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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #6 -2017 UFOs Are Entering Earth

February 3, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: French Minister of Defense UFOs Exist, Are UFOs Entering and Leaving Our Atmosphere, Peru – Crashed UFO Was Likely Shot Down

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia. Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Bangladesh, Chile, Mexico, Romania, Sweden, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Special Projects

French Minister of Defense UFOs Exist

 Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense states, “I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing.

 I believe that the attitude of spirit that we must vis-a-vis this phenomenon is an open one, that is to say that it doesn’t consist in denying a priori, as our ancestors of previous centuries did deny many things that seem nowadays perfectly elementary.”  M. Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense, interviewed on radio by Jean-Claude Bourret, February 21, 1974.


Are UFOs Entering and Leaving Our Atmosphere

The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellite has been detecting Fast Walkers (UFOs) entering our atmosphere for decades. The DSP analyzes the temperature, location and trajectory of a hot infrared source could build up both a description of the type of missile as well as its target dramatically reducing the chances of a surprise ICBM attack. The satellite weighed about 2,000 pounds and had a 12-foot long Schmidt infrared telescope with a linear array of 2,048 lead sulfide detectors that detected infrared energy. The satellite rotated six times per minute as the sensor “scanned” the entire face of the Earth. The sensor provided below-the-horizon coverage by spotting the missile’s exhaust plume and carried sensors for detecting nuclear explosions in the atmosphere. The first DSP satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral on November 6, 1970, atop a Titan 3C rocket.

By late June 1973, the four DSP satellites in orbit had detected a total of 1,014 missile launches. They had proven quite successful and had relieved some of the tension that was always present during the Cold War. DSP also presented some surprises to its operators. The satellites began detecting infrared returns within and above the atmosphere that were entering and leaving the atmosphere. Some of these returns were caused by sunlight reflecting off the satellites or meteorites and these events were soon designated “Fast Walkers.” DSP satellites, which are operated by the Air Force Space Command, detect missile or spacecraft launches and nuclear explosions using sensors that detect the infrared emissions from these intense sources of heat. During Desert Storm, for example, DSP was able to detect the launches of Iraqi Scud missiles and provide timely warnings to civilians and military forces in Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Warrant Officer Joe Stefula reports, “Our DSP satellites track the launch of various missiles using various types of sensors but chiefly with Infrared sensors. In addition to the missiles the sensors also are able to pick up unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that are entering and leaving our atmosphere called Fast Walkers.” UFO buffs were able to correlate ground UFO reports with ascending and descending UFOs

Slower anomalous objects are referred to has Slow Walkers. The DSP satellite system once composed of 18 units in deep space orbit picks up several UFO intruders or “Fast Walkers” ascending and descending several times a day. Some military personnel claim 12 intruders are seen each day. AeroJet General engineer and MUFON member Ron Regehr, helped design the satellites picking up the intruders. Insiders report there is a great deal of excitement as the UFOs sometimes trigger the early warning system. Often they are referred to as Uncorrelated Targets indicating they are not in the computer data base for all known objects in space. Russia, China and the US will correlate and jointly chase certain UFOs.

Going back to the 1980’s, an obsolete SPACECOM publication titled “Uncorrelated Target Processing Handbook” contains additional information about UCT’s. In 1995, Dr. Armen Victorian and researcher Ray Fowler were told by the SPACECOM Public Affairs Office that the handbook was a 1st Command and Control Squadron (1CACS) publication used for space surveillance tasking and guidance. Fowler, in his 1991 book “The Watchers”, states:

“…the handbook states that the 1st Command and Control Squadron (1CACS) is responsible for processing all UO’s that are reported to Cheyenne Mountain Space Surveillance Center (SCC) from the worldwide Space Surveillance Network (SSN). This includes UCT’s.”


