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Filer’s Files Feb. 1 2024 Life on Mars

Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

MUFON Eastern Region Director

President Air Force & Space Association NJ 310

Former VP of Medcor Inc.  Princeton, NJ

W04 2024 New Jersey State Director Emeritus

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Special reports are Tomkin’s View of UFOs on Moon Crater, Mars Anomalies, Is China Controlling or Weather?, Dangers of Abortion, Planer Mercury Tower and MUFON DECEMBER 2023 Sightings CMS Statistical Report and  Greska Carbon 60.

 Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over i, New Jersey,

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia,

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force and DOD investigated UFOs for more than forty years; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Reports

Tomkin’s’ sketch of Moon landing with UFOs

Six UFOs on edge of crater next to Apollo 11 Landing site

 It’s obvious that the government did not want the public to know about UFOs so an animation of the landing like Buzz claims and possibly a couple of hours on the Moon was shown to the public. NASA decided to delete the evidence of aliens on the moon from the public, According to William Tompkins who had designed the NASA Control Center and was there during the landing. Tomkins claimed when Apollo 11 craft landed six UFOs were e lined up on the edge of the crater that NASA wanted to hide.

The Engineer  Tomkin’s drawing shows six UFOs parked near Apollo 11 Lander from the book
Selected by Exterrestrials Volume 2.” Astronaut Edgar Mitchell also confirmed the UFOs and structure on the Moon during Apollo 11.

When Apollo 11‘s Eagle lunar module landed on the moon they filmed six UFOs. NASA could show the UFOs to the world or perform animation. At the beginning of the public filming the screen went blank for several seconds and the animation was put in. The UFOs were filmed but the transmission was deleted to the public.

NASA wanted to keep the public from seeing the UFOs and had previously prepared film taken near Great Lakes, Illinois in a huge hangar was supplemented for some of the footage to avoid seeing the UFOs. This fake footage has caused many to believe the

There is controversy if Apollo 11 never actually landed, but our data shows it had made a successful landing.

Dr Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project claimed in a blog post that people close to the first Moon lenders and family members admitted there were numerous large UFOs around the crater seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin.

Also, NASA deleted virtually all photos, film and video of the Apollo 11 mission claiming it was deleted by accident.

The astronauts were scheduled to open the door of their lunar Lander and step onto the unknown surface of a completely different world. But for now, seeing the UFOs their mission ordered them to take a pause before the which Buzz claims they did actually take Communion. The sound portion of the Moon landing was carried live but much if not all was apparently animated..

It may surprise you to learn the government hides data from you.

Mars Anomalies

Crater with Waterfall and Dm-Like Structures

 Norman Bryden writes, “This is an interesting image of  a crater taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. The crater has what looks like a modified wall to the upper right. You can see the cut-out portion and it looks as if it is a dam-like structure, with possibly water tumbling over the edge.

There are structures that look like walls and dams, and I believe that they are water reservoirs intelligently created to intentionally harness the water supply on Mars. Many craters seem to have modified walls, and other interesting water collection features. The construction may be new or thousands of years old


This is Endurance Crater with dam like structures to hold water.  The white area in the bottom of the crater suggests a spillway or dam to collect water.

Water is needed to support life and water seeps into the craters bringing lifesaving water to the Martians.

These craters are all about water, its preservation, and the capitalization on it by life of some kind including perhaps more than one life form. The most obvious conclusion is that the bottoms of the craters are artificial constructs of some higher intelligent life form.

The craters are often photographed with water seeping in from their sides and water being collected and likely carried to the tubes.Dam Water is collected at the bottom of the crater with dam like structures. Reservoir and Hieroglyphics


       Endurance  Crater Structures            Earth  Structures

Engineer Harold Carver writes, “While looking at images that the Rover Opportunity took, I noticed Endurance Crater lacks the profile of a typical crater, yet everything about it suggests that it was built to hold a body of water.”

 This water flows out of the sides of the crater into a reservoir. The angles are too precise to be a freak of nature and are suggestive of a purpose. Mars photos are at left and compare to a dam and spillway on Earth. The entire walls and floor of Endurance image seem to be made of fitted slabs of rock neatly put together. There is also evidence of artificially made spillways used for the collection of water.

