Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 42 2021 UFOs and ICBMs


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director



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 Special Reports on UFOs and ICBMs, John Podesta Time to Release UFO Files,  Stop Tornadoes with Weather Modification, Cylindrical UFO’ Moving Really Fast’ Over New Mexico, What’s Up, and Strange Craft.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, and Tennessee.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Canary Islands, Kazakhstan, Spain, England in the United Kingdom. Virgin Islands, and Zaire.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

 Special Projects

Former USAF Officers Present Evidence of UFOs Tampering with nuclear weapons

Captain Robert Salas

OJAI, Calif., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Declassified U.S government documents and witness testimony from former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel to be presented as evidence of ongoing incursions by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear missile sites over several decades. These will be cited to support the claim that nuclear missiles were inexplicably disabled while a UAP object silently hovered nearby. Four former officers involved in such encounters will discuss these and other incidents at the National Press Club and urge the U.S. Congress to investigate and hold public hearings.

Former Air Force officer, Robert Salas, was the on-duty commander of an underground launch control facility assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, on March 24, 1967. He has publicly stated over a span of twenty-five years, that all ten of his ICBMs became inoperable and that eight days earlier, on March 16, 1967, a similar incident occurred at another missile launch control facility. Numerous other UFO-related incidents with implications for national security have been publicly acknowledged by former public officials—whose efforts resulted in the creation of a secret Pentagon UFO investigations group, the Advanced Aerospace

Minuteman Missile Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

This Press Conference will present witness testimony and other evidence of a many of such incidents. The first UFOs and Nukes press conference, held on September 27, 2010, which Robert Salas co-sponsored with researcher Robert Hastings, was extensively covered by the media worldwide.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 8:30 AM, National Press Club, Combined MWL Rooms


Robert Salas, former USAF captain and nuclear missile crew commander

Robert Jamison, former USAF captain and nuclear missile targeting officer

David Schindele, former USAF captain and nuclear missile crew commander

Robert Jacobs, former USAF lieutenant and missile test photographic officer and Bradley University Professor

A panel of former U.S. Air Force officers will discuss their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear missile launch facilities and test sites during the Cold War era. Witness affidavits that substantiate the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites will be available.e long, strange history of John Podesta’s space alien obsession Fox’e Tucker Carlson reviewed the conference Novenber 19, 2021.


The long, strange history of John Podesta’s space alien obsession

John Podesta

Former Bill Clinton chief of staff) John Podesta talks about how President Hillary Clinton would release classified information about UFOs

John Podesta states, “I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs. It’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. We ought to do it because it’s right, we ought to do it because the American people, quite frankly, can handle the truth and we ought to do it because it’s the law.”John Podesta says, “It’s Time to Open UFO Books”

A little history is in order.

North Phoenix — These photos were taken on January 23, 2006

Philip Bump During the 1990s, there was an effort by Laurance Rockefeller to encourage the United States government to release any classified information it had about extraterrestrials, alien spacecraft and UFOs. The effort, referred to as the Rockefeller Imitative included meetings between Rockefeller and senior Clinton administration staff. In August of 1995, the Clintons stayed at the Rockefeller’s ranch in Wyoming and Hillary was photographed with him while holding a book titled, “Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life.” (A large number of documents pertaining to Rockefeller’s advocacy on this issue were released under the Freedom of Information Act several years ago.)

  1. Hillary Clinton Is Interested in UFOs?

Hillary Clinton and Laurance Rockefeller walking at his Wyoming Ranch (image credit: Clinton Library)

In these famous pictures of Hillary and Laurance Rockefeller she is holding Paul Davies book “Are We Alone?” Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life. Amazon describes the book as: “The authentic discovery of extraterrestrial life would usher in a scientific revolution on par with Copernicus or Darwin, says Paul Davies. Just as these ideas sparked religious and philosophical controversy when they were first offered, so would proof of life arising away from Earth.”

Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist, at Arizona State University. He is currently director of the Beyond Center of Fundamental Concepts in Science. The book confirms Hillary’s interest in extraterrestrial life and may have helped her qualify to be Secretary of State.

A person claiming to be Hillary’s secretary phoned me and claimed Hillary read Filer’s Files and enjoyed them. Thanks to and.

The subject was not an uncommon one for the White House at the time. That Christmas, Bill Clinton gave a speech in Belfast, in which he described letters he’d gotten from schoolchildren. He thanked a 13-year-old named Ryan for his letter and did his best to answer Ryan’s question. “No,” Clinton said, “an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. And Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn’t tell me about it, either, and I want to know.”


Podesta started as deputy chief of staff for Clinton in 1997 and stayed with the president until the inauguration of George W. Bush. He himself was obsessed with aliens. In 1998, The Post quoted Press Secretary Mike McCurry. “John can get totally maniacal and phobic on certain subjects,” McCurry said. “He’s been known to pick up the phone to call the Air Force and ask them what’s going on in Area 51.”

John-Podesta-2006-Clinton Presidential Library

After Clinton left the White House, Podesta’s advocacy continued. In 2002, he spoke at the National Press Club to encourage the government to release whatever information it had about investigations into unidentified flying objects.

Leslie Kean, who wrote a book called “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record” — with a forward from Podesta — explained that effort in 2015.

It’s apparently those documents to which Podesta was referring when, after a brief stint working in the Obama White House, he tweeted that failing to secure the release of UFO files was his my “biggest failure.

Stop Tornadoes with Weather Modification


The National Weather Service indicates there has been 1336 tornadoes as of October 11, 2021, so far this year in the United States in 2016, killing thirteen people and causing twenty-four billion dollars destroying thousands of homes and schools. More than 18,000 people died in tornadoes in the U.S. from 1875 to 2000. It is my opinion that the government has the aircraft and facilities to curtail this slaughter.

A United Nations Treaty exists which pledges all member states to refrain from using Weather Control as a lethal weapon upon other states! The existence of this recorded law — this U.N. Treaty — proves the existence of the reality of Weather Warfare or weather modification! We now believe that American and Chinese, Russian scientists can and do control our weather. The lack of rain on the West Coast appears to be created by Chinese weather Control with their six HARP Facilities.

China launched the world’s largest weather-control machine, with the ability to modify the weather in an area similar to the size of Alaska in 2018 and nuclear capable hypersonic world circling missile ahead of US capability to defeat.

They can and do create much of the disturbances seen in nature for at least the past several decades. How many times have you heard the meteorologist say the weather is unusual? The Chinese, in August of 2008, used 37,000 people to seed clouds aiming for a dry Olympics. Hundreds of teams used anti-aircraft guns to shoot shells of silver iodide into approaching cloud masses and kept Beijing dry.

In tests, Surplus Harvard T-6 aircraft

were fitted with racks under each wing containing thirty-two railroad fuses that were impregnated with silver iodide were ignited individually or all at once, depending upon the threat. In coordination with ground units, the aircraft would lay a plume of silver iodide in front of CBs) with noticeable effect. Large, active CBs were reduced to nothing. Heavy hailstorms were reduced in intensity. This effect can be repeated in reducing the threat of tornados and floods in approaching cumulonimbus clouds

C-130s Rain Makers

During the Vietnam War in 1968, I was an intelligence briefing officer for General George S. Brown. The 7th Air Force had a program known as Project Popeye that attempted to extend the monsoon season in order to increase the amount of mud on the Ho Chi Minh trail, thereby reducing enemy movements. A silver iodide nuclei agent was dispersed from two C-130s two F-4s, and A-1E aircraft into the clouds over the trail winding from North Vietnam into South Vietnam. Positive results during this initial program led to continued operations from 1967 to 1972. Some scientists believe it resulted in a significant reduction in the enemy’s ability to bring supplies into South Vietnam.


