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Filer’s Files 37 2019 -Was a space alien killed in NJ in 1978?


In special reports, this week’s files cover. Tic Tac UFO, US Space Command, THAAD Interceptor Missile. Vandenberg Air Force Base, Navy Pilots See UFOs, UFO under the USS Eisenhower, UFO threat to pilots must be dealt with now ET Amino Acids Came from Asteroid, DNA Efficient Information Storage System, Was a space alien killed in NJ in the 1970s? MUFON has 583 sightings in August.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, and Vermont.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Japan, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

Tic Tac UFO

Jack Sarfatti writes, the real issue is what is the organizing idea that connects that particular frequency to the ability to generate the low power warp drive that the Tic Tac demonstrates. The real problem requires a broad band negative permittivity/permeability susceptibility response of the meta-material in the near field region ck =/= f for both the applied EM pump field and its induced gravity field.(Induced Spin 2 Gravity Field Tensor)uv = (Newton’s G)(MetaMaterial Response Function Zero-Rank Tensor Scalar Field)(Electromagnetic Pump Spin 1 Field Stress-Energy Tensor)uv.

I have not checked your numbers below, if they are correct, the connection of that particular frequency to dark energy may be a clue. The cutoff wavelength for dark energy is of order (Hubble Scale x Planck Scale)^1/2  = (10^28 cm 10^-33 cm)^1/2 ~ 10^-5/2 cm ~ 3 x 10^-4 meters. Dark energy in this picture is advanced Hawking radiation from the quantum gravity thickness of our future de Sitter cosmological horizon (Susskind Hologram Screen) propagating negative energy forward in time.

From: Matthew Szydagis few THz => 60 micron wavelength (of light).  Imagine that there is a new force beyond the Standard Model which has a characteristic “half-life” (or half-length actually!) based on the mass of the force carrier

(h-bar*c)/(2*rest-mass energy) = 60 microns if energy ~ few meV. What particle is hypothesized that has a mass of a few meV?? The chameleon particle for explaining dark energy (note, -not- DM):   Quoting from the paper: Astrophysical measurements of the dark energy density imply an energy scale of Λ = 2.4 meV, corresponding to a length scale of hbar*c/Λ ∼ 80 μm. Surely this is no coincidence? (The power of dimensional analysis!)

I calculated a bit of bandwidth at ~ 5 THz, not far from what you calculated. A 20/1 reduction in waveguide size for the 60 micron wavelength, excellent micro miniaturization.   HalSent from my iPhone

Luis Elizondo By the way congrats on your paper, no easy achievement for sure! Very Best Regards Lue

Jack Sarfatti  writes, if the DNI and subordinate agencies do not have the answers, then they are not doing their jobs properly. That’s my view at present.  If the Wilson paper is indeed real, then Ike was right about the military-industrial complex, which may now be a victim of both its own compartmentalisation and corporate greed. Meanwhile, the Russians and Chinese have proved highly adept at stealing US tech secrets. 

You forgot bumbling incompetence and stupidity coupled with misplaced arrogance and cluelessness.

 Copy that Dr Jack. Very interesting as was your latest Stardrive talk. 

 Some questions for you: 1. If the Soviets / Russians had Thread 3 going at least as early as 1991, then how far along might they be with warp drives, metamaterials and other exotic tic tic tech? Do they have some large-scale Manhattan type project going in this? Could Russian research also be linked to Nazi-era bell tech?

No, because they did not know the connection of metamaterials to Einstein’s gravity field equation – that’s my work. Dummy’s version

Induced gravity warp field = Newton’s G (meta-material response function)(stress-energy density of applied Frohlich electromagnetic pump field). From simple algebra if you want to keep Induced gravity warp field fixed at some desired value at a place and time on the outside of the Tic Tac UFO fuselage. If you can make meta-material response function very big, then stress-energy density of applied Frohlich electromagnetic pump field can be very small!

It’s that simple in principle. Einstein’s gravity field equation is like Ohm’s law for an electrical current through a resistor where induced warp field is like the current, Newton’s G (meta-material response function) is like the reciprocal resistance and stress-energy density of applied Frohlich electromagnetic pump field is like the applied voltage difference across the resistance (analog of “space-time stiffness”).

