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Filer’s Files 12 2021 Operation Paperclip


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  Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

In special reports, this week’s files cover: President Jimmy Carter Saw UFOs, Operation Paperclip, Jack Sarfattti Concepts, An Asteroid May Hit Earth 2022, Newgrange, Thousand Years Older than Gobekli Tepe, ‘alien face’ in Antarctica, China’s Super Carriers and Aircraft, Fireball, Shadows, and Carbon 60.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

President Jimmy Carter Saw UFOs


“If I become President, I’ll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one.”

Presidential campaign 1976

“It was the dankest thing I’ve ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors, and it was about the size of the moon. A red and green glowing orb radiated as it hurtled across the southwestern Georgia skies. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing’s for sure: I’ll never make fun of people who say they’ve seen unidentified flying objects in the sky.”

President Jimmy Carter
Interview following his sighting of a UFO at Leary, Georgia, October 1961

Operation Paperclip

 CIA reports as World War II ended, the race was on with the Soviet Union to seize as many German scientists as possible in anticipation of the Cold War. The full story has remained elusive until now. Operation Paperclip, by Annie Jacobsen, provides perhaps the most comprehensive, up-to-date narrative available to the general public. Her book is a detailed and highly readable account of the program. Jacobsen compiled extensive primary and secondary sources, duly annotated in over 100 pages of notes and bibliography. In it are many new sources, among them US government records “Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act”), German archival records, first-person accounts, memoirs, and letters. Jacobsen offers a detailed chronology of events related to

Operation Paperclip

 The author focused on 89 scientists who came to the United States. The book is compelling work with interesting historical and personal revelations, for example:

One of the most notorious cases of weapon of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation occurred on 15 May 1945, when the German U-234 submarine, bound for Japan, was captured off Newfoundland by the USS Sutton.

The U-boat carried Dr. Heinz Schlicke, Director of Naval Test Fields at Kiel, and the cargo included plans for the Hs293 glider bomb, V-1 glide bomb (forerunner to cruise missiles), V-2 rocket (forerunner to the SCUD missile), low observable submarine designs, and lead-lined boxes filled with 1,200 lbs. of uranium oxide, a key ingredient of atomic bombs and plans for the Me262 fighter aircraft the first combat jet  aircraft.

ME-262 first jet Fighter

The Germans had actually manufactured about 1200 first jet Me 262 fighters by the end of the war, but it seems that they were never used very effectively.

Lack of fuel, lack of proper training of pilots, and the fact that the engines wore burned out very quickly because the Germans had lost all the sources of rare earths that they needed to produce alloys for high quality turbine blades seem to have contributed to Schlicke, who claimed to be an electronic warfare expert, became a prisoner at Ft. Meade, MD.

Sarin gas was produced at Dyhernfurth (Dyhernfurth later fell into Russian hands). Its name derives from the initials of its developers: Gerhard Schrader and Otto Ambros from the infamous IG Farben chemical company—maker of the killing gases used at concentration camps—and from the names of two German Army officers.

ME-262 first jet Fighter

Schrader tells the story of inventing “tabun,” a nerve agent named after the English word “taboo.” The Germans called it 9/91 and, after their defeat at Stalingrad, seriously considered using it on the Russians.

Henry Wallace, former vice president and secretary of commerce, believed the scientists’ ideas could launch new civilian industries and produce jobs. Indeed,  German scientists

Von Braun

developed synthetic rubber (used in automobile tires), non-running hosiery, the ear thermometer, electromagnetic tape, and miniaturized electrical components, to name a few.

Werner von Braun is well known to those who remember the Apollo moon landing. Another 120 fellow German scientists, engineers, and technicians developed the Saturn V launch vehicle, or that the Launch Operations Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, was headed by Kurt Debus, an ardent Nazi. The Vertical Assembly Building—bigger in volume than the Pentagon than and almost as tall as the Washington Monument—was designed by Bernhard Tessmann, former facilities designer at the German missile launch facility at Peenemunde.

          Werner Von Braun

Other prominent Nazis hired under Operation Paperclip included:

Dr. Hubertus Strughold, who played an important role in space medicine by developing space suits and other life-support systems. In June 1948, he put a rhesus monkey named Albert in the pressurized nosecone of a V-2 rocket in a pressurized nose cone, the first step in the effort to send humans to space.