The National Severe Storms Laboratory NSSL Site Information –   NOAA’s reports, “The most destructive and deadly tornadoes occur from super cells, which are rotating thunderstorms with a well-defined radar circulation called a mesocyclone. (Super cells can also produce damaging hail, severe non-tornadic winds, unusually frequent lightning, and flash floods.) Tornado formation is believed to be dictated mainly by things which happen on the storm scale, in and around the mesocyclone.

Radar readout of the May 20, tornado

The actual tornado early in its track is located in the southern reddest hook near the bottom of the image.

Recent theories and results from the VORTEX 2 program suggest that once a mesocyclone is underway, tornado development is related to the temperature differences across the edge of downdraft air wrapping around the mesocyclone. Studies of tornado formation also indicate that it can happen with very little temperature variation observed near some of the most destructive tornadoes in history on 3 May 1999.

Storm spotters look for low bands of ragged bands of low cumulus clouds extending from the main storm tower usually to the southeast or south. The presence of inflow bands suggests that the storm is gathering low-level air from several miles away. If the inflow bands have a spiraling nature to them, it suggests the presence of rotation.

The beaver’s tail is a smooth, flat cloud band extending from the eastern edge of the rain-free base to the east or northeast. It usually skirts around the southern edge of the precipitation area. It also suggests the presence of rotation. (Possible attack point)
A wall cloud is an isolated cloud lowering attached to the rain-free base of the thunderstorm. The wall cloud is usually to the rear of the visible precipitation area. A wall cloud that may produce a tornado usually exists for 10–20 minutes before a tornado appears. A wall cloud may also persistently rotate (often visibly), have strong surface winds flowing into it, and may have rapid vertical motion indicated by small cloud elements quickly rising into the rain-free base. (Possible attack point)

As the storm intensifies, the updraft draws in low-level air from several miles around. Some low-level air is pulled into the updraft from the rain area. This rain-cooled air is very humid; the moisture in the rain-cooled air quickly condenses below the rain-free base to form the wall cloud. (Possible attack point)

The rear flank downdraft (RFD) is a downward rush of air on the backside of the storm that descends along with the tornado. The RFD looks like a “clear slot” or “bright slot” just to the rear (southwest) of the wall cloud. It can also look like curtains of rain wrapping around the cloud base circulation. The RFD causes gusty surface winds that occasionally have embedded downbursts. The rear flank downdraft is the motion in the storm that causes the hook echo feature on radar. (Possible attack point)

A condensation funnel is made up of water droplets and extends downward from the base of the thunderstorm. If it is in contact with the ground it is a tornado; otherwise, it is a funnel cloud. Dust and debris beneath the condensation funnel confirm a tornado’s presence. (Possible attack point)
Coordination between radar, ground observers, and airborne aircraft equipped with suitable chemicals such as dry ice have the potential to disrupt the tornados, excellent comprehensive list of questions and answers about tornadoes can be found here: Website

NSSL is working to simulate storms that produce tornadoes in computer models to better understand how they form and behave. The Air Force could gain tremendous support from the American people if they could calm Tornadoes and flooding.

A C-5 Galaxy aircraft can carry a standard: payload of 240,000 pounds of dry ice or chemicals that could serious effect a mesocyclone. Maximum payload capacity of the C-17 is 170,900 pounds with a service ceiling of 45,000 feet. Active or National Guard or Reserve aircraft could be fitted to drop the chemicals. UAV or Remote piloted aircraft may be ideal stationed at Eglin Air Force Base Florida and Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Dyess Air Force Base, Texas would also be a good location. By cross-referencing desired attack times with wind and thunderstorm forecasts from weather satellites, we can predict tornadoes and tame them before they cause major damage. A central weather control would generate mission profiles for each aircraft. Using near-real-time information from a networked sensor array, and spraying the key clouds, much of the damage and loss of life could be prevented. Thanks to NSSL.

