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Filer's Files

Filer’s Files 24 -2019 ISS Video Feed of Space Ship


In special reports, this week’s files cover: In special reports, this week’s files cover: Rear Admiral Rico Botta UFOs Are Real, General Watson “UFOs are not Extraterrestrial”, Europe’s UFO Crash and Hitler, ISS Video Feed of Space Ship, Chinese Releasing photos of Structures on the Moon, UFOs pose ‘Vital National Security Issue, Nazi Haunebu Disc  1939, and ‘Strange Craft’.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Canada, Haiti, Ireland, New, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Major George A. Filer III ret. USAF

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

Www.nationalUFOcenter.com. Now receiving 3 million hits a month

Chuck Warren my webmaster and I send out over 50,000 plus emails each week.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

Special Projects

Rear Admiral Rico Botta UFOs Are Real

Admiral Botta worked for the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, for duty from January 1937 until December 1942, first in the Engineering Division Material Branch, and later as Head of the Power Plant Design Section with exceptional results. He is believed to have sent spies of German descent who spoke German to Germany to obtain the latest Nazi engine designs. In December 1942 he reported to the Naval Air Station, San Diego, California.  According to US Navy Intelligence operative and aerospace engineer, William Tompkins that was revealed on the Jeff Rense Radio Show that he was brought in as part of the staff to Rear Admiral Rico Botta.

                          William Tomkins states, “The Admiral’s hobby was way above Naval Intelligence. He had 29 Navy Lieutenants who were operatives, spies, in Germany in 1940 and ’41 and ’42. And these fellas were being astounded in Germany because they found out that Hitler and the SS had signed some sort of agreements with Reptilian extraterrestrials, whereby the Reptilians would give UFOs and different types of vehicles, dozens of different types of weapons and even extended life to the SS.. The spies found evidence of advanced Nazi Disc shaped craft allegedly provided by the aliens.” Italian records indicate a disc crashed in Northern Italy on June 13, 1933. The craft’s technology was shared with the Germans. Tomkins claims he listened to what these Navy operatives did when they came back from Germany. And they presented this information to Admiral Rico Botta, and one of the three captains that I worked for, and the typist and myself.

William Tomkins had gained the attention of the Navy building surprisingly accurate model ships.  He had an excellent memory for details of ships and was drafted into the Navy for his exceptional skills. The Admiral became aware of his skills and used him as a courier to numerous units and companies

Tomkins states, “So we would get up at 1:00 in the morning and I’d get tapped on the shoulder in my bunk and I knew who it was”. And all the Admiral’s aide said is, “He’s here, so I’d throw my clothes on. He escorts me over to the Admiral’s tower. And in that top tower is a small conference room, and this is where these operatives explained to us all the things that the Germans were doing”. Tompkins job was to carry the information to key government and aviation officials throughout the country.

The Admiral was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service in the war. The citation states in part:“By his outstanding technical knowledge and skill, (he) enabled his department to meet the ever increasing demands of the Fleet Air Commands for combat aircraft of the latest type and with the latest combat-improved changes installed.”

In February 1946, he became Fleet Air and Maintenance Officer on the Staff of Commander Air Force, Atlantic Fleet. He remained in that assignment until April 1949, when he reported as Assistant Chief of Naval Material and Director of the Production Policy Division, Navy Department, Washington, D. C. He continued serving there until June1950, and on July l, he assumed command of the Naval Air Material Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His leadership likely helped the Navy to lead in the development of disk craft and spaceships.

  After the war William Tomkins went to work for Douglas Aircraft, whose president Donald Douglas, Sr. personally put together an organization of key military people – admirals, generals, and several other aerospace executives. And he formed an organization to study UFOs and extraterrestrials. He also put together a top secret engineering think tank inside of Douglas Aircraft. Douglas, Sr. started these investigations on extraterrestrials from the sightings of possibly 200 UFOs that continued to come in over Southern California of which over a half a million people US watched. William Tomkins has a book revealing an Amazing history called, “Selected by Extraterrestrials.” William Tompkins, an aerospace engineer, who has come forward as an insider with exclusive knowledge in a wide variety of aspects, specific data points related to the Secret Space Program.

