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Filer’s Files 48 2021 RB-47 – ECM Chases UFO



Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Special reports are: Astronaut Joseph A. Walker Saw UFOs, President Reagan Abducted and Chased UFOs, Air Force RB-47, equipped with ECM saw UFO, Spacecraft will Crash into an Asteroid, Kyle Rittenhouse: Case was always about the right to self-defense, C-60 and Strange Craft.

 Unidentified Aerial sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.

Unidentified sightings were reported over Egypt, France, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

 Astronaut Joseph A. Walker Saw UFOs

Joseph Walker

On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washington he said: “I don’t feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight.” – Joseph Walker. To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.

Joseph A. Walker was a Chief Research Pilot at the NASA Flight Research Center during the mid-1960s. Walker was the recipient of many awards during his 21 years as a research pilot.

Walker made the first NASA X-15 flight on March 25, 1960. He flew the research aircraft 24 times attained a speed of 4,104 mph (Mach 5.92) during a flight on June 27, 1962, and reached an altitude of 354,300 feet on August 22, 1963

President Reagan Chased UFOs

Gorbachev and Reagan

On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke the people of West Berlin at the base of the Brandenburg Gate, near the Berlin wall stating, “. Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall.” The speech began the destruction of Soviet Communism.

Ronald Reagan claimed to have seen UFOs on at least two occasions. Allegedly, before he was governor of California, he and Nancy were on their way up the Pacific coast highway to a dinner party. They arrived half an hour late and distraught saying they had seen a UFO and that was why they were late and possibly abducted. They did not explain the time delay.

Later when Governor of California, he asked his pilots to chase a UFO. He alerted the Navy to one of his sightings, and he and

On June 8, 1982, President Reagan spoke to the British House of Commons and called the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire.” Almost a year later, President Reagan in a television speech announced on March 23, 1983, the US was building the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) later known as the

Star Wars” program. The system was designed to destroy missiles in flight and UFOs.

In 1985, at the summit meeting Soviet premier, Mikhail Gorbachev states, Reagan asked me, “What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space; would you help us?” I said, ‘No doubt about it.’” “Gorbachev said, ‘We would help you too.”

Attacking UFO on to USSR

 At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion.  I shall not dispute that hypothesis.” Gorbachev confirmed the earlier Geneva conversation in a speech to the Central Committee in the Kremlin Palace.

In the Summit Meeting in Iceland during October of 1986, astonishingly, Reagan offered to share the Stars Wars weapons system with the Soviets. The Star Wars system was the most expensive weapons system ever conceived and parts are still being designed and built.

President Reagan repeated in several public speeches, ‘the alien threat to the consternation of his staff and he was receiving UFO data every morning.

President Ronald Reagan’s remarks made to the United Nations, on September 21, 1987,

In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you,



Triangles Attack Key Points in Soviet Union

Soviet Communist KGB Colonels claim large triangular craft were attacking Soviet installations. These drawings were provided to me by a Soviet KGB Colonel who felt this was the real cause of the demise of Soviet Communism. I said, “We were told financial weakness was the cause.” He indicated they were in better financial shape than ever.. .

The Soviet Union mysteriously gave up its position as one of the world’s greatest powers and splintered into multiple nations. Its leader at the time was Mikhail Gorbachev who has made several public statements about the reality of a covert extraterrestrial presence visiting Earth. He stated,

‘The phenomenon of UFO’s does exist, and it must be treated seriously.’ The Russian anti-missile-missile system remains in operation today as the upgraded A-135 anti-ballistic missile system.

ECETI (Enlightened Contact with extra Terrestrial Intelligence

Triangle Alien Craft

ECETI (Enlightened Contact with extra Terrestrial Intelligence where contact happens virtually every night. Many massive ships are seen flying over America. Military helicopters and jets attempt to chase the UFOs but they easily out distance, maneuver or simply disappear.

Air Force RB-47, equipped with ECM saw UFO


Dr. James McDonald wrote, “Electronic Countermeasures  (ECM) gear, manned by six officers, followed a UFO over a total distance in excess of 600 miles and for more than an hour, as it flew from near Gulfport, Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas, and into Oklahoma. The unidentified object was seen visually by the cockpit crew as an intense white or red light.”

White UFO

The UFO was followed by ground-radar, and detected on ECM monitoring gear aboard the RB-47. Simultaneous appearances and disappearances on all three of those physically distinct “channels” mark this UFO case as especially intriguing from a scientific viewpoint.