Editor’s Note: I was looking at some of JPL photos and noticed numerous petroglyphs on the crater walls that seem to depict writing or symbols. The surface of Mars is pocked by more than 63,500 impact craters at least 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) wide, which is a good reason to develop a civilization underground. Infrared cameras pick up large amounts of heat from underground areas of Mars that suggest underground cities. Many of the craters have ice in them until the summer when temperatures reach 92* degrees. There is growing suspicion that the ice doesn’t just sit there but has a dynamic roll to play as it now appears to move. It moves reshaping Mars surface. Ice can be collected in winter months and melted creating water to feed the thirst of the Martians.


Reinterpreting the Viking results in the light of the new findings suggests the samples from landing site 1 contained 1.5 to 6.5 ppm organic carbon, while those from landing site 2 contained 0.7 to 2.6 ppm organic carbon. The presence of organic material does not provide evidence of life or past life on Mars, but only of the presence of organic compounds. NASA is now planning a new mission to have another look for organics and other chemicals on Mars in an effort to better understand the chemistry of Martian soils. Thanks to

In the summer temperatures can reach 90 degrees /f and mold and some plants appear  to grow.

Editor’s Note: I spoke with Dr. Gilbert Levin who designed the Viking Lander laboratories tests for life on Mars. We both agreed that Mars has life and for some reason JPL is reluctant to admit it, and is only slowly releasing crucial scientific data to support Mars life? Other Mars scientists agree there is life on Mars, but the information is classified Secret. It may be the result of a Book

          Mars Open Pit Mine with YIH sign

Cut into the plains of Lunae Planum. at 5° South and 297° by European Space Agency photo.>Interestly, the word YIH is frequently used in Chinese and Israeli words generally for first  or last names. It seems to imply science or knowledge. Its meaning to Marians is unknown.

Huge signs probably showing ownership. The symbol Y and an H can be made out on the YHWH, mining sign. “Yahweh is the national God of Israel. Many men who are sick in Naval Hospitals claim to have been to Mars.

let has for some time been accepted by the scientific community that a group of meteorites came from Mars. As , they represent actual samples of the planet and have been analyzed on earth by the best equipment available. in these meteorites, called SNC.  Many Important Elements Have Been Detected. Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium, Iron, And Chromium Are Relatively Common In T…


Giant Tubes May Contain Cities

MSSS …..

Numerous tubes are spotted throughout Mars. Most are buried but some are uncovered by wind and when they wind through craters. Tubes are similar in size to Manhattan, New York and could actually contain skyscrapers as shown

Investigator Joseph P. Skipper, writes, “The most obvious conclusion is that the fully blown tubes are artificial constructs of some higher intelligent life form based on a super elongated dome principle forming a protective shielded habitat of some kind.” Such technology is in evidence of sophisticated life on Mars as I have reported on in previous reports. . Remember that the tubes extend from one side edge of the crater to the other and off the strip with no signs of diminishment in size. 156.44 N 63.42*S MOC12.03186 as big as New York City.

On Mars there are a series of tubes several miles wide that show up within several craters and natural low valleys. According to the MSSS supplied statistics, the strip above is 2.98 km wide or 1.85 miles wide.

These tubes within the craters are 8.92 km or 5.54 miles of tube length.

However, we can also reasonably assume that there are still plenty of tube system unseen off the left or west edge of the E12-03186 strip and off the right or east edge of the E11-03408 strip that appear to go underground. Note that the dark area spread on the crater floor that is mostly the tube mass tends to confirm a much greater mass size beyond the limitations of the strip views and therefore there is probably substantial more tube length. So, we’re talking about a colossal tube system hundreds of miles longer than that.

Additionally, much smaller tubes are found in valleys and places where the soil has been blown away. MOC strip E12-03186, we now see one tube slipping off from the larger and heading off in a different direction.

For example, the top or northern most tube is again the most fully formed tube borders natural adjacent terrain to the immediate north. You can more clearly see the sunlight reflections gleaming off of the top surface of the main top tube system. Notice the clear at least semi-translucent equality of the main tube. Notice also the many vague light color spots all over the mass and they’re not well defined but still uniform spacing as well as size and shape appearance. This is new evidence. The appearance of these spots in this evidence tends to encourage speculation that these spots may not just be discolorations on the surface of the mass, but something under and/or within the tube as seen through its semitransparent surface. The tube may provide hollow air and/or water canal space rather than making full and complete flattened contact with the ground. . The dark narrow band that separates the north perimeter edge of the main tube from the terrain is a little too fuzzy and streaky and appears to have image tampering. That dark narrow band of tampering is likely hiding something indicating construction.

