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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 20, 2021 President Reagan Believed in UFOs


Major George A.  Filer  III  ret.  USAF

New  Jersey  State  Director

MUFON  Eastern  Region  Director


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In  special  reports,  this  week’s  files  cover:  President  Ronald  Reagan  UFO  Believer, Are  We  Supposed  To  Be  Seeing  These  Space Ships?    Russian plane hit by a UFO, Israel Iron Dome Can’t Defeat a Thousand Rockets, the Secrets Book and Carbon 60.

Unidentified  Aerial  Phenomena  sightings  were  reported  over  Arizona, California,  Colorado, Florida, Minnesota,  Nevada,  New  Jersey,  New  Mexico,  New  York,  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and  Wyoming.

Unidentified  Aerial  Phenomena  sightings  were  reported  over  Australia,  Denmark,  France,  Germany,  Puerto  Rico,  and  England  in  the  United  Kingdom.

The  Filer  Research  Institute  feels  the  scientific  study  of  UFO’s  is  for  the  benefit  of  humankind  and  is  an  important  endeavor.  The  US  Air  Force  investigated  UFO’s  publicly  for  more  than  twenty  years  under  Project  Blue  Book and  I  continue  this  advanced  research.  I  believe  the  God  of  the  universe  has  spread  life  throughout  the  cosmos  and  UFO’s  are  visiting  us  in  ever-increasing  numbers.  Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

 President Ronald Reagan UFO Believer


President  Ronald  Reagan  had  personally  sighted  a  UFO  when  Governor  of  California  and  closely  followed  UFO  reports  when  President    He  stated  in  his  famous  speech  at  the  UN  General  Assembly  in  September  1987  the  following:  Significantly “In  our  obsession  with  antagonisms  of  the  moment,  we  often  forget  how  much  unites  all  the  members  of  humanity.  Perhaps  we  need  some  outside,  universal  threat  to  make  us  recognize  this  common bond.”  I  occasionally  think  how  quickly  our  differences  worldwide  would  vanish  if  we  were  facing  an  alien  threat  from  outside  of  this  world.  And  yet  I  ask  –  is  not  an  alien  force  already  among  us?  Reagan’s  last  question  reveals  that  he  did  not  believe  that  an  alien  invasion  scenario  was  something  that  lay  ahead  in  future  decades.”

Aliens  would  interfere  with  nuclear  weapons  not  because  they  are  dangerous  to  life  here  or  elsewhere,  but  because  nuclear  weapons  are  a  threat  to  what  the  aliens  wish  to  collect  from  Earth.

Ballistic  missiles  have  been  shut  down  by  UFOs  in  both  the  Soviet  Union  and  the  United  States.  It  has  been  well  documented  that  for  60  years  or  more,  UFOs  have  been  monitoring  nuclear  weapons  facilities,  and  in  some  situations  have  actively  interfered  with  nuclear  weapons.  Many  UFO  researchers  have  interpreted  this  as  a  sign  that  extraterrestrials  were  trying  to  warn  humanity  of  the  global  threat  posed  by  nuclear  war.  There  is  also  reports  of  aliens  attempting  to  clean  up  harmful  radiation  and  even  preventing  explosions.  Indeed,  numerous  individuals  claiming  to  have  been  contacted  of  abducted  by  extraterrestrials  since  the  1940s  have  made  a  similar  point.  Many  UFOs  are  seen  at  the  site  of  nuclear  power  plants  particularly  when  radiation  is  involved  such  at  Fukashima, Japan.  Keep  in  mind  that  many  of  the  greatest  civilizations  in  human  history  have  been  formed,  basically to  counter  a  common  enemy.  When  you  look  at  the  great  world  powers  of  the  globe  today,  you  find  a  lot  of  them  formed  because  of  the  fear  of  a  common  enemy.

