Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #29 – 2014 — Unimpeachable UFO Sightings


 July 16, 2014

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Lord Hill-Norton Unimpeachable UFO Sightings, UFO Photographed Near International Space Station, Lake Erie Encounters, Magnetic Anomaly Predicting Western Earthquakes and Holland Amazing New Crop Circle.

 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Sightings of UFOs were also seen in: Australia, Canada, Greece, Holland, India, New Zealand, Spain, and England and Wales in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

Special Reports

Lord Hill-Norton Unimpeachable UFO Sightings


 Lord Hill-Norton, Chairman, Military Committee  of NATO, 1974-77 states, “The evidence that there are objects which have been seen in our atmosphere, and even on terra firma, that cannot be accounted for either as man-made objects or as any physical  force or effect known to our scientists, seems to me to be  overwhelming… A very large number of sightings have been vouched for by persons whose credentials seem to me unimpeachable. It is striking that so many have been trained observers, such as police officers and airline or military pilots. Their observations have in many instances been supported either by technical means such as radar or, even more convincingly, by interference with electrical apparatus of one sort or another.”   Lord Hill-Norton, Chief of Defense Staff, Ministry of  Defense, Great Britain, 1973;; quoted from foreword of “Above Top  Secret” by Timothy Good, 1988.   _

UFO Photographed Near International Space Station

ISS cylinder9July14

This golden UFO is often seen near the space station. Usually it is a golden ball, but this time it’s a long cigar shaped craft caught on a live Internet cam on July 9, 2014

The UFO stays in formation with the ISS, which tells us it has matched speeds with the space station so that it can conduct its mission. The space station solar panels move to adjust to the sun and move to cover up the UFO. Very interesting catch by Streetcap1 of YouTube. Thanks to

India -10,000-year-old rock paintings depict aliens and UFOs

IndiaDisc10000yrsoldcaves at Charama

Charama — Chhattisgarh State Department of Archaeology and culture plans to seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola.

“The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings. Chhattisgarh presently doesn’t have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject,”

IndiaDisc10000yrsoldcaves at Charama.face

One of the ancient rock paintings carved on caves at Charama in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district. (TOI photo by Amit Bhardwaj)
There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people” — the small sized ones — who used to land from sky in a round-shaped flying objects and take away one or two persons of the village who never returned.

“The paintings are done in natural colors that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Specially, the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing spacesuits. We can’t refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men…,” the archaeologist said.

Animal Abductions in Wales Mystifies Police


Twenty-seven UFOs were spotted in mid Wales in the last four years. When it comes to latest flying saucer “sightings” reported to Welsh police. An alert about alien sheep abduction by UFOs was among the calls received. Newly released data shows that a caller to Dyfed-Powys Police claimed they had seen sheep being taken in 2011 from a field in Llanybydder. In the same year, a caller from Aberystwyth reported they were previously abducted by aliens, experimented on, and then returned to earth. In Aberdyfi Estuary, a UFO stopped a car’s engine, but flew away. Elsewhere in the police’s UFO files, in Llandysul someone reported seeing a triangular-shaped object about 40 feet in the air with orange lights and in Welshpool a caller reported seeing a UFO “dropping in the distance.”

In 2012, a caller from Carmarthen claimed they saw “a metallic and circular object in the sky.” There were two reports of UFOs last year. A Carmarthen caller reported seeing three objects “the size of a small house” 250 feet in the sky. UFOs were moving erratically in 2013 over Crickhowell. There have been 27 UFO sightings reported in the Welsh triangle hotspot since 2002. NOTE: Sheep rancher W. C. Hall took the above image over Australia in 1954.

