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Filer’s Files #13 – 2014 Mysterious Disappearances

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March 26, 2014

 In special reports, this week’s files cover: NASA Shuts Down Public ISS Cameras, Blackstar Spaceship, Mysterious Disappearances in Lake Michigan Triangle, Michigan Close Encounter, Malaysian Crash, FBI Director Says Disks Recovered, and US Reinforcing Allies Next to Russia.

  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

 Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, England in the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

 The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation.

 The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Special Reports

NASA Shuts Down Public ISS Cams Due To UFO Sighting

UFO Photo ISS 22Mar14 disc

Scott C. Waring writes, “Yes, they installed two 17 million dollar HD cams to earn money using the ISS to sell satellite photos. Yes, NASA says they will shut down the live public cams due to budget cuts, even thought the Canada company selling the photos will pay NASA cash yearly. So the “budget cuts” excuse is a lie. The truth is they want to stop the viewers from seeing the UFOs at the ISS and posting them.” Since January of 2014, new recordings of UFOs seen on ISS live cam could be found on YouTube every 3-5 days, that’s up from every 13-20 days last year. Recently NASA has installed two HD cameras on the space station on several hard to do space walks and the consequences of those actions are becoming apparent to NASA. Disclosing UFOs in High Definition will soon be possible. It’s one thing to have a blurry photo of an object moving around the ISS using the regular old cams, but totally another thing to see it in high definition, They say the cameras can spy on object as small as 1-5 meters on the earth’s surface, so imagine how powerful a tool this could be in the hands of an UFO researcher.

 “ISS live cam is scheduled to be retired in two weeks. Submit concerns to NASA official Jennifer B. Price for more information.”  js*******@ma**.gov

 Basically the ISS 2 HD cams are now there to spy for hire and not for the public use. It’s embarrassing with UFOs visiting the ISS almost daily. This is not the TRANSPARENCY that Obama promised us all. Thanks to

Blackstar Spaceship

Blackstar Spaceship

 Lt. Colonel Don Ware writes

“Last year I heard Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr., PhD,  the vice president and general manager of Advanced Development Programs AKA the Skunk Works® for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, told the graduate Aerospace Engineers about the space plane Dark Star.  He said, “It can take off here and land elsewhere, and he showed a picture of it. Perhaps it is no longer classified.  Filer’s Files #2, on 10 Jan 14, then showed Aviation Weeks picture of the Black Star craft along with a witness report from 20 years ago. It looks at least interplanetary to me, or maybe I watched too many Battlestar Galactica episodes. Perhaps these vehicles are being un-ceremoniously declassified as our transformation to the Golden Age moves right along.  Neither appear to have action-reaction type propulsion systems. Thanks to Don Ware.

Mysterious Disappearances

Lake Michigan Map A triangle located in Lake Michigan is the site of mysterious disappearances of both land and sea craft with similar characteristics of the Bermuda Triangle, including ghost ships, strange disappearances and even UFO sightings. There’s been some strange disappearances out there, there’s been many ships that have been lost that haven’t been found.” Bill Wangemann is a historian from Sheboygan, Wisconsin who’s spent a lifetime gathering tales about the Lake Michigan triangle. The legend doesn’t end with sunken ships; nearly 40 planes have disappeared over Lake Michigan too.


 Probably the most famous is the DC-4 Northwest Airlines flight 2501 that took off from New York City headed for Minneapolis in June of 1950 and plunged into Lake Michigan just off Benton Harbor. No one of the 58 passengers survived and the craft was never found. Then, there are the sightings of UFO’s and other strange anomalies in the sky. In fact there have been so many sightings of strange objects and phantom planes that the Federal Aviation Administration created a special lake reporting service to catalog the reported sightings.  And yet still, thousands make the journey through the Triangle every season. There’s dozen’s of these stories about different things that have occurred out there and people that have been lost and sailors that have disappeared off of ships and some people claim that there is something supernatural going on out on the lake,” says Wangemann.

