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Filer’s Files 44, 2021 Deep Space Warships


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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 Special Projects

Russian’s Claim Underwater UFOs/USOs Are Real

Underwater Extraterrestrials: Declassified Russian Navy Records Say They’re Real!

The declassified documents have Soviet era reports detailing many cases of possible USO encounters. Former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes these documents are of great value. Unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are not as famous as UFOs although they are often met, according to declassified Russian Navy records. The common trait of all USO phenomena is that they involve unexplained and technologically advanced objects, far superior to anything we’ve ever built.

Soviet K-222, fastest Sub

One of the most interesting cases he examined involved a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Southern Pacific. During the routine operation, the submarine detected six unknown objects traveling in formation at speeds in excess of 230 knots (265+ mph). In comparison, the fastest submarine was the Soviet K-222, which reached about 44 knots (51 mph).

The submarine’s sonar determined the objects were heading straight for it, so the captain gave the order to surface. The USOs followed them to the surface then flew away. Similar instances have been reported in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, as retired submarine commander Yuri Beketov recalls. On-board instruments often malfunctioned, showing the presence of strong interference. Many believe this is a clear sign of USO/UFO presence. “On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 265 mph. speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But underwater resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” said Beketov.

Disc in Ocean

Vladimir Azhazha believes the issue should be thoroughly investigated. “I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So, it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”

Both UFOs and USOs seem to concentrate wherever military operations occur, showing their interest in humanity’s military arsenal.

Another USO hotspot is Lake Baikal in Russia.

The world’s deepest freshwater lake has always had a certain mysterious nature and fishermen tell tales of lights being spotted in its deep waters. Multiple folk tales describe swimmers being dragged down by creatures lurking beneath Baikal’s calm waves.’

Another of the Russian documents described the encounter between a group of military divers and several humanoid beings in silver suits. The divers were training in Lake Baikal at a depth of 150 feet (50 meters) when they came upon a group of unknown creatures. The divers went deeper in the pursuit of the humanoids. Three men were killed, while the other four were severely injured. Source

Under the oceans are various structures and apparent mining operations that do not appear human operations.

Pacific Ocean Underwater Mining

A 35 mile across terraformed on the Pacific Ocean seabed a hundred miles east of Taiwan appears to be mining operations and structures shown on Google Earth. At the bottom of the underwater floor are tubes similar to those found on Mars.

Carved Face in Center

Labeled Central Basin Trough 17,580 feet deep is a plain carved face. That can be found on Google Earth under the word Trough 500 miles east of Philippines.  Thanks to Google Earth

 Deep Space Warships

Space ship

The Gary McKinnon info confirms the William Tompkins material and major parts of his story “Selected by Extraterrestrials” Everything is indeed becoming known.

Yahoo News reports, “According to a hacker who is facing a ten-year legal battle after breaking into NASA computers, the United States has a fully operational fleet of Space Warships.” Gary McKinnon firmly believes that he came across the ultimate information that proves the US has a secret space program operated by the Navy with fully operational warships that operate in Space.

Gary McKinnon


In an interview on UFO channel Richplanet TV, McKinnon reveals the entire truth about his findings saying: ‘I kept going for months and months. I kept thinking, ‘They’re going to close this door’. McKinnon said that he used a software called Landsearch, which allowed him to search all files and folders of interest to him. ‘I scanned and looked for documents, I found an Excel spreadsheet which said, ‘non-terrestrial officers’, states McKinnon. ‘It had ranks and names. It had tabs for ‘material transfer’ between ships. ‘I took that to be, they must have a ship based in space – the names started with U.S.S.’ meaning United States Spaceship and had names like U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Battlecruiser, USSS LeMay, and the USSS Hillenkoetter. He was very lucky not to have been hauled to the U.S. and thrown into prison…

Navy Spaceship USS LeMay

Gary McKinnon is accused of mounting the biggest ever hack in the history of the United States by breaking into the computers of the Army, Air force, Navy and NASA. He mentions there were many other hackers from China, Russia, and other countries hacking the various U.S. Computers. These nations are quite good at copying our technology and the thousand UFOs seen a month over the U.S. some may be flown by our potential enemies.