One other idea, for meta-material near field resonance that are “analytic continuations” away from the far-field “negative refraction” the stress-energy density of applied Frohlich electromagnetic pump field goes “exotic” generating a strong anti-gravity near field. This results in the reverse gravity apparent Doppler effect.

An approaching Tic Tac will red shift instead of blue shift if the attractive warp field contracting space around the nose is sufficiently strong. Likewise, the receding Tic Tac will blue shift instead of red shift if the repulsive warp field expanding space around the tail is sufficiently strong. This also allows STEALTH INVISIBILITY as well as SHAPE SHIFTING (STRONG GRAVITY LENSING) as well as OFFENSIVE WEAPON capability (sound waves and EM & gravity waves), Future – 100 Year Starship: An interstellar leap for mankind? – BBC,

Mar 22, 2012 – Is a Pentagon plan for a spaceship travel outside our solar system a … When Jack Sarfatti was 13 years old, he began receiving phone calls … of UFOs might prove that the technology required for interstellar travel is possible.



Oct 6, 2011 – UFOs crash and burn at 100 Year Starship symposium … Rogue physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti crashes the UFO topic into DARPA’s 100 Year Starship … By Gary S. Bekkum from reports provided by STAR stream Research sources …

  1. How far along in R & D might the Chinese be?

No idea

  1. What level might the Iranians have reached? 

No idea, but they lack resources

  1. Jim Penniston, the USAF serviceman at Rendelsham Forrest, claimed he touched the craft on the ground and received a binary download that gave coordinates to sacred sites around the world, the message: “origin year 8100” and other information. This could indicate a craft from the future. But why could time travel visitors not also come from our ancient past, especially given the coordinates of the ancient sites?

I’m sure they did

  1. For the Tic Tac event, you say that the craft read the pilots’ minds to discover the CAP point and wait for them there. Could this not also be explained by advanced communications intercept, decryption, knowledge of the English language and USN standing operating procedures? Or advanced predictive analytics?

Yes, I did not mean for sure that they were inside the pilot’s minds, only that is possible

  1. Why the disclosure from DoD through TTSA and why now? History shows that the US national security apparatus has taken great steps to conceal the phenomena; Richard Dolan has excellent work on this hidden history of cover up. Churchill sacrificed the military-industrial city of Coventry and over 500 souls to a German bombing raid the Brits knew about beforehand to protect Ultra. Governments only disclose such matters when straights are dire. What is the US national security state not telling us about the phenomena? 

No idea Thanks to Jack Sarfatti.

Editor’s Note; My contact claims ET uses frequencies to navigate. Each planet, county, state, town, and even people has frequencies. The frequency is placed in the ship’s computer that is part of the ship and ET navigates by inserting the proper frequency and the ship takes them to the frequencies location.

US Space Command

           US Space Command boss General Jay Raymond established two subordinate commands on August. 30, 2019, to support other combatant commanders and defend American space assets. USSPACECOM graphics via Twitter/staff illustration by Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory.

US Space Command boss Air Force Gen. Jay Raymond used his first full day on the job to establish the two subordinate commands that will carry out the organization’s main responsibilities. One supports field commanders’ needs for space capabilities like GPS and communications, while the other protects US assets.

The Combined Force Space Component Command at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., led by Maj. Gen. Stephen Whiting, is in charge of supporting other combatant commanders and the joint force through the Combined Space Operations Center at Vandenberg; the Missile Warning Center at Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Colo.; the Joint Overhead Persistent Infrared Center at Buckley AFB, Colo.; and the Joint Navigation Warfare Center at Kirtland AFB, N.M.
The CFSCC also oversees certain Air Force, Army, and Navy space units, SPACECOM said in an Aug. 30 release.
The Joint Task Force-Space Defense, run by Brig. Gen. Thomas James, works to “deter aggression, defend space capability, and … defeat adversaries” through the National Space Defense Center at Schriever AFB, Colo., and other groups, SPACECOM said. It is located at Schriever as well. Space Command has the ability to knock out enemy missiles.

THAAD Interceptor Missile

​A THAAD interceptor is launched from the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands on Aug. 30, 2019.

 Defense Agency photo.

The Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system in the Pacific Ocean on Aug. 30, marking the 16th intercept in as many attempts and the first using a remote launcher.

