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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 36-2014 Alien Voices Heard


In special reports, this week’s files cover: UFOs and Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney,  Alien Voices Break into Two NASA Missions, Islamic State Beheads Journalist,An Abductee Letter, and Missouri UFO Sighting Update.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Canada, Greece, Indonesia, Lithuania, Spain, and in England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers. Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.


George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director


September 3, 2014

Special Reports

Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney


No agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this time the speeds and accelerations which radars and observers  indicate these flying objects are able to achieve… there are  objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds.” Vice Admiral Delmer S. Fahrney, former head of the Navy’s guided-missile program, printed in New York Times, January 17, 1957, p. 31. 

Rear Admiral Fahrney was “the foremost Navy pioneer for the development of guided missiles. His vision of future weaponry, technical excellence and tireless advocacy formed the basis for the post-World War II Navy missile programs.”.”Admiral Fahrney’s early work in guided missiles and his foresight in planning for future generations of missiles earned for him recognition by many peers as ‘the father of naval air guided missiles.'”

Commander Graham Bethune the VIP pilot for Admiral Fahrney and other top commanders claims he flew the top brass to a UFO crash site in Iceland in the early 1950s.


On January 16, 1957, Admiral Fahrney held a press conference for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) stating, “Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds. The way they change position would indicate their motion is directed.” (New York Times article) Fahrney was chairman of NICAP’s Board of Governors for one week, and then, for personal reasons, had to resign. His replacement was the first CIA Director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, who was recruited in April 1957, and this must have infuriated the CIA. According to Richard Hall, Fahrney was a NICAP member for a long time, and visited the office when he was there in 1958, and later exchanged a lot of information with Jim McDonald. Throughout, he kept funneling good Navy pilot and missile officer cases to NICAP.

Alien Voices Break Into Two NASA Missions

Apollo8Apollo 8

Brett Allen writes, “NASA must still be holding its breath over two incredible space mission events that they must now hope have been long forgotten. Although it’s rumored that Dr. Edgar Mitchell told a fellow scientist at a UFO symposium that we were warned off the Moon, it may well not be the first time such events played out. In fact, two incredible events in Ufology have gone completely forgotten by modern UFOlogists.” I believe both the last 1963 Mercury Mission and the subsequent 1968 Apollo 8 mission, should have changed our views on the question of “alien” life… had UFOlogists followed up on the events. For years, I have been amazed that I am the only one who seems to remember that on two separate NASA missions, Gemini 7 and Apollo 8, strange voices in an unintelligible language, voices that appeared to be admonishing mankind, broke into NASA’s secure mission frequencies. I remember as a child, the events put chills up my spine. 

 Like Moses in Exodus, when entering the realm of God from Mt. Sinai… “thereupon I saw the whole round of the Earth, at once the depth of the Earth and then the vast altitudes of the heavens…,” the world drew a collective sigh, as Apollo 8 astronauts, at least in contemporary times, became the first to see planet Earth, in its entirety, from the firmament of heaven. Next, the mission would take three more days for Apollo 8 to begin to orbit the Moon, where the module would take them over the far side of the Moon, the side long rumored, and suggested in photographs, to possibly harbor an extraterrestrial civilization… perhaps a question that may have been answered almost half a century ago. 

Apollo8William Anders, Jim Lovell and Frank

Orbiting the lunar surface on Christmas Eve, astronauts William Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman read, in turn, from the Bible’s creation narrative; the first 10 verses of the Book of Genesis.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. “God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so. God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so.  God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.

It’s during that mission, it’s said, the crew made their infamous Christmas Eve sighting of the infamous “Ezekiel’s wheel” UFO as Lovell in the center of photo quipped… “Roger. Please be informed, there IS a Santa Claus!”  But there is far more to the Apollo 8 story… and possibly a very good reason why the crew read from the book of Genesis. I suggest they were paying homage to the god (s) they now knew existed… and controlled the Moon.  

