Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #8 – 2018 Portals Are Opening

February 25, 2018

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Bigelow Aerospace Director “Cannot Comment” On What They Do With UFO Reports, Scientist Admits Portals Are Opening Around Earth, Nobel Prize awarded to Gravity LIGO Founders, Unusual u.s. Aerial Observations During World War Ii, DNA Tests Indicate Elongated Skulls from Alien Race, Geodesic Dome ET Painting, Indian Hieroglyphics, and Mexican Drug Traffickers Use a Drug 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Massachusetts New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.  will be in Mt Shasta this summer and wish to encourage people to come and see this conference.

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Special Projects

Bigelow Aerospace Director “Cannot Comment”

On What They Do With UFO Reports

 Mike Gold – Former Director of Operations for Bigelow Aerospace was asked about Bigelow’s involvement with UFO reports. He gives an interesting answer with some interesting expressions on his face. He mentions how he finds the subject matter very interesting. He also mentions the recent congressional hearing held regarding Earth like planets that are probably teeming with life. He mentions he cannot comment on what Bigelow Aerospace does with UFO reports. He goes on to state how he is glad that somebody is taking the reports because these are important issues that deserve serious attention. (It appears Bigelow Aviation provides data to the government and allegedly is rewarded with UFO crash debris.

Bigelow Aerospace is a space technology company that is known for its work on expandable space station modules. They are now working on space habitats for space agencies and corporate clients. They have a long history of working for NASA.

Earlier this month the Founder of Bigelow Aerospace, Robert Bigelow, announced that he is planning a real estate  empire in outer space.

The Federal Aviation Administration refers its UFO reports to BAASS. Which stands for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. Robert Bigelow mentions how UFO sightings led him to his interest in space. Bigelow Aerospace has spun off a new commercial space company called Bigelow Space Operations (BSO), which will act as the sales, operations, and provider for the inflatable space stations he’s developing. According to Bigelow, these stations will be the largest, most complex structures ever built for human habitation in space. Arjun Walia

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)

The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), now defunct has catalogued the Triangle sightings, sifting through and combining databases to take a hard look at the mystery craft. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, NIDS was privately funded by Robert Bigelow science institute with a strong research focusing on aerial phenomena.

Correction: It was stated in last in weeks Filer’s Files 7  in“The Great UFO Deceptionarticle stated, Bigelow paid Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center for the triangle information contained in the NIDs report. Peter Davenport says, although he was asked to be part of NIDs and refused, he was never paid in any way for the data on Peter’s National UFO Reporting Center.web site.

I spoke at length with Peter and he indicated the triangle reports are increasing in recent months and they do not show standard aircraft lighting that all military and commercial aircraft display as required by law.

Scientist Admits Portals Are Opening Around Earth

– Proof that Project Pegasus is Real?

Stargate  Portal

Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. Portals are defined as a door, gate, or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a worm hole into space or another dimension.

Allegedly, the Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet. Fantasy literature is full of symbolism referring to portals that allowed the passage to inconceivable worlds. Many researchers feel ET is not arriving from planets millions of miles away but from another dimension that exits parallel to his one.

The plot of Stargate SG-1 TV picks up a year after the conclusion of the events recounted in the original feature film. It follows the present-day adventures of SG-1, a military team from Earth. SG-1 and a dozen other SG teams venture to distant planets using an alien portal known as a Stargate, which in the series is housed in a top-secret United States Air Force military base known as Stargate Command (SGC) in the underground Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the first eight seasons, the mission of the SG teams is to explore the galaxy and search for alien technology and allies to defend Earth against the Goa’uld, a snake-like parasitic alien race that takes humans as unwilling hosts. The premise of the series may be closer to reality than generally beloved.

Within this scheme we can look at the work of a NASA scientist who disclosed that every day, portals open and close every day. Such gateways can be found within Earth’s magnetic field, falling in a direct line to the Sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away. NASA hasn’t tagged them as portals, instead opting to call them Boom Tubes, electron diffusion regions or ‘X’ points, their existence being due to magnetic resonance. It’s truly a shame “real” scientists are paid to dismiss their presence in our scope.

Jack Scudder, a NASA plasma physicist from the University of Iowa, refers to X-points as:

 “Places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun. These portals can be elusive, however, so if one were to imagine utilizing them for space travel, they would have to be an expert in space geography and mathematics to time them correctly.”