MDA, the Ballistic Missile Defense System Operational Test Agency, and the Army’s E-62 Battery, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, conducted the test at the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

THAAD uses its own interceptor weapon to shoot down incoming ballistic missiles during the final flight phase. The system’s new remote launcher extended the range of the defended.

Thistest demonstrates the expanding capabilities of the THAAD weapon system and its ability to intercept and destroy ballistic missile threats in defense of our nation, deployed forces and allies,”

MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill said.
In an effort to simulate a real-world incident, the soldiers manning the E-62 battery were not aware of the target launch timing, and still intercepted the medium-range ballistic missile that represented a real weapon, according to the release.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Ballistic Missile Defense System Operational Test Agency and U.S. Army soldiers of the E-62 Battery, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, conducted an intercept test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element of the nation’s Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Preliminary indications are that planned flight test objectives were achieved and the target was successfully intercepted by the THAAD weapon system. The test, designated Flight Test THAAD (FTT)-23, was the first time the THAAD system used a government-developed remote launcher kit that extended the range of the defended area.

“The Missile Defense Agency is committed to supporting the war fighter and we are proud of this success and the U.S. Army soldiers who executed this flight test,” said MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon A. Hill. “This test demonstrates the expanding capabilities of the THAAD weapon system and its ability to intercept and destroy ballistic missile threats in defense of our nation, deployed forces and allies.”

Soldiers from the E-62 Battery conducted radar operations, launcher and fire control operations using the same procedure they would use during combat. Simulating a real-world scenario, soldiers were unaware of the target-launch timing.

This rapidly-deployable system provides a critical capability for defense against ballistic missile attacks. Additional information about all elements of the Ballistic Missile Defense System can be found at

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Space Command’s Fourteenth Air Force is located at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., and provides space capabilities for the joint fight through the operational missions of space lift; position, navigation and timing; satellite communications; missile warning and space control. Vandenberg is a huge Base with multiple launching facilities covering thousands of acres in the far west portion of California.

AFSPC acquires, operates and supports the Global Positioning System, Defense Satellite Communications Systems Phase III, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, Defense Support Program and the Space-Based Infrared System Program. AFSPC currently operates the Delta II, Delta IV and Atlas V launch vehicles. The Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles comprise the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program, which is the future of assured access to space. AFSPC’s launch operations include the Eastern and Western ranges and range support for all launches, including the space shuttle on the Eastern Range. The command maintains and operates a worldwide network of satellite tracking stations, called the Air Force Satellite Control Network, to provide communications links to satellites.

Ground-based radars used primarily for ballistic missile warning include the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, PAVE Phased Array Warning System and Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack radars. Fastwalkers or UFOs are frequently picked up on radar. A minimum of two UFOs are tracked each week coming in from space and two are leaving according some Air Force personnel.

The Maui Optical Tracking Identification Facility, Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System, Passive Space Surveillance System, and phased-array and mechanical radars provide primary space surveillance coverage. New transformational space programs are continuously being researched and developed to enable AFSPC to stay on the leading-edge of technology. Another day, another opportunity for the mainstream media to LIE by omission to the American people about what is really going on in this country.

The media’s favorite game is to lie by omission. You know where they hide identifying facts about perpetrators like their race and immigration status until the 12th paragraph. Five illegal immigrants raped girls as young as eleven in Maryland near Baltimore during August 2019. Unless you watch Fox News it is unlikely you heard about it.

Navy Pilots See UFOs

President Trump told George Stephanopoulos, “I want them (Navy Pilots) to think whatever they think,” “They do say … I mean, I’ve seen, and I’ve read, and I’ve heard, and I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I believe it? Not particularly.”

When Stephanopoulos asked Trump if he thought he’d know if there was evidence of extraterrestrials, the President responded, “Well I think my great, our great pilots would know, and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past,” he said. “So we’re going to see. But we’ll watch it and you’re going to be the first to know.”

Until the leader of the free world reveals the long-awaited truth about aliens to George Stephanopoulos, however, we can only speculate as to why the federal government is suddenly UFO-curious. Allegedly Trump gave permission for slowly reveal the UFO phenomena.

UFO under the USS Eisenhower


Indian Ocean — Andrew Griffin writes, “A good friend of mine told me a colleague he worked with shared a strange UFO/USO sighting in1985.”