At that time in history, the mission was the most watched TV event ever aired, that is why I find it amazing that I am among the very few who still remember the startled faces on Mission Control technicians, as the unexplained, stern voice, broke in over NASA‘s secure frequency. Yelling in an unintelligible language, it gave you the feeling it was chiding the astronauts and Mission Control like recalcitrant children. Although the Apollo 8 Mission had its mysteries, virtually no one remembers this unexplained “interruption.” 


Neither does anyone remember that three years earlier, on 16 May 1963, from his Faith 7, Mercury capsule over Hawaii, Gordon Cooper, speaking with mission control on his special secure frequency, also had a similar, extraneous, berating voice or voices break into his transmission. Later, scientifically examined, the public was reassured and offered this double entendre… “The voice corresponded to no known language… on Earth!” 

Oddly enough, although Cooper made other UFO admissions, he was never asked about, or mentioned, anything about this bizarre incident. Neither did Borman, Lovell or Anders. Amazingly, both incidents have sunk into UFO obscurity. If you think I have this wrong, you’ll find an account of the both incidents recorded in the “Time Life” book series “Time and Space Mysteries,” Vol. 21.”  Was someone or something, warning us against “slipping the surely bonds of Earth,” and entering the realm of the gods? 

.Amazingly, two years after Cooper’s Mercury mission, on November 9th 1965, a UFO “fireball” was blamed for the Nation’s Great Northeast blackout. UFOlogists have confirmed that a flurry of UFO activity descended on the Northeast, and culminated in the Nation’s largest blackout. Were the ancient god(s) again trying to send mankind a very loud message? The events even led to Congressional hearings in which the subject of UFOs and our vulnerable energy grid were discussed.

 Finally, few, even now, remember that on Jan 15th, 2004, President George W. Bush, stood before the world and announced an ambitious plan for America to return to the Moon by 2020. Constructing a lunar base, we would use the missions as a stepping stone for future manned trips to Mars and beyond. However, I believe Bush was also sent a very deliberate message, one he too received loud and clear. 

 During his terms as President, the Bush White House endured two UFO incursions into its airspace: the first, Nov 20th, 2003, and in case he didn’t get the message, after his “Return to the Moon” speech, he again received a second on April 27, 2005; an event that saw Bush spirited away to a bunker under the White House, while Cheney was rushed to a separate undisclosed location. But then on Jan 8th, 2006, another huge, 300-meter, silent, UFO was seen by many witnesses heading, fast and low, on a direct path for Bush’s Crawford ranch. Two fighter jets were in hot pursuit. Radar reports confirmed the event.  Coincidently, Bush, like NASA, lost all interest in returning to the Moon, simply blamed on a lack of Congressional funding. Amazingly, despite a wealth of scientific knowledge that could be gleamed from such missions, NASA has never returned to the Moon, nor does it have any plans too… why?  

Dr. Aleksandr Kasantsev states that Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module and continued filming them after Armstrong went outside. Soviets say Armstrong said the story is true.

Islamic State Beheads Journalist


 The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has beheaded Steven J. Sotloff, the second American executed by the Islamic militant group, and posted a video of it on the Internet. The Islamic State wishes to prove it is a barbaric terrorist group conducting beheadings, crucifixions and mass kidnappings and killings. Mr. Sotloff’s beheading came two weeks after James Foley, 40, another American journalist, was beheaded by ISIS.

The US has begun surveillance flights over Islamic State forces in Syria—a potential precursor to airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorist group, according to the Associated Press. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday the President has not yet “made a decision to pursue any sort of military action in Syria the key base of ISIS.” He noted that the President as flown to Europe to obtain NATO support against the Islamic State and to discuss Russian actions in the Ukraine. Drones are now conducting reconnaissance missions over Syria to develop key targets.

The Syrian Government indicates it would welcome attacks on ISIS forces that recently overran Raqqa Air Base and killed several hundred Syrian soldiers after they surrendered. It is evident we need reliable partners on the ground that will likely include Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.


