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UFO Report Mendoza, Argentina

The following is an account of the circumstances under which I shot the photo. On an excursion into the Andes, a couple of British friends and I stopped at a truck monitoring station in the locality of Punta the Vacas, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. We pulled out a soccer ball from the trunk of the car, just stretching our legs. I took two photos, about a minute apart; the first shows nothing in the spot that is occupied by the object in the second frame. The weather was perfect, and not a cloud in the sky. Nothing was present at the time the photo was taken. I was using a Canon AF35, with 100 film.

My grandfather was a well-known meteorologist and astronomer in Argentina (see National Geographic, March of 1975, page 329), and I have an above average knowledge of clouds and climatic conditions that could account for such a phenomenon. I have as well had two sightings, the first when I was six years old (viewed a UFO on the ground), and the second was a lively game of tag in 1981 with a ball of light that kept it’s distance accordingly with the speed with which I attempted to approach it.
A local proffesional photographer and digital image artist only made an optical analysis, and thought that it was something physically present and moving at high speed.

Close-Up #2: Auto Enhanced for Contast/Detail
Note as well in the photograph a white line that runs horizontally across, and above the object, interrupted by the mountain. Another detail is a faint sinuous “contrail” above the object. None of the above details were present visually at the time.

It is important for me to let anyone viewing this photograph, that despite the fact that it is very “suggestive” of a UFO, that I myself have no fixed impression as to the nature of the object. I am allowing the exhibition of this photo with the purpose of inviting competent and trustworthy people in the possesion of the means for analysis to contact me, and therefore evacuate all doubt in regards to it’s physical presence and nature.

Thank you once again for your help and consideration.

Sincerely yours
Julio Razquin

National UFO Center

Web Development Director for National UFO Center, WaterUFO.net and Earth Changes Media UFO Researcher

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