Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 32, 2020 Government Releasing UFO Data


Major George A. Filer III and wife Janet

New Jersey MUFON State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Antarctica, California, Florida, Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

UFOs Are From Space

The Pentagon briefed to the U.S. Congress that UFOs are not made on this earth

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence asked the Intelligence Community to write a comprehensive report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs aka UFOs) in six months.  They would then present the information to Congress.

This is like the Spaceship I chased Over England

The astrophysicist Eric Davis, who consulted with the Pentagon’s original UFO program, told the Times that after he examined certain materials, he came to the conclusion that “we couldn’t make [them] ourselves.” In fact, Davis briefed a Department of Defense (DOD) agency as recently as March about retrieving materials from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program since 2007, said that, “in some cases, examination of the materials had so far failed to determine their source.”

Eric Davis

Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corp., a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

We have apparently made retrievals from off-world vehicles not made on this earth that are actual materials of alien origin suggesting vehicles in our possession?

The materials are probably enough like those found on earth that they can’t say definitively they’re of alien origin, but that shouldn’t surprise us. Elements on earth can be found all over the universe. It stands to reason that any machines of alien manufacture would possess metals that are also found here. The actual manufacturing process is likely different and so far unable to duplicate.

They probably already know. What they don’t know is why sightings of UFOs happen with great regularity over military bases, missile silos, and aircraft carriers. We know they’re real. We can see them on radar. We get visual confirmation from experienced pilots whose lives depend on identifying objects as friend or foe.

           Honey comb material has been found in at least two crash sites.

Honeycombs nearly identical were found 6000 miles apart and 41 years later, Magdalena, NM Plains UFO crash debris honeycomb on left, Shikoku Island debris found in 1971, on the right. A Mr. Shinto saw the UFO explode and found the debris. Obviously it would be difficult to manufacture honey comb material with 56 different metals that are nano technological smart metals and certainly suggests these crashed UFOs were made off the Earth or at least not by humans.

All of the samples were tested with a volt-ohmmeter, and were found to conduct electricity.  Fifty-six (56) elements were detected in at least one sample. The aluminum contained alloys not available in aluminum in 1947. The coatings on all metals were blended with metal and rich in silica, titania, magnesia, sulfate, phosphate, and chloride, were almost certainly not available in 1947. The coatings are similar to those removed from people claiming alien contact. The samples still emit magnetic and electrical energy indicating these samples include nano technological smart metals and of probable alien origin. Analysis of some of the metal indicated it was not from Earth.

In a June Senate Committee Report, the Senate authorized appropriations for fiscal year 2021 for the task force, supporting its efforts to reveal any links that unidentified aerial phenomena “have to adversarial foreign governments, and the threat they pose to U.S. military assets and installations.”

Senate Intelligence Committee.

From the report: The Committee remains concerned that there is no unified, comprehensive process within the Federal Government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite the potential threat. 

The Committee understands that the relevant intelligence may be sensitive; nevertheless, the Committee finds that the information sharing and coordination across the Intelligence Community has been inconsistent, and this issue has lacked attention from senior leaders.

Therefore, the Committee directs the DNI, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies as the Director and Secretary jointly consider relevant, to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as ‘‘anomalous aerial vehicles’’), including observed airborne objects that have not been identified.

Senator Marco Rubio, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told CBS that he’s most interested to learn from the task force who’s responsible for unidentified aircraft spotted over American military bases. Rubio said he hopes “the Chinese or Russians or some other adversary” hasn’t made “some sort of technological leap” that “allows them to conduct this sort of activity.”“That to me,” Rubio said, “is a national security risk and one we should be looking into.”

UFO over C-5 at Nellis AFB

While such UAVs may very well come from foreign adversaries, the other possibility, of course, is that we can’t pinpoint their origins from anywhere on this planet. And that’s where the New York Times report gets really interesting.

As we have said previously, the Department of Defense and all of the military departments take any incursions by unauthorized aircraft into our training ranges or designated airspace very seriously, and examine each report,”

Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough tells Popular Mechanics in a statement. “This includes examinations of incursions that are initially reported as ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ (UAP) when the observer cannot immediately identify what he or she is observing. Thorough examinations of any incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace often involve assessments from across the department, and, as appropriate, consultation with other U.S. government departments and agencies.”