ARoyal Australian Air Force C-17A has delivered ammunition to Kurdish forces in northern Iraq. The C-17A aircraft flew to Tirana in Albania where it was loaded before delivering the ammunition to the Kurdish town of Erbil. RAAF C130 Hercules aircraft have already been involved in dropping aid to communities in northern Iraq threatened by the advance of Islamic State militants.

Various countries are flying in small arms and ammunition to prevent the further beheadings of Christian children and other religious minorities. On Tuesday UN chief Ban Ki-moon

 said, “It was important that nations such as Australia help address the situation in Iraq– See more at: http://www.skynews.com.au/


Iraqi forces (blue on Map) broke through Sunday to the jihadist-besieged Shiite town in Amerli, where twenty thousand people have been trapped for more than two months with dwindling food and water. The increased use of airpower, not just U.S. fighter jets but also the arrival of Russian-built Su-25 attack jets for the Iraqi Air Force, have had a significant impact, though gauging  casualties among Islamic State fighters is difficult. ISIS forces areditching military-type vehicles that make them easy targets of air strikes, and are blending in with residents, say witnesses.

Aircraft from several countries also dropped humanitarian aid to Amerli.

The mainly Shiite Turkmen were running desperately short of food and water, and endangered both because of their Shiite faith, which jihadists consider heresy, and their resistance to the militants, which has drawn harsh retribution elsewhere. The Iraqi forces entered Amerli and broke the siege. The ISIS terror tactics are giving the government forces resolve to win rather than surrender to certain death. Thanks to AP.

An Abductee Letter


 Harv Howard writes, “MUFON at its core was slow in accepting abductee cases such as my own and slower still in moving even further along the path. From your files I get the impression that you have not moved too far from the older works stipulating that demonic forces are involved with UFOs. For a better update on these topics I suggest that you get acquainted with the many accounts of the thousands of people that have taken the drug Ayahuasca clinically known as DMT. An excellent book by Rick Strassman and three other professionals is entitled “Inner Paths to Outer Space.”It is available from Amazon.  If you read the book, you will undoubtedly find that even when Strassman was doing the initial DMT experiments using college students in the mid-1990s that his subjects frequently reported contact with aliens in one fashion or another. The book does attempt to put such experiences in perspective as internal to the experiencer, but it fails to answer the larger question of exactly what is going on.


 Having experienced total loss of control of my body and mind during my abduction while I was driving in 1964, I strongly suspect that the ETs are real, very much as they appear in body and ships, but that these days they find the DMT users easier, receptive targets, getting into and controlling if not altering their philosophical states of mind. Some of them remember strange encounters with aliens, some do not. Reflecting back on my experience, I remember only the beginning and end of my two-hour time loss.  If I can be programmed starting from a fully conscious state, I suspect it is possible that some of these DMT people may have been influences beyond what they remember. (Some may not be suitable.)  From what I understand in learning about DMT is that typically the experiencer gained a perspective of a greater appreciation of the cosmos and, a propensity to think that the New World Order is not such a bad concept. As formerly a country bumpkin at the age of 24, I can attest that overnight I had a change of view on far beyond that I held the day before. Thanks to Harv Howard

Missouri UFO Sighting Update

Joplin — Marge Kay Missouri MUFON Assistant State Director and Star Team Investigator has received new information from one of the witnesses who saw the possible landing of a UFO that was bigger than a house. This case involved an airline pilot, Joplin Globe general manager John Cruzan and health technician Traci Cruzan, who had a close encounter with a UFO. On July 8 at 9:15 p.m. Barry Powell was walking his dog in front of his house when he noticed a quarter-sized object with orange lights in the sky north of his location. As the object descended from a high altitude to a low altitude on a straight-line trajectory Barry realized that it was no standard aircraft. As John Cruzan and his wife Traci rounded the corner in their Jeep, the pilot flagged them down. The two jumped out of their vehicle just as the object was flying an estimated 300 feet overhead.


The three witnesses said that the object was one-acre wide and one-acre in length. They said that there was absolutely no sound coming from the object and that this concerned them.