 On April 18, 1989, Captain Thomas Niemann at the U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs said those military facilities “routinely tracks 6,900 man-made objects in space”. Each day, he says, and average of ‘one or two’ objects enter the Earth’s atmosphere which do not correlate’ with any known object. The source for his comment is ‘The Rocky Mountain News’ (Denver, Colorado) dated April 23, 1989.  In other words unidentified flying objects are tracked entering Earth’s atmosphere. This correlates with sightings reported by the public giving evidence of UFO operations.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) 1994 Project Report STK-221, titled, “Proceedings of the 1994 Space Surveillance Workshop, Volume 1” reads:

“….the observations on the object come into Space Defense Operations Center (SPADOC) as Uncorrelated Targets (UCTs)… …UCTs may also enter the system from objects which are new to the network. New satellites can arise in a number of ways, the most obvious being a newly launched satellite or from debris related to a launch. Other processing in SPADOC has specific responsibility for identifying these objects and cataloguing them as quickly as possible. But, on occasion, pieces of debris may be missed and this will eventually result in UCTs entering the system. Other sources of UCTs include maneuvers or orbital separations.”

In a 7th April, 1994 reply letter to Dr. Armen Victorian, SPACECOM stated:

Copies of any serious UCT event are sent to the Missions Systems Integration Board (MSIB). MSIB is composed of all NORAD and SPACECOM directorates, and senior level representatives from Naval Space Command, Army Space Command and Air Force Space Command.”
These are: Near Earth UCT’s and Deep Space UCT’s. The ‘Near Earth’ UCT’s are subsequently relegated into categories as well, being significant and nonsignificant, depending upon size and payload potential. All information relevant to ‘deep space’ UCTs are classified in the interest of National Security. A deep space object is not man-made and has an ‘extraterrestrial’ component to the UFO or UCT situation.

So, what are Uncorrelated Targets? And do they really have anything to do with the UFO phenomenon?

When a Space Surveillance Network (SSN) detection and tracking site discovers what could be new and/or uncatalogued object in space, it is first given the label “Unknown Observation” (UO). If routine attempts to identify the UO fail, it is quickly “tagged” as an “Uncorrelated Target” (UCT) and further attempts are made to associate it with a previously known object which has moved in space, wrongly tagged by the SSN system, or otherwise lost. Publically available information concerning these capabilities is remarkably myriad. For example, NASA’s 2008 “Handbook for Limiting Orbital Debris” states:

 “Individual SSN sensors are normally tasked each day to track a tailored set of satellites, taking advantage of each sensor’s location and capabilities. If the sensor can correlate the observations with a catalogued satellite, the observations are tagged accordingly and are sent to

Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC). If the observations cannot be associated with a known object, the observations are sent as Uncorrelated Targets (UCTs). Sometimes these UCTs can be correlated automatically with catalogued objects in Cheyenne Mountain, since the SCC database might have more accurate or more recent orbital data than the sensor. If no correlation is possible, the observations are retained as UCTs and can be compared with other UCTs at a later date by Space Control Center (SCC) analysts.”

Furthermore, UCT data is almost always classified SECRET. The STRATCOM “Dedicated SSN Sensors Security Classification Guide”, dated September 30th, 2005, states:

“Data collected on satellites with SECRET Element Sets is classified SECRET… … Signature data (e.g. Visual Magnitude Imagery, SOI) taken on deep space Uncorrelated Targets (UCTs) is classified SECRET and becomes UNCLASSIFIED if UCT data is correlated to an unclassified known object.”


 Photo from US Satellite.

US State Department Cables Warn Do Not Discuss UFOs entering Earth orbit

Researcher Larry Bryant has identified one such cable dated from November of 2005 in which the US State Department specifically instructed US Embassy personnel in the Ukraine NOT discuss ‘UFOs entering Earth Orbit’, or concerns the Department of Defense has with such matters.

According to the contents of a U. S. State Department “cable” message recently acquired from the Wikileaks… huge cache of such official communications, certain State officials have warned their personnel to refrain from discussing (even among themselves) the reality that planet Earth apparently is being reconnoitered by alien spacecraft (aka UFOs).
The document in question, dated Nov. 9, 2005, reportedly was sent to a diplomat at the U. S. embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, stating:

“It is critical all embassy staff understand that they are not to discuss under any circumstance concerns DOD [U. S. Department of Defense] has with UFOs entering orbit, once again the seriousness of this matter cannot be overstated.”

 Hillary Clinton Secretary of State; in office January 21, 2009 – February 1, 2013 … This article is part of a series about Hillary Clinton claims she will look into the UFO situation if elected president.

