Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 37 – 2015 Aliens Visited for Centuries


September 10, 2015

In special reports, this week’s files cover: J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director Reports on Crashed Discs, Mark McCandlish Artist and UFOs, Magnificent Photo of an Alien Craft from NASA, Van Braun and UFOs, Mars Princess, UFOs Death and the Soul, and Daniel Fry Contactee

Air Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

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Special Reports

Edgar Hoover FBI Director Reports on Crashed Discs


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been requested to assist in the investigation of reported sightings of flying disks…

    FBI Director
    Handwritten note to Clyde Tolson
    An investigator for the Air Force stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers about 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall. Dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture, each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.” July 15, 1947

To: J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director
Memo to J. Edgar Hoover from the Washington FBI Office, March 22, 1950, Released in 1976 under the FOIA

  1. Edgar Hoover hand written note at bottom of now declassified memo stated:

I would do it [aid the Army Air Force in its investigations] but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to the discs recovered. For instance in the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”

Mark McCandlish Artist and UFOs


Mark McCandlish is an internationally recognized artist who has specialized in aviation and conceptual art within the defense and aerospace industries for the better part of the last thirty years. He has served the needs of many of the top American corporations. Mark’s father was a twenty-five year veteran of the United States Air Force and as a consequence, Mark has had a life-long love of aircraft and aviation history. His first UFO sighting occurred at Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts, in the winter of 1966 when he observed a craft through an 80-power telescope for about ten minutes before it accelerated out of sight at an extreme speed. He later discovered that this craft had been hovering above a flight of nuclear-armed Boeing B-52′s sitting on the Alert Ramp of the flight line on base.

Mr. McCandlish has spent most of his life trying to discover the science that would make such incredible performance possible, and he believes there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently accepted laws of physics. Having had literally dozens of sightings since 1966, he feels certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades. Mark McCandlish

Is there a Secret Space Program?

Zero Point Energy is the power source behind the Secret Space Program. Back engineering of off-world technology has created a powerful advantage for corporations to take over control of world government, establish an internationally manned and secret space program. Based on eye-witness accounts and insider information McCandlish takes the audience through a series of revelations as to how remarkable breakthrough technology, may have been back-engineered from recovered or captured off-world vehicles, enabled aerospace and defense-related corporations to create a special access only, secret space program and develop a break-away civilization with its own goals and agenda. Website


Mark McCandlish was riding the wave of success making images of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. Then he made a drawing of a top secret project that he was not supposed to know about, and big trouble ensued. For those who want a story of intrigue, secrets, and technology. Detailed information on the history, physics and technological mechanisms regarding faster-than-light travel, antigravity, and zero-point energy is also covered in detail. Website


Order an autographed copy from

Magnificent Photo of an Alien Craft from NASA


UFO Sightings Daily reported an apparent UFO that flew close to the Gemini 5 mission apparently seen in NASA archives. Gemini 5, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles “Pete” Conrad was the third crewed Earth-orbiting spacecraft of the Gemini series. Gemini 5 was launched from Complex 19 on 21 August 1965. The major objectives of this mission were to demonstrate a long-duration crewed flight, evaluate the effects of long periods of weightlessness on the crew, and test rendezvous capabilities and maneuvers using a rendezvous evaluation pod. Secondary objectives included demonstration of all phases of guidance and control systems to support rendezvous and controlled reentry guidance, to evaluate the fuel cell power system and rendezvous radar, to test the capability of either pilot to maneuver their Gemini spacecraft in orbit to close proximity with another object, and to conduct 17 experiments.

Scott C. Waring, a business person in Taiwan, owns the website and a man formerly affiliated with the U.S. Air Force at SAC base. In this particular report, Waring included the original image of the alleged alien UFO together with a video from YouTube. The website claims that the image was taken from the official NASA archives. The report mentions the shape of the UFO and talks about how it flew close to the Gemini module. According to Waring, the ring UFO appears to be very near to the Gemini, which is located in Earth’s orbit. Waring says that. “It’s clear enough to determine that the mysterious UFO was flying close to the Gemini Mission because of the detailed image. However, it’s a challenge to determine the edges of the object because the UFO appeared to be surrounded by an aura.” Scott Waring believes that the unusual object is made of white ceramic, which is one of three things consistent with alien structures. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ


Note: This blowup of the UFO craft in the photo-helped carry out the Gemini mission and indicates a planned radar rendezvous, to test the capability of the astronauts to maneuver the Gemini spacecraft in orbit to close proximity with another object. The image may actually show a classified US spacecraft or an alien craft helping to conduct the tests. The dark line around the portion of the UFO seems human in design. Check Out The Video Here > Video

Van Braun and UFOs

In fact, Van Braun and crew had set up shop in New Mexico after being allowed in U.S. under Project Paperclip. They were anxious to let people think saucers were from Mars to take the heat off the fact that the technology came from Hitler’s henchmen. Although, aliens have likely visited Earth, the distance to other planets is the primary reason to believe not many are here. If you assume the Nazis in fact developed modern UFOs, what we are seeing are human made UFOs that are being hidden by the clever use of disinformation. Conspiracy Journal Tesla Secret Lab

Mars Princess

Mars Face

Date of discovery: Sept 1, 2015

With the thousands of faces found on Mars, it is interesting that people can still deny the truth. Perhaps they only see one post here and do not visit to see the others every few days.

I have come to a conclusion that the faces may have been made because of cultural last rights. A death ritual of sorts, the face was made in the location where the person died, so they will not be forgotten. I have noticed that 95% of all the faces are sitting upright and not fallen over or upside down. ufosightingsdaily
Source photo:
Eyewitness states: A remarkable artifact has been found on the red planet by the Mars Curiosity Rover. The artifact, which resembles the face of a female, possibly a Martian deity, appears to be resting against the opening of a small cave or crevice.


Martian Princess and my Granddaughter Alexandiia

UFOs Death and the Soul

Brett Allen writes, “I just wanted to say I am aware that you did not go all the way giving away the ending of my book on Hanger 1. For some reason they (ufos) seem to have an affinity where there is loss of life.” If you did this intentionally, I certainly appreciate it… although it was certainly a lot to ask of anyone. I just goggled “top states for UFO sightings,” and eight were the scene of Civil War death, one-the top in population, i.e.: deaths, and the other, Gold. Of course, top countries are the in the war-torn Middle East.

It amazes me so many “researchers” continue to miss the big picture, but then academia ignores the existence of our soul and so, what we are told in our most precious ancient texts, is also ignored. So many today also offer opinions like “the BIble is all nonsense,” not even aware that so much of it has been proven archaeologically. Sad so many of our top researchers do not see the connection between our most precious texts with UFOlogy… even the fact that (Wild Men, ie: Sasquatch) were included on Cathedral walls for a good reason… they knew them to be heavenly beings!

However, little by little the truth is breaking through. Did you hear of last year’s Bigfoot revelation by top Bigfoot researchers who swore they watched a portal open up (just like on Skinwalker Ranch) during a Sasquatch investigation. They swore they could close again with flashlight and see another world inside.


He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. 28:12&.

The Native Americans have long used the same words to describe Sasquatch as Genesis uses to describe Nephilim – part man, part animal, part spirit – beings made by the “fallen” or descended Angels. They have long recounted these creatures as “spirit beings” and often accompanied by light anomalies. If you know anyone, I probably have three books near done, but could use a ghostwriter; someone to organize it, even add to it, if you know anyone? I used to be so good at it. As I told you, UFO Mag wanted to publish me online… and found other uses for my work. Your friend, Brett Allen Email: br*************@gm***.com

Bill Sells on Moon Structures

Bill Sells reports: “I was amazed that Frank Edwards in 1965 had so much data on the moon. I also found out that NASA planned all landings in areas where astronomers gazing at the lunar surface had viewed unknown structures on the surface previously.


Of particular attention were the Fra Mauro Highlands where Apollo 13 was to land. Obviously, they never got to that location on the moon. I was just wondering if any other Apollo missions after l3 were routed, there as a backup plan or did NASA give up on that particular site? Other sites listed by Edwards were also on the landing lists. I have also heard of a base located on the dark side not visible to astronomers called Moon Base Luna. Ever hear of it?

Note: I was told about alien bases on the far side of the Moon while stationed at Langley Air Force Base in 1966.

Daniel Fry Contactee

Daniel Fr

The date was July 4, 1949, and Daniel Fry an engineer had been installing and testing transducers used for various measurements of rocket motor tests at the White Sands Missile Proving grounds in New Mexico. Having missed the last bus into Las Cruces for the July 4 festivities, he retired to his bunk to read a book on heat transfer. Daniel went for a walk down a desert path in the cool evening air and it was there that the craft landed before him.