“The pilot said, ‘I know what different aircraft sound like and there should have been an engine sound but there was none. And what was keeping that thing in the air? There were no wings or tail and it was flying too slow to be airborne.

“The witnesses all said they felt like the situation was surreal. The pilot said that there was no sound in the area as he watched the object overhead, yet John Cruzan heard the pilot’s dog barking at the object. The neighborhood dogs all barked at the object as it flew over the homes in the area.

The object was very large, teardrop in shape with multiple orange, blue, and yellow lights underneath.  The three followed the craft to a location where they thought it may have landed or crashed, and experienced strange phenomena with their vehicle and flashlight while in the area. The flashlight failed to project a beam and the Jeep would not shift into gear.

On August 18, Mr. Cruzan stated that he had seen a physician about the burn with blisters on his arm that appeared right after the UFO sighting on July 8. The Doctor said that. “The injury was consistent with a burn caused by a laser.”  Mr. Cruzan also stated that he was very ill for three weeks after the encounter, but that he had been feeling better for the past week.  Doctors could not explain the illness and said that he did not have a virus. The illness led investigators to wonder if Mr. Cruzan had been exposed to radiation, however, neither of the other two witnesses were ill and they were all in close proximity to each other throughout the UFO encounter, so that likely rules out radiation as the cause.

We have since received five more reports from less than a mile away. Missouri MUFON requests that any other witnesses to this event or similar events contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or ma*********@ya***.com. Drawing credit: Margie Kay, www.unxnews.comDirector, Quest Investigation Group, www.margiekay.com


Sightings of the United States

Alabama Circular Lights


Russellville — I saw it twice. First, I was driving south on Highway 43 in Colbert County, in a strip of farm land known locally as the “Cotton Flats”. There were angular clouds and a series of flashes. I quickly realized that it was green and blue and all hews in between. I slowed the vehicle as the glow of lights that seemed to be scanning outward. The object lowered beneath the clouds radiating blue to green and back again. It had two lines of circular lights in two parallel lines. The lines would hover and then shift attitude continuing the light show.

Then the lights at the top of the parallel lines got closer together while the ones in the back pin wheeled further apart. Both lines stayed straight but were at 45 degree angles of each other. Then they took off to the southeast and vanished but reappeared and I grabbed my camera and snapped a photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Arkansas Light


Pine Bluff — We pretty much have our game-cam on daily and on August 12, 2914, got this photo. We have captured a few of the pictures over the past two years. We do have more photos of more unexplainable events.  I don’t know if these are anything to investigate, but would like to know what the “heck” is going on.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Lights CAJoshaTrwwAug14

Joshua Tree – Deb Warren writes, I took photos during the August 2014 Dr. Greer CSETI training as the meditation was beginning. Just as the meditation began, he indicated a bright golden object just above the eastern horizon. Daniel D. began recording with his night vision video camera. I took 9 photos as the golden ball moved south. I saw navigation lights and decided it was a plane. When the meditation ended, I discovered this object on three of the photos. I showed the images to Dr. Greer and he invited everyone to come take a look.

If you look closely at the star positions between photo 3 and 4, you see that in 18 seconds the plane traveled to the right a certain distance, and in the same period, the object traveled to left 4 times the distance of the plane. The “thinning” of the object and dispersal of the ‘jewels’ of light may be some kind of preparation for a hyper-jump into a trans-dimensional form. Snip

Dr. Greer later explained that he remote viewed the plane and knew that it was a military craft reconnoitering the area. ) that is hyper-jumping 4 to 6 times while the shutter is open, that is the reason for the translucent red line.  Or it could be one object (i.e. a string of ‘jewels’ on the exterior of the craft?) which appears in a circular arrangement in Photo 2. Many people were sighting red objects hovering briefly in the area. On Aug 16th, I saw an object with this same appearance pop in briefly. All week I had been asking the ETs for the opportunity to take pictures of “jewel-like” craft. Thanks to Deb Warren.