Major General Watson UFOs Are Not Extraterrestrial

Major General Watson was instrumental in integrating the evolving requirements of technology with manufacturing to ensure the field requirements for aircraft engines early in WWII were met. In early 1945 he was instrumental in the recovery of valuable intelligence data, aircraft, parts, and equipment during the war and immediately after the surrender. He commanded a group of pilots who flew into German bases and gained access to the latest German experimental aircraft and flew them to the coast where The primary objective was to learn what technology had been transferred to the Germans. The captured technology would also close the gap between the United States and Germany in reciprocating and jet engines as well as rocket technology. Using his leadership, engineering, manufacturing, and flight skills he successfully brought together and trained pilots to fly the captured aircraft. Watson himself flew every type of captured aircraft. He recruited German engineers and technicians to assist in the maintenance and preparation of these aircraft. German tractors and tanks were drained of diesel fuel so the captured aircraft could be flown.

He commanded a group of pilots who flew into German bases and gained access to the latest German experimental aircraft. The Craft were flown to Cherbourg, France to be transported on the British aircraft carrier H.M.S. Reaper.

                           Watson flew a Junkers 290 aircraft that was later found to have booby trap explosive charges on board that luckily did not explode. Forty advanced German planes were delivered to Cherbourg in 20 days. It is suspected at least one was a disc. General Watson was the government’s biggest expert in exploiting foreign technology from Japan and Germany.

Returning to the United States he acted as a test pilot for many of the captured aircraft and laying the groundwork for the current day National Aerospace Intelligence Center. The documentation captured by Watson and others revealed thousands of scientific advances in aero-technology, electronics, magnetic-tapes, fuels, and other areas which the United States was lagging behind Germany. General Watson told Colonel Ray Sleeper who were both commanders of the Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base at different times. “UFOs are not extraterrestrial craft”.

Europe’s UFO Crash and Hitler

The actual events during the 1930s are somewhat obscure as Hitler built a war machine and gained strength in Germany. Many of the reports are speculation based on the few known facts. We know Hitler sent expeditions around the world to find some of world’s ancient artifacts and lost technology. First German Antarctic Expedition was in 1924-27.: Neuschwabenland was German Colony setup in 1938 39 as the war got underway.

William Brophy writes,” On June 13, 1933, a UFO crashed near Magenta, Italy just west of Milano. The occupants were tall blond Nordics with oriental like features on their light blue eyes. The Italians called the UFO la Campania; the Germans called it Die Locked. The Japanese told the Italians and Germans that those tall blonde-haired people were in their legends; this led to the Axis Alliance.

Hitler realized the craft had likely been built on Earth and sent teams out to find the alien intelligence bases. When Adolf Hitler spread his message of hatred, genocide, and oppression, as having been inspired by a blond race of superhuman warriors referred to as Aryans.

The Nazis themselves claimed that an extraterrestrial society was the source of their ideology and the power behind their organization. Nazi mysticism, indeed, was reportedly a direct product of cult worship of the Extraterrestrials. The Nazis referred to their hidden extraterrestrial masters as underground supermen that apparently had a base in Antarctica. Hitler believed in the supermen and claimed that he had once met one of them, as did other members of the Thule leadership.

Aryan Poster

The Nazis said that their supermen resided beneath the Earth’s surface and were the creators of the Aryan race that suddenly appeared thousands of years ago. Aryans therefore in Adolf Hitler’s reasoning, constituted the world’s only pure race and all other people were viewed as inferior genetic mutations. The Nazis planned to re-purify humanity by committing genocide against anyone who was not an Aryan. Top Nazi leaders believed that the underground supermen would return to the surface of the Earth to rule it as soon as the Nazis began their racial purification program and established the Thousand Year Reich.