Summary of the Case:

The case is long and involved and filled with well-attested phenomena that defy easy explanation in terms of present-day science and technology. The RB-47 was flying out of Forbes AFB, Topeka, Kansas on a composite mission including gunnery exercises over the Texas-Gulf area, navigation exercises over the open Gulf, and ECM exercises in the return trip. This was an RB-47 carrying a six-man crew, of whom three were electronic warfare officers manning ECM (Electronic counter-measures) gear in the aft portion of the aircraft. One of the extremely interesting aspects of this case is that electromagnetic signals of distinctly radar-like character appeared definitely to be emitted by the UFO, yet it exhibited performance characteristics that o rule out any conventional or secret aircraft.

I have discussed the incident with all six officers of the aircrew:

Major Lewis D. Chase, pilot, Spokane, Wash.
Captain James H. McCoid, copilot, Offutt AFB
Major Thomas H. Hanley, navigator, Vandenberg AFB
Captain John J. Provenzano, No. 1 monitor, Wichita
Captain Frank B. McClure, No. 2 monitor, Offutt AFB
Lieutenant Walter A. Tuchscherer, No. 3 monitor, Topeka

Typical Aircrew

The Aircraft Commander pilot Chase was a Major at the time; I failed to ask for information on 1957 ranks of the others. McClure and Hanley are currently Majors, so might have been Captains or Lieutenants in 1957. All were experienced men at the time. Condon Project investigators only talked with Chase, McCoid, and McClure. I ascertained. In my checking it proved necessary to telephone several of them more than once to pin down key points; nevertheless the total case is so complex that I would assume that there are still salient points not clarified either by the Colorado investigators or by myself. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way, at present to locate the personnel involved in ground-radar observations that are a very important part of the whole case. I shall discuss that point below.

Disc UFO

 This flight occurred in September, 1957, just prior to the crew’s reassignment to a European base. On questioning by Colorado investigators, flight logs were consulted, and based on the recollection that this flight was within a short time of departure from Forces to Germany, (plus the requirement that the date match a flight of the known type and geography.

The incident is most inadequately described in the Condon Report that does not mention the intercept is over an hour for over 600 miles. In case after case in the Condon Report, close checking reveals that quite significant features of the cases have been seriously misrepresented.

RB-47 left Forbes and flew to Gulf o saw UFO at Gulfport

I assembled a picture of the events. Just as the aircraft crossed the Mississippi coast near Gulfport, McClure, manning the #2 monitor, detected a signal near their 5 o’clock position. It looked to him like a legitimate ground-radar signal, but corresponded to a position out in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the actual beginning of the complete incident.

Under conditions of war, bombing aircraft entering hostile territory can be assisted in their penetrations if any of a variety of electronic countermeasures (ECM techniques) are brought into action against ground-based enemy radar units.

Soviet Radars

The initial step in all ECM operations is, necessarily, that of detecting the enemy radar and identifying relevant features of the radar system such as radar frequency, pulse repetition, scan rate, pulse width and, the bearing relative to the aircraft heading. The latter task is particularly ample in principle, calling only for direction-finding antennas which pick up the enemy signal and display on a monitor scope inside the reconnaissance aircraft a blip or lobe that paints in the relative bearing from which the signal is coming.

ECM Gear

The ECM gear used in RB-47’s in 1957 is not now classified; the #2 monitor that McClure was on, he and the others pointed out, involved an ALA-6 direction-finder with back-to-back antennas in a housing on the undersurface of the RB-47 near the rear, spun at either 150 or 300 rpm as it scanned in azimuth. Inside the aircraft, its signals were processed in an APR-9 radar receiver and an ALA-5 pulse analyzer. All later references to the McClure at #2 monitor imply that system. The #1 monitor employed an APD-4 direction finding system, with a pair of antennas permanently mounted on either wing tip. Provenzano was on the #1 monitor. Tuchscherer was on the #3 monitor.

McClure at first thought he had 180-degree ambiguity in his ALA-6 scope, as the signal was at both his 5 o’clock and the 11 o’clock position moving up scope perhaps from some ground radar in Louisiana. Fixed ground-radar paints on the ECM monitor down scope as the RB-47 flies toward its direction.