 New York Cross 1861

Bob Spearing writes, “Several years ago while sitting in a Mormon Genealogy Library in West Caldwell, N.J. doing research on my family tree, I was perusing a microfilm containing the baptism registers of St. Peter’s Church in Jersey City from the year 1858. That microfilm identified by the Mormon Catalog as FLS Film 1403371 contained an anomaly that can only be described as a UFO sighting. The page began with baptism entries but near the bottom, there was a handwritten note presumably from the parish priest. The note read exactly as follows:


 “R. Thos. Kinder baptized on the 26th (Feb 1858) now resides 44 Baxter St, New York.  Mrs. T. Healey informs me that Elizabeth wife of R.T. Kinder, at said house, looking out of a garret window at 12 o’clock at night 29th March 1861 in the direction of The Church of The Transfiguration and in the sky saw a luminous cross distinctly, It was well formed with a glowing light above it around the head of it in the black sky with not a star to be seen.  She awoke her husband Richard and who came to the window and saw it and offered the same of the appearance of the cross in the sky,”

Additionally, besides the text, at the top of the next page of the register there was a drawing of the described object.

In the 1850s Baxter Street was in the notorious Five Points neighborhood – the most densely packed sea of humanity in Manhattan at the time and the poorest of ghettos.  A “garret window” was the upper window of a two story frame house.  Today, 44 Baxter Street remains facing east but the crowded tenements it faced are long gone replaced by Columbus Park. The Church of The Transfiguration is still there but no longer the highest structure in the neighborhood.


The Kinders were from England and naturalized in 1863. The 1860, U.S. Census shows that the Healeys lived downstairs from the Kinders and that Richard, the father, was 28 when he saw the cross. What did they see?

An analysis of the object suggests it made no sound and its fuselage was similar to an airplane.  Light emanated from the area of a cockpit. It was travelling east towards Brooklyn. That night, in the neighborhood according to the N.Y. Times and N.Y. Herald, there were three suspicious fires (one at a laboratory, one at a bookbindery and one at an ammunition factory).

What is apparent though is that in an age without flying machines, television or internet or reality shows with 15 minutes of fame for anyone and in an age of strong religious convictions, the Kinders account of a cross in the sky must be taken as a sincere description of an anomalous event over New York City. Thanks to Bob Spearing NJ FI

Lake Erie Encounters

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times

From the 1980s through to today, sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have been reported near Lake Erie, on both the Canadian and the American sides.


Lake Erie (Google Maps)

A 1988 U.S. Coast Guard report states: “These objects had red, green, white, and yellow lights on them that strobed intermittently. They also had the ability to stop and hover in mid-flight.” It describes a large object with smaller objects flying out from it. “The smaller objects began hovering in the area where the large object landed and after a few minutes they began flying around again,” the report states. “The objects caused a rumbling on the ice as they landed.”

This sighting was never explained, according to a 2008 History Channel special and investigators found these sightings particularly intriguing, because the 60-mile span of the lake makes it unlikely that people were just spotting lights on the other side. In addition, a nuclear plant nearby makes the area a no-fly zone.  Michael Lee Hill has been watching the sky above Lake Erie for years. See the footage of his sightings from 2006 and 2007 below.: alienCanadaClevelandextraterrestrialHistory Channellake erieOhiophotographyspaceUFOUS Coast Guard WebstreamExtraterrestrial Life

Weather Wars

Frankly, the weather seems unusually severe as tornadoes and thunderstorms, flash floods and hail strike much of the United States and Tropical Storm Neoguri, previously the strongest typhoon so far in 2014 Pacific season, is now scraping mainland Japan after raking Okinawa with torrential rain and hurricane-force winds.


At the same time, the US West is under draught conditions, with hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Ocean. LA County is the hottest on record while Chicago has temperatures 20 degrees below normal and torrential rains are flooding the East. I suggest the US and her allies are under weather attack. Meteorologists admit a wacky weather pattern that is interfering with the jet stream over the Midwest. The Midwestern jet stream is a strip of air that forms when cool air masses from the north meet warm air masses from the south. An unusual amount of cold

The Jet Stream map shows today’s high wind speed levels and jet stream directions. Jet streams are fast flowing, relatively narrow air currents found in the atmosphere around 10 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. They form at the boundaries of adjacent air masses with significant differences in temperature, such as the polar region and the warmer air to the south. The jet stream is mainly found in the tropopause, at the transition between the troposphere (where temperature decreases with height) and the stratosphere (where temperature increases with height). Its believed HAARP like devices can change the flow of a jet stream.