He was a sailor was on night duty on the aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean, west of Diego Garcia. That’s when a large submersible craft began to rise from the seabed and as it did caused the USS Eisenhower to list 10 degrees. It then hovered near the aircraft carrier and then took off. The entire ship was told not to tell anything about this. Thanks to Andrew Griffin

 UFO threat to pilots must be dealt with now

Bob Shmidt writes, “I flew A-I Skyraiders in Vietnam and my love of flying followed me into civilian life and for that I have no regrets.” Obviously I have clocked up a fair few hours in the cockpit, since honorable discharge from the Air Force I have owned and flown Cessna’s, Pipers and ultra-lights.

Throughout the years I have been in situations where I found myself praying: ice, storms, and zero visibility. None of these were as frightening as a UFO encounter I experienced a decade ago, while high above San Diego.  One clear June morning as I looked ahead of me I noticed movement out of the side of eye. To my shock a huge UFO, twice the size of my Cessna 172 was traveling alongside me. I stared at the UFO for less than a minute and it just sped off and vanished in a second. As it did my plane lunged to the side violently and started to dip. I managed to stabilize things and spent the next two hours wondering what the heck I had just seen.

Here’s a dose of reality which might be hard to swallow for those wishing to stay in the cozy bubble our governments and media have created for us: Alien and UFO visits to earth are fact: totally irrefutable certainty. UFOs from other worlds are entering our air space all the time everyone that ‘needs’ to know it does. UFOs do present a serious risk to pilots, military, commercial and private. It is essential that the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) make study of UFOs and the dangers they present as well as advised procedures in the event of a UFO encounter a non negotiable part of training to earn a Pilot’s License.

It is also essential that the FAA generally comes clean to pilots about UFOs in the skies. The FAA should also train tower personnel on UFOs and admit that those odd things that are observed form time to time, both on radar and visually are alien craft – so that all pilots can be informed of any nearby UFOs they need to take into account.

ET Amino Acids Came from Asteroid

The meteorites came from a 13-foot-wide (4-meter-wide) parent asteroid that entered an Earth-crossing orbit in 2008. A collision about 15 million years ago sent the 59-ton asteroid closer to Earth—and provided scientists the first opportunity to observe a celestial object before it entered our atmosphere in October 2008.

During desert treks, scientists later recovered nearly 600 meteorite fragments from the meteor shower. Glavin said, “Finding evidence for the extraterrestrial amino acids in this meteorite is a big deal, since we can learn about the chemistry that took place in space prior to the origin of life on Earth.”

Likewise, “these meteorites would have contributed to the amino acid inventory of the early Earth and other planets in our solar system, including Mars.”This may mean that organic compounds such as amino acids—delivered via asteroids—may have been much more pervasive throughout the solar system than thought, he said. The new meteorite research is published this week in an issue of the Meteoritical Society’s journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

DNA Efficient Information Storage System

Paleontologists for some reason have ignored the possibility of intervention by extraterrestrials. They admit thousands even millions of mutations would be required to develop cells from the primordial soup to fish, primitive land creatures, then apes to hominids or primitive man. We know now that the DNA molecule is probably the most efficient information storage system in the entire universe.

The immensity of complex, coded and precisely sequenced information written on the DNA is amazing. The evidence speaks of intelligent, information-bearing design. Complex DNA coding would have been necessary for even the hypothetical first ‘so-called’ simple cell(s).

A single cell is unbelievably complex being roughly equivalent to New York City in a bubble or the outer membrane of one cell. As we move in closer to examine the cell we see the huge buildings, roads, subways, bridges, auto traffic that represent the various parts of the cell. As we move closer inside the various buildings we find a network of electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning systems, elevators carrying people. Inside the offices are millions of computers and wiring chips. Now you have an idea of the complexity of one of your single cells in your body that can duplicate itself in minutes.

Even Francis Crick the co-founder and Nobel Prize Winner of DNA stated, ‘An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going.’

Crick reasoned that life could not have evolved from non-living chemicals under any conceivable earth conditions. He felt life did not originate on earth, and suggests a theory called Panspermia. That the seeds of life are all through the universe. This concept basically infers that life, DNA, virus, bacteria, bombarded from space aboard meteorites and comets.