Uncorrelated Target data is with only one special exception, classified SECRET. UCTs fall into four “categories”, which are: “Nonsignificant ”, “Significant”, “Critical” or “False”. Furthermore, UCTs fall into two “classifications”, which are either “Near Earth” or “Deep Space”. All UCT data is sent from the initial detecting and tracking site to STRATCOM J3 (Operations), the Joint Functional Component Center – Space (JFCC-S) and the Joint Space Operations Center (JSOC).

NORAD too receives UCT data to fulfill its “Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment” (ITW/AA) mission, which includes missile warning and target prediction. Some UCTs undergo a process known as “Space Object Identification” (SOI) whereby UCT data is processed with the aim of actually identifying the object. SOI includes the measuring of a UCTs reflective brightness, determining its radar cross section (RCS), and even eavesdropping on any transmission, if manmade. UCT processing focuses on bodies that are in orbit, or reaching orbit, or have ballistic trajectories expected of missile launches. Thus, UFO’s – if one considers the erratic and unpredictable manner they are said to behave – may be difficult for the SSN to verify or assess.

Or, the other possibility is that the SSN is far more adaptive and sensitive than what publicly available information says.

How do we know all this? We know, because it can be all found in military doctrine dating back thirty years. There is a tracking system with cooperation of many countries.

Tracking would not seem to be the final answer to protect earth from possible invaders. We can speculate that there is a system to fight off some alien forces. .

Reports from China, Russia, France, Italy, and Peru claim to have downed UFOs in their posseion.

Regulations, Instructions, Manuals, Directives, and Handbooks   

There exist a number of NORAD, STRATCOM and old US Space Command (SPACECOM) publications which are of great interest. Unfortunately many are classified, and, thus, totally unrealizable, or, releasable only after heavy redaction.

The earliest publication we have on record that mentions UCT’s is an obsolete SPACECOM regulation titled “US 55-12 Space Surveillance Network (SSN) Operations”, dated 1st June, 1992. The version is heavily redacted, but nevertheless contains information essential to the study of possible UFO detection in space. At a hefty 191 pages and classified SECRET by “multiple sources”, UK researcher Dr. Armen Victorian, briefly wrote about its contents in 1996 after securing a copy. I talked to Armen several times but did not find is secret in obtaining data from the Defense intelligence community. The unclassified sections of “US 55-12 Space Surveillance Network (SSN) Operations” are, however, still of interest. The first page of states:

“This regulation provides policy and guidance for operations of the worldwide Space Surveillance Network (SSN). It applies to Headquarters US Space Command (HQ USSPACECOM); the component commands: Headquarters Air Force Space Command (AFSPACECOM), the Naval Space Command (NAVSPACECOM), and Army Space Command (USARSPACE); the Space Surveillance Centre (SSC), the Alternative Space Surveillance Centre (ASSC); and the SSN sensors…”

A 6-month summation of UCT reports has a massive listing of thousands of UCT detections on large computer paper that was about a hundred pages. The UCT reports occur very frequently, sometimes 12-times daily. The UCTs are picked up by both ground and orbiting radar sensors. The UCT listings give latitude and longitude coordinates all over the Earth. Many come in over the Poles and then move inland and apparently go to a series of bases.

 The source for the enclosed list is “The Uncorrelated Target Processing Handbook” dated 16 February 1993. It is 24 pages long, signed by


Owen E. Jensen, Col, USAF – Commander, 73rd Space Group and edited by Captain G.L. Wilson. Agencies are likely to have closed down and re-activated under a different name since then for “duplicity purposes.” Detachment 1, 73d Space Group – San Vito dei Normanni AS, Italy

Tyndall, Florida, Ent AFB, Colorado

  •  Detachment 2, 73d Space Group – RAF Feltwell, United Kingdom (shown)
  • Detachment 3, 73d Space Group – Misawa AB, Japan
  • These are: Near Earth UCT’s and Deep Space UCT’s. The ‘Near Earth’ UCT’s are subsequently relegated into categories as well, being SIGNIFICANT and NONSIGNIFICANT, depending upon size and payload potential.

Strangely, all information relevant to ‘DEEP SPACE’ UCTs are classified in the interest of National Security. Obviously a deep space UCT is not likely to be an enemy ICBM and is most likely an alien spaceship. Near Earth friendly UCTs are likely identified with an IFF system similar to our own separating friend from foe. A spaceship coming in from deep space could be a foe that would require warning or may even may be attacked by Earth’s Defense Forces.