The wreck of the schooner Rosa Belle and the loss of 11 crew members and passengers appeared as if the schooner had been in a collision with another vessel. Among the strangest of the mysteries was the disappearance of the schooner Thomas Hume, which disappeared without a trace in a Lake Michigan gale on May 21, 1891, sailing to Muskegon, Michigan to pick up a load of lumber, seven sailors were lost with the ship. Even though the lake was searched thoroughly, not a stick of lumber or piece of flotsam from a wreck was ever found. Old sailors speculated that the Hume, a wooden vessel, could not have sunk without some wreckage floating away. To this day, the Hume’s disappearance remains unsolved. Aircraft and ships have disappeared in a relatively small area of Lake Michigan. Perhaps UFOs or strange creatures have something to do with strange disappearances? Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

Michigan Close Encounter

 lake Michigan Carthage

 Kenosha, Wisconsin — Dan Johnson writes, “Not much ever happened at our quiet, little college campus on the shores of Lake Michigan until that eventful evening in the spring of 1964.  I was safe at home, a hundred miles away from the event when my good friend, John came face to face with that other-worldly creature on that fateful night.  I returned to school and John told me his story from his trembling lips. John was standing alone on the terrace of our student union perched about ten feet above the beach and one hundred feet away from Lake Michigan.

John’s face tensed up and his voice quivered as he revealed it was quite foggy that night and he sensed movement off in the distance. With all of his attention focused something had moved ever so close to him. He tried to shout but no sound came out as he was frozen in place. What was it John?  As he tried to compose himself, trembling, he murmured, “It was not of this world, or at least it wasn’t human.”  John could neither scream nor run.  However, he knew that somehow, someway; he must get away and soon, very soon.  Before he could move however, and without a word being spoken, the creature lingered for a moment longer, and almost as if it was sensing John’s fear, “It turned and slowly but steadily walked off into the fog.” John ran faster than he had ever run in his entire life to his room, bolted the door and hid in his closet ‘til dawn.

Upon regaining his composure the following day, John was able to describe in detail what he had encountered.  He stated that the creature had black leathery skin, webbed feet and a large protruding forehead.  He judged its height at over eight feet, because the wall was ten feet high and he was looking almost directly into its non-existent eyes.  Yes, non-existent, for there were no distinguishing features like eyes, nose or mouth, just that large protruding forehead that jutted out several inches, and the webbed feet. I couldn’t get over the fear in his eyes and his conviction as he told me each spine tingling detail.

Later that day, I watched as he packed his belongings and I asked where he was going?  He said, “I’m leaving school this has been too much for me to deal with I’m afraid the creature will come back and I’m not taking any chances.” I couldn’t help notice that much of his hair was missing and what was left was turning white.  I helped take him to the bus station and we said our goodbyes.

Similar sightings were reported the same Saturday night in Racine, Wisconsin fifteen miles north of our campus. Lights were seen in the sky and a saucer shaped impression was roped off in the sand on the beach.  The silica in the sand was fused together and there were unconfirmed reports of several large, dark, leathery skinned creatures roaming the area. There was a radio report and a small blurb in the local newspaper the following day. A team of UFO investigators came from Washington, DC but according to them, nothing ever happened that night. It was people’s wild imaginations they said. I never heard from John again but honestly I believe him. I’ll never forget the horrified look in his eyes? Thanks to Dan Johnson

Malaysian Crash

No aircraft has ever disappeared just like this in the history of commercial aviation. We can speculate the plane was hijacked by the Taliban. A deadly fight occurred killing the pilots. No one really knows what happened.  The only reason we have any clue at all is that they didn’t shut off the satellite channel of ACARS. Imagine if they had figured that out, we’d be even more lost.

Maylasian Search Aircraft

Based n this data the plane flew for at least six hours on one of two corridors, most likely south. Not long after the flight took off from Kuala Lumpur communications systems were disabled, the plane’s transponder was turned off, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Saturday.

Fly low enough over poor and sparsely populated countries and radar’s mostly irrelevant. Whoever did this was well aware of the radar holes and flew to avoid the coverage. It was well planned and executed. The most likely terrorists would be Taliban from Iran, Pakistan or Indonesia. The exact fuel load is unknown but plane is believed to have flown for six hours. Avoiding radar, flying slow and low the plane could have likely reached any of these countries.