It  was  a  contingency  humanity  had  to  grapple  with  in  the  immediate  moment – an  extraterrestrial  presence  was  already  among  us.  Global  unity  was  an  imperative  to  deal  with  all  the  implications  of  such  a  presence!  It  appears  that  Reagan  was  secretly  briefed  about  extraterrestrial  life,  and  some  of  the  threats  this  posed  to  humanity.

Star Wars Was More Effective than Known Shooting Do own UFOs

It  appears  he  was  really  warning  the  world  about  classified  alien  secrets  withheld  from  the  global  public  and  launched  the  most  expensive  defense  program  to  protect  humankind?  The  Ballistic  Missile  Defense  (Star  Wars)  can  be  effectively  used  against  UFOs.  A  false  flag  alien  invasion  scenario  was  first  revealed  by  Dr.  Werner  Von  Braun,  a  founder  of  the  US  Apollo  Space  Program,  to  Carol  Rosin  shortly  before  the  former’s  death  in  1977.  What however would  be  the  case  if  Reagan’s  warning  was  authentic,  and  extraterrestrials  are  already  here?  I  know  there  is  much  closer  cooperation  between  nations  when  chasing  and  confronting  UFOs.  The  news  media  doesn’t  seem  to  have  any  reliable  inside  information  concerning  this  entire  field  of  research  or  has  been  told  not  to  report.

 Are We Supposed To Be Seeing These Space Ships?

What  is  John  Lenard  Walson  videotaping  with  his  proprietary  telescope  video  cam  technique?  Are  these  just  satellites  or  ET  spacecraft  or,  are  we  seeing  large  and  very  sophisticated  spacecraft  for  the  first  time  that  we  AREN’T  supposed  to  see?

Walson  received  the  following  comment  about  one  of  the  videos:  MIT  scientist  writes,  “Hello  again  And,  again,  my  congratulations  on  your  superb  astrophotography.  MIT  Lincoln  Laboratory  is  the  group  which  has  built  some  of  the  things  you  are  seeing.  Much  of  what  they  do  is  what  used  to  be  the  Star  Wars  project,  which  no  doubt  involves  some  of  your  objects.  They  examined  crashed  UFOs  held  at  Wright  Patterson  AFB  and  likely  back  engineered  these  craft.”

USS Nimitz and Tic-tac UFO

The  military  personnel  who  are  encountering  these  phenomena  tell  remarkable  stories.  In  one  example,  over  the  course  of  two  weeks  in  November  2004,  the  USS  Princeton,  a  guided-missile  cruiser  operating  advanced  naval  radar,  repeatedly  detected  unidentified  aircraft  operating  in  and  around  the  Nimitz  carrier  battle  group,  which  it  was  guarding  off  the  coast  of  San  Diego.  In  some  cases,  according  to  incident  reports  and  interviews  with  military  personnel,  these  vehicles  descended  from  altitudes  higher  than  60,000  feet  at  supersonic  speeds,  only  to  suddenly  stop  and  hover  as  low  as  50  feet  above  the  ocean.  The United States possesses nothing capable of such feats.

Early Warning Satellites

Initial Anti-missile Warning Satellite

A missile warning satellite spots the launch of a ballistic missile and immediately relays that information to the ground, enabling the targeted country to retaliate, take cover, or possibly shoot down the missile. The first missile warning satellites were born in the early days of the space race, when the 1957 Soviet launch of Sputnik atop its converted intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) reminded U.S. generals that the country had become increasingly vulnerable to attack. The U.S. military knew that an ICBM launched from the Soviet Union to the United States would take about 30 minutes to reach its target, but in the 1950s, American radars located on overseas bases in Norway, Greenland, and Great Britain could spot an ICBM only after it had travelled half its distance. This meant that, at best, the United States would have only 15 minutes to get their strategic bombers, like the B-52 Stratofortress, off the ground.

Three B-52 Stratofortress Had to Launch in 15 Minters after Horn Warning

This was not enough time, and the generals realized that most of their bombers would be blown up before they ever lifted off the runway.