There appears to be an increase in the number of UCTs entering our atmosphere. Remote viewers indicate there are about a dozen bases they have been able to detect on Colony Earth.

Several are also on our moon. The Earth is considered as the best world in this part of the solar system and can provide water, various types of food, minerals and entertainment. There is indication several nations have treaties providing various products in exchange for technical information to various aliens

For example Russia is ahead of the US in the space race. China and India have sent probes to the moon. National Security Action Memo No. 271 to the NASA Administrator James Webb, reveals there is “co-operation with USSR on UFOs and outer space matters” and is dated Nov 12th 1963!

There is also an indication of a space war with undesirable aliens who are expanding militarily and conquering various planets. We have several reports of alien spaceships shot down or seriously affected by our radars, weapons  and Earth’s weather.

GEODSS atop the Haleakala crater, Hawaii

AN/FSQ-114 Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) Units are:

Det. 1, 21st Operations Group, White Sands Missile Range, N.M.;

Det. 2, 21st Operations Group, Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean

Det. 3, 21st Operations Group, Maui, Hawaii. Mission: Space surveillance (shown)— to detect, track and identify more than 2,500 objects in deep-space orbits. Provides photometric space object identification. Aperture opening: 40 inches Range: 3,000 miles to greater than 22,000 miles.

Editor’s Note – Uncorrelated targets coming into and leaving the atmosphere are picked up 2 to12  times a day. Correlated targets are various types of space junk tracked and kept in Air Force computers while uncorrelated targets are unknowns. Our Earth is an oasis in space and UFOs likely stop for resupply, relaxation and recreation. As part of an ongoing initiative to transform the U.S. military, on June 26, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that U.S. Space Command would merge with USSTRATCOM.

Peru – Crashed UFO Was Likely Shot Down

Marine Corps Lance Corporal John Weygandt, who was part of the Disclosure Project, was sent to Peru in March 1997, to provide perimeter security for a radar installation that he was told tracked drug traffic aircraft in Peru and Bolivia. He states, “About midnight, while I was on guard duty, Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson told me, an aircraft crashed and they need us to go and secure the crash site.” Early that morning we drove six Hummers close to the crash site just when it started to get light. Well, we found the area real easy because there was a huge gash in the land where something had crashed. Everything was burned and it was like something had almost cut warm butter with a knife. It was like something on fire or had some kind of energy like a laser had cut it. It was really strange. I was in the front with Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson and we were ten or twenty meters ahead of everyone else. We were the first ones to see this thing. It had gone up the hill and then off in the side of the ravine and ridge. This was a 200-foot ridge, of solid rock. A huge craft was buried at a 45-degree angle in the side of the cliff there at the ridge. It was straight up and down.

The craft was dripping a greenish-purple syrup-like liquid. The liquid was everywhere and fluctuated like it was alive and changing to a different shade of greenish purple. The craft was humming like a bass guitar and had a slowly turning light. Most of the craft seemed buried into the cliff but vents, like a fish gill were on the back. The liquid got on my clothes and ate holes in them and burned off some the hair on my arms. There were three holes in the ship that may have been hatches that were not flush with the main body of the craft. There was another hatch the same width and diameter of the top hatch and it was kind of crooked to the side and it was half open. I didn’t see any lights or anything coming out of it but I felt this… presence. It is real strange. I think the creatures calmed me. It was weird and I think they were trying to communicate with me, telepathically. The Corporal estimated the craft was ten meters in width and about 20 meters in length and shaped like something between an egg and a teardrop. The skin of the craft had bumps and notches and appendages on it. It was really organic and almost like art. It looked like something that could be made in a shop. It looked like it could have been handmade but out of what materials I do not know. It was definitely nothing like titanium. It looked like metal but there was no reflection. The sun was shining on it and I could see the different shades of the craft and it didn’t reflect anything. Suddenly the Sergeants were yelling at me to get the hell out of there.

After we climbed back up, the Department of Energy people were there. I was arrested and cuffed, both hands down. I had all my gear taken from me by men in black cammies who threatened me and subdued me and put me on a cot. They had no name tags. At the crash site there were about thirty of these guys wearing hazard suits.