General Reinhard Gehlen, former head of Nazi intelligence operations against the Soviets, was hired by the US Army and later by the CIA to operate 600 ex-Nazi agents in the Soviet zone of occupied Germany. In 1948, CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter assumed control of the so-called Gehlen Organization.

German biologist Dr. Kurt Blome was hired to develop offensive and defensive capabilities to the questions about the morality of the decision to hire Nazi SS scientists. Jacobsen balances her judgment with an understanding of the perceived threat of the Soviet Union under Stalin and the communists’ determination to prepare for total war with the West. The Soviets similarly captured and used German scientists for their own defense programs.

Paperclip German Scientists

When UFOs crashed in New Mexico in 1947 Paperclip scientists according to Cantwheel documents claims the Germans (Von Braun’s group) were in a position to identify whatever they were as they were experts in advanced V weapons and likely had knowledge of Nazi disc shaped craft. About 100 of them were assigned to PAPERCLIP projects at Fort Bliss, White Sands during this period.

They were issued special War Department ID cards that specifically stated that they were not to be held or questioned by authorities and had permission to leave the Fort Bliss test range on sometime in early July 1947 for unspecified reasons.

This was when the Roswell crafts had crashed nearby. It has been my belief for a long time that the Germans were brought into the classified UFO Program since

Robert Addinall wrote, looking at the links others have provided, most plausible is that if the allies did come across actual completed German flying disk prototypes, these used circular turbines rotating around a central cockpit, or a few sets of circular rotating turbines in nacelles on the underside of the vehicle – in other words, forms of jet aircraft.

                German Haunebu  Disk

They had a 25-year head start in advanced disc aircraft and rocket research. Naval Intelligence specialist Engineer William Thompson claimed the Germans had actually flown advanced disc shaped craft during the war and eventually helped back engineer some of these craft in the US.

He also claimed Werner von Braun had advanced knowledge concerning these craft and was instrumental in helping the US build some of these craft. It seems these men could have been building Discs as well as working on V-2 rockets.

      General Donald Putt

General Donald Putt was responsible for their employment at Wright Field (Putt is mentioned in Top Secret Project SIGN files as head of Air Force R&D in 1947-48 and was a student of Theodore von Karman).

The CIA’s PAPERCLIP files contained biographies of Germany’s top scientists (some were declassified in 1994) for possible recruitment in the U.S.

PAPERCLIP was an illegal project to prevent Von Braun and approximately 1200 other Germans from standing trial at Nuremberg for war crimes. Army and Air Force CIC deleted any information of their Nazi affiliation and SS positions (Von Braun was a SS Major) and the CIA misled the White House about their pasts. The U.S. considered their knowledge as vital to National Security and defense for the Russians had captured and recruited some of Von Braun’s people to work on their missile and jet aircraft development projects. The Germans were also instrumental in creating the Russian’s atomic bomb program and ICBM projects. Thanks to Linda Hunt’s book

Jack Sarfatti Concepts

Jack Sarfatti

Jack Sarfatti writes Both the coupling metamaterial susceptibility invariant scalar field coupling S and the applied EM pump stress-energy source tensor Tuv have imaginary parts in their constitutive parameters from Joule heat dissipation (inelastic scattering input pump photons off electromagnetic multiple moments of real electric charges in motion in the meta-atoms of the meta-surface fuselage.

The pump INPUT Fuv field is Fourier analyzed into second quantized quantum harmonic oscillator modes with aa* – a*a = 1 (SPIN 1 has 3 polarization states).

Similarly, IN THE WEAK FIELD APPROXIMATION FOR NOW (FEYNMAN’S LECTURES IN GRAVITATION) the induced OUT PUT gravity field huv where guv = nuv + huv and huv << nuv, has second quantized modes bb* – b*b = 1 (SPIN 2 has 5 polarization states) NEAR FIELDS!