NASA whistleblower Donna Hare, saw colleagues at NASA “airbrushing” UFOs from their photos.

There has been a series of former NASA and government employees who back up the claims made by McKinnon.

Structures on Mars

According to statements from a former Marine known as Captain Kaye, not only have humans made it to Mars in the past, but we have developed a secret space program and flotilla that operates in space. The former US Marine was posted on the red planet for years and his mission was to protect the five human colonies from indigenous life forms on Mars. According to the former Marine, not only did he spend years on Mars, but he also served aboard a giant space carrier for three years. He worked for the Mars Defense Force (MDF), which is owned and ran by the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC), which is a conglomerate of financial institutions, government and tech companies. Kaye and his team were part of a special section of the United States Marines with a highly classified mission, protect and ensure the existence of five newly established colonies on the surface of the red planet. The Space Defense Force, another secret military branch has military recruits from countries such as the United States, China and ‘.

Parts of the testimony from Captain Kaye are consistent with that of Michael Relfe, another whistleblower who claims to have served 20 years tour on the red planet.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Eisenhower claims that efforts were made to recruit her onto a human colony on Mars. She was told during the recruitment effort directed at her in 2006-07 that she would go to Mars via the jump room or technically “ARC,” which stands for “aeronautical repositioning chamber.” This is a type of Time Machine that the aliens have provided that can send people to Mars or other planets in a couple hours.\

According to ‘Jackie’ while working as part of the team downloading telemetry from the Viking Lander on Mars, she saw a human foot on the surface of the red planet. a live feed from Mars. According to “Jackie”, there are humans on Mars, and we have been on the red planet for over 20 years. ‘Jackie’, and six other employees saw the exact same thing, suggesting this might be the evidence that proves that a secret space program did exist and explains how the on March 2, 2021,’s Rovers are suddenly cleaned. In an interview with Coast-to-Coast AM, Jackie talked about humans on Mars, something that has been discussed among other NASA employees for years.

Many Ufologists believe that the statements made by the above individuals is correct and that this information is being withheld from the general public. This also showed up on Yahoo NewsNASA hacker: I found evidence America has Deep Space Warships and Frank Chilli

William Tompkins Testimony

On the Jeff Rense Radio Show William Tompkins on January 6-7, 2016, revealed that due to his excellent memory and model building skills he was assigned to Naval Intelligence working for Admiral Rick Abatta during World War II. According to Tompkins, his unit had a series of US Naval spies who returned from Germany who had discovered that the Germans were working on advanced wingless aircraft or types of discs apparently with the help of extraterrestrials According to Tompkins, Adolph Hitler was working with Reptilian aliens and building early models of UFOs. The Reptilians had large caverns in Antarctica and many scientists were transferred to Antarctica to build advanced craft. The SS allowed a group of personnel to build UFOs in Germany and tried to develop their own… Tompkins job was to take this information to various aviation companies, universities and research organizations. He often flew to Naval Development Center in Warminster, Maryland that later built the Navy Space Ships.

 Pentagon locked in a UFO tech race with China

New Chinese Giant Aircraft

 In a recent paper, Pais described his craft, which he called a hybrid aerospace-undersea craft (HUAC), as being shaped roughly like the point of a pencil: “The HUAC is conical in configuration with an elliptical cross-section, similar in geometry to a hypersonic glide vehicle [or] dart.” The People’s Liberation Army (PLAA) is the largest standing ground force in the world. In 2019, the PLAA continued to transition into a modern, mobile, and lethal ground force by fielding upgraded combat systems and communications equipment and enhancing its ability to conduct and manage complex combined-arms and joint operation

The schematics that Pais drew up for the craft resembled the triangular UFOs occasionally spotted gliding silently around the country. The National Institute for Discovery Science, a now-defunct research organization focused on ufology, cataloged multiple sightings of “black triangle” UFOs dating back to the 1990s.

Triangle Craft

The experimental craft also closely resembled the triangular, trans-medium vehicle captured in camera by a F/A-18 fighter pilot in 2019. The pilot’s photograph was included in a Pentagon report that was widely circulated in the intelligence community, the Debrief reported last December. Federal officials told the news website that the photo was taken after the craft appeared from the ocean and ascended upward at a 90-degree angle.