 Patriot Missile

I had been told aircraft were flying in and out of the atmosphere at mach ten plus. When you have objects that reenter the atmosphere and then stop on a dime and then turn around and go exactly the opposite direction – that is kind of strange. Meteors don’t do that. The craft was not from Earth. I knew that when I looked at it. I wondered if those facilities were built for the intent to track UFO’s and their cover was to track drug aircraft. They had laser range finders and all kinds of high tech stuff that I have never seen before. I couldn’t really explain it.

They [the laser range finders] that looked like big telescopes and some sort of Command Center manned by a multi –national force. So these craft were tracked from this particular radar and were logged. I’m confident that when I saw the aircraft, it had been hit by something. Perhaps by a Patriot Missile System or laser weapons. Something had taken it out.

Editor’s Note: Corporal Weygandt described a craft damaged by enemy action, either ours or an opposing alien force. His testimony on Page 274 of “Disclosure: Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets” by Steven Greer M.D. is excellent and indicates lethal deadly force was being used against alien intruders during the Clinton Administration. We can assume this war continues.


Mars Cylinders


Using Google to check out mars, I noticed these two rectangular objects located on mars that should not be there.

One is 3.5 miles long and one mile wide by Google measure they are located at 41*33’44.02″ north and
22*22’06.86″ west.

Both objects are sitting next to a crater. Picture is provided from Google earth. Just an observation.

 Thanks to MUFON CMS

 UFO Sightings in the United States


Kingman — we been watching this object coming from the south for several months.

On January 1, 2017, it looks like a planet then it looks like we don’t know what it is with multiple bright lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Arkansas Disc

Dollywood — I was in the USAF and assigned to SAC. I worked directly with B-52s with a security clearance. While I sat on the runways waiting for my Bombers to come down I have seen hundreds of planes in flight and maneuvering.
I was driving to Dollywood with my sister, mother and daughter who were asleep at the time. In my windshield I noticed an object in the sky at about a 45 degree angle that I assumed it was a plane. I looked back a few minutes later and it appeared to be in the same position. I decided it was unknown and a UFO, I hollered at my sister and told her to look up and give me the camera. At this time it went from 0 to fast quick and in a hurry. First it moved 90 degrees up, and out of sight. I did manage to snap only one picture.
My sister still remembers me shouting to look. I tinted and enlarged the object and low and behold it’s a regular ole round Flying Saucer so I am now providing pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 California Object

 Fountain Valley — I went outside in the backyard to smoke a cigarette ON January 26, 2017.

I immediately saw weird looking lights so I grabbed my phone from my jacket pocket and started filming it.

This time I have the original unedited video which I am submitting, sorry about the audio I was talking to myself.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Lights

Bradenton – My friend and I were sitting in my car in my driveway on January 29, 2017, and she said, it was a yellow orb orangish yellow orb with fire flaming off the top. It came up between the two houses from the top of the trees and continued to go up.

I own drones and I have no drone and it says it in the video that could fly as high as this thing went it went so high it looked like a star and then it disappeared into the clouds.

It never flickered like a star and it did not stay in one area it was a constant ascending but the flame at the top was flickering red flame.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Light

Woodstock — I saw this over downtown on January 24, 2017, at 6.30 PM. The object had red and green lights flashing with a bright white light?

Note: In the video the object appears to be white and is flashing. The witness saw red and green flashing lights. The object hovered for over a minute, began moving and then dropped from the sky. An aircraft was heard overhead towards the end of the video. It is obvious that the video was taken with a cell phone. This is a strange video and I don’t have an explanation? Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://www.UFOsnw.com

Illinois Sightings

Edinburg — I watched a UFO show on TV the other night where an air plane pilot had crashed but his body was not in the cockpit. He had spotted a UFO before that so it was very interesting. You know my visitors are still around as on January 24, 2017 at 6:32 pm.

