Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #8 – 2017 India May Reveal ET

February 18, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Former Prime Minister, Japan and UFOs, Understanding Alien UFO Missions, Support the making of a UFO Film, India May Reveal ET, MUFON Investigated 7000 Cases in 2016, 45P Comet Passes Earth, Letter from J Murphy at, Age of Flying Saucers, Helicopters Chasing Drones, and Cost of Undocumented Immigrants Rising.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Washington

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Poland,  and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

Special Projects

Former Prime Minister, Japan and UFOs

 Toshiki Kaifu says, “First of all, I told a magazine this past January that, as an underdeveloped country with regards to the UFO problem, Japan had to take into account what should be done about the UFO question, and that we had to spend more time on these matters”.

In addition, I said that someone had to solve the UFO problem with far reaching vision at the same time. Secondly, I believe it is a reasonable time to take the UFO problem seriously as a reality.

I hope that this Symposium will contribute to peace on Earth from the point of view of outer space, and take the first step toward the international cooperation in the field of UFOs.  

Toshiki Kaifu, Prime Minister, Japan, in a letter to Mayor Shiotani of Hakui City, dated June 24, 1990, endorsing an upcoming Space & UFO Symposium.

Understanding Alien UFO Missions

Scientific analysis will undoubtedly provide part of the truth about UFOs; however, I no longer believe it will lead to the whole truth. I owe this realization to a man I shall call “Major Amos Chalif,” He taught me a lesson I am not likely to forget.

Major Chalif, who retired from a U.S. Intelligence service quite a few years ago, had seen action in World War II in Italy, and also described vividly his investigations in the Caribbean, where he organized efforts to intercept submarines and German spies on their way to the United States. None of the people in attendance knew anything about science. Then he posed a question that, obvious as it seems, had not really occurred to me: “What makes you think that UFOs are a scientific problem?”


I replied with something to the effect that a problem was only scientific in the way it was approached, but he would have none of that, and he began lecturing me. First, he said, science had certain rules. For example, it has to assume that the phenomenon it is observing is natural in origin rather than artificial and possibly biased. Now, the UFO phenomenon could be controlled by alien beings. “If it is,” added the Major, “then the study of it doesn’t belong in science. It belongs in Intelligence.” meaning counterespionage. And that, he pointed out, was his domain.”

Now, in the field of counterespionage, the rules are completely different.” He drew a simple diagram in my notebook. “You are a scientist. In science there is no concept of the ‘price’ of information. Suppose I gave you 95 per cent of the data concerning a phenomenon. You’re happy because you know 95 per cent of the phenomenon. Not so in Intelligence. If I get 95 per cent of the data, I know this is the ‘cheap’ part of the information. I still need the other 5 per cent, but I will have to pay a much higher price to get it. You see, Hitler had 95 per cent of the information about the landing in Normandy. But he had the WRONG 95 PER CENT!”

Are you saying that the UFO data we use to compile statistics and to find patterns with computers are useless?”

George Hansen in his excellent book explores that the aliens are deliberately tricking us.

I asked. “Might we be spinning our magnetic tapes endlessly discovering spurious laws?”

It all depends on how the team on the OTHER SIDE thinks. If they know what they’re doing, there will be so many cutouts between you and them that you won’t have the slightest chance of tracing your way to the truth. Not by following up sightings and throwing them into a computer. They will keep feeding you the information they want you to process. What is the only source of data about the UFO phenomenon? It is the UFOs themselves!”

“If you’re right, what can I do? It seems that research on the phenomenon is hopeless, then. I might as well dump my computer into a river.”   “Not necessarily, but you should try a different approach. First you should work entirely outside of the organized UFO groups; they are infiltrated by the same official agencies they are trying to influence, and they propagate any rumor anyone wants to have circulated. In Intelligence circles, people like that are historical necessities. We call them ‘useful idiots.’ When you’ve worked long enough for Uncle Sam, you know he is involved in a lot of strange things. The data these groups get are biased at the source, but they play a useful role.