Six companies that choose to limit your knowledge of world events and often provide information favorable to them and often harmful to you control the news in the US. A series of unfavorable situations that should be revealed are occurring. There is strong evidence our weather is being manipulated or GeoEngineered. Weather modification is resulting in the extreme weather conditions that are designed to physically harm the US, Canada and Western European Nations.


Meteorologists use the location of some of the jet streams as an aid in weather forecasting.Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents on Earth that are westerly winds (flowing west to east). Jet streams are caused by a combination of a planet’s rotation on its axis and atmospheric heating by solar radiation. They form near boundaries of adjacent air masses with significant differences in temperature.


The HAARP ionosphere heater installations around the globe appear to be routinely manipulating the jet stream.  Dr. Nick Begich writes, “HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an “ionospheric heater.” The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth’s upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.


Jet streams on Wednesday July 16, travel west to east around the world.

Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP units sends out signals for a super-powerful radiowave-beam technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. The Russians have several, China and the US have HAARPS or advanced weather manipulation technology.

“Weather modification is possible by altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.” From Angels Don’t Play this HAARP:

The US has a HAARP site in Alaska but it is doubtful it would be motivated to harm the US. The jet stream is involved in hundreds of severe tornados and flooding in the US this year.

Russia has more HAARP ionosphere heater installations than any other country and could be manipulating the jet stream that flows around the world. Pushing the jet stream near Moscow, Central Russia and the Kamchatka Peninsula could cause the jet stream to undulate north to Alaska and pick up the cold air and bring it south into the US. The Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility, located near the small town of Vasilsursk in Central Russia, is a laboratory for ionosphere research. Sura is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (ERP) on short waves.


According to Pravda both the USA and Russia have developed secret meteorological weapons. American meteorologist Scott Stevens claims Russian military specialists were behind the fury of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans and Sandy that flooded the East Coast. According to him, Russia has built secret equipment for causing a detrimental impact on the weather way back in the Soviet era. Russian politicians say the experiments have been conducted and still conducted on either side of the ocean.

Russian Liberal Democratic Party Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky threatened to unleash floods all over the United States when “our scientists slightly change the earth’s gravitational field.”

In 2002, Committee for Defense of the Russian Duma raised the issue about a detrimental impact on climate caused by HAARP experiments involving disturbance of the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere.

There are six known ULF/ELF transmitters, two in both Russia and the United States, and one each in Britain and France. Scientific journals claim that HAARP is capable of causing artificial aurora borealis, it can also jam radar stations of early ballistic missile detection systems, communicate with submarines in the ocean. Radio-frequency emission is capable of detecting secret underground complexes, and can burn out electronics and destroy space satellites. The equipment can also impact the atmosphere and thus cause changes in weather. HAARP is allegedly used for causing natural disasters.

Three years ago the Duma deputies held a heated discussion of issues related to HAARP. They even drew up an appeal to President Putinand the UN. They demanded to set up an international commission for the investigation of the experiments conducted in Alaska.

“It is not for nothing that the term ‘space weather’ has become quite popular lately. At the beginning, Soviet Defense Department mostly footed the bill. The American HAARP ionospheric heater is similar to the Sura facility.

Global Dimming


In 1985, a geography researcher called Atsumu Ohmura at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology got the shock of his life. As part of his studies into climate and atmospheric radiation, Ohmura was checking levels of sunlight recorded around Europe when he made an astonishing discovery. It was too dark. Compared to similar measurements recorded by his predecessors in the 1960s, Ohmura’s results suggest solar radiation striking the Earth’s surface had declined by more than 10% in three decades. The BBC documentary linked below is an extremely important watch for any that wish to better understand the truth, and the dynamics of the all out assault on planet Earth by the climate engineers.

Sunshine, it seemed, was on the way out. The sun is the Earth’s only external source of heat and a massive 10% shift in only 30 years? Ohmura himself had a hard time accepting it. “I was shocked. The difference was so big that I just could not believe it,” he says.

