UFOs Pounding Military Base In Texas With Lasers

From YouTube description:

“This occurred on 5/21/2011 in Ft. Worth, TX. THIS WAS FOR OUR OWN PROTECTION AGAINST OUR SO CALLED LEADERS AND THEIR BOSSES! As usual, this was not covered on the mainstream media.”

This video is too crazy not to see.  I am into the whole theory about a secret war against UFOs, even against other UFOs, so I had to check it out.  It’s just such a crazy video you gotta watch it. I’m blown away a little bit here.  There is definitely something happening here. There are UFOs and there are dozens of what look like explosions of some kind.  The only military base of note in Ft. Worth is the Joint Reserve Naval Air Station just West of downtown Ft. Worth.  By all means comment below after you watch the video and tell me if this is faked at all because its just too unbelievable.  They look like power flashes except there isn’t any power outages in the video.


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