Some claim that a military underground subdivision possessed the knowledge to perform time travel through Stargate portals for almost 40 years. Apparently, there needs to be an open portal at the destination for successful conclusion of the travel.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower,  and  Andrew D. Basiago  claim they were Independent Mars colony recruits. They claim the existence of a secret human survival colony on Mars. They were former active members of  DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-1972), claiming that the government had successfully achieved Tesla-based quantum teleportation and time travel in the time-space hologram, initiating the U.S. program of time-space travel called “Chrononauts”.

Since the 1970s, the military has been crossing worlds, and for more than 10 years, Basiago has been spreading the word about portal-based time travel, similar to the “Stargate” TV series. The military could travel ahead in time and location to delete people who would pose a risk to the government such as  North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

 Attorney Andrew Basiago

Not only did Basiago talk about time travel, but he also claims that the CIA has a program named Mars-jump-room which grants our military units the ability to build their own bases on Mars. He claims he has worked with some of the physicists leaders in quantum physics.  According to Basiago, he was engaged in two – allegedly – secret military programs. He claims he was one of the great deal of American children chosen to take part in experiments involving time travel. His reports on his experiences are determined based on logic alone and it is hard to  disregard his tales as being sheer fantasy. It is, by all means, for the best that the US military keeps this kind of technologies secret, since they can be turned into weapons. This is no secret, ever since Rumsfeld has declared that one of the advantages of research done within Project Pegasus is the capacity to use teleportation in order to deliver troops to the proper place on the battlefield.

  • “Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.” – Andrew Basiago

While passing through this veil of energy, Vancouver, Washington lawyer Basiago would enter a “vortal tunnel” that would send him to his destination. The other teleportation devices included a “plasma confinement chamber” in New Jersey and a “jump room” in El Segundo, California. There was also some kind of “holographic technology,” that allowed them to travel “both physically and virtually in time and location.”

However advanced, this unconventional transportation process had its pitfalls. Basiago’s admission is controversial, to say the least. The technology he describes could solve a lot of mankind’s problems, but it could destroy us just as well. Collectively, we don’t even know what time is, why it is or why it flows the way it does. The human mind finds it hard to wrap around concepts like time travel and the paradoxical consequences of altering past timelines. But then again, there is nothing in Einstein’s General Relativity that can sink the notion of time travel.

Nobel Prize awarded to Gravity LIGO Founders

The LIGO Laboratory, comprising LIGO Hanford, LIGO Livingston, Caltech, and MIT are excited to announce that LIGO’s three longest-standing and greatest champions have been awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics: Barry Barish and Kip Thorne of Caltech and Rainer Weiss of MIT.

The Nobel Committee in Stockholm Sweden announcement the winners of the Nobel prizes. The very idea for LIGO came to Rainer Weiss in the early 1970’s when, as associate professor of physics at MIT, he had to find a way to explain gravitational waves (a prediction of general relativity) to his students.

In an interview with MIT news writer, Jennifer Chu, Weiss recalled his revelation: “That was my quandary at the time, and that’s when the invention was made. I said, ‘What’s the simplest thing I can think of to show these students that you could detect the influence of a gravitational wave? …  The obvious thing to me was, let’s take freely floating masses in space and measure the time it takes light to travel between them. The presence of a gravitational wave would change that time. [Later] knowing what you could do with lasers, I worked it out: Could you actually detect gravitational waves this way? And I came to the conclusion that yes, you could detect gravitational waves…”

Sometime later, in 1972, Weiss carefully thought through and wrote down his idea, subsequently publishing it as a paper titled, “Electromagnetically Coupled Broadband Gravitational Antenna” . In this paper, Weiss described in great detail, the design and promise of using laser interferometry to detect gravitational waves. Within its 22 pages, the paper laid out the blueprint for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (at the time, Weiss called it an antenna.)

Rainer Weiss’ original design for a Laser Gravitational Wave “antenna” (Copyright. R. Weiss (1972). “Electromagnetically Coupled Broadband Gravitational Antenna”. Quarterly Progress Report, Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT. 105: 54.)

Today, no one disputes the fact that LIGO owes its very existence to Rainer Weiss.