As the lobe continued moving up scope, McClure said the strength of the incoming signal and its pulse characteristics all tended to confirm that this was some ground unit being painted.  It was at 2800 megacycles, a common frequency for S-band search radars. The lobe swung over to the 11 o’clock position and continued down scope. The lobe was so anomalous that McClure did not mention it to anyone.

This up scope-down scope “orbit” of the unknown was seen only by McClure. The signal faded as the RB-47 headed north to the turning point over Jackson, Miss. The mission called for simulated detection and ECM operations against Air Force ground radars. Shortly after making their turn westward over Jackson, the pilot saw a light.


The pilot Chase noted what he thought at first were the landing lights coming in from his 11 o’clock position, at the RB-47’s altitude. But no running lights were discernible and it was a single very bright white light, closing fast. He had just alerted the rest of the crew to be ready for sudden evasive maneuvers, when he and McCoid saw the light change directions and rush across from left to right at an angular velocity that Chase never saw before. The light went from their 11 o’clock to the 2 o’clock position with great rapidity, and then blinked out.

Immediately after that, Plot Chase and McCoid began talking about it on the interphone and McClure, recalling the unusual 2800 megacycle signal that he had seen over Gulfport. He then  set his #2 monitor to scan at 2800 mcs and got a strong 2800 mcs signal from their 2 o’clock position. The 2800 megacycle per second radiation is associated with type II and type IV solar radio bursts.

Provenzano told me that right after that they had checked out the #2 monitor and it was in perfect order. He then checked on his #1 monitor and also got a signal from the same bearing. As the aircraft continued westward at about 500 knots. the relative bearing of the 2800 mcs source did not move down scope on the #2 monitor, but kept up with them.

This quickly led to a situation in which the entire 6-man crew focused all attention on the matter and is vivid in the minds of all the men. Chase varied speed, to see if the relative bearing would change but nothing altered. After over a hundred miles of this, with the 2800 mgs source keeping pace with the aircraft, they were getting into the radar-coverage of the Carswell AFB GCI (Ground Controlled Intercept) unit and Chase radioed that unit to ask if they showed any other air traffic near the RB-47.

Pilot’s View from Cockpit, copilot sits behind Pilot

Carswell GCI notifies Chase immediately with the information that there was apparently another aircraft about 10 miles from them at their 2 o’clock position. (The RB-47 was identifiable by its Identification, friend or foe (IFF) signal; the “other aircraft” was seen by ” by direct radar reflection rather than via an IFF transponder, Col. Chase explained.)

The objects 2800 mcs signal was similar to that of a typical ground radar? McClure said this was what baffled him the most. Tits possible the objects propulsion system or its radar must cause the 2800 mcs signal

All the radar signature characteristics, as read out on his ALA-5 pulse analyzer, were completely normal — it had a pulse repetition frequency and pulse width like a CPS-6B and even simulated a scan rate: But its intensity, McClure pointed out, was so strong that “it would have to had an antenna bigger than a bomber to put out that much signal.” And now, the implications of the events over Gulfport took on new meaning. The up scope-down scope sweep of his #2 monitor lobe implied that this source, presuming it to be the same one now also being seen on ground radar at Carswell GCI, had flown a circle around the RB-47 at 30-35,000 ft altitude while the aircraft was doing about 500 knots (575 mph)..

GCI Radar Painted UFO

‘Shortly after Carswell GCI began following the two targets, RB-47 and unknown, still another significant action unfolded. McClure suddenly noted the lobe on the #2 monitor was beginning to go up scope, and almost simultaneously, Chase told me, GCI called out that the second airborne target was starting to move forward. Keep in mind that no visual target was observable here; after blinking out at the 12 o’clock position, following its lightning-like traverse across the nose of the aircraft, no light had been visible. The unknown now proceeded to move steadily around to the 12 o’clock position, followed all the while on the #2 monitor and on the GCI scope down at Carswell near Ft. Worth.

Red Glow 

As soon as the unknown reached the 12 o’clock position, Chase and McCoid suddenly saw a bright red glow “bigger than a house”, Chase said, and lying dead ahead, precisely the bearing shown on the passive radar direction-finder that McClure was on and precisely the bearing now indicated on the GCI scope. Three independent sensing systems were at this juncture giving seemingly consistent-indications: two pairs of human eyes, a ground radar, and a direction-finding radar receiver in the aircraft.