   “Second, you should look for the irrational, the bizarre, and the elements that do not fit: that’s what I have come to observe at this meeting tonight. Have you ever felt that you were getting close to something that didn’t seem to fit any rational pattern, yet gave you a strong impression that it was significant?” There appears to be a pattern of deliberate confusion and bizarre behavior to hide their real purposes and mission.

India May Reveal ET

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal UFO debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extraterrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic. It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time.


Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases.

In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them. Military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted. India has been told the rules of the Universe. The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. India is so open and democratic; it is very difficult to keep a secret for long. The biggest concern of the Government today is that unlike in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it secret for long. If the information comes out through unofficial channels first and then the authorities are pressed against the wall to confess, two bad things can happen.

First, it can really cause a panic in the country as well as the world. Second, the way the Indian politics is run, the ruling party will be thrown out of power in no time if it is ever found that the Government withheld such information from the public. The recent rush of world leaders to India is remarkable, starting from Russian President Putin to major US Senators. European Union is in deep discussion with India on cooperation. All sanctions against India’s nuclear programs and Indian Space Research Organization are in the process of being lifted. India is cooperating with Europeans and the Americans in space explorations and technology research program. India is also part of World Trade Organization. India is receiving major outsourcing contracts in IT and call-center service work from America and Europe.

All the five Security Council members China, America, Russia, France and UK support India’s inclusion. When all these factors are added together and analyzed, it seems like India is being told by the world to abide by the hidden protocols and in exchange be recognized as a major emerging superpower. The debate the country is facing internally is whether to abide by the laws of the world to be recognized as a superpower or be truthful to its citizens.

According to sources close to the Government, the UFO contacts are known by quite a few politicians in the opposition and of course by those who are in power. The military has legitimate concern of not letting the secrets out either.


Mr. Natwar Singh came out and said that for India it was not necessary to become a nuclear power. He is a strong supporter of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, India’s former Prime Minister who initiated the nuclear program in the mid sixties and exploded a nuclear device. But on analyzing his statements, it is evident, that based on what he knows now, being a nuclear power really does not matter much because the technologies controlled by the extraterrestrials are so advanced that all our technologies mean little.

But importantly he may be irritated with this controversial ongoing secret debate and what he really meant was that if India was not a nuclear power, the debate on UFO and extra-terrestrials will never be there in India.

Helicopters Chasing Drones

By Bob Spearing, MUFON Special Assignment Team

 On March 9, 2016, USA Today ran an article suggesting that the United States Military was in compliance with a law that required them to seek special approval to operate drones within civilian airspace and only in the most necessary of circumstances. In all, the military made less than 20 requests between 2006 and 2015. Additionally, USA Today stated that the U.S. Military flew nine missions between 2011 and 2016, largely to assist with search and rescue, floods, fires or National Guard exercises.

This article suggests that either the U.S. Military is abusing that privilege or they are circumventing it by using non-military assets such as NSA or CIA and have flown far more missions than they are admitting. Additionally, these unknown drones are either being pursued or escorted by black choppers with no anti-collision lighting. It is alarming UFO researchers in the process. The incidents here below clearly exceed the number of cases suggested by the USA Today article and none of these incidents are probably any of the government mentioned flights in the newspaper article. All of the following cases were reported to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in a thirteen-month period.

Our first case is from 11/3/15, MUFON Case # 73377, Rancho Cucamonga California 11/3/2015 7:58 PM:

“During the night of 11/3/15 around 7 pm I was in my friend’s garage watching T.V. It had just finished raining and the clouds had mostly dispersed. We heard a helicopter outside that sounded like it was flying around the Cucamonga Peak area. I remarked that it was probably the news hovering over the 210 Freeway. The news than came on and the helicopter pilot mentioned he was more south over the 15 and 60 freeways. Around that time (we could still hear the helicopter but we just figured it was police) his dog kept acting odd. I left his house and decided to take a walk down the pacific electric trail. The pacific electric trail is a hiking/running/biking trail that runs through Rancho Cucamonga. I headed east. I could still hear the helicopter and when I could fully see Cucamonga peak and the surrounding foothills I looked in the direction of the helicopter sound. I figured it had to be searching for something since it was already going on being around the area over an hour.