Using data from military radar and satellites, officials believe MH370’s transponder was deliberately switched off as it crossed the Gulf of Thailand. The aircraft then made a sharp turn west, re-crossing the Malay Peninsula before settling into an established route towards India. Intriguingly, an Indian Express report today suggests the radars for the Andaman Islands “are not always switched on”.

 Maylasian Corridor Map

Electronic pings picked up by commercial satellites suggest the plane flew on for at least another six hours. 6 x 500 = 3000 miles. People hijack an aircraft for terrorism, political, financial or other type of gain. A long range aircraft is valuable costing 350 million dollars and can carry drugs, slave traffic, or crash into targets etc.

Ethopian 767 crash

                    Photo shows the ditching of Ethiopian 767 similar aircraft with wing breaking off.

Myanmar the former Burma in the Northeast is an opium-growing region that was easily reachable and where the plane could land and be hidden. Satellite pings suggest the craft could have flown over Myanmar that has comparatively poor radar capability. Military pilots are trained to avoid enemy radar and a Northern Route at low altitude could be successful in avoiding detection.

 In the middle of the night, two fishermen saw a plane flying low over the South China Sea — at the same time that air traffic controllers lost contact with Flight 370 over the same body of water, at 1:30 a.m. or 50 minutes after takeoff. Fisherman Azid Ibrahim that night saw an airliner off the coast of Kota Bharu, Malaysia flying southwest.

“I was fishing when I saw the plane — it looked strange, flying low. I told my friend that’s not normal. I thought the pilot must be crazy,” Ibrahim said. “It was really low. I saw the lights they looked like the size of a coconut,” he said.

The aircraft carried ELT radios that automatically send out radio signals for 200 miles when they touch water and are easily picked up by satellites. ELT sends out signals 100 to 200 miles broadcasting on 121.5 and 143 MHz for 50 hours. None have been reported indicating the aircraft is not in the water.

Emergency Locator Transmitter Raft

 Rolls Royce, the maker of the engines, offers a warranty on its products, so its engines send out signals. If something goes wrong, Rolls Royce wants to know if it was a mechanical failure, pilot error, or violations of acceptable RPM levels for the engines. Someone knew when and where (on the southern arc), this plane went down. That’s why they’re looking where they are. It is likely US Satellites that have excellent cameras know where the plane likely crashed.  The authorities should have been able to determine the minute the engines stopped. And it appears they did.

Under scrutiny are pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, whose homemade flight simulator has been taken by Malaysian police and currently being probed by the FBI, and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, who was identified as the person who said “all right, good night” in the plane’s last communication before disappearing from the radar on March 8. Also believed to be in the cockpit was Selamat the aircraft engineer who had 10 years’ experience.

 Captain Shaw Democracy

The captain of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 received a two-minute call shortly before take-off from a “mystery woman” using a mobile phone number she obtained under a false name. The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Shaw 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards. The Captain is estranged from his wife and is an avid supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, a distant relative, who was recently jailed for five years.


The Captain may have attended a controversial court hearing only a few hours before the flight. Captain Shaw is shown here in his Democracy is dead T shirt.  Captain Shaw or his copilot have the ability to make the plane disappear and may have the motivation to embarrass the Malaysian government. The Captain used his home flight simulator to practice extreme landings, including on remote Indian Ocean islands such as the US air base in Diego Garcia, investigators have revealed. Malaysian Police feel the Captain is the only one capable of manually flying and handling the aircraft based on circumstantial evidence.


Virtually all the search assumes the craft crashed into the Indian Ocean south west of Perth, Australia. It appears either the cockpit crew, a catastrophic accident or hijackers are to blame for Flight MH370’s disappearance. DailyMail on Facebook


Relatives in Beijing accused a Malaysian delegation of concealing the truth and making fools out of the families.

 FBI Director Says Disks Recovered.

J Edgar Hoover 

“We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”

J Edgar Hoover was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972 at age 77.

Former Georgia State Director Passes

John Charles Thompson, owner of Worthy Insurance passed away on January 5, 2014. He was for many years the Georgia MUFON State Director who worked long hours to improve the chapter and investigate sightings. He put up a sign in his business “Have you seen a UFO? He had his own sighting and had many people come into report their sightings, which were often amazing. We talked almost every week for years. He sent me excellent reports concerning his investigations.