The tall blonde-haired people’s craft were the UFO’s over Los Angeles on February 25, 1942, and a large disk with a row of windows was shot down in the Santa Catalina Island area recovered by the ars-1 Viking ship and taken to Moffat Field Navy Base.

               Nazi ‘aerial disk’ research became more advanced throughout the Second World War, and reportedly utilized jet-turbine and later electromagnetic propulsions systems. As it became apparent that the Germans were losing the war, they allegedly transferred this technology to a base in Antarctica which had been established years earlier, complete with underground installations, and code-named it the ‘New Berlin’.

Although deliberately obscured by the West today, Nazi German leader Adolph Hitler was obsessed with Neuschwabenland which was the name given to the area of Antarctica located between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land which he believed would one day be the world capital of his “master race.” Allegedly there were 300 square miles of land without snow and ice.

German Subs and discs

Throughout the entire duration of the war the Nazis had allegedly shipped scientists, workers, technology and saucer components to this Antarctica base or bases. Some reports also allege that Adolf Hitler escaped capture and escaped to South America. Over one hundred German U Boats disappeared during World War II and were never found. According to German naval archives, months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 arrived at the South Pole from the Port of Kiel. It is felt an unknown alien intelligence occupied parts of Antarctica and gave advanced secrets of UFOs to the Germans.

Nazi Antarctica Bases

Soviet archives have extensive files claiming that Nazi Germany and the United States forged an alliance prior to the end of World War II allowing Hitler and cohorts to escape to Antarctica in exchange for German technology that included the atomic bomb, an advanced fighter jets, rocket and flying saucer technology. This would also explain the post WW2 global campaign to suppress the information concerning the free energy aspect of this from the public. Commander Bethune claimed he had flown Admiral Byrd to Antarctica to negotiate with the Germans. He was told by Admiral Byrd the Germans refused to surrender or reveal their technology.

There is also being advanced the theory that the extraterrestrials belonged to very ancient civilizations that was here before modern man. The idea that these underwater structures predate the Nazis is further bolstered by anomalies such as

The Piri Reis Map (1513) at the bottom of the map showed Antarctica ice free with flowing rivers and a clean coastline.

We do know Nazi U 977 and U 530 submarines went aground in Argentina after carrying supplies to the Antarctic a few weeks after the end of war. Advanced U boats and supply ships operating out of neutral Spain allegedly carried hundreds of Germans to Antarctica and South America.

The first American expedition to explore Antarctica since 1840 was the Byrd Expedition from 1928-1930. Another US Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-41 visited the continent with Captain R. H. Cruzen in command.

At the end of war Intelligence reports reported Nazi’ ships and submarines were heading south.  The Secretary of State, Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy on August 7, 1946 approved Operation Highjump. A memorandum prepared for the meeting stated that the “Navy proposes to send an expedition to the Antarctic early in 1947. The purpose of this expedition includes training personnel and testing material, consolidating and extending U.S. sovereignty over Antarctic areas, and investigating possible base sites. Rear Admiral Richard .E. Byrd was designated as Officer-in-Charge of the project. Task Force Commander was Captain R. H. Cruzen”. Both men had visited the area prior to the war and allegedly and located several “oases” now secret areas of the Antarctic.

USS Philippine Sea.

 On December 2, 1946, the task force set sail for the Antarctic continent with a force of 13 ships carrying some 4,700 men The Task Force 68 included multiple aircraft aboard an aircraft carrier the USS Philippine Sea. The Central Group of ships reached the Bay of Whales on January 15, 1947, and planned to stay for six months where they constructed temporary runways along the glaciers, in a base dubbed Little America IV. The ships navigated through an ice pack of several hundred miles before reaching Little America. Icebergs and unpredictable weather were formidable foes during the course of the expedition. Upon arriving at the polar continent they reportedly split into three separate groups and began a massive reconnaissance- like operation taking over 50,000 photographs.