H = hf(b*b + 1/2) + hf’(a*a + 1/2) + z1a + z1*a* + z2a*b + z2*ab* + higher order couplings

Terms linear in a are Joule heat dissipation from inelastic scattering of photons off electric charges

Metamaterial resonances are in z2 and higher order e.g. ab* destroys a photon and creates a graviton

z2 ~ (f^2 – f’^2 + i&f’)^-1

T00 is good enough for start because to cancel Earth g – radius of space-time curvature of Earth’s surface gravity is 10^13 cm = 1 AU

g ~ (G/c^4)|S|Ecos(input-output phase shift)/d^2 = GM(Earth)/R(Earth)^2

d = thickness of metamaterial fuselage shell that contains the warp field. ~ 10^-7 cm

E = space integral of T00(EM Pump) over volume of meta-atom cavity

Metamaterial resonance is average |S| >> 1

Cos > 0 induced warp attraction per meta-atom

Cos < 0 induced warp repulsion

On Mar 15, 2021, at 6:06 AM, Remi Cornwall <re******@gm***.com> wrote:

Correction, in the LC analysis of course the instantaneous power goes with freqency:

P(t) = sqrt(L/C).E/L.sin(2wt) = sqrt(1/LC).E.sin(2wt)

= w.E.sin(2wt)

So a small capacitor and inductor could have the instantaneous power of the world’s biggest power station.

The little packets of energy going back and forth create the illusion. So Eytan that is the basis of all you chaps doing warping with LC circuits?

In that case, you analysis should explicitly have in the stress-energy tensor the T01 and T10 terms, solve the EFE and show how you get a time dependent wobble on the Schawartzchild field.

(He comes the earful) I don’t think Jack did that in his analysis. He lept into the weak field solution, only ever considered the T00 term and essentially plugged into the weak field solution his values.

It seems the T01 and T10 terms could counter the small 8piG/c^4 term if they rise to huge levels… I was skeptical but see what you are getting at. I don’t think Jack’s analysis was complete but he did hint at the idea of frequency dependence of the dielectric allowing him to change the phase of the field, allow the craft to rise or fall. That seems plausible.

On 15/03/2021 12:32, Eytan Suchard wrote:

Dear Remi,

Oscillation of mass creates an oscillating gravitational field. It is usually insufficient for a warp drive, unless you take into account gravity and anti-gravity by charge in addition to inertial mass:

M_virtual = +,- charge / sqrt(16 Pi G Epsilon0) where G is the constant of gravity and Epsilon0 the permittivity of vacuum.

That is not mainstream physics. Mainstream physics is not based on Causal Sets and on energy as misaligned causal sets. Kind regards, Eytan.

Newgrange One of oldest Structures in the World

The Irish claim they were the world’s first civilization. Newgrange was built 5200 years ago, during the Neolithic period (tail end of the Stone Age); the Newgrange megalithic tomb was constructed with alternating layers of dirt and rock and infused with the mystical curiosities. The structure models a typical disc UFO and drawings on the walls suggest the flight of craft. The Tuatha Dé Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, were one of the great ancient tribes of Ireland that allegedly arrived from the sky. Some historians claim they burned their ships and the smoke they emerged from made it appear they came from the sky. This earthen temple is 600 years older than Egypt’s Giza Pyramids and 1000 years older than Stonehenge suggesting advanced aliens helped in the construction. The building of Newgrange is a remarkable architectural feat and it’s within one of the most popular flight paths for UFOs.

 With a mesmerizing entrance stone, the Newgrange passage and tomb are adorned with beautiful circles, spirals, and radials suggesting representation of flight. While the purpose of this ancient art appears to be decorative, many spiritually-minded scholars believe these etchings to be energy-creating icons that relate to the sun, moon, and stars.

Newgrange has a reputation to be a reservoir of healing energy for all walks of life. Residents of the nearby Laytown say that unusual objects have been crisscrossing the night sky for as long as they can remember. More recently, unexplained crop circles have been appearing in neighboring areas. It seems the Gods are restless and trying to communicate.


Asteroid May Hit Earth

 NASA reported that on May 6, 2022, an asteroid could hit Earth.

The rocky celestial body, 130 meters in diameter and considered by the agency as “potentially dangerous“, was first detected in 2009.

Specialists assured that the possible collision would cause an explosion equivalent to 230 kilotons of dynamite. Nostradamus predicted we will hit this year.