I show them to others out here, but, they say they don’t see anything or we don’t believe in that stuff. Lately every once in awhile early morning, you can hear this loud noise flying slowly over the house. I have never heard the loud noise before. I look out the window but there isn’t anything there. It’s weird noise unlike helicopters or planes. Whatever it is they will land in the field across from my house. These things follow me so lately so I look out my window and don’t sleep until daylight. Take Care, Pam Stark 😊

Maryland Light

 Ocean City — I was up early on a Sunday morning and headed out for my morning cup of coffee on January 29, 2017. I live two blocks from the beach. As I headed out I noticed a beautiful sunrise, and walked to the beach to take some pictures to post on Facebook, and Instagram. I took all the pictures in less than a minute, at 7:20 am. I took my photos from 7-11 and went home. I looked at the photos for the first time, and noticed the strange object in my pictures. I had not noticed it while taking the pictures. I find the path of movement in a line to be very compelling. The forth picture was taken facing a different direction, without the pier in the picture. I’m interested in hearing what professionals believe are in the photos Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editors Note: It is likely the object in the photo is a sun’s reflection on the lens.

Nevada Sphere

Las Vegas —  On January 14, 2017 around 4:05 PM, I decided to take some photos of the setting sun which just had started breaking through the clouds near the snow-capped mountains. I took three pictures with my android phone near Fort Apache and Blue Diamond Roads. The next day I opened one of the photos to show a friend and noticed a strange grey-tinted circular shaped image in my photo. The image is grey-ish and does have a pale curved cross indication on it when zoomed in closer. I am not able to judge distance to the object. None of us had ever seen anything like it.

One of the other photos has the circular shaped orb image in the distance. The image on the photos is not a dust spot as it moves in each photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Light

 Howard Beach – I was driving with my dog late night coming back home when suddenly in front of my car appeared a ball of light about 300 feet away. This object can manipulate light as if it were in some invisible bubble. In the middle of this bubble was a sphere. The sphere itself was like a bluish ball of plasma that was emitting light. But the whole bubble of light was very dim. Two young guys noticed it and started hollering at the ball of light and yelled out, ” Wow did you just see that light?”. The light around this object grew and then shrunk, about 6-8 times before disappearing. Since then I had five more sightings. When I looked directly into the sphere, it stopped growing and got smaller and it just stayed there.

My ex girlfriend told me about being abducted. She said she had a personal experience with the tall grays. My new girl friend also has had experiences with ET’s. Extraterrestrials are real! Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Lights

Jacksonville — These are photos taken from separate trail cameras on January 24, 2017.

I have set up cameras at different locations on my property. My wife did spotted three glowing lights in the northern sky the night before I retrieved these from my cams.

There may or may not be any correlation between her seeing lights and the pictures my trail cams captured.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Light

Beaverton, January 23, 2017 I saw a light emanating from a subject for about two minutes. Then it moved back and then disappeared.

Note: The video suggests that the object could have been a helicopter. However, the witness heard no sound and no sound was present on the video.

The video appears to have been taken with a cell phone.

Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://www.UFOsnw.com



Pittsburgh – I was taking my dog outside. I first noticed the object because it flew from over the field across my house. I had no idea what to think about the object when I first saw it, my only instinct was to get out my phone and start recording because it definitely wasn’t something I had ever seen before. I first saw the object when it flew over the trees across from my house and flew quite quickly in a straight pattern over and away from my house. It was shaped like a dome with a slight point on top, and some type of string like appendage hanging from it. It was dark in color. My feelings on the object are quite mixed. I’ve always been on the fence as far as paranormal occurances. But when I saw this thing I was just so intrigued, and I genuinely can’t explain what this might be. I lost sight of object when it disappeared over the hills behind my house. There is a filter on the video I’m sending because I had put it on my Snapchat story.

South Carolina Light

Piedmont — I was driving home from work in the evening on January 25, 2017, and I noticed what appeared to be an airplane in the sky but it didn’t seem to be moving.

When I got home I tried recording the steady light on my phone but it looked like a light spec.

So I got my digital camera and zoomed in as close as I could. The white light was no longer white. It was like green and purple and only light, no actual object.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Texas Lights

Houston — My sister called me and told me to go outside because there were some weird lights in the sky on January 27, 2017. My mom and sister were both inside the car so I got inside. They pointed to the lights that was moving to one side and then it disappeared. Then it appeared again and it moved towards another light and they circled together for a couple of seconds. The lights were randomly appearing and moving for around 10 minutes. At one point the light was moving up and there were five lights blinking one after the other. The lights kept moving in weird way, which made me think of a UFO. I’m going to include a 18 second video and see if you can determine if they were UFOs. After around 10 minutes the lights stopped appearing. I went inside after and looked over the videos I took  Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Disc