Transforming LIGO from concept to reality, however, would take another 20 years.. In 1975, a fateful meeting between Weiss and Kip Thorne of Caltech would set into motion the development of one of the most complicated and risky scientific experiments ever conceived. Thorne, commanded a level of respect among peers, colleagues, research groups, and funding agencies that was unequalled. As much as Rai is responsible for conceiving of LIGO, Kip Thorne is equally responsible for convincing countless others of LIGO’s potential for success. As a result of his interactions with Weiss, Thorne convinced Caltech to create a gravitational-wave research group.

Thus was formed the LIGO triumvirate. In 1989, Weiss and Thorne, along with Ron Drever, Fred Raab, and Robbie Vogt, submitted a proposal for LIGO to the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) which has enthusiastically supported this effort from the start. In 1994 construction began on the twin LIGO detectors in Hanford, Washington and Livingston, Louisiana.

That’s when Barry Barish joined the trio. Barish became LIGO Principal Investigator in 1994, helping the growing cadre move from a small intensely focused group cooking up basic ideas to a large and broad team that could actually deliver the Observatories and hardware. His insights led not only to construction of the Observatories and the initial detectors, but also to the creation of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and to the successful proposal to build Advanced LIGO—the instrument that would finally make the first detection. Barry was the perfect complement to Kip and Rai to bring LIGO to success.

Another 21 years would pass before the efforts of Rai Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Barry Barish finally paid off. On September 14, 2015, LIGO detected the gossamer flutters of spacetime created by the merging of two massive black holes some 1.3 billion light years away. Nearly half-a-century after its conception, LIGO had fulfilled its destiny.

Structure is able to detect gravitational waves.

So, while this Nobel Prize is being awarded barely two years after LIGO’s historic detection, it acknowledges 45 years of effort: from conception, through design, planning, testing and prototyping, through decades of research and engineering, invention and innovation, advances in computing, lasers, and optics, and especially the championing and advocating of three remarkable men: Barry Barish, Kip Thorne, and Rai Weiss. There can be no doubt; their recognition by the Nobel Committee is well earned. It is apparent UFOs over come gravity now we have proof of gravity waves.

Unusual U.S. Aerial Observations During World War II

UFOs had become a distinct topic of discussion beginning in 1947.  Prior to that time the phenomena didn’t have a particular title, so that observations of peculiar aerial objects fell into no organized category, other than being interesting recollections with most often no permanent record kept.

South Pacific Flying Disk in US Hangar

This is a story told me by a coworker at Boeing in the late eighties. He was stationed in the South Pacific near the end of World War II, a marine guard at an airfield on a South Pacific Island on June 15,1945. He was assigned to guard the airfield and one night his commanding officer told him the field lights would go out sometime in the night and when that happened he was to turn his back to one of the hangars, and was not to look, nor turn around until the lights went back on. As he was told, later that night the field lights went out. His curiosity overcame him, and he looked toward the hangar as the hangar doors opened, and a disk flew slowly in. At that point the hangar doors were closed, and the field lights came back on. The process was reversed several nights later, the field lights went off, the hangar doors opened, the disk flew off, the field lights came back on, and he never saw it again.
((NUFORC Note: We cannot confirm this report. However, we have received many of alleged sightings during the Second World War, and many from the 1940’s. PD)) Depiction of UFO. Ufo Historical Revue – Issue #1 – June 1998

DNA Tests Indicate Elongated Skulls from Alien Race

DNA test results on the elongated skulls discovered in Peru have been released by a researcher investigating if the bones could belong to an alien race. The 3,000-year old Paracas skulls, with elongated craniums, have long been held up by UFO hunters as evidence of ancient alien visitations due to their extraordinarily huge foreheads.

DNA Ancient Skull Concludes Its Alien, Peru, Feb 2018, UFO Sighting News.

The long skulled people also are found in England and had their capital at Stonehenge and were the first to lay down the ley system as their monuments are the oldest and set the locations for the leys and ley systems. Perhaps with larger brain capacity they sensed and perceived the land differently to you and I.