 Twenty on Tornadoes Sunday and Monday in Illinois, Missouri an Oklahoma. On October 10 and 11. ’Six on Tuesday mostly in Kansas, one on Friday. This weekend numerous tornadoes are predicted. 20 Tornados Reported in the Last 24 Hours Across the Nation

The Earth travels through space at 67,000 mph. This means that everyone on Earth is 67,000 miles farther away than they were an hour ago.Do you feel like your moving fast?

 Thousands of UFOs Reported Every Month

South Carolina UFO

 ‘Each month more than a c indicating aliens and their UFOs may be the most important topic of our time. We have evidence that they have crashed in Russia, China and the US and other countries. Ben Rich and others claim we have back engineered the craft and we can look at drawings of the Roswell craft and see similarities to our newest aircraft. We attempted to shoot down the UFOs and may still be intercepting them in space and trying to discourage them from entering our atmosphere. Fortunately, we have some alien allies who are helping us.

Abductees and contactees frequently report the aliens are concerned about our environmental failures particularly our nuclear weapons and power stations. We are killing off thousands of species, which had the right to live. We are being warned that our carelessness could bring the planet to ruin and make it uninhabitable. The warning is that planet Earth is too valuable for humans to be allowed to continue destroy the environment.


FBI Confirms Report of ‘Long, Cylindrical UFO’ Moving Really Fast’ Over New Mexico

Andrew Daniels 2/25/2021

American Airlines Airbus A320 pilots spot Cylinder UFO

 American Airlines pilots spotted a “long, cylindrical” UFO” moving really fast” over New Mexico. “It almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing.” American Airlines pilots encountered a strange UFO over New Mexico. The “long, cylindrical object” looked like a “cruise missile type of thing,” one pilot said in a leaked radio transmission. American Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration have confirmed the encounter, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also aware of the report, but the nature of the UFO remains a mystery. An American Airlines flight crew encountered an unidentified flying object over New Mexico on February 21. American Airlines has confirmed the strange incident, during which a “long, cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile” zipped over the Airbus A320, according to a pilot’s transmission obtained by The War Zone. American Airlines Flight 2292 was in route from Cincinnati to Phoenix on Sunday afternoon when it came into contact with the mysterious object at 37,000 feet over northeastern New Mexico. Radio interceptor Steve Douglass captured Flight 2292’s transmission on the Albuquerque Center frequency of 127.850 MHz or 134.750 MHz

In the transmission, which you can hear below, the American Airlines pilot reported:

“Do you have any targets up here? We just had something go right over the top of us. I hate to say this, but it looked like a long, cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing—moving really fast right over the top of us.”

Cylinder Craft

 Albuquerque Center didn’t respond to the pilot’s report because local air traffic interfered, Douglass wrote on his blog, Deep Black Horizon. American Airlines Flight 2292 safely landed in Phoenix shortly after the encounter. American Airlines later confirmed with The War Zone the validity of the transmission: Following a debrief with our Flight Crew and additional information received, we can confirm this radio transmission was from American Airlines Flight 2292 on Feb. 21. For any additional questions on this, we encourage you to reach out to the FBI.

When TMZ reached out to the FBI, spokesperson Frank Fisher said the Bureau is “aware of the reported incident.” He continued: “While our policy is to neither confirm nor deny investigations, the FBI works continuously with our federal, state, local, and tribal partners to share intelligence and protect the public.” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also released a short statement confirming the encounter:  A pilot reported seeing an object over New Mexico shortly after noon local time on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021. FAA air traffic controllers did not see any object in the area on their radarscopes.

