Filer's Files

Filer’s Files Aug. 15 2022 Intel. Tells Congress UFO s Real

U16 2022

Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 to 4 million hits a month

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 Special reports are: Office of the Director of National Intelligence, The Anunnaki’s Legacy,  Human Origins Story Remains Incomplete with Missing Ancestors, Hacker Claims There Are Military Spaceships, There Is a Space Force, Carbon 60,. And Strange Craft.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over, Canada, Eire, France, Germany, Norway, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force and DOD investigated UFOs for more than forty years; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

 Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Typical Disc Craft

U) This report was prepared for the Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committees under the auspices of the ODN! It was drafted by the UAPTF ODNI National Intelligence Manager for Aviation, with input from USD(I&S), LA, FBI, NRO, NGA, NSA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, DARPA, FAA, NOAA, ODNIINIME merging and Disruptive Technology, ODNI National Counterintelligence and Security Center, and of National Intelligence Council. (U) Assumptions (U) Various forms of sensors that register UAP generally operate correctly and capture enough real data to allow initial assessments, but some UAP may be attributable to sensor anomalies. 2 50 U.S.C. § 3024(1) 50 U.S.C. § 3024(I)


Navy F-18 Gun Cameral Photo of UFO/UAP


 The limited amount of high-quality reporting on UAP hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent of UAP. The UAPTP considered a range of information on UAP described in U.S. military and IC (Intelligence Community) reporting, but because the reporting lacked sufficient specificity, ultimately recognized that a unique, tailored reporting process was required to provide sufficient data for analysis of UAP events. 50 U.S.C. § 3 024(I) As a result, the UAPTP concentrated its review on ~escribing Incidents that occurred between 2004 and 2021, the majority of which are a result of a new tailored process to better capture UAP events through formalized reporting. 50 U.S.C. § 3024(I) •

(U) Most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects given that a majority of UAP registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared, electrooptical, weapon seekers, and visual observation. In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics, including several in which the 1.4(a) (e )(g) ~1.4(a)(e)(g) ,==” involving • These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer. misperception and require additional rigorous analysis.

(U) There are probably multiple types of UAP requiring different explanations based on the range of appearances and behaviors. UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security. Safety concerns primarily center on aviators contending with an increasingly cluttered air domain. UAP would also represent a national security challenge if they are foreign adversary collection platforms or provide evidence a potential adversary has developed either a breakthrough or disruptive technology. (U) Consistent consolidation of reports from across the federal government, standardized reporting, increased collection and analysis, and a streamlined process for screening all such reports against a broad range of relevant USG data will allow for a more sophisticated analysis of UAPs.

Senate Intelligence Committee


(U) Limited data leaves most UAP Unexplained (U) a dataset involved UAP largely witnessed firsthand aviators and that were collected from Limited data and inconsistency in replying are key challenges to evaluating UAP. No standardized replying mechanism existed until the Navy established one in March 2019. The Air Force subsequently adopted that mechanism in November 2020, but it remains limited to USG replying. The UAPTF regularly heard anecdotally doming its research about other observations that occulted but which were never captured in formal or informal reporting by those observers. focused on systems considered to be dependable. These reports describe incidents that occurred between 2004 and 2021, with the majority coming in the last two years as the new reporting mechanism became better known to the military aviation community. In only one instance, the UAPTF was able to identify the reported UAP with high confidence. In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon. The others remain explained. 144 reports originated from USG sources.

 (U) UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight and could pose a broader danger if some instances represent sophisticated collection against U.S. military activities by a foreign government or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary

Almost a Collision With F-18

 (U) Potential National Security Challenges

 The UAPTF has 11 reports of documented instances in which pilots reported near misses with a UAP. ((U) We currently lack data to determine any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary. The initial focus will be to employ artificial intelligence/machine-learning algorithms to cluster and recognize similarities and patterns in features of the data points.

The national security implications associated with potential threats posed by UAP operating in close proximity to sensitive military activities, installations, critical infrastructure, or other national security sites, the FBI is positioned to use its investigative capabilities and authorities to support deliberate DoD and interagency efforts to determine attribution. Thanks to John Groenewald, Jr. 5700

The U.S Air Force is at its smallest size since the beginning in 1947.

 The Anunnaki’s Legacy

The Sun-god Shamash in his Shrine,

Illustration of the Tablet of Shamash God is a stone tablet recovered from the ancient Babylonian city of Sippar in southern Iraq in 1881

According to Sumerian writing advanced humanoid aliens visited and colonized Earth in remote history. They claim to upgrade our human genome and eventually mentored early humanity, teaching us some advanced skills, and also intermarrying with us. Modern humans are their children.