A year before Sputnik, a few scientists and engineers proposed using infrared sensors aboard aircraft to spot the hot exhaust of Russian ICBMs soon after they blasted off. They proposed placing these sensors on high-flying U-2 spyplanes flying around the edge of the Soviet Union. But this plan required a lot of planes flying all the time and would have been expensive, and the plan was not approved by the Air Force.

In 1956, Joseph Knopow, an engineer at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, proposed putting an infrared sensor on a telescope aboard a spacecraft flying in low-Earth-orbit. This spacecraft could spot the hot exhaust of a rising ICBM once it lifted clear of the clouds and increase warning time of an ICBM attack from only 15 minutes to more than 25 minutes. But because satellites are constantly moving around the Earth, as many as 24 satellites would be needed so that several would be positioned over Russia at any one time to spot the missiles. The Air Force adopted this proposal and named it MiDAS, for Missile Defence Alarm System.

The Air Force launched its first MiDAS test satellite in February 1960, but it did not reach orbit. The next several test launches suffered various problems, many of them pertaining to the spacecraft and not its telescope. But committees of scientists asked to evaluate the MiDAS system were sceptical that the telescope’s sensors would ever work. In particular, they were concerned that sunlight reflecting off of clouds would confuse the infrared detectors and register as false alarms.

A second group of test satellites, known as Program 461, was launched in 1966. These satellites had more powerful telescopes capable of spotting cooler solid-propellant rockets like the American submarine-launched Polaris missile. These satellites were more successful than their predecessors and finally proved that the concept could work. But the requirement for a large number of satellites meant that the program would be expensive, and Department of Defence officials cancelled it.

In 1966, a high-level scientific committee determined that a satellite with a big infrared telescope and located in geosynchronous orbit could spot an ICBM launch. The chief advantage of operating in such a high orbit was that only a few satellites, rather than the dozen or more needed for a low-altitude system, were needed to observe all the primary launching sites because each satellite could now see virtually half the Earth. The Air Force abandoned the low-altitude approach and selected satellite maker TRW and sensor manufacturer Aerojet to build the new satellites. This project was soon named the Defence Support Program, or DSP. The first DSP satellite was launched in 1971 into an improper orbit, but the spacecraft itself worked and proved that the technology worked. DSP proved to be a very successful military satellite program.

DSP Satellite

Ever since Ever since 1971, the U.S. Air Force has been launching bigger and more powerful DSP satellites into orbit. The 14th satellite launched entered service in 1989 and was the first of a new class of satellites named DSP-1. In 1992, a DSP was launched from the Space Shuttle. The satellites are barrel-shaped, with four solar panels on extendable panels at their rear. They spin in orbit for stabilization. They have a large telescope that is mounted at an angle at their front end and which sweeps across the face of the Earth six times every minute, meaning that they can detect, or “image,” an infrared heat source, such as a missile, every ten seconds, tracking its trajectory.

Initially two ground stations were built to receive their data, one near Denver, Colorado, and another in Alice Springs, Australia. The Australian site was classified because the Australian government feared public opposition. It was closed in 2001, and now all missile warning data is relayed to the Colorado station.

DSP controllers soon discovered that the satellites could spot other heat sources besides land and submarine-launched missiles. These included forest fires, surface-to-air missiles, and even military aircraft using their afterburners. The U.S. Navy began to use DSP satellites to warn of Soviet bomber attacks on its aircraft carriers. Other intelligence agencies used this information as well.

By the 1980s, the United States began operating infrared sensors on top-secret satellites in highly elliptical orbits that carry them high over the northern part of Russia and low and fast over the southern hemisphere. These sensors augmented the existing early warning system and also focused on specialized targets, such as the anti-ballistic missile system around Moscow.