Notice to that the light gleam and reflection reveals the edges of a narrow band of depression indentation that runs the entire longitudinal length axis of the main tube top surface. This looks very much like something due to fairly recent expansion stress. This factor may be an indicator that this entire giant tube system may have undergone an enlarging expansion as to its width and girth after it was already fully formed.

Two Tubes in a Crater

I’ve included the above E12-03187 wide-angle context image to give you an idea of where these two Part II evidence strips and the tubes in them are in the crater and in relation to each other Such evidence clearly points to a dynamic construction and the fully formed tubes as being constructs of some kind rather than natural geological sediment collection processes of any kind at work here. To exist in such a massive elevated rounded unsupported form, the most obvious explanation is that they are lighter and less massive because they are hollow and their dome like semi-translucent quality and rounded dome like shape and very glassy smooth outer surface clearly supports such a conclusion. Their tremendous size suggests an advanced civilization protecting its people.

Additionally, much smaller tubes are found in valleys and places where the soil has been blown away. These tubes are all about water, its preservation, and the capitalization on it by life of some kind. The most obvious conclusion is that the fully blown tubes are artificial constructs of some higher intelligent life form making a protective shielded habitat from radiation and meteorites. Such technology is in evidence on Mars in numerous places such as open pit mining and numerous pyramids. Besides the giant tubes that have been found in the Mars crater photographs, there are much smaller “tubes” often referred to as glass or Plexiglas tubes because they are translucent or even transparent. There are miles and miles of them … some mostly buried with a few completely exposed as in these photos. The diameter of the smaller tube is 20-50 meters (66 to 164 feet) in general. That’s about big enough to put two interstate highways through plus water pipes. Supposedly, they are exposed by geological weathering of the surface soil. It does not appear that these tunnels or tubes are geologic or natural construction. This leaves us with the impressive conclusion that they have another origin of which there are only two possibilities they are organic, or they are artificial.

 Tube Switch, Tubes Heading in New Directions

I should point out NASA claims these tubes are actually sand dunes. While the European Space Agency feels many of the tubes are lava flows. Prevailing winds form sand dunes in one direction, while the tubes run in many directions. Notice these tubes head in four different directions.

Tubes Running in three Directions

 We can speculate a Mars civilization may have decided to go underground due to being hit repeatedly by meteorites and radiation from space. The tubing appears somewhat transparent and likely allows some light to penetrate while stopping the radiation. Underground water appears to seep in on the sides of the craters and dams to collect the water. There is oxygen, water, and the building blocks of life found on Mars indicating life likely exists. There’s no magnetic field on Mars so the ceaseless hazard of ionizing radiation could result in shortened lifespan for Martians, Using absorber materials such as Plexiglas for beta particles and lead for X-rays and gamma rays is an effective way to reduce radiation exposure


Glassy Tube up close With Ribs

 Skipper writes. I have seen too much evidence of JPL tampering on such a fine level and small scale to convince me that this could have been done only with much larger closer in views. The MOC cameras are capable of much higher resolutions than are being publicly reported and someone is pulling images back to lesser resolution to hide e evidence of life on Mars.


Lava Tubes on Earth Valentine Cave in Lava Beds National Monument, California Azamara Cave,

Hawaii – Not only the world’s most extensive lava tube, but at 65.5 kilometers (40.7 mi), it has the greatest linear extent of any cave known.

Mars is also pockmarked with absolutely massive lava tubes much larger than Earths, as well as the constructed tubes with ceilings as high as the Empire State Building. Some of the natural lava tubes are probably used near volcanoes. The series of translucent glass tubes may hold cities and a transit system.

These subterranean lava caverns could be used as sites for future human bases. Lava tubes tend to roll downhill from various volcanoes and may also be used by the Martians. A lava tube is a tunnel under a world’s surface, formed by an intense flow of molten rock during a volcanic explosion. On Earth, they’re most easily spotted when they collapse, forming long furrows in the dirt. Partial collapses sometimes form chains of “skylights” that reveal hidden lava tubes that are mostly intact. Researchers have speculated that lava tubes might exist on Mars and the moon since orbiters have beamed home images showing how common these formations likely are. Now, researchers argue in a new paper published July in the journal Earth-Science Reviews, it’s time to explore them in earnest.

