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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 18, 2020 Two UFO Crashes and Anti-gravity


Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Admiral Fahrney on UFOs, Two UFO Crashes one on Plains of St Augustin and Roswell, General Twining’s Inspection of the Crashed UFO and Report. Anti Gravity Concepts, a Celestial Parade, Selected by Extraterrestrials Volume 2, and I’ll be speaking at the Mt. Shasta Conference.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Canada, France, India, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

Admiral Fahrney on UFOs

Navy Admiral Delmar S. Fahrney, former head of the Navy’s guided-missile program, statement was printed in New York Times, January 17, 1957

“Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds and controlled by thinking intelligence’s.”

Retired Rear Adm. Delmer S. Fahrney said he has talked with a number of scientists and engineers who reported seeing strange flying objects. He added, “There are signs that intelligence directs such objects because of the way they fly. They are not entirely actuated by automatic equipment.” He said, “By the way they change position in formations and override each other would indicate that their motion involves a tremendous amount of technology of which we have no knowledge, and that their development must have taken a long period of time.”

There are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds… No agency in this country or Russia is able to duplicate at this time the speeds and accelerations which radars and observers indicate these flying objects are able to achieve…. 

On January 16, 1957 – the day after the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP’s) Board of Governors met for the first time – Board Chairman Delmer S. Fahrney called a press conference. News media all over the country quoted his statements identifying him as one of the few “top brass” to speak out in defense of UFOs.

Rear Admiral Fahrney was “the foremost Navy pioneer for the development of guided missiles “Admiral Fahrney’s early work in guided missiles and his foresight in planning for future generations of missiles earned for him recognition by many peers as ‘the father of naval air guided missiles.'” (circa 1956). On Jan 16, 1957, Admiral Fahrney held a press conference for NICAP. He stated, “Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds. The way they change position would indicate their motion is directed.”

Fahrney was chairman of NICAP’s Board of Governors for one week, and then, for personal reasons, had to resign. . His replacement was the first CIA Director and DCI, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, who was recruited in April or May 1957, and this must have infuriated the CIA.. (Richard Hall: Fahrney was a NICAP member for a long time, visited the office often and exchanged a lot of information with Jim McDonald. Throughout, he kept funneling good Navy pilot and missile officer cases to us.)
We absolutely know that many high ranking Navy officers were interested in the phenomenon. Roscoe.

                                       Hillenkoetter himself joined NICAP and was willing to speak very publicly and to congress about the goodness of what NICAP was doing and that UFOs seemed to be a real but non-terrestrial mystery. He was far from alone. (Washington Daily News)

Several other Navy officers were NICAP members and Keyhoe occasionally got “leaks” from Navy people who obviously disliked USAF policy.

One of the most significant figures in UFO history was born in 1897, joined the Marines in 1919, and retired due to injury in 1923. He was a good writer, and worked as an aide to Charles Lindbergh in 1927. He wrote a book of his traveling with Lindbergh, another on the possibility of coming war, and many popular magazine articles, before re-joining the Marines during WWII.

                                                  He retired as a Major. Don Keyhoe got into the UFO writing business due to a hunch that the editor of TRUE Magazine had about rumors he was hearing in 1949. He asked Keyhoe if he would look into them Keyhoe in his 1960 book. In “FLYING SAUCERS: Top Secret,” Keyhoe described a meeting with two naval officers which had been arranged “by an old classmate [from the Naval Academy] of mine”. The meeting was in 1958, just after Dick Hall arrived at NICAP, and Keyhoe discussed the content of it with Dick. Using aliases, he described a meeting with a Navy Captain and a Commander in their office with the officers asking Keyhoe all manner of probing questions. It turned out they were trying to get him to betray confidential sources of information to see if he could be trusted not to breach such confidentialities. Keyhoe passed the test the officers were convinced and began telling him of “hidden” cases from naval personnel. Keyhoe was told that they had been keeping a “log” of UFO naval sightings for the Chief of Naval Operations, Arleigh A. Burke.   His contacts claimed UFOs were often seen and tracked underwater moving at high speeds at over a hundred knots. They were also seen departing and entering the water. Thanks to NICAP

Two UFO Crashes one on Plains of St Augustin and Roswell

 On July 4, 1947 in the Plains of St Augustine, New Mexico, not far from the (Magdalena, Very Large Array) a generally disc shaped UFO crashed. The famous Roswell UFO crashed at the same time suggesting they were fighting or accidentally collided with one another or were both affected by radars at White Sands. They crashed more than 100 miles apart. Major Jessie Marcel describes the Roswell crash material as thin as aluminum foils but very strong and balsa wood like beams but darker. The material is highly unusual and consists mostly of foil type strips but darker in color. There were mysterious beams that were are very strong and cannot be dented with a sledge hammer or burned.