Another steroid passed very close to Earth last week

Boncuklu Tara is a Thousand Years Older than Gobekli Tepe

            Boncuklu Tara sitting eerily quiet upon an almost forgotten potbelly-shaped hilltop in the Southeastern Turkish countryside is an archaeological site that has caused heated debates among researchers, dreamers, and scientists. The mainstream scientific community remains reluctant to budge from the cemented ideas of academia regarding the possibilities of advanced cultures far older than believed possible. Literally written in stone, found in newly excavated digs, are the remains of a people we know little or nothing about, and now Boncuklu Tara a new discovery has emerged that’s even older — by a thousand years or so —than Gobekli Tepe.

Boncuklu Tara Smithsonian magazine noted that Göbekli Tepe predates Stonehenge by 6,000 years and “upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization.” The site is regarded as early evidence of prehistoric worship, featuring unmistakable temples and stunningly carved stone monoliths.

The Debate over Who Built Göbekli Tepe

An episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, featuring Graham Hancock, garnered more than 3.5 million views on its episode about Göbekli Tepe, since it aired in 2017. For several hours, bestselling author and journalist Graham Hancock traded barbs with materialist science writer and founder of The Skeptics Society, Michael Shermer, over the deeper significance of the Göbekli Tepe find in Turkey. Weighing in on the discussion was Randall Carlson, geological explorer, and renegade scholar. At the heart of the ongoing debate is who built Göbekli Tepe and whether academia should rethink the antiquity of history and stop underestimating the cultural achievements and advancement of peoples who predated the esteemed ancient Greeks by millennia.

Hancock argued that Göbekli Tepe may be a clue to an advanced civilization that met its demise prior to its final construction.

Boncuklu Tara from Air

Following an ancient cataclysm, the few survivors of an ancient civilization or the ET alien explorers may have taken refuge among hunter-gatherers. There are caves packed with the bones of thousands of animals and people all over the world showing the extent of the ancient cataclysm.

The survivors y may have shared some of their knowledge Hancock said, “Perhaps there’s been a forgotten episode in human history. Perhaps its fingerprints are present at a number of sites around the world. Perhaps the extremely defensive, arrogant, and patronizing attitude of mainstream academia is stopping us from considering that possibility, and therefore I campaign to get that possibility considered.

And now, beyond Göbekli Tepe news, field workers have added another coal to the fire with their discovery of an ancient site that is at least a thousand years older.

Excavations at Boncuklu Tarla in Southeastern Turkey’s Mardin province began in 2012 and have yielded what may be called an 11,300-year-old mini Göbekli Tepe — a Neolithic-era temple with three well-preserved monolithic structures. However, the structures have no figurative inscriptions common to Göbekli Tepe. The temple walls were constructed of rubble and cemented with hardened clay.

The Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper reported that the archaeological excavations are being conducted by Mardin Museum Director Nihat Erdoğan and his team. Researchers are hoping to learn more about the cultures, social lives, and burial traditions of the people who lived in Northern Mesopotamia at least 10 millennia ago. The area of the excavateion has been home over its history to Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Seljuks, and Ottomans, among others.

Boncuklu Tara

Erdoğan said that the Neolithic period saw the establishment of the first sedentary society that led to controlled food production. The first phase of the period did not have baked clay vessels and baskets. Wooden or stone vessels were used instead of baked clay. This is the Aceramic Neolithic phase, in which artifacts have survived in only a few places in Anatolia.

Archaeologist and advisor to the dig, Ergül Kodaş, Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey, said that the history and age of the site is “a new key point to inform us on many topics such as how the [people] in Northern Mesopotamia and the upper Tigris began to settle, how the transition from hunter-gatherer life to food production happened, and how cultural and religious structures changed.”

What Do We Know? Boncuklu Tara is also just now being uncovered

Certainly, the ancient sites at Göbekli Tepe and Boncuklu Tarla stretch the limits of academic preconceptions and conclusions. Some researchers, like Graham Hancock, Dr. Robert Schoch, and Randall Carlson, have been advocating for a change in paradigm among mainstream archeology. They entertain the possibility that there is evidence pointing to the possibility that there was a major global catastrophe at the end of the last Ice Age, caused by the impact of a comet. For many early people, this marked the end of the world as they knew it, that probably created gigantic worldwide flooding and may even caused the Earth to tip and change poles. Antarctica became cold and Canada warmed melting the ice. The question is whether the few survivors could have intermingled with hunter-gatherers to create a new type of society

Google Earth uncovers enormous ‘alien face’ in Antarctica

 Alien Face in Antarctica

UFO-HUNTERS say they’ve found signs of an alien invasion in Google Earth snaps of Antarctica.