The voice was that of Alan, pronounced “a-lawn”, who was remotely piloting the cargo craft and he offered Daniel a ride to New York and back in only 30 minutes. During the ride and subsequent contacts, Alan answered Daniel’s many questions and lessons for humanity. Below is typical message from aliens.

“If we were to appear as members of a superior race, coming from above to lead the people of your world, we would seriously disrupt the ego balance of your civilization. Tens of millions of your people, in their desperate need to avoid being demoted to second place in the universe, would go to any conceivable length to disprove or deny our existence.”

. “If we took steps to force the realization of our reality upon their consciousness, then about thirty percent of these people would insist on considering us as gods, and would attempt to place upon us all responsibility for their own welfare. Of the remaining seventy percent, most would consider we were potential tyrants who were planning to enslave their world, and many would immediately begin to seek means to destroy us.”

“If any great and lasting good is to come from our efforts, the actual leaders must be your own people, or is must come from men would are indistinguishable from them.” So here briefly is what I believe based on ancient references, my past readings, and common sense:


Ezekiel’s Wheel Ezekiel 10:9

1 Aliens have visited Earth in multiple forms both visible and invisible, since humankind emerged from the caves.

2 Humans have been abducted and also invited, and participated in various forms of cross-pollination including insemination, has occurred.

3 Governments have generally sought to keep all these matters secret, and I suspect that in the case of both extraterrestrials and the greats of crimes (pedophilia, running drugs to create off-budget budgets) there is a government within a government.

  1. Aliens are afraid of Nuclear power that can destroy humanity and make Earth unliveable. They actively strive to neutralize it where they must and they can.

5 Technology transfer has occurred, particularly in the areas of energy, anti-gravity, and cloaking. The transfers have been badly handled, the public trust betrayed, the opportunities squandered.

6 Entire underground cities and bases do exist and are a major explanation for the $2.3 trillion still unaccounted for by the Pentagon. These cities house combinations of secret programs, alien populations, and men without a country. Similarly, there are undersea bases, some ours, some theirs that are inadequately understood or plotted.

7 All of this is out of control and badly in need of professional, unconstrained investigation and revelation.

Sightings of UFOs in the United States

California Strange Lights

CalifCorte Madera1Sep15

Corte Madera — I was driving over the Richmond San Rafael Bridge from work on September 1, 2015 at 3 pm and saw this extremely bright almost chrome-like sphere hovering over San Quentin prison. It had a little bit of a blue hue to it and looked like it was rotating or pulsing. I was sure I would catch it in the pass between the Bridge and Larkspur Landing, so much, so I got out of my car at the shooting range there and was perplexed that it wasn’t there. I got back in my car hoping to see it again near Corte Madera. I was looking all over and when I was passing the Ferry Parking lot, I saw it over the marsh by the Village shopping center South of the 101. I lost sight of it at the hill next to the parking lot because it was heading towards Mt. Tam. I glanced to my right to turn off the freeway and spotted it on the opposite side on my far right on north hill of Corte Madera. I pulled over and used my IPad to quickly snap 5 pictures in rapid succession. After 30 seconds, it appeared to almost fade into itself and disappeared. The pictures do not show how bright this thing truly was. It was like looking into the sun. Thanks to MUFON CMS


My friend and I had just finished running at 8:05 pm on September 3, 2015. My friend pointed out 4 lights in the distance moving together like a group. I thought maybe it was an airplane or helicopter but they were flying way to close together to be that. I got my phone and took pictures and video. The objects had stopped moving and now were just there in the sky still close together. Then finally, one by one they stared disappearing clockwise. I kept recording until they all disappeared and even waited a couple of seconds after just in case anything else happened. This all happened in 2-3 minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Sphere


Denver — I was vacationing on May 16, of last year. I decided to take a picture of the scenery. Three weeks later, I started browsing through my photos and noticed what seemed to be an object in the sky. I tried listing off the possibilities of what it might have been.