Major Jessie Marcel brings home some of the Roswell crash material and wakes up his wife and eleven year old son and shows them the debris. I had lunch with his son Colonel and Doctor Jessie Marcel Jr. and he described the material and his Dad told him it was from a flying saucer. Marcel and the boy try to tear, cut and bend it but are unable to do so. I spoke at the Roswell UFO Museum and interviewed Lt. Walter Haut who was told by the base commander Colonel Blanchard to draft a news report that the 509th Bomb Wing had recovered a crashed flying saucer.

Major Kirton of the 8th Army Air Force Intelligence Office positively identifies UFO debris as not being that of a radar target RAWIN balloon though resembling them.

Major Jessie Marcel with Roswell UFO debris that resembled radar target RAWIN balloon/

The recovery was announced in the news worldwide and Marcel was ordered to courier the debris to General Ramey’s office for examination. A special B-29 flight flew Marcel to Fort Worth Army Air Force base and he went directly to the 8th Army Air Force Commanding General Roger Ramey’s office carrying meat wrapper paper packages which held the debris. Bond Johnson a Fort Worth Reporter took several pictures on July 8, 1947 of Major Marcel with the Roswell material. Bond showed me the pictures when we met. Bond worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and was told to take photos of the “Flying Disk” recovered the day before outside Roswell,

Both Johnson and Marcel felt the debris material was unusual and smelled like it had been burned in a crash. The general was away from his office but expected to return. Bond assisted with unpacking the smelly burned debris and then “posed” Marcel with some of the “less impressive pieces” of the wreckage.

              Photo of Roswell purple and pink crash beam with numerous hieroglyphics.

When General Ramey returned to his office he was holding a piece of paper, Bond Johnson photographed him examining the pieces of wreckage holding a message.

Johnson felt he photographed very unusual debris, which was not a weather balloon since they do not burn when landing.

The message in General Ramey’s hand confirms that a disc crashed with victims. Further the debris wreckage was being shipped to Fort Worth.

                                                             To: General Vandenburg









Signed Ramey

EDITORS NOTE: Again I wish to thank those research groups,  Dave Rudiak, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, Don Burleson, Neil Morris and the Roswell Photo Interpretation Team that are making new evidence available to us.

The debris found at St Augustine is somewhat different suggesting different manufactures and aliens from different planets..The I beams of the Roswell craft have pink and purple hieroglyphics on them. Additionally the metal can be wrinkled or bent but returns to its original shape

Plains of St Augustin

In May of 2012 a group of 15 people found a great deal of important material near the Plains of St Augustin crash site. By far the most important was this I-beam and honeycomb material.

The beam is 2 inches across at the flanges and 13 1/4 inch long. The bottom skin, honeycomb, and I-beam might have been scraped off a craft on the first skip down. Below the I-beam is another piece of honeycomb. This one had some skin attached, believed to be just inside the interior. Some excitement occurred when a faint triangle, with a circle inside that might be a depiction of a planet, and other markings were found near the right end of beam. The beam and honeycomb are probably the most significant finds at the crash site. The beam looks more like an H-beam used to distribute horizontal loads. Crude flanged holes are a mystery. It is possible it was used more than once in a repair of some sort.

The beam has a metallurgical composition primarily aluminum with high silicon, manganese, copper, and iron. It is my guess that a grid of beams covered the entire bottom of the UFO (probably crisscrossing the bottom of the craft in 10-12″‘ squares) supporting the honeycomb sandwich that is likely the anti-gravity material. The craft when it skipped down lost allot of its bottom and this beam was probably ripped out. The honey comb material has been found at two crash sites.

                  Honeycombs nearly identical were found 6000 miles apart and 41 years later, Plains of St Augustin UFO crash debris honeycomb on left, and Southern Japan’s Shikoku Island debris found in 1971, on the right. A Mr. Shioto saw the UFO explode and found the debris.