Gough continues:

The safety of our personnel and the security of our operations are of paramount concern. To protect our people and maintain operations security, which includes not providing information that may be useful to our adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examination of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.

In regards to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force mentioned in Times, Gough confirms the Department of Defense “is creating a task force to gain knowledge and insight into the nature and origins of UAPs,” as well as their “operations, capabilities, performance, and/or signatures.”

 Sighting of Tic Tac upper right

The mission, Gough says, “will be to detect, analyze, catalog, consolidate, and exploit non-traditional aerospace vehicles/UAPs posing an operational threat to U.S. national security and avoid strategic surprise.”

The Times report, and the anticipated public disclosure of findings from Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, are the latest in encouraging recent developments surrounding UFO research.

Back in April, the U.S. Navy officially published three videos that show unidentified aerial vehicles are genuine, several years after the notorious clips first leaked online and properly ushered in the UFO renaissance.

 UFO above submersible UFO in white water

In 2019, the Navy confirmed the three videos, taken by Navy pilots, indeed show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but the service also said the footage should have never been released to the public in the first place. Then in April, the service dropped the clips on its Freedom of Information Act page a repository for documents released under the federal law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of U.S. government information to the public. Commander Favor flying in his F-18 reported the UAV dropped from 80,000 feet to the deck in a second and hovered over a submericible unidentified object that had a series of bright lights. It is speculated the airborne UAV was taking instruction from the submersible UFOs.

Carmine Sabia Jr. covered the news that the Pentagon unit responsible for gathering intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena plans to report some of its findings to the public. What makes this story potentially so important is that background briefings have already been given to a couple of congressional committees that have been more explicit about the possibility that the aircraft encountered by U.S. pilots and seen over our military bases and missile silos are “not of this world.

The Pentagon as a matter of policy sees the craft as a threat. That’s their job. Treating them as friends and welcoming them with open arms would be suicidal. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Pentagon knows more about these encounters than they’re saying. No sense in letting other countries knows what we know. And we certainly don’t want to advertise the apparent vulnerability of our military assets. That attitude became almost an obsession in


1952 when fleets of UFOs suddenly appeared in the skies over Washington, D.C. The military was more concerned with covering up our vulnerabilities than in pursuing what the UFOs were.

So while the Pentagon has been more forthcoming in recent years about confirming that UFOs exist, they are still reluctant to give us much information, despite studying these aircraft for decades. They must have developed some kind of flight profile of the vehicles and know a lot about their flight characteristics — speed, altitude, maneuverability. They can estimate power output, although its power source is probably still a mystery.

.It’s what they don’t know about these aircraft that worries them. And that includes what their intent is in flying over our military assets.

Editor’s Note: I’ve clocked them at over 100,000 per hour. It appears the release of data is on a very slow plan so the public will not panic

Author : Rick Moran

A new report in the New York Times confirms several new accounts. The government’s UFO unit currently resides in the Office of Naval Intelligence, where it “deals with classified matters,” per the report, even though the unit itself isn’t classified. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force is meant to “standardize collection and reporting” on sightings of UAVs and publicly divulge “at least some of its findings” twice a year, according to the Times.

Underwater UFOs are often seen by Navel personnel that can move at 100 knots per hour.

  • A fleet of UFOs on Earth was spotted from the ISS.
  • The UFOs came from the ocean.
  • Each UFO was about 1.5 kilometers long or nearly a mile long. (.93)

An UFO expert claimed that a photo taken by NASA from space shows a fleet of massive alien vessels on Earth. According to the expert, the UFOs were photographed as they were emerging from the ocean.

The image of the alleged UFOs was spotted by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. The UFO on the far left is the leader of the fleet,” Waring explained. “You can see the UFO on the far left is about 75% out of the water, the center UFO is 45% and the UFO on the far right is only about 20% out of the water.”

He said he came across the strange image while viewing the live footage streamed by NASA from the cameras mounted on the ISS.