Like with most military space technologies, the Soviet Union lagged behind the United States by several years. The Soviet Union launched its first missile warning test satellite in 1972, and its first operational satellite in 1977. The Soviet satellites, named Prognoz, operated in highly elliptical orbits that were highly inclined to the equator. These orbits, also known as “Molniya” orbits after the first Soviet communications satellite to use them, enabled the satellite sensors to view a missile above the horizon of the Earth against the cold background of space, which is easier than viewing it against the warm Earth background. But because the satellites are always moving, more of them are needed and the Soviets required a “constellation” of nine satellites to provide full coverage of American ICBM launch sites. This still left other areas of the globe uncovered, like the oceans that hide U.S. missile submarines. The large constellation size, combined with the short lifetimes of the satellites, meant that the Soviets had to launch up to seven satellites in a single year to keep the system running. After the Cold War ended, the Russian government was no longer able to maintain the system and during the 1990s only about half of the constellation was operating at any one time. During the mid-1980s the Soviets began launching missile warning satellites to geosynchronous orbit, like the DSP, but they launched far fewer of these satellites and Western space experts believe that these satellites, called Oko (or “Eye”) have not been very successful.

SBIRS architecture.

DSP has been tremendously successful during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 it provided effective warning of the launch of Iraqi Scud missiles against Saudi Arabia and Israel. But the basic satellite design and its sensor technology are obsolete. This led the U.S. Air Force to begin developing a replacement. After a frustrating series of stops and starts, by the late 1990s the Air Force was developing two different types of satellites, known as SBIRS-High and SBIRS-Low. (SBIRS, pronounced “sibirs,” stands for Space-Based Infrared System.) The SBIRS-High satellites will replace DSP satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Unlike their predecessors, they are three-axis stabilized and their sensors “stare” at the ground continuously rather than sweeping over a specific point every ten seconds, thereby providing much more accurate data. SBIRS-Low satellites, if built, will operate in low Earth orbit and track missiles as they fly above the horizon, offering much more accurate information on their trajectories. Such information is necessary for an effective anti-ballistic missile defense.

Star wars Ground Station Reloadable Terminals

The Star Wars System was helpful in shoting down certain UFOS.The satellites developed precise location, velocity and acceleration data on the enemy vehicles. The planned interceptors can engage threats at ranges beyond the capabilities of their associated radars. Using data generated by SMTS, these interceptors can use that excess capability to negate attacking missiles far from friendly forces and population centers. This shoot-look-shoot option reduces interceptor inventory requirements. Early intercepts made possible by SMTS extend the boundaries of the defended area some three to five times.

SMTS can precisely cue ground radars; allowing them to limit operations until a hostile missile is within their range. This reduces the threat from homing anti-radiation missiles — likely players on modern battlefields. The constellation provides global surveillance for ballistic missile launches within seconds.


Patriot  Missile  system Firing

The  Patriot  system  gained  notoriety  during  the  Persian  Gulf  War  of  1991  with  the  claimed  engagement  of  over  40  Iraqi  Scud  missiles,  and  are  likely  effective  against  some  UFOs.  The  system  was  successfully  used  against  Iraqi  missiles  in  2003  Iraq  War,  and  has  been  also  used  by  Saudi,  Israel,  and  Emirati  forces  in  the  Yemen  conflict  against  Houthi  missile  attacks.  The  use  of  weather  modification  technologies  that  former  Secretary  of  State  William  Cohen  confirmed  as  existing  in  1997. The “weather modification technologies”.  Dr.  Salla  is  referring  to  include  directed  energy  weapons  which,  by  the  evidence,  have  been  used  in  scalar,  weather  warfare  and  seismic  false  flag  operations  such  as  December  26,  2004  (Boxing  Day)  Indonesian  Tsunami,  the  Haiti  earthquake  of  January  12,  2010,  and  the  Chile  earthquake  of  February  27,  2010.  It  is  assumed  that  much  of  the  bad  weather  in  the  US  is  because  Communist  China  is  controlling  the  jet  stream  sending  it  further  north  into  Canada  causing  unusual  cold  weather  and  lack  of  rain  in  the  West.