Indiana Star


Lucknow — I was on my rooftop at night gazing at stars on 30 August 2014, and spotted a glowing object changing direction, changing altitude, and color. The object was a glowing orb, which was yellow/gold/orange and silver/white color in the west. It was big, dimming, and glowing, and releasing a lot of light. It was travelling southwest silently.
It was totally a different amazing experience so I called my friend about 11:15 pm and he was amazed. It just vanished, when I was looking at it. After midnight I saw it and descend in the southwest. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maryland Disc

MDOwings Mills28Aug14

Owings Mills — My wife and I observed a disc shaped white glowing object on August 28, 2014. My wife and I observed a disc shaped white glowing object at 7:54 pm. We know standard aircraft and have never seen anything like this or ever made an actual UFO report. This was not a plane or copter.

The glowing disc made high speed movements, abrupt turns, hovering, ascending and descending. Eventually it disappeared into tree lines. We tried chasing but lost track of the object. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Photo Shows White Cigar


North Wildwood — I saw a red light fireball on August 10, 2014, that made no sound and was hovering over North Wildwood.  Note: The photo shows a white cigar shaped object which is much different than what the witness observed?  Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com

 Marlton — My cousin (former Navy guy) and I watched 9 large orange red objects fly from south to north over Marlton around 9:25 PM, on August 9, 2014. I captured two on video which made no sound and sky was clear. We saw two spheres following each other, then a third, then five. Then a lull in the action for a minute, then number 6, then a lull for a minute, then number 7, then a lull for a minute, then number 8 and 9. None were side by side, all followed behind each other. My cousin estimated the speed at between 600-700 mph. I have a YouTube version of video.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York OrbNYBay Shore4Aug14

Bay ShoreI was in my backyard with my son and my dog Spanky and I take pictures of the moon and stars and we have seen objects before so I had my camera with me. I noticed an object that was bright and flying too low to be an airplane or helicopter. The object appeared to be round, glowing and was moving at a decent speed across the sky. Spanky started barking. I said to my son, “Eric, what’s that?” I turned my camera to video mode and started filming. I was excited, in awe and nervous because this was over our heads and I was determined to get a photo and or video of it. The object went over my house and out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Flying Object


Highlands – A professor at Georgia Tech writes, “I run a UFO camera in Highlands and got three frames on August 22st around 5 PM. The object goes from the left to the right of the video frame. It moves across the frame in 1 second. My frame rate is one frame each .25 seconds.  That sequence will take you from left to right which is the order for viewing. This photo is the center shot.
I have magnified the object and it does not look like a plane, bird, or insect. I am sending you the high resolution version so that you can see the object in detail. I have never seen an aircraft that low in the mountains. The speed is what is interesting. It goes from right to left in just over a second. It is a true UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Smoke Trail


 Lakewood — I was at my soccer game which had started at 7 PM and my mom takes pictures of me so she had her camera on August 20, 2014.  My cousin came to the game and noticed something funny in the sky while looking at the airplanes and it was a weird shape so my mom took a picture and we have never seen anything like it. It’s bronze colored and shaped very odd. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Akron — While I and my girlfriend were outside in the yard I saw a bright white light off in the distance on August 20, 2014. I started recording on my phone as the object came in our direction as its flickering lights changed colors. I had lights on the outside like an airplane but after zooming in on the smaller lights on the outside of it, the lights to me look similar to orbs. There is a small airport nearby but this thing was real low and silent. I thought I would send this video with a still shot I got off the video but we couldn’t identify a shape. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma Orb


Henryetta — I and two others were sitting on a hilltop watching the sunset in the western sky about 7:45 pm, on August 28, 2014. Right above the cloud line appeared a ball of light, the size of a star but much brighter and closer. We thought maybe it could be the space station going by.