The conspiracy nuts reckon they’ve found a grimacing face carved into the ice at a remote region in the southeast of the island.

Some conspiracy belier’s think this ‘face’ visible in Google Earth images was left there by alien invaders.

Ufo_scandinavia uploaded strange footage last week showing the bizarre anomaly. It also may suggest a human like civilization existed on Antarctica many centuries ago before the Earth changed its poles. There is strong evidence that Antarctica once had much warmer weather. The face looks part human and part ape. A fairly sophisticated civilization would need to carve this face that has lips, teeth, nose eyes, chin etc. Credit: Google Earth and Harry Pettit

China’s Super Carriers and Aircraft

Media sources say China’s newest super carrier could very well sport the latest EMALS (Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System) launch technology, similar to the US Navy’s newest operational aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford.

China has been making steady progress building its third aircraft carrier, the first expected to match the “super carriers” of the US fleet in size and capability, according to satellite photos and analysis by reported.

China’s Global Times also reported Sept. 13 that the new carrier could be launched soon.

The 10 other carriers in the US fleet use steam-powered catapults to launch aircraft.

     A  J-15 fighter jet takes off from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Liaoning. (Photo/

China has likely been able to steal the technology by computer hacking. CSIS high-resolution satellite photos showing the latest carrier laid out n hull blocks at the Jiangnan shipyard on the outskirts of Shanghai. The new carrier is expected to be longer than the Ford’s length is 1,106 feet.

China currently has two carriers — the Liaoning, a converted Soviet-era warship, and the domestically-built Shandong. Both feature “ski jump” sloped flight decks to launch aircraft.

EMALS uses a surge of electricity to generate electrical currents with strong magnetic fields.

It is supposed to be easier to operate, gentler on airplanes, and capable of launching more planes into the air in a shorter period of time than steam catapults.

Another advantage: The launch control system for electromagnetic catapults know what speed an aircraft should have at any point during the launch sequence, and can make adjustments during the process to ensure that an aircraft will be within 3 mph of the desired takeoff speed, Air & Space magazine reported.

In contrast, once a launch has begun in the steam system, adjustments cannot be made.

If too much steam is used, the nose wheel landing gear, which attaches to the catapult, can be ripped off the aircraft. If too little steam is used, the aircraft won’t reach takeoff speed and will tumble into the water.

An electromagnetic catapult can launch every 45 seconds. Each three-second launch can consume as much as 100 million watts of electricity, about as much as a small town uses in the same amount of time, Air & Space reported.

“The Defense Department estimated that China’s third aircraft carrier could be operational by


Electronic Catapult System

The report also said that China’s military has already surpassed the US in missile development, number of warships and air defense systems. Additionally China’s Communist Party media frequently mentions China is at war with the United States.

  • This allows the people to condone imperilment of three million religious believers in concentration camps,  to conduct extraordinary hacking of technological and political data, weather control bringing blizzards to the US, and bio-warfare with the corona virus.

Bolide Fireball Seen All Over East Coast Explodes

 Us humans living on Earth, most days we’re able to go about our lives without worrying about what might be lurking elsewhere in our solar system.

Earth is incredibly fortunate to have a thick atmosphere that destroys most small debris before it reaches the ground and a magnetic field that protects us from dangerous radiation.

It’s all very nice down here on the surface… that is until an object manages to survive its trip through the atmosphere and cause a ruckus for us, Earthlings.

Bolide or Fireball seen all over East Coast

That’s just what happened this week over Vermont, when a fireball — known to scientists as a Bolide — streaked through the sky and exploded. The blast was significant, and reports from the ground indicate that the shockwave shook homes and businesses and even caused ground tremors that were strong enough to be picked up by seismic equipment in the area. Now, NASA offers us a more detailed look at the data and shows us how powerful the blast truly was.

ISS Objects Observed

Space – on March 17, 2021, you can see this winged object take off and leaves a trail of something for a few seconds.

The glowing is my key board but they tell me t he triangle is a solid object and not a reflection of the space station itself.

The images are crazy as it takes off! The object seems to glow stronger before it goes grey and takes off. Frame by frame you can see it accelerate.  The picture is to show you placement of the space station once the sun comes up.