Crick proposed, in a book called “Life Itself,” that some form of primordial life was shipped to the earth billions of years ago in spaceships—by supposedly ‘more evolved’ (therefore advanced) alien beings. This concept basically infers that life, DNA, virus, bacteria, bombarded Earth from space aboard meteorites and comets. Personally, I have seen the spaceships and tracked them on radar and have spoken with dozens of people including astronauts and key heads of state who conclude that extraterrestrials visit Earth.

Was a space alien killed in NJ in the 1970s?

9-11 minutes Recorded on Channel 12 Edison, New Jersey

A retired Air Force major claims that an extraterrestrial was once shot and killed at New Jersey’s McGuire Air Force Base back in the late 1970s.

George Filer is the subject of a new book authored by John Guerra titled, “Strange Craft: The True Story of An Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs.” The book chronicles Filer’s years spent tracking and reporting UFO’s for the military in his role as an intelligence officer.

Filer says that the alien was killed one night back in February of 1978.

“So, I called the wing command post and they confirmed it. I called the security police command post, they confirmed it…The medical team was out there to see if they could save the life of the alien but he apparently was, you know, actually dead,” Filer says.

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Filer now oversees the New Jersey chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a nonprofit UFO research organization. People who witness unexplained objects in the sky can upload pictures and videos of what they see directly to the group’s website.

“I get calls virtually every day about UFOs,” Filer says. “We’re trying to get the information out that at least some of the UFOs belong to aliens and that they’re here.”

Several of the items posted on the website over the past few months are from New Jersey. There is a video taken by a Howell Township couple last month freaking out over strange lights in the sky. There is a photograph taken by a Manchester Township man who claims a UFO landed on his neighbor’s roof. And there is a video taken by a Rahway family who claimed to see mysterious red lights above their home on Aug. 15. Thanks to Sam Sheppard and Brian Donohue

MUFON says that New Jersey has reported 1,923 UFO reports since the 1990s.

Monthly Statistical MUFON Report – for August 2019:

CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In August 2019 there were 583 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries;

Country Number of Reports

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Alaska Disc

Skagway — While on vacation in Alaska on June 15, 2019 we took the train ride that goes into Canada and turns around to return back to Skagway. While on the return trip I was taking photos with my cell phone Samsung 8. The photos were taken through an open window of the scenery with no obstructions. After taking the pictures I would look at them. In one particular picture I noticed a silver gray object in the sky above the mountains. I looked out of the window and could not locate the object I accidentally took a picture of. I zoomed in on the picture and the silver gray object did not look like any aircraft I had ever seen. I thought I would send it in case there are or were any other weird sightings in this area. As a military brat and
retired law enforcement officer it would not have been in my best interest to report when active.

California Object

Reseda – I was sitting in the Jacuzzi around 5:30/5:40 on a hot summer Saturday on August 30, 2019, when I noticed an object in the sky hovering over us. I thought it was a helicopter at first but then noticed it was reflecting the sun light like a diamond? Also the object didn’t make a sound and was too high to be a helicopter, plus a copter wouldn’t have been reflecting the sun like it was and seemed to be changing color,
So I had my niece run inside and grab my cell phone to try and see if I can record it. The only reason I believe the object is a UFO is because in the one video you can notice towards the end of the video just before the object goes behind the tree it resets itself and moves over to where I was filming it? At the time I thought it went behind the leafs of the tree and was going to get it back in view, when I watched the video I noticed it move in a way no normal aircraft should.

Florida Lights

Orlando — Look at the pictures.

I was watching channel 9 news and they were doing an unrelated story and happened to catch a UFO by accident and I got pictures off the TV. Pictures were taken on July 10, 2019

Illinois Huge Object

Kankakee — Had early AM delivery to college for my job on August 31, 23019.  As I was leaving, I veered my head to the left and caught a massive object far up in the sky in the distance. It was high in the clouds. It sat still for minutes on end. It was shaped like a giant hornet then disappeared into the clouds for a few seconds then reappeared in a stretched out letter W shape. It sat a few more minutes then disappeared back into the clouds again. I drove in that direction to see if I could sight it again but found nothing. A cop stopped me and asked if I was okay. I said yes and just stated I left the college and he drove off. During the time I was watching the object, I took pictures.

Louisiana Cigar

Chalmette — Film taken on IPhone was original footage available and unhampered. Not my first sighting, just first on film. Analyze Frame by frame.