The light stayed in the same spot for about two minutes then two smaller orbs appeared directly under it. The bright light began to get very dim as if it was moving away. We thought it was gone then the bright orb exploded as if it hit something, there was a large ball of fire in the sky, it happened so fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

  OKPonca City31Aug14

 Ponca City – I was preparing to take star trail images and snapped off a few stills to check the exposure settings on August 31, 2014, and then I took a series of star trail images. Camera was on tripod and pointing due east. When going through the images this morning I came across something that I cannot identify. I did not see this object with my naked eye. In following image taken shortly after the “UFO” image does not show anything. So it was gone quickly. Thanks to  William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com

Pennsylvania Woman Captures UFO


 Lower Paxton – ABC’s Good Morning America TV reported on August 27, 2014.” “A Pennsylvania woman who captured what she insists was an unidentified flying object on her cell phone camera says she is now “scared to death.”  A couple police officers also say they saw the UFO that night. Stephanie Wilkerson says she was relaxing on her porch in Lower Paxton Township, Monday night when she spotted an object in the night sky. “I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn’t moving,” Wilkerson told ABC News. “I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors.” Click HERE to Read About More UFO Sightings

UFOs Exist, Say 36 Percent in National Geographic Survey

Wilkerson grabbed her cell phone to record the mysterious object and also called her neighbor over to verify what she was seeing. “He went and got his binoculars because he first thought it was a planet,” Wilkerson said. “Then he said, ‘No, it changed yellow. That is not a planet.’”Wilkerson also called 911 but when an officer arrived at her home, even he could not explain the mysterious objects in the sky.“He went there and apparently he saw them too so he called his sergeant and his corporal to come and verify what he was seeing,” said Lower Paxton Township Police Lt. Gary Seefeldt. Authorities contacted both the local airport and the National Guard training center, but neither had records of any flight activity that night. Wilkerson says she and a neighbor saw the mysterious lights again Wednesday night. “For me to see that, I am now a believer in UFOs,” Wilkerson said. Thanks to ABC

Texas Cigar Shaped Strange Craft


Bandera — My husband and I were sitting in the backyard facing SE so I could have a smoke on August 2, 2014.  Dragonflies and butterflies, and birds were flying around but at a long distance away, a movement caught my eye. I watched it zip from my right to left a short distance and disappear all within three seconds. There were some leaves in the path of my view and the object never came out the other side of it. The edges were somewhat blurry like a heat signature, but the color and details were clearer than I would have expected. It was about two inches long by 1/4 inch wide; yellow like a bee with black detail or windows, maybe both, on the top half.

NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ www.worldufophotos.org

Vermont Boomerang


Sharon — I was watching two red tailed hawks in the sky on August 28, 2014, and barely visible but very distinct even though it was nearly transparent. It was boomerang shaped but round. Almost thought it was a flock of birds at first. But the object was perfectly rounded on the leading edge, which was slightly darker.

When watching it did appear that there was more to it than just the leading edge with a little blurry area behind it. It was flying south and lost it after about 30 seconds… Most of the images I found were triangles. But I found one image that is identical to what I saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Lights


 Mount Delaney – About 8 am, I was walking to stables to feed chickens, noticed a large circle on the lawn 10 foot across. This was outlined in white which appeared to be an ice like material, even though the temperature was about 12 degrees C which disappeared when touched. Upon closer inspection, there were 4 circles, the larger then decreasing in size to the smallest 2 feet across. I proceeded to take photographs. In the afternoon I went back to the area and the lawn is discolored, and the clear outline is still evident. I have no explanation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ballarat — I went outside to move the car on August 19, 2014, and looked south at our cat on the fence when my attention was drawn to two very bright red lights traveling slowly but steadily north. I watched them for 10 seconds before running inside to get my wife and two daughters. The silent orb like structures seemed to glow a bright red color. My initial thought was they were satellites as they had the same constant speed observed of satellites on clear nights. I then realized the sky was very cloudy and that these lights were below the cloud cover. The western most light began to gradually be obscured by clouds before disappearing as did the second light. They were emitting their own light. I’m a scientist and can offer no logical explanation for this sighting. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Lights

CANChilliwack 26Aug14

 Chilliwack — I was sitting on the deck on our hillside, 550 feet above the valley floor on August 26, 2014. About 9 PM, a bright yellow – orange light appeared from behind a low hill travelling in a straight path northeast at a 1000 feet elevation. The object instantly caught my attention as I had never seen anything that bright in the night sky. The object moved horizontally across the sky at 100 km/hr (60 mph) with no sound until it disappeared behind trees. I took three pictures that showed a white spherical object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Greece Lights for 7 Nights.