China has a strong weather research organization with the ability to develop snow storms and rain. There is a mountain of data including already conducted experiments, satellite imagery, lab tests of snow, observations on the ground, and multiple existing patents, all of which point solidly to the conclusion that snow storms are being engineered with well established weather modification processes. Heavy tornados recorded in the last couple years are also affected by the jet streams.

By this Wednesday (July 16), the unusual weather could turn what is normally one of the hottest weeks of the summer into a pleasant autumn like week in parts of the western United States and Northern Plains, where highs may be about 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, such as 45 degrees in Kansas. A Polar vortex like cold front will likely deal the Northeast only a glancing blow and temperatures in this region may dip about 10 degrees below average.

“It’s the same general circulation pattern, but the effects are extremely different,” Bob Oravec, a senior forecaster at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) says the unusual summer chill will trigger some extreme and dangerous thunderstorms in the United States. Hail and tornadoes are possible in New England down to the mid-Atlantic. In the West, severe lightning, flash floods and dust storms are possible.

Magnetic Anomaly Predicting California Earthquakes



SanAndriasFaultmapRussians claim the Kosmos 2473 satellite detected a “severe mysterious magnetic anomaly” on June 3, 2014, occurring in the Yellowstone Region of the Western United States, which resulted in an Earthquake Swarm. Yellowstone is the home of a giant volcano and the surface is uplifting over the ancient volcano.

 Russian researchers, in their utilization of Magnetotellurics data, paint a disturbing picture of what is actually occurring. According to General Bondarev’s, themagnetic anomalous“readings now emanating from the San Andreas Fault are now at levels not seen in history and has reached sufficient stress for the next “big one”, or a M ≥ 7.0, to occur. This region and the world has experienced more large earthquakes this year than any time in recorded history.

Dr. Tom Parsons with the US Geological Survey (USGS) urges caution. General Bondarev’s new report, the “magnetic anomalous” readings now emanating from the San Andreas Fault are now at levels “not seen in history and has reached sufficient stress for the next “big one”, or a M ≥ 7.0, to occur.

Such an event would result in substantial damage to much of Southern California, including densely populated areas of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Baja California, and Arizona. Thanks to


Holland Circle, Again Foreseen by Robbert:

HollandCrop8Jul14Standdaarbuiten, Holland Crop of wheat on July 8, 2014 was found by Robbert v/d Broeke with photos by Roy Boschman.

Nancy Talbott BLT Research writes, On Sunday evening, July 6th, I Skyped Robbert v/d Broeke because of a feeling I had that another crop circle was coming in Holland.  Robbert said he also felt something was coming. We become tired when new circles are “getting ready” to appear.  Then, on the evening of Monday July 7 we were again on Skype when, at 12:05 am Eastern time (6:05 am July 7, Holland time) Robbert said, “He had a feeling in his stomach and heart and “saw” a “blueprint” of a new formation—a number “eight,” although it could also possibly represent an infinity symbol.”  He made a sketch of an “8” so I could see it.

Then on Tuesday, July 8th at nearly 11:00 pm Robbert’s time) while again on Skype, Robbert felt a “very massive” energy around him and that the crop circle was happening immediately. He said, “He had to call Roy right away so he could drive Robbert to find the new circle and it sounds strange…but it feels exactly like a baby is coming.”

By the time Roy, arrived Robbert felt the place they had to drive to was in-between the villages of Hoeven and Standdaarbuiten. HollandCrop8Jul14.#2fWhen they got to the right area Robbert “saw” (in his mind’s eye, a white, luminescent “aura” over one of the fields and they stopped the car and walked to this field. They went down the tramlines and then found the formation and Robbert felt a huge amount of “activity” in the air over the field–that there were many “helpers” and “light beings” present.

Just as he had foreseen, the formation is a beautiful “8” with wheat laid very flat to the ground throughout, with two 20 cm.-wide flat paths coming out of both of the “8” circles….and a very thin, 30 cm.-wide flattened ring around the whole formation.