One of the important points not settled by the Colorado investigations concerned the question of whether the unknown was ever painted on any radar set on the RB-47 itself. Some of the men thought the navigator had seen it on his set, others were unsure. I eventually located Maj. Hanley at Vandenberg and he informed me that all through the incident, which he remembered very well, he tried, unsuccessfully to pick up the unknown on his navigational radar (K-system).

The important question was what sort of effective range that set had. Hanley gave the pertinent information that it could just pick up a large tanker of the KC-97 type at about 4 miles range, when used in the “altitude-hold” mode, with antenna tipped up to maximum elevation.

But both at the start of its involvement and during the object’s swing into the 12 o’clock position, GCI showed it remaining close to 10 miles in range from the RB-47. The unknown gave a GCI return that suggested a cross-section comparable to an ordinary aircraft, Chase told me, which is consistent with Hanley’s non-detection of the object. The pilot Chase then went to maximum allowable power, hoping to close with the unknown, but it just stayed ahead at about 10 miles as GCI kept telling them; it stayed as a bright red light dead ahead, and it kept painting as a bright lobe on the top of McClure’s ALA-6 scope.

UFO Painted at top of scope

By this time they were well into Texas still at about 35,000 ft and doing upwards of 500 knots (575 mph), when Chase saw it begin to veer to the right and head between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Getting FAA clearance to alter his own flight plan and to make sure other jet traffic was out of his way, he followed its turn, and then realized he was beginning to close on it for the first time. Almost immediately GCI told him the unknown had stopped moving on the ground-radarscope. Chase and McCoid watched as they came almost up to it. Chase’s recollections on this segment of the events were distinctly clearer than McCoid’s. McCoid was sitting aft of Chase and had the poorer view; also he said he was doing fuel-reserve calculations due to the excess fuel-use, while Chase in the forward seat was able to keep it in sight nearly continuously. Chase told me that he’d estimate that it was just ahead of the RB-47 and definitely below them when it instantaneously blinked out; when McClure announced on the interphone that he’d lost the 2800 mcs signal, and GCI said it had disappeared from their scope. Such simultaneous loss of signal on what we can term three separate channels is most provocative, most puzzling.

Putting the aircraft into a left turn (which Chase noted consumes about 15-20 miles at top speed), they kept looking back to try to see the light again. And, about halfway through the turn (by then the aircraft had reached the vicinity of Mineral Wells, Texas, Chase said), the men in the cockpit suddenly saw the bright red light flash on again, back along their previous flight path but distinctly lower.

Red Light Reappears

Simultaneously GCI got a target again and McClure started picking up a 2800 mcs signal at that bearing: (As I heard one after another of these men describe all this, I kept trying to imagine how it was possible that Condon could listen, at the October, 1967, plasma conference at the UFO Project, as Col. Chase recounted all this and shrug his shoulders and walk out.)

Securing permission from Carswell Air Force Base GCI to undertake the decidedly non-standard maneuver of diving on the unknown over Texas, Chase put the RB-47 nose down and had reached about 20,000 feet, he recalls, when all of a sudden the light blinked out, GCI lost it on their scope, and McClure reported loss of signal on the #2 monitor: Three-channel consistency once more.

Low on fuel, Chase climbed back up to 25,000 and headed north for Oklahoma. He barely had it on homeward course when McClure got a blip dead astern and Carswell radioed that they had a target once more trailing the RB-47 at about 10 miles. Rear visibility from the top blisters of the RB-47 now precluded easy visual check, particularly if the unknown was then at lower altitude (Chase estimated that it might have been near 15,000 feet when he lost it in the dive). It followed them to southern Oklahoma and then disappeared.

  1. Discussion:

This incident is an especially good example of a UFO case in which observer credibility and reliability is not a serious question, a case in which more than three channels of information figures in the over-all observations, and a case in which the reported phenomena appear to defy explanation in terms of either natural or technological phenomena.

In, the important initial incident, in which the unknown 2800 MC source appeared to orbit the RB-47 near Gulfport is omitted.

RB-47 Landing

Actually, various hypotheses (radar anomalies, mirage effects) are weighed. Carswell GCI also picked up returns from the UFO. The pilot Chase’s account emphasized that the GCI radar(s) had his aircraft and the unknown object on-scope for a  flight-distance for several hundred miles. With such wide variations in angles the possibility of anomalous propagation effects is infinitesimal. The simultaneous appearances and disappearances on the ECM gear and visually is significant.