I saw a blinking red light which was attached to the chopper but the chopper had no other lights including search illuminated. It was going back and forth in multiple directions. I then realized that it had to be chasing something. I figured an off roader running from police. I didn’t see anything on the surface but noticed a light in front of the helicopter that seemed to be going in between the trees on the foothill east of the peak. I was dumbfounded. At first I thought motorcycle but the light was moving too fast. Then it seemed to clear the trees and I could see a dense ball of light heading east across the front of the foothill. I could see the red beacon light of the chopper and saw and heard it following the object. The object went from east to west then over the hill all while the chopper followed. It skimmed the top of the hill and went west and shot straight up the face of the peak and kept rising. That’s when I saw the movement of another dense ball of light. The chopper then went straight up after the ball of light. The ball of light then came back around and leveled out and both it and the helicopter went east towards San Bernardino where I lost visual. I didn’t see where the other one went since I was following the chopper chase. That incident lasted from 7:58pm to 8:25pm on 11/3/15.”Thanks to Bob Spearing, MUFON Special Assignment Team and International Case Assistance Group, MUFON National Director of Spain and India, publisher of

Support the Making of UFO Film

Award Winning Filmmaker and Emmy Nominee

CRAIG CAMPOBASSO is now fielding investors for his feature-length film STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON.

Budget $25 Million. Investors recoup their money first, and then share in 50/50 profits.

You can E-Mail Craig through his website for more info:


Craig Campobasso directed, wrote and produced the short-film Stranger at the Pentagon, which was adapted from the popular UFO book authored by the late Dr. Frank E. Stranges. After production, the short film collected accolades. In September 2014, it won Best Sci-Fi film at the Burbank International Film Festival. In 2015, it won a Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for Best Sci-Fi Short. In July 2016, filmmaker Craig Campobasso appeared on The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. He shared the Stranger at the Pentagon story, about Universal Envoy Valiant Thor, and about his friend and colleague Dr. Frank Stranges..Also appearing on the same episode, the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Canadian Minister of Defense (1983-1987), confirmed Valiant Thor’s three year residency at the Pentagon.

MUFON Investigated 7000 Cases in 2016

 NEWPORT BEACH, CA –– The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announced that the organization has investigated more than 7,000 UFO cases within 2016. In addition to the number of UFO investigations in 2016, the organization also has engaged more than 1,000 cases of non‐human entity encounters reported by individuals to MUFON and handled through its Experiencer Research Team. “For more than four decades, MUFON has been at the forefront of research and investigation into the UFO and ET phenomenon reported to the organization daily by the general public,” stated MUFON Executive Director Jan C. Harzan. “Our Field Investigators and Experiencer Research Team not only do an excellent job helping our witnesses and experiences deal with what they have seen, but they do so with an eye for research on this important subject.”


Jan Harzen

 Since 1969, MUFON has been actively soliciting UFO reports from the public. And systematically collecting and analyzing relevant data from every case through field investigations. The number of reported UFO cases continues to increase significantly year after year. Part of MUFON’s mission is to help pull all the pieces together, fact by fact, and make sense of this mystery. “If we are to continue to promote research on UFOs and educate the public on its potential impact on society, we need the proper tools,” said Harzan. “MUFON has several new underwriting opportunities so that all of the people out there who are as passionate as we are about UFO research can provide support and play a role in furthering our mission.” MUFON’s new projects and underwriting opportunities include: • A mobile friendly UFO reporting system. • An improved website that is easier to navigate and that features a members-only section with exclusive information and perks. • A more robust UFO archive system m for storing and retrieving UFO sighting information. • An updated UFO research library. • A new Experiencer questionnaire to help determine the needs of those who encounter other-worldly entities. The mission of MUFON is to investigate the hundreds of reports the organization receives monthly from around the world, as well as to research, investigate and report the findings using the scientific method. Thanks to MUFON