One Navy reconnaissance aircraft was flown by Bunger who flew west with cameras humming. Suddenly the men in the cockpit saw a dark spot come up over the barren white horizon and as they drew closer, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Byrd later described it as a “land of blue and green lakes and brown hills in an otherwise limitless expanse of ice”. Bunger and his men carefully inspected the region and then raced back to the ship to tell the others of their discovery.


Open Water Lakes

Several days later Bunger and his flight crew returned for another look, finding one of the lakes big enough to land his “flying boat” on. The lake was filled with red, blue and green algae which gave the lakes their distinctive color.

Most interesting to note about Admiral Byrd’s Operation Highjump mission was his solo flight towards the South Pole on February 19, 1947 wherein he recorded in his diary the following: “1000 Hours- “We are crossing over the small mountain range and still proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a valley with a small river or stream running through the center portion. There should be no green valley below! Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here! We should be over ice and snow! To the portside are great forests growing on the mountain slopes. Our navigation instruments are still spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating back and forth!” Although not released, an alien intelligence was allegedly located.

Karl Donitz Built Neuschwabenland for Hitler

Operation Highjump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground alien or Nazi facilities in Antarctica and capture the German Vril flying discs. This has always been denied by the US Military.

Commander Graham Bethune and other Navy personnel claim the task force encountered ‘resistance’ and that there was a battle between American and UFO forces operating there, with losses on both sides.

Reports claim disc shape craft came out of the sea coming through the ice attacking some of the ships and aircraft. A brief clip of this was allegedly caught on film.

                Navy official photos show a crashed PBM aircraft stating this aircraft with the call sign of ‘George 1’ mysteriously blew up killing three airmen.

Naval ships and personnel were quickly withdrawn back to the United States in late February 1947, and the expedition was terminated allegedly due to the early approach of winter and worsening weather conditions. Among the discoveries made during the 1946-47 expedition was the sighting of two “oases,” one a region of ice-free lakes and land. More than 300,000 square miles of uncharted territory was charted on aerial mapping operations. Their observations proved that radical changes would have to be made on existing maps of the Antarctic.” Why would warm spots, with warm water exist in the Antarctic? Thanks to http://coolinterestingstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/20131119-000533.jpg

Admiral Byrd Warns of UFO Invasion


These were not “isolated” remarks… Admiral Byrd later repeated the each of these points of view, resulting from he described as his “personal knowledge” gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service.

The intelligence report, gathered from Soviet spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base. On the way, they encountered a mysterious UFO force that attacked the military expedition destroying several ships and a significant number of planes. Indeed, Operation Highjump had suffered “many casualties” as stated in initial press reports from Chile. The Navy officially lists four men were killed and many injured during the two month operation.

A Soviet film worth watching claims a destroyer was sunk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwUpPwyyvLw

The US was very upset with Admiral Byrd’s revelations and the alien crashes at St Augustin and Roswell and they established in 1947, The National Security Act creating the National Security Council that was in charge of other intelligence on Earth and the continent of Antarctica.

American Reinhold Schmidt, a man whose father was born in Germany, and who tells in his book “Incident at Kearney”, that he was taken on a ‘flying saucer’ on several occasions. Schmidt states that “the crew spoke  German and acted like German soldiers”. He also stated that they took him to the “Polar” region.