According to The Drive, the Pentagon appears to be intent on creating highly advanced aircraft modeled after UFOs. It fears that China may have already developed futuristic aircraft akin to the unidentified objects witnessed by American military pilots.

“The Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already ‘investing significantly’ in these aerospace technologies,” according to an article from The Drive, which was co-written by Tingley.

Visit to learn more about the fearsome weapons developed by the Pentagon in the name of national security.

Navy Destroyer Russel Captures UFO

The footage of several mysterious flying objects in the sky was captured by a U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Russell, Pentagon has admitted. The video caught a lot of attention because of its bizarre content. The green-tinged clip first features three faint orbs hovering in the sky. A fourth object is also captured by the camera. When zoomed in, the triangular shape of the object is revealed.

The 18-second clip, which was recorded by staff aboard the USS Russell, was leaked to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who made the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” and KLAS TV news director George Knapp, according to The Sun.

Corbell was able to verify the footage’s authenticity after procuring information from an intelligence briefing in Pentagon that took place on May 1, 2020. In the briefing, officials confirmed that the footage was indeed shot by the

Navy, New York Post reported.

UFO that was spherical flying into water

“George Knapp and I were able to verify the materials you are about to consider,” Corbell told the Sun. “I can confirm their authenticity, as well as the narrative supplied to me when they were presented.”

Corbell also shared three images captured by the USS Omaha of a UFO that was spherical. “It is noted that the ‘spherical’ craft was suspected to be a trans medium vehicle and was observed descending into the water without destruction,” Corbell said.

“It is noted that the ‘spherical’ craft could not be found upon entry to the water — and that a submarine was used in the search,” the filmmaker added.

F-18 spots UAP

Moreover, Corbell and Knapp were able to receive information about a third sighting that occurred on March 4, 2019. The sighting was allegedly witnessed by a F/A-18 pilot and his weapons systems officer.

“These are authentic photos and video from actual military encounters with UFOs, generated to educate high-level intelligence officers within our military on the nature and presentation of the UAP-UFO phenomenon,” he said.

US Shocked: Why All Enemies Fears China’s Latest Aircraft – YouTube

Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted by Warning of Similar Chinese Tech Advances

Patent documents show that the U.S. and China are actively developing radical new craft that seem eerily similar to UFOs reported by Navy pilots.



The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland. One of these patents describes a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be capable of truly extraordinary feats of speed and maneuverability in air, water, and outer space alike thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system. 

Sound farfetched? You’re not alone. 

A primary patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) thought so too. But then the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already “investing significantly” in these aerospace technologies that sound eerily similar to the UFOs reported by Navy pilots in now well-known encounters.

New Huge Chinese  Aircraft

This raises the question, are the Chinese developing or even already flying craft leveraging similar advanced technology and is the Navy now scrambling to catch up?




October 19, 2021 – At a recent UAV event moderated by Larry Sabato, former United States Senator and current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson raised more than a few eyebrows with some comments about possible life outside of Earth and whether or not they may be visiting us now! 

 Nelson stated that “I’ve talked to those pilots, and they saw something, and their radars locked onto it. And they don’t know what it is. And we don’t know what it is. We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of technology.” He was, of course, referring to the Navy Pilot sightings of Col. Fravor and others concerning their Tic-Tac UFO encounters.

His concern that these objects could be terrestrial enemies seemed to terrify him more than the thought of visitors from other worlds.

 This echoes Senator Marco Rubio recently who voiced similar concerns that he would be more comfortable with aliens than with China or Russia having leapt ahead of us dramatically in technology.

Sputnik I.

 Their comments even evoke shades of the early space race between The U.S. and the Soviet Union when the Soviets shocked America with the launching of Sputnik I.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe under President Trump alluded to the fact that The United States is apparently tracking objects coming into our atmosphere with our satellites and other technologies and President Obama this year admitted that we don’t know what these objects are. Quite a statement for an ex-president to make.

Nelson went on to say that we are currently looking right now for signs of life on Mars, but he conceded that the universe is so vast and possibly part of a larger multiverse system that intelligent, civilized life from other worlds or alternative universes may be visiting us now! 