All of the samples were tested with a volt-ohmmeter, and were found to conduct electricity. Fifty-six (56) elements were detected in at least one sample. The aluminum contained alloys not available in aluminum in 1947. The coatings on all metals were blended with metal and rich in silica, titanic, magnesia, sulfate, phosphate, and chloride, were almost certainly not available in 1947. The powder coatings are similar to those removed from people claiming alien contact. The samples still emit magnetic and electrical energy indicating these samples include metamaterials, nanotechnological smart metals and of probable alien origin. Analysis of some of the metal indicated it was not from Earth. Thanks to Timothy Good and Art Campbell

General Twining’s Inspection of the Crashed UFOs

                                                 General  Twining made inspection of R&D facilities at Alamogordo Army Air Field, New Mexico  on 10th July 1947 – and then returned to Wright Field, Ohio.

About 4 July 1947, General Nathan F. Twining’s Commander of Air Material Command abruptly changes his schedule and flies to Alamogordo Army Air Field, New Mexico south of the crashes. He likely visits the sights or at least examines the debris

General Twining and General Chidlaw had orders to attend a July 8th three days Bomb Commanders Course at Sandia Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This excuse for the trip seemed very unusual for generals to attend. Sandia was the principal nuclear weapons installation of the United States Department of Defense where a crashed UFO’s propulsion system would likely be taken.
General Twining flight logs of 1947 have been released so his whereabouts between July 7th and July 9th 1947 have been confirmed. This trip to New Mexico was Twining’s one and only trip during summer of 1947.  IPU Summary Page 4 states on 7th July 1947 – Twinning went to Alamogordo AAF for a secret meeting with Army Air Force Chief of Staff Spaatz to view recovered remains of craft from crash landing site 20 miles northwest of Socorro. 8th July 1947 – Twinning went to Kirtland AAF/ Sandia to inspect parts recovered from power plant. 9th July 1947 – Twining and staff went to White Sands Proving Ground to inspect pieces of craft being stored there. 10th July 1947 – Twining made inspection of R&D facilities at Alamogordo and then returned to Wright Field.

There was no record of meeting with President Truman on Twining’s pilot flight log, but his pilot said Twining sometimes made secret flights himself, with Truman actually flying the plane.

President Truman

I talked with the archivist at the Truman Archives, and the Truman Librarian said Truman was in Missouri on July 4, 1947, and could have secretly flown to Fort Worth to see the bodies. Mrs. Ramey told me her husband Brigadier General Ramey (1 star) who was the Commander at Ft Worth, where the debris and bodies were first taken became close friends with President Truman. Her husband was transferred to DC, promoted and often dined with President Truman and played cards with him. She told me General Ramey was embarrassed about the Rawin Target balloon story he had to release and expected to be promoted to Command the new Air Force. Thanks to Skywatch’s Mark Hall

16 July 1947

Air Accident Report by General Twining to Headquarters

St Augustin Alleged Disk

This three page bureaucratic report provides the first glimpses of Lt. General Nathan F. Twining’s Air Accident Report originally published in Leonard Stringfield’s (now deceased) Status Report VII, in 1994. Twining apparently describes in detail the inside of a “flying disc”, everything from typewriter-like keys that control the propulsion system to a thirty-five foot doughnut shaped one-inch tube inside the craft filled with a clear substance and a coil of copper-like material. Twining’s engineers from Engineering Division T-3 and scientific personnel from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other educated experts report that the object was not manufactured by the US, Germany or the USSR for a variety of reasons including; lack of any known design resemblance, lack of external propulsion system and power plant, and the lack of identifying markings. The general configuration of the Roswell craft is shown. There may have been differences in the Roswell UFO and the crash of a disc at the Plains of St Augustin UFO.

The experts theorized about how the craft is powered, how it moves, and how and where it is controlled from, but there is no real knowledge beyond the theories. The inability f or the experts to prove the object to be made in any of the advanced technological societies on Earth is intriguing. The metal layers were far superior to what was available in 1947, in the world.