The pilot’s description of the luminous source involves a wide range of viewing angles, including two instances when he was viewing it at quite large depression angles, is wholly unreasonable.

SpaceX/ NASA Spacecraft will Crash into an Asteroid

 NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is put in the nosecone of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket .

 Michael Sheetz wrote, Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a first-of-its-kind planetary defense mission for NASA Wednesday morning. “The mission is known as the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (or DART). NASA is trying to learn how to deflect a threat if it were headed toward Earth.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is sending the spacecraft on its way to intentionally crash into an asteroid in September of 2022.

The space agency is trying to learn “how to deflect a threat that would come” toward Earth, NASA associate administrator of the science mission directorate Thomas Zurbuchen said.

Rest assured, that rock right now is not a threat,” he said.

SpaceX is launching DART on a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

DART is a 610-kilogram spacecraft that will spend 10 months traveling to a pair of asteroids, which are named Didymos and Dimorphos. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland built DART.

The goal of the mission is to hit the Dimorphos asteroid, with the spacecraft at about 15,000 mph and see how the impact changes the asteroid’s trajectory.

An overview of the DART mission plan. NASA/Johns Hopkins APL

The DART mission is costing NASA about $330 million in total, with SpaceX having won a $69 million contract in 2019 for the launch. Not only is it NASA’s first planetary defense mission.

Kyle Rittenhouse tells Tucker Carlson case had ‘nothing to do with race’ 

 Tucker Carlson interviews Kyle Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse told Carlson in exclusive interview, ‘I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement. I support peacefully demonstrating’

Rittenhouse this case was always aboutself defense 

Kyle Rittenhouse spoke out following his acquittal on ‘Tucker Carlson on Monday night. Kyle Rittenhouse, when a Wisconsin jury found him not guilty on all five charges last week to conclude a high-profile murder trial that polarized the nation, sat down with Tucker Carlson for his exclusive  interview following his acquittal.Rittenhouse told the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the case had “nothing to do with race, It had to do with the right to self-defense,” during his Monday interview.  The news media claimed he came across state lines with a gun that night.  He was in fact working as a lifeguard in Kenosha and staying overnight there at a friend’s house. Before that, he was a student at Arizona State in the nursing program. He was protecting an acquaintance second auto business after the first one was set on fire by arsonists. The Kenosha Business Alliance said more than 100 businesses were damaged during the unrest, and at least 40 businesses were destroyed and most were owned by black owners.

 Auto Dealer fire se by arsonists

Kyle stated, I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement. I support peacefully demonstrating. I believe there needs to be change,” Rittenhouse continued. “I believe there’s a lot of prosecutorial misconduct, not just in my case but in other cases. The videos taken proved his innocence so the prosecutors adjusted the videos to be difficult to see exactly what happened. It’s just amazing to see how much a prosecutor can take advantage of someone.”

Multiple fires  until Arsonists shot

Rittenhouse, an Illinois resident, was accused of murdering two people and wounding another amid riots that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

The defense in the trial successfully argued that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. Rittenhouse told what he felt after he was attacked at gunpoint.


Kyle Rittenhouse 17 at time of incident

TUCKER CARLSON: MEDIA AND BIG TECH LIED ABOUT THE KYLE RITTENHOUSE CASE – HERE’S THE TRUTH  VideoI tell everybody there what happened. I said I had to do it. I was just told reputably they were going to kill me, hit over the head with a skate board, a pistol pointed at me by rioters and attacked. I was dizzy, I was vomiting, I couldn’t breathe,” Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse will also be appearing in a “Tucker Carlson Originals” documentary on Fox Nation set to premiere in December. The documentary will include additional portions of the interview as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Rittenhouse and his defense team.

Kyle has hired lawyers to sue the media that lied about his case daily. It’s unfortunate the news media will lie repeatedly about a 17 year old trying to protect an auto business after their first one was destroyed by arson. The burning and looting going on in Kenosha by rioters is seldom mentioned.

Tucker Carlson.

 After he was acquitted on all charges in the Kenosha August 25, 2020,shootings, Kyle Rittenhouse took his story to Fox News, because other news media lied repeatedly about him.