White Sands Weapons Range is four hundred miles away from the site of Sunday encounter’s west of Clayton, New Mexico, and White Sands reports there was no testing on Sunday. The War Zone’s Tyler Rogoway

 What is’ Going on


Southwest Pilots

Both American and Southwest Airlines. announced they will follow President Joe Biden’s mandate requiring that employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19, defying an order from the Texas governor blocking such actions

The claim: A sickout organized by 30 % of the pilots over vaccine mandate is behind Southwest flight cancellations of more than 2,000 flights over the weekend. But an online rumor claims the delays actually stem from a pilot protest over the company’s vaccine mandate. Chicago Police and various employees around the country are conducting sick outs to protest the mandatory vaccine requirement. Companies claim they will fire those who are unvaccinated. If 30% of pilots are fired air travel will be difficult.

Florida Air Traffic Controllers call in sick, All Flights Cancelled in Florida on October 10, 2021, by IWB. Air Traffic Controllers in Jacksonville, in response to the vaccine mandate.

Jacksonville Air Traffic Controllers

Several passenger trains were also cancelled due to walkouts. This situation could explode as roughly 35% of adults remain unvaccinated and are starting to fight against the mandates.

On September 9, Joe Biden declared war on the unvaccinated, saying: “I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.” But here we are over a month later, and this “emergency rule,” despite having caused a massive disruption in the American workforce and led to millions of people facing getting fired with no unemployment compensation or other means of support, still has not actually appeared.

Tankers and 62 Ships await to offload Cargoes in LA

We have gone from self-efficiency in oil and energy at the beginning of the year to having to import large amounts of oil, almost doubling the price and the government begging. OPEC to increase production. Then we gave a Russia a pipeline to hold all of Europe hostage for oil and gas. Giving Iran billions in oil revenue to stop building nuclear weapons is a mistake. Israel claims Iran will have nuclear weapons in six weeks and will likely attack Iran. In a few months, the United States has been severely weakened strategically compared to terrorist and Communist governments.

Pelosi indicates US  will need heavy taxes to pay for the unparalleled planned spending. The heaviest burden will be on those making about $50,000  a year if you read the actual law. Inflation is increasing at record rates, and there is severe trouble t the ports and empty shelves in the stores

Our Southern Border is now overrun by an estimated one million illegal  immigrants without testing for disease or requiring vaccinations spreading disease throughout the US. Allegedly, 80% of those in the hospital in Texas are illegal immigrants. Thanks to NY Post.

Many American citizens are being turned away at hospitals for hospital care. caused  by a combination free care for illegal immigrants and COVID patients. Thousand are now caged at our border has more than 10,000 have been set free to be flown each week.

New York‘s war on drugs is over. The junkies won. The New York Police Department waved the white flag last week — upon orders to surrender from Albany Democrat’s directing officers to let drug addicts freely shoot up on city streets, and even let them share needles. Drugs bring in billions of dollars that often ends up in the hands of politicians, therefore the police are told in many cities and blue states allow the illegal immigrants to bring in the drugs from Mexico to our cities and don’t interfere with the drugs or dealers. . Expect about a hundred thousand to die this year.

Just to finish things in the killing we’ll murder a million babies in the US this year and pay to have another couple million aborted around the world. Inflation is increasing at record rates, and there is severe trouble t the ports and empty shelves in the stores

Just to finish things in the killing we’ll murder more than a million babies in the US each year and another couple million around the world. Babies can be killed after they are born in New York. In New York hospitals, you can find premature newborn babies surrounded by dedicated doctors and nurses fighting to save their lives. Next door, you now might find physicians and non-physicians alike giving lethal injections to babies the same age, thanks to the state’s new so-called Reproductive Health Act.  

New York and New Jersey , Pennsylvania, and California took infected people in hospitals and put them into Nursing Homes to kill another 10,000 old people in each state. Governor Murphy said, God bless our veterans – 64, 81, 12 – DOJ is investigating those deaths confirmed between VA Menlo Park, 81, 64 – VA Paramus, VA Vineland – 12.

Defunding the police and increasing crime and deadly fentanyl in all are cities making the politicians rich, but it’s killing a 100,000, young people not to mention increasing crime 20 to 30%. It appears reducing the population radically and making the U.S. a second-class country is the plan. The government  tells you to lower your expectations on everything..