Roswell Stingray Craft Depiction by Bill McDonald

The general configuration of the Roswell craft is shown. There  apparently was differences in the Roswell UFO and the crash of a disc at the Plains of St Augustin UFO. Lockheed used the Stingray-like design has in common with the 3 “Aurora” planes:  the F-117 Nighthawk, the TR-3A “Black Manta” and even SR-71 Blackbird. The Roswell aliens may be those who use the ocean for their bases.

Len Stringfield’s autopsy materials speculated that the two aliens in the forward-most portion of the crew compartment, in the actually two seater cockpit section were of the four-fingered variety as they only had to type instructions on the icon displays and jockey the single “Joy stick” flight control device.

The other aliens clearly had opposable thumbs like the rest of us Homo sapiens and other hominid primates of Earth. See Status Report VII, in 1994.

Anti Gravity Concepts


Dr. Jack Sarfatti Gravity is not always attractive. Can you think of a citation to an easy-reader explanation for a layman ?

No, because it’s original research by me currently under development along with my team Professor Keith Wanser Physics Cal State Fullerton, Maurice Passman PhD theoretical physics U. London (at UK MOD for years under Professor James Moffat) and others. This is key to understanding flight of the UAVs the US Navy reports. I can try in words. Einstein’s gravity field equation has the form

Induced Warp Drive Tensor Field = Newton’s G x Source Electromagnetic Susceptibility Response Function x Source Stress-Energy Tensor

The Source Electromagnetic Susceptibility Response Function gets very large by many factors of ten. This allows the desired Induced Warp Drive to be generated with a smaller Source Stress-Energy Tensor applied electromagnetic pump field. Finally, with negative susceptibility the Source Stress Energy Tensor reverses sign causing anti-gravity.



In a meta-material resonance pumped by the applied source stress-energy tensor electromagnetic field (it can be a battery voltage V across the parallel conducting plates of a capacitor C filled with the meta-material dielectric. Electric Field = surface charge density on the plates divided by the dielectric function .The stress energy tensor in the Newtonian weak field limit (Poisson equation) has the form (electric field)^2/(dielectric function) = (surface charge density)^2/(dielectric function).



In a metamaterial resonance this energy density can be negative (or also positive) Poisson’s near field eq is Laplacian Warp Field Potential Energy per unit mass  = =G(RESPONSE FUNCTION)(surface charge)^2/(dielectric function) I found it! I found it! So let’s celebrate …


F-18s and Tic Tac UFO

David Fravor the Commanding Officer of the Black Aces FA-18F Navy fighter squadron from the carrier Nimitz had 3600 hours flying time and was a Top Gun graduate. He Chased a UFO of Tic Tac (cylinder) shape in 2004 off the coast of San Diego. He was part of the Strike Group. And cruiser USS Princeton radar that detected multiple AAV (Anomalous Aerial Vehicles).The F-18s tracked multiple targets from 80,000 ft. to 50 ft. above the water in SECONDS.

There were 4 F-18s. that observed the UFO for over 5 minutes. UFO tried to jam RADAR (different video… that’s the one with the FLIR video).  The UFO jammed the RADAR as soon as they got an initial RADAR lock.  (Hostile action)

Got within 1/2 mile of UFO, and were painted on IR (infrared), EO (Electro-optical). There was something under the water.UFO re-appeared at CAP (Combat Air Patrol point).

Physicist Dr. Eric Davis working for AWSAP

and BASS reports there were hundreds of tic-tac incidents like this on east and west coast.

So, they set up a program that, initially, was AWSAP. It was separate from AATIP, the program that Lue Elizondo was involved with. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was a secret investigatory effort funded by the United States Government to study unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP). He wasn’t involved with actually for another year, but AATIP was the study, the occasional encounters that military personnel had with UFOs; that was an informal organization that existed within The Pentagon, different departments and different divisions of the military. And they would exchange information, videos would come in, they do analysis, and create files, and try to figure the     stuff out. AWSAP was created to be something else entirely. It was to look at a broader range of paranormal activity. ” – source:  http://www.openminds.tv/george-knapp-hunt-for-the-skinwalker-interview-transcript/42039

Fravor said a friend had a drone taken underwater by a USO.