As he was viewing the video feed from the ISS, Waring spotted three strange objects on Earth. According to the UFO expert, parts of the objects appeared to be submerged in the ocean. After analyzing the clip, Waring noted that the objects were alien vessels that were initially underwater.

Based on their appearance, Waring said the objects were captured on film as they were preparing to emerge from the ocean. He estimated that each of the objects was around 1.5 kilometers long.

“This is some cool footage of three UFOs rising up out of the ocean,” he wrote in a blog post. “Each UFO is about 1.5 km long and one of them is still half underwater”. UFOs have been reported by pilots that size, so it’s not unusual at all

Waring claims the alleged alien vessels were flying in formation. He believes that as soon as the UFOs have emerged from the water, they would wait for a while before flying away. UFOs with bases underwater usually dry off. Waring claimed that leaving Earth’s atmosphere to venture into space creating ice while still wet could damage the ship. NASA photograph of large craft over the Atlantic Ocean.

Teller Claims Great Menace from Space Exists

Edward Teller, Ph.D., the father of the hydrogen bomb’s memo to President Ronald Reagan claims, “A menace greater than the nuclear arms race exists.
It does not originate here on Earth, but comes from space itself. ”

President Reagan had chased a UFO while governor of California and received daily briefings about the UFOs as President.

Teller felt a Star Wars anti UFO defense system could be built and successfully defend Earth. In the 1980s, Teller began a strong campaign for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also called “Star Wars”, the concept of using lasers or satellites to destroy incoming Russian ICBMs or possibly alien incursions.

We have reports that some alien space ships were successfully hit and some actually were shot down and crashed. A consortium of nations participated in the defense of Earth including the Soviet Union, UK, Australia, Peru and the US.

President Ronald Reagan awarded physicist Edward Teller, Ph.D., the National Medal of Science in 1983.  Image courtesy of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.

Teller was Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1958-1960) and then an Associate Director. He also served concurrently as a Professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a tireless advocate of a strong nuclear program. In 1975, he retired and was named  Director Emeritus of the Livermore Laboratory.

In the 1980s, Teller began a strong campaign for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also called “Star Wars”, the concept of using lasers or satellites to destroy incoming Russian ICBMs or possibly alien incursions. Teller lobbied with government agencies—and got the sanction of President Ronald Reagan—for his plan to develop a system using elaborate satellites which used atomic weapons to fire X-ray lasers at incoming missiles.

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also called “Star Wars”, was offered to the Soviet Union by President Reagan.

The project was eventually scaled back but now exists in altered form. Teller was later encouraged, however, by the Bush administration’s revitalization of the missile defense program in the early 21st century (known to its critics as “Son of Star Wars”) that is at least partially effective against some alien incursions. Fortunately, it has curbed North Korea and other nations from launching missile attacks on the US. It is apparently effective against a small number of ICBMs and some alien incursions.

Edward Teller was very skeptical of  greenhouse gases causing global warming.

On volcano causes more carbon dioxide in a day than humans create in a year.

 Jack Sarfatti Anti-gravity Generator

Yes, this looks good when combined with replacing G/c^4 with GPHI/c^4

With |PHI| >> 1 metamaterial resonance


 Cos(argPHI) control switch gravity to antigravity

Guv = 8pi(G/c^4)|PHI||Tuv|cos(argPHI + argTuv)

cos(argPHI + argTuv) < 0 anti-gravity blue shift

cos(argPHI + argTuv) > gravity red shift

For Kip Thorne’s FIDO static LNIFs

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  carrying a circular electric current in the angular direction. This current creates a magnetic field along the z axis, (in the case w > 0 ) describe traversable wormhole geometries which do not contain a symmetry axis. Thanks to Jack Sarfatti

Crop Circle Discovered in Wiltshire, UK St George on 25th June 2020. New crop circle has appeared in Smeathe’s Plantation near Ogbourne St George in Wiltshire, UK. This one was found a few days ago on 25th June 2020.