 Strange Craft

 The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs

 U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at airfields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft.

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings. Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer.

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

 Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book. As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.

 Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book. By John L. Guerra.


UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

California Object

Los Angeles –on September 15, 2021, we stepped outside, and I noticed something bright and metallic looking hovering. I watched it for a few seconds then I started filming when the object changed shape/spin or turn/flash in its same spot. I called the kids over so they could look at it too. We could easily tell that it was a silent UFO. The object appeared not to have a definite shape and “flashed” at times. The object eventually slowly moved towards the east and then we couldn’t see it anymore.

Note: I agree with the witness. I don’t believe that the object is a plane, helicopter, balloon, or drone. The flashing could be the object reflecting the Sun while turning on its axis?

 Colorado Object

Littleton– on October 8, 2021, something is falling in sky then something darting away from it on the left-hand side and there is some weird craft in the bottom right corner of the second photo.

Note: It is difficult to say what the object in the above photo is. It could be a bird and may be much closer to the lens than the contrail. However, it also could be an aircraft. The witness is referencing a streak on the left-hand side of the first photo. This looks to be another aircraft contrail. The photo above is the second photo. Thanks to Will Pucket/

Florida Light


Miami – October 6, 2021, my family and I were on vacation on July 1. 2021, we stayed at a hotel on the ocean beach. At 12 am we were on the balcony, on the 24th floor and noticed bright light in the distant night sky. I pulled out my phone and started to record, triangular shaped object in multi colors. It stayed in same place, but it looked as if it was continuously changing shapes. It was not an airplane or star.

Paisley – on October 2, 2021, around 10:30 pm we were driving NE and saw a craft descending over the treetop NE. I saw eight lights on all the corners. There was what looked like a cabin on the other side in the back. We followed until we had to turn but went down another road to try to find it, but it was gone. When we got home my fully charged phone was only 1%.

Kentucky Lights

Louisville – on October 7, 2021, I was riding in the passenger seat at 10:20pm and I saw a purplish flash of lightning no rain and then I saw an object moving in a zigzag pattern and I snapped a picture as it disappeared. I shot a white egg-shaped orb with a pattern on it.

Missouri Light

Mexico – on July 17, 2021, observed three fast moving spheres in a straight line that were reflecting orange light from the sunset but as they flew overhead, they were all solid black at equal distance apart. Took photo of last one.

New Jersey Object

Jersey City – October 9, 2021, UAP (UFO) was found in the photo after it was taken. The UAP was over a portion of New Jersey close to NYC. Upon zooming into the photo, a UAP can be seen.

Medford – October 15, 2021, while standing on our deck, we noticed something hovering with flashing green and red lights. After 30 seconds it took off in a southerly direction then came to a complete stop and briefly and then flew south fast.

New Mexico Lights

Rio Ranchos – on October 8, 2021, the UFOs could have been commercial aircraft with blinking lights, but they were traveling too close to each other, spaced equidistant from each other as they flew across the sky, and too slow and close to be a commercial aircraft. Since they seemed low, I would have heard engine noise.

New York Light


Belfast – on September 17, 2021, this was taken by a game trail camera and looks to be about eighty yards in front of the cam. Some people said they saw a light come down in that area.

Note: I suspect that the object in the photo is an insect. The waviness is due to the movement of the insect. However, the camera shutter speed was 1/15 seconds which is quick exposure for a camera in a dark setting. The insect was quite close to the camera lens. A photo taken a minute later does not show the object but shows two deer. Thanks to Will Pucket/

North Dakota Lights

Grand Forks on October 15, 2021, I have reported this very same object back on August 1st. This time the tic tac vehicle appeared to be ejected from a boomerang. It was dull metallic grey, round edges, and a rectangular shaped body. It had two larger crab like landing legs underneath toward the front. The boomerang craft was in a translucent cloaked field that flickered. I noticed the bright six lights above the hub building. I started to feel nervous and warm. I took a picture of the larger craft. The smaller craft started to slowly descend and hover. My necklace, earning’s, and hand ring started to pull away from my body with resistance. I blinked and braced my-self, the boomerang craft was gone.