My assumption was that it could have been an air balloon. However, to me it just didn’t fit the characteristic. I am truly lost on what this might be. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Triangle


Milford — On Wednesday July 7, 2008 early morning at around 2:45 am, because I could not sleep, I saw a huge triangular object gliding very low over my house in the harbor of the Housatonic River. The object was the size of a large department store and had a green hue, and was flaming in the back, the flames were wild like a bon fire, and as long as a football field, but cast no light. The flames were so large that the sky should have been lit as it was day. This ship made no noise and glided so smooth. The object was so large that it should have fallen from the sky at the speed it was going. I have had many responses from people who saw the same object that night. I have attached a picture that I made. I have been in contact with Jan C. Harzan, and he is the person who suggested I report this sighting. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Strange Lights


Miami Beach — My daughter was getting on the school bus this morning around 6 am on September 2, 2015, and took a few pictures of this weird “orb” above our condo in Biscayne point.

She watched it for about 10 minutes and had a hard time explaining what it was as the light was reflecting off the clouds? Thanks to MUFON CMS


Miami Beach — I was sitting in my patrol car, looked north, and noticed an unusually bright small cloud in dark surroundings on September 2, 2015. Soon after I observed a bright light flying a slow path east with bright white smoke billowing from its left and right position. (not from behind like a rocket). It was slowing into a hover. I served 11 years in Naval Aviation and never witnessed anything like this. I also noticed two smaller flashing lights trailing that seemed to be flying with it. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and began to record as it disappeared behind a small cloud, then reappeared at the other end. It produced a small ring of smoke and flew behind more clouds in its path. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas Triangle


Kansas City — The day after the Perseid meteor shower on August 14, 2015, my Dad and I were outside and I caught sight of the object in the distance. The object was still when I first glanced up, and then nearly instantly zipped across about one fourth of the visible sky. It flew south before disappearing leaving only a blue white trail. It was a bright metallic acute triangle with a convex rear like a half moon. It had some sort of ridge near the center of the object. I tried to replicate a very crude drawing of what I saw in MS Paint. The actual trail was maybe 30% wider than the object itself and took around 10 seconds to dissipate. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota Ring of Lights

Minneapolis, Minnesota9Aug15

Minneapolis – On Sunday, August 9th, 2015, at 11:30 PM, multiple witnesses observed a peculiar ring of lights hovering in the nighttime sky for an hour. We wondered if it might be advertising lights. Some witnesses reported that some of the lights disappeared before the rest of them did, which seems to us to militate against their being part of an advertising display. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


Bemidji – I was photographing our full, August moon on the 30th experimenting with various distances and exposures. I took 35 pictures, reviewed them, and saw a disc in one photo. I did not see the object. While I do not believe I saw a UFO, I assume this would be the organization most likely to tell me what I am seeing in the photo. Note: The light in the lower right is likely a camera lien’s reflection.

Nevada Disc


Black Rock Desert — I was cutting a movie GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras for my YouTube video and recognized that something strange appeared in front of the rocket and suddenly I saw, that a disk passed the rocket on July 14, 2015.

The GoFast 2014 rocket officially set a new world record on July 14, 2014 at 7:32am as the highest and fastest amateur rocket ever launched that reached 385,800 feet above mean sea level (73.1 miles) and hit a top speed of 3,580 miles per hour.


Reno — I was driving to the Sparks Marina with my family on July 24, 2015. We had just received a new Go Pro Type camera and wanted to try it out. We had attached it to the window of our car and set it to take a photo every three seconds. Upon returning home and going through the photos is when we came across the ufo. It is only in one picture, meaning it had appeared in the frame of view for less than three seconds. Never saw it with the naked eye .Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Hampshire Cylinder


Somersworth — My son and I were playing catch in our backyard on my son noticed this object coming toward us from behind me. He said, “What the heck is that?” I was taken aback when I noticed this object. I have been in the Air Force for 16 years working aircraft maintenance (avionics). I walked toward the object trying to get a better angle under it because I could not make out any wings. The object didn’t make any noise. It was metallic color like a Delorian and the glow is the Sunlight reflecting off its surface. I rushed to get out my iPhone and take the picture, and chalked it up to a UFO. I recently made a connection to an old video of Bob Lazar and how he illustrates the propulsion system and the “gravity wave” that surrounds a ship. I then noticed the same magnetic field or gravity wave shape can be seen coming off this object in the picture. It looks as if the reflected light is being bent around a magnetic field! I do have an open mind and watch plenty shows and documentaries on this topic. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Alien


Little Egg Harbor — My husband and I were sleeping in our bedroom. I woke up and saw this creature standing next to my husband. It was dark with just enough light coming in so I could see it. I immediately knew it was not something human and likely an alien. The creature was about 4 foot tall and I could only see its head because it was standing on the other side of the bed next to my husband’s head. It had a large head, large eyes and it was grey in color. It just stood there. I sat up and tried to warn my husband to get away from it. I tried to yell and tried to shake him. I could not move, and could not speak.

