFO

KEN’S NOTE:  Personally I feel the percentage of unexplained UFO sightings is more like 30%.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Alabama Triangle


Coker — At 4:05 A.M. central time my dog woke me up barking on July 18, 2019. I took her out to use the restroom and there was an upright triangular shaped craft hovering over my neighbor’s house. It was very low and had a red/orange hue to it with many lights that glowed orange. I also observed windows (port holes) and even a hatch. It had a dome with something sticking up from the top. It disturbed the air around it. I went to take my dog in so I could get better pictures and it zipped off toward the NW. In the picture the light on the bottom left is my neighbor’s streetlight on his barn. My camera did not show its true colors and it was a bit foggy and cloudy.

 California Object

 Valley Village – On July 12, 2019, my wife, 3 year old boy and I were hanging out on our balcony. My wife pulled up a stargazing app as she was looking at it her phone that started to make weird noises like static noises. We joked around and said it was aliens, then about 30 seconds later my wife sees “and points out to me” a white craft traveling towards us in the sky about 1000 feet high. It looked like 2 grey balls connected traveling overhead at a steady pace, at maybe 100 mph. They had no lights and it made no noise. About 20 minutes later we saw another craft going same direction that I got on video! This craft had lights but made no sound.

Connecticut Object

Simsbury –This video was captured when I was sitting on my deck near sunset on June 26, 2019. Over the past week butterflies and birds have been landing close to me so I was attempting to use my Samsung 10G Plus for super slow-motion recording at ”960fps HD 720p recording. I did not see anything until later when I was reviewing all my recordings. The craft is entering around 9 second marks on playback and exits at 13 seconds. It appears to be near the clouds and (I think) disappears behind the trees. I’ve also included one video I recorded right before when I did capture butterflies in slow motion. In real speed, you’d never see it.

 Florida Light

Key Biscayne — I have a photo taken very far away and very large almost like a moon…You can see scale, as there is an airplane in lower right to orb, and then the sun. Pictures were taken on July 16, 2019.

 Idaho Disc

 Hailey – Silvery discs not seen until photo was viewed after departure.

Pictures were taken on June 24, 2019.

Illinois Lights

 Elmhurst — Two sisters were startled by a loud noise outside of their condo. They went outside and saw something overhead with bright lights. The object was very close and sounded like a helicopter. A light shined down from the craft. They saw blinking lights that were white, green and red. The craft moved slowly to the right, ascended and vanished. Three other witnesses were positive that the object was not a helicopter. The two primary witnesses took a video. A still image from the video is included. The entire sighting lasted 3 to 5 minutes. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

Minnesota Object

 St Paul — These photos were taken March 3rd 1968 from 9.a.m – 930 a.m. near Lake Phalanx in St Paul MN.  The witness, who took theses photos was in the military, but is now deceased. These photos were just discovered in an old box of family photos that have not been gone through for decades.

Nevada Triangle

A smaller triangular shaped craft appeared in my pictures hovering near the mountain. A man  was on the opposite side. I did not notice it until I looked at my pictures later.  The object did not appear to be there while I was taking the picture. Pictures were taken on July 10, 2019

New Jersey Lights

 Unidentifiable bright lights were captured in the sky above Hudson River. Note: May be some type of camera lens reflection. Pictures were taken on June 26, 2019



Newark Airport — I was on a United Airlines flight UA179 just after backing out of gate C123 at Newark Airport Terminal C. The plane was taxiing for takeoff but stationary for a while. We were leaving on time and it would have been around 3.10pm on Sunday 14th July 2019. A few minutes earlier I’d noticed a non military helicopter from my window seat which I thought was strange as I live in view of Hong Kong Airport and do not see helicopters at the airport, and it was at a height that would interrupt aero planes. Then I noticed a stationary hovering object in the blue sky which I thought nothing about as I’m used to seeing planes slowly circling, landing, and taking off, I realized the flying object was not moving at all for 3 minutes it seemed unusual so I recorded 1.09 minutes of footage. I also managed to catch footage of a plane approaching from a similar angle by chance to show the contrast in visuals and speed.  The white object above the trucks is the wing of an aircraft.