Two new crop circles have appeared in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 28th and 30 May 2020

Crop Circles – a sign of the end-times? – The Truth of   .

www.thetruth of


This crop circle, noticed on Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England) on August 13, 2001 is being hailed as the most awesome ever made. It is composed of 409 individual circles in a spiral pattern. Appropriately, it was found in the heart of crop circle country in the United Kingdom. The sheer size and complexity of this formation is amazing.

Pleiades Home of Cylinder Craft

Cylinder over France

Researcher David P. Calabro Philadelphia writes, These cylinder craft are from my Star system called the Pleiades. I have been on this cylinder craft with the tall white Nordics and other beings.  I really cannot tell you much more than that except what they briefly showed me because of my earthly body how it works and my soul how it reacts to dimensions in a short time then I have to come back to earth.  It is a little hard to understand.

Largest Floods in Chinese History

Largest Floods in Chinese History wipe out the country’s food and grain.
Good bye supply chain. Our stores will not have Chinese products soon.

As China is slammed with record breaking flooding, many are wondering if China’s dams can survive the floods? The Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in the world, has become deformed. But authorities say it’s still safe. But if the dam collapses, it could spell disaster for major cities including Wuhan and Chongqing.

China warned that the worst of the deluges that have led millions to be evacuated may be yet to come, after a third wave of floods formed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River on Sunday.

Uangsy River Dam Largest in the /world

Photographer: Stringer/Getty Images AsiaPac WUHAN, CHINA – JULY 24: (CHINA OUT)

The flood control and flood fighting situation is severe,” China’s water resources ministry said in a statement. “The new peak may appear later.”

Authorities ordered the Three Gorges Reservoir to save its water-storing capacity in preparation for more flows, and forecast another three days of torrential rain in the southern region.

China’s south has been battered by severe floods after water levels reached records. More than 2 million people have been evacuated this month along the Yangtze River, Asia’s longest, with 142 dead or missing since the flooding began in June. It has also caused over 116 billion Yuan ($17 billion) in damages, and impacted more than 2.4 million hectares (6.1 million acres) of crops in July.

The Three Gorges Reservoir is expecting water inflows to surge to about 60,000 cubic meters per second by about Tuesday. The reservoir level was at 159.46 meters as of Monday, down from 164.18 meters about a week ago. Its maximum capacity is 175 meters. Thanks to ‘

Radiation Causes Misdiagnoses of Corona Virus

5G radiation can cause in humans a state of disease which results in the increased presence of exosomes. According to Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, because of the presence of exosomes, positive test results have been misattributed to Coronavirus. Exosomes are very small sacs of fluid that are secreted from cells in times of bodily illness or stress. Exosomes alert the rest of the body to the presence of disease. Exosomes, nano-sized vesicle secreted from cells that contains any of various biomolecules, such as proteins or nucleic acids.

Dr. Kaufman studied biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 1990s and got his medical degree at the University of South Carolina in 2004. In a series of interviews, Dr. Kaufman is reporting scientific evidence indicating that the presence of exosomes is being routinely misdiagnosed as Covid 19. He says that it has to do with the unreliability of the predominant testing method. 5G radiation can cause a human body to exhibit an increased presence of exosomes.

Misattribution of Coronavirus is consistent with CDC data showing that there has been no increase in the total number of deaths attributable to all causes nationwide. The total number of people dying in America due to all causes so far this year is about the same as last year. There’s actually slightly fewer total deaths so far this year as compared to this date so far last year. The current rate of total deaths so far this year is currently 2% less than the last three years on average. If there was actually some terrible, world-destroying virus out there, then there would be a spike in the number of total deaths and a cloth over your face would not stop it.

  1. 5G electromagnetic radiation can induce symptoms in people which are then apparently being misdiagnosed as Covid 19. Specifically, 5G radiation can induce the presence of exosomes. This presence of exosomes is apparently causing doctors to diagnose patients with the dreaded Coronavirus. Being that the human body is bioelectric in nature, it is particularly susceptible to electromagnetic energy from 5G towers and 5g cell phones. Many people who are diagnosed with Corona virus have no systems; these may be people whose exosomes are excited by 5g energy but not by the virus. Their modulation of these processes suggests that they directly contribute to communication between cellular components and impact healing of many disease states.