The flying wing above the ISS appears quite large and appears to have anti-gravity propulsion. Wings are generally needed to fly in the atmosphere so it is difficult to know who manufactured this object.

  These photos was taken off ISS at an altitude of approximately 220 statute miles,

North Africa – on December 31, 2020, another strange capture from ISS of numerous lights.

A large number of objects appear in this photo that is not stars.

Child Sex Trafficking Explained By Texas Officials

Mexican Cartels are making a fortune in illegal immigration crossing fees of $2,00 to 3,000 for Mexicans’, $5,000 to 6,000 for Central Americans, $45,000 to 50,000 for all other Nationalities.

If unable to pay you can earn the fee by bringing in drugs to the US.

State troopers patrolling the highways are making large drug busts in Arizona and other states.

Eight probably terrorist Iranians and two Yemanese were arrested recently near the Southern Border.  With large gaps in the wall since Biden stopped construction it is not known how many tourists have entered the country. They are expected to conduct operations such as forest fires, down commercial aircraft, and conduct sabotage to weaken the country.

100,000 immigrants enter US in February

Texas officials claim many illegal immigrants belong to a child sex ring operation .Talon was created to target immigrants in the country illegally with sex crime convictions, not solely child sex offenders, and it was shelved by ICE, as the agency awaits new operating guidelines from the new administration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement canceled deportation requests for three convicted child sex offenders and was about to release them into communities until Texas law enforcement officials intervened and forced a reversal, two ranking Republicans charged in a letter Wednesday demanding answers from the agency’s chief. Thanks to Washington Times

Human trafficking is exploding in the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation. This is in addition to large amounts of illegal drugs that will cause the death of nearly a 100,000 US citizens. As the police forces are continuing to weaken, and ICE is stopped from transporting known criminals back to their home country, expect the 25% rise in murders and crime to increase.  Also expect severe limitations on purchasing weapons to protect your family.

  • Border district Democrats are also sounding the alarm as the crisis created by President Joe Biden’s pro-illegal immigration policies gets worse.
  • During an interview with CNN over the weekend, Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar urged the administration to deal in reality and discussed alarming numbers of illegal immigrants crossing without any type of testing for illness cross the border Some 14,000 unaccompanied children are now being released into the country;
  • “Look, they can call it a challenge. Other people can call it a crisis. Let me look at the reality. In January we had 78,000 people who were stopped at the border. In February I think you’re going to see 100,000 individuals and keep in mind that March, April, May and June are the peak times so we haven’t even hit the peak times right now,” Cueller said. “And what’s happing is that, Border Patrol does not COVID test for any illness any of them have. The ones who are coming in are not tested by Border Patrol. They get on a bus they can travel anywhere. “Few if any know English.
  • This is why Greyhound and other folks are saying, ‘Hang on. You’re letting people into our buses without having been COVID tested,'” Cuellahe continued.


 No. 2 of The Seven trilogies

Shadows, Fred Ellis Brock’s second novel of The Seven triogy, has been released. It is a cross-genre thriller involving kidnapping, murder, romance, and UFO conspiracies. It is published by Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing. The third novel, Secrets, will be published in the summer of 2021. The first novel, The Seven, came out last June. Shadows and The Seven are available wherever books are sold, but if you’re looking online at places like Amazon, many books have “seven” and “shadows” in the title. Best to search for the author’s name. More information at

In Shadows, best-selling author Bill Sanders reluctantly returns to his hometown almost a year after an old Friend, Paul Watson, was murdered while the two were searching for Paul’s missing ten-year-old daughter.

Paul had sworn to Bill that the girl was abducted by a UFO. Only after Paul’s death did Bill come to know that his friend was telling the truth. Bill also learns of the existence of an ultra-secret group called The Seven and its shocking role in the UFO phenomenon.

Bill also makes an astonishing discovery about his and Paul’s pasts with UFOs and aliens. This, along with a letter from a dead man about the earlier death of Bill’s wife, sets him on a collision course with The Seven.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

California Object

Moreno Valley – on March 14, 2021, was driving when I spotted an object in the sky. At first glance I thought they are in the direct path of air traffic from March ARB. I stopped and filmed with my girlfriend. It continued to change shape. I would guess the object was several thousand feet in the air but looked very large. The cloud cover was very high and we could see planes flying in the distance. The time it took for us to lose complete sight of it was 1 minute as it just seemed to disappear. I have always thought there were UFOs and believe that I have seen one in the past. The pictures show it changing shapes.