 Federal investigators conduct interviews at 2 NJ veterans’ homes about COVID-19 deaths

News 12 Staff

VA Menlo Park

The federal investigation into COVID-19 deaths at some of New Jersey’s state-run veterans’ homes is intensifying.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office acknowledged that investigators from the Justice Department began interviewing staff at the Menlo Park and Paramus facilities last week.

Gov. Phil Murphy reacted to the update at his COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday.

“It’s an overwhelming tragedy, the tragedy within the tragedy is long-term care and within that, our blessed veterans,” Murphy said.

More than 150 veterans died from the virus they contracted at three federally licensed and state-run nursing homes. The majority of those deaths were in Menlo Park and Paramus.

“God bless our veterans – 64, 81, 12 – those are the lost, confirmed lives between Menlo Park, 81, 64 – Paramus, Vineland – 12. We had a most recent death in Vineland – first one in months,” Murphy said.

The federal Department of Justice last week intensified its investigation at Paramus and Menlo Park, interviewing residents and staff on whether or not the medical care was adequate during the start of the pandemic. The department may investigate whether decisions to discourage masking or restrict protective equipment had an impact.

“We have been dogged, under the leadership of Dr. Ed. Lifshitz, to be explicit in any death toll numbers,” Murphy said.

Federal investigators declined to open an investigation into disgraced New York ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of tallying nursing home deaths. In New Jersey, the federal investigation appears to be only focused on Paramus and Menlo Park and the other long-term care facilities where nearly 8,000 residents and dozens of staff members died after sick Corona virus hospital patients were put into nursing homes by Governor Murphy’s Administration.

“If there’s a federal investigation going on something, you can assume upfront that we’re not going to have any commentary,” Murphy said.

The full death toll at all three veterans’ homes is currently at 206, including probable deaths.

  • Genocides: Historian’s list 34 genocides that took place during the bloodiest century in the history of the world, the twentieth century. If it were ranked as the executor and enabler of a genocide of preborn children, Planned Parenthood that does 40% of U.S. abortions would rank fourth the 60 million abortions since Roe vs Wade y
  • that was passed by the Supreme Court ranks only with China’s Mao Zadong’s 60 million deaths, and above Joseph Stalin’s 40 million
  • Why is it the 128-page Democratic Party’s Manifesto has copied the 1936 Soviet Communist Constitution that allowed Joseph Stalin to rule Communist Russia with an Iron Hand killing40 million Russians.

 Strange Craft

 The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs


U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at airfields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft. 

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings.  Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer. 

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

 Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book.  As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public. 

 Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book. By John L. Guerra.


UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Antarctica Objects

,On September 30, 2021, was searching Antarctica on Google Earth and suddenly I noticed the existence of four objects on the bottom of the sea. What are they?’,-103.4490833,1.57729717a,59542.6994596d,35y,0h,0t,0r

 California Light

San Jose – on October 16, 2021, I stepped outside and looked up, and saw this white object flying towards the eastern hills of Santa Clara Valley. There are many flight paths over my home, but none head east – eastern flights at this altitude would be in the flight paths of SJC airport. I checked flight radar, and so no flights in that direction. I am used to low flying planes making sounds, but this was silent. It could be a drone from Moffett Airfield, if a predator style drone, it must have been flying quite low.

Florida Lights

Naples –at 12 pm on October 26th, 2021, I saw a low flying object moving very slowly. The object was like a traffic light, but instead with blue, red, and white lights. As I went to get a closer look, the colored lights seemed to turn to all white.

 Georgia Lights

Conyers – on October 22, 2021, this is the 4th time a silver reflective object has caught my eye. First time I was getting ready to take some sunset pictures and looked up behind me and it was so fast I didn’t realize what I was looking at. Definitely silver and reflecting flashes from the sunlight…. Just disappeared. The next 2 times I was in the middle of traffic and could not stop to watch. Definitely the same kind of flashes of reflection at 5 pm. t I was able to see what looked like a silver cylinder with no visible wings.