Later in 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations that protect Antarctica and any foreign intelligence that occupies this area. The area on the mainland between 90 degrees west and 150 degrees west, combined with the interior of the Norwegian Sector is the only major land on Earth not claimed by any country. Antarctica was not being set aside for protection of commercialism, but was being set aside as a possible asylum for alien, other intelligence, or a Nazi Base. The Treaty states:

Article 1 – The area is to be used for peaceful purposes only; military activity, such as weapons testing, is prohibited but military personnel and equipment may be used for scientific research or any other peaceful purpose;

Article 2 – Freedom of scientific investigations and cooperation shall continue;

Article 3 – Free exchange of information and personnel in cooperation with the United Nations and other international agencies;

Article 4 – The treaty does not recognize, dispute, nor establish territorial sovereignty claims; no new claims shall be asserted while the treaty is in force;

Article 5 – The treaty prohibits nuclear explosions or disposal of radioactive wastes. Thanks to www.wikipedia.org

ISS Video Feed of Space Ship

I viewed this cylinder object on Nasa’s Live ISS feed Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 12:32 am. I took this photo and blew it up that looks like might be a cylinder object perhaps a mother ship and not a reflection. I’d like to add that that someone reported seeing on the ISS camera recently that was round with holes inside it. This object appears miles long, although it is difficult to judge size in space. I did view another odd incident I believe was a day after viewing the cylinder. It was like a falling star on horizon…  I was snapping a shot as NASA cut the live feed. Is this craft coming from the moon?  Thanks to Mississippi sighting.

Chinese Releasing photos of Structures on the Moon by Chang’e-2 Orbiter


  China in the past as released photos of space ships or UFOs flying over the moon. The craft appear and disappear on the event horizon of the moon, often at the lower left outer edges of the moon. These UFOs are orbiting the moon and coming and going from bases there.

Huge Space Ship 30 km (18 miles) long 500 meters high at 17S 117.5 E

“Reports indicate China is releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moon’s surface. A few images are on the Chinese Army web site.

China and the US are moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality. President Trump has allegedly has given permission to slowly release UFO data. China will be releasing all the moon data and images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming months, let’s hope this is the beginning of a new era.”

It will be interesting to see if the news media picks up the news.

Appears to be a power station on the Moon

China has satellites over the Moon and in addition China has landed the Chang’e-3 Lander and launched the Yutu Rabbit Rover. The Chinese government is slowly releasing lunar images that confirm structures and tall towers on the Moon. The images are on the official Chinese Army website, and they will likely show the world the US has kept secret alien capabilities.

                                    Euctemon is a lunar impact crater that is located in the northern part of the Moon near the very top. Euctemon Crater is 20 km (12.5 miles) wide; suggesting a monumental construction whatever it is that appears to span the crater. .The possible ramp on the right side is 15 km long and only about 7km on the left side. It is along the northwest rim of the crater Baillaud. To the southwest is the large walled plain. The Chinese have more detailed photos of the “Dark Track,” a bridge-like structure or perhaps a Space ship across Euctemon Crater, , The rim in the right side of above photo is 2.9 km high (9,500 feet) according to Lunar Impact 2009 data base.

The interior floor of this crater has been resurfaced some time following the original formation, leaving a nearly level, featureless plain surrounded by the worn outer rim. This floor is marked only by a number of tiny craterlets, and the small crater Euctemon K near the southwest inner wall. A small crater has cut through the western rim, and has joined with the main crater by a gap in its eastern rim. Euctemon H, that now forms a wide cleft through the rim

Euctemon lunar impact crater Close Up Structure and Ramp

The rim on the left side is probably much lower in the photo above. The close up shows some circle like projection on the dark track. and some rounding at the edges. Photos of the crater taken in 2000 do not show the dark structure suggesting it is of recent

The object spans the crater from rim to rim and its design is questionable. What would be the purpose of such a giant bridge or highway?. A possibility is that this s a Spaceship carrying large amounts of minerals for a mining operation Near the object is a white elongated ‘flattened S like ramp structure for bringing up ore to the ship of bridge.


Several NASA personnel report NASA has known for some time about an extraterrestrial presence on the Moon and Mars- and the ancient structures and artifacts they’ve left behind. Images and video footage from the Lunar and Martian spacecraft reveal tantalizing evidence of unusual structural and vehicular objects on and around other worlds. Chinese imagery shows a pyramid like structure and domes indicating the aliens are likely monitoring Earth.