Reptilians Allegedly at War with Humanity

UFO’s are being seen all over the world and high ranking Government, Air Force, Army, Navy officials are now coming forward as witnesses to the UFO, Extraterrestrial and free energy secrecy that has been withheld from the public for many years.

An artist’s conception comparing reptilians to humans!

Reptilians – also called Reptoid, lizard people, reptiloidssaurians, or draconians – are supposed reptilian humanoids, which play a prominent role in fantasy, science fiction, and ufology.  The idea of reptilians was popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who claims shape shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human societies. Icke has stated on multiple occasions that many world leaders are, or are possessed by, so-called reptilians. I have no firsthand knowledge of these Exterrestrials but numerous religious books speak of similar beings.


William Tompkins in his book, “Selected by Exterrestrials” who had the highest Navy clearances and worked for numerous aviation companies and reveals numerous secrets states, “The Reptilians have created a background of hell on Earth. The methods and purposes of these devil creatures have been implementing for the last several thousand years has been extremely hateful. They are not benevolent beings coming down to save our planet. But you left out a massive one, “They farm us and clone us. We must stop accepting the excuses they give and understand the truth of what they have done to humanity for 30,000 years. Some of those bastards take out our organs on production lines, sometimes when we are still alive.” Page 359

William Tonkin personally told me of the existence of reptilians and I’m aware of a weapon system shooting down certain Exterrestrials craft. Tomkins claimed they spread a gas from the air that encouraged people to spend their time on sports, sex and other propaganda to ignore what the extraterrestrial were doing. When the government became aware of certain aliens they built large space ships designed by Tomkins to destroy the anti-Et UFOs.  I’ve known several people who claimed they saw the crashed ships after they were shot down.  Tomkins worked for TRW and they built all kinds of effective lasers since the early 60s. Allegedly friendly aliens helped us with the advanced technology to built effective space lasers some a hundred feet long and spaceships to carry them. Some 747 aircraft will alls carry a 26 foot laser that could defeat the alien shields. Allegedly, there is an alliance with several allies to defeat the UFOs.


A depiction of a Navy craft carries a chemical laser that obtains its energy from a chemical reaction.  Chemical lasers can reach continuous wave mega power that can allegedly destroy alien UFOs.

Russians Claim UFO hits Aircraft

Damaged Wing

Russians  claim  forty  pilots  had  encounters  with  UFOs.  One  pilot  narrowly  avoided  a  complete  disaster  has  the  UFO  hit  his  aircraft’s  wing  and  damages  it.  Another  claimed  his  craft  was  hit  by  a  bright  light  coming  from  a  UFO  that  disenabled  his  plane.  Soviet  Missile  bases  were  attacked  in  the  Ukraine  in  1962  and  the  missiles  suddenly  became  active  and  seemed  prepared  to  launch.  Codes  were  entered  and  the  missiles  were  ready  for  launch  until  the  UFO  vanished  and  the  missile  operators  could  shut  them  down  to  avoid  World  War  111. The  US  spy  plane  is  thought  to  be  the  new  SR-72  Mach  6  aircraft,  which  is  replacing  the  Blackbird  stealth  jet  that  the  US  has  previously  used.  It  was  used  to  spy  on  Vietnam,  North  Korea  and  the  Soviet  Union  with  the  new  jet  thought  to  be  able  to  travel  over  4,600mph.

Israel Iron Dome Can’t Defeat Two Thousand Rockets

Iran Dome Destroys 85% of Gaza Rockets

The  Israeli  military  said  Hamas  militants  have  fired  more  1,650  rockets  into  Israel  since  the  conflict  began,  with  200  of  them  falling  short  and  landing  inside  Gaza.  “More than a thousand rockets have been fired towards Israel and the Iron Dome missile system built in Israel had an 85 percent to 90 percent interception rate despite the Hamas terrorist organization attempting to overwhelm the system”.