Then there was a bright light outside, the whole area was lit up like daylight, and my husband was outside, floating limply up into the sky. He looked like he was still sleeping. I really do not know how long he was gone. I’m assuming it put me back to sleep because I have no memory of what happened next until I woke up later in the night and my husband was there sleeping again. I was really scared and crying. I woke him up and he had no memory of this. A couple of weeks later, he woke up with this wound on his arm in the morning. He saw it on his arm. When he first got up and showed it to me. He said, “There was no pain.” It was not there when he went to sleep the night before. It is a row of puncture wounds. I was telling this to a friend of ours and he suggested I tell you. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Lights


Weaverville — Driving near Weaverville I saw what I thought was four hot air balloons.

However, as I got closer I stopped my truck and took a picture just before the one on the right shot up and to the right.

It is gone in seconds too fast to be an airplane or helicopter.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma Lights


Altus — On August 29, 2015, my parents, three-year-old daughter and I took two vehicles to take my mother out for her birthday. I drove my own car and they followed me home. Later that night, I was looking in my phone and came across some pictures that astounded me. My three-year-old daughter loves taking pictures and took several of glowing objects. The shot #4 shows a cylindrical glowing object.


The fifth shot shows two red streaks that appear as a tail of residual energy. I did not see anything but I was driving. I am astonished my toddler took them at 9:05 PM; orientation:90º; resolution: 3264×2448; 2.6; exposure: 1/30; ISO: 1600. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Light


Watertown — Upon returning from shopping and eating I noticed a very bright star in the sky, after further observance I realized it was moving on September 5, 2015. It was not in a path of normal aircraft so I called my husband over who has served in the military. I began recording on my Samsung S6 showed him the video and he was speechless, I recorded the object in what seemed like an erratic dancing pattern across the night sky, getting brighter then dimmer and disappearing for 4 minutes. Watching the video on my phone, you can clearly see the stars vs. the object). Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas UFO Spotted by Military Guards


Fort Hood — My subordinate and I were on guard duty on August 5, 2015 at midnight and saw an object heading toward our direction. I wish and I had a specialized camera to have a close-up of this object. It was 16-20 miles from our location: We saw it for 75 minutes, spinning, zig zagging across the sky, changing its color and traveling in a west direction slowly away from the Fort Hood. The lights were impressive as it was very bright too bright to be an aircraft. There is a continuing trend of sightings for the whole summer. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ worldUFOphotos


Worldwide UFO Reports

Australia Disc


Manunda, Queensland. Rear Patio of Apartment at a Birch street while observing satellites as we often do, my partner and I witnessed what looked like two satellites travelling along side each-other. They were of a magnitude – 4 or brighter heading north direction at a typical Satellite altitude. These two objects blinked on with intensity that caused us both to let out a gasp. We watched the objects get brighter as they moved, and had a connecting tube like structure between them that emanated a milky glow. The objects travelled side by side as a single unit for up to 20 seconds before blinking out simultaneously, and not seen again. This observation took place at 18:44 Local Time GMT +10 and left us both in awe. We watch Satellites most evenings, and are, but this was a stirring observation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Huge UFO


Scarborough, Ontario — Paul Shishis writes, Here is another bizarre sighting taken on August 14, 2015 at 10:10 am. While on morning break outside work I witnessed three strange objects flying east a quarter mile south about a thousand feet. The trio moved together with two higher than one”. Due to shape and color really makes one wonder. They were sighted for five minutes until they headed out of sight. I snapped pictures and video at a long distance away and I continued to take pictures until it flew east over my roof. It was not a balloon. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Hungry Circle of Lights


Budapest – I took pictures from Hilton Hotel’s sixth floor room on July 6, 2015. There were no lights on in my room and I did not use a flash.