Pictures were taken on August 31, 2019

Maryland Lights

Laurel — I was taking pictures of the sunset and after taking 4 pictures of the sky on September 5, 2019, I saw in the photo lights and looked up to see and the lights were gone.. Investigating all 4 pictures you can see in #1 two bluish lights appear in top right of frame.
#2 is the same #3 craft moved from right to left of Frame and appears to be in formation. In #4 formation of lights break into 3 triangles shaped crafts. After the forth picture was taken objects disappeared.

Montana Disc

Livingston –I was looking through photos from a road trip that I took this summer and found something interesting in a photo of my brother! It’s located in the clouds on the right side of the photo.

I’ll also attach a video of the live photo!

Pictures were taken on August 18. 2019.

New Jersey Lights

Fieldsboro — I was at an event at the White Hill mansion in Fieldsboro NJ on August 31, 2019, watching a movie outside on the lawn called the Conjuring. The movie started at about 8:30 pm. I kept looking at the sky for some reason as my beach chair was reclined at the time. I then saw at about 9:30 pm three brilliant orange/yellow with a glow objects they were bigger then a baseball but smaller than a basketball in the sky. Two of them where together and the third one was a few feet away but they were all in a straight line. Then the one that was by itself went over to the other two and it looked like the all three were touching then the third one darted away and all three vanished. There were two other women who saw the same thing. I don’t know one of the women’s names. The other girl was my friend. I hope this makes sense.  Beth O’Brien

Whiting — I did not see this in person, these are photos that were taken on August 11, 2019, from my trail camera over multiple days.  Some of them have me very concerned, because they seem to be a big variety of them. Each is different in size and shape; mostly during the late night early morning hours.

Howell – On September 3, 2019, a circular aircraft was seen above the town circling and caught on video and broadcast on the local station Chanel 12. Edison.

New York Orbs

Cornwall — This picture I included is not mine. It is not from my specific encounter but this is exactly what I had seen, but it was 4 orbs.

Pictures were taken on October 26, 2016.

North Carolina Lights

Charlotte –We were watching the USC UNC pregame at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte NC. I took a video straight up as the Paratroopers were gliding into the stadium. Upon reviewing the Live Photo I noticed that the plane was in the lower left frame but there was a shimmering silver cigar in the frame with no visible wings and standing on end. I then took a still shot of the live photo and zoomed in and there are no wings and it appears to be 3 separate portions. Pictures were taken on August 31, 2019.

Ohio Lights

Springboro — Unsure if these are UFOs. Check the video and you be the judge

Pictures were taken on September 1, 2019

Oregon Objects

Astoria  — I have a sensitive black and white video camera combined with motion detection software and I was just setting it up for the night when five point source objects traveled across the screen and were recorded traveling in formation of a wide arc. They trailed as the recording for each frame was roughly 1/8 second. They could have been too faint for unaided visual or they had left the area as they were traveling rather fast.

Pictures were taken on August 25, 2019.

South Carolina Object

Williamston –I witnessed one orb traveling east to west low in the sky on September 1, 2019, moving too slow to be a plane while walking my dog. We reached the midpoint of our walk and turned around and immediately spotted two orbs flying near each other traveling from E to W in a slow S type pattern. I then saw a single orb again traveling the same direction. At the most it was two. Very interesting. I have video evidence from an iPhone XR at night. Pictures were taken on September 1, 2019.

Vermont Triangle

Plainfield — There was a lightning storm that evening on August 17, 2019, and as my wife came back inside from sitting on the front steps, I went outside and looked up into the sky and saw a bolt of lightning that crossed the entire sky from the middle outward. I ran inside and got my phone as I could tell from the timing of the lightning flashes indicated it was within 11 miles or less from where we were. I sat patiently with my eye on the sky, while holding my phone. My IPhone has 2 cameras, it has a very high resolution, and the screen is small enough that it is really difficult to discern small objects until they are zoomed in. After 30 minutes or so, and multiple flashes of lightning, I went back inside and started to swipe through the photos and saw only after-glows of the lightning, My eyes were on the sky the whole time I was taking pictures. A photo video clearly showed an object flying from one side of the photo to the other and I caught 3 frames of this object that clearly shows an Arrow shape something, with partially invisible wings. My wife said, “It’s a UFO, that’s what that looks like to me“. Additionally the sky happens to display the strangest weather patterns vie ever seen. The last photo indicates the Pink sky at the moment of lightning.