45P Comet Passes Earth

 A large snowball has just passed the Earth on February 10-11, 2017, the Full Snow Moon passed through Earth’s shadow in a penumbrual lunar eclipse while the Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusáková made its closest approach. Known as Comet 45P/Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková”, or 45P for short, the comet came 10 times closer to Earth yesterday than the Earth ever gets to the Sun. During this passage, the comet was photographed sporting a thin ion tail and a faint but expansive green coma. The green color is caused mostly by energized molecules of carbon. Comet 45P became just bright enough to see with the unaided eye when it came closest  bas it heads back out to near the orbit of Jupiter, where it spends most of its time. The kilometer-sized nucleus of ice and dirt will return to the inner Solar System in 2022.  Image Credit: Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

Letter from J Murphy at Beyond Boundaries

  • I don’t know whether I ever mentioned my husband to her or not but he is also retired Air Force Reservist, E9, Sr Chief MSGT. So our alien friend is in the midst of such government attachments – I will talk to her about all that stuff when she calls back – I think that she is living some sort of dual existence – am not sure which aliens – good or bad, she is with – as she believes some of the reptilians are okay – and I know for sure the ones supposedly controlling NWO are bad.

I have learned from many sources of the star wars situation going on in several dimensions – when they come into our 3D world then they sometimes get into trouble with our laws of physics and gravity. They have to deal with those realities – And, I do believe in the good vs. evil of the war.  One guy I know who has been with me awhile – both he and his wife are aliens His wife is some high ranking something of some alien race and he is a general in some federation – certainly not Galactic – that is here to destroy the evil of this planet. I thought he was total BS at first – but then a year or so later I believe that he is telling the truth as he knows it. He has definitely done some things that make me believe in his alien work also –


Crazy world! If I would have thought 10 yrs ago that I believe stuff that I believe now I don’t think I could have handled it – I am not an abductee or experiencer – cannot handle working with abductees – always want to tell them to deal with it, get over it because worse things have happened to people, and to get on with their lives.

– I am certainly not a therapist – But back to the lady in question here – I thought she was a nutcase but kept on listening to her – thank God I had enough sense to get rid of my 800 line so that such calls are not costing me. She kept on calling and now I feel that we have become at ease with each other and I totally believe that she is telling me the truth as she perceives it also – So, I am about to put her symbols on the net tomorrow and a little story about the triangle in your report, our conversations that involve the alien lady’s possible knowledge of the symbol on that Bossett triangle case, etc – to see if we can get some helpful feedback – I am former MUFON, state section director and an investigator – but decided that I needed to devote all my time to my expeditions .

Age of Flying Saucers

 Paris Flammonde, in his well-documentedAge of Flying Saucers,” remarked that “a great many of the contactees purvey philosophies which are tinged, if not tainted, with totalitarian overtones.”A catalogue of contactee themes, compiled from interviews I have conducted, includes the following.  Intellectual Abdication. The widespread belief that human beings are incapable of solving their own problems and that extraterrestrial intervention is imperative to save us “in spite of ourselves.” The danger in such a philosophy is that it makes its believers dependent on outside forces and discourages personal responsibility: why should we worry about the problems around us, if the Gods from Outer Space are about to solve them?

Racist Philosophy.  The pernicious suggestion that some of us on the Earth are of extraterrestrial descent and therefore constitute a “higher race.”  The dangers inherent in this belief should be obvious to anybody who hasn’t forgotten the genocides of World War II, executed on the premise that some races were “purer” or better than others.  (Let us note in passing that Adamski’s Venusians, the Stranger of the Canigou seen by Bordas, and many other alleged extraterrestrials were all tall Aryan types with long blond hair.)