Vast areas of the moon appear to have been kind of remodeled on the surface with a Type II ancient civilization likely far in advanced of ours.

It appears mining operations are being conducted and ships are carrying the minerals to other destinations. Large amounts Hydrogen 3 on the moon is likely being used to power the structures. Many of the structures appear to be ancient ruins.

Chinese Lunar Images of Building Complex Power Plant

Similar structures on Mars indicate an advanced civilization once existed throughout the solar system and even on Earth. The advanced civilization could have towed the moon into its present position and settled on Earth creating humans in their image just as we are told in the beginning God created the heavens and Earth. The moon is a miracle in itself in that it allows the seasons to occur

The Chinese have probably been in contact with these aliens already. That would explain why so many radio telescopes are searching for signals from aliens, and more being built as we speak.

UFOs pose ‘Vital National Security Issue’: ex-defense official

By Lia Eustachewich

The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs

A former top US defense official believes UFOs pose a “vital national security issue” — and says America isn’t the only country that’s been grappling with unexplained sightings.

Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, said US Navy pilots who recently reported seeing UFOs on a near-daily basis in 2014 and 2015 have legitimate concerns.

They’re deeply frustrated and that is the core of our show,” Mellon said in an interview with “Fox & Friends”  where he pushed his forthcoming History Channel series “Unidentified” about the phenomenon.

F-118 Hornet Chases UFOs

“The pilots’ concerns are, one, there have been near-midair collisions, so there is a safety issue,” Mellon continued. “Two, there is a vital national security issue which is that our sovereignty is being violated by vehicles of unknown origin.”

He hinted that the US isn’t alone in its sightings of possible alien life.

“We’re going to be presenting information from a NATO ally that’s been having very similar experiences,” said Mellon.

He said while there’s been no contact with the mysterious beings, there’s evidence that they’re using “intelligently controlled vehicles that are highly sophisticated” around US military bases.

Navy pilots told the New York Times that they witnessed “strange objects” reaching heights of 30,000 feet and flying at hypersonic speeds.

“Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation,” a six-part, one-hour series, premieres Friday.

“We are giving military personnel on the front line a voice,” Mellon said. “We are helping them get out the message of what it is they are encountering and why they are so concerned about it.”

The Post exclusively reported last week that the Pentagon finally admitted it actively investigates sightings of possible alien spacecraft.

And on Wednesday, The Post launched “The Basement Office,” a new video series dedicated to hashing out the UFO phenomenon.

History Channel: UFOs Go Against Anything Humans Could Possible Do?

The Navy pilots reported these sightings as they embarked on their training flights over various areas along the East Coast. These unknown objects are described as “high-flying,” and “fast-moving”. But most of all, the pilots noted that these UFOs “defy human capabilities.” The Navy pilots also described how the movement and speed of these UFOs “went beyond the physical limits of a human crew.”

Roosevelt Carrier buzzed by UFOs

UFO enthusiasts are gearing up for Friday’s 10 PM Eastern History Channel UFO series. Finally, former intelligent officials from the military are speaking up about the probe of these unknown vehicles. Along with the many other reports of UFOs, these pilots offer their stories. Today these pilots’ stories gain a ton of attention via national television news. As the History Channel UFO series is about to reveal what’s been kept under wraps for decades.

My frustration is WHICH IS THE TRUTH?

JACK SARFATTI writes, We do not have a trillion dollar secret space program etc. that is false. At this point I am the only physicist who understands the essential physics behind the Tic Tac observations. No one in USG understands these things better than Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne and I know what he knows. His students run DOE and other relevant agencies.

It seems to prescribe quite confidently to the first viewpoint and seems to have quite a few high ranking officials that back up the claim that some governments are indeed sitting on ET technology that would change our society and its many problems in an instant and that is why full disclosure will demand changes too difficult to implement.

For me this is the holy grail- to find out the real truth – as there are elements to both sides that are plausible.