John graduated in 1975 from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Geology and was in the Marine Corps for four years. John was a loving husband and devoted father.

John Thompson was my good friend an American Patriot, and true southern gentleman, John was a credit to his community and to MUFON. Our hearts and prayers go out to Ginger and his five wonderful children. John was a great man who will be sorely missed.

 US Reinforcing Allies Next to Russia

 F-16 Poland

A dozen US F-16s deployed to Lask Air Base, Poland, (shown here) for joint exercises aimed at demonstrating America’s commitment to NATO’s collective defense in light of Russia taking over Crimea. “One of our objectives is to develop bonds, so if something happens, and we have to take action in a real-world environment, [we] … have trained together in advance,” said Lt. Col. John Peterson, who commands the expeditionary contingent of F-16s from Aviano AB, Italy. “NATO’s North Atlantic Council, urged Russia “to de-escalate the situation, including ceasing all military activities against Ukraine.” President Obama froze the assets of certain Russian government officials.

NATO is also deploying E-3 AWACs to monitor Russian military activity from Poland and Romania and reported 30,000 Russian troops and tanks massed on the Ukraine border.

US Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces deployed additional F-15s Fighters to Lithuania to augment its NATO air policing rotation last week, and the Navy destroyer USS Truxton began exercises with allies in the Black Sea this week. Thanks to AFA.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Orbs

 UFO Photo AZ sonita

Sonoita — Looking for prospecting sites using Google Earth, noticed strange looking colors or orbs, thought they were birds at first but couldn’t find any others in the area on March 19, 2014.. I figured your organization may know what they are…possibly seen them before. The area is in SW Arizona, west of Highway 83, at the end of Highway 229, and roughly at the 11 o’clock position from Sonoita AZ. Attached are screen captures of the area, unknown objects area marked Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Orbs

 UFO Photo Calif WHITTIER 19Mar14

 Whittier — I walked from a parking lot to a business on March 19, 2014, and saw about 50 to 70 balloons for 15 minutes. But all at once they all disappeared then reappeared and altered their shape! They were very clear and masking themselves like a swarm of birds and flying in formation like they were very intelligent. They were observing a busy shopping area known as uptown about 2:15 pm. There is absolutely no doubt that these were not of this earth! These looked very much like the many group sightings over Mexico. I am shook up. I am a professional, good health, good vision, 62 years old. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Orb

 UFO Photo FL Boynton Beach 21Mar14

 Boynton Beach — I decided to go stretch my legs and looking up I spotted this white orb that was brighter than the brightest star at night on March 21, 2014. It was slowly moving so I quickly snapped a photo and then switched to the video. Shortly after it abruptly went backwards, then paused, then back more behind the trees and clouds for a split second before shooting right toward the north and out of view. I stopped recording and quickly went back to the apartment to show my roommates. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Light

 UFO Photo GA dalton 21Mar14

 Dalton – I was outside a nice night and I spotted a large white light off in the distance that was descending at 10:21 pm, on March 21, 2014. I thought it might be a fireball or meteor. But then as fast as it was falling it just stopped about 20 degrees off the horizon. I noticed a smaller star like object come off the large light and move around the larger object then it too just stopped moving as if hovering.

I was like wow, I want to take a picture of this, but my phone was in the house. So I ran into the house hoping when I got back outside it would still be there, and it was so I snapped a picture. Not more than a second after I got the photo both objects disappeared. This object was not close to me, yet it was very large and very bright. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky Lights

 UFO Photo KY pendleton 20March13

Pendleton County — Thought I’d send a couple pictures from last night. We are still experiencing nightly UFO visitation and I have thousands of pictures. I don’t understand why no one in the UFO Community is interested in what is going on here, but I continue to take pictures and document what we see here in Pendleton County, Ky. Thank you Glenn Pennington

Maryland Pulsating Object

 UFO Photo MD 20Mar14 SilverSprings

 Silver Springs — Traveling from D.C. into Maryland on Georgia Avenue the car radio started malfunctioning with lots of static on March 20, 2014. I noticed a very bright pulsating light that looked like an hourglass standing upright. I took two pictures with my IPhone. It was in my sight until I got home and my radio was full of static for my 15 minute drive home.