HollandCrop8Jul14.#3fThe ground was wet and very muddy and the rain had stopped so they were able to pick their way along the tram-lines and could see, that even thought their boots were covered with mud,  there was no mud at all in the new formation.  Robbert heard the crackling “zzzzz” sound in this circle and felt the “electric feeling” was so intense the hair on his arms was standing up.  Parts of the formation, if he stood there too long, he began to feel faint and had to move. Apparently, the energies involved in this circle were extremely intense and Robbert and Roy both thought the “lay” looked unusual—very flat and more “mechanical” than most circles.

Finally Robbert said, “I clearly “heard” those of us around the worldHollandCrop8Jul14.#4f who continue to work to bring the truth about the crop circles being a genuine unexplained phenomenon to the larger public are much loved by the non-human energies, which create the real circles, and that those of us doing this are “making history.”  He got a specific “thank you” for me (Nancy). Robbert is grateful for my help. Something way beyond what we ordinary souls understand is going onand it’s past time for honest, smart people to “pony up.”

For photos of this and other Dutch crop circles, see Robbert’s Crop Circle Archive: For more info see reports on this BLT page: Thanks to Nancy Talbott, )…


Stan Friedman had a mild heart attack and we wish him a speedy recovery and will not attend this year’s MUFON conference.

Sightings in the United States

California Disc


San Francisco — My wife and I flew out of San Francisco on June 6, 2014, on US Airways Flight 633 around 3:45 pm. Shortly after takeoff, I started taking pictures from the window facing the bay, which is on the right side of the aircraft. I took pictures because there was a lot of sun glare and I could see the landscape later from the photos. I took about 15 shots consecutively and reviewing my photos, I noticed what might be a UFO. This picture is the only one that shows a UFO. I was sitting in the rear of the plane and I did not see it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light


Sunrise — About 11:15 PM, my wife calls me to come out on balcony to see a large red glowing ball headed SW just above the Sawgrass Expressway. I’m ex USAF and seen all types of  craft and never anything close to this bright red almost like an energy glow on May 25, 2014. A bright white light was through the center as the glow was so intense. My wife said “Is it on fire?” I kept trying to figure out what it could be withthe wingspan of a commercial plane so maybe 200′ diameter. I ran downstairs to our courtyard and observed until it disappeared in the distance. We discussed what happened, when same thing happened again. She yells take your phone and take pictures. I start taking images and the object appears mostly white maybe from camera flash but the outline shows red. There are courtyard lights glaring at ground level but the light still shows 1000 feet above ground. A bluish purple object is shadowing the red object. There was no noise. Here’s the kicker within 5 minutes an unmarked loud gray large helicopter races overhead following the  objects I’ve observed planes passing the area and

Illinois Lights


Joliet — I was viewing fireworks on July 4, 2014, and I saw bright light miles over fireworks. It changed to yellow, to orange, to red and stayed reddish orange while moving to the west, then back east and flew straight up and disappeared. I have many sightings in my life that continues until this day. I have it on film, showed my girlfriend, and neighbor the objects while they were traveling. Very awesome sighting, and I know about them and I know exactly what I was seeing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Triangle


 Sedalia — I was driving my mother to my home on July 1.1987, near midnight, halfway home, she spots the UFO. I stop the car to the side of the highway and we both get out to watch a black elongated wide triangle. It is nearly impossible to see but it’s moving very slow. Near the back two points of the triangle ends is a round bright white light. About 1/3rd toward the length of the middle of the UFO is a large red “light”. At first, I thought it was fire because it was either moving or pulsating. Nine other vehicles had stopped and the people were looking up at the UFO the size of eight football fields (2400 feet) put together. It was silent moving very slowly and disappeared into the dark sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Hampshire Disc


Wolfeboro — These photos were taken during the day after a big storm had passed over Lake Wentworth on June 23, 2012. The person shooting the photos is my second cousin. She told me that the objects were not visible to the eye but were visible in the camera while shooting. We noticed in the picture where the object becomes much darker and thinner and two orbs appear to the right of the object. There were no birds or insects in the area while she was taking photos of the storm. Thanks to MUFON CMS