Genesis 6:4 of the Bible reads as follows: “The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.”

Researcher Zecharia Sitchin

 Researcher Zecharia Sitchin claims research as presented in his books establishes that we are not evolutionary apes, but the theory of ancient aliens is the best, most scientific and logically reasonable theory, but also the correct one. My work has found much more compelling logic in support of the Anunnaki Legacy of astronauts visiting Earth.

Zecharia SitchiZecharia Sitchin is an Icon and was a pioneer of legendary proportion. History will one day regard him as such. Like Galileo, Sitchin opened a new window of understanding. He may not have gotten every detail like the notion of the Anunnaki’s home planet, Niburu, being a renegade member of the Sun’s Solar System, but the main concept is on. Cynics can whine and cringe all they like, as do witches at the coming of dawn … but no one to my knowledge has ever successfully discredited Sitchin’s basic theory.

One of the richest sources for understanding the story of the last five to six thousand years of human history comes from religious records. Fortunately, many of these records are still available to us and useful. Unfortunately, we have to read these ancient documents through 21st Century vision to get past all of the cumulative errors, editing, misunderstanding and misinterpretations, compounded through the ages by our misguided human ancestors. But, if you study the material available closely, and with an open mind … a bigger-unifying story clearly emerges from it all. In short, each of the major religions of today’s world are either a direct or indirect descendent of the oldest major civilization – Sumer and its recorded history and story of cosmology as found in the Enuma Elish, what I refer to as the Anunnaki Legacy. The Anunnaki Legacy and Ancient Alien Theory are one-in-the-same. Anunnaki is the name of the advanced alien civilization that colonized Earth thousands of years ago, created, mentored, and then interbred with our early ancestors resulting in modern people. To put all of this religious history in proper perspective took a lot of explanation, but it was critical to support my conclusions.

Reincarnation, or more precisely –that all biological things have a dual nature – the physical mortal body and a separate immortal spirit or “soul” … which survives physical death … is a very old and basic area of human understanding. Both Western religion and science have done their best to purge this natural process from modern understanding. The problem for them is … evidence of reincarnation and duality both establish a firm case for the natural existence of human consciousness apart from the physical body – a heresy for scientific materialism, Universal Intelligence is a reality. Human consciousness is the direct link and means of understanding this simple fact of life. Science fears this knowledge, has a need to control it for their own devices.

The oldest written record available to us today is the cuneiform clay-tablet Sumerian Library of Ashurbanipal, an ancient-historical Babylonian ruler. This library was unearthed by archeologists in modern Iraq at the turn of the last century. One of the books in the collection brought back to light was the Enuma Elish.

The Enuma Elish is a recorded history of the Sumerian civilization

 This is the oldest advanced culture mainstream science has verified to date (4000-6000 BC). The belief that Sumer was the oldest civilization is currently being taught in our school systems. The problem is the mainstream do not presently accept or teach that the early history of man found in the Enuma Elish as factual and regard this early part as myth. The first part is the Anunnaki Legacy.

 To the Establishment’s chagrin, when you study Sumerian history with 21st century eyes two things become strikingly evident. First, many of the stories that would later be written into the chronicles of the major religions that followed – Hindu, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greco/Roman and the biblical Genesis, were simply a retelling of the stories which originated in the Enuma Elish and other Sumerian records. These would include the Golden Age, Flood Story, and a War of the Gods. If you have an open mind and study all of the earliest religious material, unimpeachable evidence for it speaks loudly for itself, in spite of claims to the contrary from biblical and theological circles.

 John 14:2  Jesus states:

In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?

Growing number of informed people are convinced mainstream science, education and the media establishments do suppress a good

amount of important new discovery and modern information on legitimate phenomena like UFO’s. How do you challenge this dogma and close-mindedness? By challenging them directly. Badger the mainstream into putting-up or shutting-up. I offered several very doable specific challenges for mainstream science, archeology, and historians. Here is just one example … Many of your readers will be familiar with the ancient, giant, intricately cut H-blocks at Puma Panko in Bolivia. The Establishment insists they were carved and constructed from quarries, over 22 miles of mountainous terrain away by the Indigenous primitive Amerindian tribes with stone chisels, ropes, timbers, and brute force.

Puma Punku in Bolivia.