I noticed Orb circle like image when we reviewed pictures when we got home.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kazakhstan Spaceships


May-June 2015
It is well known to the Kazakhstan government that aliens are making use of an underwater base in the Caspian Sea which Kazakhstan boarders. The Head of Azerbaijan’s National Aerospace Agency has confirmed this allegation when he stated bluntly that the old USSR constantly monitored alien spaceships that were frequently recorded entering the water, but due to security concerns, kept this a secret. This Antelope mass death was an experiment by aliens

I do not believe that the aliens in the base care about the people of Kazakhstan, but the opposite. Back in May 14, 2014, I watched a video of a rocket living off in Kazakhstan, and caught a UFO that flew at and hit the rocket on video! The collision with the UFO resulted seconds later in a massive explosion of the rocket. This is proof that the aliens in the Caspian Sea base actually dislike everything about the country…including its wildlife. This experiment could be the first step into aliens creating a similar bacteria/virus that will wipe out humanity, leaving the rest of the planet untouched. Scott C. Waring ufosightingsdaily

News states:
It started in late May. When geoecologist Steffen Zuther and his colleagues arrived in central Kazakhstan to monitor the calving of one herd of saigas, a critically endangered, steppe-dwelling antelope, veterinarians in the area had already reported dead animals on the ground. ” Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative, told Live Science the entire herd — 60,000 saiga — had died. As veterinarians and conservationists tried to stem the die-off, they also got word of similar population crashes in other herds across Kazakhstan.
News Article

Kenya Object

Kenya15Jun15Kisumu mountians

Kisumu Mountains — I am in Kenya taking pictures in mass quantity of landscapes. I took multiple pictures right after another on June 15, 2015. Reviewing my photos, there was a saucer like object in the far distance.

President Obama was making his trip to Nigeria soon so there were no aircraft seen in the sky during my vacation. I still question the objects existence but proof of my before and after photos immediately make me question such existence. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Orb


Boca del Rio, Veracruz – Three to five of us were at the rooftop watching ufos, on July 27, 2015 at 11:11 PM. We watch for UFOs every single night, and most of the time they head to the ocean or come from it. This time it was a disc with white and red lights. It flew in zigzag and random path, hovering then continued flying to the ocean, and that is when we lost sighting them! Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ worldUFOphotos

Puerto Rico Cylinder


Santurce – I was on the balcony of my penthouse in Condominium Torrecielo in taking a rest on August 18, 2015. I raised my head when I saw the object and started to analyze what it was. Every night, I look at the sky and thought the object was a military flying saucer. I called my wife and recorded the object flying north toward the Muñoz Marin San Juan Airport. It has white rectangular lights, and turned as my wife spotted it and asked, “Is that what we saw?” It was nearby us and inside bottom was a circular cavity with lights. The object was flying very slowly besides our building, so I climbed on the roof but it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Spain Orb

Torrevieja — I was on holiday last week with my grandchildren in Torrevieja. I took them to the salt lake in the early morning to take pictures on September 3, 2015. My Grandson noticed a tiny green orb on his photo taken with his phone. I took a sequence of photos on my phone where he had seen it across the lake. I have a sequence of five photos with the orb in different positions. Enlarging the orb it is very clear and the same as your green orb photos with the smaller white orbs. Would you be interested in seeing them? Thanks to Olga.

UK/England Lights


Investigating the site of a UFO landing/encounter on Google Maps on August 27, 2015, I dragged the man to street view & looked up. There were two “objects” in the sky.

It could be artifacts from the image processing but I think 85% they are spaceships. Mainly due to the reason I was there looking in the first place. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Toton, Nottingham — Here is a daytime UFO sighting that I documented 9 March 2014 in Toton, Nottingham. I have sent you the original picture taken on my iPhone and then a zoomed in version of the original picture.

There is a lot of Black Helicopter activity in this area. This particular UFO was only there for a second or two long enough to capture this picture, but not a second. It was egg shaped/spherical and seemed to change shape as it moved in the air as if it was in a slipstream. However, it had that dull grey metallic appearance like MANY UFO’s I have seen before. Thanks to Sacha Taylor-Jobbins


Abersoch — On the evening of August 13, 2015 at 10:30 PM, my wife and I were looking at the meteor shower when we saw a ten Orange/yellow bright circular objects. They were tennis ball size flying in two half moon formations one under the other. They were travelling east to south, not the same way as the shower.hey appeared over Harlech and went out of sight over Abersoch. They were very high without sound or fire trails. They were traveling fast and took only about 15 seconds to go out of sight. As the objects passed in front of us they changed to a ” W ” shape. Sighting report via UFOINFO

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