Many areas have indications of tubes running underneath the surface of Mars. There is enough evidence to indicate the Martians have built underground bases and a complete travel system. There could be boat channels, roads, or railways out of sight. The craters of course indicate a large bombardment of Mars occurred in the distant past. There is evidence of nuclear explosions so may have been fighting as well. Those who remained built a subway system to support civilization.

Image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows a possible lava tube on Mars near the southern flank of the Martian volcano Arsia Mons. (Image credit: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/NASA)

 These may be Martian built glass or acrylic tubes of a mile wide and a thousand feet tall. They appear translucent and have ribs for stability.

 That’s certainly big enough space for some people to fit inside with housing, roads, or canals. A lava tube on the moon, Pozzobon told Live Science, could easily contain a small city within its walls.

The sheer scale of these extraterrestrial lava tubes is likely a result of low Martian and lunar gravity. “Lava tubes some 25 miles long could provide stable shields from cosmic and solar radiation and micrometeorite impacts which are often happening on the surfaces of planetary bodies Thanks to Norman Bryden Link to NASA Image.
KIY Ancient City

  There are over two dozen pyramids in this area of Mars, and it looks like it might have been an ancient city long ago.

The edges of the structure are absolutely perfect. This incredible attention to detail could only be attained by intelligent design. Some pyramids in Egypt have terraces like these. These structures are absolute proof that aliens not only lived on Mars but thrived in bustling cities such as this.

Google Mars map  8°45’15.46″N   1° 4’55.38″W

The sign at bottom of larger pyramid is KIY upside down is YIK. It was found by Sandra Elana Andrade of YouTube. Scott C. Waring

Ancient City Full Of Pyramids Found On Mars, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Writing at bottom of Pyrmid on the right

My Martian language interpretation is not very good. There are some pyramid-like structures on Mars.

The sign on base of double pyramid I call KIY upside down is YIK. It appears the Martians use the alphabet similar to English writing and may have brought this writing to Earth.

The city was found by Sandra Elana Andrade of YouTube.

Scott C. Waring

Mars Pyramid Date of discovery: October 2019

Location of discovery: Mars Source photo: ans/

I found a pyramid in a Mars photo today. The pyramids geometric shape is 90 % matching that of the Egyptian pyramids. The structure is on the lower base of a hill and may be surrounded by a few other pyramids that were covered with dirt and debris over time. I wonder why NASA did not notice this structure or go to investigate it. The rover’s job is to explore, and yet it’s doing zero exploration. That should make the whole world suspicious that NASA does not really want to explore Mars, but only wants to drop feed the public boring facts to make it look like they care charging billions for each rover mission. Scott C. Waring

Look carefully at this hilltop and you will notice that an ancient face of an intelligent alien species is looking upward. The detail is so-so, but I’ve seen much worse sculptures of faces in museums and paintings. This is however on Mars, so  it’s more important. Faces tell us who made them. Faces tell us what they looked like and when we see the face we quickly realize…they are not so different

Face on Mars probably represents Key Martian    Mars Lady in Chair Date of discovery: Jan 11, 2024                                 

 from us. Not so scary as the movies and gov would like to make us believe. They look relaxed, calm, majestic and proud. Reminds me us.

Thanks to Scott C. Waring  Mars Lady in Chair, NASA photo:

 High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program (HAARP).



I suggest enemies using weather modification, disease, financial disruption, natural disasters, and terrorism are attacking US and its allies. This last week snowstorms and floods killed at least 75 people and causing millions in destruction and the lowest temperatures in years. These attacks are hard to prove, but very effective. For example, what is causing the severe rains in California, Oregon, Washington? Chinese HAARP equipment is diverting heavy storm clouds to sweep across the entire country. This winter devastating snow and cold weather hit much of the Midwest and Northeast with cold coming from Alaska. The weather control also brings larger and more devastating tornadoes and floods to the US and Canada.

Several countries such as China, Russia have large scientific teams studying weather alteration and the ability to make catastrophic modifications in the jet stream as it flows through China and into the Pacific Ocean and eventually hitting the US.. The Beijing Weather Modification Office is part of China’s nationwide weather control effort, believed to be the world’s largest; that employs 37,000 people nationwide putting silver iodide or dry ice into clouds. We seem to be falling behind in the weather control race, aircraft modern such as the C-17s and C-5s could drop chemicals into Tornado forming clouds and greatly weaken their potential destruction.