 I challenge them to either put up or reconsider. It would not be that difficult or unreasonable to send teams of archeological and engineering students from major colleges to Bolivia for a summer experiment. Have them go to the quarry, dislodge a rough stone from its source, transport it to Puma Punku and reproduce an exact replica of the original H-blocks, using only the methods claimed by mainstream science that were available 1500 years ago. I maintain it cannot be done. Until it is done as they claim, it’s simply a working hypothesis and a lame one at that. By the dictates of established science, if you have no direct evidence to support your hypothesis it cannot be elevated to “theory.” Slam Dunk.

Quimbayan, Columbia Jets

 Puma Punku’s existence is not only the most important archeological site in the world, but also, along with Baalbek in modern Lebanon. And the Quimbayan, Bolivia Jets, represents the best physical evidence we have in support of The Anunnaki Legacy. Ancient Aliens TV segment set out to “prove” the artifacts were rooted in representations of ancient aircraft. before 2000 years ago. It is tragic and borderline dishonest that a major news source has never done a feature story or TV program on Puma Punku, Bolivia or Baalbek, Lebanon. To their credit, while derided by the science establishment, the History Channel has featured Puma Punku. What does CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX all fear? The answer is simple. Conventional explanations of history and evolution simply will not work at these locations and many others around the world. Fresh new thinking is demanded.

 Roger Thomas states, “I have read all of the world’s great philosophers, both ancient and more contemporary. Of them all, Confucius is my favorite. His major points are all short, simple to relate to for everyone, and timeless. You don’t need to have a great intellect to learn from him. A good deal of Confucius’ philosophy has to do with personal responsibility and the ideal format for a true democratic government and egalitarian society – one which would best benefit all peoples and social classes.”

2500 years later, in 1776, Confucius’ vision finally took real form in the constitution of the United States. During its first 150 years American citizens used the gift of self-governance to create the most prosperous, successful, and generous civilization in human history. During the last 50 years or so, we have surrendered our authority and given it back to the bankers, wealthy families and multi-national corporations formerly known as the kings, royalty, clergy, and merchants. What happened? We controlled our own destiny, but over the last three generations too many of our citizens couldn’t handle it and traded it back in return for government largess. That is the Confucian Paradox.


Somehow, we must find the collective will to regain control and hold on to it. Government must obey the people not the reverse. Understanding the real history of humanity is the first requirement. Too many people are apathetic and just plain lazy about coming to terms with the changes brought about by modern advances. So too are we equally challenged to consider Confucius the story of history. That is why the Anunnaki Legacy is not more widely known or accepted. We need to support and guide them with fresh thinking. Thanks to Roger Thomas.

 Human Origins Story Remains Incomplete with Missing Ancestors

 Human origins remain unclear given studies of known fossils, concludes a new Science review. Today, our last common ancestor with the apes remains unknown as debate rages on. The study’s lead author, Sergio Almécija, a senior research scientist in the American Museum of Natural History’s Division of Anthropology, says there’s no agreement.

“When you look at the narrative for hominin origins, it’s just a big mess—there’s no consensus whatsoever,” said Almécija. “

The Core of the Human Origins Problem

‘Chimp has 70% of human like DNA

 Between about 9.3 million and 6.5 million years ago, scientists believed humans diverged from the chimpanzee lineage. Today, chimpanzees and bonobos are our closest living relatives, sharing 99% of our DNA. That’s absolutely fact, although humans still seem intent to destroy our close relative’s natural environments. Some scientists think there is a missing chimp-like knuckle-walking ancestor that led to hominins. Others suspect it’s more likely an ancestor evolved from a species resembling Miocene apes.

Top-Down versus Bottom-Up

Taking a “top-down” approach, some scientists study chimpanzees to attempt to reconstruct hominin origins. Others use a “bottom-up” approach, focusing on the fossil record of mostly extinct apes. Now, reconciling these two approaches “remains at the core of the human origins problem,” the study states.

After the review, the scientists believe it’s “likely that the last shared ape ancestor had its own set of traits, different from those of modern humans and modern apes.”

 Therefore, an essential part of the picture remains missing. Missing Part of the Picture

        Ape Human

 Study author Ashley Hmmond says “—it is clear that a human evolutionary story based on the few ape species currently alive is missing much of the bigger picture,” said Hammond.

“Early hominins likely originated in Africa from a Miocene LCA that does not match any living ape. Despite phylogenetic uncertainties, fossil apes remain essential to reconstruct the ‘starting point’ from which humans and chimpanzees evolved,” states the study. So how come our bodies are so flawed? Why does sharp vision so often elude us, for instance? Why do our backs hurt, hearing fails so frequently?