Part of the fallout of no school is an alarming increase in suicide among high school students probably because little student contact with friends. Suicide is the second largest cause of death behind accidents for students. di*******************@go**********.com Thanks to Nick c

Frontline doctors claim take Malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine Uses twice a week prevents getting Virus and saves lives all over the world. Fake News is lying again.



UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

 Antarctica Objects

A series of white images recorded by Google Earth show strange objects in Antarctica. Pictures were taken on July 29, 2020. Photo courtesy of

California Object

Corama — Was playing guitar and video captured this cylinder. Captured in video realized it later. Video was taken on July 20, 2020.

Goleta — I was hiking the Bill Wallace Trail in El Capitan State Park taking high resolution photographs with my Canon EOS 40D digital camera with telephoto lens. I took a photograph of the Exxon-Mobil Las Flores Canyon petroleum processing facility about one mile to the west.
Upon reviewing my photographs I noticed that I captured a strange, brown colored missile shaped aerial object. I would have dismissed this object as debris on my lens but in the photo six seconds later it was gone.

Connecticut Light

Moosup — On July 18, 2020.

Description: I was outside having a cigarette and I saw this strange looking light in the sky. It was moving really fast.

Thanks to Will Pucket/

 Florida Bright Light

Saint Petersburg – On July 26, 3030

Photos courtesy of MUFON

Georgia Light

Peach tree City — Back in the June of 1985, I was over at my aunt’s house that night. My cousin and I would sometimes go out on night missions in which, we would be in, full cameo fatigues would go stealth and canvas the area on certain weekends in the summer.
It was at that moment that we instantly had a circular light around us based on the light’s oval shape on the grass. To our astonishment, there was an oval, kind of football shaped but, more rounded at the ends. It was a glowing orb like craft that was bright yellow in the center with like a radial gradient of bright orangey / red along the edges. TOTALLY SILENT it was perfectly in place hovering. The distance was around 500-700 feet?  That “spotlight” must have been quite powerful because if it actually was that far away, the light it shined around us was rather tight on the edges. Then it shot off to the left with incredible speed.
Minnesota Lights

Owatonna — Too much to type call me and I will give you details. I captured UFO lights and had an experience of a lifetime. Photo

Taken March 27, 2020. Photo courtesy of

Mississippi Object

Gulfport – On July 30, 2020, I spotted silver square object floating across the sky. Passenger airplane flew just above it and size was about the same.
Busy lunch traffic were all watching

New Jersey Cylinder

Newark — My intention was showing the world that there is something that surrounds us on July 20, 2020. I save this photo that always amazed me, what it will be. I would like to donate or maybe help in something. It was in the month of July 2018 around 2pm in the afternoon, I picked the camera and took some photos and when reviewing that cylinder appeared. Ii was a flash and was registered in the southeast photos at an. altitude position around 60 degrees,

New York Light Moving in Front of Aircraft

Astoria — I have not noticed the UFO until tonight, as I reviewed my photos. I was taking photographs of an airplane taking off from La Guardia Airport, somehow I did not noticed the UFO, just found out about it tonight. Picture taken on July 16. 2020.

Lake George — This object appeared from the NE over some mountains, very slowly moving across the horizon. At first glance it would appear as a plane in the distance, but what threw me off was how slowly it was moving, and the lack of flashing lights, instead of a few fixated lights flashing it was one singular static center-borne light/glow. After a few minutes of continued fishing, I realized this object began elevating and descending while it was moving unnaturally and seemingly toward me. I was in a pretty populated part of town, it was very late and there weren’t but a few people around, but nobody seemed to take notice that this object ended up over the Lake at least 500 ft from me, ultimately coming to a stop directly above, where I decided to take out my HTC One and take a photo. Shortly after it took off swiftly to the South, and as fast as it left there wasn’t even the faintest sound. I kept the photo for years never thinking much of it after that day, until recently I decided to take a copy of it I found and play with the light settings on it with a photo editor. The only function I used was the exposure level, and upon dropping the exposure, there were some artifacts revealed behind the apparently ever-bright light that was emitted from the silent object

Texas Comet

Crane — I was taking pictures of the comet Neowise on July 20, 2020 in the middle of Crane, I chose this area because I wanted complete darkness to observe the comet with the naked eye and to also take photos. I have multiple photos before and after the 2 in question that clearly shows there was something in the 2. I had to have my phone placed extremely sturdy so the photo would not come out blurry. I did not see the object with my naked eye I went back to see how the photos turned out and then I seen the object.