Iranian Built Rockets Fired by Hamas from Gaza

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Lt.  Col.  Jonathan  Conricus,  a  military  spokesman,  said “Two  infantry  brigades  were  sent  to  the  area,  indicating  preparations  for  a  possible  ground  invasion  into  Gaza  to  wipe  out  the  rockets”.  The new President seems weak and is being tested by Iran and Humus for his resolve to support his ally Israel that would never happen under the previous administration.  Expect more tests from around the world like the hacking off the oil pipeline in the US.  The  Iran  Dome  system  is  destroying  numerous  rockets  but  many  are  falling  and  killing  people  in  Israel.    The  Israeli  Air  Force  has  retailed  bombing  suspected  rocket  sites  in  Gaza. The long range rocks are built in Iran. 100+ killed  in  Gaza,  6  killed  in  Israel  as  conflict  escalates Palls  of  gray  smoke  rose  in  Gaza,  as  Israeli  airstrikes  leveled  two  apartment  towers  and  hammered  the  militant  group’s  multiple  security  installations,  destroying  the  central  police  compound.  Relatives  gather  outside  the  damaged  home  of  Nadine,16,  and  Khalil  Awaad,  a  father  and    daughter  who  were  killed  by  a  rocket  fired  from  the  Gaza  Strip, May  12,  2021.  (AP  Photos/Heidi  Levine) more.

Rocket Damage Kills several Israeli Women

relatives  gather  outside  the  damaged  home  of  Nadine, 16,  and  Khalil  Award,  a  father  and  daughter  who  were  killed  by  a  rocket  fired  from  the  Gaza  Strip,  in  their  village  of  Dahmash  near  the  Israeli  city  of  Lod,  Wednesday,  May  12,  2021.  (AP Photos/Heidi Levine)  In  Israel,  barrages  of  hundreds  of  rockets  fired  by  Gaza’s  Hamas  rulers  and  other  militants  at  times  overwhelmed  missile  defenses  and  brought  air  raid  sirens  and  explosions  echoing  across  Tel  Aviv,  and  other  cities.  While  the  rapidly  escalating  conflict  has  brought  images  familiar  from  2014  Israel-Hamas  war,  the  past  day  has  also  seen  a  startling  new  factor:  A  burst  of  fury  from  Israel’s  Palestinian  citizens  in  support  of  those  living  in  the  territories  and  against  Israel’s  recent  response  to  unrest  in  Jerusalem  and  its  current  operations  in  Gaza.

Hamas Media  Tower Destroyed by Israeli Fighter Bomber

Thanks to the Daily News.

New Secrets Book


 SECRETS,  by  Fred  Ellis  Brock,  the  third  novel  of  The  Seven  trilogy,  is  out.  A  cross-genre  thriller  involving  kidnapping,  murder,  and  UFO  conspiracies,  it  brings  to  a  climax  the  struggle  of  Bill  Sanders  and  Morgen  Remley  to  stop  The  Seven,  a  super-secret  group  trying  to  overthrow  the  U.S.  government.  From  New  Mexico  to  the  White  House,  the  action  is  nonstop.  The  first  two  novels,  THE  SEVEN  and  SHADOWS,  are  available  wherever  books  are  sold.  The  publisher  is  Wyatt-MacKenzie.  More information is at www.fredellisbrock.com.

(Note:  Amazon  has  hundreds  of  books  with  “seven,”  “shadows,”  and  “secrets”  in  the  title.  Search  for  the  author’s  name.  The books will pop right up.)  From  a  review  of  THE  SEVEN  in  the  Arizona  Daily  Star:  “Is  the  idea  of  extra-terrestrial  visits  really  as  far-fetched  as  we  think?  In  this  debut  novel,  Fred  Ellis  Brock  speculates  on  just  how  far  government  intelligence  might  go  to  keep  an  unsuspecting  populace  in  the  dark.  Journalist  and  best-selling  author  Bill  Sanders  didn’t  reach  the  top  of  his  profession  by  being  gullible,  so  he’s  understandably  skeptical  when  a  boyhood  friend  claims  his  daughter  has  been  abducted  by  aliens.  But  old  loyalties  run  deep,  so  Bill  reluctantly  agrees  to  check  it  out  —  digging  up  the  facts  is  his  specialty,  after  all  —  and  to  his  surprise  they  simply  don’t  add  up.  Even  more  disturbingly,  people  connected  with  his  investigation  are  inexplicably  turning  up  dead”.