China is thought to have five HAARP Facilities twisting the Jet stream

 James E. Mc Donald’s a famous ufologist’s weather studies showed how weather modification could occur with devices like HAARP revealed plans to drastically expand an experimental weather modification program to cover an area of over 5.5 million square kilometers (2.1 million square miles) – more than 1.5 times the total size of India.

According to a statement from the State Council, China will have a “developed weather modification system thanks to breakthroughs in fundamental research and key technologies, as well as improvements in “comprehensive prevention against safety risks.”

. China has long sought to control the weather to protect farming areas and to ensure clear skies for key events – it seeded clouds ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to reduce smog and avoid rain ahead of the competition. Key political meetings held in the Chinese capital are notorious for enjoying beautiful clear skies

The American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP with five experiments successfully modified the ionosphere above the Earth for both communication and military purposes. China and Russia have conducted successful experiments controlling the jet stream which is the key to controlling the weather. Over the US.

An experiment heated that portion of the atmosphere roughly half the size of Great Britain – more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, due to particle flux. Those particles were shot into the ionosphere from a Soviet-Era atmospheric heating station. This was done by an array of high-power antennae designed to spike the higher levels of the atmosphere with a large amount of microwave radiation. According to the Chinese report, the peak power of these waves was 260 megawatts, which is enough juice to light a small city. Measurements of it were taken by an orbiting Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite called Zhangheng-1. It was able to switch to a “burst mode” to collect data samples every half-second..

 While this experiment has raised a lot of controversy, the facility from which it was launched was built in 1981 for this expressed purpose. Control of the ionosphere and  for clandestine communications and detection of things ranging from submarines to natural resources, according to a Popular Mechanics article, which called the Chinese chase for a HAARP of their own a chase for weapons instead of science. Small electrical and temperature changes in the Polar Jet Stream in China or Russia can create large changes in the jet stream and associated storms when it hits the US. Weather weapons that are able to change the trajectory of the Polar Jet Stream can create record low temperatures that have been recorded in the US during January 2019, 2023, and 2024.

. High-energy microwaves, such as those recently discharged by Russia and China in Russia allow the controller to manipulate communication and severe weather patterns. HAARP geoengineering can enhance submarine communication, manufacture earthquakes and tsunamis to weather manipulation” In reality, they can penetrate ground or water as deep as 328 feet and even disrupt satellite communication.

 Dr. James E. Mc Donald’s a famous ufologist’s weather studies showed how weather modification could occur with devices like HAARP. There is strong Evidence Communist China Continues to Control Our Weather. The jet streaming January 2023 and 2024 jet streams has stretched all the way from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico over the eastern U.S., helping to trigger the intense over 100 tornados …

Using modern equipment China is controlling the jet stream and pushing it north into Alaska then south into Pacific Ocean off the coast of Sothern California creating blizzards and record low temperatures. Bad weather will continue because China is attacking


 There Are Dangers in Having a Abortion

Psychology Today and British Journal Psychiatry states “Women who had an abortion have 81% increased risk of mental health problems. Persons considering an abortion should be aware of recent studies “there are in fact some real risks associated with abortion that should be shared with women as they are counseled prior to an abortion .About a million women have an abortion in the U S each year


Women protesting their Supreme Court Decision\

Women protesting their Supreme Court Decision\A provocative new medical study shows that women who have an abortion face an increased risk for mental health problems including substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. There were 877,181 participants in the study and 16 3831 had an abortion Comparing the two groups the study found amazing results of higher divorcé rates and earlier death.

At least 27% of women who have an abortion will have a suicidal ideation afterward. Six times more women attempt suicide if they abort rather than having a baby. The truth is that the importance of our stories cannot be overstated since abortion was legalized in 1973 by the Roe vs Wade decision. Over 55 to 60 million developing babies have died through abortion although killing of a human is against the Law  Often an abortion is taught in high school health courses teaching that life is cheap. so why not eliminate anyone’s life that bothers you. Planned Parenthood averages a thousand abortions per day

 Women who had an abortion were 34 percent more likely to develop an anxiety disorder, 37 percent more likely to experience depression, 110 percent more likely to abuse alcohol, 220 percent more likely to use marijuana, 155 percent more likely to commit suicide. According to its annual report, Planned Parenthood conducted 296,310 Breast exams and provided 274,145 Pap tests. Planned Parenthood does not conduct breast biopsy or prenatal care. It does provide birth control pills, a pregnancy test, annual exams, and abortions

 Women who insist upon the right to abort their babies are tampering with the divine design. They are effectively choosing to destroy the baby and often their marriage rather than to honor God’s design. The couple who aborts their baby has taken a step away from the marriage family union and a step towards divorce.