The object was still in the sky when I got home and I had my teenager come outside to see it. The pictures looks like the two objects split. A lamp post is to the right and the two objects are on the left in the picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nevada Encounter

Las Vegas – Robbin writes, “Several years ago, I had an encounter that I remembered in more detail, but some of my memory was wiped out. I awoke in the middle of the night in my apartment with many humans outside on the sidewalks and on the grass. She heard a low buzz humming sound and saw many white, red, blue, and yellow bright lights. She saw a huge massive mother ship, 200 yards over our heads that was 10 football fields long with a voice speaking through loud speakers. She could hear the voice saying bad things to all people on ground. Small UFO’s in both triangle and disc shape were flying towards us.  I remember feeling scared to death.

 She is not sure of what happened because it was erased from her mind. She had   small paper cuts on her fingers with blistering so she put hydrogen peroxide on all the time so they wouldn’t get infected, It could have been a vivid dream but her hair started thinning and she had small bald patches right on top up front of her head, She moved to California and her hair grew back. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Triangle Formation

FLORENCE, BURLINGTON – On March 16, 2014, my 20 year old son and I were driving him back to his school from spring break. We were on the Pennsylvania Turnpike extension, the road between Exit 6 of the New Jersey Turnpike and the Delaware River Turnpike toll bridge. About two miles before the bridge, my son noticed to our left, red and blue lights in the sky and asked if I saw them too.

I spotted 20 to 30 orbs with several red or blue lights surrounding them lined up in a triangle formation following a descending plane. The triangle shape looked massive compared to the plane. My son said, “I saw the orbs fly into the triangle formation. So it appears these lights were individual crafts. I called the Florence Township police, but no one reported seeing them. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Orb

 UFO Photo NewYork Orb 24Mar 14

New York City — I saw an object flying high among the passenger jets over the NYC on March 24, 2014.

It shined a little bit silver but mostly looked like a white ball. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 North Carolina Triangle

 UFO Photo NC drawing

 Oak Island –I got out of my car and looked up, to see a very bright orange ball of light, almost like a plane headlight but bigger. It was a mile away and looked like an ember that was burning in a fire, brighter and darker all over. Under the ball were two distinctly different red flare-like lights set at 45 degrees from the bottom of the ball in opposing directions. It was swinging like a lantern to the left and right very slightly and rhythmically. It slowly grew dimmer until it went out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Lights

UFO Photo OR Fish Lake 12

Fish Lake Area — These photographs were taken on September 2nd, 2012 in the same area after Bigfoot researchers recorded a very long Bigfoot call at 8:30 PM, on September 1st.

 On our way home my home we looked up and saw swarms that were not bees or locusts; we thought they were a swarm of mosquitoes following the road for 7 miles. We knew that this was a highly unusual activity and decided to pull the truck over and park. The first photo shows an oncoming swarm and a light in the sky. The second photo shows three lights in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Disc

UFO Photo Phila Video Stop Disc 23Mar14

 Philadelphia — I was out on my back doorstep, in the northeast overlooking the Philadelphia Naval Defense Base, on March 23, 2014, about. 12:20 am. I noticed in the night sky, an object, which appeared to be glowing, and blinking, I went and got my binoculars, and zoomed in to see a UFO. I ran to get my video camera, and videotaped a most amazing object, and the most beautiful thing I ever seen! It was doing all kinds of pulses, and light color changes for 15 minutes. The gray object above is on a single frame of the video moving from left to right at high speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Rhode Island Triangle

Harrisville – I saw a triangle shaped object hovering with lights on March 20, 2014, at 7:45 PM. I noticed three bright lights in a row, higher up than stadium lights so I turned off onto a side street heading towards the object. I noticed other drivers doing the same. The lights did not move but I could now see another light further back which indicated the triangle shape. Then object began to move slowly and then took off and I lost sight of it over the trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Sightings

 Hope Island, Gold Coast, Queensland — At 8:30 pm, circular object, low in sky – moved erratically and then disappeared – looked like it turned into gas then reappeared (it did this twice) shined a yellow and red light a few times before shining a large light and disappeared for last time on March 11th 2014.