The other picture is from NASA showing the skull or a sculptured rock from Mars that suggests Martians or other aliens had elongated skulls. Some areas of Mars have pyramids and Pharaoh like statues. The entire Stonehenge area has the exceptional people with elongated skulls that may have come from Mars or some other planets. They built Silbury Hill the largest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe called the “Hill of the Shining Beings, We know that Mars atmosphere and water diminished with some type of catastrophe and that gravity there is only one sixth of Earths

Some of the persons with elongated skulls were buried in the West Kennet Long Barrow a Neolithic tomb, about 3600 BC, which is some 400 years before the first stage Stonehenge

UFOs and strange phenomena are frequently reported in the area. Some people claim Wiltshire is a portal where craft from other planets arrive.

Silbury Hill and Stonehenge, barrows and Cursus were skillfully crafted by our ancient ancestors. The prehistoric architects of ancient sites were acutely aware of the Earth’s magnetic energies, which they carefully integrated into the foundation plans of their monuments. At Stonehenge, for example, certain megaliths, such as the Altar Stone, were positioned above a geometric earth energy pattern, known as geospiral, to harness the earth force, which perpetually charged the stone with magnetic energy. “Looking through the viewfinder of digital cameras – vertical columns of rose colored light rising up from the ground. There is quite a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that extraterrestrial civilizations choose to enter our world at specific planetary locations. These are either on ley-lines or on fault lines where the earth’s electromagnetic field is stronger or weaker than in the surrounding area.”

 Geodesic Dome ET Painting

Letter from Dan Johnson – The painting is of a geodesic dome similar to the famous California Integratron. This geodesic dome is in Black Mountain, NC and is at the home of Jim Goure, who has since passed, Jim was very active in 1970s UFO research when I met him. He was also connected to and was at Walter Russell’s death bed when Walter died on his birthday in 1963. It’s coincidental that Walter Russell and Nicola Tesla knew each other and were in contact with one another.

This picture is a painting that hung prominently on Jim’s wall at his home in Black Mountain. It depicts, I believe, a controversial and large Jesus, and Mary Magdalene standing on the dome. Notice what Jesus has in his right hand. It looks remarkably like a G.E.M. Sphere that Judy Beebe Re-created through Nicola Tesla’s inspiration in 2002 or so, many years after Nicola’s death. Also, the mere size of the figures reminds me of the nearly 85 foot beings that I have seen in my back yard in the Virginia, Mountains. More people are seeing these Beings besides myself. Some have seen as many as 60 or 70 beings.

They’re even showing up in our front yard and all around the Monroe Institute property. These Beings are very tall, in other dimensions and are translucent, like the painting. Was the artist and Jim Goure possibly showing Jesus as being ET in nature? It all makes one think doesn’t it?  Also, many orbs are showing up which is how I believe these Beings and ETs are traveling from other worldly places and dimensions. Thanks to Dan Johnson

Indian Hieroglyphics

While exploring Utah’s Sego Canyon with his father and admiring the Native American artwork found at the site.

C2C listener Curtis couldn’t help but notice this rather jaw-dropping pictograph which one could almost image being the depiction of some kind of space-faring people.

Could be an indication that ancient astronauts once visited the location?

Thanks to


Mexican Drug Traffickers Use a Drug 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin

A middle-aged couple had just arrived in the United States from Mexico had dinner at an IHop and returned home only to be arrested. US anti-narcotics agents, with a search warrant in hand, entered the apartment located in Queens. Inside one of the many suitcases the couple had arrived in the United States with, the officers found drugs, but not “the usual ones.”

It was pure fentanyl, a synthetic and extremely dangerous opioid, 50 times more powerful than heroin according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which indicate that more than 60,000 people died from overdoses in the United States last year.
The couple owned 141 pounds, almost 64 kilos, of that substance. It was the largest fentanyl seizure in the history of the United States.

According to the Drug Control Administration (DEA), in those 64 kilos there was enough of the drug to kill 32 million people. Rogelio Alvarado Robles, 55, and Blanca Flores Solis, 52, were arrested. And although they had no criminal record, they were both drug runners to negotiate the sale of tens of millions of dollars in narcotics. To the DEA, the Mexican drug cartels seek to turn New York into their distribution center.

In 2017, the DEA seized more than 350 pounds, of pure fentanyl in New York City, 10 times more than in 2016. Fentanyl seems better than heroin for trafficking because of its various advantages. First because it is Its manufactured cheaply in Mexico much more profitable.
It does not have to be grown such as poppy, heroin base plant, this, like methamphetamine, can be manufactured in clandestine laboratories using relatively inexpensive chemicals.