Indian Lights

Anderson on October 15th, 2021, stepped outside of my job before 8, and quickly glanced up at and saw a reddish object, or two, stationary at the bottom left side of the moon. I stared at it and scrambled for my phone. Realized at once that this thing was massive and was pretty far up. I was not realized it was not a plane without wings or tail. It looked like a massive silent cigar with the label around the middle. It sat there for about a minute, and I got a photo. It started moving slowly to the north. Then, it started to speed up and changed direction to NE. Watched the color of the object go from red to golden. I could see that it was a solid object. It went over our building and I ran to catch more photos then it just vanished in midair. I was shaking whilst filming.

Michigan Lights

Saginaw – on October 22, 2021, then all of a sudden it got 1000 times brighter. It shot up and back and then went forward towards the trees. I work 3rd shift, and object whatever it was ended up over tree line to where I couldn’t see it anymore. Blew me away went and told a few people and showed them the photos.

New Jersey Lights

Mount Laurel – on October 3, 2021, observed two flashing lights that were moving down in a straight line. Thought it was a plane at first, then noticed that there was no outline of a plane or any other flying vehicle, and no sound. Lost sight of the object once it flew behind a building.

New York Light

Dundee – on September 27, 2021, a few years ago, the night of the Super Moon, I caught this on camera and have no explanation for the green ball in these photos that split and then came down my power line from the house to the barn. It was around 1:30 am when I took these pictures.

Note: The green orb is a lens flare as the result of taking a photo of the bright moon. The date and time of the photos were determined from the metadata in the photo files. The time contradicts what the witness lists in her report. Thanks to Will Pucket/

North Carolina Light

Denton – on October 16, 2021, irregular rectangular object traveling at altitude normally seen with commercial aircraft. No wings, fuselage, sound or contrail. Very visible when first seen. Further away by time photo taken.

Oregon Light

Keiser – on September 13th, 2021, at 10:11pm, I was walking around the lake with my dog when I saw what looked like several UFO’s and lights in the sky. They looked to be closer than an airplane flying over so I took several photos. No other sounds were present. Seemed to be very quiet and then they moved and scattered.

Pennsylvania Object

Easton – on October 20, 2021, my friend and I were taking pictures of the night sky checking out the night scape mode on my cell phone and when we looked at what we took we found what looks like to us as a UFO

South Carolina Objects

Jackson — on October 16, 2021, was hanging laundry and looked up and saw an obvious plane, But behind was something else that was moving fast and stopping. Got out my phone and took a picture, it showed up black on the photo but to the naked eye it was super bright. 5 or 6 minutes after my phone completely blanked out.

Texas Disc

Skellytown — on October 21, 2021, there’s nothing to say here.

Wyoming Lights

Jackson – on October 26, 2021, I noticed the American Flag wasn’t hanging up on the flagpole at the USPS, so I decided to film it and it lasted 27 seconds. It wasn’t until I got home did, I even realize that I had filmed something. The object looks like a worm but has clear four separate segments.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

 Australia Object

Adelaide — on October 28, 2021, I took a photo of two black shaped objects leaving a thunder cloud. Objects were travelling north to west at high speed.

France Objects

Caen –on 19 October 2021, 1.20 pm, a very strong wind on the terrace of my apartment, located in town, on the top floor with a childhood friend, Jérôme.
I then saw a UFO (sketch attached) which was flying at low altitude, slowly over the terrain of the Orange Research Laboratory. Jérome also saw the UFO. “It is not a garbage bag or garbage because its trajectory is linear, nor an airship because it is at low altitude, and seemed to go faster than an airship high in the sky. It is not a drone, and flying too low without wings, and silent to be a plane. During this time the UFO arrived right up to us and started to climb out of sight.


Reynel – on October23, 2021, static for 5 minutes then ride similar to a rocket. Multiple reports from France without photos.

Iran Light

Sharekord — on January 13, 2016, woke up at 5.30 am when it was still dark.
I went to the window, and I saw a luminous object the size of a basketball. The object was flying over the mountains of Farsan. It was going south so I quickly turned on the camera, opened the window, and filmed it for about 30 seconds

UK/England Object

’Bury St Edmunds – on July 31, 2021, as driving along the A134 from Thetford I looked and saw a black object. Kept driving and glancing and it didn’t move as it was pretty much stationary. I stopped and watched it for a few minutes. It didn’t wobble or sway or anything. I took some pictures then it was gone.

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