Euboea Island — During our stay at my father in law’s vacation house in central Greece I took an interest in night photography with a Sony A-5000 large sensor camera. I went to the other side of the house, with a beautiful view at the Aegean Sea and took the lights at the port of Skiathos.

I continued taking night photos of the lights of Skiathos and saw over my head for about 3 seconds a black disk flying with no sound and going south, towards the village of St. Anna. I remembered the two first “bad”photos and reviewed them again using the zoom rocket. Lights kept appearing each night and I kept photographing them.
Unfortunately as today (August 29) we had to leave and return to Athens, last night was the last photos I took, but I’m pretty sure the lights will continue. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director www.UFOCenter.com

 Indonesia Triangle Formation

Jakarta — I found the UFO around 7.00 pm, on 26 August 2014. At first, it looked like a star, but a star doesn’t move around, so I looked through my telescope (sky watcher) and observed the object. It looked like a light triangle formation. In that moment I called my brother and he is shocked too with this sighting.

It was triangle shape with white brightness, brighter than normal city lights that was slow moving or was moving around. And it did not leave trails. It was bigger and brighter than a star. I used Sony nex 3n Telescope. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director www.UFOCenter.com

Lithuania 7 Gray Lights

Kaunas – I took my dog for a walk on August 12, 2014, and heard a jetliner flying above, gone in darker area after my house for a dog to do its stuff, looked in the sky to spot the plane at 10:35 PM. suddenly, ~7 fast moving objects, grayish color travelled through the sky. Formation random and changing rapidly. No craft could fly so fast, changing formation so rapidly with absolute no sound.  There was jetliner flying at high sky normal high ~10km. Those objects flew ~1-3 km. hard to say because no visible shape just lights. Gone through the sky from one corner until couldn’t see in 6-7s. Too fast to be able to take photo. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director www.UFOCenter.com

Spain  Orb


 Tenerife Whilst walking from the apartment to the Cave Bar, we stopped to look at a white light shooting across the stars towards us in August 2001. Initially we thought it was a shooting star, but then it slowed and stopped just hovering there.  It was orb like brilliant white and had a pulsing yellow light around the edges that change in shade. We were transfixed and were joking about it being an alien space ship, but then it started moving closer again and changed direction at such a sharp angle we knew it wasn’t possible.  The speed with which it moved towards the coast of Africa and disappeared was phenomenal.

We were shocked and knew what we had just seen was a UFO, as no aircraft we know of could possibly move that fast or change in direction with such a sharp movement at that speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

United Kingdom Sightings


Dawlish Devon – On August 23, 2014, I took two photos of a Probe checking out a R.N.L.I. Lifeboats Rescuer at a Dawlish air show.  I could see the object, but other people did not seem to see it. I would like to know if that Rescuer could see it.   The Probe then flew back into the sea. I have seen many USOs In this area of Devon. This is fascinating. The two photos were taken 4:00 or 4:30 PM. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com


Bolsover — On the night of August 23, 2014 I was standing on my balcony watching various satellites and meteors in a beautifully clear night sky. I noticed something moving to the south and realized I was looking at 7 or 8 chevron shaped objects flying north very fast on a straight path. I was fixed staring at the objects as they flew directly overhead. The objects looked kind of dark orange or red with no exterior lights. The surface looked to have a matt finish. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and goose bumps. They were not aircraft and NOT birds. They had a solid looking exterior and must have been travelling extremely fast as they traversed the entire sky in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS




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