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Object

Patrick Estate — Video was taken in slow motion initially to capture lightning strikes.
I saw a massive flash of light than saw this object that covers roughly 600feet in less than 2 seconds.
The dark video shows a cylindrical object go into the sky than get struck by lightning. Pictures were taken on October 9, 2018.

Adelaide — Front camera capture recorded 60fps and 1080p and using a CPL filter.

Captured on video in typically recording the skies in certain weather and conditions suitable for these video captures.

Pictures were taken on September 5, 2019

Canada Lights

While visiting Niagara Falls for the first time on August 31, 2019, my wife and I decided to take an evening stroll. We headed south pass the Hard Rock Cafe then turned right onto Clifton Hill where we were in awe to see all the people still out. We began to take photos with our phones of the strip and all the attractions then decided to grab a bite to eat. After our meal while lying in bed looking over the photos I had taken I noticed strange lights in a few photos that we did not see while we were out taking the photos.

Oshawa — On September 2, 2019, outside my home I witnessed and filmed these bright pulses of white light. The UFO came in from the west over Whitby a couple miles away. As it came closer to my position in Oshawa it then turned quarter mile away heading southeast towards Lake Ontario.

In the video clip still shot picture enhancements have been taken to examine the object. The sighting lasted six minutes for a possible form of visual contact? There are a couple of excellent shots Enjoy Paul Shishis

Japan Shot of ISS

.As you can see from the contents of the above records, the screens of shining objects approaching the International Space Station over the past few days have been recorded continuously. Some are also recorded in Thumbnail images. (It is a thumbnail of about 45 minutes of the video.)
There is not much talk about whether there are few people watching. They would like to convey something as a message, but the response of the ISS has been repeated to prevent the camera from turning and displaying a blue background. Their approach is still ongoing, but disruptions were still taking place today.
It is an official record of the ISS, and I think it is a content and record that can be taken up a little more. At、、、、 and more

UK/England Object

Wirral — I was driving my sister home, entering her road in Mark Rake, Boxborough at 11.15pm. Pulling over with engine running, ahead in the distance just above the houses, and the full width of the road ahead was a large irregular shaped object. Covered in colored still lights, slowly moving across towards some trees, I stared at it and said, “What the hell is that?”  It was totally silent, no traffic, no people, my sister got out of the car to see if it was still there, but it was gone. I made sure she went in her house, as I drove off when it went over my car, my engine stalled.  I was shocked, and I panicked, started the engine again and quickly drove home. I wrote it down in my diary and always felt I should /wanted to tell someone. Pictures were drawn on March 4, 2016.

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Our outreach relies on the generosity of our supporters. Join us today.  I have put together a DVD or flash drive of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

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I have put together a DVD of the last twenty years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

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Our research is uncovering amazing truths by solving challenging projects deemed too difficult by other firms. We have had some success in finding missing persons. We could use your help in getting more results from our research. I have put together a DVD of the last seventeen years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings. Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

Have been digging through the giant DVD you sent recently. As a relatively recent joiner, I was unaware of the years’ worth of consistent reports of the same types of objects all over. This has been very educational. Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done.
Bruce W. Freeman
Attorney at Law

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Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name or e-mail confidential. CAUTION MOST OF THESE ARE INITIAL REPORTS AND REQUIRE FURTHER INVESTIGATION. If you wish to stop receiving these files, please send a message to Majorstar

Filer’s Files salutes our fighting men and women; God Bless Our Troops, and Georgie, Elizabeth, and Victoria Filer, and Eddie Pedrick. May the Angels be your guide and take you to paradise.

Put another way, a young person in the U.S. is nearly 11 times as likely to die in a swimming pool than in a school shooting. Few public officials would say pools are doing a poor job protecting swimmers, but the statistics suggest that we need “more lifeguards at pools, as opposed to guards at schools,” Fox said

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-inceasing numbers.

I will be in Mt Shasta this summer and wish to encourage people to come and see this conference.

CAUTION MOST OF THESE ARE INITIAL REPORTS AND REQUIRE FURTHER INVESTIGATION. If you wish to stop receiving these files, please send a message to Ma*******@ve*****.net.

Filer’s Files salutes our fighting men and women Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who both drowned. We pray that God will bless those who read these files spiritually. 



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