Tucker Carlson: Navy pilot recalls ‘out of this world’ encounter


From: Robert Addinall
Date: Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 2:59 PM
To: Jack Sarfatti <ja**********@ho*****.com>
Subject: Re: Simple example Tic Tac/Gimbal Warp Drive with network of small meta-material parallel plate capacitors tiled around fuselage

Robert states Jack, One thing that I have wondered about but have not bothered to ask until someone worked out Alcubierre/Natario warp field theory in more detail:

Jack Sarfatti I am computing the Christoffel symbols and 4th rank curvature tensors for the original toy model Alcubierre drive (tic tac as “point”) not good enough – will tackle more realistic metrics later – this one is tedious enough to start and I have not been able to find them in the literature. If anyone can save me the trouble let me know.

Robert states, despite being comparatively low energy in your version, how does the metamaterial layer in the outer skin of the craft avoid being pulled apart by the extreme gravitational curvature of the spacetime field that it is generating? 

Jack Sarfatti Your premise is false. The compensating curvature inside the meta-material needed for Tic Tac/Gimbal flight is very weak!


Robert states Some cosmologists talk about accelerating expansion of the universe eventually pulling atoms apart – sub-atomic particles being pulled away from each other, assuming that expansion continues to accelerate.  Looking at Alcubierre’s toy drawing of a warp bubble metric that is a huge amount of negative curvature on one side of a craft and a huge amount of positive curvature on the other.

Jack Sarfatti Your intuition is false here. You cannot decide these things without doing the mathematics, which I am doing slowly too slowly 😉

The fact is Tic Tacs are flying around so all your idle speculations are clearly false.

One iron post of observation is worth reams of paper mache speculation (apology to John Archibald Wheeler)


Robert states Does the spacetime start to curve “just” inside the layer on the craft’s skin where its stiffness is reduced,

Jack Sarfatti  Yes, of course.

Robert states and then, kinematically speaking, have that extreme curvature in a volume a few millimetres wide around the craft,


Robert states and then as it propagates any further from the craft –


Robert states even a few centimeters – regains its typical stiffness



Robert states and so goes back to flat (or whatever the background curvature is, such as the curvature of Earth’s gravity well a few hundred metres off the ground)?  Is the EM pump field pushing the spacetime out of the metamaterial in order that the extreme curvature happens just “next” to the metamaterial instead of in it?


In other words: Robert states Spacetime stiffness is reduced in the metamaterial\\

The metamaterial resonance for the electrical permittivity

Jack Sarfatti: THAT’S CORRECT

Robert states EM pump field is coming into the metamaterial from inside the craft

Jack Sarfatti: THAT’S CORRECT

The metamaterial resonance for the electrical permittivity


Robert states Reduced stiffness spacetime is the constantly being “pushed” out of the metamaterial while curving so that it curves extreme right “next” to the skin of the fuselage


Robert states As soon as it is any distance from the fuselage it “snaps” back to background curvature


Robert states “More spacetime” meaningless

Robert states always appear within the metamaterial, but at reduced stiffness because the metamaterial prevents it from forming as dense an amount of particle- antiparticle pairs as normal?

Jack Sarfatti: NO! The density of ZPF virtual electron-positron pairs does not change significantly – the effect is entirely from real charges inside the meta-material.

Robert states or the extreme curvature happens in the metamaterial, but it still holds its shape despite the extreme spacetime curvature because the spacetime is not stiff and the EM pump field is low energy?


UFO Tic Tac like Photo taken from USS Trepang (SS 412) submarine late 1960s


A Celestial Parade

At the behest of my Brother Brett, who assures me that that the following account might be of interest to you, I hereby make this report: As some of you know, I have had many UFO sightings over the last twenty years, as well as some mysterious and startling related experiences which I have made efforts to chronicle in what I hope will someday be a published book. I have also, accompanied by my Brother Brett, and told my story on the Jeff Rense internet, radio show which some of you may have heard. But my most recent UFO sighting experience takes the cake, truly unprecedented.

At 9:02 PM on April 16th I went outside and as I habitually glanced up at the clear, starry sky I was startled and delighted to see a Star Craft type UFOs for I had not seen one for several months. I glanced at my wrist watch as is my procedure in such cases and just as I was making a mental note to tell my Brother about the sighting, I saw out of the corner of my eye another moving Star Craft! Wow two of them…cool, I thought. Then looking S.S. W I realized that there was a string of Star Crafts all lined up at regular intervals and all moving at the same speed to the N.N.E! As I counted them back towards the direction they were coming from, I noticed that one after another were just appearing, manifesting or de-cloaking at the same spot. After counting an unprecedented twenty three of them! However the parade of twenty three Star Crafts continued across the sky one by one disappearing at the same spot. I was so jazzed up I just had to call Brett even though it was after midnight in Virginia. I did so and fortunately Brett a pilot was still up.