 UFO Photo Aust Water 18Mar14

Water Queensland — Last night, March 18th, 2014, image taken by Nikon camera due south in Agnes attached picture distance from the moon and enlarged in fact two images to the right of the picture looks to be another such object. Thanks to

Mary Rodwell ACERN 
Avondale Heights, Victoria — Driving along Keilor Park Drive on March 12th 2014, at 11.40 pm, I saw two lights that got closer to each other. The lights went vertically toward the ground. After 7-10 seconds the lights were out of site due to it getting lower than the houses blocking the view. The lights went exactly vertically to the ground as if it was dropped’. I saw a previous incident in the same area a while ago regarding 6-7 lights in uniform.

Hampton, Melbourne, Victoria — I was sat outside at 5.45 pm in the garden on March 14, 2014, when I looked up to locate a bird singing, I noticed movement in the sky high above the horizon of the sky heading in from the sea.

I saw a large white sphere moving faster than a plane. I watched it cross the sky high and then half way across; two smaller spheres appeared behind it. The smaller two were close together at first, then separated to become parallel and to flank either side of the bigger sphere from behind. And then they continued across the sky at the same speed, never varying, until they disappeared out of sight. Thanks to John Hayes

Canada Long Red Objects

South of Elk Point, Alberta — I noticed two long red objects in the sky at 6:05 PM, from my window on February 25th 2014. At first, I thought it was clouds but they did not change shape and the distance between the two never changed. It was very cold that day. I watched to see if they were moving and they were very slowly. They were going in the NW direction. I went outside and took a couple pictures. Thanks to John Hayes

UFO Photo CAN York Mar14

East YorkToronto, Ontario — I saw a circular object fire orange in color flying very slow and low moving in an unordinary fashion on March 16, 2014. It would go right to left and up and down. A couple of times it would flash and disappear and then reappear with a swirl tail. I have this on film and a picture. Thanks to John Hayes

 Chile Huge UFO

UFO Photo Chile Huge Craft Mar14In a March 18, 2014 report Ricardo Francino Saldivia says,The UFO seen at the El Yeso Reservoir was twice the size of the National Stadium. The photo of an alleged UFO in Chile has left more than one viewer startled after that country’s Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anomalos (CEFAA) confirmed its authenticity. The image was taken above El Yeso Reservoir by a Venezuelan couple and investigated by CEFFA through its Director General, retired General Ricardo Bermudez.

After considerable research this photograph is considered real and not a hoax. Second, that the incidence of the light in these clouds is the same as that which falls upon the object. Third, that it has its own light, and therefore a series of portholes are visible. This is according to our Ph.D in meteorology. “It is a real unidentified flying object with eyewitness accounts to support it; we receive over a thousand reports each year that are being studied because it is real and occurring worldwide, “notes Bermudez, who was a military pilot for the Chilean Air Force.

CEFAA, created in 1997, is a branch of the General Secretariat of the General Office of Civil Aeronautics in Chile. Its mission is to compile, analyze and study all reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena “through scientific investigation in order to determine whether the safety of air operations have been jeopardized in Chile.” [Translation © 2014 S. Corrales.

 Colombia lenticular UFO.

Bogota — I was smoking a cigarette at my 4th floor apartment‘s balcony when I saw an opalescent white disc flying at constant speed, let’s say 100 Km/h or more and 100 to 150 meters above, with no sound and directed north pm March 19, 2014, at 22:46 hours. At first, I thought it was a balloon but it didn’t have any oscillatory movement and a few seconds later I realized that it was lens-shaped. I couldn’t follow its path because it passed over the building.