Not to mention that its potency makes it able to be diluted to exponentially increase the doses at street level, either in the form of powder or alternative pills pressed to look like brands such as OxyContin and Percoset. For James Hunt, head of the New York Division of the DEA, the way in which this drug is distributed in the city is also different.


Many of the 64,000 killed by Mexican drugs are found with a syringe still in their arms.

The drug traffickers become “evil businessmen”, who invest 3 thousand dollars and earn millions of dollars. “They are smart,” says Jimmy Arroyo, a special agent of the DEA that leads the team that in recent months has made several important arrests related to Mexican traffickers. “They know that if they shoot people, they will attract attention.”

The criminal organization responsible for bringing fentanyl to the United States is the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel .According to the DEA, 80% of the fentanyl seized in the New York area is related to the Sinaloan drug lords.

National Assessment on the Threat of Drugs, claims the Sinaloa Cartel has one with the largest presence in the United States even its former leader, Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo ” is incarcerated in a Manhattan prison. So perhaps the defense of the criminal boss can be financed with the billions of profits made with the sales of fentanyl made only a few meters from his cell. President Donald Trump declared that opiate addiction was a public health emergency. For his part, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has defined fentanyl as “the number one killer drug in the United States. Thanks The Washington Post Borderland Beat Reporter El Profe

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Lights

Fountain Hills — While on vacation in the Phoenix area in March 8, 2014 at 4:40pm  my girlfriend was taking random pictures of homes. I had watched a documentary on the Phoenix Lights and noticed six white spots in a slight V pattern in the sky in her photo. Comparing the photo she took to the Phoenix Lights we noticed similarities. We have no idea what is in the picture, but it is quite obviously something. I have examined this photo many times an am no further ahead in explaining it.

I should have sent this to you sooner, but I wasn’t aware of your organization and only found out from a friend while telling this story. The photo was taken on a Samsung G3 cell phone with no filter. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Arkansas Lights

Mena — The following describes an initial Light Event witnessed on February 18, 2017, reported to MUFON by phone, and was investigated by MUFON’s Special Assignment Team (SAT). Due to the fact that this location, Board Camp Crystal Mine, near Mena, Arkansas, has been the site of ongoing phenomenon and investigation since the February 18, 2017, this event was not publicly reported online until now. The reporting parties are the property owners and/or witnesses of numerous events are reporting for the benefit of public education and scientific research. On the night of February 18, 2017, at the property known as Board Camp Crystal Mine, , the 3 eye-witnesses were standing on a hill gazing out over the crystal mine property. About 10 pm, about 900 feet away the witnesses saw a glow of white light appear at the treetops of the horizon silhouetting the treetops from behind. Three large white vertical beams of light appeared out of the glow, seeming to be 30 feet wide and seeming to shoot up to about 300 feet high above the ground. The beams were described as being flat across the top, and appeared for 10 seconds, then disappeared. There were no lights at ground level and no sound of a vehicle or animals. Three large floodlights could have made the lighting but no equipment was noticed. The next morning, the 3 witnesses visited the crystal mine but, there was no evidence of a human visitation, but all metal objects such as fence posts and tools were noticed to be affected, characterized by movement of the objects from their previous positions.

MUFON was contacted and the witnesses were phoned by Arkansas state investigator Race Hobbs. Because of the credibility of the witnesses and the strong physical evidence left behind after the Light Event occurred, MUFON sent the SAT to investigate, led by Chase Kloetzke. Race Hobbs accompanied the SAT. During the SAT’s examination of the metal objects with various devices recording readings for radiation and electromagnetism (EM), it was confirmed that the metal objects at the Event Site were not only magnetized but also polarized, and EM and radiation levels were increased. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Object

San Jose — Saw a flying disc in sky on February 16, 2018.

They changed direction, changed colors, got video and stills.

First thought in orbit, they followed Orion’s Belt 25-40 degrees left, 40-50 degrees up from street.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

RanchoSanta Margarita — We had just finished playing tennis at 11am on February 18, 2018, when one of the players looked up and said “What is that?”