I took the phone outside I said was, “Brett, something big is going on! As I was excitedly related the wondrous event to my Brother I saw another Star Craft…That’s twenty four! I exclaimed to Brett.

Brett and I talked connected with him mentally, spiritually and to try and intuit what the meaning of this major sighting might be. What’s it all about….Why such a major celestial display and why now…Is there some significance to the timing? I went outside one more time before I went to bed and LO a Behold I saw one brighter Star Craft this time directly over head and going west to east. That makes twenty five UFO’s in ten minutes! Brett and I have seen some pretty phenomenal, multiple sightings together, but nothing quite like this. It must mean something? What the meaning and timing of this unprecedented display might mean.

Global war

You see, earlier that day I was watching some Utube material Brett had sent me about a secret, global war that is said to be going on right now between the military and  the malevolent, reptilian ET’s and the Human global elite beneath the Earth in what is known as the Sub Global System. It appears that the story of malevolent Alien impudence in Human affairs is perhaps the greatest story never told.

Brett has been keeping me up on what just may really be an attempt by the military forces of Earth to finally throw off an ancient evil that has thwarted Human progress for perhaps the last twelve thousand years or so. The existence of dark forces, yes. As to whether or not the battle is on and the dark forces are on the run and on the brink of defeat…My intuition is that my Star Craft friends offered this amazing celestial parade as a validation that something really big is really going on. Keep the Faith, Sincerely Mark M Dieter.

Selected by Extraterrestrials Volume 2

Volume 2 of Selected by Extraterrestrials in his is ground-breaking memoirs of Bill Tompkins covers his aerospace career at companies including TRW. Here is a record of everything that he wrote on his computer about his life until his death in 2017. Of special interest is his detailed access to work being done by TRW that is largely still unknown, such as aggressive remote viewing projects with Admiral Bobby Ray Inman involvement, extensive underground alien and U.S. tunneling systems, and the interesting role TRW played in the content of movies.

Bill was in charge of the famous Joe Papp engine development that was one of many non-petroleum energy systems studied by TRW. Bill was entered the world of secrecy as a teenager, when the Navy took his personal ship models out of a Hollywood department store display window because they showed the classified locations of radars and gun emplacements. He claims one of the Nordic craft selected him to be their rep in the evolving aerospace race.

He attended super-secret briefings with Navy spies reporting what was going on with UFOs in Nazi Germany from 1942-1945.After working at North American Aviation and Northrop he was hired by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1950, and assigned to work in a “think tank” He sketched six UFO space craft on the Moon when the Apollo 11 astronauts landed.  Bill Tompkins was one of the few survivors of the “big war”, married to the same woman Mary, and told his story about what he really did during his aerospace life from the 1940s through 2017 and confirmed the existence of a secret space program



I’ll be Speaking at the Mt. Shasta Conference

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UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Antarctic Cigar-shaped UFO Crash Landing

South Georgia Island — A strange object looks as if it has crashed into the snow and ice, sliding across the ground on a British-owned island near to Antarctica. The alleged UFO was found by eagle eyed viewers on Google Earth and is located the South Atlantic Ocean 800 miles south of The Falklands. YouTube channel Secure Team 10 posted a video of the crash that say: “It appears to be some sort of massive elongated or cigar-shaped that at some point – and we don’t know when – came to a screeching halt in the snow.This could be something which came from the air and crash-landed.https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/927435/UFO-alien-youtube-aliens-proof-google-e

Arizona Objects

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Kingman — I was out for a hike climbed up a trail to 5,500 feet on the mountain on April 15, 2020. I stopped at the top and proceeded to take a picture of the view. I did not see or hear anything. I went home looked at the film so I watched this 3 second clip. The largest object I could see flies through the video at a speed faster than anything I have ever witnessed. But I also was able to see 4 to 5 more objects at a higher altitude in a straight line.