<ja**********@ic****.com> wrote:


Jeff Rense New Video allegedly a Nazi Haunebu Disc 1939

Here is the new clip that Jeff Rense called about yesterday to inform me that he obtained from one of his contacts – the new footage depicts a German Haunebu prototype craft flying in 1939.  The new footage starts at 5:43 into the clip.


This will raise much more awareness, interest and further validate Bill Tompkins initial disclosure of working with the US Navy with German Operatives providing such information to the North Island, San Diego Team during WWII.


Further details and photographic evidence continues to leak out to the world . . .

Robert Addinall wrote, looking at the links others have provided, most plausible is that if the allies did come across actual completed German flying disk prototypes, these used circular turbines rotating around a central cockpit, or a few sets of circular rotating turbines in nacelles on the underside of the vehicle – in other words, forms of jet aircraft.

The Germans had actually manufactured about 1200 Me 262 jet fighters by the end of the war, but it seems that they were never used very effectively.  Lack of fuel, lack of proper training of pilots, and the fact that the engines wore out very quickly because the Germans had lost all the sources of rare earths that they needed to produce alloys for high quality turbine blades seem to have contributed to this.

Strange Craft

 The True Story of an Air Force Intelligence Officer’s Life with UFOs


U.S. Air Force Major George Filer belongs to the generation of pilots and airmen who first became aware of the strange aircraft showing up in the Earth’s atmosphere after World War II.  These men – military professionals who flew planes, served as radar operators and air traffic controllers at air fields around the world – began to whisper amongst themselves about encounters with suspected extraterrestrial aircraft. 

 During secret debriefings at U.S. bases, pilots and air crew told their commanders of seeing UFOs off their plane’s wings.  Award-winning investigative author John Guerra spent four years interviewing Filer, a decorated intelligence officer. 

 From objects in the skies over Cold War Europe to a UFOs over during the Cuban Missile Crisis to lights over the DMZ in Vietnam Filer leaves nothing out about his Air Force UFO encounters,

Filer’s most memorable case – the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix Army Base in 1978 – is fully recounted for the first time in this book.  As a member of the Disclosure Project, military experts, astronauts, and scientists urge the U.S. government to release all it knows about UFOs to the public.  Filer describes his UFO encounters in this incredible book. By John L. Guerra.  https://amzn.to/2SK3SIQ

UFO Sightings in the United States

Sightings are from MUFON CMS

Arizona Light

Prescott Valley—We saw bright white light coming over house than blinked to red then little red lights like they were coming out of 1st light.  They went out then back on. I just keep taking pictures. Then they were gone. Photo was taken on September 11, 2011

Cave Creek — UFO over backyard. . Disc was moving through the sky.

Video was taken on June 2, 2019

California Object

Los Angeles — I am a hobby photographer member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. I was in my car, stopped in traffic at the time, and took the opportunity to photograph Griffith Observatory in the distance. I did not notice anything unusual. In the first two of the three shots the object is almost directly in my line of sight on April 17, 2012, but I did not see it., The only thing that is blurred while everything else is in sharp focus. I originally uploaded the photos on my personal blog (http://xenolithic.blogspot.com/2012/04/mysterious-object.html ).

Florida Lights

Grant – These are the two objects I videotaped yesterday. Both objects flew closely to each other and covered 30-40 degrees of sky in exactly 3 minutes.Video was taken on June 4, 2019.

Georgia Cylinder

Description: It was only there for a second. Even the cat was looking at it. I am not sure what it was maybe you can help! There is an unknown wavy object found in game camera image.

Note: I believe that the object in the photo is an insect. The longer time exposure setting for night photos could produce a shape as seen in the photo…Thanks to Will Pucket/www.ufosnw.com/newsite/

Mississippi NASA Honeycomb

Olive Branch –Viewed Honeycomb Shaped UFO on Live ISS feed on the morning of June 3, 2019 @ 10:09 am. I have seen one of these before. Anyone know what they might be? Would like to know what the long thing is in one of the photos on left. See that often as well.