We observed the object for about 5-10 minutes. At first I thought it was silver balloons, but they weren’t gaining altitude or being moved by the wind. And then, based on height and distance from us, it seemed too big to be balloons.

It reminded us of this, but we couldn’t see the movement caught in this video because of distance.

The photo was taken from their video, but very much reminds us what we saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

LeHigh Acres — I was outside taking a picture to send to my brother during the Christmas holidays on December 2, 2017.

That’s when I noticed the object after the picture was taken. I then looked in the sky and nothing was there.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Davenport — My girlfriend and I were returning home from a friend’s a few blocks away on January 1, 2018

It was now New Year’s morning and we noticed the object right away. It was in the sky even after we returned home and looked out the back door to the yard it was still there. It was the largest craft I’d ever seen. And I’ve seen a few. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts Object

Maisen — I was taking pictures of the heavy spraying of chemtrails and I noticed what I thought was a spec on my phone’s screen on February 20, 2018

Upon further review it’s obviously some type of a craft. It was never visible to my naked eye, I looked right up after I noticed it on the camera and there was nothing in that part of the sky.

I never saw it except on my picture. If you look at it closely there is some type of an aura around it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Chemtrails

Toms River — I was sitting on the couch watching TV on February 7, 2018 at 16:30  and noticed a lot of planes putting out abnormal chemtrails criss crossing in about 6 to 9 lines. Two even made a cross in the sky. I started to take some photos, and then sat back down. I kept looking to the sky’s outside of my friends window when to my amassment I saw a strange black object fly in a straight line amidst the chemtrails fading in the sky. Two days later sitting in my car February 9, 2018, waiting for my girlfriend while watching planes put down more chemtrails, I saw two bright none flashing orbs That is three different sightings within three days, Thank you David Thompson.

North Carolina Light

Carolina Beach –On February 6th, 2018, at 10 pm, I was at the beach with my dog, looking at the stars. I was surprised to see a pulsating, then spinning object, randomly changing white, blue and green, hovering east over the ocean, for 5 minutes. I took a couple of videos with my phone that pulsated for about 2 minutes and changed to a cube spinning on its corner. At one point, a smaller light appears at the upper right of the object, but it only lasts for about a second. It then slowly moved north/northeast for about a minute. I lost sight of it when it started getting smaller, giving me the impression that it was moving further out to sea. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Orbs

Gatlinburg — My son sent me this picture as he took it upon entering the Smokey Mountains without seeing the objects in the picture on February 18, 2018.

I asked him if that was a ufo and he said, “no he was sending a pic of the mountains.” I will attach the original pic and the zoom pic.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Diamond

Hurricane Ridge Lodge — This photo is from the webcam at the Hurricane Ridge Lodge.

The elevation at a little over 5,200 feet. I captured the photo, and saved it.

Then I put it in Photoshop to enlarge it and cropped it to just the object. See both photos taken on February 12, 2018

Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Object

Miranda NSW — Taking my grandson down my drive to meet his mother, I looked up to see this object in the sky on July 29, 2014. It didn’t look like a plane, so I asked my grandson, “What do you think that is?” (It’s on the video). He wasn’t sure. I knew it was something significant. Firstly it was pink, travelling straight across my vision boomerang shape. Not one person has an explanation. I took video and photos with my iPhone 5 at the time, and when I zoomed in was really amazed at what I saw. So I keep looking up! I have my own theories as to how this all unfurls. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Tear Drops

Calgary — I was traveling back to Calgary from visiting my sister in Winnipeg on a Westjet flight at 40,000 feet. I glanced for a second outside and seen two white kind of tear drop things flying off in the distance. I had my iPhone in my hand and quickly took one pic before the two objects were gone. They were white in color with no exhaust trails which made them look real bizarre. I knew it had to be two UFOs. Sighting lasted maybe 7 seconds. It was incredible!

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Costa Rica Disc

Quepos –1. I was a passenger in the front seat of a friend’s car on the Pan American Highway on my way to go fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica, at approx. 4:25pm on January 31, 2018.
2. I decided to take a vacation photo of the palm trees though the windshield as we were driving.
3. I observed an object moving erratically on the screen of my tablet camera, when I looked up, the object was not visible. Yet as soon as I again looked at the tablet, the object was observable and moving erratically and at high speed. 4. The object was invisible to the naked eye and could only be seen with the aid of the camera lens on the tablet screen. I never even really saw it until later in the evening, when I got a chance to look at the pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Dominican Republic Orb

Punta Cana — I was at a resort in just starting my vacation lying in the sun by a swimming pool and looked up at a perfectly clear sky on February 12, 2018.