New Jersey Craft

Cherry Hill — An orange pulsating orb or sphere that moved slowly, stops for several seconds, then reverses direction before just blinking off on July 4, 2014, at midnight. My wife and I were sitting at our kitchen counter when a bright orange light like a sphere/orb caught our eye through the nearby patio door. We both jumped up and said, “What is that?” I remarked that, “It looks like a UFO.” We are in the descent path to Philadelphia Airport and we have seen many airliners on their approach. We agreed that it was not anything like we had seen before. As we ran outside, I noted the time 9:12 PM. The bright orange light that was like a sphere or orb was the size of an aspirin and pulsated at a random clip. The brightness then began to diminish and it started to move. It was first spotted in the eastern sky 30 degrees above the horizon. It moved slowly to the SE as an airliner on a NE route passed between the object and us. They both appeared to be about 5,000 feet altitude and the orb should be visible to the passing airliner. The pulsating light then became very dim and stopped for about two seconds before reversing direction. It then brightened slightly and followed a straight-line course towards where it was first spotted. About halfway to that spot the pulsating orange light just blinked off at 9:16 PM. I have had multiple sightings in my life and I was glad my wife had her first sighting. All local fireworks were postponed on July 4th.

Dover – I was in my bedroom looking out the window when suddenly a large oval light started hovering into sight on June 18, 2014 at 1 AM. It was surrounded by haze and made no noise. The large oval craft hovered for a minute then shot off like lightning Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Disc


Abiquiu — The sky was getting very dark and stormy with lightening on July 11, 2014, so. I decided to take some photos because it was so dramatic and a couple minutes later, I looked at the photos in my camera and noticed one with a spec. Zooming in, it looked like a moving vessel. The cerro (mountain) was in focus, but the thing in the sky above it was not. That’s because it must have been moving. Although I was quite excited, I was not surprised because there have been reports of UFOs in New Mexico before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Lights


Wakeman – I was sitting on the front porch and at 9:44 PM, one ufo like object appeared from the east on June 15, 2014. It was hovering for a few minutes and my husband both asked, “What is that?” I jumped up and ran into the living room to get the camera as the first object took off north and then two more silent objects appeared from the east and hovered. They had orange colored lights going all the way around, and then they took off north and disappeared. We think they were ufo’s. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Cylinder

PA11Jil14Bethal Parl

 Bethel Park — My boss and friend, a very credible businessman, called me on July 11, 2014, around 10 pm. He called because he had seen a ball of fire.
He is very familiar with aviation and the fireball was moving at an incredible speed when it then slowed down very quickly to a point of almost hovering. This is when he noticed a “sparkler effect.” and grabbed his digital camera and snapped this photo of a cigar shaped orange UFO. He pulled his car over and shot this picture before
it began moving in a new direction. It looks cylindrical, because it was in motion. Right after taking the photo, he looked down at the camera to make sure he took a picture and when he looked back up a second later, it was gone.

Judging by the picture, its saturation level is very bizarre – and it almost looks more like an illuminated object with a hard surface of little reflectivity rather than a light object or a highly reflective surface. He described it as spherical and a light source like fire. Very odd in comparison to the photo. Could this be a morphing ufo? Thanks to MUFON CMS


Washington Light


Edgewood –. My sightings occurred July 4 and 5th about 9:50 PM. On July 4 I noticed a glowing orange ball moving south over Algona/Pacific at a slow rate. It then turned west heading directly towards me at less than 1000 feet. It got within a few hundred feet of me and then turned south flying over Puyallup and out of my sight. It looked like an orange ball, or a bright glowing orange light.

On July 5th, I saw an exact repeat of the previous night’s event. Both sightings lasted around 75 seconds.

Note: The video taken on July 5 shows very little movement of the object with respect to the trees in the background. The object on the previous night was described by the witness as flying erratically. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Upside Down Saucer

Lake Haven — When driving north on Pacific Highway just past Lake Haven roundabout a shiny silver upside down saucer hovering in sky caught my attention on June 7, /2014. I was analyzing what it was at 12:20 pm. There were no flashing lights. It was not a kite, balloon, nor an Aeroplane. We kept an eye on it for about 10 minutes until we had to move on. Thanks to John Hayes


Canada Boomerang


 Calgary — I don’t know if this is a plane or something else but after much research online on July 12, 2014, I have not found any jets with exhausts the size of these on the flying object. I was taking photos set on continuous shots at two frames a second at 3:33 pm. In one frame nothing, next frame the object and then the third frame nothing. Estimated speed at 2500 to 3600 mph. sound. Zero sound. I didn’t see it. My camera picked it up. It was shaped kind of like a B-2 bomber but the exhausts on the back are absolutely massive! The color was a dark grey color.