New York Flight Objects

While coming home from Buffalo NY, flying at cruising altitude, about 34,000 feet. I was taking pictures of clouds and their formations. I was using my Galaxy S7; its settings were ISO 50, 1/4000 to 1/5000 with a F2 lens. Upon reviewing my images 3 out of 10 have these UFOs or window scratches. I am unsure as I really didn’t look at the plastic windows for scratches. But I did like the images. So I did not see these images while taking the pictures, which might lead to the fact that the high shutter speed stopped these images while traveling at a high rate or a lens reflection.  In either case, they are both compelling.

 North Carolina Object

 Durham — On July/12, 2019, on my way home from shopping, approaching my exit, I observed something, which seemed out of place, with the other cloud formations. I used my Motorola cell phone, with 4:3-8 MP camera, to take 2 photos; I enlarged the 3rd photo, to show a close-up, of what appeared to me, as something other than a cloud. The color, size & shape, seemed odd to me, like something hiding in plain sight?

Ohio Object

West Chester – I’m an amateur astronomer familiar with the sky, meteorological conditions and flight patterns in the area on the video, which has been my daily view for the last 11 years. My location is also in flight paths of LUK, CVG and HAO.
Looking to the N/NE at about 1:49 pm, an oval/rounded object with a dark bask and illuminated (lighter) top side was traveling E/SE  at an angled pitch with leading edge elevated. Object was traveling against the wind below the clouds. I observed through my first floor office window for a period of about 15-18 seconds, the last 9.6 seconds of which were filmed on a Galaxy Note 8 camera (1920×1080), zoomed in as much as I could follow

CONCLUSION: I have never observed a daylight object of this nature, much less, been able to record it. I suspect a drone of some sort; however, it lacks any of the features of any known drone I am aware of.

All known Amazon drones have discernible structures on them to either propel and/or elevate them (wing structures, etc., to create lift).

Stills produced from the video and included at the end indicate an oval object, with a dark/black underside and lighter silverish reflective topside.

Oregon Light

Grants Pass — I’m really not sure what this thing is.

But it has visited us about 10 times and seems to be intelligent.

Photos were taken on July 7, 2019.

Pennsylvania Disc

 Hilltown — I thought the clouds looked cool, so I stopped and took some pictures. When I looked at them later, there was something I hadn’t seen with my naked eye when I took the pictures. It traveled from right to left. In the pictures, it seems to come through the cloud, comes down to the left, then up to the left. Pictures were taken on May 11, 2019.

Rhode Island Object

East Providence — I noticed a large object floating over the highway moving south at estimated speed of  20-25 mph. I did not have time to go to video as I wished not to lose a shot. 1.3 miles east of I-95 which runs along the east coast corridor? It was partly cloudy around 6:30 pm….. My wife took 5 shots as it traversed north to south directly over I-95 in 25 seconds. It was too fast for a blimp and too slow for a plane. It was about two hundred feet over the highway. Estimated size was 20-250feet in height and 100 feet in length.
There are photos taken from an I Phone 6 by my wife.
It looks like a school bus” 

Texas Green Light

Plano — There was interesting cloud coverage that early evening so we took many pictures on July 10, 2019. Later looking back at them we discovered what really happened and it freaked us out. We feel compelled to tell and show these pictures something was happening on a larger scale than just observation. We took video but they only showed up in the still photos. There is the one blue object but then there are 3 to 4 white orb like object all moving in this cloud light sky line

Worldwide UFO Sightings

  Australia Disc

 Melbourne — I was watching channel 9HD Melbourne Program the Today Extra –on the July 8. 2019 at 10:30am. I was watching a report on a Ninja Warrior contestant and noticed an object in the background. I walked up to the television and had a better look.

There was an object in the sky just above the contestants head, out the window and in the distance. The best description I can give is that it looked like a vertical, long crystal shape. It was hovering and slowly rotating. My television is a large 4K screen. So the image is as clear as I can get it.

 Belgium Light

  Tongeren — A bright, strange-looking light was seen over Belgium.

Pictures were taken on October 23, 2016.*

Brazil Lights

 Mosqueiro Island — I was on vacations with my family in the Amazon region. I was taking some pictures of the Via Lactea and decided to move the camera to the other side when I noticed a dancing light on the sky. Observed from 10 pm to 01:45 am, and went to bed (I was tired).

