Can you see the UFO?

In my previous article, I penetrated the importance of objectivity while searching for proof and evidence. Just like a judge should do, since he know that a trial never ends the way it started.

Being open minded to changes, even if it is not the changes we want, is the key to the truth.


I talked about how staring into the fire limits your perspective and I talked about how to find out if dream experiences could be true. In my search to put a “title” on my own experience I found out about Vantablack. This substance is so black that it absorbs 99.8% percent of all light. If this could be an organic material, it might as well be found in living beings. -From earth or not.


NASA was the first to present this material, according to my sources, then came the British company. So, what I want to do today is to prove to you that some experiences that we all read about, could be true with proof.


The picture you see below are a picture taken from an actual night sky. In it I deliberately placed a UFO. Can you see it?

Picture of the night sky
Picture of the night sky



No, I guess you can’t. It is a UFO  in Vantablack color. When I move it, the only thing you see is that the stars disappear accordingly and limits the view to the night sky in a moving angle. Any skilled eye would reflect on that the stars seem to twinkle from right to left. And even over a bigger surface, if the UFO is close to earth.


No one in such an excellent undercover cover, would risk being exposed on YouTube. To prevent us from seeing “it”, it simply fire rockets with a burning tail that self disintegrates after a certain distance. – We are raised to stare into the fire! and on a distance we will only see the “rockets” as stars shooting away making us believe that was the UFO’s.


In this picture I show a potential Vantablack UFO move from right to left
In this picture I show a potential Vantablack UFO move from right to left

What does this mean then? My personal belief is that if this UFO belongs on another planet, it’s both cool and creepy. But, If the UFO belongs on earth, then it’s a threat to each country, each citizen that is not in on this surveillance scheme.


Hope y’all have a great day and find plenty of mind puzzles that will be solved


National UFO Center

Web Development Director for National UFO Center, and Earth Changes Media UFO Researcher

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