 Darwin’s Theory 150 Years Later

Some 150 years ago, Darwin introduced “In the Descent of Man,” suggesting our origins came from an unknown ancestor in Africa. Today, Darwin’s speculation has been backed up with many discoveries of extinct fossils, but so far, none have proven to be the indisputable missing link. DNA confirms that our closest living biological relatives are chimpanzees and bonobos a type of ape, bit we are also have DNA similar to cows. S. Humans share genes with all living organisms, and some are closer than others. Paleontologists for some reason have ignored the possibility of intervention by extraterrestrials. They admit thousands even millions of mutations would be required to develop cells from the primordial soup to fish, primitive land creatures, then apes to hominids or primitive man. We know now that our DNA molecule is probably the most efficient information storage system in the entire universe.

The immensity of complex coded and precisely sequenced information written on the DNA is amazing. The evidence speaks of intelligent, information-bearing design. Complex DNA coding would have been necessary for even the hypothetical first ‘so-called’ simple cell(s).

Your single cell is as Complicated as NY City

A single cell is unbelievably complex being roughly equivalent to New York City in a bubble or the outer membrane of one cell. As we move in closer to examine the cell we see the huge buildings, roads, subways, bridges, auto traffic that represent the various parts of the human cell. As we move closer inside the various buildings we find a network of electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning systems, elevators carrying people. Inside the offices are millions of computers and electrical wiring systems. Now you have an idea of the complexity of one of the single cells in your body, that can duplicate itself in minutes.

Francis Crick the founder of DNA feels a spaceship or meteorites brought the DNA to Earth. Francis Crick proposed, in a book called “Life Itself,” that some form of primordial life was shipped to the earth billions of years ago in spaceships—by supposedly ‘more evolved’ (therefore advanced) alien beings. This concept basically infers that life, DNA, virus, bacteria, bombarded Earth from space aboard meteorites and comets.

The source said the alien species lives inside mountains, under the earth and sea in deep caverns.

Alleged Nordic  Alien wirh Blue Eyes

 The source expressed his belief that the ETs have a great deal of control over the planet and its inhabitants. He said the aliens have links to Mars, Sirius, and Zeta Reticule. The aliens living on Earth look remarkably similar to humans as shown above. They regularly study humans and take sperm, DNA, and other bodily samples.

Is it possible we are a product of an ancient alien species that continues to study, observe, and manipulate humans for reasons we don’t know? One probable reason is our immunity to several types of bacteria and viruses that could kill the visitors.

 Hacker Claims There Are Military Spaceships

Gary McKinnon

Paul Christian reports, “UFO hacker Gary McKinnon claims he has been seeing data on Non-Terrestrial Officers and spaceships conducting a military computer hack around Fort Meade and other facilities. At the Johnson Space Centre Gary spied on photographs of cigar-shaped objects that might have been UFOs but – he says – they were probably satellites. “You end up lusting after more and more complex security measures,” he says. “It was like a game a computer games. It was hugely addictive.” There were hackers from many nations snooping around every night for the entire five to seven years I was doing this.

He claims, “I found a list of officers’ names under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ and a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers,’ and a list of ship names.

I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceships, off-planet. “Apparently there is a secret military astronaut corps, and the U.S. operates a fleet of antigravity space capable aerospace vehicles, although “I was smoking a lot of dope at the time. Not good for the intellect.” Allegedly the names of two of the ships are the General Curtis LeMay and Vice- Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter.

Ship Courtesy of  Design Engineer William Tompkins

Editor’s Note:  Bob Lazar claims that during his employment at S-4 facility in Nevada, he briefly witnessed an Aurora flight while aboard a bus near Groom Lake. He claimed that there was a “tremendous roar” as he saw a very large aircraft having “two huge, square exhausts with vanes in them.,” Lazar claims he was informed that the aircraft was indeed an “Aurora, a high-altitude research plane powered by liquid methane.