CanadaKananaskis Country 1Jul14

 Kananaskis Country — I was in riding my motorcycle and stopped to take a photo of my bike on July 1, 2014, and noticed when I reviewed my pictures I saw this UFO in the photo. It looks bigger than any bird. The date is an estimate.

Calgary — On July 12, 2014, the skies are busy in my area and I have seen so many objects it’s ridiculous I spent about 10 minutes on my front step taking photos. Once I looked at the photos on my computer, I noticed three of them had objects in the sky. I have already reported one. This is the second. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Greece Triangle

Lesvos Anaxos — The picture was taken on August 13, 2013 from my mobile phone Nokia X2-00 that has 5 mega pixels. It turns out very good photos for mobile but for some reason it is a little blurry. This was taken at 17.21 hours and I have another three photos before and after. That if it was some trash sand, dust, etc. and would therein. The weather was summer at the shore on the Island of Mitilini in the Aegean Sea near Turkey. Thanks to MUFON CMS

India Triangle


Tundla — K. P. Singh writes on June 20, 2014, my sister and sister in law and their four children were lying on the deck, about 1: 30 AM when we saw a triangular shaped UFO. It was silver metal shining brightly. It was visible to us repeatedly. The children and I saw it three times.  UFO triangular shape

If you want to know about aliens and UFOs meet me. I am looking at the origin of the universe, which is complete. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS


Bhubaneswar — We were in School playing our games when we observed a black peculiar shaped flying object with an aura around it. It came from the southwest, hovered for some time, on 23 November 2012.  A cuboid kept was rotating and had a rainbow Aura near it I had a small Binocular with me when I peeped through it The Flying object did not look like any of the above mentioned.
It hovered at that particular point for ten seconds then flew upward at 5000 km/hour and flew north and vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Disc

MXRio Bravo,Tamaulipas11Jul14

Rio Bravo,Tamaulipas – An object similar to a dark disc appears on rural area where a fair is located. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand Lights

Christchurch — On July 4, 2014, the witness saw an orange/red light larger than aircraft lights. It was coming in an easterly direction from central city, and turned north. It was fast moving, making a sharp heading change with no reduction in speed at21:00 hours. It continued changing direction, heading toward south, then east, then north, then south, then remained stationary hovering for ,5 seconds before descending out of view behind buildings. Thanks to John Hayes

Spain Lights


 Valdemorillo — My father was smoking in our balcony on July 6, 2014, where we have a view of the open sky. He called me to see the flashing multi-colored lights; they were much brighter than those emitted by airplanes. We couldn’t see the shape due to the bright lights. It had started spinning around and flew in circles before hovering in mid-air for two seconds. Then it sped off at lightning speed and disappeared.

We were both shocked and wondering what did we just see. It all happened so quick I do not take a picture.

Barcelona – I like to record the planes taking off from the Areopuerto Prat and on June 11, 2014, I caught a plane passing in front of the moon. The airplane flew at high altitude from left to right but an object moving ten times faster than the jet passes over the moon from right to left on the video.

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United Kingdom/England Fireballs


At the beginning of July 2014, I was on trip to London with my mother and brother. When we got home I checked our videos taken during our trip and noticed some strange silver orbs. On July 3, 2014, about 10:30 am, a silver orb was seen over the Swiss Re building.

On 7th of July 2014, about 11:00 am, silver orbs were seen next to our plane shortly after departure from Heathrow Airport. During the flight a crewmember informed us that we were 10 000 meters above ground and we were moving 787 km/hour. The orbs on the video were much faster than our plane and imaged with a Nokia Asha 303 phone. Thanks to MUFON CMS


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