California Red Light Triangle

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Arcata — The lights were in the shape of a triangle. The lights were red, never changed shape and went underneath the Eureka, CA Bridge and disappeared. Responses to Red Lights in Shape of Triangle Go Under Bridge. I was in Eureka and just turned from I street onto 7th Avenue. I tried to get a recording, but wasn’t quick enough before they all 3 vanished. All of them disappeared at once. I am happy to have found this just to prove to my family that I am not crazy. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

Florida Triangle

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Kissimmee — As I was driving when I noticed this black triangle flying in front of me.

I only had time to take this one picture, because I couldn’t find it again

Pictures were taken on April 4, 2020.

Illinois Object

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Waukegan — Have been watching sky since first seeing them on Monday night April 13, 2020. Each night they would return and zip back in forth – up quickly and down slowly then “bob” around across the sky. Then around sunrise they would shoot up, drop 1″ of view and slowly shoot up again. The video is from early Sunday morning (3:05am till sunrise) and zipping around, blinking and shooting into it and coming out the other side”. All video’s came from my mounted Blink CCTV camera #3 facing North-East. I have video of it when it was 1,000 feet away and 500 feet in the air. It glowed and moved out over Lake Michigan near the Com-Ed Power plant. My Wife saw them on Monday 4/13, Tuesday 4/14, Wednesday 4/15, Friday 4/17 & Saturday 4/18 night and into Sunday morning 4/19.

Iowa Oval

Adair — We spotted lights in the sky on April 13th, 2020 at around 11:30 PM. We have seen lights move across the sky before for a couple years. It was between the size of a pea and a dime and moved north across the sky. I eventually lost it as it disappeared behind the northwest horizon. I was able to look at it through binoculars and attached is my best attempt at a sketch of it. It appeared to be ovular in shape with 5 distinct windows. The “windows” got smaller and less bright the further they were from the center and I could see beams of light coming out of the top and the sides of it. Sketch from April 13, 2020 –Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

Michigan Triangle of Lights

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Harrison Township — My brother in law recorded this on April 19, 2020 at 9:30pm facing west. He stated there were 9 orb type lights in the sky appearing and disappearing.

They appeared to be moving in a northern direction. No sounds or navigation lights (red and green) were seen.

New York Light

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

For Edward — Very bright light in the sky, much

brighter than any star. Looked like a triangle shape

or it had a trail of light.

Pictures were taken on April 16, 2020.

North Dakota Orbs

Bismarck – May 22, 2018 I was filming a lightning storm and did not notice the orbs in the video. . The video was filmed from inside my home through a window. All lights were off in the home. There seems to be two white, orb lights and a possible third in mid sky. During a lighting strike, the orbs seem to dart off simultaneously to the right.

Note: I don’t think that the orbs are reflections nor are they ball lightning. They are unidentified. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

Oklahoma Lights

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Calera — It was huge and lighted with a yellow Ora and a bright red light internally.

It moved erratically. Pictures were taken on April 20, 2020.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Object

Cobourg, Ontario — On Saturday, February 8th 2020, went on a short trip north. Going up on hwy 45 saw this long dark stationary black object. Blocked by trees and nowhere in sight at just before 12 noon. Kept driving and noticed a white roundish translucent object cross close in front of us. Then pulled out my camera and started to film a white UFO crossing over the lake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv8X9Rgrr8M

France Light

Photo courtesy of MUFON.com

Marseille — the 15th July 2018 my friend and I were travelling and we were currently in France. The horns and beeping in the background was due to France just winning the works cup. We were shocked to see this glowing hovering orb in the sky.

After about three hours by the time the night came it had vanished. I took a video of this. It was pure sunshine outside.

India Large Circular Object

Maharashtra — This thing looked like a light and was hovering around in ‘S’ shaped movements. The glow used to reduce and increase periodically (could be that it was going behind light clouds). It hovered for 15 minutes and then disappeared. The photos taken are with a long zoom camera and are resized ones. Note: I suspect that this could be an “out-of-focus” photo of Venus taken on April 10, 2020. Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

UK/England Light

Coatbridge — Pulsing ball of light moving at incredible speed over short distances, changing shape and size frequently.

It stayed in same place for hours then slowly moved away into the distance

Pictures were taken on April 20, 2020


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I have put together a DVD of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.


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Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

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