“In  a  lively  plot  that  gallops  across  a  landscape  of  disinformation  and  treachery,  Brock’s  hero  peels  away  layers  of  artifice  to  arrive  at  the  shocking  heart  of  the  intrigue.  This  is  the  first  volume  of  a  planned  trilogy  featuring  Bill  Sanders  and  his  close  encounters  with  “The  Seven.”  “Like  his  protagonist,  …  Brock  is  a  journalist  who  has  worked  for  major  dailies  including  the  Wall  Street  Journal,  the  Houston  Chronicle  and  The  New  York  Times,  and  has  authored  best-selling  books  on  financial  planning.”

Filer Will be Speaking May 22, at 2 PM

UFO Sightings in the United States

 Sightings are from MUFON CMS


Payson – on April 8, 2021, round orb, dense with beam both above and below the object.  Edges of object were very bright. Also one that defies description in shape. These photos were taken at varies times from 8 April 21 8:42 PM to 7 May 21 at 8:15 PM.  There were no aircraft or cars in the area when these trail camera photos were taken. Additionally there was no moon out at these times. These photos were taken with a MOULTRIE trail camera. Also my horse was in the area and she seemed to take no notice of any of these objects. The area of these photos was approximately 100 feet long by approx. 40 feet wide.


Fresno – May 5, 2021, my wife called me outside to look at what she is recording in the sky. I stopped counting at 30 because I was checking everything out. they looked like a string of stars in a line heading from south to north. Note: SpaceX has already sent 1,500 mini satellites into low orbit.


Denver – on April 28, 2021, Star Cruiser #705C (c)


Daytona  Beach – May  9,  2021,    We  watched  as  shiny  objects  expelled  the  cloud  like  poufs  in  photo!  They  were  just  in  front  of  us  and  we  drove  directly  under  them.  No  plane  in  the  area.  No sound!


Faribault – on April 29, 2021,  light flashes nonstop more like a tube type object the speed was very high.


Las  Vegas  –  on  April  24,  2021,  I  did  not  see  with  my  own  eyes.  I  was  taking  pictures  and  saw  it  on  my  picture  or  the  next  day.  No  one  who  was  outside  with  me  or  anyone  else  stated  they  saw  anything.  I  did  not  see  anything  when  I  snap  the  picture  I  was  taking  a  picture  of  the  Eiffel  tower.


New  Jersey  –  May  8,  2021,    this  is  the  second  time  it  has  appeared  over  Jersey  City.


Las  Cruces  –  on  March  8,  2021,  too  much  to  type.  Please  contact  for  full  story  on  both  sightings  which  happened  within one month’s  time.  Not sure this is any type craft?


Steubenville – May 8, 2021, could not see it with our eyes or on a normal camera only with the IR camcorder and had no noise and appeared to be rapidly spinning fast enough to make it look like two eyes.


New  Cumberland  –  May  8,  2021,  I  took  a  break  from  my  bike  ride  to  take  a  couple  photos  of  my  bike.  When  I  was  looking  at  the  photo  later  and  noticed  a  dark  object.  When  I  zoomed  in  on  the  photo  it  looked  like  a  classic  UFO  shape.  This  object  is  not  present  in  the  second  photo.  This  photo  is  located  within  about  a  half  mile  of  an  airport  and  within  a  mile  of  a  military  base.  It  was  very  windy  and  I  do  not  believe  it’s  a  drone.