Technical impotence.  The statement that the birth of civilization on this planet resulted not from the genius and ability of mankind, but from repeated assistance by higher beings. Archaeologists and anthropologists are constantly aware of the marvelous skill with which the “Ancient Engineers” (to use L. Sprague de Camp’s phrase) developed the tools of civilization on all continents.  No appearance of superior powers is necessary to explain the achievements of early culture.  The belief expressed by the contactees reveals a tragic lack of trust on their part in human ability.

JPL Disc

 An inquisitive anomaly hunter believes he has discovered a UFO at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab hiding in plain sight in an image from Google Earth.

Located in Los Angeles, the renowned division of the space agency known as JPL is credited with launching America’s first satellite into orbit back in 1958.

Given its function as NASA’s robotic spacecraft division aimed at exploring deep space, JPL is often suspected of having a hand in a UFO cover up as is the case in this strange instance. Learn more.

Cost of Undocumented Immigrants Rising

 According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform illegal immigration cost U.S. taxpayers in 2013 about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level based on only 13 million immigrants. The bulk of the costs — some $84 billion — are absorbed by state and local governments.

The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117. The fiscal impact per household varies considerably because the greatest share of the burden falls on state and local taxpayers whose burden depends on the size of the illegal alien population in that locality.

Most illegal aliens do not pay income tax and only 10% work in agricultural pursuits. Much of the cost is medical, educational, public assistance and law enforcement. Many states are on the edge of bankruptcy.

Most immigrants are hard working but the Drug Enforcement Agency shows that seven Mexican drug cartels or transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) have seized complete control of the U.S. drug market in close cooperation with US street and prison gangs.” The Mexican TCOs’ control of “lucrative smuggling corridors across the U.S. Southwest Border” enable them to deliver their drug portfolio of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana” and other substances to U.S. consumer markets causing the deaths of 17,000 people per year. The gangs are also responsible for many murders, www.drugorg

The mainstream media is making a huge deal about the estimated cost to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. An internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document concluded that it would cost $21.6 billion and take 3.5 years to complete the border wall and would theoretically save billions each year.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Object

 Flagstaff – I was heading towards California to visit family for the first time.

Was taking pictures and noticed a ufo after taking multiple pictures on August 4, 2013.

The first picture was normal but then noticed a triangle shaped object coming out of the mountain. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Light

Ukiah — Simon I Am told me “I am the Omega” (me) “the bridge , the rainbow serpent “. ” do not drink alcohol or take weed as it destroys your DNA beyond repair”.I am the Librarian of the scrolls” “I have an honorable bloodline” (I am adopted”. I have seen beings all my life, they do not scare me, but people scare me. I have never been harmed. I also have had experience at night of many hands on me, and paralysis and my partner had same dream. I sleepwalk and turn in circles saying number codes and my granddaughter gets codes from Simon too. The beings are always around me, they come through energy sources like street lights, I affect electric and batteries drain around me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Lights

Manchester — My sister was driving down the highway heading home when these three lights appeared on February 13, 2017. They “flew” in and almost hovered. She pulled over to take a quick picture; as soon as she looked away the lights vanished. She continued driving home.

When she got home and reviewed the picture, she noticed the huge crescent shaped object on the right of the picture. The lights made no noise.
She said she was really excited about what she might be seeing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Light

Jacksonville Beach – I was taking a late-night walk south along the shore since the moon was bright. I glanced and saw what I assumed was a plane coming in for a landing-but realizing it must be a crash landing. The craft even turned rather nose-up as a landing jet would do. I realized this was not a plane, and it was extremely close. It had three red lights, all moving in formation flying on this path, rising slowly, several hundred feet past the pier before making a total quick U-turn. It flew over the ocean, faster than it had over land at 60 mph, I’d estimate no further than 200 feet further out into the ocean than the tip of the pier. It slowed down and came almost to a stop, very close to the surface of the waves reflecting light on the waves. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Light

Amritsar — The UFO hovered in air and glowed with a bright hue, leaving a trail of light.