I am 43 years old, physician in Biomedical Sciences and work as a biomedical researcher in a local hospital. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Italy Object

 UFO Photo Italy Spilamberto 24Feb14

 Spilamberto — After I noticed this triangular object at seven o’ clock in the morning on February 24, 2014,

I photographed it from my car with my cell phone in the sky.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Lights Mysterious Video

 UFO Photo MX yucatan Feb14

YucatanThe videographer says he recorded the shining object at 22:00 hours on 11 February 2014. “I’m not saying it’s a spaceship, but it is an unidentified flying object that I recorded for 1:30 minutes – that shows a light in the sky that comes and goes. The sighting took place at the Los Almedros II Park in Ciudad. Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU, Planeta

Netherlands Objects

 Culemborg — I was in a car on March 21, 2014, with the radio on and saw the big rolling invisible things (left upper corner) are HAARP UFO’s. They are shooting in and out of the clouds, no sound was heard. I thought it was invisible flying objects that I now think black ones and violet ones at different distances and different directions. Some are so incredible fast, you could only see them if you played the video step by step. I filmed four minutes, and witnessed it for an hour and saw reports from other people. The light flashes and UFO’s went on at least until 8 pm. Video is corrupt. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand Object

Manakau, Manawatu-Wanganui — Round object travelling in a straight line at high speed, hard to see as it seemed a long distance away on March. There were 2 flashes of light from it, about 5 seconds apart on March 10, 2014 at 9.15 pm.

South Africa Black Object

Roodekrans, Roodepoort, Gauteng — I went outside with our dogs at 6:10 pm on 15th March 2014 and looked into the sky and above the swallows was a black object. It was flying in a straight path so I called my daughter to come and we watched it go right across the sky. It was underneath the clouds as it passed. I am wondering if this is the same object we have seen on three previous occasions this year. At night it is an orange color with the same shape. Just wondering if in day light the object is black but at night it could have lights to reflect the orange glow. No sound at all. Thanks to John Hayes

UK/ England Cylindrical

Eastbourne, East Sussex — I was having a smoke with my girlfriend at 9:30 PM in her back garden, when I noticed bright red and blue lights on March 9th 2014. It was maneuvering very fast, up and down and from side to side…and then ascended very rapidly, then descended swiftly behind some houses. We both then saw it again for about ten minutes, moving very quickly from right to left, then drop quickly again behind some houses.

I worked with helicopters in the RAF, and have never seen any aircraft maneuver or move this fast. The lights were not anti collision or navigation lights and were extremely bright. My girlfriend thought this was strange. Thanks to John Hayes

 UFO Photo UK Corby 6Oct13

 Corby — I was in the bedroom when I had a compulsion to take a photograph, when I lifted the camera to the window the first object was in the picture on October 6, 2013.  I took the first picture. In disbelief I looked and could not see the object with my eyes. I then looked back to the camera and captured the object flying away in 4 more pictures as it changed shape. In the 6th picture is a much larger anomalous object in the cloud line. When I reviewed the pictures in all honesty my first thought when I saw the first object was the realization of what I had photographed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Vietnam Boomerang

 Da Nang — My girlfriend and I were sitting on the beach, about 100 meters north of Dana Beach resort on March 18, 2014. .

We were sitting and talking when she saw something in the sky directly overhead. I looked up and was seeing a very large boomerang shaped craft moving at a steady speed and straight line to the north, towards Son Tra Mountain. It didn’t fit anything I’ve seen in the sky before.

The object was extremely large and totally silent and had no lights. The object appeared below the top layer of clouds, but well above the bottom layer. The outline was clearly visible in a perfect boomerang shape. When passing in front of stars, it blacked them out. The color was a grayish white and actually looked almost ‘smoky’ like it had some kind of ‘active camouflage’. It appeared to be a craft that was designed not to be seen.

It maintained a steady, smooth speed as it passed overhead to the north and we lost it as it blended in to the cloud cover. I’m a climber with lots of experience with high altitudes and weird looking cloud formations. This was nothing I could explain, no matter how hard I tried. If it were an airplane of some kind, its relative size was too big. To look that big it would have to be flying at 100 meters altitude and would have been extremely loud. The size, speed, perfect shape, altitude, lack of lights, clear straight line flight path… all of this didn’t add up to any aircraft I’ve ever heard of. Da Nang has an active airport I’m familiar their aircraft.

Then I saw a second boomerang craft for 20 seconds before it blended in to the clouds to the north. It looked exactly like the first one came 15 minutes after the first one, at 7:00 PM on the dot. Thanks to

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