Missouri Light

Tebbetts — I was checking my deck Ring camera in the morning on June 6, 20-19, because I had caught a raccoon in a trap set on my deck. I came across one capture that had what looks like a search light. The light starts by our living room sliding glass door, moves over our grill, moves over the trap, then ends moving to our bedroom sliding glass door. I hope you can give me an explanation for what this is. It’s really weird.

New Jersey Triangle

Cape May County ­– A white triangular type object, like a reflective paper airplane, moving at a great speed with no lights, emissions, or tail.  : Wedge/triangle at a high rate going from west to east. The triangle moved from Somers Point area to Longport on May 27, 2019. The photo is a depiction.

New York Disc

New York City — My wife and I were at the Hilton near Central Park on May 25, 2019, when she took a photo from the 45th floor of the hotel. The object is oval, 2-demensional, and had a ring of light around its edge. We did not notice the object while we were looking out the window. The oval object is perfectly symmetrical and when you view the enlarged photo it has clouds in front of it that appear as bands on the photo.

Ohio Object

Chardon — Saw random brighter lights in night sky took photos of then with my Google Pixel 3 with Night sight and after zooming in on these pictures.

I noticed that those lights where strange Lines in different directions and sizes. I have never seen anything like that in my life. I took photos on May 31, 2019Top of Form

Pennsylvania Orbs

Conway – I was driving home when husband spotted 3 amber colored lights in the sky moving in a slow straight line on June 4, 2019.

Then one moved to make it a triangle, and after about 1 min approx. the first one disappeared, leaving 2 in a straight line, then one a little higher and they turned white, after about 2 min. more they just disappeared.

Texas Orbs

Castrovilt  — I took a picture of a restaurant in Castrovilt and captured something weird in the sky. Photo was taken on June 6, 2019

Utah Lights

Genola —  I went outside because I couldn’t sleep. I saw a bunch of lights ALL around us. Wee have seen them a lot before, but never this many. It was crazy!

There are a lot of bright, round lights that are hovering all around us. Photo was taken on June 7, 2019

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Lights

Hamilton — My friend/ neighbor and I were watching TV when we noticed a glowing flashing ball of light in the sky. We ran outside to get a better look and I grabbed my camera.  Picture taken on June 3, 2019…

Haiti Cylinder

Port of Prince – We sighted an unknown flying object cylinder at huge speed. The pilots report they were on a heading 335 as on the film, flying just above the clouds.
According to our plane’s position, and relative position of the object it can t be a cloud, cause that would say this could is supersonic…Our aircraft speed is around 450kts at the moment…Video was taken on June 1, 2019…https://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/100898_submitter_file1__ufofinal.mp4

Ireland Orb

Galway — I was in. My room and I happened to look out my window and saw a dot moving in the sky on June 6, 2019. I stayed looking at it wondering what it was, but it wasn’t a plane or aircraft that I have see.  Then I decided to try and record it… I didn’t do a good job as it was so high up and bright out I couldn’t see my screen on my phone properly to know if I was recording it or not.. I got a short clip anyway. It was either oval or round.

New Zealand UFO

Wanganui — As stated all the information I have is in the picture. Facing East, NW of Wanganui, New Zealand.
Only realized there was UFO after I downloaded picture from camera to PC.

Object is above small cloud on left of picture taken on June 3, 2019…

Turkey Orb

Malatya Kernek — Light sphere maneuvering very close to the ground.

It draws different routes in the air. Video was taken on June 5, 2019…

UK/England Object

Alvechurch — I was taking pictures of an interesting rainbow like cloud and noticed a small metallic object zipping around in the sky. I saw it through the camera view finder. It moved very quickly, darting around the sky and becoming stationary between movements. Then it quickly shot straight up and out of sight. Photos were taken on May 22, 2019…

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