TR-3B Aurora aircraft

Aberdeen Press and Journal writer Nic Outterside wrote a piece on US stealth technology in. He alleged RAF/USAF Machrihanish two-mile-long long runway near Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland to be a base for Aurora aircraft. Rumors from the secret hypersonic spy plane “Aurora” being operated from the base, to the other extreme of crashed UFO’s being dismantled and reversed engineered at the base ‘Oceanic Air Traffic Control at Prestwick’ Outterside says, ‘Tracked fast-moving radar blips at Mach 3 to 6. In 2006, aviation writer Bill Sweetman put together 20 years of examining the black budget concluded: “I learned how to sort out where money was going. This year, when I looked at the Air Force operations budget in detail, I found a $9-billion black hole that seems a perfect fit for a project like Aurora.”[4]

Former President Ronald Reagan who alluded to a highly classified space fleet in a June 11, 1985, entry in his diaries where he revealed that “Our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”

Lockheed’s Ben Rich

William Hamilton wrote, “Rich Andrews was a close personal friend of Lockheed’s Skunk Works CEO Ben Rich. Before Rich died of cancer, Andrews took my questions to him. Rich confirmed: There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “Purge”, administration was managed by an international board of directors in the private sector. “‘An’ item” — as opposed to “‘The’ item” — was recovered near the world’s only combat operational atom bomb base (Roswell AAF) in 1947. Hull design, aerodynamic measurements and propulsion info was passed directly to Jack Northrop and Kelly Johnson, beginning in 1950, with a major block of data being passed on from “The Working Group” at Wright Patterson AFB’s Foreign Technologies Division in 1952. Ben Rich claimed

We can take ET home.


Testimony of Mr. John Maynard

While at the DIA, I saw some documents that pertained to extraterrestrials. They were code worded. A normal person reading it may not catch it — it would go right on beyond them. These were Top Secret documents. I imagine most of them are still classified. A lot of them pertained to Salt 1 and Salt 2 — the strategic arms limitation treaties with Russia.

I also saw pictures of UFOs from; I believe it was called the National Intelligence Photographic Center [NIPC], in Arlington. Once in a while an anomaly would show up on the pictures that didn’t belong there — a round object, a triangular object.


Space Is a Contested Environment so There Is a Space Force

Photo take from ISS of Spaceship

The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen established this specific area of emphasis to highlight “the space domain’s emergence as an environment where US superiority has been and will continue to be challenged.

Space Force was signed into law Dec. 20, 2019 as part of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. went live shortly thereafter. On June 18, 2018, President Donald Trump directed the Pentagon to begin planning for a Space Force. The U.S. Space Force would be the first new military service in more than 70 years, following the establishment of the U.S. Air Force in 1947.

Along with its sister branch, the U.S. Air Force, the Space Force is part of the Department of the Air Force, one of the three civilian-led military departments within the Department of Defense. The Space Force, through the Department of the Air Force, is overseen by the secretary of the Air Force, a civilian political appointee who reports to the secretary of defense, and is appointed by the president with Senate confirmation.[10] The military head of the Space Force is the chief of space operations who is typically the most senior Space Force officer. The chief of space operations exercises supervision over the Space Force’s units and serves as one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Space Force is the smallest U.S. armed service, consisting of 8,400 military personnel and operating 77 spacecraft. Major spacecraft and systems include the Space Fence, Global Positioning System constellation, military satellite communications constellations, Boeing X-37B spaceplane, U.S. missile warning system, U.S. space surveillance network, and the Satellite Control Network. Under the Goldwater–Nichols Act, the Space Force is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping space forces. The U.S. Space Force traces its roots to the beginning of the Cold War, with the first Army Air Forces space programs starting in 1945. In 1954, the Western Development Division, under General Bernard Schriever, was established as the first dedicated space organization within the U.S. Armed Forces .

Alleged Space Force Spaceship

The triangles were kind of funny, with a rounded corner on the tail end of it. These were taken most generally with the Talent Keyhole Satellites, and they would show these UFOs in them. They would be objects from the TK11, TK12 shots that were taken, that showed the anomalies. Sometimes you could actually track it, photograph by photograph as it moved across the sky.

I received the code name to go in the Omni Project that dealt with radar satellites. I was talking with a director showing satellite’s positioning. I said, “This system tracks radar anomalies on Earth, why are half of them pointed towards outer space? He said, Well you got to have a need to know to know about that. We were tracking stuff from outer space.”

I also did collaborate with the Camp David accords and assigning the SR-71s, the Blackbird, to map that had been accompanied by UFOs.   Thaks to the-“Disclosure Project

July 2022 Sightings Statistical Report s TOTAL: 634\

California 53,   Florida 42, Texas 31,  Pennsylvania 27, Colorado 25, Michigan 23, New York 23, Arizona 18,  Washington 16, Illinois 15, Missouri 14, Ohio 14, Oregon 13, Nevada 12, Minnesota 12, Wisconsin 11, Wisconsin 11, New Jersey 10, Georgia 10,  Oklahoma 10, North Carolina 9, and Maryland 9,



Strange Craft

The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs

U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and aviators who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at airfields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings. Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer.