After about 7-8 seconds it suddenly turned its direction and disappeared towards west on February 9, 2017.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas Object


Pittsburg — On February 2, 2017, I was heading east bound on highway 400 in Kansas. As I was going around the corner, I noticed on my left, parked on side road running parallel to highway 400, what appeared to be a UFO being transported on back of a flatbed. A highway patrolman parked right next to semi facing highway 400. Around the object, on the ground were orange cones. I then turned around and headed west bound to get another view. It appeared to be perfect disc shape and was big in size that it was hanging on the side of flatbed. I then turned around once again heading east bound again but this time took pictures. This was at 1130 hours. At 2200 hours, I came back the same way and the object was still there. Now there are two highway patrolmen with a bright flashing light right on side of the object that made it impossible to see the object.

I would like to know more about this incident if any other reports were made. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Disc

UFO moved across Missouri on the night of February 7, 2017.

Thanks to UFO Daily

New York Circle

Long Beach — Walking to store saw Sphere in atmosphere it and took picture on February 1, 2017

Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Beacon — Taking photos for ideas on landscaping paintings in NY. When I was looking thru my photos that evening I found an object nearby that I cannot recognize.

Three birds far in the back on an Antenna one seagull flying in the far right I can recognize.

Flew by unknown until I came home in Beacon.
Many professional photographers said I should summit to photo to UFO experts.
Didn’t know it was there until I came home. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Light

 Albuquerque — I was outside on my pool deck observing the stars, especially Venus. I had a feeling to look N.W. I see a star light moving really slow S.W. It appeared to be quite lower than a star, silent so I tried filming. All I saw through the lens was black; I focused on Venus, and lost sight of the object. When stopped you couldn’t tell it wasn’t a star. A bright light flashed about 50 or so feet below the object, then another to the left, and the light faded from it. It was miraculous, not my first encounter though. The picture of the object is messed up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Light

Wake Forest — Video was taken on my cell phone, from my front stoop. I’m near a lake, so I’m used to seeing large birds, like herons. I don’t think this was a bird on April 2, 2016.
I noticed this object moving from my right to left, NE to N basically, at a slow, but steady speed. It made no noise. My first thought was that it was a drone, due to the spherical shape, slow rate of horizontal travel, etc. There also appears to be either some spinning upon its own access or fluttering. The object was 200 – 400 feet above the horizon, and perhaps half mile away. I thought it might be a drone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Light

Rowlett — Just was looking at the moon with my wife on Friday night February 2, 2017, and saw an orb flying around it.

I took these pictures. No clue what it could be, just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Lights

Washougal — This was after July 4th weekend when we saw weird clouds so we took some pictures. An hour later noticed the weird clouds, now 5 miles away so took more pictures of two short and weird colored rainbows. One is easily visible. We shot more within a two second window as the clouds open up (cloak lost?). It was a huge object that we might only be seeing the bottom half of this “pyramid on a side with sharp edges. You could see relief and contours (vents, windows, etc.).It seemed like 5 miles wide by 8 miles long. We are professional engineers from US Air Force Academy and the University of California using our cell phone. It became cloaked again 20 minutes later. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Cylinder

 Brisbane — Ufo sighting of pill shaped red and white cylindrical object, during full moon rising of October 16, 2016. Updated information is that UFO was recorded on unmanned time-lapse video and later discovered upon viewing of the digital images (12 sequential frames from 559 600 shots).  Several lights appear during 11 seconds time-lapse film using Panasonic Lummox Fz1000 Bridge Camera with Lexica Zoom Lens which was set to manual focus, mysteriously lost focus near the end of the recording. This object was descending on a steady flight path. It doesn’t appear to be a case of motion blur; rather an evenly halved red and white body. It is as a well lit, thick cylinder instead of just what I would normally see from an aircraft wing-tip lights? Also; there is red and white on the side of the cylinder and with rounded ends. I was a professional photographer for over 30 years. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Lights

Whitby — At about 9:30 pm on February 4th 2017 on Ashburn Road we first observed four lights, three of which in rough triangle formation viewed head on while driving. Stopped to observe objects in the west hovering and moving lazily in no specific flight path and took 1.30 minutes video. Objects (5-6) appeared to pulse and glow with orange/yellow light only when hovering. They would dim considerably when moving. Two objects appeared to “exchange” light or energy with one dimming and the other brightening in close proximity. Objects flew very close together flying back and forth for 1.5 hours. Objects had red and green lights when dim but were NOT normal aircraft due to odd behavior. Was exhilarated at prospect of encountering UFO in sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Egypt Object

Mars Alam — I’m from Ukraine, you can check my profile on Instagram and find me on Facebook.