Oregon Light

Portland – on April 10, 2017, I was out for a walk when I happened to glance up when I saw the bright star-like dot. So, I decided to grab my Nikon D3200 with a 55 to 300mm lens’ and take a few pictures. I showed this photo to my parents and a few moments later when I went outside again the bright ‘star’ was gone.

Tennessee Object

Jefferson City – on October 10, 2021, I’m visiting from Florida and I’m in the back of the car I took this picture of a dark object. I also have three other people in the car, and we all saw this.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

 Afghanistan Object


Khaddar –on October 12, 2021, I was watching the Documentary on Netflix called “Turning Point “about 911 and the war in Afghanistan. In Season 1 episode five called “Graveyard of Empires” there is a scene with a shot of the Afghanistan mountains. I videoed a triangular object flying across the mountain range and back in less than a second.

Australia Light

Maudsland — on October 12, 2021, first I saw the brightest star I’ve ever seen, thought it was an evening star, then when I filmed and zoomed in it was a pulsating white light that changed to green to red then white, then it changed to a round spinning disc.

Canada Object

Stratford – on August 23, 2021, while taking pictures of hummingbirds in my backyard, I noticed a rainbow, so I was trying to shoot the rainbow when I saw a dark object to the right. I zoomed in and took some pictures of the object. The green color was a surprise as well as the shape. Pictures taken with my Canon SLR lens EFS55-250mm zoomed to it.

Canary Island, Spain s Object

Las Palmas – on October 9, 2021, I was watching video from live volcano coverage at Las Palmas and all the sudden a rod flashes across the screen. Then seven seconds later a larger one appears. You’ll find them at 2:50 and 2:57.

Note: The two scenes in the video have been extracted and the video has been slowed. Thanks to Will Pucket/

CS Light

Jarusice — on September 28, 2021, I walked outside looked up in the air and noticed two objects on top of each other and then one disappeared by the time I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture.

Kazakhstan Light

Tengiz – on January 22, 2015, I was taking long-exposure photos outside my project office as frost covered everything. Being from Texas, I wanted to get some photos. I used a tripod taking long-exposure shots.
After looking at them either that night I noticed two of the photos had this little “something” in the upper right-hand corner. I always joked about it being some type of UFO.

Fast forward to last night (Oct 11, 2021) and I am watching the first season of Ancient Aliens, episode five. Towards the end of the episode an image was put on the screen that I have since learned was the photo taken by William Van Horn in Hillsdale Michigan in 1966. these two photos I had taken in 2015 in Kazakhstan.
The attached images are: 1) the photo I saw on Ancient Aliens of Williams Van Horns that was claimed to be “swamp gas”. My photos do not have the appearance of a flare around the image in the way that Van Horn’s photo does. But the shape is all but identical. Again, the photos were taken 49 years apart.

Spain Light

Guaragueta, Soria – on October 10, 2021, a friend while traveling in Spain, took several photos of the landscape in a very small Town near Cubo de la Sierra). While taking this photo, she didn’t notice anything strange. Only after checking the photos taken, this one called her attention. It shows a disc moving upward and leaving a “trace of itself”, sort of trail…

 UK/England Lights


Dorset – on October 10, 2021, saw a fast black triangle as we have lots of sightings recorded on my iPhone. But we get lights orbs every night. Day time we see a few triangles. We have another video of two of them racing. I have never been able to clean them up. he photos up.

 Virgin Islands Light

Etters –on October 10, 2021, I was outside letting my dog out and look up and when I did, I saw one extra bright object moving erratically. The object was very high in the sky. It was bright white with another white ring around it.

Zaire Light


Mokopane — on November 26, 2020, got my phone out to film it and saw it moving and it puzzled me

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George Filer

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