From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book. As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.

Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book, by John L. Guerra.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

California Object

Vallejo on August   8, 2021, camera picks up sun tracking/ blocking artifact not detected with naked eye.

Colorado Objects

Park on July 30, 2022, my 4-year-old son noticed the rainbow. Then I took this photo with numerous very strange clouds and objects…very strange lights, streaks, a cigar-shaped object, a round object, a huge manta-ray shaped cloud, vertical arcs, and streaks, etc.

Florida Lights

Naples on June 13, 2022, bright light about half the size of the moon was pulling in this fog from a cloud like object. There two light sources and objects were pulling light and fog from one another.

Indiana Colored Light

Dyer on August 1, 2021. Last night at 10:59 pm, I was looking SE at the biggest, brightest moving ball of light I’ve ever seen. I took 3 pictures with my cell phone. As it dimmed and disappeared.

Maryland Object

Adamstown on August 6, 2021, taking video and when I went back to review noticed two UFOs and shiny lights before each one appeared.

Michigan Object

Traverse City on July 4, 2021, on South Manitou Island in the middle of Lake Michigan, I came across this unidentified object taking off in a straight trajectory at a speed faster than a plane.

New Jersey Lights and Black Object

Matawan on July 16, 2022, I saw at first what seemed to be 3 dark objects spaced out moving at a steady pace NW. They were visible for about a minute. I got live pictures on my iPhone of small UFOs,

North Wildwood on July 24, 2022, I was sitting on my steps and saw a triangle shape craft. It had 3 lights on the bottom that took off fast.

 New York Light

Wappingers Falls on July 7, 2022, I have no idea what it is in the photo. Was high over trees.

Ohio Objects

Dublin Event occurred June 4, 2022, at Muirfield Village Golf Course while watching on TV, he ball was at apex, when a dark blurry thin shadow-like image streak across the TV screen from left to right. Video triangular shaped UAP. The object below is the golf ball in flight.

 Pennsylvania Triangles

Happy Valley on July 27, 2022, please confirm multiple triangle crafts. I count at least 9-10
I witnessed a UFO 100’ above my head in Allen, Texas in 2017.
Thank you for your work in helping bring the awakening to all those who are still asleep.

 South Carolina Light

Siler City, – July 25, 2022 – tis was caught on our Genni Camera. It detected a UFO at the China cabinet in our kitchen. Y. Note: I suspect that object is an out-of-focus insect, but this is just a “hunch.”  Thanks to Will Pucket/

Tennessee Object

Maryville on July 3, 2022, I took a picture of a cylinder UFO in Cades Cove but did not see it with my eyes.

Texas Object

El Paso on July 31, 2022, Looked like black cylinder

Pasadena on March 21, 2021, I witnessed the UAP that was in the shape an equilateral cross with two little white nodes that were on each arm.

Vermont Object

Barre on July 31, 2022, saw this object three times over the course of a 20-minutes , I found my cell phone and let my husband know what I saw, and was able to take a live picture, which shows it descending. The object appeared to be a mile away and disappeared for a third time

Washington Lights

Edmonds on August 2, 2018, could not tell what it was but every time I looked at it had moved. You can see two birds flying by in one of the photos. Looked like a black hole with a tail.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Object

Chatham on July 19, 2022, disc shaped craft, flew west less than a second, came back into my sight from the west then flew very quickly and y while glowing like a light bulb maybe reflecting the sun then zipped off to the east.

Eire Light

Tramore on August  3, 2021, saw hovering glowing light seemed to change shape and then disappeared. At first I thought it might be the sun going down but more I looked at it not the sun. I tried reporting my sighting to an Irish MUFON chapter but did not find one?

         France Triangle

Berlin on March 23, 2022 , seven lights on triangular object of green color with bright. White lines across edges. Very fast speed, is mounted perpendicularly

.Norway Light

Bergen on August 7 ,  2021, early morning photo from hotel, room but did not see cigar with naked eye but only noticed after photo taken. White illuminated cigar shaped object with yellow strip down center and black strip around outer edge.

UK/England Lights

Sunderland on July 19, 2022, the object I observed at last night hovered for around 10 minutes changing color and shape a couple of times before blinking out.

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I have put together a DVD of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.


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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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