Rittenhouse, who took the stand during the trial, maintained throughout he acted in self-defense, a claim the jury agreed with him based on numerous videos, when he shot three men during violent protests that stemmed from a Kenosha police officer shooting Jacob Blake and rioters burning and looting much of the businesses in town. Rittenhouse, 17 at the time of the rioting, faced five charges, including first-degree reckless homicide for killing Joseph Rosenbaum, 36; Rosenbaum told Rittenhouse several times he was going kill him for protecting the business eventually he threw a plastic bag at Rittenhouse, who responded by killing him.  Rosenbaum’s mental health issues, and was taking  anti-depressants and illegal drugs to treat his bipolar disorder. He had been in a hospital following a suicide attempt. Rosenbaum’s girlfriend Swart had pressed charges against Rosenbaum in July 2020. for assaulting her. Rosenbaum spent most of his adult life in prison starting at age 18 for sexual conduct with five young boys.

Kyle was charged with first-degree intentional homicide for killing Anthony Huber, 26; who had struck Rittenhouse repeatedly on the head with a skate board.

Huber eventually caught up to Rittenhouse and tried to stop him by hitting him over the head with his skate board.  Huber had spent time in prison twice, first for violating probation after strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister, the Post reported.

Kyle was charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the shooting of Gaige Grosskreutz, 28, who was chasing  Rittenhouse  Prosecutors have said that the group believed that Rittenhouse was an active shooter against arsonists, which stopped much of their arson.;

Gaige Grosskreutz sot in Arm

Grosskreutz was armed with a pistol that night.  He’d been to dozens of protests over the summer. Grosskreutz said he was shot in his arm when he pointed his pistol at Rittenhouse.  Grosskreutz got involved in multiple protests that summer after, joining forces with an activist group called the People’s Revolution that is similar to Black Lives Matter.

Grosskreutz  has filed a lawsuit  alleging that law enforcement were aware of, and collaborated with Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz in the arm

Rittenhouse spent 78 days in jail without water for a showers and his skin peeled off. He was attacked in the news daily with false stories. Even Biden called him a white supremist names during the trail.Kyle Rittenhouse knows governmental agencies, like the FBI and police failed to stop the tremendous national looting and arson costing two billion dollars’ worth of buildings with few ever arrested. Then Kamala Harris provided bail to the arsonists, and said the officer who shot Jacob Blake ‘should be charged.Kyle was repeatedly attacked and told they were going to kill him when the situation began and he just protected himself when attacked.

On the day following the shooting August 26,  thhe protests were peaceful with no further arson .  Apparently the threat of being shot stopped people from starting fires and looting.

The evening news is the enemy of the people in their constant lies and liberal propaganda about key facts in the case.. Why did the news media have to lie about almost everything in the Kyle Rittenhouse case?

My friend an immigrant from the Soviet Union is shocked that Communism is growing so fast in the U.S. He states, “If you don’t learn from history nothing will save you!”

They never mention why Oil and Gas prices have doubled.

More than 20 Republican-led states sue Biden for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline since he lacks the power to

Why did they have to lie about almost everything in the Kyle Rittenhouse case? More than 20 Republican-led states sue Biden for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline which they argue he lacks the power to enact his ‘ambitious plan to ‘raise energy prices to reshape the economy in defiance of Congress’s unwillingness to do so.

Rittenhouse, who took the stand during the trial, maintained throughout he acted in self-defense, a claim the jury agreed with him based on numerous videos, when he shot three men during violent protests that stemmed from a Kenosha police officer shooting Jacob Blake.

My friend an immigrant from the Soviet Union is shocked that Communism is growing fast in the U.S. He states, “If you don’t learn from history nothing will save you!” The evening news is the enemy of the people in their constant lies and liberal propaganda about key facts. Why did they have to lie about almost everything in the Kyle Rittenhouse case?

They never mention why Oil and Gas prices have doubled.

Oil Ships waiting to offload oil

More than 20 Republican-led states sue Biden for canceling the Keystone XL pipeline since he lacks the power to enact his ‘ambitious plan ‘to raise prices to reshape the economy.

Trumps low prices and policies had the US exporting oil and gas. Biden shut down oil and gas lease sales from the nation’s vast public lands and waters cut out new franking in his first days in office causing oil and gas prices to double and high national inflation. Under Trump U.S. exported about 8.5 million barrels per day of petroleum in 2020 and we are now begging the Middle East to send more oil, and taking oil from the strategic reserve. Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 38%.

Strange Craft

The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs

U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at air fields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings.  Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer.

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book.  As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.

 Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book, by John L. Guerra.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

California Object

Brea – on November 17, 2021, noticed a very large triangle shaped object much larger than plane in picture.
Took some pictures, here is original and enlarged picture of what I saw.

Colorado Light

Aurora – on November 1, 2021,’ I decided to sit down and just enjoy the beautiful morning while looking west over the reservoir and noticed a very large object in the distance. It flew south slowly against the wind. I took pictures and the object disappeared.

Connecticut Lights

Bridgeport — on November 7, 2021, at around 8:45 PM, I was over my uncle’s house with my family when my girlfriend pointed out an object. I saw two glowing lights that were moving to the right or east. The two lights are flying in unison so I recorded for 35 seconds.

Florida Object

Vero Beach – on November 7, 2021, the first Slow-walker and fast-walker UFO I saw at dusk and at night. There were planes flying and I noticed a bright white light flying too low! Then a stove pipe UFO accelerated and flew down. Inside looked like a lava lamp of reddish orange.

Georgia objects

Stone Mountain – on November 20, 2021, at 4:30 PM I heard odd noise, while walking and looked up, and saw 4 disc’s, , flying at about 6,000 feet, directly over my head. I saw it was metallic that flew out of sight in 6 seconds at 3,000 mph.

Louisiana Lights

Alexandria – on November 1, 2021, standing in my back yard, my little nephew asks, “What t in the world is that?” I saw 2 round, dark metallic UFOs hovering side by side. Using my iPhone 12 Pro Max, I recorded 3 videos. They were close together before heading west towards Fort Polk. A passenger jet flew right underneath the two UFOs. I’ve seen UFOs several times. I served 6 years in the Army and 18 months in combat in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq that were black balls hovering in the sky.

Minnesota Object

Stillwater – on September 11, 2020, my nine year old son took a photo of a boomerang shaped craft outside our living room window at 1:25pm.

Missouri Object’

Springfield – on September 8, 2021, not sure what I was seeing

 New Jersey Lights

Patterson on October 28, 2021, I have had a Close Encounter of the 4th Kind. I have evidence of this matter.

The witness provided the following 2 links:

What Aliens Teach Us About God
Note: The witness provided several video clips that are similar. They show a blue light rotating in the sky at a regular rhythm.. It appears that the light could be the reflection of a rotating ground light reflecting off of the clouds. Skies were cloudy and cloud bases were at 3,300 feet.
The witness sent a photo showing a “Close Encounter of the 4th Kind” tattoo on himself. He also referred to a book Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C.D.B. Bryan.
The term was coined by Dr. J Allen Hynek who was a scientific consultant with Project Blue Book. It refers to encounters with UFO craft and presumably alien beings. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Ohio Object

Dayton – on August 10, 2021, look like a black ice cream made out of melted black marbles. I was super close to us. No lights or sound. Flying in a straight line right across to flight path of landing aircraft landing at Dayton airport.

Pennsylvania Lights

Gibsonia – on August 5, 2021, three family members were sitting outside from sundown till 11 pm. We heard 3-4 loud sounds like something was hitting on a tree. This sound was immediately followed by a bright blue flash of light that illuminated the side yard. My photo was taken over top of the house.

South Carolina Lights

Hollywood – on November 1, 2021, was driving home from work last night and saw a very bright light, so bright it lit up the sky. I pulled my car over. The lights were moving fast in my direction. I could see two, massive, low flying objects. There was just a quiet hum as they flew toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Tennessee Light

Knoxville – on November 1, 2021, at 6:23 PM when I looked up at the sky and saw an LED light bar headed straight toward me, like it was headed to land. I was huge, size of a jet, it stopped and stared at me. It had a tail, that burned through the cloud cover. It had a dome on top and disappeared.

Utah Light

Murray – on November 22, 2021, at 1830 hours, from my yard, I observed a white star like light to the north. I got my 1080P video camera, and zoomed in to see it 11 miles north of me. The light changed from a circle to a diamond shape. I noted a black round shape circling inside the light that flew south.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Egypt Object

Cairo – on November 19, 2021,  picture taken of Sphinx with UFO in background.

France Object

Grande Synthe – on November 5, 2021, at 8:00 am I observed a white yellowish hovering light. The light remained at least 15 minutes without moving and the clouds covered it.

UK/England Object

London – on November 16, 2021, on Ryanair flight FR 3812 from ACE to LPL at 1pm, my10 year old son witnessed an object and took a photo. We showed it to flight crew who did not recognize it.

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