Salt  Lake  City  –May  1,  2021,  I  was  driving  back  to  work  from  my  Lunch  Break  when  I  saw  what  looked  to  be  shiny  Balloons  in  the  Sky  but  then  they  were  behaving  a  little  odd  for  Balloons,  when  I  looked  harder  I  thought  maybe  they  could  be  Birds  but  they  were  disappearing  and  reappearing,  dancing  and  making  shapes,  they  seemed  to  be  like  orbs  not  birds.  There  was  about  10  of  them  moving  oddly  in  the  sky,  so  I  pulled  over  and  took  a  video.


Gold  Bar  –  May  4,  2021,    it  was  a  long  vertical  row  of  lights  like  lined  up  dots  about  7″  with  my  hand .  The  object  was  larger  than  the  length  of  my hand  going  to  the  southeast  very  fast  solid  lights.  It  was  going  so  fast  it  was  out  of  my  sight  within  a  minute.  We  are 60  miles  from  the cascade  Stevens  Pass  and  it  went  past  the  mountains  within    minute.  I see a lot of unexplained things.

Note:  It  appears  that  the  witness  did  some  editing  to  brighten  up  the  photo  because  at  9:25  PM  it  should  have  been  dark.  There  are  some  other  lights  in  the  photo,  but  the  witness  doesn’t  mention  them  in  her  report. Thanks to Will Pocket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite

Olympia  –  on  April  14,  2021,  I  took  this  picture  as  I  was  starting  out  on  a  walk  in  Priest  Point  Park.  I  could  see  something  through  the  screen  so  there  are  a  series.  These  are  several.  Please let me know what you think!  Response  of  Witness  to  Explanation  That  the  Object  Was  a  Reflection:  I  figured  that  might  be  what  it  was,  but  then  a  couple  of  friends  said  it  might  be  a  UFO.  One  was  ‘certain’  so  I  thought  I’d  send  it  along.  Take  care  and  thank  you  so  much  for  checking  it  out.  Note:  The  apparent  object  is  likely  a  reflection  and  not  a  real  object.


Glenrock    July  17,  2019  was  driving  to  my  mother  in  laws  and  stopped  to  take  a  few  pictures  of  the  approaching  storm.  I  didn’t  realize  I  caught  a  UFO  following  the  storm.  The  photos  were  taken  over  Glenrock  WY  the  photos  are  zooming  in  on  the  original.

Worldwide UFO Sightings


Melbourne  –  May  1,  2021,  looking  back  over  some  photos  my  son  took,  before  flying  out  of  Melbourne  Airport,  we  noticed  a  strange  artifact  in  a  few  of  the  images.
I  assumed  it  was  some  kind  of  camera  glitch,  but  then  we  found  our  friends  phone  had  pictures with  the  same  thing  in  them. The IPhone in live mode took a few videos.


Toreby  L  – on May 9,  2021,  decided  to  record  storm  clouds  forming  and  by  accident  I  did  see a flying  object  which  I  cannot  see  with  naked  eye,  I  presume.  It’s  because  it  was  moving  very  fast.  It  it’s a in a second video,  but  what  I  saw  is  unexplainable .


Leers  –  “on  April  11,  2019,  very  often  in  the  morning  I  film  the  rising  sun,  I  saw  an  object  on  the  right  side  of the sun that comes out  on  the  left  side.  I  saw  in  the  eye  of  my  camera  but  on  the  photo  it is not  clear  because  the  camera  hasn’t  focused. I observed it  clearly  as it  was  really  huge. I have several times seen a vessel”.


San  Juan – March  13,  2021,  I  like  to  follow  the  airplanes  due  to  I  live  right  by  their  path  and  after  I  noticed  the  object  across  the  airplane  I  decided  to  start  to  take  photos  of  the  object.


Slough  –  May  10,  2021,  I  was  taking  pictures  of  the  sky  I  didn’t  notice  anything  until  I  saw  a  small  black  spec  and  enlarged  it.  it  could  be  a  bird  but  it’s  odd  and  though  I would  post in case.

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I have put together a DVD of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.


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