Virginia Lights

Charlestown – On July 27, 2019, I took my DSLR camera outside to test some night shots of the moon right in front of my home in the suburbs, when I noticed an unusually bright and large orange orb hovering in the sky. As I watched it for about 10 seconds, it shot across the sky faster than I thought was possible. I immediately ran down the road to try to get a picture of whatever this was. I walked down the road for a bit to lie down on a large patch of open grass so I could get a better view of what was in the sky. I lay there for about 5-10 minutes or so when another blue light appeared directly above me. It stayed longer this time. Maybe 1-2 minutes before shooting off in a straight line over my head. The instant I lost sight of the blue orb, I heard a strange noise come from the trees nearby. It was so startling and unnatural I became quite frightened and was unable to breath or move. It sounded almost like static or electronic-like but also resembled something sentient making the noise. After a few seconds I was able to break out of that panic and run up the street a bit. I didn’t feel comfortable going into the trees so I decided to return home.

Wisconsin Lights

 Tomah – On July 26, 2020, I am in the parking lot looking up and saw an orange light hovering in the sky. A moment later another spontaneously appeared out of nowhere. These lights are just staying there. This is happening right now. Two large orange lights are up in the sky. No sound and they are pulsating. The second just blinked on. I will update if anything major happens.

Wyoming Objects

Alcova – On July 30, 2020, I was using Google Earth and viewed objects in an area that should not have glowing objects

I saw 4 craft landed in an area that shouldn’t have crafts there. Area is near Independence Rock,

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Light

Newcastle – On July 31, 2020, unable to find launch date when we saw it. My friend Braden noticed it come up over the east horizon, and called us out. Then we headed west until we could no longer see the flaring red light.

Canada Light

 Alma – On July 27, 2020, I looked out the window and thought it was the Northern Star at first. But then I was like wait that’s south. So I started trying to figure out what it was. It got brighter and then disappeared. It had blurry edges. It looked to be hovering for a long time.

Toronto — I was walking along the beaches by 42 Hubbard Boulevard with my father and looking out at the water on September 18, 2018. I took some pictures of the water in the late afternoon and the sky and water looked idyllic. My Dad and I did not see the object in the sky. I only noticed the object when I zoomed in on the photos. Oddly enough, this has happened before with another photo I took – I just had a strong feeling/urge to take a photo “out of the blue” and when I zoomed in, I saw the object.

Spain Light

Montserrat — I was with my husband in my garden on July 29, 2020, observing how beautiful the sky was when my husband and I observed a very bright sphere, I took a photo of it and when I wanted to take another shot it suddenly disappeared. Neither of us knows what that strange artifact was.
For this reason, we called the MUFON director of Spain and he told us to fill out the questionnaire for this object and send it to MUFON.

UK/England Black Oval

London – On July 29, 2020, this lasted about 30 seconds and made no sound. It moved in a straight line but was not a plane but could have been a shadow of something but nothing else was observed in the sky. No planes flying over at the time. We have no explanation for what it might be. I am not a UFO “person” and do not believe in aliens but this was odd and is a UFO in the sense that we cannot identify what it could have been.

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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

CAUTION MOST OF THESE ARE INITIAL REPORTS AND REQUIRE FURTHER INVESTIGATION. If you wish to stop receiving these files, please send a message to Ma*******@ve*****.net.

Filer’s Files salutes our fighting men and women Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who both drowned. We pray that God will bless those who read these files spiritually.

George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director Chief Editor National UFO Center Major USAF ret. Graduated BS from Bradley U and Masters's Degree from Central Michigan University

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