Florida Lights

Belleview – on March 14, 2021, Taking pictures of strange cloud formations and upon review of iPhone pictures noticed cylindrical shaped orange object crested on top to point in 4 images at 6:58 am.
 Nevada Rectangle

Nampa – on March 17, 2021, I saw a rectangle shape going across the sky. Nothing pulling it so took pictures.

New Jersey Object and Bolide

Hackettstown – on March 14, 2021, I walked into the living room and looked outside. I looked up and saw the object moving from the west to east. The fireball looked like it was shooting out bright little stars. Several people saw the Bolide that exploded.

New York Object

New York City – on August 18, 2020, what appeared to be a sky snake, a UFO with a trail presented itself to us while we were relaxing on a rock atop a hill on a sunny evening at Central Park. There are hundreds of kite technicians enjoying the same wind. Some felt it was a kite; however I saw it turn into two UFOs so it could not be a kite.

Texas Cigar

Kline – June 15, 1984, I was coming home about 12 midnight looking down at my Sony Selman when I looked up and saw a light coming up to me from the horizon! I saw a light floating 50 feet over my friend’s home silently just floating there. It was about 100 feet long with glowing wings with round glowing light circles in the square ‘wings. I stood there and could not move as I was transfixed on the craft. I watched it for 4 /5 minutes then it started to pulse then I ran to my house and it took off and was gone in 2 seconds.

Vermont Object

Nearby – on November 18, 2019, on a road trip I visualized a black diamond in the sky and decided to film it.

Virginia Boride

Petersburg – on March 14, 2021, I posted a YouTube video of an asteroid what I saw –

Washington Lights

Cle Elum – on March 11, 2021, I saw a light band moving at a linear speed and direction. It was moving from SW to the NE. There was no audible sound. The pictures are attached at an estimated height of 40,000 feet, and speed of 1,000 MPH
Location of sighting: 47 11′ 12″ N 120 45′ 00″ W

Note: Some debunkers may explain this away as Star-Link satellites. That is not the case. This is a solid object. There was another sighting in Chehalis, Washington at the time. The Chehalis witness described the object as looking like a long ladder. Thanks to Will Pucket/

West Virginia Rainbow Object

Glenville – on March 16, 2021, I have taken literally tens of thousands of photos in my life and am considered an amateur photographer. I was outside taking photos with my cell phone of a double rainbow above my house after a short rain event. I had taken 25 pictures and was scrolling through them on my cell phone and noticed the object in the one picture to the left and between the rainbows. There were no birds at all in the sky. I assume the object captured was moving at a high speed since I did not see it with my naked eye. The object appears to be solid and reflecting light on the top portion.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Light

Poert Aalberni – on March 9, 2021, @ 924 pm I took a series of videos and some stills of unidentifiable technology. I also took from the video by magnifying the size and going through it frame by frame.

Netherlands Light

Groningen – on March 13, 2021, this is better quality footage than in case 114150, of orb activity seen from the iss over the North Pacific

Portugal Lights

Maia – on March 17, 2021, my name is Fernando, I am 52 years old, between June 1989 and December 1990 I served in the Portuguese, Armey and I am currently a real estate consultant. For some time I wanted to share what I witnessed between 00:09 and 00:25 on July 16, 2017 in Águas Santas, I went to the balcony saw a light “the size” of a star blinking half a second apart for 60 seconds. Coordinates of the sighting were 41.215514, -8.570713. Numerous lights in the shape of a square appeared and a circumference with neon light moved for a few “meters” until they were positioned under the Constellation Bigger Bear.
On July 23, 2017 at 00:20 I looked at the sky over and saw dozens of UFOs passing towards the light that was blinking.
The photo from the second sighting is original from the event, although I drew it from above, to demonstrate what I saw.
Does this event have anything to do with what is going on with this global pandemic?

UK/England Light

Aylesbury – on March 9, 2021, standing outside I noticed a moving light in the clear sky. I always look at the sky and try to spot satellites. I seen a bright light for just over two minutes and then it was gone.

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I have put together a DVD of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.


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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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