I was on vacation with family in Egypt on January 28, 2017 we went to Port Halib for a walk,

I took pictures and in the evening checked that there is something else on photo in the sky. I attached photo.

I think it’s some kind of UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Germany Light

 Konradsreuth — While everyone was watching the European championships on June 16, 2016, I went to the kitchen and started cooking. Somehow I felt the urge to look out of the window which points towards west. The sun was already setting and I realized a strange but perfectly disc shaped cloud below the average height. My phone was right next to me so I immediately took a picture, turned around and as I turned back to the “cloud” it had been completely vanished. I felt so baffled as not even 10 seconds had passed between shooting the picture and turning back to check if it was still floating. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Billigheim-Sulzbac — I was in the baby’s room and took outside the dirty napkin, and saw a strong light behind the street lamp on February 14, 2017.

Maybe an aeroplane, but it moved very slowly and was a strong light sphere with a black spot in the middle. At the right side of the object was a smaller blinking light. Suddenly the object grew and then gets smaller very fast.
I tried to find explanations, of what it could it be, but I didn’t find any answers.
I went out several times to see it had changed positions but the last time it was gone. I was so excited, my heart was like a hammer, and my hands shook. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Orbs

Tijuana Border — Strange video making the rounds online purportedly shows a cluster of anomalous glowing orbs flying across the Mexican border into United States. Believed to have been filmed at the Tijuana border, the minute long clip was allegedly posted to an Instagram account this past week.

In the perplexing footage, several luminous lights hover in the clouds above the border as observers point their cell phones to capture the orbs. After racking up over 30,000 views and 200 comments, the video was abruptly removed from the social media site. Nonetheless, the video was salvaged by a popular YouTube UFO blogger, who shared the footage. The removal of the video from Instagram has piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts. Thanks to the Sun

Figures in Cloud on Poland to UK Flight

Lodz, Germany — Flying from Warsaw to London Heathrow, looking out the window on February 15, 2017, saw these dark thin figures in the middle of a cloud.
It definitely wasn’t a building because we were too high up so I thought they were mini tornadoes.
There were 4 figures: 2 tall ones and 2 slightly small ones. They were very close together and they weren’t moving at all. They were dark, had a thicker upper body and a thinner lower body. One of them looks like they had wings.
I was in awe and shocked at how it was all deserted then there were these random weird objects just standing on top of a cloud. I took photos and showed my parents the photo and they couldn’t believe their eyes. I was also a little bit excited because I have never seen anything like this before. Flew past the object(s) then it disappeared.

UK/England Lights

Poynton — I was in bed, awake the time was 0509 hours on February 3, 2017, and I saw these bright lights that came into view from my rear window of bedroom. I just knew it was a ufo as it was huge flying about 1000/1500 feet altitude and fully lit with 100s of white laser lights all over. At first it looked like a huge dome as it passed from right to left; it changed its pitch and I could see it was a huge triangle. It was silent and seemed to drift in a slow curve and then all lit up into a bright beautiful green. It then changed to this fantastic color of blue.

I went to the front of my bedroom but it was gone I felt saddened as it was a brilliant experience.I got back in bed couldn’t settle and another small round ufo appeared lit up in white like laser lights with a cross on it or plus sign. It flew away in the direction of the big triangle then 10 minutes later another one flew by it was an orb that was white then to orange. I am not bothered what people believe. I saw what I saw and tried to get pictures on my iPod but I dropped it. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to MUFON CMS


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