Grafton — My partner was videoing me on a practice bull ride on January 19, 2017, like I do every week before a rodeo. It wasn’t until playing back the video watching my ride a few times over a week, that I noticed these flying objects. I thought earlier were big birds, are definitely an object that fits the description of a ufo, not a bird!
My partner and I have played the video back several times to see the ships in the sky!
My mother and other family members are also gob smacked with what they can see on the video! Before noticing them as UFO’s, I didn’t feel any different than any other dayI feel a presence of something definitely out there, and am watching over my shoulder! It was only by chance, of my video, that I discovered the flying objects that were so quick, faster than the speed of light with some movements, like they disappear. I have now picked up maybe 6 or 7. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Bangladesh Cylinder


Habiganj — I was inside a watch tower of a wildlife sanctuary to photograph birds when my friend using his cell phone told me there was something in the east as the sun was rising. He helped by pointing it out and I saw a falling vibrating leaf. It was vibrating like something else.  A few months ago I also saw the same thing from the same place. I was not able to focus but shot the falling path of that object was not straight down. It was falling from upper right corner to the lower left corner. I was able to see it for 8-10 seconds, but didn’t get a chance to focus. I asked my friend for more details. He first thought it was a coin shaped star but suddenly it moves by itself for a little and stops.
Honorable MUFON authority, maybe I am not allowed to request here in my description but this is my second time sending you my sightings. You can see something in these photos of what is continuously happening with me.  I need some experts advice. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Chilean Navy Release

Jan 8, 2017 – A nine-minute Navy video of a UFO displaying highly unusual behavior and … The CEFAA, a Chilean government agency which investigates UFOs, …


 Mexico Light

 Oaxaca De Juarez — We were having dinner at the New Year celebration on January 1, 2017, when my mother called us alarmed,
We saw the courtyard lit in pink just like it was a sunset, we thought it was an artificial light.

We were scared by the gas tank, and when we left we saw a flying saucer over our house at not less than 250 feet. We got the camera which is a Reflex Canon that records hd.. video.

Take the following videos, we dont believe this yet but we know what we saw.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Romania Disc

I’m living in Romania and some parts of our country particularly in the mountains have really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities!  The Carpathian Mountains are near the cities. Busteni and Azuga have a secret army base.

But the reason why I write to you is that couple years ago during a summer camp with kids on June 29, 2012, up in the mountains not so far from the mentioned area I was taking random pictures. When I get home I started to erase the bad pictures and I got to the picture I’m talking about. I realize that I take a picture of something which I didn’t see. I sent my picture to the Romanian UFO Society and they said that I was taking a photo of a UFO but they didn’t have the technical support to clear the picture! They forwarded my picture to a German society but they never answered back! I would like to ask u if u can to clear this picture and to explain to me what I have seen there! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Sweden Cloud

The cloud photographed in Åre. Photo: Felizia Lorenzotti

A mysterious UFO-shaped cloud baffled skiers when it appeared in the sky over Sweden. The bizarre cloud floated in the sky over ski resorts Åre and Duved on Thursday, prompting some to speculate that Martians had arrived for a day on the slopes. Many rushed to take pictures of the unusual phenomenon and posted them on social media. “I thought it was pretty cool,” one of them, Elvira Kuper, told broadcaster SVT.

Experts explained it was a so-called lenticular cloud, which forms over mountain peaks when the air is forced to rise as it hits the hillside. As it cools it condenses into a cloud. Thanks to their peculiar shape, they are often mistaken for UFOs.


UK/England Lights

Norwich – My girlfriend and I were laying in bed between 11-12 PM, when an extremely loud vibration noise startled us. We opened the window to look outside, when suddenly a huge black triangle moved directly over the top of the house at an extremely low altitude on June 30, 2015. The lights along with the black underneath of the craft, made a perfect triangle shape. The craft appeared solid due to it blotting out the stars. The lights were completely static, with a larger dim white light at the centre of the craft. We both observed the object as it slowly drifted off into the distance until it was out of sight.

Upon seeing the craft I knew it was not a conventional aircraft due to the extremely slow speed, along with the steady unblinking lights. We both left shaken. A craft of that size flying at such a low altitude over a populated area seemed strange so it could be a secret military aircraft such as the TR-3B. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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