 Abortion is a surgical procedure that removes the fetus using suction and a sharp tool to cut that ends the life of the baby. This can cause complications scarring of the uterine wall  which may make it difficult to later get pregnant. These complications include damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, infection or sepsis, and perforation of the uterus .Although death from abortion is rare, any surgery is potentially fatal. Frequently, the Mother is left with severe mental problems which can lead to early suicide death. https://www cbsnews com/news/abortion-tied-to-sharp-decline-in- 

womens-mental-health /

 Three US Soldiers Killed, Iran warns retaliation if attacked

Iranian official on January 30, warned that the country will retaliate against any attack, hours after President Joe Biden said he has made a decision on how to respond to the killing of three U.S. soldiers in Jordan in a drone attack by Iran-backed militants. The Biden administration has given public and private signals that the operation it is planning on Iranian militants will be multi-faceted. ‘tiered ‘amid floated reports of potential attacks.

FILE PHOTO: Permanent Representative of Iran Amir Saeid Iravani said any attack against the country will be met with a “decisive response.” AFP via Getty ImagesKey Facts

Amir Saeid Iravani, Iran’s envoy to the U.N. told reporters that giving a “strong response to enemies” who target the country is “the fundamental policy of Iran,” the state-controlled Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

Iravani said, “Any attacks on Iran’s territory, or its interests or citizens abroad  will face a decisive response.””

 Planet Mercury  Tower

Date of discovery: Jan 13, 2024

URL Map: Latitude 112.47 Longitude 56.26

 Scott C. Waring found a tower on the surface of planet Mercury that is a shiny metallic and it’s so reflective it really stands out from the other colors around it. There is a ruler in the map, measuring the bottom at 2km wide and 7km tall, but it disappears into the shadows within a crevice area so it may be up to 10km tall. It makes sense that this tower would be coming from an underground city on Mercury, because the surface of Mercury is so inhospitable to life that a city or space station underground would be safe from the cruel surface temperatures, radiation, and meteorite impacts.

MUFON DECEMBER 2023 Sightings CMS Report
































TOTAL: 395




Circle 84

Sphere 41

Other 36

Unknown 26

Disc 24

Star-like 23

Triangle 21

Square/Rectangular 20

Oval 20

Cigar 10

Boomerang 9

Cylinder 8

Tic Tac 8

N/A 6

Fireball 4

Egg 4

Diamond 4

Flash 3

Blimp 3

Teardrop 2

Saturn-like 2

Cone 2

Chevron 1

Cross 1


California 29

Texas 20

Florida 18

Illinois 16

Michigan 16

Arizona 12

New York 12

Pennsylvania 12

Ohio 10

Virginia 9

Maryland 8

Oklahoma 8

Washington 8

Colorado 7

Kentucky 7

Minnesota 7

North Carolina 7

South Carolina 7

Wisconsin 7

Indiana 6

Louisiana 6

New Mexico 5

Oregon 5

Connecticut 4

Wyoming 4

Alabama 3

Georgia 3

Maine 3

Massachusetts 3

Missouri 3

New Jersey 3

Utah 3

Alaska 2

Arkansas 2

Iowa 2

New Hampshire 2

Tennessee 2

West Virginia 2

Delaware 1

Hawaii 1

Idaho 1

Rhode Island 1

South Dakota 1





< 100 ft 41

101-500 ft 51

501 ft – 1 Mile 69

Over 1 Mile 75

Unknown 70



Most impressively there were 13 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs reported and 33 Entities observed.


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ew Jersey Rectangle

Long Branch on January 12, 2024, Two, possibly three objects. Stopped on a dime for a few seconds then zipped off. PHOTO IS ESTIMATE OF WITNESS VIEW. light…

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Filer’s Files salutes our fighting men and women Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who both drowned. These files could not be published without the help of my beloved wife who cooks, cleans, washes, etc., and manages the finances. We pray that God will bless those who read these files spiritually.

George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director Chief Editor National UFO Center Major USAF ret. Graduated BS from Bradley U and Masters's Degree from Central Michigan University

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