I noticed an object that was moving across the sky, I thought it was an airplane because of how high up it was.

The object stopped and hovered for at least an hour before I lost interest in the object so I took some video and pictures.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

France Disc

Houssen — I looked out the window and saw a low-flying object, while I reached the camera, the UFO flew about 500 meters at an altitude of about 30 meters and began to drop to a height of 10 meters. On February 10, 2018

I will not describe what a UFO was in detail, in the face, it could disappear and become invisible, such as a portal or masking. Five minutes later I cycled to the field for the last time I saw the UFO.
But after a while, then began to occur paranormal things always, then I found a dozen different types of UFOs.   Thanks to MUFON CMS

Korea Lights

Hwa Jeong Duk Yang Ku — Last May, one night I looked up to the sky to see the stars in front of my house. Then, suddenly I happened to see the blinking slowly flying object in the sky around at 9 p.m. At first, I thought it was a helicopter it didn’t make any noise. After that incidence, in fact, I could often see it 2 or 3 times a week on average.
Once I climbed up the mountain and succeeded to see it very closely. Its shape is a black right triangle with three blinking lights on its three corners with a faint red light in the center. It’s bigger than a helicopter but not bigger than a plane. It shows up every night regardless of the weather searching. It has a traveling routine orbiting the town and flies over the mountains and military facilities. – It follows me wherever I go See Korean UFO hunter on YOU TUBE. The real Area 51 is in Korea! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Light

Cancun — When zooming in on the photo I took, I could see what looks like an outer shape to the object,

Photo taken on February 19, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 New Zealand 1909

Otago Daily Times told its readers on Monday 26 July 1909 that:


 The mysterious “airship” has been seen again, this time in broad daylight. On Saturday Mr. Gibson, of Kelso [S45°54’, E169°13’], telephoned us stating that at noon on Friday [23 July 1909], the school children be held in the air a strange machine, which they described as shaped like a boat, with what seemed like the figure of a man seated in it. The “airship” approached from the direction of the Blue Mountains [S45°55’, E169°22’], circled high over the school, and then disappeared in the direction whence it came. The phenomenon was also observed by Mrs. James Russell, of Kelso. Possible depiction of craft.

Our Kelso correspondent telegraphed as follows; – “There is not the slightest doubt that the airship was seen at Kelso yesterday at noon. I have eye witnesses to prove this. It is cigar or “boat” shaped and pointed at each end. Those who saw it had no idea of the probable height of it above them. It did not appear to be very long in build, but was very broad. The children who saw it say that it had a pontoon-shaped part above the boat and a short pole or mast, in the centre. It flew over and past the school ground, turned round, and went back the way it came. It was flying along very easily, and had no trouble in turning. It came from the direction of the Blue Mountains and over The Wooded Hill above Kelso, and seemed to make back direct to the mountains again. It was seen by at least five persons, and their statements are all in accord.”

This daylight account, which mentions an aviator, was circulated throughout New Zealand by the UPA wire service. It created great public interest and launched the “Kelso Airships” as a media phenomenon.

UK/England Disc

Cornwall — I was on holiday we stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful countryside and I noticed a lot of strange objects in the pics on July 1, 2018 24, 2017. I know there was no sound and no sighting by eye but they are there in the pics the other one I was taking pics as we were driving past an RAF airbase and there seems to be ufos in those also one being chased by a plane or something also we never saw with our eyes but they are in the pics, you have to zoom in but they are there. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Gainsborough — I had just bought a new camera and was trying it out by swizzling around and napping pictures to see if the was any blurring on August 3, 1998.. I took about 10 pictures doing the same thing I only looked at the first couple and they seemed good quality. so I downloaded them into a file on my computer and never thought any more about it.
then I acquired a program called Picasa which found lots of photos on my computer looking through them I spotted this one I thought it might have been a bird in flight and passed it by. I have never bothered to much about it and it might be nothing at all, I will let you judge. Best Regards Derek

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

ngland in the United Kingdom.

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