Took over 150 photos with NIKON 5100 camera, both RAW and JPEG formats. It was a diamond shaped yellow light object over the clouds limit. The 6 to 10 seconds expositions brought me the dancing path of the diamond shaped object on the pictures. It is similar object in the Operação Prato” – famous Brazilian Air Force investigation from the 70’s.

Ireland Red Light

 Inch Island, County Donegal — I was photographing the airplane against the moon, when I zoomed in I noticed a red anomaly on the right edge of the moon.

I know it’s not a camera fault as the anomaly changes its path.

The camera used is a Canon 6D with a Sigma DG 28-300mm lens.

Pictures taken on July 14, 2019

Korea Lights

 Incheon — Photograph of the plane’s  winglet after rising to a flying altitude on June 19, 2019. This flight’s destination is from Inchon to Ho Chi Minh. I didn’t know it at the time of shooting, but I checked it after a month.
1. It’s hard to see the light on the plane’s wings reflected in the glass.
2. It is difficult to spot another object because it is at a fairly high altitude.
3. This object is quite clear and has rotating traces around it when magnified. Looks like they’re rotating considerably at high speed and the multiple objects all have the same residual rotation traces. I want to know whether this object is UFO or not.

Seoul — Silver metal and reflected light off the unidentified object that is a rod at 1 minute 2 seconds.  It is too fast!  You can see it with slowing down the speed!
You can check it at my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX3rHsuV1og

Pictures were taken on July 12, 2019.

 Puerto Rico Cigar

 Humacao — Cigar shaped object found on taking pictures. After shooting several pictures, I found this cigar shaped object in photos taken in sequence.
1) _DSC0720 08:54:27 AM
2) _DSC0721 08:54:27 AM
3) _DSC0722 08:54:28 AM

UFO appears at _DSC0721 08:54:27 AM Pictures were taken on April 14, 2019.

 Saudi Arabia Falling Object

I and 4 others were deployed to an oilfield work site deep in the Desert in Saudi Arabia.

I am a Data Acquisition Systems Specialist with a Software development Diploma and several Microsoft Development Certifications.
We were driving down what they call a “skid road” (off road path through the desert, about 6 hours east of Dammam, and about 2 hours north east of Haradh) that is a very dangerous and bumpy road. On the back of the truck we had this very long and heavy hose that was needed for a MPD Job (Managed Pressure Drilling) tied down in the back of a pickup truck. We stopped to check on the hose.
We shut off the truck and killed the lights. It was pitch black, beautiful if you ask me. I looked up into the night sky and noticed I could see Stars (very uncommon especially now, usually there is enough sand in the atmosphere that stars aren’t visible only the moon).

I pulled out a camera we use for taking photos of possible job sites while we do evaluation surveys. Then I pulled out my phone to take some pictures of what I believe to be Orion’s belt… and thought nothing of it .The hose was good so we began our journey. Shortly afterwards, we took a wrong turn, and almost hit a well head. We stumbled upon a vacant drilling job site. We backed up to take the road we thought we entered again. The area was almost a perfect square, but yet there was no path (road) behind us. It took us 30 minutes to get out with our “wits” about us and to find the road out of this area and continue to the job site. We all found it to be very strange.

One day later I was reviewing the picture on my phone and was amazed and shocked on what I saw. A UFO coming “down” and making a very sharp turn… It was AMAZING!! I always wanted to witness something of the sort.

The last few days I was contemplating the journey to the job site after the picture was taken… and how confused we were.. I am assuming something else happened such as contact although I’m not sure.

 UK/Scotland Falling Object


 Kirkcaldy –This could just be a “falling star / or space debris” but the UK has no place to send this information that I could find. This event was caught on Dash cam and appears to start about 40 degrees high in the sky and fall directly down towards earth leaving no trail like a meteor would. It actually passes behind some low level clouds and then reappears briefly before disappearing completely. This event was viewed from Near Cowdenbeath looking due south and the object was falling down, roughly south of Edinburgh in the distance. Video footage available ( 43mb). Event lasts only about 3 seconds starting in the video about 4 seconds from beginningPictures were taken on January 8, 2019

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

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